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SearchThisVideo: Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Full Game Walkthrough (No Commentary Longplay)

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Watch video at 00:00
captain she's highly-trained deception
infiltration extraction
she's Special Forces hide in verse ii o
Inferno squad commander versio you must
be important
look at me so let's talk facts that's
what I'm here for
you have the activation code I've got
the ability to help you out just give me
the code you know we can really use
someone like you just help me it'll help
you it's that easy I'm gonna get what I
want eventually my best technicians are
slicing into your droid right now take
on my offer
all I want us to code the Empire's time
is gone you don't have to go down with
it you're right the Empire's time has
bz 6 to 6 VZ 6 to 6 well have me here an
ID tents have to controi you were way
more advanced than the ID 9 slicing into
you is not gonna be easy wish I could
but we don't have the droids access code
the captain's working on that in the
detention center until then the only way
to access destroyed Staters to try the
memory core out of it's shell which
can't do anything if the Droid is
deactivated until here's the access code
this only 10 can do nothing jeez just

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

let me work in peace execute the plan
download the ship's schematics from
their computers then come find it
reduce the ventilation system to reach
command wants a report on that imperial
coalition we intercepted
command is expecting updates before

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

walked out don't meet deactivated from
one of their terminals contact me when
it's done
if you're done regroup with me it's time
that your club
right on time
let's go
agent asked do you read me loud and
clear command diverse yeah you're right
on time
I'm moving to the communication center
tell me that once I've located and
destroyed the stolen Imperial message I
will signal for extraction you're locked
up until after an oil after that we'll
figure out what to do with you
so until then just sit down and be quiet

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

we need to be just like it's time we're
having developed to meet with the red of
the point
we're probably flying into the biggest
battle you've ever seen
agent asked I've reached the
communication center the triggers are
along rs40 directions
purge complete there's nothing for the
rebels to learn agent F it's time
beginning preparations
I'll secure a blaster and reach the
extraction point I'm on the move so as
droid like that

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00


Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

understood come on prepare for
commander on deck zero casualties looks
like you're still second-in-command no
I'm patient I can wait
agent Miko those jump calculations were
perfect thank you ma'am
the landing wasn't too rough been
through worse remember the job s
incursion still wants my dreams contact
the Admiral yes commander
and the message the fleet's location is
still safe today the rebellion died
Fiat giving firing squad now
come on to versio report we have eyes on
a rebel recovery team Admiral but we're
too late to capture the saboteurs what's
the status of the dead stop shield
generator worse-than-expected
there's no way to repair or reactivate
the null battle station is vulnerable
eliminate the rebels have returned to
the Corvis the emperor's plan must not
fail yes sir agent hath with me
agent Miko cover us from here

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

one target dead ahead
follow my lead understood come on de sel
general solo this might take a while if
there's anything to recover we'll find
it but the damage is extensive
it's over here
again the area
weapons free July fall target

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

that's all of them regroup and prepare
to move out
okay let's copy over them those rebel
come on it's must've already moved on we
should do we're near platform for is
there a shuttle there no TIE fighters
only even better
we should move carefully we don't know
how many rebels are out here and I will
deal with them the same as the rest
today we wipe out that scum once and for
look alive agents we can grieve later
right now we need to move
we need to reach platform for and secure
those Tie Fighters that's our only way
back to the carpet aging Miko scout
yes about that agent asked contact you
this traitor I need to speak with the
Admiral yes come on Tess patching you
through now Admiral
Inferno SWAT is the best way to get door
what's the situation
yes sir
we'll contact you when we reach I don't
understand how this happened the tracker
perfect someone made a mistake
I command over them something crucial
again it's simple
the emperor underestimated his strength
of our enemy and we paid the price
granted I know that sound him freezing
us up to the sky hask
it's not treason if it's the truth
heads up commander rebel Patrol headed
your way
Thank You agent Nico Raina den agent
subbu you don't fire until ight is the
war really apologies come on that
vampire would have fallen over Yavin 4

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

I got eyes on a rebel amber if we lost a
shuffle and our men are gonna run keep
scouting agent with you all week
looking for enemy
that's all
my more expecting special forces that's
the point sergeant all the same brain
your dad commander
he transports landing across Endor
they're deploying troops we won't be
here much longer

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

get ahead
what's your position I'm ready to squat
me the plan waiting on you and agent
Hass before we move on our way
agent Miko situation report
Rhonda rebels have seized platform for
gonna be a fight to take it back it
looks like you're ready for it
trooper we're gonna take back that
platform and evacuate this mood and then
we're gonna make the rebellion pay

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

al-bakr down I repeat the a PFG it down
rebel neutralized
the platform is our get fit alipin maybe
even tougher those tied
come on contact upon the platform enemy
forces are sabotaging our ships been
preventing an escape take them down and
secure the TIE fighters for our escape
suppress and extract I'm looking forward
to it
show me threat
I get my teeth no retreat come on
agent Miko that's your typewriter you
until you escape

