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    SearchThisVideo: SteamWorld Dig 2 Walkthrough Part 3: The Ending

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    whoa okay that was part of it that was


    mysterious cave oh it's not great make

    me better

    go jet engine uh yes

    Wow they should have pretty late kind of

    thing for me at PAX as I have this

    ability oh crap the map again I do have

    a map where am I trying to go

    huh this is terrible what do we do uh so

    far is your teleporter why yes yes there

    is a teleporter how do we get to the top

    border my breath is already

    whoa okay that was part of it that was


    mysterious cave oh there's not great

    make me better

    go jet engine uh yes

    Wow they should have pretty late kind of

    thing for me at PAX as I have this

    ability okay there a map again idea of a

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    map where am i trying to go oh man



    how do we get to that one

    this just seems too tedious they turn

    into a way sis what I'll we completed

    return to Asus

    it's kind of like a little too

    open-ended for me and quite honestly at

    this point no I got a I think it's I got

    to go through this area to get there

    it's the only other thing that makes

    sense right




    see you good area that's gonna be a nice

    extra cog in the machine once I get down

    up above again yeah I don't like how it

    just opened up like this probably cuz I

    don't have any idea to get where I'm

    going but we're gonna we're gonna figure

    this out

    I got this


    I don't like this at all this is this is

    terrible I wasn't supposed to take

    damage from those now that I had that


    can I go this way to get more I need to

    go yeah break these oh okay

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    now we're rolling what do you want Finn


    where is this a play by the humans to

    try to restore land or something I'm

    mostly just doing this to get health

    basically all right let's speed this up


    why does it take some cheese

    takes away too much health


    and then access return phase go

    buh-buh-buh-buh-buh I think my axe

    efficiency would help a bit



    why so many of these things okay what is

    going on here Hannah dialogue doing

    listener and I cuz he square squids he

    snail they're ridiculous


    see your cave would


    I'm out of water

    anybody seen you want others water we

    got to get to the water source


    just how steampunk steampunk steampunk

    was born



    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    I we're not really making great ground

    but we're coming along


    oh great now it's like chemically

    altered here oh I


    okay he's gonna make it really hard to

    get back down here cuz this is all sort

    of dynamic and acity



    mmm add it on office doors lead directly

    to each other or if there's another way

    you know through the doors videos





    now I don't know if I'm supposed to go

    this way oh crap I'm not supposed to go

    this way

    remember when this had like and like a

    linear narrative to it and it was really

    well done



    maybe they could at least throw like a

    checkpoint in here or something


    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00


    yeah yeah you kill what everything was



    okay how do I get this not activating

    that pissy squirrel squirrel snail


    anyone has any idea how long I spent

    doing this stupid sequence



    definitely killed my attitude of it play

    that much that lead back to the top

    surface area yeah it doesn't okay

    okay time to get to dig in I just wish

    there was more focus on what I'm doing

    hey what is going on here


    what you've got to be kidding me

    that's so annoying holy

    alright wonder if I can just go down

    this hole here I've got my stuff good

    thing I've got less fall damage wood

    there are no more fun side missions

    trying it the story does


    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00



    okay well this kind of works out I think

    we're getting closer


    I want to unleash the snail over there

    and we're out of water and I'm stuck in

    an area I can't really go past oh my god

    I know what's going on over here

    okay so I gotta somehow keep going this

    way I was gonna take a lot out of

    goddamn water I don't know one last

    watering hole was I didn't see one on

    the way down


    the efficiency I really feel has not

    gone up and I spared no expense on this

    pig eggs bouncy bouncy bouncy

    okay really are you kidding me

    it's crap like that that makes me hate

    games they're just stressful for the

    point of not even being stressful it's

    like oh yeah you've not killed enough of

    these billion creatures on your way down

    here let's just camp you get shot yeah

    I've really just didn't not like this

    once it took a turn dog open-ended story

    whatever else keep going it's gonna pick

    up it's a good game it's a really good

    game I just calm down it's tiring

    I like story-driven so you know the

    story gets thrown aside it disappoints

    me bouncy bouncy


    while those things do lots of damage

    holy why do they do so much damage


    because gonna put all my money into

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    health now oh no no no no no checkpoint

    oh man I couldn't the acid that would've

    been so frustrating I just I can get my

    health up how close am i that is still

    so far I don't forget this is like hours

    riding up the rocks to get there and at

    least we're seeing some new creatures

    come I guess




    this off jellyfish

    crap no water

    please no snails anything but the

    trapped is that water is that acid like

    this is acid acid yep bass acid digging

    digging kill for some water


    that's snail just killing everything

    maybe I should just take this snail pad

    there's not one of those ever help me

    out am i right hi we're going long

    breaking everything



    we inch ever closer

    the question is is there any water

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    that's what I'm after here



