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    all right so this game this is strength

    strength this is a in in my quest to

    clear out or at least play all the games

    in my Steam library mm-hmm came across

    this one I I actually had my eye on it

    awhile like since it was like announced

    mm-hmm and I had bought it by and played

    into like week ago or so okay um this is

    a roguelike shooter that is like very I

    guess inspired by like quake and ooh I

    can see that and it's a kind of a

    [ __ ] wild time the biggest thing with

    this with us recording this ISM we'll

    see how it goes because since it's a

    roguelike gated procedurally generates

    all the levels sometimes the levels chug

    really badly um so if that happens then

    I can't go through it I'll just restart

    a run okay sounds yeah yeah we'll play

    this music all the music and this is

    great I think that dude that compose the

    music for this did the music for Steven

    universe oh-ho that's rad

    there's a game with doing everything


    I just think of Scott Pilgrim Steven

    universe is a show yes Scott Pilgrim

    okay but Anamanaguchi that's the band

    that did the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack

    there - oh yeah no they're great what's

    the deal like I think I slopes about

    filled room on my ps3 but taking off the

    store yeah for whatever reason I don't

    remember why but it's not available

    digitally anywhere

    yeah same-same goes through the the

    second game that we're gonna play today

    but I found my way around that I give

    all the lost the game's lost of time I

    didn't realize that the that other game

    was or wasn't available for additional

    purchases until like a day ago or so

    when I decided I wanted to play it oh of

    course you're like you know this will be

    fun and then the store is like about

    that you're like well have the power of

    the Internet that's effective logs I'm

    gonna show you I got to show you the

    annarbor who's the reveal trailer or if

    it was on the launch trailers uh-huh

    but I got to show you the trailer for

    this game cuz there's absolutely nuts it

    is a wild ride it's like a it's like a

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    parody on like 90s video game like

    shooter like parents care Pepa

    and it's hilarious that's great it's

    really funny

    I believe it that's a long time those

    are always the best trailers though

    dead space did the one where had the

    mom's your mom will eat this what a

    brilliant advertising you're an old lady

    a heart attack escape some good it kills

    so mainly you were going for oh yeah so

    there's like other weapons that you can

    pick up and when you run out of ammo

    with them you gave one last hit one last

    hit with them where you just swing the

    gun at dudes haha that's great

    they pretty much always kills them one

    is oh okay that's cool I was hoping that

    like once the ammos out you can just use

    the gun as a melee weapon like all the

    time but if it's like a almost

    guaranteed kill that's a fair system oh

    my god it's a good question still need

    to come in from this direction so maybe

    what I'm trying to do here is bunnyhop

    but I'm terrible at it

    Oh like jumping and jumping is like

    jumping as soon as you hit the ground

    gives you like a burst of momentum oh

    that's like a staple of like quake so

    okay so these doors yeah you can you can

    walk it to hit the open but it's really

    slow so instead you can just do that and

    it opens immediately that's great and

    that's really really kicked it up a

    notch get you an odyssey got crazy

    person like you three looking good I

    played for Sona shooter could make no

    sense when I play it try to think

    outside the persona three

    as who had guns NAT oh yeah you know

    women everyone in the p5 cast that's

    right yes you know it I need an auto

    mystery detective game where you just

    run around shooting people

    everyone's the killer Divus Dojima game

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


    that's a that's an upgrade station I

    threw my gun in it Oh God taking its

    time yeah I should have killed everyone

    in the room before he did that I hadn't

    Oh a gun on me that was stupid

    no Steven you gotta flex it's a sec hero

    where it's like you know you could just

    take a free hit just like no thankfully

    that's exactly what they'll be expecting

    I've been gaming like at all with school

    going on so it's finally like I should

    try out the Fall Fair su-15 online or it

    like just shut down forever eventually

    cuz there's story stuff in it and never

    in the verses 13 mood but I have no vs.

    13 so I guess I'll settle for this mmm I

    don't like this upgrade on the shotgun

    Shih Tzu because i always accidentally

    kill myself with a turned all my shots

    into grenades oh it's really good Pepa

    very dangerous high-risk high-reward

    pretty much why don't they make the next

    [ __ ] we got me tense a game like this

    there's still no word on a 75 yeah isn't

    there like really jank looking trailer

    that they put in the East River yeah

    yeah maybe it'll uh maybe III or a

    Nintendo Direct this year or something

    and I hope because I'm like what's the

    Nintendo really working with this year

    after Animal Crossing like nothing

    concrete just happen we're heroes three

    I was gonna say three maybe No More

    Heroes three but like nothing concrete

    exactly yeah it's like whereas the past

    few years it's been like pretty

    well I remember the fire well three

    houses started getting like actual stuff

    that was last year refers the year

    before because it came out last year so

    I'm gonna guess it was 2018 they finally

    started showing real trailers like whoa

    you got Nintendo

    why should I keep my switch because one

    instance all of the coronavirus gun

    Nintendo's said that that's gonna affect

    Nintendo switches really yes hey it's

    mostly out of China yeah they're like

    yeah so we're gonna interesting we're

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    projecting like 3% losses because we're

