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SearchThisVideo: STAR WARS SQUADRONS Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080P 60FPS PS4 PRO] – No Commentary

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Watch video at 00:00
alderaan shows destruction
the survivors continue to spread dissent
find them
do not rest until the destruction of
alderaan is complete
lord vader's orders are clear are they
yes wipe out all that remains of
alderaan how
i understood the survivors were in
intelligence reports a possible
alderaanian convoy heading to foster
you are to draw them out and finish them
off do you understand that captain
perfectly commodore sloane dismissed
captain james everything ready
lieutenant carol squadron's on their way
they're excited to fulfill lord vader's

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

command and you
no qualms hunting down refugees from a
world we destroyed
during the iscalon uprising you taught
me to ignore propaganda
they're traitors not refugees and will
be dealt with accordingly
i've prepped our usual sigma 9 loadout
only standard ties today flying old
school sir
this might be a real challenge after all
you hear me teresa
but i don't think you understand me
i guess we'll find out
follow my lead and don't fire unless i
give the order
the convoy is out there we don't want to
scare them off
let's do this right
i'll give it my all
begin pre-flight checks pilot
hold up your cockpit systems sure thing
all systems up and running
preflight complete let's get a clean
launch lock onto my fighter
forward sensor online and tracking
now throttle up and deploy out of the
ah the rest of the fleet is back from
we'll have plenty of help to deal with
that convoy of sympathizers
helix squadron we're prepping transport
copy vigilance all pilots follow me
we'll do a quick pass of the fleet
calibrate flight controls all right

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

stay mobile we don't want any collisions
is no time to get careless
you're right sir it is good to fly old
school again
there's something very forthright about
a tie fighter
looks like someone's testing battle
better here than in the field again
keep your distance helix those engines
run hot enough to vaporize a tie
i've known a few daredevils who found
that out the hard way
time pilots push the limits sometimes
the limits push back
grown good all systems calibrated and
the fleet is in good shape
the vigilance reports how goes
anti-transport is ready
healing squadron head to the gaza and
dock for hyperspace jump
can engage
helix squadron are docked and clear for
hyperspace jump
remember helix we'll have support but
finding the refugee convoy is up to us
they won't escape the empire twice

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

it's only a haven for thieves and
if the refugees are hiding here clearly
they're not as innocent as they claim
is secure at least
all cargo vessels this is captain lyndon
james of the galactic empire
prepare for immediate inspection and
is foster heaven's station master kindly
avoid harassing my customers
if they cooperate they'll be fine pilot
notice check your forward sensor
it will identify potential targets
pilot begin by inspecting that ship
wait wait we have always been loyal to
the empire
see we're loyal i swear
no refugees are bored carry on
good check that next
look i'll pay anything just don't
empower my
not part of the check another ship
so you're not in pounding my ship
there a ship's trying to flee from a
simple inspection
we should teach them some manners all
bring your weapon systems online
pilot track it on your sensors and fire
a small volley
just enough to damage them and see if
they're hiding the refugees
no refugees here sir just smuggled
weapons and a cargo of spice
let the fleet handle those smugglers we

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

should get to the station
my customers are legitimate you have no
captain the station's defenses just
helix squadron destroy those turrets we
can't search under fire
out here no one shoots unless they're
prepared for return fire
even the empire should know that
the defense capability is dropping keep
taking fire
that should do good shooting pilot
our reputation will never recover from
captain james i think i found where the
refugees are hiding
on our way pilot with me
imperials off my station they must be

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

defend yourselves
i've got a tail
rubble down
target destroyed
down that's half the rebel scum
target destroyed
scratch one enemy is down
picked up a tail
captain the rebel fighters are coming
from that tunnel through the station
the refugee convoy must be hiding in
after them we'll deal with you later
station master
you attack my station
the convoy prepare to fire
ship is disabled all systems down those

