Star Wars The Force Unleashed Gameplay walkthrough, Part 1

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20ladies and gentlemen we are live what's up everybody how's it going my name is was hung around of course today we're gonna be playing some Star Wars The Force Unleashed I know what you're saying blitz what Star Wars Force Unleashed isn't that like 17 gajillion years old no it's not that old but it definitely is a much older game however I am very very very very excited to give it a shot and see how good of a game or how bad of a game it will turn out to be I'm excited to find out so we're gonna get to find out here together if you guys have played the Force Unleashed please please don't spoil anything I would really appreciate that a ton if you do not because honestly going into this the main reason why I wanted to play this game is because I have played Jedi fall in order and I proclaimed it to be the best Star Wars game I've ever played however a lot of you guys deservedly saw called me out and said hey but you've never played Force Unleashed 1 or 2 and you've never played the Knights of the Old Republic so today we're gonna go on ahead and fix that or begin to fix that by starting to play The Force Unleashed so with that in mind ladies and gentlemen of course go on ahead and hit that like button on today's livestream that would be very very very much appreciated I want to give a huge shout out to super shadow fan 6000 for dropping a super chat already before we even hit the livestream here so thank you guys so very much for the support hit the like button let's get started play the intro video and it's time to begin the adventure that is star wars the force unleashed [Music] all right what's up guys so for some reason the game is not popping up right now hmm okay well I mean give me one second gun oh okay I have sound do you guys have sound I've really loud sound oh my goodness my ears were about to blow there that was craziness okay yo LucasArts you got to make your effect a little less in-your-face so do you guys see the game right now or no that's what I'm trying to figure out so please chat first and foremost I want to thank you guys for tuning in we have blitz Nicholas arise ODST shark in the chat ace clan gather man spiders here el jabbo official that's an interesting YouTube page robloxian movies what's up how are you doing Vincent Lane mich Mich odd something like that bebo is fam how are you doing guys if you guys can see type in one in the chat what just happened baby Jam thank you so very much for the 79 cents they're much appreciated on the second super chat it's like a preview okay I think this might be a preview so by the way I am playing on the PC but apparently you can use a controller so I'm hoping that it will work I also have high textures turned on obviously it's an older game so it's probably gonna still kind of look like you know less than ideal but the hope is that it will turn out cool once we actually get into the gameplay side of things oh dude Vader's in the game well there's some romance what was that giant thing there's like a giant dog if we like tusks okay so I should be able to hit new game ah that's a lot of safe words why do you need so many safe points okay wait what is this chat there's multiple campaigns in this game or is that because I got the ultimate fifth edition can somebody help out did you know that this game is a legends wild I know it's a very very popular game and I'm excited to check it out because I want to know if this is the best Star Wars game that there is because I proclaimed Jedi fawn or it to be the best Star Wars game so I'm excited to find out whether or not this is any better so okay awesome so you guys can hear the game you guys can see the game that's fantastic have you heard of the game oh dude I thought you said something inappropriate I was like what did you say Jawas unleashed no I have not is that like um some sort of a patch or something like that like a reskin uh please turn on slow mode for the chat I think we're all good for now I want to give a shout out to a super shadow fan thank you so very much for the 499 I've been watching you ever since you played lego city undercover on the Wii U thank you so very much for your kind support and thank you for the to super chance already biggest super town of the day as well and then mighty destroyer tying that a record with the 4.99 here to make your day thanks man I appreciate you tuning and Zombies Spartan TV with the $1.99 says hi blitz you are cool if you see this well I did see it and zombie Spartan you were cool too you get a shout out as well are you gonna upload Harry Potter the daily yes I will be uploading Harry Potter it's not gonna be quite daily but it will be more episodes okay so I guess let's start with the Force Unleashed and then yeah cuz you see some people are saying I only have one campaign like fish boy says he only has one campaign so somehow I have four of them but let's start with this do we go Sith Warrior or Sith Lord chap what are we thinking are you gonna play payday - I'm not are you gonna upload Lego Harry Potter LBA daily it's not gonna be daily but it will be quite often so I think there's gonna be about three more episodes this week this is a dlc weight and this is the dlc or is the dlc the stuff afterwards it's got to be this stuff afterwards right cuz i don't think that's dlc Oswaldo vargas great name very unique I think of it the super chat he says with thank you for the 199 super Chan says legend doesn't not oh ok so this game is not is no longer canon but that's fine as if the game is still awesome I'm still gonna enjoy it Sith Warrior ok so I'm seeing a lot of just warrior votes so that's I guess what we'll go for because I don't know how difficult the game is so let's see a long time ago in a galaxy far far away I'll narrate that one for you whoa Star Wars noise I got to turn this down cuz that is really loud in my ear um so let's see here we go the Force Unleashed that classic intro who's excited by the way guys we have how many days left Star Wars I just looked it up today is at 17th right 18th of December we have like a week left till the next movie the galaxy is on the brink of total darkness the evil Galactic Empire has overthrown the Old Republic and now holds countless worlds in the grip of fear the Jedi Knights have been all but destroyed only a handful have escaped Imperial forces disappearing to hiding across the galaxy the Emperor's spies have located a lone Jedi Knight on the wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk the Sith Lord Darth Vader has been sent to destroy him ok so the stakes are pretty ridiculous we're already gonna have to deal with Vader right off the bat okay they're not messing around if they're sending us to fight Vader right off the bat that's pretty bananas baby jam thank you so very much for the 399 super ton yo blitz been watching since the we love your vids thank you I appreciate the support baby jam thank you thank you thank you you can't the hear that you can't hear the game sound really is that guys is there no sound for the game is that just the one person I like am i getting trolled or is it actually no sound I don't know which one this is this is the game called Star Wars The Force Unleashed where does this take place by the way this game like in the I know it's no longer its legends it's not canon so but where would it take place is this like between episodes three and four trolled you wait I get to play as Vader wait seriously okay that's already kind of cool I can hear no sound your mic is muted okay so I was just getting trolled right you're a great player thank you for saying that muy Goku you're a great anime character dude there he is so by the way this is a very old game so let's see how the character models hold up it's probably gonna look a little cheesy so let's give it a little bit of you know the benefit of the doubt that's not bad he doesn't look terrible I did turn on a feature that says like high textures so I don't know if that helps it but okay sorry for laughing rip let's get some press F in the chat to pay tribute to the stormtroopers I mean look at this boss you just walk okay forget what I said about the character models what is going on with that dudes face dude that guy's face legitimately look like somebody like punched him and like like he got punched by one punch man okay wait so am i dark dude okay you guys weren't kidding we actually are playing as Darth Vader that's pretty crazy you're playing the Force Unleashed that's correct I am after the chat for the one and only stormtroopers okay so a little wonky on the jumps let's see the combos here so we have I want to turn some of these settings I'm gonna see what the settings are I'm gonna turn down the music a tad a bit and then I'll be able to turn on turn up the sound effect and definitely the voices controller I like how under control although this is game setting I thought it was under controller settings to control how difficult the game is okay cool I really like this game a lot well pop bricks stick around I might need your help with it blitz there's sound but don't listen to the people who say there isn't okay got it thank you p.m. Teemo and I appreciate that hit the like button thank you buttercup much appreciated guys if you can please hit the like button that's the best way to show support cost you guys nothing except I guess the click of the mouse so or tapping on the screen whatever it might be so thank you guys so much for that and in addition to that of course you can always use the super chat function if you'd like to okay wait I'm why is it selecting these guys am I supposed to fight them oh okay friendly did you see that what what what is that what is he doing it's like he just suddenly gets like drunk or something look it is like what's happening okay so let's see can I deflect laser blast so it seems like I have like a health bar and then also by the looks of it it does look like I have some sort of a blue bar which I'm guessing is probably like my spells you can charge a force push by holding B Hadouken dude that walkie just went full lying dude we said him past the attack right there Wow okay that's kind of Opie so are we supposed to force push this thing to okay a Vader's oh just a tad bit Opie do you see what he just did to that structure mighty destroyer thank you for the $1.99 super Chad hey blitz can you play Deadpool the video game on ps4 I have played it I've already played it in the past okay so far I have to say Vader's kind of insane just as far as like how powerful he is bananas wait what you can fight these things oh you can force push the rocks wait what are those guys okay these are some new wookie warriors here okay rip watch oh that didn't work I thought that would work there's no way to like dodge right but look at this wait I mean look how far dude he got flung into the mountain over there that's insane that is absolutely bananas seriously look at that power I mean okay if we have to fight Vader later on that's gonna be a problem because obviously we can tell now that he's pretty ridiculously powerful rip Peyronie's pepperonis that's right I hit the like button thank you void cybot viral Brown says blitz what's up not much how are you doing friend okay we were getting shot from somewhere must be this guy here so should be able all wait there's abilities oh dude I learn how did you throw the lightsaber what's my other ability okay it's kind of like everybody get away that's the sort of ability you just took down half the Kashyyyk forest here this is interesting wow that's a lot of Thai fighters that's a whole lot of Thai fighters okay Vader doesn't run right like that's not a thing he does so I'm guessing that's why