    not gonna be able to make it up Wow yeah

    oh god I should have done that

    yeah I've been hearing about listening

    to eat and talk about in h3h3 podcast is

    the corona buyers have been following it

    quite a bit it's horrifying

    yeah the National Health Organization

    finally declared an emergency I guess


    yeah but they haven't they haven't liked

    it they declared an emergency but didn't

    take any measures to actually do

    anything about it okay because I watch

    like Ethan talked about for like 20

    minutes he's all like it blows my mind

    that they're not like declaring anything

    about it so that was a few days ago

    before I do another podcast today

    probably watch that later like this

    shields get all my news from Ethan in

    between eating food angry Joe yelling

    about things Jim sterling laughing of

    things wasn't like an maximilian dood

    talking about whatever my for news

    outlets I get that I know that feeling

    neither have been doing anything this

    week like what we've been doing school

    it's a it's been getting killed by the

    cold I've been infected with the virus

    no run into your home Christopher it's

    like I am taking as many of you as I can

    with me it sounds like the thing I had a

    few weeks ago honestly it's been lasting

    his might I still have the coughs

    lightly and I felt like I had a fever

    the whole time like that I'd be fine and

    then when I had to go to work and felt

    like I really had a fever yeah so from

    everything you described it sounds like

    the thing I had so if you want I'm not

    gonna do it because I don't have the

    weapons for it yeah you can kill the you

    can kill this guy and then all the

    drones will come out oh I can fight them

    all off and then take everything in the

    store oh I love that that's an option

    yeah but I am NOT well-equipped enough

    okay you do that so today I just bought

    double Joe hey you wanna repeat it out

    on accident because I noticed that he

    would like cower whenever you looked at

    him so I shot him

    and then all the robots started

    attacking me and I barely managed to

    survive that attack and I realize the

    door to the back was open I was like oh

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    my gosh oh he did it yeah so double jump

    if you could time it correctly it's

    rocket boots so you could actually like

    blast the dudes that you jump over oh

    that's awesome yeah like that to serve

    that ammo there's also like stomp boots

    combination of the double jump boots and

    the style boots are juicy juicy time

    yeah you show over crowds of people

    that's run

    there you play games like this I just I

    only start thinking about shin megami

    tensei for some reason why you know this

    is a lot of an smt vibe it's like a lot

    of SMT and like System Shock vibes

    mm-hmm our heart goes like doom the

    entire time you're playing do for what I

    was just talking about uh some tea now

    yeah this again I'm like caters SMT for

    I should play that it is good god I hang

    out with my friends on the roof sorry

    left off damn you didn't get anyway

    thank you God

    Cinelli explored the first for five

    minutes and then I was like all right

    well that's enough for today

    well that was SMT for haha like for

    watching everyone I definitely want to

    get SMT 5 I've never gotten the shin

    megami tensei game and watch yeah

    because I cuz I only got into it after

    four came out I forget if I got four

    golden on launch day or if I got it

    after the fact when I when I got Ness

    empty for I am was actually grounded oh

    I was grounded I think yeah my mom

    me for my birthday so I wasn't supposed

    to play it yet haha but I'm like what

    are you gonna do what are you gonna do

    ground me thank you

    you hold no power over me I don't think

    there was ever a point in time where I

    was grounded and not doing everything I

    wasn't supposed to be while I was

    grounded yeah I remember like sneaking

    in like we can't watch TV like it was

    late at night it was by myself I'm

    watching some TV

    yeah like same thing for when Halo Reach

    came out I was guarded that week oh my

    god I just played a game I played it

    when my dad wasn't home because my

    siblings weren't gonna do anything they

    weren't gonna be like you're not allowed

    to play a game around it that was

    chilling yeah Wow why were you possibly

    being grounded on all these video game

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    launch we've cuz I'd never did my own

    work that's great it's

    the grand blue Fantasy Versus got an

    American release date which I they know

    a team habia yeah and I took March 3rd

    huh one of the comments was Tom answer 7

    remake isn't using that date Pacific

    Edition if it's free real estate do I

    I'm not the only thing I know about

    grand boubou the fantasy is that there's

    copious amounts of hentai that's what

    you told me I'm not particularly

    interested and I'm waiting for BlazBlue

    for Nepalese blue guilty you're guilty

    here that's why I get like new IPs and

    be like and sold on something that's why

    when Shin Megami Tensei 5 comes out of

    like yeah I want to get that I gotta

    like the gameplay we're gonna like story

    when you're like anything about it I

    don't support this maybe you'll see

    where I'm at financially did it cuz I

    get no hours from work which I'm fine


    I'm so lost

    the map the map in this game is decent

    but I think the way it's implemented is

    kind of [ __ ]

    well it's orangey right yeah but just

    like I wish I could rotate the map

    around and like look at it oh that's

    what it's centered on me yeah yeah

    really but it's it's functional enough

    so it's not that big of a deal yes I'll

    survive I never thought about the

    procedural is where am I going

    man I'm so confused

    oh boy I'm so lost

    it's like one of those uh paintings

    where the stairs are going all over the

    place I've been in here maybe not nearly

    not there we go sniffing salted

    oh man I can aim

    see IM not been ten hours from

    work-related not going to complain I

    don't what school paid off for this

    semester I'm like I don't need money

    immediately so I'm okay

    it specific there's the Diggs where is

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    somewhere around II yes I still got like