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00
were iron missiles
where the hell did they come from sorry
after alderaan i can't ignore what the
empire's become
sir lyndon what are you saying
that i don't care who ordered it i
didn't sign up to hurt innocent refugees
and if protecting them makes me a rebel
then so be it
damn it pilot see if you can bypass his
keep it together
lieutenant carol to the vigilance
captain james is aiding the rebellion
send immediate
i hope assistance come to this watch
you won't stop me
i see the convoy dead ahead prepare to
imperial squadron this is refugee convoy
hope of alderaan we have families aboard
i'm here to help convoy leader i'm
trying to explain just get out of this
hey almost forgot you were there
that call sounds desperate can anyone
make out what he's saying
they're working on it okay

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

any luck pinpointing that distress call
you may need to get creative make sure
your fighters are in good shape
understood sir echo prepare for systems
coming back around squadron on me
so much for a quiet patrol starting
systems check
if we're up against a star destroyer
we'll need maneuverability
shooting down ties
double check shields right
we might need to hold out a while
systems check complete information
echo 3 matching formation echo 2
standing by
echo 5 standing by i'm with you
okay squadron anyone low on missiles
needs to stock up now
head to the u-wing for resupply
everyone needs a full supply of missiles
all good good
come on
imperials don't rest we can't either

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

admiral we're here yeah but the convoy's
way over there
but the bad guys between us and them
echo squadron transfer all power to
head below the star destroyer and wait
for my signal
it's risky but flying fast and close to
the star destroyers hall
should get us to the other side safely
steady hold
now fire all boost thrusters
we are not losing anyone else
the convoy needs support wait that was
an imperial transmission on an open
i'm glad someone heard my distress call
i couldn't hold off those ties any
who are you a defector if you'll take me
call me lyndon i'll explain later pilot
help me push these fighters back
echo four leave that quasar for now
focus on ties
then we better get rid of those ties
fire missiles
joining formation
defend the convoy before it's too late
anyone got missiles let them have it
they're on my tail good looking out
i couldn't let the empire destroy more
innocence from alderaan
in the name of security

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

there you go
let's get in position and escort these
i'm right beside you
this is admiral the ripple alliance
echo leader reports you're willing to
willing and able keep assisting echo
squadron there's a quasar bearing down
on the convoy
and filled with reinforcements take the
ties down
focus on the quasar we'll mop up the

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

that one on my tail
i'm not saying thanks
enemy on my tail
that's all the ties down yes
nice work squadron
i think we're clear for now let's make
the most of it
echo squadron bring the convoy and
linden here to a safer position
we're on it admiral
i know how this imperial fleet operates
i can tell they're prepping their
capital ships for an attack right now
we need backup all right i'll send you
the rest of echo squadron with
everything they've got
heading towards a star destroyer again
facing its turrets this time
it's okay
flank is now at your location echo
squadron keep the convoy safe while the
engages the vigilance leave it to us
wait the empire's sending in a raider to
intercept the convoy
we have to take that raider down pilot
with me
almost in range get ready

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

this is our chance
raiders top at least the fleet's keeping
that star destroyer busy
head to the far side of the nc 80.
the star destroyer will be watching all
possible vectors they can still find you
pilot it's risky but if we can destroy
the targeting system on the vigilance
we might throw them off the convoy's
wait you two are attacking the star
let's hope your feet can keep those
shields down
right here we can take down the vision
this is targeting
we're getting there keep firing
keep moving better to do multiple passes
that's it vigilance's targeting is down
convoy vessels prep for light speed jump
and the squadron withdraw and handle any
fighters near the convoy
he did it now both of you get clear
pilot whatever happens next you saved a
lot of innocent lives
and mine
we all choose our path light or dark
freedom or destruction
the empire chose to destroy alderaan in
order to spread fear
and douse the fires of rebellion but the