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

no beads now I first did left up
starfighters here you up there agent
the Admiral created Inferno so something
like this won't happen again
I know hard to believe this is all
destruction is the true face of the
rebellion it's the reason we've been
fighting so long
try sleepless tries to make them afraid
we already made them angry
someone told me one February built on
hate I never stopped believing it how
are we supposed to fight that the Empire
will change just like it did when they
destroyed the first Death Star we adapt
or die
kondeh we have a problem what does it
the Corvis was damaged by the Deathstar
explosion engines are down but the crew
is making repairs
yep the rendezvous coordinates from the
ship signals outside the debris field
any of them Imperial nor many maybe the

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

retreat or destroyed what about the
Admiral Star Destroyer eviscerate his
position near the cornice it appears to
be fully functional at least hask isn't
alone on the Corvis might actually make
it out of this alive
ancient ask for approaching the Corbis
what's the status on the engines my own
injector systems is 60% on diverting
shield power to reignite the engine
commander fighters inbound
farmers are making their attack run
but the crew needs time to repair the
in the sector
those plumbers are tearing the Cobras
apart engines are almost ready commander
hey do more fathers on my scanner

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

all rate account holder Gators y-wings
perfect timing it didn't become into the
Corbett's I'm right behind you
what are your ships a retreat then join
me on here mr. return sir classified
orders commander I will brief you in
yes Admiral infernal squad the Admiral
and I will rendezvous with you later
understood commander
you wish to see me sir approach
the empress' dead so what happens now we
retired commander the Empire will is
sought the very foundation of the rebels
pathetic belief in themselves tell me I
mean what is the source of their belief
help correct this messengers presence is
a great honor one I choose to share with
my daughter
etna versa operation sinderby speaking
at once resistance rebellion defiance
these are concepts that cannot be
allowed to persist you have had one of
many tools by which these ideas shall be
well he might messenger you to your time
operation centers the last command of

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

our Emperor
the first step in securing our future
Inferno is crucial to its success
what's our charges you are not verified
that information can wait for now you're
our next assignments they are unusual
but these are unusual times Oh commander
do what you do best
in preparation for operation cinder
we've been ordered to the Fond or
shipyards agent asked you and I will
retrieve experimental satellites for the
Star Destroyer dauntless and oversee
security from all faiths agent Miko you
have the corpus
come on we're secure the satellites good
mark Asian ma freighters inform the
Admiral that operations him that could
proceed as planned
keep this started for your sake the
rebel can't learn about
Oh George except that enemy Corvette on
your position
fighters form up on those rebel
transports stop them for forty but don't
listen I'll take them down
taking evasive action before it has a
chance to board the station stop them
before they find a way to break my seat
it's under control sir agent half follow
me yes commander
once we're clear we should attack the

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

rebel Cruiser how would I do that agent
asked seeing as my ship is disabled
we'll figure it out sir
come on you take down those ships
let's take out those ruble ion cannon
yes commander
then we shall decimate the rebels due
respect sir
once your systems are online you should
flee the system with the satellite like
a cow
tail-heavy fight for 24/7 my wage give
me a clear shot I'll lead him inside the
come on of us here he stood on me
one down
I can't shake this pointer
you're clear agent happy thanks for the
assist about time to take out those
rebel ion cannon
I'm boarding the enemy ship agent asked
join me inside when I give the orders
Kajol then he covered the dauntless yes

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

joy overload the cooling belt
keep me covered once that cooling cell
is exposed
I'm going to destroy itself shut down
the cabin good

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

are you alright
never better second cell is all yours
like that
two down I have an idea for the last one
coning cell is ready commander
good I'm planting an explosive watching

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

satellites not attack an imperial
station don't question my authority
commander busts you attach the station
protect the satellites
agent Hasson prepare for an attack run
on the fondo station control tower
we can also disengage the clamps if we
destroy the docking arm
those are power sources
the rebels must know about our
intentions with operation center what
are our intention sir
now more than ever power is the only
path to peace Admiral versio cleanse the
galaxy commander to remind them who is
truly in control
commander fight is it bound
you know if we get disabled their
Cruiser we could learn quite a bit from
our enemy nothing to teacher said weird
up there with this we fail quite right
an agent task order cannot exist until
we bring the galaxy to submission
excellent the satellites are one step
closer to safety
where will we deploy these satellites
stop wasting time on questions commander
release my ship

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

to Attack Position
today your father will be proud
the satellite for operation sender have
been delivered to Admiral versio our
next mission is equally important
Inferno has clearance to access one of
the Emperor's classified observatories
buried on the planet piglia it contains
dangerous artifacts our enemies could
use against the galaxy the observatory
is protected by a mantle defense system
agent miko we need your technical
expertise to disable it take what you
need for an expedition locate and
destroy the observatory
if the Empire's here what I sensed was
true must be something special about
this place
you stay here our two scanners probably
spotted us
I'll be fine art - you stay here all