    $80 an Amazon gift card so I'm like I

    couldn't buy a game

    well it was probably that it had to be

    seven remade its goodness

    we had 80 digital PlayStation dollars oh

    that was so stupid edition 7 remake

    digitally because that's the only we get

    all the DLC if you then why the $300

    physical edition fantastic I love it so

    this hasn't been my smoothest drug Oh

    cuz I've your lines going hey I'm alive

    I thought I was gonna die in that last

    stage so Oh taking you to new worlds

    apparently having platinum world yeah no

    I actually haven't even touched it yet

    cuz every time I look at possibly

    playing a towards I I think that's gonna

    be a game that I have to give some time

    after beating oh God

    it's a freaking seat from final fantasy

    13 that it's


    loose I've been in the fantasy mood with

    only a modern collar fantasy mood

    smiley options are 15 and 13 I'm like

    well I like 13 but I don't really care

    about that game places it's a turn-based

    and I don't like I don't like 15 but it

    has a better gameplay clearly you should

    play 14 I do have that downloaded this

    it I have friends on disappointed we

    were like 14 in like like I don't want

    to play I get that because I like I can

    play for free inside its little 35 that

    I guess it's done my favorite thing with

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    this game tracks your progress by blood

    spill be gallons

    I died why wasn't 74 gallon that's I

    like that alright let's uh that was a

    vanilla run let's do maybe one more run

    we'll see you how long it takes go do

    one more run with some modifiers woo so

    we got this big old thing here oh god

    ball head mode that's a classic oh my

    god that rocket arena rocket arena super

    hard is a limited rocket rocket jump

    damage all enemies fire rockets yeah so

    everything is just exploding like you

    can run up to dudes and not worry about

    blowing yourself up but it sounds kind

    of tough yeah he pulls everything but

    the player towards walls that's just

    like yeah literally everything is just

    sucked to one wall that makes it so you

    have different stats that level of okay

    and those guys the people explode when

    we kill them

    John pickups are not limited by zone our

    core mode o is to give everything guys

    won't hit including you traditional mode

    and with a lock locked seed and three


    loveless take damage when not on a

    murder spree gain health while murdering

    oh boy no use company access to all main

    weapons with no gun pickups you cited

    enemies are invisible until they're

    close scramble baddies enemies are not

    limited by zone when walking a

    low-gravity high fun get rich or die

    trying' and harder enemies more scrap

    and call me little Jovi you are little

    Jovi okay so we're gonna do that no

    probably begins I don't know who little

    Joe Peters that's fine so good it's like

    a little frog man oh we got to go we go

    you can go in without taking again it's

    just way harder no I'll go busy then you

    only you can only rely on your fists and

    it's very blunt more desk yeah

    all right so a little Joby tiny little

    frogman I picked up by I see your frog

    arms it's just it got big heads and

    smaller no way to kill that guy what was

    that that was a merchant if you got a

    merchant in the window in the level you

    kill the enemies in the level the

    merchant will give you a free item but I

    just saw a dude there yeah went for it

    how are you supposed to know this that

    was a bummer and this kind of scenario I

    know I reacted think that's so quickly

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    an end I'm killing it it felt out great

    oh I remember what I did last weekend so

    that the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC there's

    new if you do a new game they added a

    codes where the game can be super easy

    or it can be super hard yeah so I sped

    run Kingdom Hearts 3 in 3 hours and 23

    minutes Wow with the easy codes and they

    the code was every enemy dies in one hit

    hit so I got through the entire game i

    beat the dlc episode of in 21 minutes

    then I beat the next DLC episode of 15

    minutes and then like that boss I was

    fighting yeah I killed him in one hit

    i won oh I was like I beat all in

    Kingdom Hearts and three and four hours

    including all the deals so you take that

    villains gross

    cuz I was like I got close enough I got

    him down to one health more quickly i

    I've I've done it I didn't consider that

    wouldn't be we're doing that because I

    was like wait now use this good cuz you

    can we use the cheat codes on the state

    that started with it so no so you can't

    use any of your old stage from free DLC

    with the cheap

    she had to start a whole new game so I

    beat the entire game and everything to

    get up to dylan sprouse it was like hmm

    I deserve this the guys now being

    Kingdom Hearts 3 8 times within a year I

    deserve to watch this this ending

    cutscene pull the pulling at Anakin I

    earned this

    high if I have become more powerful than

    any Jedi has ever dreamed such a [ __ ]