    Dawkins the asset pool Bigelow's damage

    dam fairies oh I can drill down again

    see I knew it was goddamn due for a

    checkpoint crap no I don't want to go in



    that breaking I can't tell this is

    breaking or not

    oh crap how does one get down there


    don't look I can actually dig down there

    what dak

    oh no they turned this into a grind I'm

    so disappointed this is gonna be another

    one of those like really intense dungeon

    that I have to do again because that's

    what I'm feeling like this is gonna be I

    don't know if I'm breaking it more or

    not you can't really tell



    you probably actually miss that what do

    we get now I can't imagine this much

    more to give me Oh ramjet beer



    cool now my thing just burns out really






    I don't see others hopes we get out of

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00



    is this all this areas


    I feel like this is a secret area make

    your box now I've got that power

    there we go that's how you do it



    yay checkpoint is depressing check what

    I've ever seen

    mosquito minefield

    Oh Grom was there


    I can feel the victory already

    also is good two hours for the restroom


    no not the stupid goddamn jellyfish

    thing those are just so cheap $12 yeah


    what what didn't I grab that last time




    what they take away to myself found one

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    of these dinners whatever that is

    I always got hold for you man

    you got the money


    now I've got more armor


    two gems per slot



    hmm I do really like the sister though I

    think they did a good job



    this area's a little bit more open



    whenever you actually break in this way

    or not that looks like a fall playing



    there's more to the site area that meets

    the eye what is this


    birdy num-num seeds Oh Gary



    now how does one get down here now as my

    health diminishes

    I don't really have the health for this


    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    no they sure try to make it hard for you

    to get here don't they well at least

    there's no like boss fight or anything I

    like that I respect that

    yeah oddly satisfying


    yeah we're done with the arrow oh my god

    oh geez okay how do I get out of here


    trying to get out of this place

    yeah it's good


    take my home


    okay let's see the only way I got a

    backtrack I think that seems like the

    only logical thing

    now I so it's gotta be over here I


    yep definitely seen a checkpoint thing

    over there backtracking for the wing out

    what the heck


    now after you get down there

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    I don't even remember how is this the

    right yeah okay

    wait no maybe this way





    now the way has revealed itself



    what kind of ancient temple will fall



    kind of convoluted away we have to go

    around to get to that area


    I got something special in the secret

    area Chamber of Secrets

    okay is this like a puzzle singer

    oh you've got to be kidding me it's a

    cluster maze okay so we're doing one of


    is there something gonna be cool in here

    I don't know how this can work well how

    am I supposed to get in that thingy I

    don't know


    oh really we're going through a watery

    spike area that's lovely


    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    is that it

    all this turmoil for this although it

    does make me feel kinda like Indiana

    Jones doing

    what is the point of all of this



    bazinga I don't know how that worked I

    was just randomly pulling the levers I

    mean there's only so many plausible

    combinations cuz there's four things and

    give you the math based on that yeah it

    worked am i right Oh new ability I guess

    I had to do this this isn't really much

    of a secret area but if I had to get

    this power or did I not have to get this

    is like a luxury power I don't know

    grenade launcher oh that is gonna be


    I don't really even need that

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    it's what I've been looking for another

    box of the cog yeah probably just the

    regular pressure bomb works right that

    was a well worth it little chamber of

    secrets that mean I can now get over to

    where I'm trying to get to

    is this breakable


    deadly traps and cool things like that

    that's that's inspiring I do have to get

    below it maybe this way I thought

    because this was like closer it might be

    easier not the case





    unless I get a just one this I but when

    they got the cool rocket launcher

    grenade launcher


    like go I have to finish these two

    deathtrap think they really know how to

    Pat gameplay I'll give it to him they

    they know what they're doing


    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00


    not deck

    there we go




    okay so these work together I'm assuming


    the complexity is genius

    I tell you that Kurt seen better days

    these think we have some good upgrade

    cogs they really want you to be nice and

    over level for this like a soon final

    battle area that I'm moving into well I

    could feel that in the joy Kahn's

    hopefully the batteries don't die on

    these things because they are wireless

    and I'd literally have to take charge

    them in order to play how that'd be



    the longer hallway than you think it is

    get those hearts

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    and bam whoa what is going on here what