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

it's like the Empire is searching for
something too
here come the reinforcements

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

this isn't what I wanted
there's something down here something
unnatural is that what called to me
perhaps it was something more
looks like I'm not the only one who
wishes the Empire wasn't here
William I heard you call out it sounded
like you needed help
yeah I do you think you can get me out
of this
hold still I know who you are
why'd you help me because you asked

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

I've heard a hundred stories about the
Jedi they terrified me as a boy in
Carson but you
come on I need to work together if we're
gonna get out of here you're looking for
something so mine it seems the forest
has brought us together what a stroke of
luck there's always more to it than luck
is that what got you past my men or was
it the lights on you I'm sorry
they didn't give me a choice you did
watch my back and I'll watch yours
they're angry we're invading their home
amber it's like concrete it shatters on
contact - it's here
so that's why you're here the
observatory's protected if i never saw
the defense system the entire cabin will
explode and take us with last it's
covered in the amber I'll uncover the
how's that that's up
the defense system activated the clock
is officially ticking your defense

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

system is upsetting the wildlife
keep working
these bugs are very unhappy
over here thanks I'm on it
we've got four minutes
I'd say we're both lucky
I need

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

whatever is inside these doors those
buds don't like it there's nothing on
this thing how am I supposed to open it
was a key why would the emperor have a
vault that can only be opened using the
force why do you think you're telling me
the man who destroyed the Jedi Order was
secretly one of them no I'm telling you
that as a boy on Coruscant you were
frightened of the wrong thing
there's nothing dangerous in here the
Emperor's protecting junk this is all
worthless not all of it
what is that I'd like to keep this
compass if you don't mind my mission is
to destroy this place why would I let
you do that because I asked thank you
I won't stop you from destroying this
vault wouldn't
I'm glad we were brought
together Dell so happens now we both
walk off in separate directions to
pretend like this never happened I don't
think you can there's still conflict in
of course there's conflict in me I'm not
blind I know what the empire is capable
of but what else is there a choice

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

welcome back agent Nico the Admiral
needs us to extract an imperial Ally on
my home world of bardos the target is
Protectorate gleb a local official who
once mentored both agent hask and myself
i don't know how this connects to
operation cinder but I have to trust the
Admiral make the job to bardos
that's the Dauntless the ship we rescued
on pond or why is it here I still live
in Canada was carrying their satellites
moth Wraith said they were needed for
operation cinder but he wouldn't tell us
the target either with the Admiral now I
know I
satellites are aligned sir excellent I
did not call for you commander verse
here bardos is our target one of them
yes why the entire planet and its people
there they're loyal to the Empire the
Emperor commands it will purge this
planet and others fear shall spread and
the galaxy will remember who is in
control this is our home
yeah is our home I will do it the
Emperor commands I don't take orders
from dead men you take orders from me
activate the satellites now
leaf Furtado's immediately recover
Protectorate led she is your only target
that is all

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

contact agent an ass gonna call this to
me money to speak to him immediately
we'll find Protectorate gleb in the
archive follow me
do you still remember your way come on I
don't forget so easily agent galaxy
surprise these are our people this is an
imperial world a place we're supposed to
I fail to see how that's relevant
security protocols are in place for your
protection do not attempt to leave our
DOS anti-air encampments will incinerate

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

we put our troopers in harm's way as
well gleb oversees the future Imperial
leaders school here she crafts oil
capable troopers like me the people are
part of the oil to the Empire
why should they be left to suffer this
is all for the greater good commander
none of this looks good to me
Bardot's was our home mask the Empire is
our home operation cinder is a test to
prove that we are worthy important will
become you sound like my father
maybe that's because I listen to the
don't forget the chain of command agent
I don't daughter's life
target acquired get a move on glad what
she is giving me orders now precious
commander we have a ship on landing Bay
- you'll be safe there go go now go what
are you doing
this is not our mission stand down
it's okay we'll get you off rods go no
no no our orders are clear we are to
recover the Protectorate gleb alone
things have changed
look around you man do you even
recognize the Empire no please don't do
Empire's job is to save civilians from
things like operation cinder
this is a new empire if this is the new
empire I want no part of it I'm taking
the orders of my commanding officer
are these your Rogers are these you
notice because if they artist treason
then I have my over your weapon
I notice you from anniversa and I think

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

we have abandoned the mission they've
committed treason
it's understood return CLEP to me that
is your mission I will take care of the
there's a passageway on the other side
of the plaza that's our way out I'm with
you come on hold your fire
if they spot us were in trouble
new orders secure the area if you see
the deserters fire on sight we're too
we need to get out of the open
they don't see us
starmon is picking up we need to get off
this planet we got lucky
come on into the passageway we have to
reach the core as we get out of Imperial
space it's our only chance
then we need to take down the anti air
keep it together agent Nico we have
civilians on the court is relying on us
I hate having to do that we've been
sentenced to death we protect ourselves
or we die yes we can shut down the anti
air systems ahead
Skinner that should at least help us to
get to the AAA defenses
understood tomorrow