    evil thing to say how would he not like

    how would that man not like just like

    take a moment just stop and be like wait

    at that point those after he'd already

    done everything he was talking to Pat

    made juice that's true he did already

    kill a bunch of children he's like I can

    overthrow the Chancellor we can rule the

    galaxy yeah

    friggin Skywalker's dude they're

    retiring if it's not Luke hey what are

    you doing hi sir good night I'm not here

    for this what did what I can be in way

    you've done this Cassie I'm trying to be

    a league gamer in Fe

    what's more leat than playing with a dog

    blocking your view

    don't lick my arm

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00


    that's English it off again

    Cassie thank you so much for the

    emotional support don't feel it super

    super needed you know what the Icarus

    station is kind of a horrible place I

    need I need the emotional support from

    with of a dog no I can understand that

    looking at this this is a pretty

    terrifying place that's a bug Oh what's

    happening there the floor Oh try using

    your frog jump that's the game was just

    falling apart oh my god

    hilarious oh my god jump over yeah

    God make those of those contact physics

    come on game

    so one thing that I actually find

    extremely interesting about like on this

    game controls backpedaling is always

    slower than running so when dealing with

    dudes like since you're backing away

    from home yeah if you're backing away

    from them you're much slower and they

    won't catch up to you how are your

    running speed is faster than most

    enemies in the game oh so you want to

    turn around and then just want like a

    big hero yeah interesting I keep

    forgetting that Tokyo Mirage sessions

    re-released to two things one is that

    we've done the uncensored version that I

    would have been all for it did it I've

    been like sure I already have the

    censored one

    I don't need it again second if it

    wasn't glory that's kind of a big thing

    like it was so just like generic anime

    the game when we played it for two hours

    or whatever yeah it was just like oh boy

    you were in a weird world we got powers

    now all you girls are idols you're their

    manager I'm like I've read this anime

    synopsis a hundred times

    such a shame what what could have been

    such an interesting mashup window right

    I'll never stop being salty about it I

    understand that is understandable like

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    what a doing that's one of those that's

    one of those games are I'm like I wish I

    liked this yeah because I mean I had

    never sat down the really played until

    we did it on the show there for the two

    hours but I am NOT I've not revisited it

    since that episode anyway I know gave it

    to me

    are you comfy Cassie I'm not even

    petting her she's going to be up on my

    lap oh no Cathy get out of here you Bob

    Nations you go just a frog don't call me

    a little Joby for nothing what is that

    it's a very good question

    I'm not quite sure myself


    yeah first half of this year is still

    pretty fat back what would games putting

    with all the delays yeah

    kind of wild that it really has me

    wondering what well the new generation

    launches in winter so I guess that's it

    pretty much yeah Sony is on to e3 again

    Nintendo only brings stuff to eat free

    but the left finger the first ones to

    leave years ago yeah they've just been

    doing it attended fix maybe that's been

    doing there you go

    so now you've just given Xbox a stage to

    say look right this time get out of your

    caste no don't lie down you know fine

    you can lie down

    do you know what that's less hindering

    oh yeah touch bunker


    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    first game had test monkeys system shot

    who yes objected to the second monkeys

    now we have test frogs I have no idea

    what little Joby is a reference to they

    are like walking around in later levels

    like they are in the hostile or anything

    they're just there okay and yeah like

    you say as them but that's it you're

    like what is what is the point of this

    yes I got the Stampede second just just

    just don't anyway I don't wanna do that

    did I get it took little Jovi Google

    tell me well Joby is a frog like

    creature Imperium the third and fourth

    zones of strength

    sister Google's I guess like I don't

    know they just like to show up and then

    you can play as you like now finally

    finally now I've achieved my perfect

    form Jovie

    perfect form cell it's perfect form Joey

    has had to absorb one of every enemy

    type Oh JA jellyfish Metroid's please no

    like this oh yeah Metroid Prime 3 which

    restarted development that's a bummer

    yeah that means something went horribly


    oh yeah because somebody else was making

    it and then Tendo was like no I think

    maybe I don't know I wasn't calling it's

    a development yeah I forget this is like

    some I think some company was making it

    and then the tender was like you know

    what we're gonna do it and we got some

    people from the crime series back to

    work on it

    just another crime games are just this

    we do put in Metroid we shouldn't even

    call now they still have like

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    Metroidvania stuff kind of going on Wow

