Songbringer 605 – Speedrun Walkthrough

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This is a walkthrough of how to beat the game, strategies for beating bosses, etc. Also a live stream celebration of the game’s release.

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  1. hey, first of all great game! honestly i am in love. I have a huuuge problem though…i somehow fcked up the controls and now I cant do/navigate/press anything. any tips? reinstalling did not help

  2. Watching this I realized How differently ordered I played the game. Lol I like explored the entire map and got super advanced before even properly beginning the levels, I did them often out of sequence until I needed the certain items to get what you need to go on to the next. Great game, this makes me excited to do another more-educated Playthrough.

    Songbringer is 10/10, BUY it if you don't have it yet!

  3. What a poor and boring boss design. And uninteresting to play. When you got killed, you lose all cactuses and your flasque. So you have nothing left for your next attempt. Smart…

  4. Loving the game. I was trying to follow along with your speedrun but I got stuck. I don't understand how to activate the left pillar at 31:16. I thought I was doing everything you were. Can you help me understand what I am supposed to do here? Thank you.


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