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

escaping ships we're not the only ones
searching for safety
this way stay quiet and they won't see
us coming
understood wait for my mark
slice it
not some shrimp is up here walkers
deployed troopers in this area maintain
cover we're gonna steal an 8080
I think I don't know that

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

there's the Walker accept and if we
destroy the targeting dishes filled to
single every AAA in the sector
okay we have Imperial comps again patch
me into the Corvis commander I've got
the civilians you sent to the ship good
walk down the Corvis agent has will send
troopers to capture the Raider
yes commander come with you no matter
what they say careful in that storm
I see the LTI cannons I'll take a map
I can't believe how far he's following
his orders his orders aren't good enough
we need to get the civilians out Fargo's
then Watson first we get out of imperial
space then we come up with a plan

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

they're the main targeting dish if we
destroy it they will disable every turn
in the sector take it down to the course
weapons in this sector I decided I get
to the core of it
we are leaving part of my bringing us
this course I cap
we have a
no one else to go
Orbis we are nearly there commander
harvest flora the ramp get everyone on

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

stand your ground
joy need a shield keep
another unit amount
they'll do everything they can to keep
us grounded
fill me
I drove askew

Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

agent asked reporting mission
accomplished sir
congratulations commander has
so we're not completely alone some of
the crew stayed with us protected the
refugees against those who wouldn't how
are they
shaken confused but safe just want to
know what's next we have to warm people
who the rebels they're just gonna toss
this in Sun SPOT prison before we can
even say a word that's why I think you
should just take the call this and go
leave me a TIE fighter I'll set off a
distress call wait for the rebels to
find me you really think I'm gonna let
you just float out here alone tell we're
Inferno squad
you and me
this is item version of the Imperial
later chorus sending a general distress
call to the Rebel Alliance we surrender
contact the general now so you thought
it was a trap but brought them on board
anyway always telling me to take risks
seemed like the most irresponsible thing
I could do thattaboy
hello I'm general Lando Calrissian you
must be the Imperial defectors I've
heard so much about general we've
already told your people everything we
know let's take a walk okay what is this
a bad idea
the settle of bed drip things your
Imperial spies what do you think I think

Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

you're scared running for your lives
listen you gave us good Intel our
operations Sinden and return I've got to
stop fighters just for you
wait you're letting us leave
that's right start a new life find
somewhere safe somewhere you can track
us we're too busy for that
we just got word that operation cinders
headed in that boom you have to stop it
I think we can handle it
you're wrong the Empire's changing and
so are its tactics that is the case why
not come with us help save that boom
we're not here to join your rebellion no
you can leave right now well you can
help stop us
you really trust us to fight this idea
what can I say I'm a big believer in
second chances
come on I'll show you to your ships
we don't even know how to fly next
week's it should be easy for Special
Forces will see all Tennessee right
so what's it going to be
myself you really think you could
second satellite is down

Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

this is danger five satellite down we
have a lot more to go get moving
faster we take out these satellites the
sooner eight will be safe
copy that princess danger five 806 don't
forget you're shooting TIE fighters now
acknowledged yeah we're with you shrimp
all right let's remind the Empire who
they're messing with
another satellite down we're almost out
of this and then you're gone for good
right right satellites a capital ship
can broadside that destroyer
my move is to destroy the defensive
systems first copy that
that's another one copy that sport
satellite down
take care of that Star Destroyer focus
fire on that Star Destroyers shield
array Tyson targeting how bombers

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

once the shields are down the
restorations will finish the job our
capital ship he can't stand up to a
destroyer on its own copy that
TIE fighter can bounce let's take them
enemy ships closing in on us
first you'll destroyed circling back for
the other
shields are down work now y-wings
finished their bombing run
desperation you're clear to attack

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

everyone else pullback
we're not looking at the same burning
stars Rio Imperial of protocol is to
jump away to a safe location those ships
are headed straight for feed they're
gonna attack the city
danger leader four of us will have to do
anyone know your way around machines I
do feed has a defense system something
we can use to stop the empire but the
storm is damaged power relays across the
city until they're repaired we can't
activate anything split up repair the
relays when you're done regroup at the
palace got it yeah
got it what are we activating something
that will stop the Empire what's your
name soldier deli chemical deli
Imperial reinforcements are converging
on the scepter we can stop them but I
need you to reactivate this via
secure the area we need this location
stay close I'll keep us safe
rush them out
I hate to run this stupid that'll buy
some time
Dell can you fix the relay I used to be
get to work will cover your back
we just got a relay back up and running
she blasted storm troopers moving to the
second relay we'll be in contact

Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

Secor clear thank you
good work on to the next one
that's right until we get the grid
functional again Theed won't be able to
stop the Empire
enemy Walker I need a bomber on my
position now permit of join us let us
take cover
another really activated
I need heavy fire of these Imperials get
up to that relay
it's your turn Dale Walker we can't make
it back to your position keep them busy
and stay alive
you'll be safe once we set off the ion
pulse copy that princess

Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

on me
I need a second
defenses up
anyway is operational nice
we're done here trip what's go seven
great everyone to the palace Del's going
to get inside a detonate and I on post
the Queen took precautions before the
clone war to keep their blue state from
future invasions untie on top that would
disable any threat outside the palace
and not a floor in the palace Imperial
forces are headed for the palace
hold the line as long as you can
we just need to buy time
another shield walkers draw their
shield deployed their bright on top of
us all rebel infantry on our position
protect the pallets get down

Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

yo how's it going in there working on
its security principles that
surprisingly complex enough
pop the steps everybody go
don't let them give up these stairs keep
them away from the gates and don't stop
princess the pump is almost ready good
because we're running out of places to
take cover down now would be a very good
time get inside the palace
I think we just want
oh I Love You highness good work out
there but I'd expect nothing less from
Inferno squad so you've spoken to
general Calrissian you've done a lot of
damage to this alliance yes we have
ma'am and there's no excuse for it
watching you fight today it's clear
you're not just running from the Empire
this means something to you it doesn't
we've been fighting our whole lives it's
taken us too long to realize that we
were fighting for the wrong side this
war is far from over we would like to
help you if you'll let us people like

Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

you the reason hope can prevail
hope is the reason we're going to win
welcome to the New Republic thank you
senator Organa it's been a while
building a republic is busy work so it's
chasing after an imperial fleet it's
about to get busy on commander I need a
favor one of our generals has gone
missing I tracked him to Taco Donna but
he isn't answering his call I need you
to find Han Solo
hey Mazz for me another part Kellan
slinky not until you pay for the last
one come on you know what's good for us
I don't know that you're good for
where's my wookie Stewie's working on
the Falcon long-range communicator took
a hit back on Joe Mars you never bring
him around anymore
you make him nervous you two are up to
spit it out you know our business goes
through me
I'm meaning an imperial turncoat says he
can help us free the Wookiees back on
Kashyyyk you seen him I swear if you
bring the Empire to my doorstep you know
I always cover my tracks come on now
help me out help Chewie
I don't know your men but it is late and
you may find that this crowd is
thanks Mars I owe you one
you owe me more than that Han Solo and
don't you forget it

Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

bolos the flight hours of sky strike
Academy for a while just get kicked out
and then up here
don't you have anything to say I just
poured my heart out wait can you do that
I can get you or the moon you're cool
you want but the question remains
whether or not you can afford it
understand something here money accrual
has no price for me I mean that
literally I do anything to feel that
buzz keep walking
imagine me we go way back she and my dad
would rape derelict ships yeah I'm go
with him sometimes not nothing really
you don't believe me fine
go ask him yourself all right
if the rumor about Ryloth is true I can
see him again
still moving cargo for Black Sun yeah
utter it as a prosperous to say to leave
pirating like you wouldn't believe
it's the muscle if you need to
connection follow only taller but I'll
keep that in mind
it's just a ring you can do this one
quick tune-up and you can take the
hey mr. pal Dora long time no see
my wookie pal was just asking about you
you must be confusing me with that
insufferable man upstairs my mistake is
you're gonna sell me his [ __ ]
that's the deal
Bharati could you see it
listen how I'm looking for a friend
named pal Dora you know him after you
left me stranded during the zurka job

Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

not a chance
come on it all worked out it must have
cuz there you are
back off find your pals Dora on your own
you two can talk about your stupid
beards so he's a bearded guy got us
you know you look just like a friend of
mine name of Paul Dora you think I look
like that idiot drinking Mara saying go
he can't afford to drink meirin's ain't
gold must be nice right
oh let's see if I can order a drink in
another thing goes really hit this spot
right about now
han Solo
I'm Imperial specialist Razia spelled
Dora it is a pleasure to finally meet
Shh you want to keep it down oh right
right but because we're meeting
incognito come on we need to get you out
of here oh of course
I've hidden two data cubes in the woods
you've got to be kidding me
what about your Kashyyyk intelligence
trust me I have everything you need to
free the ones
tell me how you learned all this stuff
particularly for one gentleman named Rex
if you know can't say that I do he's
rather intense
mr. solo let's leave

Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

most definitions are killed by
apprentice statisticians
the earth I assume this is your fault
usually is what's my number one rule
solo no fighting
come on we gotta move I stashed the
first date of cube at a generator just
ahead I you really couldn't bring the
Intel with her mister so I'm a covert
agent now I wasn't bringing the
information wish let's just get the data
and get to the Falcon
stormtroopers stay quiet we got to take
him out no no you do it I never learned
to shoot great
come on solo
the data cube is here somewhere
hmm nothing here
got us the intelligence on that day that
you should help your friends in the
where is the kashyyyk intelligence
stored near a lovely shrine just through

Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

the forest onward
you must have good in town if they're
sending this many troopers after you the
fleet is burning more fuel away from
your attacks that's all great but what
about cacique are you sure your
information can help the Wookiees on the
planet not much but me and chewy will
shut down those labor
I'll find it
reinforcements get down getting down
that's helped get you onto the wookie
planet now - you're famous
Vulcan you know the Falcon yeah
on average it's a two point two of every
300 Imperials knows the Millennium

Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

Sooey get the [ __ ] ribs we gotta get
out of here
shut up and run would you pal I'll hold
them off just get this [ __ ] ready to fly
I'll hold them off just get this ship
ready to bomb
should get their attention
improvised explosives
you're right Zoey today is not my
favorite day

Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

which My Luck
okay maybe today's not so bad after all
general solo this is ID versio inferno
squad is here to help
boy am I glad to see you what brings you
out here commander take it back to it
this is the worst day of Master
clear on the ground we got bad guys and
ties on the way just once it would be
nice if they didn't put up a fight
where's the fun in that general
I don't care pauses on the car I don't
want to talk to her right now cover my
that's what you said now there are ships
over my lake I can explain don't explain
just I would never blame you Chewbacca
I see them torpedoes already
not after that shipyard assaulted here

Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

this YT 1300 freighter you've got is
I see a tinier in the castle take him
out I'm on it
that did the trick
just be sure you do come back don't
worry you can't get rid of us that
easily she's all yours commander telling
you go whatever you digit is relayed
it's not right I just fixed it you can't
blame me if it likes you now
Inferno squad shrim I haven't seen you
says Lando volunteered you for this how
you been
wonderful senator what's on your mind
commander according to pel doors Intel
my father has been running operations on
bespin and Sullust I'd like your
permission to find him and capture him
you don't report to me Ida
a fleet command might not approve us
undertaking such a personal mission oh

Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

well we can't have an imperial Admiral
out there reinforcing the fleet Kevin
I'd appreciate you bringing him in
commander yes ma'am
and may the force be with you
searchlights all over the city tasks
will be in the overseers tower on
shipping station under stick to the
clouds so they don't spot us
according to pal Dora's Intel my
father's been refueling his fleet at
shunova station for funks our old friend
task is overseeing the operation if we
can capture him and shut down the
station we'll strike a solid blow to the
not to mention Hoss can be the keys of
finally tracking down the Admiral if
we're lucky
I think it's cute you study a planet's
wildlife before we visit may it may make
the demonic ask the Empire teens that
bailed on us our mission critical if you
say so
you know if we find your father take him
out of the fight
we'll be a lot closer to ending this I
know it's been a rough six months Oh
we'll get him this time I can feel it
don't doubt that I was actually curious
about what happens afterwards
honestly I haven't really thought about
a life of imperial training isn't worth
much in the civilian sector what about
you I thought I might travel see the
galaxy Lothar right cap oh you've been
to those places that's a soldier I want
to see that when they're free that
actually sounds really nice
there's the landing pad Fisher the
smaller ships down here

Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

hasp will be in the overseers tower on
the main level we need to find a turbo
lift to get there
the Droid said there's one ahead along
with this stormtrooper squad follow my
get him tell
getting to ask for these I have an idea

Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

okay we'll meet you at the tower until
then you stay out of sight
that new paint job will give you away
I'm just standard soldier let's get a
move on get ready Dell knowing Cass
he'll put up a fight
well this brings back memories
the Overseers towers straight ahead
papal should be on the top horn
it'll be impossible you patients have
any got worse you and I think about all
the good we've done since Bardo stealth
we've made the galaxy safer giving
people hope
that's my path
I'm amazed how busy the station is the
Empire's on the run there's all that
chatter just marveling at the might of
the Empire sir rebels don't stand a
copy that I hear the block ain't
starting to crumble
ships are breaking through all across
the a knowin sector this is governor
joyed we're at the tower you ready
see you up top
where is everyone
no no we can't let him get away
that must be has so much for that plan
get off the platform

Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

steals up
the whole station knows we're here we're
gonna have to fight our way out shinik
station now what tasks was just one part
of the mission you still want to take
out the funeral
how'd you plan to do that you're gonna
need ships the x-wings on the other side
of the station joy does there anything
closer we can use
bless that
the tower

Watch video from 159:00 - 162:00

shields up

Watch video from 162:00 - 165:00

a TSD destroyed
joy need a shield TIE fighters ahead
now let's find that ship
but I said we needed a ship I should
have been more specific
it has weapons what more do you want for
it not to be a cloud car
fueling platforms deadhead and three
Star Destroyers which we're going to
blow up you know what you were right the
cloud car was not a good choice for this
all we need to do is take out the fuel
cells and the explosion will cause a
chain reaction exactly all the way back
to those stardestroyers that is the
craziest thing I've ever heard

