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    SearchThisVideo: Speed Limit – Gameplay Walkthrough | gamescom 2020

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    speed limit is a game about an ordinary

    person becoming the protagonist

    whether they wanted to or not spoilers

    they didn't

    i don't think anyone has tried to do


    kind of thing where every two stages

    the gameplay changes completely the

    genre changes or rather the game style

    changes so it begins

    as a run and gun shooter and then it

    transitions into a top down racing game

    then a behind the shoulder racing game

    and isometric shoot them up

    the relative speed increases it ramps up

    the point of speed limit is there is no


    hence the name basically the game is

    color coded imported elements are red it

    was very important to

    make sure that the player can pick up on

    the changing logic of the game

    smoothly without needing to switch


    it should all be organically readable

    this was uh this was a bit of a

    challenge but i think we pulled it off

    its graphical design

    is stylized but its game design is not

    these two

    uh ambitions were not in conflict no one

    wants to get shot in a video game and

    then spend four weeks in intensive care

    and then die

    we're trying to make a game that seems

    like it's based on a 90s action movie

    but not really because we're trying to

    make our own thing so it's

    90's action movie the game describing

    speed limit in a single sentence speed


    is a hectic tour through the varieties

    of the action arcade

    genres or it's a note to chaos john wick

    daily commute simulator the game is

    framed as a single unbroken shot

    when i write music i write it mainly in


    digital audio workstation then i export

    me this midi signal to my hardware


    that signal goes through guitar pedals

    then i

    re-record those sounds again or main


    for that kind of recording came from me

    gordon there's

    six games that all make up one big story

    my inspiration came from mostly nintendo


    every time they make a new game they try

    new things the basic idea was to have

    speed limit done in about three months

    that was more than three months ago

    which is shocking i know for game

    development but it's

    it's getting there


    Developers from Gamechuck show us Speed Limit gameplay, which reveals a fast-paced retro-style shooter that changes game genres every two levels. Thanks ...


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    1. Hello we have this game to showcased
      Wait….i saw this a year ago and they said it was just an early concept and may not continue it
      Well we sponsored them and even gave them money to continue development
      I can see where this is going


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