    well just turned 11 gameplay that's a

    yeah like shooter PS yeah I had the I

    have one of them on GameCube remember I

    was always scared as a child I was like

    okay on this space station all alone I

    was like I had a lie yeah you know games

    good thing every living [ __ ] out of me

    it which one Luigi's Mansion yeah I

    think it spooked me that's that's like

    it's a shook kids first horror game oh

    yeah I happen all my weed I'm not I'm

    not utilized that modded we and uh if at

    all I played fire woman and then I

    played Soul Calibur to show you the

    picture what I need is link lower than

    that I have not been utilizing my 65,000

    games I think that when we can ranch it

    on there well yeah try Luigi's Mansion

    three came out last year switches

    although it's which is going to be doing

    now that the new generations started

    like I feel like we've got everything

    now you got our Mario or smash we didn't

    get a new Mario Kart we just got the Wii

    U one for it

    Manchin a Fire Emblem man who knows

    pokeball I'm light another Zelda baby

    that's right run through the wild - I

    forgot about the oh yeah the one where

    Zelda looks better but we're still the

    same place link like what like Zelda's

    design no this isn't Legend of Zelda not

    legend - link today you know what if the

    game is called legend link sure you

    could please Elda but we have standards

    we have traditions that have been

    followed for decades now we are not

    going to go back on 30 plus years of


    oh yeah pilot came out everything a

    shame I'm sure everybody loves her I'm

    sure there was just the initial upset

    since I gonna have smash we're still

    like what a what a weak choice he yeah

    because it's like I've said this before

    back then

    violet does not talk at all

    and I've said that too many times corn

    and Robin talk in their social lives

    yeah I look at this dot dot dot and get

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    a choice you choose it and the other

    character is keeps talking it's a lawful

    pilot this like such a like like now I

    can't think of the word

    it's like antimatter

    that's what violet this is a character

    who's it's like the opposite of


    so oh god I hate the jellyfish we're

    gonna feel like the only character we

    really needs to self-insert anymore this

    is the silent die is the link but also

    even then I'm kind of tired of the link

    thing I would like you to putting kind

    of personality of the character way I

    don't mind styling protagonist we get to

    be done very well

    oh but yeah there's a lot of time for it

    they're just like kind of just meant to

    be your surrogate player yeah and I'm

    like unless it's a game where I make the

    character I don't really need that yeah

    honestly like I thought about it I'm

    like you know it's like if you're making

    a narrative driven game with very

    specific characters but then the main

    characters are a silent protagonist that

    like who's not the doom dream or

    something like it then it's like even

    then the do marine has a lot of

    personality exactly like they did it

    that's on the same light the do marine

    is they be against all odds example of

    how you do it but but if you make a game

    where I make a character I can customize

    them and then they don't talk then like

    sure I understand why I don't like it

    but they I prefer if I can make a

    character and then they do have dialogue

    or a Mass Effect situation

    where you just choose the options and

    just for me to your own characters one

    of the biggest issues people had with

    them and driving it yeah it was that but

    there's also that's it well that forward

    oh so fall out the dialogue options of

    previous follow games have always been

    very like colorful the interesting

    they were the weird yeah but then they

    decided they needed a voice protagonist

    so all that was stripped down like

    really bad like just always annoys me

    when it's like Mass Effect did this and

    mm wait I guess we just can't figure out

    how to do it anymore

    hey you gotta the the devs they got it

    they got to pick and choose when and

    where it's appropriate to use ah because

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    I think yeah and it wasn't particularly

    appropriate to fall out mass spec did it

    really well yes I don't feel like Dragon

    Age was particularly successful in it oh

    yeah I need to play one of those I've

    never played them I highly recommend

    origins to is a piece of [ __ ] that

    sounds familiar to is also where they

    decided to start doing the Commander

    Shepard thing where the main character

    to his name is Hawk Hawk talks a lot but

    he's just like a sarcastic [ __ ] even

    a game but like regardless we've been

    great it's because when I'm in to see

    you like it was a nice Takai it's like

    oh boy this fantasy world such a nerd

    hit sure I guess but on a person that

    exists in Dragon Age and just be

    sarcastic [ __ ] all the time yeah

    those nosy a drug problem

    what's their face writer and lighting

    was writers never serious about anything


    so y'all boy fun rapture like the only

    time I can think of Hawk being

    particularly serious as when his mom

    space gets cut off yeah but it took that

    much that was a pretty interesting

    storyline no there's so many issues at

    that game like this like there is no

    overarching story there are just three

    loosely connected story arcs okay like

    the game is split into three different

    like chapters I guess they're very very

    loosely connected they might as well

    have nothing to do with each other yeah

    you just so you just kind of like

    bumming around all these stories happens

    like the first one is everyone's gearing

    up to do an expedition into the I don't

    remember what they call it in Dragon Age

    the not under dark um and like so you're

    like getting crew to do it you're trying

    to get like funding and stuff like that

    you do it it ends with your best but

    Varrick his brother finding an artifact

    and betraying you guys for like trapping

    you guys down there so you can just take

    everything for himself

    oh really okay let's say this is a bar

    yeah right and then the second arc is

    about the qunari just like a weird race

    of like they're like big warrior people

    with horns I don't know how to describe

    them okay but they were moving into the

    city and there's a ton of them and they

    decided they've bought the city oh so


    dealing with that and you kill problem

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    salt and then the the the third chapter