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

heroic pilots of the rebel alliance have
chosen to keep
fighting to show the empire that we are
afraid it was their bravery that ended
palpatine's reign
and brought about our new republic
the empire lives on shattered though it
may be
as i speak imperial forces are edging
toward the bormia sector
hoping to end our new republic before we
find our footing
as their empire collapses they try to
tighten their grip
but the galaxy is changing and you can
be a part of it
with the help of brave and daring pilots
this war can
end make a choice fly with the new
change our galaxy for the better
vanguard squadron to temperance do you
read us now
had some trouble with our long-range
calms you're the third patrol reporting
com blackouts
head on back gunny the commander will
want a full report
lousy calms chasing our tails for hours
and now we're late to meet the new boss
well do you want to race home frisk
we might make it before his speech ends
ko i ain't racing you i learned my
lesson the first 12 times
hush the speech is starting
i'm not one for speeches so i'll just
i'm honored to assume command of the
temperance in this fleet
vanguard squadron's reputation for
bravery and integrity
is unrivaled which is why i affected
we have been reassigned to an initiative
code name project starhawk starhook
then those rumors about a secret project
are true what do you think it is
some kind of weapon the key to victory
if it helps end the war who cares i care
i like to know who i'm working for the
good guys risk
remember the only people in the galaxy
who don't have a death mark on you
ah grace the day ain't over yet
come on back to the temperance
we can meet the new boss and anyone else
he's bringing along

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

ah there you are are those said to
expect you
i'm zarel de sage chief mechanic and
this here's the temperance my pride and
i imagine you're excited to join the
speaking of here's the rest of your
squadron hey gunny
i got your new pilot over here you go
ahead homie
welcome to vanguard squadron i'm kyra
you can call me gunny happy to have you
on the team
let's talk after the briefing again
you're joining one of the best outfits
in the new republic
hope you can live up to it anyway follow
them into the briefing room
i think our new commander's waiting for
you in there
huh you've arrived excellent otto
meet our new vanguard five oh the one
who saved your skin
at foster haven ardo
intelligence a pleasure i heard they
rewarded you with a posting to chandrila
a real honor very safe
but a good pilot shouldn't just gather
i needed people i can trust and i
figured you'd want to get back into the
huh there's no shortage of that around
right let's get you briefed
welcome back to the front line vanguard
as you've noted experienced the empire
is jamming communications across the
i fear these blackouts could be a
prelude to invasion
vanguard squadron i need you to split up
to solve this
christian grace bring our new pilot to
the brental system's borders
the scouts we sent to investigate
haven't reported in
find out what happened to them then
regroup with your squadron near the
planet cabos
gunny and keo that's where you're headed
if i were still an imperial
well i'd send jamming ships there
knowing the empire i expect they're
using these jamming vessels
to disrupt our long-range calms they'll
have thai squadrons in tow
destroy all imperial squadrons and
communications must be restored for
project starhawk's future
when you've succeeded regroup and return
to the temperance
let's see how you do vanguard squadron
got a moment
oh hey i'm keo venzie welcome to
vanguard squadron
you'll do great things with us trust me
this is an amazing team
i went from semi-pro racing to fighting

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

the empire quite a change
but everyone in vanguard lifts up the
others you'll fit right in
whatever this project starhawk is i
suppose the commanders will tell us when
they're ready
but for now we have scouts to find
according to the battle plan we aren't
flying together on this mission
but you'll be on my wing sooner than
see you out there
hello grace salia vittara seiner
grace if you like it's a pleasure i've
been with vanguard long enough for gunny
to trust me with second position
and she doesn't trust easily especially
those from
imperial families well
everyone finds out sooner or later yes
unfortunately my dear estranged family
builds tie fighters for the empire
and i take great delight in blasting
those fighters to stardust
i trust you will too see you out there
nice to meet you squad calls me frisk
only grace calls me by my real name and
only when she's mad
i know it's not often you find a
handsome fella like me
fighting for the rebellion uh new
or whatever we are now
i used to be in what you might call
you know hunting down trophies antiques
anything collectors wanted until i got
that pesky death mark of course
how was i supposed to know that painting
was fake
or that the imperial governor was gonna
show it off to admiral thrawn
that's what's great about this place
though they always got a birth for a
good pilot
death mark or not
say you play sabach i'm trying to learn
no one around here ever wants to play me
maybe we could uh
go a few rounds huh for credits of
it's the only way i'm gonna learn right
guess we should get on and fix that calm
finally chance to get acquainted like i
said the name's gunny
stay sharp keep your nose clean and

