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    Steven Universe Save The Light 100% Guide (Part 1)

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    -------Open Description-------
    Everybody, make sure to find all healing pools on every locations
    It also counts
    Time Codes:
    Beach City - 0:11

    Beach City Woods - 11:50
    -- Familiar Grounds - 11:50
    -- Waterfall Way - 14:39
    -- South Trail - 17:46
    -- Hidden Groove - 23:00
    -- Ancient Charging Station - 25:40

    Great North - 28:08
    -- Chilly Chilly River - 28:08
    -- Mount Manikchak - 30:52
    -- Too Cold Cave - 32:57
    -- Cryptic Cave - 34:32
    -- Frigid Bridge - 36:10
    -- Summit Lake - 39:48

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    Comment (45)

    1. Thank you soo much! I just got it on the switch and didn't know how to do anything!

      Edit: on south trail whats the pattern for the broken up song pieces?

    2. For beach city I did all of the things but still have one question mark left does anyone know which one it is? Because I went through them all again and double checked I did everything and I have?

    3. Dont understand is there ment to something else im ment to do in beach city iv done everything on this walkthough and iv still only got 15 of 16 secrets objects its the only thing iv got left to do now its driving me insane


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