    is about so so being a mage in Dragon


    if you are not from a tower a mage tower

    which is like basically prison you are

    an outlaw and you need to die so boy

    there's a it's like a there's a

    religious order of knights called the

    Templars who are like specially trained

    to fight mages only like that so there's

    this huge conflict between the mages of

    the templars going on in the city and

    like you're pretty sure like the cities

    on the brink of war and then the the

    night captain of the templars like

    somehow comes into possession of the

    artifact then that your your buds

    brother ditched you for this is it and

    the artifact like has some demon [ __ ]

    going on that like starts corrupting her

    mind and then you fight now the game


    I mean that's not a story with a

    beginning middle

    good pacing no it's very very very

    poorly structured as opposed to Dragon

    Age Origins where you join so you have

    you have your origin story which is like

    I'm trying to think of how many origin

    stories there are I think there's like

    six okay okay so there's this human

    noble and there's there's this human

    Noble tower wizard I can't do this

    there's a shop up here I'll get in there

    and then figure this out yes okay so

    there's human noble tower wizard forest

    elf City elf and then I think dwarf

    Noble and actually dwarf Prince le and

    dwarf smuggler I think is dwarf Prince

    the plot of The Hobbit no but it's

    pretty awesome

    laughs and all those like lead one way

    or the other into you stumbling across

    Duncan the leader of the Grey Wardens

    who recruits you to become a Grey Warden

    because the darkspawn are coming back

    you have to defeat them yeah

    with human Noble it's like you're you're


    your family is attacked by another noble


    and you are like the only survivor and

    Duncan Duncan was visiting your family

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    for some diplomatic [ __ ] and he helps

    you escape and he's like well yeah

    you're with me now kid growling at these

    people outside the window cassie guess

    what you see anyone I don't remember

    what this wooded forest elf one was city

    help is probably my favorite city alphas

    you're you and your cousin are getting


    there's a you you have two simultaneous

    arranged marriage just going on

    okay and humans are not nice to helps

    some possible slavery stuff going on

    it's not oh I don't remember exactly

    you're you're basically in health get up

    and like a noble from the city shows up

    and crashes your wedding and steals all

    of the women including including your

    your fiance or or if you're playing a

    female you get kidnapped and you and

    your you and the other females are like

    ah no so if if you're a man you you

    siege the estate you attack the estate

    and kill everyone in it and then you're

    taking there and you fight your way out

    and uh like the the like Duncan's don't

    give us a town doing something I don't

    River why he's there mmm but it has to

    be because the the story says and he

    basically he like looks at the situation

    like sees that clearly a huge

    justice just happened however you just

    murdered a lord and a ton of people and

    the city is not gonna stand for that

    so Duncan's like they're my prisoner now

    like they're under my protection

    [ __ ] you you guys can't do anything

    because clearly you are an asset one way

    or another because you just murdered a

    shitload of people hmm I could use this

    raw power yeah they're still here cuz of

    course not closing dragon a Georgian

    sounds awesome

    dude it's awesome and then like I can't

    remember what dwarf smugglers or door

    frog or whatever it's like a good time

    for person I think you I can't remember

    dwarf nobles pretty sick your dad's like

    he's sick and like trying to figure out

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    like succession stuff what's going on am

    I done oh here we go

    it was just being real Jake um what's it

    I haven't run into any of these issues

    until I started recording of course uh

    what's a so you are the Prince yeah

    you're like you're basically the

    favorite son yeah and I think it's your

    older brother is like really pissed

    about that and like understand lose

    through out through the beginning of the

    or - you guys are real funny buddy until

    you come across you're going through

    you're going through like the not under

    dark oh okay wait I've had this happen


    what yes just - oh my god yeah this is

    like a really weird like

    I'll take all the stuff there Wow oh I

    had that happened only once before I

    have no idea how to trigger their

    offense a random thing yeah that that


    Wow brings you that secret room I guess

    that's amazing um do you yeah you you're

    framed for a murder and cast near your

    exiled into the the 900 arc oh where

    Duncan finds you okay yeah stop what

    sweetie can you go back to Ostergard

    that's why your dad's sick is Boise em

    it all adds up not ostagar I don't over

    what the door in place was called there

    I don't remember what happens when you

    head back though but there's definitely

    some [ __ ] work I think you're not like

    because of like all the political

    maneuvering journey you can't be king


    while you you basically get to figure

    out who but you get to place someone in

    the throne okay puppet regime well you

    know not really but guys out of that you

    you got more important things to deal

    with yeah the entire so so you have your

    origin thing right with with and then

    you join the you join the Grey Wardens

    uh-huh and the Grey Wardens they're an

    ancient order of the knights necessarily

    but they're an ancient order like

    dedicated to fighting the darkspawn okay

    and darkspawn are like people who went

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    to a place called the fade which is like