it's not giving me the option to even run okay I want to test out this like super move the one where does like force pushes everything around him dude I mean that's just insane seriously he's just way too powerful I feel bad for these Wookiees man they have no chance there's nothing they could do literally to deal with Vader people are getting bodied that's what I'm saying that's crazy you fight him near the end okay well I guess that's a bit of a spoiler but it is what it is that's what it's gonna happen oh wait this guy's trying to fight us or so he thought I mean literally you have these giant wookie warriors charging at you you just tap B you don't even have to charge up your attack and they just go flying it's crazy and if you charge up your forest push then it's just a bad bad day for these guys don't watch did you see that that's a one-shot ko by Vader I love that they're teaching us how to play the game with Vader like they chose for us to play as Darth Vader kind of a cool idea you know I can't recall any other game where you pick up as the bad guy first so that's sort of interesting alright so I'm assuming we should be able to like force blast through this and we do okay are we supposed to try to make it up this hill here we go whoops oh okay he'll so he's also got like a ground pound attack as well whoa okay these Wookiees can clear some distance with their jumps guys could be absolutely shreking us in a long jump contest hey blitz are you gonna play the Force Unleashed - that's the plan I'd like to I'd like to be able to say that I've played all the like major Star Wars games so that then when I say the Jedi fall in order is the best I feel like I'm like that opinion is valid cuz a lot of people said like after I played Jedi fall in order and said that that's my favorite Star Wars game they did say like yeah but you haven't played Knights of the Old Republic or Force Unleashed 1 & 2 and I was like you know what you're right so I want to fix that so that's why we're playing some of the Force Unleashed Andrew Eisen thank you so much for the super channel of the Lego gameplay keep up the good work thank you and you I appreciate the support my friend thank you thank you thank you for the super chat okay so I think we're supposed to head this way right unless it actually is this like a hidden spot here or something or is that where we came from I thought maybe there's like a hidden secret there as well that we get to explore but maybe not is this game open-world or is it like is this missions do we come back here if you can help me out chat that would be wonderful I got the is it a mission style game where do you later on have to come back to these areas did you see that he like hand negated the laser blasts he just went like nope don't think so not getting hit by that let's go Vader whoa we got Vader fans in the channel well if you guys had to pick type in the chat team Vader or team Luke whoa okay I can't go that way that TIE fighter pilot is horrible I don't know how he missed his aim so poorly walk' stay back and the Wookiees are i believe i can fly that was bananas I'm genuinely curious to see how many people pick the dark side character Vader over Luke missions okay sweet thank you I love how some people are still saying open games so is it an open world or missions camping both team Vader okay we have a lot of people on Team Vader that's kind of crazy cool dude 902 thank you so very much for the very very very very generous a super chant blitz you can lift people and objects with the force how it didn't tell me how to do that I I can see that there's a third ability but for some reason it's like grayed out it looks like a lightning bolt like you see it right there but I guess I could try it some of the other button prop oh oh dude fourth joke so if you press Y you force joke the enemy wow that's that's pretty pretty messed up there okay do we have mostly team Vader everybody chats like yeah go Sith Lords hey dude we got ourselves a brand new member to the channel welcome welcome welcome Lord Raiden two five three please a welcome Lord raid with the blitz army hype also guys I'm hoping that the new emotes will be ready by Friday streams so that should be pretty exciting and of course enjoy your emotes Lord a raid first a new member of the day much appreciated my friend okay so this is the pathway that was completely demolished by that one horrible pilot for now okay so bees force Porsche why is I don't know if it's necessarily forced pull its forced joke for sure I wonder if it can you what if you like force pull and then be alright doesn't work okay I thought maybe you could like force choke and then into the force Porsche attack cuz that would have been pretty ridiculous that would have been pretty Opie Opie Luke okay there we go Harrison Garcia we got some team Luke members as well that's pretty awesome Brandon vlogs thank you so very much for the generous $1.99 you the goat thanks dude as long as I'm not the goat slug or the slug goat from Jedi fawn order they're more Gucci okay so what is this this looks like some sort of a republic outpost here oh here we go boys who is this dude I love Vader's reaction it's just like it does not okay so his name is just rogue Jedi you're engaged in a lightsaber lock you need to press X rapidly to win the lock okay let's go bro okay he's getting messed up how do I is there a block button oh yeah LT I forgot holy he just messed me up right there light saber throw sort of went poorly for us later back up can I uh treif maybe we'll see there we go okay that was the light saber lock right I am curious to find out who this rogue Jedi is like in the context of the I know obviously now he's no longer part of the lore anymore cuz this is all no longer applicable oh my goodness okay that was a lot of damage let's go for light saber throw into some combos well boys he about to throw a tree at me good he just brought down a TIE fighter okay so he's definitely no joke oh oh he's bringing down another TIE fighter okay I think I should have chosen the harder difficulty because so far were can interrupt this okay oh he can force push as well I guess that makes sense why wouldn't he be able to after all he's got access to the force as well so it looks like he usually strikes either in two slashes or one okay Wow okay that was unexpected lightsaber throw and I think that was the victory that's it here we go the epic cutscene Vader about the latest Mac down force choke for the win dude look at that the way they light his face he looks like a horror movie character there Oh rip press f to pay respects to the rogue Jedi he just got hadouken back into his house and now Vader is just like walking in he just laid the smackdown on that dude his name is canto canto Marek Marek got perfect teeth though I will say oh snap oh I think this is the main character right I think this is like this kid I think is the character we play as whoa Vader's saved them interesting come with me if you want to live get down you to the chapel so where would this usually take place like this game would this be between episodes 3 & 4 it's kind of interesting that Vader almost like takes this kid under his wing as his son right while he doesn't even know that out there he's got Luke running around as his father or son is this the actor the voice is Darth Maul like the character model looks like him I forget the guys name around the same time as fallen order Oh so this takes place in tandem would fall in order dude can you imagine if one of the Fallen order DLCs would have you as Cal castus fight this guy whose name I don't even know yet we're gonna learn hopefully three years before episode 4 thank you wild thanks for dropping some knowledge the sound sucks okay I'll turn it up just a second that'll be one hey Sam Woodward that's right that's what I was saying I'll turn up the sound in a sec sorry did you see the face across like oh my gosh Brandon vlog thank you for the $1.99 super chat are you excited about the new Batman game I am I hope it'll be awesome it sounds like a really cool idea where basically you're gonna play as a lot of the bat family members trying to find Batman so I think that's kind of a interesting idea Corey Bell my my day's going well how's your turn up the game on here please I will just a sec I just if I all tab right now it's gonna like mess up the cutscene it's interesting how I guess just like Jedi fallen order there is like the whole team up between the Droid and the human sort of or like I don't know what is characteristics is considered it's a little wonky in parts but then like her character models pretty good so is his so it's kind of interesting how well this game has held up what year did this game come out and let's see curious Star Wars Force Unleashed cuz I want to say it's like 2008 - maybe yeah it is 2008 Wow so this game is 11 years old that's kind of impressive seriously looks pretty good for an eleven years old game I'm very happy that I'm part of the blitz army and you're my favorite youtuber well thank you oh Lord oh right read to 5:3 thank you thank you thank you much appreciated enjoy your emotes by the way and there's new emos coming soon welcome aboard the rogue shadow master so I guess that's his ship that's name of a ship so far we don't even know his name it's just master so it'll be interesting to find out I've recently installed this training room on board kinda reminds me of the x-men for your personal use here you can practice using your forest and combat techniques through various instructional and combat training modules at Lord Vader's request all modules are also programmed to try and kill you just like me oh okay that sounds perfectly normal not grip is one of your core force powers oh woops sorry also let me turn up the game a little bit because you guys said that here's a little quiet so hopefully that helps okay so grip is one of your core force powers to pick up an object using grip press and hold RT okay so we can move this around using the left stick whichever way we want good note that you cannot move wild concentration a certain while concentrating into this manner now use the right stick to move the object up and down and left and right okay now prove your mastery of grip by using the objects to smash through these three glass panels okay one okay - it's kind of difficult to tell the depth but we did it that was some loud glass breaking there you can explore the ship - well we will once we have a chance once we've cleared this okay so you can also use the grip to pick up and throw an object press and hold RT to grip an object then point the left stick in the direction you wish to throw and release RT okay so now demonstrate your newfound power by gripping and throwing these objects and knock over the three frightened stormtroopers I like are they right frightened like just to make you feel like a complete jerk okay so wait a minute didn't it say you have to select I thought it I thought it said select and then why is this not working okay let me read that again oh no I didn't mean to do that the training room the push tutorial the grip tutorial what was it what was the the thing why is it not activating because I thought it was I mean I could do that but that doesn't work that uh well done master you have completed the training module um sure I'll just pretend like that was that one perfectly smooth I might be destroyed thank you so very much for the $1.99 super chat yeah says I love your vids can you post more rocket League I'll do more live streams for rocket League but I'm not gonna do like pre-recorded stuff right now what is his name Roxy or proxy oh who's this dude look look over there the cutscenes look pretty good for an 11 year old game justice this is painful a little