Watch video from 165:00 - 168:00

command I've got eyes on a cloud car
inbound on your destroyer this thing is
patched into imperial cops at least it's
good for something
I'm sigma-1 to adjust approach vector
for intercept program for delivery Bubba
can't be too careful
heck no it's command
that cloud part is making a delivery
I'll take it down one two
all units warm up on my position both
cloud car at point O three to shoot it
down to stop that ship
we're losing fuel cells up they need
systemic ass
the entire refinery
we have until on an abandoned Imperial
factory on Sullust
Admiral versio plans to recover a
weapons cache from inside
we are gonna steal it first I've called
in some help to guarantee we do triv
you'll be on the ground with general
Calrissian secure those weapons and call
us for escort no matter what they can't
fall into my father's hands
you have a bad feeling about this
I'd be worried if you didn't admiral
versus people are supposed to be here
we should call iDEN for extraction relax
once strike team will be fine and if
it's not

Watch video from 168:00 - 171:00

turbolasers this place is pretty well
defended for educated weapons cache
I only brought you for the company but
look at that tactical analysis that
would explain why the Empire is still
the Mount of the Empire growing supply a
burl versio is ordered you double your
production immediately these weapons are
vital to our plans in the western
reaches those not in the assembly line
will patrol the area it is imperative
our presence remain undetected now get
back to work
follow my lead and I'm stupid
you can't get in
if we stop the assembly line it should
carry us inside
yeah climb into this cockpit

Watch video from 171:00 - 174:00

hey can you move your taint doesn't know
you have no sense of personal space but
I have a great sense of style are you
seeing this
this facility is an abandoned they're in
full production okay so we will steal
the weapons and shut down the factory
easy enough that's what she said about
rescuing Han Solo from Jabba spouse
figure out we always do nothing ever
goes according to plan when you're
around there that's central terminal we
can shut down the factories and power
from there just need to get past all
these stormtroopers
you will be back in action tell me you
don't miss good I absolutely do not miss
this this is our snob lucky ass
okay let's get to that Central Terminal
and shut off the power when I open fire
you know what to do
you said

Watch video from 174:00 - 177:00

nice let's give to that terminal and
shut this place down
you know what you're doing right look
like a power button to me okay new plan
this place runs on love oh right yes why
what are you gonna do it provides you
just find us right out of here whatever
gets me farthest from you
just like strip to miss out on all of us

Watch video from 177:00 - 180:00

those lava pumps could be just what I
about your plan I'm working on it
well whatever it is it would be great if
it didn't get us killed
now let's see what this does
problem solved
letting the factory with Mama's know I'm
setting it down with lava
we're at the weapons Ike wants them to
Republic I'll apologize later we can't
let the empire have these weapons

Watch video from 180:00 - 183:00

by position of Walker just rank I should
be able to cross over
that didn't work maybe it's this button
I don't have time for this
when in doubt
good enough for me
through did you find us a ride
look I'm taking another enormous risk I
could kiss you
move over so I can drive this is gonna
be fun and charge that shuttle get us
the higher ground what can I do with
pleasure call until we're ready for
with pleasure

Watch video from 183:00 - 186:00

weapons we pick it up Sikandar then
what's our cargo one desperate euros in
a ridiculous man in a cape hi are you
still there
I lost her what was that that was the
sound of month I am working perfectly
pick up the pace Calrissian the
volcano's going to arrive Justin Ashley
don't tell me I want it to be a surprise
Busta's never knew why I think we're out
of options
if I die here
I'm glad you will too thank you
destroying that factory had a bigger
impact than we thought
Admiral Ackbar is calling all Republic
ships to jakku the whole Imperial fleet

Watch video from 186:00 - 189:00

is there - the equipment they would have
received from Sullust
I expect my father will be there - but
catching him is no longer our priority
this battle could be the end of the war
let's get in and we do what we can to
karabast I'm picking up distress calls
too many to count
Dell the Corvis is yours covered the sky
serve and I will help on the ground hold
on a minute
Ivan make sure you come back make sure I
have a ship to come back
they sure if I hope you survive this
incredibly dangerous mission as well
Thank You Dale your friendship means
everything to me
can we be as fun I can't see her
distress beacon spiritual education
check them out
till we're approaching it distress
beacon patch me up enemy ships closing
in on us
TIE fighter speed bound let's take them
fighters down
this is commander iden versio inferno

Watch video from 189:00 - 192:00

squad helped us on the way captain
fertile nose athe the clothing another
craft fight discovered captain for
landing on your position Thank You
commander we will shut down on the way
to carbon-rich we'll get you there
we can't evacuate temple for cos to be
destroyed then we need an orbital strike
where are your macro binoculars when we
fell back to this position divine I cut
left behind Gemini will get that stay
here and lay down cover fire
found them
this is infernal squad calling starkov
command requesting an orbital strike
orbital barrage here
Oh strike go
one more and that walker is done for

Watch video from 192:00 - 195:00

that's all we need Starhawk and thanks
save a lot of lives
let's get captain Lindsay out of here
I mean bound to pick up commander
friends to the Corbett
are you under board
Thank You commander anytime captain
trip back to our ships
sure what about it he almost sound like
you're enjoying yourself
business or community we can't buy the
gap in the empire formation there's no
breaking through their fleets not yet we
need additional support does anyone read
me this is store on unity sounds busy up
there a fight this size is everyone for
themselves best thing we can do is focus
so what happens if we cross paths with