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

we'll be off to a good start
we had calm blackouts like this right
before the empire invaded mimbin
lost a lot of friends but i learned to
shoot a blaster
you'll be flying with frisk and grace
today meet him if you haven't
the best advice i can give you is this
stick with your squadron
it's simple but sometimes hot shots and
lone wolves need to hear it
get to your ship
they're ready to go just hop in the
ah the x-wing backbone of the rebel
alliance and our new republic
a good all-rounder that'll stand up to
any starfighter capital ship in the
imperial fleet
power management systems check
all right i'm loading in your astro
mcdroid now
keep an eye on it
quiet tin can we got a pre-flight check
to do
radar working like a dream
loadout data looking good
combat display check
primary weapons charged up ready to take
down ties
throttle and boost good to go
whole integrity never better you're
all systems go vanguard 5 you're clear
for lunch
good luck out there
you remember your mission parameters
vanguard squadron
find the scouts smash the jamming ships
and get back before the candida closes
i think commander james skipped that in
the briefing

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

all right see you soon good luck you two
our jump points just ahead
hyperspace coordinates calculated
engines are hot
let's do this vanguard squadron
this never gets old hey grace
you got anything grace
we've got to be able to find someone out
heavy interference gunny and kia will
take care of that shortly
we should investigate the signal and
regroup with them
me too grace me too
there's our target let's slow it down
ah heck our scouts didn't make it
empire must have found him first if
that's the case
where is the empire vanguard 5
scan the debris
i know it's macabre but we need you to
lock onto the wreck and get close
such brutality even that astromech got

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

someone really didn't want these scouts
getting home
hey i'm picking up a second signal let's
check it out
follow me
i don't like this grace i hear you
something's not right if we're lucky
survived the attack stay ready for
wait it's not a new republic signal
it's imperial
good looking out another destroyed
i'm not saying thank you
must have been support for the empire's
jamming ships if we scan the wreckage
for its last known trajectory
it could lead us to the jammers that's a
heck of an idea
vanguard five scan the debris and we'll
watch your back
that's it nice work vanguard five
let's see that path was leading them
toward gunny and kia's coordinates if
we're quick
maybe we can cut off the empire before
they find our friends
marking coordinates hopefully they don't
know we're coming
let's do this right for the scouts we
lead the way vanguard five whatever
comes next
we face it together
two imperial jamming ships ahead
no sign of gunny or keo

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

finish him off
missile get moving
that's just rude
enemies locked onto me
i should have stayed home
ties are finished
concert still scrabbles
do you read me we just got off two
jamming ships
to your location

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

let's roll vanguard 5.
finally oh you're right on time
imperial reinforcements another goes
anti with ties
now we take them out too
i bet
and stay down
good job
to be the hero hey you did your job
that's all the tie fighters
that'll patch up your hole and stock up
your ordinance
follow me i'm on your wing
vanguard we have an imperial cruiser
protecting the last of the jammers
taking down these ships ain't gonna be
oh while the cruiser has a missile
launcher we'll keep our countermeasures
what's our plane if we take out the
jammers first we can call the temperance
for reinforcements
that's why you're in charge cubby
vanguard 5 focus on the jammers
copy here we go

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

good enough for me
let's finish off the last one
you're safe
communication should be restored
if you read me we need reinforcements on
my position
has arrived
right here and ready to go
close one
i'm grateful to command such a strong
squadron come on back to the temperance
thank you commander james we'll
celebrate a job well done at the cantina
come on vanguard let's get out of here