bit of the bubbly a little bit of the bubbly why happy birthday to omni's Wildcat there you go omni's happy birthday dude will this be a video yes it will be Orion also guys if you're watching this please take a moment to hit the like button thank you so much Wow she should have passed there a little bit longer because the delivery of that line would work better if she feels like seven and then there would be like an awkward pause and then she makes a little squash out and funnel any opposition towards us explosive charges on levels to general Kota okay is this the is this the rogue Jedi that we fought in the very beginning like the first scene where it's Vader versus a Jedi of some sort whoa okay looks like there's flying sections as well dude look at this guy's ship that's legit the robe shadow looks cool okay so let's check the controls how different they are still jump you got light saber slash horse Porsche obviously Force pull as well there we go now it works I don't know why I wasn't working before that was really really strange it's there collectibles to be worried about like should I be is there a point in destroying all these objects because maybe there's like something hidden behind these butts are you excited for the rise of Skywalker I am Vader has anger issues well have you seen kylo Ren some probably it seems like it runs in the family I hit the like button at ten well thank you muy goku okay so no that was Kento Marek okay so this is Captain Koda right I think these are different characters although he seemed to be happy that he has drawn out the evil forces here right turn up the sound a little more okay I just don't want it to be like drown out the commentary completely turned it up a little bit more let me know if that works I could also check over here we could turn this up the brightness is okay right so hopefully that will make it like nice and loud oh wait I also have to keep saving okay cuz I don't think I've saved once is there autosave in this game cuz I wasn't paying attention I wrecked the heck out of this place by the way okay got it p.m. t-bone fair enough just a force push dude that's actually really cool has a pretty cool idea okay here we go I see something red over here I'm curious what that is unlimited energy it's a Sith holocron and I love that he's just fighting everyone it doesn't matter if it's a stormtrooper or resistance fighter he's like yeah just battle everything okay that works yikes okay Imperial Stormtroopers so why are they attacking him I'm assuming they don't know that he's like on their side or something is not what's happening that's a very complicated puzzle right there but we did solve it just barely just barely managed to solve that one let's have you heard of the cursed YouTube video I have not I don't know what that is there is an autosave okay sweet thanks for letting me know Marvel nerd my guess is that the guy you are playing right now is the Emperor Emperor like as an emperor palpatine dude that would be kind of crazy cool nobody can't because Palpatine fine Palpatine is what isn't it no because it's not that Vader finds Palpatine right it's Palpatine who finds kind of sort of Vader right do we know now for the charged-up ability I guess we don't huh that's a bit different compared to Vader I guess he's not quite as Opie as Vader yet our character okay so there's a pathway that way I don't think we can go this way right I think this is just kind of a dead end oh it's also interesting because he does run unlike Vader who just kind of like walks slowly towards his targets this guy is charging ahead he's got a cool way of holding the lightsaber - that's kind of different okay so we can go this way and or I'm guessing we could go this way - so we sort of have a couple of different routes that we can explore and then is this just the dead end huh so is there a point to doing this this is what I'm confused by is this just like for fun just to smash things over here or is there like a collectible something item because I would like to know obviously if there's like skins or something like that to unlock I'd like to try to be as thorough as possible with that stuff Brandon vlogs holy thank you so very much for the generous four ninety-nine tying the biggest super town of the day what's your favorite video game Batman Arkham Asylum thank you for the generous super child you'd think you think you thank you can you please turn on the subtitles he's there subtitles if there is they'll definitely turn that on how's the game audio by the way guys have you heard about Resident Evil three remake yes I'm very very excited for that Alexey Petrovich I thought that Resident Evil 2 is one of the very best games of this year so I'm excited to check that out just play subtitles there we go okay done sorry about that I should have checked for that right away my apologies okay we just earned ten thousand four points now I don't know if that's like nothing but it sounds impressive that's for sure yes we'll find out eventually if that's worthwhile or not whoa okay note to self don't run into that stuff oh we don't have any more abilities like Vader had those abilities before where you could like throw the lightsaber and such we don't have that at least not yet so maybe we will unlock that ability Wow okay that could Trek us whoa whoa whoa watch out okay I'm gonna try to force grab this No okay that did not go according to plan these stormtroopers are relentless man hey but so will you play any of the jak and daxter games I think I have played some of the Jax Dexter's games did not play one of the remake ones coulda sworn I did eclipse just our killer haven't just intercepted a message from the flight tower they should have read faster my apologies guys is this his name is he star killer is that like his nickname that's interesting Brandon vlogs thank you so very much for the generous $1.99 to Pichette same bro I'm assuming that's a reference to the Batman Arkham Asylum okay here we go Wow yikes dodge and there we go TIE fighters incoming we can not fight a TIE fighter right now right whoa okay that was scary okay so this huh interesting so this looks like it might lead elsewhere I wonder if there's like a button or something that you could activate to unlock that doesn't seem like it I think this is just a dead end here it's so interesting to play a game like this way in 2019 cuz you kind of look at it and you think to yourself like how much game design has changed the wire typically speaking like in a modern game that area over there on that bridge would almost certainly boy what okay well I just unlocked some sort of challenge destroyed Tie Fighters I guess that worked okay we need to get some force back before we can okay there he goes rip can we get some riperoni Sparrow knees for that stormtrooper feels bad man okay here we go watch out watch out watch out these guys are going hang out with the grenades right now oh you can send them back did you see that I think I picked up one of those wait let's see when he throws that oh you can okay well that was kind of a terrible that did not go as planned ye oh my gosh did you see how far that drop is that's insane that was bananas okay next up this is where we're headed oh what's that on the map there's like a yellow doctors oh it must be in the elevator right oh okay that's for aerial combat I guess he doesn't seem to have a ground pound attack the same way that Vader does the only kind of like has like air slash abilities which again it's not necessarily a bad thing it's just I guess just some differences that I've spotted between the two characters that we've got to play out so far okay we should be able to defeat him pretty easily Brandon vlogs thank you so very much for the 499 super check gotta go but I'll donate more on your next remit so good Brandon thank you for taking the time to tune in I appreciate you and have a great day dude and then Jacqueline let's roll okay sorry Jacqueline I apologize I'm getting destroyed by a gatling cannon here Jacqueline Latour no I hope I'm saying your name correctly I apologize if I messed it up it sounds French I would imagine hey blitz what's your favorite Star Wars movie rogue one dude we leveled up your connection to the force has grown stronger you've earned three different ranking spheres that can be used to increase your powers and abilities okay so the blue power sphere improves your force power the red power sphere is the combo sphere unlocks deadly combo attacks and then the yellow talent spheres increase your abilities to access the force sorry to access the force upgrades menu press the back button force upgrades okay we just read this information press a to upgrade to selected power force lightning yes please can I get that ah it's locked why would they tease us with that that sounds epic forced lightning okay so these are some of the other abilities that we get to look forward to vision LT thank you so very much for the $1.99 super chat hey blitz what's up man not much how are you doing vision Nolte thank you for tuning in thanks for taking the time next level you unlock forced lighting awesome I look forward to that um light super throw lightning shield okay so it seems like all the villains control lightning powers and it's not just Emperor Palpatine so that's kind of interesting so for now do we upgrade forest pusher did we just save our points what do we think chat what do we think what about the Han Solo film that was okay I thought it was actually pretty decent compared to what I was expecting like my expectations were so low I didn't no pun intended I went into it I actually watched it at home so I didn't even watch it in the movie theaters just like most people it seems like and I enjoyed it I thought it was pretty good actually so I just really liked that rogue one is such a good movie like standalone you don't need all the mythos it kind of makes sense within the context of just that film so because of that I'm a big fan you are star killer okay awesome for tonight gaming thanks for dropping some knowledge Rogue is good nice okay dude I love it man we've got a lot of fans of rogue one in chat that's pretty awesome press lb to - okay well thanks for dropping some knowledge RPX cyber thank you rogue one is very good there we go another room one fans sweet save up yeah that's what I'm thinking - forced talents we have fortitude force focus doesn't give us info about this each rank increases your maximum health okay Chris is your maximum force energy recovery of the energy how quickly you regain health and the damage you take okay so that's kind of defense and then battle mana tation is each rank reduces the amount of time it takes to charge up your force powers sweet savor mastery each rank increases the amount of damage you deal with your lightsaber okay that could be really useful actually then defense mastery which is okay so it just increases your deflection because they already had which one was it was a vitality I think did I just upgrade that I hope I didn't know resilience that's the one that's kind of more like traditional defense and then the combo mastery is each rank decreases the amount of time okay so I think that out of all the ones that are here I think fortitude would be pretty useful but I think that regaining our energy would be pretty good too considering that we've already run into that issue where we had no energy already so I think that that would be useful and then for these force combos it seems like a lot of the ones that we would like to use are locked xxb generates a high damage lightsaber swing that sends you at the enemy flying let's do it let's unlock that so I'm gonna save up on the force powers but then on the other two elements like force talents and force combos we're just