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    Steel Division: Normandy 44 – Guide – Unit Classes

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    Never played Steel Division or a Wargame title before and confused about unit classes? Then this vid will help you out.

    Got a question? Leave it down below.


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    Comment (15)

    1. Stealth, are you sure you can't reattach towed AT guns to transports? I have a memory of doing it myself, you just need to have a transport that has the proper weight class, so to speak. I think.

    2. Thanks for your guides. I find them very helpful because I'm totally new in this kind of game, but I love them. I think that this mix of tactic/strategic style would be very good with Napoleonic or older war styles because the morale and the firepower is way more important than just killing units.

    3. Can someone explain to me what the recon units do specifically. I know the are only suppose to be spotting the enemy but how do they do that, how do I use them, can they see through cover, can they see farther, there is very little unit description in game, please and thank you.


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