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

great work team first rounds on frisk
welcome home vanguard no time for
celebration i'm afraid
we have a visitor and a mission i think
you'll be interested
so where is it now i helped talus group
chasing away from a medical convoy
towards yavin
it's pinned in the upper atmosphere with
no hyperdrive but too many fighters for
talis group to handle alone
this might work out for both of us come
meet a visitor
wedge antilles rogue squadron i hear
you're the reason i was able to finally
get a calm through
i have a star destroyer problem that
vanguard might be able to help me solve
we need a star destroyer for project
starhawk intact
now we prove it vanguard's made of which
you would
settle as you may have overheard talus
group has cornered the imperial star
destroyer victorium
above the planet yevon they're in tough
but it's presented a great opportunity
for us to jump in and not only disable
that star destroyer
but to seize control so first we need to
give ourselves some cover
by knocking out the turrets naturally if
we can also take out the targeting
that'll buy us even more time next we
need to prepare the star destroyer for
you'll need to find a potential breach
point in the victorium's hull
preferably near the bridge once you find
a good spot
bombard it until the hull is breached
however we can expect that the victorium
still has plenty of tie fighters
they will try to stop us once the skies
are clear
we can bring in the boarding team while
our troops capture the bridge
vanguard will defend the exterior from

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

once the boarding team has seized the
bridge and is in control of the star
we will rendezvous with the temperance
okay i think i
accidentally made stealing a star
destroyer sounds simple
let's hope it is
the star destroyer aren't you tossing
him in the deep end a little early
vanguard can handle it can't you besides
project starhawk needs that star
destroyer for
well you know
wedge made a name for himself at the
battle of yavin
he knows that system better than the
empire ever will
you'll be fighting on the rebellion's
old turf so if wedge has any advice
you'd be smart to listen you know
a wounded krakana can still bite
just watch yourself around that star
destroyer huh
get out there as soon as you can
sorry for the speedy introduction but
talus group was counting on me to get
reinforcements fast
your commander says you have talent
enough to steal a star destroyer
and get away with it normally i'd have
rogue squadron for this
but general sindullah gave me a
temporary assignment to project starhawk
meanwhile rogue is handling well that's
classified too
sendula keeps us busy your commander and
i have something in common
i once flew for the empire too at
skystrike academy
turning to the rebellion was the
smartest move i ever made
i wish more of my friends have done the
look i appreciate the talk but uh talus
groups waiting for us
so we're headed to yavin an exalted
company it seems
and now we know project starhawk needs
an imperial star destroyer
that's enough firepower to tackle a
small fleet
or a means to catch the empire off guard
but that wouldn't warrant all this
secrecy there must be more to the
commander's plan
we'll just have to trust him too bad
there isn't an
easier way to get what we need even a
damaged star destroyer has deck upon
deck of dura steel plating
turrets shields my poor bigoted father
called star destroyers the fists of the
it wasn't wrong but they can be beaten

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

if you're good and lucky let's stay
to yavin then let's not
have been delay
the commander wants you on an x-wing for
this mission
got you outfitted with ion missiles they
disable enemy fighters and they'll
disable subsystems on enemy capital
ships too
gavin prime this place always brings
back memories
let's hope for some of that skywalker
luck today
all right ready vanguard we're heading
for the heart of the action
vanguard follow his lead
this is leader calling for immediate
captain antilles with that guard
squadron here to help
it's damn good to see you wedge we've
taken heavy losses
we need that star destroyer stopped
don't you worry
we're here to hijack it you're what
be ready
interceptors those have got to be the
first to go
agreed they're fast they're right
throughout fighters
vanguard prioritized targets
you got it
the enemies after you

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

hey you did your job
they got a lock
don't stop now
that's it all ties down good job
okay regroup on thomas leader
wedge we've taken heavy losses we need
to make a few repairs
then get ourselves out of here roger
that talus leader
i don't worry about the imperials we'll
keep them busy
you're really gonna steal that star
that's the plan okay vanguard
on me let's head for the victoria
focus your shields before they open fire
on us
let's do it
but stealing it i like that even better
got a lock on me
will anyone see that no
on your wings
if we take the bridge we'll have access
to its internal systems
scan for a breach point so we can send