gonna unlock them as we go okay sweet one other thing that caught my eye was the lightsaber selection here dude that's cool so it wasn't Jedi fawn ordered that started the whole repainting the lightsaber design huh that's actually pretty sick so after a little while we should be able to unlock some of these other crystals and get a different dude the black light super that's pretty sick looking you also have power crystals which I don't know what that does and that's it and then I think I noticed costume as well I wonder if we have other costumes choose your costume wait what I can I can play as Luke okay I'm worried that this is gonna spoil things wait you can play a c-3po dude look how many playable characters are in this oh I thought this was a new character for battlefront too but he already existed before Imperial command oh wow okay I'm gonna stop checking these characters dude this guy's looks like a knight of Ren Dark Lord's armor an intimidating suit of sith armor inspired by the design worn by star killers predecessor but built for greater speed and agility is he related to kylo Ren this dude legitimately looks like a knight of Ren design okay so I think that for now I'm just gonna stick to our character there cuz I do not want to it looked like we were gonna spoil things by looking through all of that omni's wild cat max sync sing happy birthday to me uh how about no bro first of all I would say you need to be able to say the word please it's very very underrated and approach things not with demands but requests just a word of advice for life in general the skins are DLC yeah I figured as much but did you see how many playable characters are that that's insane you can literally play it seems like like every character ever in existence the DLC skins yeah well I'm excited to check them out but not right now cuz I feel like that's a massive spoiler cuz I feel like I'm gonna end up selecting one of the skins it'll be like oh there's something that has now been completely spoiled to me because of them so I'm gonna try to avoid those for now guys TD gaming says love your vids thank you I appreciate you also guys if we can please go on ahead and hit that like button that's very very very much appreciated um rekt stormtroopers indeed okay let's see I want to try to collect whatever is available here for Stalin sphere Oh sick so we actually unlock now the actual spheres it wasn't points sweet so hmm is this the one that does more damage yeah that could be good too let's do that that'd be sweet but somewhere we appreciate it appreciate what um you can just use the cheat code to unlock DLC characters or some of them while I didn't cheat I just bought whatever version it was that had all the different DLC so kind of a lame way to go about things anyways but for now let's see what awaits first next any more spheres I don't see any here so I think we're good whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa oh yeah I gotta check the dash ability are we invincible to pool can you fly he can't fly duly noted he can't fly we just learned that breaking news ladies and gentlemen Starkiller cannot fly I repeat Starkiller cannot fly okay wowzers okay let's use the - ability Gavin thank you so very much for the generous $4.99 supergiant I'm the biggest super top of the day hey blitz hope you're having an amazing day or sir an awesome day and thank you for uploading every single day a bunch thank you no problem and thank you so very much for taking the time to tune in and thank you for the super chat and the support just simply taking the time to watch I appreciate that alright there's a lot of stormtroopers over there whoa so it seems like the bridge has just become very difficult to cross she'll be able to - here dude that - ability is amazing thank you to whoever said that in chat I appreciate that that really does help cuz you're able to close the distance so much faster in these fights woah okay that's just a bit dangerous okay here we go we got a fight on our hands the only thing I have to be careful with is not to dash off the ledge cuz clearly as you saw that went quite poorly like how they tried to do the kind of like a cinematic shot of following the trooper what is happening here is this a factory for TIE fighters I just realized there's just so many Thai fighters here must be a taifa TIE fighter factory or something like that right because otherwise what where the heck did all of them just spawn from hey blitz how's your date it's going pretty well how's yours man Barnes channel says hey bullets have a good Christmas thank you I appreciate that I hope you do too okay sorry got a focus you got a fight on our hands okay I kind of spams the force abilities there so now if to be careful and use the lightsaber to fight there we go okay is this gonna be an orb or some points nope more force points so do the forest points is that like the thing that I see between the green and the blue bar there's like a gray bar is that the forest point and every time we level up do we get these spheres is that what's happening I think so but I'm not a hundred percent certain so that's something we're gonna walk okay I cannot fight that thank goodness that Thai fighter did not completely crush us sweet oh here we go guys we're nearing general Kota dude this guy just called me an imperial swine that's rude vision LT dude thank you so very much that's a very very generous super Chan thank you for the ten buckaroos hey let's watch your favorite Arkham game Batman Arkham Asylum sorry jump sorry sir sorry I'll answer the rest of the question in just a sec I apologize wait what okay that works this would be a great commercial for Office Depot with just flying chairs everywhere look at that it's like hey do you want your chairs to be sturdy by these ones they work for the Star Destroyers so how could they be bad for your office whoa I don't even know what happened there that that's here just what's flying oh oh now you got Empire's stormtroopers as well can I pick there we go that works we got a crash bonus I'm gonna get one so I would recommend Arkham Asylum I mean I would recommend all of them to be honest because I think they're all great games and I will say that I recorded some more Arkham Knight and I honestly think that game is incredible because I feel like I sort of like underappreciated that game when it just released damaged increased well would have been nice to have collected that before while we were actually fighting something or someone but yeah so the point is all the Arkham games were really great so I would if you can try to get all of them especially because they are always on sale or oftentimes not always but oftentimes they're on sale like crazy sales quite cheap so you can probably get all of them and then what else did you write you said which one do you recommend and I was wondering if you could ever sorry if I could ever be a mod I just want to help out in chat yeah I'm not gonna say that you can't but I can't promise that you will what I will say is that you need to tune in to the live streams you need to help out like when somebody asks a question in the chat like hey how can I do this or hey do you know anything about this game or just things where you can help out if you go out of your way to help out I will take notice and then hopefully as the requirement for a mod grows I would definitely consider people like yourself who are here consistently and helping out and such horse bush or the wind whoa I was gonna say those windows if they stay open everybody in here is gonna get sucked out into space that would have been like an alien moment there okay that was quite terrifying okay now this looks like a boss fight area doesn't it we're supposed to move this Papo there's that siren they got the laser gate up whoa I got a - out of the way - what are you doing OOP there we go that works I wish I had increased damage still that would really help oh so if they hit the laser agate they end up taking damage from that so that's kind of cool look at that okay well they don't just take damage it sort of disintegrated there okay so so that's the thing that actually powers this thing up so by removing that we solved that problem and so here we go ouu these guys are pretty tough actually like the Bataan warriors I think they're called saboteurs I believe right the trooper saboteurs let's see what it says okay so that one's called militia trooper frenzy I think this is a militia elite well that's a that's a riperoni moment right there did you see that yikes okay that guy went flying I guess next up it might be the battle between star killer and this he of course choked he does not okay I figured we would check still okay so these militia elites they do a lot of damage so they're kind of the enemy we have to be most concerned about and therefore we are gonna prioritize battling them there we go into the forest push and we did it brilliant okay so that's a win what is this can I pick that up health drain aura all my goodness where was that again in the last fight okay we have to hurry up and try to actually use this in a fight because we keep collecting all these boosts and power oh woops sorry this is where we just came from but then we don't actually get a chance to use them there we go it's running out already okay that works that was a pretty destructive moment there from Starkiller absolutely shreking everything do a barrel roll Fox I don't think that's the thing you can do that's right hi blitz and the upgrade menu you should get I think it's called the dash blast sieve khari dropping some knowledge let's take a look I don't know if I have that yet so you said it's called the dash so it's probably gonna be a force combo probably right so these are dashing slash is that what you talked about cuz that's already unlocked oh I forgot also to test out x x.b right dashing blast you're right there is something called dashing blast I guess we now have that move so all nearby enemies are blasted away with a powerful shockwave let's test that out so it's lb and B okay looks pretty powerful it takes up about a quarter of our force so we need to be very careful about how we use that and then I want to test out dude that was pretty nasty look at this combo that looks legit okay so what is happening here is this a platform we can jump on to kind of cool that it seems like there's okay we're getting messed up okay there we go we leveled up hey that works that was pretty awesome so that means that probably now do we have two points in force powers yes okay cool so we still don't have forced lightning so I don't know if I should be wasting our points on other things right now we could only upgrade our force push which I don't I feel like it's better off to just save for Force Lightning whenever we have that I think that'll be cool to power that up okay there we go dude he's got a crazy jump like the amount of terrain that he's able to cover is pretty ridiculous it's like a force push thing and is not okay so it sounds like there's some enemies up ahead so prepare thyself oh my gosh it's an 80s deep ok wait am I supposed to fight the 80s Dee is that what's happening in force in Jedi Star Wars Jedi phone order it took a while before you fought an 80s D here kind of just send you into the battle don't they oh wait what the heck 80s teas can force pull items since when is that a thing okay here we go epic moment here what is happening okay well though it's a lot more impressive than Jedi fall in order that's for sure seems like Starkiller's insanely opie so if we saw Cal castis versus Starkiller what do you guys think who wins based on what we're seeing right now I probably have to pick star killer because he just looks insanely opie I mean he literally just turned an 80s T