    the dream world where gods are no one's

    supposed to be there's this big no-no

    understand the first people that I went

    to the center of the fade like turn into

    the first darkspawn oh okay um anyway

    darkspawn bad news wait okay there's a

    wall here that I'm supposed to blow and

    I just been running in circles sir

    I know I saw it earlier I just

    completely ignored it like an idiot I

    keep walking through the asses like an

    idiot to write dumb there's too busy

    talking about Dragon Age otherwise what

    I was doing it always the same so no one

    takes a whole lot of people are not

    taking the darkspawn threat seriously

    because it hasn't happened for a while

    yeah and so you so the Grey Wardens in

    like is the like Cuban king of the

    region that you're in at least wow

    they're like okay let's like the

    darkspawn are about to surface in this

    area we're just gonna kick their asses

    and call it a day turns out it was way

    worse than anyone expected

    and the King's uncle oh [ __ ] the King's

    uncle betrays everyone betrays the king

    and doesn't send his forces in when they

    plant so that the king and the Grey


    would all die while you and one of the

    grey warden Alastair were off on a

    mission to like the beacon to signal

    them so you weren't in the battle so all

    grey wardens are wiped out and now

    you're the last two remaining grey

    wardens Wow yeah big yellow gains a

    [ __ ] piece of [ __ ]

    closed us all the Grey Wardens yeah yeah

    like all the Grey Wardens are dead the

    Keys dead and the the darkspawn er are

    out and about now and also God you find

    out that like the Grey Wardens had like

    the ancient treaties with all the

    different factions in the region so you

    go around like like calling upon

    everyone like hey you guys made an

    obligation you have to help

    out guess the Turks ones heard of the

    king that [ __ ] yeah you're basically the

    leader of the Grey Wardens you left yeah

    yeah this is origins yeah dude it's

    awesome is it so good is it the first

    game uh-huh

    okay because when I refer to origins as

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    always like is this like no it's just

    you know I think it's just called

    origins because you have the words and

    story thing I know

    okay meaning of each level characters

    it's so cool I rent it from work I'm

    sure plays a lot like um kotor it's a

    turn-based [ __ ] going on yeah I know

    I've seen like scenes of like funny

    dialogue and stuff mm-hmm

    I might have seen because I remember uh

    back before we got my ps4 is trying to

    figure out what because I asked for it

    for Christmas so I was trying to go okay

    what game do I ask for granted this is

    like launch year so I have a very

    limited library yeah I'm ever checking

    out Dragon Age Inquisition and I went

    with guilty gear in the end but it's pip

    dragon age inquisition inquisition was

    really mad yeah I was like I had never

    played one before so I was like oh this

    so you're supposed to fall down there

    but if you have the double jump boots

    you can go into this room and there's

    this thing Oh

    not sure if that is but you know it's a

    thing yeah Oh birthday party yeah this

    is the beginning of fallout 76 this run

    is going a lot better than the first one

    in the first one I am probably gonna die

    in the stage but

    what is this whoa the scenery has

    changed quite a bit

    yep baseball batter up there you got

    people with big heads look the audience

    participation please

    this is very uh this music very draw and


    Antron vibes see the yeah

    there was nothing here give you they did

    but they did that one no no what

    happened the bags but watch your reviews

    and like best of the worst

    okay with well best of the worst is like

    it's hit or miss

    yeah but review is probably my favorite

    red letter media news yeah you're saying

    that I can I can see it half in the bag

    is always might go to the reviews too

    I just like people going into like depth

    about movies they are they don't like

    rude sorry I that they either like or

    like into or just like have a lot to say

    about it yeah oh yeah classic fashion I

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    start recording the game falls apart I

    love it in recent word fun

    I want to slowly show well good we have

    in the bag like have stuff to talk about

    movies and shows and stuff but I just I

    am too lazy like I don't want to edit a

    video you can barely edit these and this

    is taking the video plane the sound over

    it's right through the reviews and stuff

    or making reviews and a couple from the

    first year oh no I'm not a normal guy

    now I am a little Jovi however I do like

    this touch oh good that's cool I guess

    you're not we got the camera to go

    handbag you're just arms with a gun yeah

    participate there's some game I was

    watching like some YouTube channel LEDs

    Hey Oh little chubbies

    well Julie hello my friend hello Ally

    I hate those guys they like dying you

    explode yeah yeah and I don't much care

    for exploding enemies that's what I was

    doing in a pond fantasy 15 comrades was

    it has the three basic online video game

    modes of hunt monster protect thing

    escort thing and protect it I had to

    protect a building with Final Fantasy

    pas enemies charging me on both sides

    well it's really hard to like a look up

    at the TV screen yeah when you're

    playing on the computer

    yeah yeah I know the the only way oh no

    the only way I can do that is like if

    I'm playing fate like I'm a slow game

    yeah a visual novel where like I'm

    reading it and I need the TV

    well actually I forget I forget if I was

    looking at the TV when I played faith

    but yeah no I never have dual screens I

    normally look at the screen I think

    what's up on the screen is like

    happening at a different frame rate

    there is only of course a little bit of

    lag Oh between the two I think it's

    actually a lower frame rate up on the TV

    Oh doesn't look as smooth maybe or maybe

    I'm just crazy but I've just been

    watching the TV one yeah it looks

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    smoother on your PC I can sit up