    the hell


    I'm just kind of guessing right the

    arrow pastor gonna go oh geez


    do that works for me take that in a

    secret area the temple of guidance step

    Lopes crow you

    I forgot how easy these end things are I

    love that about this it's not a huge

    pain in the ass that doesn't take me any

    time at all the other one is like a huge

    line did you it turns out we were that

    bad I ski how do we get out of here

    alright here as a quick like that one

    temple took four heavily that last one

    I actually got some cogs new what's new


    nice working on it ya crazy old man


    will this take me over there I'm gonna

    I'm gonna give it a shot


    well it's a bad idea bad idea

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00


    all right so maybe that doesn't take me

    where I want to go or maybe it does

    hey I'm kind of fire-resistant now for a

    short bit because of the the card I

    added so I've got that going for me I'm

    not back creature resistant though so I

    probably shouldn't touch these things

    oh that's closer than I was thought it

    would've been okay

    they checkpoint right here why was this

    so easy compared to like these two have

    been so easy compared to that last one

    like practically right there

    this spots well because he's kind of


    I hate that one spot so much I gotta

    break it so when I come back it's easier

    you get up there

    yeah swinging along

    now so closely edge of that one time I

    think I'm due for a check pull it would

    how whatever small price to pay am i

    right okay let's keep rolling

    I love all the abilities I have I feel

    very I don't know

    well adapted to the environment

    you know my climbing or this is a guy

    like a boss or their mind is just a

    regular run in the middle guy

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00


    these shadow guys like growing trees in

    here they're actually doing the most

    damage to me just run it into checkpoint


    maybe this next area is harder something

    at the area I ran through is really hard

    there she is

    how's it cool wasn't really that bad at

    all I feel great I guess this is a lot

    less grainy and I thought if he is just

    the one area those bad



    maybe we've caused the issue the humans

    wanted to get back at us now let's start

    like this is good these last you were

    good it's just that one was really

    goddamn grinding

    my man that was seen it let's take a

    look at that yeah like a look at the

    work maybe no he wouldn't been able to

    from there would you like a look at how

    far I had to go

    where's these ones I can zoom by her

    maybe I did the hard one last or first

    or whatever am i doing


    what ya complaining but it's like uh I

    actually pass what that's funny

    let's get to the bottom of this

    but I can't get there


    easier to go down am i right they

    probably blocked it it's part of their

    master plan probably I knew something

    was up

    never can trust us limey no I am low on

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    healthier this is not good cactus

    like I just burst through the stuff now

    I've come for retribution

    the plot thickens but now mostly I just

    have to go to another whole thing and

    then teleport up there and go that way

    oh yeah let's go down there always

    easier to go down than it is to go up

    right at least I think it is


    no I hate these things

    I forgot the birds were down here not

    the birds Oh God not the birds hey buddy

    I'm not happy to see the swamp area at

    all in the slightest



    I see like this very suspicious tunnel

    down here


    this guy right this will probably lead

    us to where we need to go yeah cuz the

    funky weird guy okay

    no fast funky weird guy you definitely

    saved me some time



    Oh like a breeze we're getting to the

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    bottom of this oh we don't have to go

    that way now these bombs


    these humans have been making bombs




    I know I didn't see that coming actually

    I'm gonna need this Oh

    - water

    I got a bad feeling what about this one

    boy you always got a bad feeling my




    oh they're gone


    uh-oh ominous that's what I've been

    saying for well the reactor Oh Oh No

    yeah we got a boss fight

    Oh rusty



    oh why are all the humans bad

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00











    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00










    oh no not the machine


    no.not fan


    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00



    merci child Botts first

    like at all


    so the space sequel that we've been

    waiting for

    I'm excited actually


    SteamWorld Dig 2 walkthrough part 3 the ending and final boss in this lovely sequel that follows Dot on her own quest.
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    #SteamWorld Dig 2 walkthrough brings us a fantastic sequel full of charm, excitement and mining. In this third and final part I take on the final boss while tackling three temples to stop the machines from destroying the city. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4 and PC.


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