into a ball that was pretty ridiculous let's test out our new whoops wait a minute there it is the force or slash what's it called / - I think oh okay I did not expect that platform to just disappear on us careful okay we gotta go back up now that was intense jump back over here you need to use the Force on the 80s d that's what we did are you enjoying the game so far yeah I am I'm excited to see that like the story unfold that's obviously gonna be a pretty big crucial element but I will say like I said before I'm kind of impressed by the fact that the game is as good-looking and runs as well as it is considering that it's a relatively old game I mean like it's 11 years old almost 12 so it's pretty darn impressive seriously okay and obviously we'll see how the story unfolds because I think the story is probably what's gonna make or break this game and I'm excited to see how much further does the gameplay improve why did my - ability not work there okay we're starting to take them bit too much damage there are these gonna activate I'm just worried hope not okay we healed back up a little bit that's good oh how do we get up there can you force pull that or force Porsche maybe hmmm I won't be able to jump across this this is far too great of a leap yeah hmmm chat any ideas about how we can get up there okay there's another orb of course there's a whole nother layer up there how do we get up there anybody know so whatever you see either happened in the game a comic or movie can I get some more info on that what do you mean flame 7/5 8/5 says hey bullets winner i just joined the stream hello how are you doing it's all good gaming pizza I don't know that was a button for what but do you think I will ever become a mod again like i stoled vision LT you gotta help out people in the chat tune in to the live streams and then it's possible can I get a shoutout please Darth Caleb there you go you got a shout-out is the game worth getting um I think I got it for five bucks on Steam sale so so far I would say absolutely forced lightning is good when you're fighting add-ons I don't have it yet so we can't really use it it's still locked um cow who died against our killer that's what I'm saying he's just so insanely Opie already blitz you watch you should watch sorry hike hike hike ooh is that what it is on Netflix I'll check it out I don't know what that is I'll look it up I'll say um use the grapple gun oh I don't have a grapple gun do we unlock a grapple gun later on is that what happens or you just trolling am i getting trolled and getting trolled I'm just trying to think maybe actually could we knock the platform down yeah that's not working okay let's get that orb and then proceed unlimited energy let's go so now we can spam force portion force abilities in general hello dude stark l just entered this place like a wrecking ball that one old Hannah Montana song or what's her real name where's that hurt staging I don't know Oh Miley Cyrus that's what it was trying to remember there we go messing them up okay that's a victory I don't think there's anything else that we can do here right now is there I think we're supposed to go to the elevator section here sorry it's high high Q okay is that an anime now that you wrote it that way I feel like I've heard of that is that like the basketball or volleyball anime is that what it is okay I think we figured out how to get oh no nevermind I thought this leads you to the upper K upper part of the other area I wonder if there's some shortcuts or something doesn't seem like it okay let's proceed then Starkiller's the main character champion he's the main character there you go some knowledge being dropped in the chat thank u guys government visional teeth that's exactly what I'm talking about I'm taking notice thank you guys the character he's playing there you go Harrison Garcia thank you um Jacob please stop spamming smash and bash strategy yeah it's applicable in all of these styles of games were the vast majority of the time you just kind of it's like a beat-em-up sort of game you know oh whoops there we go okay what are these laser arms what did they do except mess everything up it looks like okay so we have the health drain ability active that was pretty nasty combo okay whoa I don't watch out for those wait what he can control that arm that was pretty crazy one to force bush is that like the main body of the TIE fighters that we just flung at these enemies I think it was yikes it's kind of crazy how interactable the environment is you can practically interact with every item like in terms of being able to force push or pull things and things like that wait what okay there's got to be a way to get that orb but whatever we did doesn't work because we just took an absurd amount of damage Oh okay I'm taking a tad bit too much damage here there's something over here probably wonder if these things are they interactive or like these little sections here like what's the point of this little room is that just it's there or does it actually have some sort of a purpose okay so we've got a force power sphere unlocked that's cool there's gotta be some way to shut down these laser gates right nice ten thousand force points earned as well very cool so we're stacking the upgrades now blackhat yeah is that the one that I like I said is that the one that it's like volleyball or basketball or something like that because I feel like maybe game or somebody had mentioned it Gavin and peace out dude okay so next up we need to figure out how this stuff like what shuts down I guess oh man got something in my eye man I'm I played this game on my channel okay good luck why didn't I know this before know what that we were alive you might not have your notifications turned on or YouTube just didn't bother sending you the notification if there's somebody who's like being a troll or something like that again warning then they get timed out and then they get banned so I'm not leaving you know saying bunch of some 100k god I got it I got it alright guys if you can't please go on ahead and hit that like button that would be much appreciated thank you thank you thank you okay so I need to figure out how how do we shut this down it must have something to do with this or maybe actually it has something to do with this giant battery over here right that uh problem solved okay I don't see any enemies here so I think we're good all right as I'm about to say that hello and 1/2 horse push into the - why does it suck Oh screw say why does it sound like there's an enemy behind us that's because there is one holy this guy's just destroying Starkiller how is that possible I also saw more collectibles over in the corner there which we will need to pick up laying the smack it down okay that works is there anything else hidden in these little spots you see dude tan tiles and forest points earned and we got ourselves to the force combo sphere that's cool wonder if there's anything over on this side who was a jakhary something Geoffrey um where did the mission message go hey blitz can me and you link up after for a talk no sorry I cannot damage increase let's go that'll be nice as long as we actually get to use the ability and some type of a fight a another level up that is sick so we are in three more of the forest upgrade orbs which is cool I thought I was one of those doors that you're supposed to force push oh here we go guys are you ready Starkiller V Kota Kota sounds like some sort of an exquisite like exotic cheese hey blitz can you post a member link for the four night gaming I will after this sorry Oh coz Kota thought it was vader okay I see okay that was a weird transition whoa okay we're transition or not he just hit us for a lot of damage what in the heck is happening can we stand cover oh my goodness you can stay in cover all right but it doesn't seem to help all that much dude all right I have to dodge this yikes there's some damage hit him with the double doubles the Tim Hortons special block are you Joey okay he's half health Oh cutscene time this guy's tried to throw a best buy at us basically with the amount of monitors he was throwing our way okay what is he doing how's that gonna help what in the heck okay I am honestly confused how I missed everything there oh we got to reset our powers here oh he's going for another Best Buy special here what the heck he can carve his shot that hurt oh come on he's just gonna go right back to the same move again not cool so this is where I have to basically - constantly it's time to deal some damage he's low HP move one more shot here we go I messed up I messed up the button prom there we go these like cinematic battles are pretty cool guy reminds me a little bit of like God of War sort of oh my goodness hey there we go so I guess general coda is no challenge to the Starkiller the next life gym is gonna be tomorrow what I need sorry if I blitz if I sent you a Christmas present through your p.o box would you open it I don't have a Pele box right now so there would be no way to do so uh start card does need to still figure out a way off this thing though isn't this like falling very very quickly towards the planet okay that was pretty stylish alright so it looks like we got eight out of fifteen holocrons it's a little over half we did get force points that objective completed so I'm happy about that but it does seem like I did miss out on the destroy five tie fighters mission I think we got four of them so that wasn't so bad but clearly obviously could have done better I wonder what this is this is all the enemies that we've defeated like summarize so yeah there's general Rahm Kota r3q five I don't know who that is oh there must have been some of the droids that we saw and then some of the rewards here we have a bunch of things that actually get unlocked including a new costume force power light zebra crystal new campaign mission cinematic has been unlocked the data bank entry and some concept art oh and there's a big man it's Veda yes his lightsaber my spies Kasdan paratus is far more powerful than you well that seems nice to hear then why would you send him on this mission so Starkiller is legit basically like a bounty hunter that is exclusively hunting down Jedi's for Vader oh look at that I think that is a new costumer right there seems like a pretty somber place but this game is super fun you'll love it I'm enjoying it so far I'm impressed seriously I'm impressed that it has held up as much as it has because I thought it was just gonna be completely clunky and terrible and don't get me wrong there are moments where it is about like a tad bit clunky but overall so far so good oh it's jaws Unleashed ODST shark I legit read that as Jawas unleashed like you know the the jobless like the ones we saw on Mandalorian or in Star Wars and was like oh is that like a reskin to this game or something like that where you play as a Jawa okay I see what you mean so there's a game where you play wait no it's a shark movie and the game is where you play as a shark just 3d free roam okay cool next time you get in a room with multiple guys pick up a one and throw him out of the window okay that seems like some good advice there from RPX cyber because you gave us the advice of with the dash ability from before supey says the second game was way shorter but the combat is smoother well I'm excited for that maybe this thing we're supposed to be able to force pull this thing hmm that does not work maybe that thing over there and use lightning on them by pressing our t + y okay so does that mean there we go are we supposed to electrocute this thing hmm that doesn't seem to work cjt what's up dude we're playing Star Wars Force Unleashed the first one tell a sorry Tali j27 says I've seen the Mandalorian so have I I love that level well fire