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

an aborting team
you're up five reaching a star destroyer
just like the old days look out vanguard
we got a gunny story and let's keep
imperial fighters incoming
we can send the team in here
clear the skies
good looking out got interceptors on me
can't shake them
i'm in a real bind here
i'm not saying thank you
i'm taking fire
vanguard let's go
morning team we have you in our sights

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

ready to take on a star destroyer
copy captain antilles just get us there
and we'll do the rest
you heard him back on guy those u-wings
into position
stay sharp what about the star
destroyer's crew
if a boarding party takes the bridge
they'll slice internal security systems
the crew won't be a problem with no
computer access and
out that cruiser
here i am
against the shields
to the bridge
great work all right team
let's finish off the rest brady is
cutting through the blast doors
i'm with you
enemy's locked on me

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

got them all
okay regroup at my position
the voting team might need support we're
almost through those glass doors
we've got another imperial carrier
make that three carriers that's a lot
get ready everyone
we're in taking control now
that star destroyer has taken down its
own carrier what a sight
yes the ship is ours
i'll escort talos group to safe harbor
great work general sindullah will be
you know
now that was a fun mission even better
than beating my time on the death march
we got to steal a star destroyer and
help our friends
doing it and see yavin
we still have allies on the fourth moon
but i've never been there
there was an energy at yavin like i've
never felt anywhere else
it was chaotic and serene
all at once the empire corrupts the
energy of
every planet it touches but i can always
feel the good buried beneath that
and that's what we fight for the good
anyway i saw frisk bothering commander
james earlier
knowing frisk the commander might
appreciate some backup

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

now the empire is gonna want that star
destroyer back
good let's see him try and take it
you know back home after the empire
invaded membin we stole an armored
transport hauler full of scout walkers
when the empire came looking for them we
just turned the walkers against them had
real good time i'm guessing the
commander has something similar in mind
for this star destroyer
right otherwise what's the point at
least wedge picked the right team for
the job
those slackers and alphabet squadrons
still be baffing around at yavin
enough yapping time to check with the
commander and see what's next
not now frisk i'll answer your questions
once the star destroyer has been
delivered safely
delivered where we risked our tails to
get that star destroyer
and you can't even tell us where we're
going it's not my call
besides i'd be risking a lot of lies if
i shared too much too soon
you hearing this after all we did for
project starhawk
listen all i can tell you is the basics
it was just getting good
we have an emergency the star destroyer
you captured is unexpectedly fallen out
of a hyperspace behind enemy lines
our troops are repairing the hyperdrive
as quickly as possible
but you need to buy them some time
there's an imperial fleet
advancing toward the star destroyer
i want a wings intercepting enemy
the rest of vanguard will provide
defense and
i know imperial protocol better than
most i have no doubt the empire will
disable the victorian with ion weapons
before sending shuttles to recapture it
stop them at all costs the empire must
not reclaim the victorium
once the star destroyer's hyperdrive is
operational cover its escape so it can
jump to safety
i'll send you rendezvous coordinates
when the time is right

Star Wars Squadrons Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay on PS4 PRO. This Star Wars Squadrons ...


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  1. It feels like they were trying to make a game that was comparable to the old X-wing and TIE Fighter games, but they failed to understand what made those games fun to play.

  2. I hope somebody already brought up the fact that they called it saabac and zaabac in the subtitles. There could be another game called that in the star wars universe and if they did spell it wrong it's only a small issue, either way I love the game and I don't want this to be seen as me bashing on it!

  3. Seems slow, iwish they made good exciting challenging fast space combat games on console with good story and budget, long single player.
    If they replaced all the platforming in jedi fallen order with space action it would have been nice.

    I remember colony wars, and freespace.

  4. My god the first characters you see is a woman in command, two black guys and an asian woman. Fuck this forced disney diversity. cant they put anything without this political BS on the market nowadays?
    Btw rogues leader graphics were close to those ones and that was 15 years ago.


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