Watch video from 195:00 - 198:00

your dad we've spent so long trying to
track him down
really don't know what happens if we
find him now
we should focus
he's not the mission Bantam squadron
inbound on the Empire's ground offensive
wedge snaps take out those cannons and
keep us clear in the start working on it
the rabbits are out of this fight
okay that's that down stardestroyers
deployed all the reinforcements to an
imperial research facility carbon-rich
that facility is a key target for the
Republic fight we can cut off those
bombers from inside the hangar great
idea find somewhere to land I know this
was my idea but how are we gonna shut
down that hangar we get inside and
search the wreckage for remote
good stay close wait until I open fire
how Obama's are keeping the Republican
Bay for now gather any you can gather
any equipment you can we need to be
ready when the evacuation shuttle

Watch video from 198:00 - 201:00

detonators here keep an eye out for more
packs to the hangar
we just need those detonators more
detonators explosions time to shut down
the hangar for good
bet they didn't see that coming
so where do we plant these charges
straight on to the ties an explosion
that size will chain all the way through
the ion engine systems and shatter the
ship from the inside out
detonator planted
detonators are primed Oh kiddo let's get
out of here
to be the rescue team they just keep
watch out enemy heavy
get to the ship

Watch video from 201:00 - 204:00

that's all of them
I'd say we did down there captain let's
see this manner taking carbon-rich right
now Kenda done it without you or me
how's it going up there hard to tell I
think you're right I can feel it it's
almost over
today the Empire dies better late than
come on that we have a problem your
father he's found us
the Admiral is sending formas off to the
Kovas they'll have to get through us
first let's take them down yes commander

Watch video from 204:00 - 207:00

farmers are done

Watch video from 207:00 - 210:00

50 I'm finishing what we started I'm
gonna get my dad I didn't he's not worth
it I have to try down
no go retreat
close one
all right all right I'm okay tell I'm
gonna find a way inside you and Tripp
follow the next distress signal right
now no you're not
that's an order joyed disabled comms

Watch video from 210:00 - 213:00

I need healing
that'll work
let's go
we need to get my father off this ship
before Coast down
the Empire's time has come you don't
have to go down with it this is a rescue
attempt I politely decline
we have to go never
brats expects me to leave - this is
where I belong I gave my life to this

Watch video from 213:00 - 216:00

Empire for to keep a strong heart
believes all that's left
you saw the Empire's weakness and
refused to let it consume you it makes
you stronger that's why you're leaving
here without me to sit in a zone I don't
but you do I think you deserve to live
in peace go survive live
gonna steal up
I'm coming
iDEN it's over
we won
the Droid tells me you're alive
looks that way

Watch video from 216:00 - 219:00

I'm glad no come on you gotta see this
show me to the prisoners
you know if you wanted to hire my ship
you could have just asked the map to
Skywalker you know how I can find it I
know what you're talking about out of my

Watch video from 219:00 - 222:00

head I won't tell you anything anything
will protect you keep you safe
this is where do it again you hoped the
Empire would make you brave
do you feel brave now
or Santa has a map to Skywalker I don't
know what you're talking about honest
where did he take anything
your memories are so easily as Logan
window.event relationally
breathe late early
I didn't even she was brave enough for
both of you
she let you to ruin we adapt we died
I didn't Raziel made you a traitor
new things change - you got your
daughter to change

Watch video from 222:00 - 225:00

feeling you've been here before
you found something
Jedi why did you help me
they led you to the force the force
brought you to the old man where did he
take the map to Skywalker you will fall
to come back here here it's how they
found you
where your family was brought in
I'll break you here again
you're wrong
we'll see
so you know

Watch video from 225:00 - 228:00

don't be worth more cent mejora he took
it sube hora
I have what I came for is yours now
clean this up
you spare me the pleasantries ask we
both know how this ends yeah and you
don't get to be brave because you are
not a soldier anymore look at you you're
a coward
yeah you traded in your weapon for what
or in Kagura coffers
you know I you may have betrayed me but
you tell you let me down you will change
that we Hey look at you
it used to be Ted
ah well Ivan could do just about
anything except kill me apparently
gideon please don't go after her it
won't end well for you

Watch video from 228:00 - 231:00

on the country club I sought you out
because because you were useful to me
once we rebuilt your home and we are
large enough for security to maintain
control of the system but in return you
are falling behind schedule when you've
allowed an outsider to discover our plan
well I should leave behind a few of my
men to see that you do make sure you
buried elmia cow and his crew but leave
the covers alone I'm planning on it

This longplay of Star Wars Battlefront 2 includes the full campaign and all the boss fights and cutscenes in this full playthrough and is recorded in Full HD and 60 ...


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