flame gamer if you can drop some knowledge that be much appreciated use force lightning that's what I did no look it's an arti and why we did am i using that incorrectly just press why no grip oh okay that works thanks who wrote that Fitzgerald thanks for the knowledge - that was hilarious just press why I pressed that thing just launches across the entire place okay so speaking of launching across the entire place it looks like that's sort of what we have to do okay nothing rise back up yikes there we go whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa what the heck was that these guys have forced pull what he just call me that legit sounded tonight here we go okay so that works and we got uh scavenger skiff destroyed whatever that means I'm guessing it's that actual like flying platform that they were on that's kind of cool I wonder what that yellow dot is on the mini-map where is that is that below us maybe oh I think it's just this thing right whoops sorry whoa there it goes hey okay so yeah so we're basically kind of like trying to clear out a path how did I end up here I don't know Ricardo uh just press Y okay I got it Charles no need to freak out it you're good you're good uh which game is better from first impressions what do you mean Jedi fall in order this I think Jen I fall in order but I also think Jedi fall in order is just obviously much more modern and I like the combat in fawn order better but again like I said I do think that I am impressed by how how much better this game is and has held up than I thought it would cuz I genuinely thought that this was going to be just awful awful gameplay and so far I'm pleasantly surprised wait so am I literally supposed to jump onto those little platforms and try not to fall down that's very demanding as far as the accuracy with which you're supposed to leap you can infuse your lightsaber strike with Force Lightning by pressing X and then why dude okay it's pretty sweet oh so that's what raises that platform yikes dude okay relax for a second I'm glad we have invincibility we got really lucky there No get out of the water there we go okay I think that was that yikes I think that guy's been defeated what how did he just get up from that that heavy defender was pretty Opie okay so we press Y on this and I think that should open up the pathway there I wonder where this leads this is a shortcut okay so yeah this is probably a shortcut just right back to the beginning here I don't know why we would want to go there right now so for now I guess we'll just stick to this pathway is there another one we're supposed to activate early okay that took care of that the scavenger skiff has been taken down I repeat another scavenger skiff has been destroyed I've been so for six years thank you Luke I appreciate the support do you have discord I do but I don't like have a public discord right now hello from London wow that's awesome Nathan Thomas thanks for tuning in I appreciate that from all the way from London what time is it for you guys it's got to be like 1 a.m. no something like that or no clothes to write last your weight into the giant hyper turban did we not do that oh ok that was really weird I don't know why when we tried to go the first time it didn't work hello Jawa oh ok daddy's gonna be friendly wait why why did the Javas eyes change in mandalorian don't they have red eyes I'm misremembering this now I'm like questioning myself I don't remember chant anybody who's seen mandalorian can you confirm or the opposite danai okay that was hilarious the forest full ability of the forest Porsche ability in this game is fantastic it's it's just fun okay so I think we're supposed to actually just go up higher here right yikes yikes yikes watch out oh man we just kind of hope that we take a little bit of damage by the time I actually get to those guys that did not go as planned there we go now I hope we can make this job okay we can oh no no wait wow that was so Opie that got literally just like slapped our character off the ledge II was like nope get away from here that was pretty Oh P not gonna lie maybe I should have just used the shield ability to like deflect or we could have probably used lightning to just take him down that way vision LT thank you so very much for the $4.99 super tablets I have a tradition of Christmas every year I watched your Christmas video with no recent ethics on minecraft that's awesome man thank you so ever much for doing that I appreciate that man wait could we even look that works there we go heyy alright now we should be able to actually make this jump and not be worried interesting so there's another pathway here however how do we get up there do we okay let me see it's Derna upgrade that lets you jump higher cuz I didn't see if that's the case I've never seen mando but in episode 4 they got yellow eyes okay so I guess I'm wrong for somebody that I thought that they had glowing red eyes forest Porsche for lightning wow we could actually power it up already which is pretty sweet lightning shield so I don't see anything here that says that you can leap higher or like longer so I don't see anything here either I think what we'll do is we will upgrade the fortitude so we have extra HP then set saber flurry let's see what that is pause pause one of the most difficult lightsaber styles the saber flurry allows you to land multiple blows okay let's unlock that then and then I think I will power up the forest lightning that way it's already pretty o P cuz it's like it's opie as it is and then now with this it's gonna be even more powerful hmm could we have gone the other way no cuz that's still too short of a jump so how can we get up there Aiden says this is a good game I'm glad you're playing it thanks man I appreciate that if you can please leave a like that would be much appreciated what's your most anticipated Star Wars show after Mandalorian they're doing the obi-wan show right that's confirmed so that one it's star killer stiff or bounty hunter I think he's a Sith Lord but I don't know yet like the full context of the character so we'll learn more as we keep going you can double jump then - okay RPX let's try that oh my gosh that actually looked really close on the first try can you imagine if we pulled it off I would've been pretty epic wait what is that they're like a force pull okay did that give us something he did not okay so I don't really know what we got from that it's a jump and then - I don't know if that will be doable like as far as we could actually make that happen but definitely try I don't think I don't know it seems like we're we're gonna oh yeah we come up just a tad bit too short on the leap unless I'm just timing it poorly like on the dash just like one two - one two - hmm I don't know if we go this way could it work if we can get up there can I jump off of these things dude we made it that was sick you're RPX thank you for dropping all the knowledge that you've been dropping for this stream this is one of my favorite reasons to stream games that I've never played because especially if they're an older game where you guys have played them before because then we obviously kind of have almost like a collaborative moment here where everybody helps out with different tips and tricks that help out during the gameplay Wow okay that was like one fifth of our health bar gone these are new enemy types I think at least Hank had like a ground pound attack of some sort I want to test out our new ability the X X pause oh okay well that works that wasn't the actual combo but it works hello Jawa goodbye Joey okay well we sort of did more damage to ourselves there than anyone else okay so we got to get up there to fight this guy yeah that just seems like a incredibly unfair battle honestly like the Jawas have no chance against Starkiller I mean a full-blown general Jedi had no chance so I find the aerial combat to be a little wonky cuz it just seems to like jump up and not actually like I wish it would almost sort of like magnetized towards the closest target so you could kind of like lock in that could be a cool feature to be included whoops okay there's the forest bush or forest - that worked nicely wait can he force pull this why did we just what killed us wait I'm so confused what just killed us I'm not saying we had full aged people with pretty good health - look at that combo that is amazing the sound effects for the Jawas there's something else you know what I just realized don't the Jawas sound like the minions from the despicable Me movies I swear I'm sure that I'm not the first one to make that comparison but I literally just heard the Jawa speak there and just remind me of them okay we're getting kind of shrekt it seems like I've spoken to you soon well the smack-talking so let's try to defeat these guys there we go get some HP there we go victory um it's very useful against dodging bigger enemies RPX what was that it's very useful I didn't see what you mean what's very useful the double jump and - are you still talking about that wait you play as Darth Vader yes first mission in the game you play as Darth Vader which is pretty awesome was it was that simple second force pulled these things down is that why we took damage oh because like the lava pours down on us is that what it is oh wow that's actually a really cool attention to detail it just kind of stinks that it's a tad bit difficult to understand wait can heat Oh No what do we be able to just like - past it there we go cool okay we're really low health though so we need to be careful in these fights what is that like an old ship oh that's a new enemy type all right we messed them up whoa we're gonna dodge a lot hey we got the level up sweet ok these droids just keep spawning so I am a little concerned about like how many of them will we need to defeat I don't know what that was you went for like a spear attack of some sort and completely missed and then these character model just went flying I know what this is I mean this is kind of insane how powerful is this guy like this Starkiller characters just insane look at the size of this thing that he's able to lift okay seems like I probably should actually focus on trying to defeat these things first I just don't know if they stop spawning ever or not cuz they seem to just constantly respawn and respawn yeah you see there's another one that just respawned right away yikes man it's tough to like interrupt their combos it looks like once they're they've started the combo you're sort of stuck look at the deflection skill right there 1/2 horse Bush how it works okay this is kind of an absurd amount of enemies I can't imagine what this game would be like on like the heart or difficulties it would be probably pretty chaotic right now okay we're doing all right there's the dashing blast I think these this is the last enemy here we did it okay so now we need to figure out a way up there let's see if we can figure that out I think we were on the right track with this I don't know if it's an open world or not it's not it's it's a Commission's that make sense okay well we already knew this thanks to one of you guys which was pretty epic I supposed to like oh there we go yep lightning lightning attack hello whoa that is one heck of a welcoming committee - out of the way lightning dude that lightning ability is really good forest lightning can't go that way which means that I guess we're supposed to head this way what is happening did this thing what is going on with this thing it's all like bending out of sheep this is really bizarre were we not supposed to drop down here I really warrant maybe I messed this up can't go any further this way maybe could it be through here yep what the heck all these droids are powered by the forest who's that powerful to be able to be powering up so many of these units when they run out of energy we need to destroy those scavengers skips because that's one of the challenges for this level if we can destroy ten of them we get a bonus probably there no the one oh there is there we are sweet let's go get this I wonder what this is 10,000 force points that's what it is brilliant okay so I think we're supposed to head this way can I climb this nope lightning I love that the Lightning ability also kind of stuns them so you can kind of like lightning - out of the way - into them it buys you a little bit of time because of the stun effect so if you're getting overwhelmed by a lot of enemies Forest Lightning is definitely the way to go this open okay so we can go that way I feel like we haven't really been collecting all that many holocrons though so I hope we run into more of those so we can have a decent amount for the entire level okay that worked sound effects wonderful this open does not look like it alright I guess maybe we'll find out who powered up all those droids if they're all being powered with the power the force sorry blue sky have to go it's all good Tala AJ 27 we're gonna be wrapping up soon here anyway once you upgrade it you can hold it down for longer okay thank you for dropping some knowledge how long have we been live for actually I haven't even checked let me let me see usually I tried to keep track of that see oh wow we've already been live for one hour and 46 minutes holy okay guys let's try to reach 500 likes if we can that would be wonderful let's try to do that okay let's keep going save up whoa okay what the heck made that crack like that was it the enemy fire must have been right uh-oh the camera angle almost changed there so I thought that those enemies were way bigger than the previous ones that we were fighting all right I'm gonna have to do the double jump trick with the dash ability there's something to force pull up there but I can't really do that right now have to fight these guys first wow wow wow we're taking so much damage right now okay we need to buy us a little bit of time here cuz these guys were messing us up there we go get up get up up up up oh I can't - out of there there we go so you see that up there that's interesting so can i what I'm wondering is what's the purpose of those things because we've seen one of these before but it's really kind of nothing I guess maybe you could have dropped that on to the enemy right that was there maybe so maybe that's why that was there outside of that I don't really see what it would be for at first I thought maybe they have something hidden behind it so you could kind of like collect the holocron by destroying that item that doesn't seem to be the case that's a pretty epic way to open those doors and so here's a big giant battle area get ready Starkiller you've got a new a mission on your hands okay I have got to be careful though because we cannot just run in and run out them cuz I feel like they're just gonna delete us because there's just too many enemies if we approach this as just attack I don't think that it will go all that well for us wow that does a lot of den like knock back damage did you see that hello dude we are clearing the field er now and we found a holocron let's go sweet force combo sphere pretty nice alright try to get I'm just trying not to like get out numbered so we're trying to isolate the fight and fight battles that we can sort of knowingly win okay we're good we're good there we're good there hmm interesting so this is barricaded with something like some sort of a force there's the - also use up the blue energy it doesn't Wow okay so you can literally just keep spamming the - ability can't you well where am I going are we supposed to be going this way okay let's find out was this the area we were supposed to go or were we supposed to stay up there okay that's scary I want to get squashed by that thing let's who's your favorite Star Wars character Vader and obi-wan Alexander Gonzalez thanks for watching I appreciate that um it's going to be new episode of Mandalorian on December 12th is that Friday no that's not Friday let's watch your favorite game to play uh my favorite game will Roz Arkham Asylum what was that noise I mean that's my dog barking but I also heard like a metal noise are we supposed to do something here yikes well that doesn't work huh we were able to force pull some type of an object are you supposed to hit that RPX I'm going to be asking you for help here if you're still here government peace out dude you're supposed to go down the okay so you're supposed to continue onwards him are we doing minecraft sub games on Friday yes that's the plan that is the plan either overwatch or minecraft the new Mandalorian episode comes out on Thursday that's weird cuz it's always Friday what is happening over there wise there's so much electricity just like flying around it about wonder where this leads there's something here oh come on really there's nothing here like no holocron or anything all wait is this the area that we couldn't access from that side kind of interesting hello yikes I will say honestly I'm I'm very very impressed by the comment it's starting to get better and better as we unlock more combos so the more combos will unlock the better I think the game's gonna get because the gameplay is gonna be more fun and varied instead of just being a button mash you know okay so what is up with all these electrical stuff here we're supposed to charge this with electricity or something hmm oh this thing moves right here did that work ah okay I see some now we can go backwards because that church sounds is the generator there okay well I don't understand how the or the one thing I'm not understanding right now is how do I dodge or use let's say some sort of almost like a light saber as he's running like why is he not swinging his lightsaber I guess maybe I'm just used to jet off on order where we have that ability as we've run towards the enemy he's like swinging light saber so therefore he takes no damage from the laser blast whereas here he does I'm really a forest lightning to defeat the junk Titan which is coming up soon bro don't be spoiling things Tali I don't know what the junk Titan is but it sounds pretty epic the mantle or a new episode is that Thursday yeah that's weird cuz usually it's Fridays isn't it whoa okay relax people holy guys just through like a giant oil drum our way nice and other level up I'm gonna upgrade after this for sure for somebody who mentioned the Lightning ability I don't think I can upgrade that yet cuz I think we need like six or seven points or something crazy like that and I think we have three these guys all respawn so it's kind of like Jedi fall in order where the enemies do respawn in the areas I guess those ones respawn after you save but still you know what I mean kind of similar okay so with this section now over here clear let's see where this takes us actually first thing we're gonna do is check out the force upgrades guys we are one like away from 500 can we reach it that would be fantastic thank you guys yeah we have we're quite a ways away from that so we need three more force power points I guess we could save up if you're saying it's so good I mean I'm not gonna lie it does seem like the force lightning is pretty ope so I guess maybe we should go on ahead and save up yeah you know what I think I'm gonna save up I do want to try to unlock some more combos though cuz that would be cool Oh aerial combos that would be cool let's see what this one is so hold RB and then a plus lb together while locked in on your weight that's our B lock is there a lock-on button and I didn't even know a grapple maneuver that launches the enemy into the air then we have sits flash a lightning infused lightsaber attack that ends with an upward sweep so it's XYY okay it's kind of like a knock up I guess so that could be useful and SIF Sabre smashed what the heck is that your light supers infused with Force Lightning as you execute a devastating overhand smash so it's X X Y X xx and YY okay that sounds very very complicated but let's try it we're gonna unlock that we're gonna save our force powers and then force talents I think I'm just gonna upgrade our damage so it was xx that's pretty neat dude did you see that move how sick was that the over hand like a lightning smash that's pretty neat okay okay watch out that that thing was just like falling under our feet okay I want to test out they move okay that works yeah those enemies are a tad bit too weak it's a new enemy of some sort some sort of droids that we haven't fought before man this planet is a complete wreck huh this is Khorasan right my correct or did I mess up on that okay so there are some enemy okay I was gonna say there are some enemies down below but not anymore cuz apparently they have the ability to just teleport to us okay I'll try to get the what what just happened to this guy he knows how to teleport across this entire plane but he doesn't know how to properly walk it's like what is going on with you robot okay let's get back up here because I think that's what we're supposed to go has something to do with that like giant engine thing but that calm was devastating there's see how much damage we did without so it's the X X oops okay here we go one two three four look at that that's there literally a for a hitch shot that almost knocks his entire health bar down that is pretty insane aspire to husky what's up buddy how's it go man guys we're at 517 likes thank you so much let's try to reach 525 a four count okay so it looks like we're supposed to what meltdown that wing or something can we force pull this thing what just happened what is that I mean are you kidding me right now oh this is the junk Titan that you mentioned right where am i okay mistakes were made we shall try again let's try that one more time that was a kind of embarrassing I'm not gonna lie okay it's the junk Titan gonna spawn in right away I don't know let's see guys thank you so very much five hundred twenty likes let's try to reach five twenty five as we can oh that was the other thing I wanted to try was to see if RB is the lock-on button so if let's say did we lock on I couldn't tell honestly because it seems to like reset the camera when I press are be like watch I'm running and it just kind of like zooms in on hmm that was a crazy combo what just happened there wait does that Droid fix that other droid that's interesting okay so let's try that again it's not Khorasan what's this planet then royal stank that's a great name what's the name of this planet that we're on I thought this was Khorasan because it could have sworn on the way like the cutscene they were like oh this is chorus on the planet we're all droids go to die or something like that that's a nasty combo okay here we go well that did quite a bit of damage Hey okay get away get away get away run run run run run Starkiller no not that way oh my gosh he literally just forced blast you off the map Wow okay so I cannot fight him anywhere on the corners of the map we have to fight like right in the middle of the arena here because otherwise he's just gonna knock us off the map guys think he's so very much 524 likes let's try can we reach one more like 525 that would be legit spider did you change your name oof yeah getting messed up right now I will attend all these streams to help you as much as I can thank you our px I appreciate that seriously thank you for helping out today really is awesome I can't give you that information information about what like which planet this is please no crisis spoilers as I can't wait I haven't watched it so I can't spoil it spider the droids can't go to heaven what are you guys talking about okay so this planet Daniel Hales dropping some Star Wars knowledge saying that this is actually the planet known as --racks --racks is prime okay interesting okay here we go hit him with a combo wombo okay there we go see if you can hold the force lightning I can wow that's kind of broken did you see that the prophets have runs out our energy really quick like our energy bar just depleted almost instantly but I guess it would be kind of a good round against this guy I feel like this did a lot of damage to him look at that that's like one-fifth of his health bar with just like a simple item that does some damage there we go oh I gotta keep topping that I didn't realize that this junk droid is our junk Titan it's complete junk clearly I cannot believe well actually I was gonna say I cannot believe we lost to that thing twice but we didn't really lose to it twice it was more so that we fell off the map twice so yeah can i no I cannot - that way hmm so how do we get up there then let's see maybe it's from the route across hit her with a combo wombo that works okay so we need to figure out a way across obviously and it can't be this thing okay could it you know we're supposed to power this up maybe more hmm could we make the jump if we just leaped I don't think so I feel like this is too far of a gap could it be this way maybe you can't go that way hmm how would we get across this thing note says if you can beat the level and we will do it what my skin in Minecraft is spider-man 2099 SiC which one classic or like the new costume blitz what is this game this game is called Star Wars Force Unleashed it's one of the most like highly regarded Star Wars games there's two of them in the series and I would say that generally speaking people called Battlefront - Knights of the Old Republic Star Wars The Force Unleashed one and two and now Jedi fallen orders kind of like probably the top five best Star Wars games ever so by playing all of them will be able to conclusively have an opinion on it so that's kind of the plan you know [Music] it's weird seeing people play this game these years well I wanted to check it out cuz I proclaimed a phone order to be my favorite Star Wars game and the best hours game I've ever played but people are like you haven't played these ones so I feel like it's fair to go check it out I'm thinking of using a blitz bot scan cool man Thank You spider I love this game gummy 3 4 5 dropping some knowledge what's up guys thank you so much for 534 likes that is brilliant is this an xbox 360 game I think it was I'm playing out on the PC I'm just using an Xbox controller so I think graphically it actually looks better from what I understand on the PC then it would on the console so keep that in mind how do we I'm so confused because this thing is glowing blue as though like you're supposed to activate something but it's not working so that's a comic book tie-in materials maybe I'll check it out honestly I keep playing this game myself too in order to help to help you even more what's funny is that I played this game literally last night for the first time in over a year that's awesome RPX very cool by the way spoiler alert for the level the level is that you have to beat another boss ha I guess it was a Jedi and he went crazy using the Force to try and snap the surroundings into Coruscant to try and shape the surroundings into Khorasan Wow ok royal stank dropping some knowledge is that an imperial trooper for your avatar that looks pretty cool Josh henley says hi can you answer my me please I don't know what it was that you asked ok so I need to figure this out how do we get across oh maybe has something to do with this thing this move I mean he dick he can definitely use the force on it but now you're supposed to force lightning charge that swine Lord enjoy man does that orb drop down I just don't understand what you're supposed to do after you force pulling this thing crawfish gamer thank you for the kind words I appreciate that guys can we reach 550 likes that would be wonderful with the force cowboy Lego guy says with the force what override the engine on the path with the force didn't move is it this engine is that what you're talking about it doesn't do anything it's said to aim towards the object and then release it does not work throw your lightsaber at it I don't think we have that ability unfortunately turn left and then go straight we can't go this way I can't drop there cuz the last time we dropped there we ended up just dying there that's impossible that doesn't do anything neither does that use the force on the wing it's not letting me select the wing that's what's weird I thought about that too but it's not letting me actually select the wing as an option use the lightning lightning on what I I wonder if I could just jump across using like the other side here let's find out try the bridge and the thruster is flaming on let's see I'm just wondering if could I should do that and I guess that works here I am over complicating this thinking it's gonna be way more difficult than it really is so let's see there's a damage increase boost is this where we get to move the wing huh there we go it's moving within it boys we figured it out let's get some hype in the chat also guys 544 likes thank you so much let's try to reach if we can 550 that would be wonderful okay so now should be able to jump down here safely might I add and we're through - okay I don't know what that was there's like some thing that appeared on top of the screen one two three headed with the lightning it's done uh-oh yikes there's a lot of scrap guardians being spawned to battle this luckily we're ready for battle bring it on boys we gots this jump force pull or push okay now we're playing like a proper Jedi crushing these guys okay let's see if we can make this jump happen that's an awful noise that legitimately sounds like nails on chalk okay we made it what's up I feel like we haven't really collected many holocrons so I'm hoping we come across some more well you see oh that might have been the save like saving now maybe whoa okay relax everybody no need for all the enemies to spawn at once you know backup do not want to take any damage there dude we just absolutely correct them right there it really does pay off to play Jedi fall in order because it teaches you to like not constantly be on the offensive it's like you jolt in you do a little bit of damage and then you got a backup and it's applicable here as well so it works really well what is happening over here it still sounds like there's an enemy here okay I don't know what happened to that enemy but they seem to have disappeared let's see this looks like a boss fight area doesn't it but it can't be another boss fight already oh okay well I was wrong it's the junk Titan again oh no okay move move move move move please please move okay now I just got to reset our powers first before we keep fighting wait what is that so you just create like a flame loop or something okay that does pretty decent thank you for the super chat I'll read out in just one second Brandon vlog says hi blitz hello Brandon vlogs are you back at it again thank you thank you thank you guys 551 likes thank you so much let's try to if we can reach 575 okay I got a move because we are taking absurd amounts of damage right now oh no that it no no no no back up okay this junk Titan seems to be very very very upset with us I'm like that last one whom we trekked oh no okay so I literally probably have enough health to take one more shot maybe no dark killer is no more he has been crushed by the junk Titan wait does he reset his entire health bar from that he doesn't okay that's good to know okay and hey look at that we defeated this one in a completely different way than the other one whoa with how much health it was like one tidbit of HP left it was crazy okay so let's go on ahead and take a look at our force upgrades because I think we probably have a pretty decent amount of points at this point really how did I feel like we've collected more I think we might have been collecting force combos spheres because we have three of them again what the heck is a lightening grenade press RT envelops a gripped enemy with force lightning the lightning field then explodes when the enemy is slammed into something also you have to cover them with electricity and then after that send them flying that sounds pretty epic it's Al Aqsa throw why not okay so ladies and gentlemen we're gonna wrap it up here for today a - almost two and a half hour a livestream I hope you guys enjoyed let me know if you guys want to see another part tomorrow so type in one in the chat if you guys would like to see the next part tomorrow because I think it'd be kind of cool to stream this game and then after that we could play Star Wars The Force Unleashed - and then after that we could play Knights of the Old Republic so let me know if you guys are interested in seeing that I want to thank you guys for taking the time to tune in thank you guys for the insane amount of super chance we got today we got a brand new member today as well which was epic word 555 likes which is kind of awesome so let's try to if we can maybe reach 575 if you're watching this after the stream is over you can still leave a like that's the best way to show support so thank you guys so very much for doing that I also want to thank you guys in the chat for just being ridiculously awesome for just simply showing up hitting the like button and then in addition to that the fact that so many of you guys were dropping some knowledge and helping out like our px cyber gets a special shout out with helping out so people like that I really do thank you guys so so very much for that also Brandon vlogs coming through with yet another super chat the last super chat of the day thank you so very much Brandon vlogs coming through with a new no what you don't want another episode tomorrow or do you mean not to end it today so so that's the plan to do another part tomorrow for Star Wars The Force Unleashed so we'll continue the gameplay walkthrough' there I hope you guys would like to see that okay we got a lot of ones in the chance so that's awesome so yes I will announce it now tomorrow same time we're gonna do another you know what let's do it even tomorrow we'll do a two hour livestream so it'll be more than just the typical one hour stream so that should be fun cjt coming through with the last super-tight of the day thank you for the two buckaroos do more battlefront 2 and I promise that I will do more battlefront 2 gameplay you will see in fact a new video tomorrow so there you go see JT alright guys thank you so very much for watching I'll hopefully get you guys here next time have an absolutely fantastic day I'll see you all later alligators buh bye everyoneWatch 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  1. Jedi fallen order is the best starwars game? I mean it’s good… It’s the best starwars to come out from ea in about a decade. But older ones like KOTOR are god tier games. I don’t know if blitz winger has played KOTOR. But I mean the original battlefront is more iconic than Jedi fallen order. I’m not talking about the two battlefronts that were on Xbox one and ps4 I’m talking about the ones that were on Xbox 360 and not filled with micro transactions. In case there is anybody who gets mixed up on that. Considering there are still people who don’t realize that new hope, empire strikes back, and return of the Jedi came before episode 1, 2, 3.

  2. Anyone else notice the live chat option that says that potential spam is not visible but I’m constantly seeing the same bugger William spam asking if blitz will play games and when will he play these games! Super freaking annoying!


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