    definitely feel smoother

    oh the beginning of half-life yeah I

    always think of half-life when I get on

    the tram it looks exactly like the seats

    are the same color and it has like the

    the handicapped spot it looks exactly

    like the tram from half-life that's

    great that must have just met a little

    Easter Egg maybe I wouldn't be surprised

    if there was some half-life

    like DNA in this half-life is a another

    classic shooter of course

    yeah I've never played it

    finally my only experience with is that

    one thing we watched on YouTube really

    got dubbed over it free was my yeah half

    life that that's a game that he grew up

    playing my dad apparently when we lived

    in Alaska had like borrowed half-life

    and all the expansions from a friend and

    then just like never gave him back

    thanks yeah I still have all those yeah

    they still have all this like Capote CDs

    that's great

    what's the doing a VR oh they're doing a

    VR game now yeah it's like a prequel to

    to or something like that do you think

    it will be good I mean maybe probably

    it's not what I would have wanted it

    sits on the valve index and the mountain

    index is pretty cool that's a valves VR

    thing as like pressure-sensitive bars

    that strap tear and oh wow so I can like

    do individual fingers and stuff for VR

    Oh interesting so that's really

    interesting but also a nice it's like

    after well you've waited too long to do

    half-life 3 you'll never live up to


    yeah so they're like elves Meaghan

    though they're damn the guy that was

    right in the half-life

    he's not about the valve anymore am i

    after it was sometime last year he like

    released I don't know if I want to call

    it a memo or like a lighter yeah he

    really stood thing that was like

    basically his version of a half-life 3

    Oh story interesting like what he would

    have done did it sound good yeah it's a

    real [ __ ] downer of a story it's so

    like it's dowered it's really depressing

    Wow I mean that's cool though at least

    the gist of it is Gordon Freeman in

    there in there so they're fighting the

    combine that took over the earth one

    night and the rebellion is fighting and

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    whatnot mm-hmm and at the end of

    half-life 2 episode 2 the leader of like

    the rebellion happen Eli pretty much was

    was killed that was the last thing that

    happened like would you lie everyone's

    like where's half-life 3 the wolf what

    happens next is the very last thing that

    happens is he like it's his brain sucked

    out and then you get credits rolling

    over his daughter crying over his corpse

    Wow Wow

    yeah I can understand why people wanted

    a yes it was one hell of a clipping but

    basically the half-life 3 thing was like

    pretty much everything gets [ __ ] they

    find like a ship called the called the

    borealis then like who's trapped between

    dimensions and it's just like zipping

    around and showing up at a specific

    place in a specific time and if they get

    on it they might get in it like they

    might might be able to like take

    technology and like gain a significant

    advantage over the combine ok and to get

    on it and they something goes wrong and

    so they're like okay you know what we

    can just take this to the combine

    homeworld and just crash it and like the

    reactor on the ship will just cause a

    massive explosion and [ __ ] em over so

    they go on a suicide mission Gordon

    Freeman and Alex who's Eli's daughter go

    on a suicide mission to to crash the

    ship into the the combine homeworld but

    and then um g-man who no one really

    knows what his deal is but he's menacing

    and like all-powerful okay and he's been

    messing with Gordon like the entire

    series god man yeah so g-man who usually

    in situations like that would just like

    pluck Gordon Freeman out of space and

    time and like put him into stasis and

    then drop him in different places uh-huh

    which is how like he leaves

    Black Mesa and half-life 1 and how he

    ends up in the bottom half life 2 okay

    instead of doing that he does it with

    Alex and takes Alex away so laureen's

    like oh well [ __ ] thanks g-man um but

    the the vortigaunts who are like some

    alien dudes

    help you out they also have like psychic

    powers they did a similar thing where

    they like blocked off the demon at the

    end of half-life 2 to prevent him from

    taking you away again so they show up

    and help you out again they're going to

    help gordon freeman add again but in

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    between like gordon freeman like

    teleporting away from the ship and like

    leaving the homeworld he like sees the

    absolute like the the entire like scope

    of the reach of the combine forces

    that's not what I wanted what it

    realizes that there's absolutely zero

    hope and the the rebellion is all for

    nothing they didn't blow up the

    homeworld what they blew up was a very

    tiny very very very tiny part of the

    entire combine Empire oh that wasn't

    even a little dent in it and so it goes

    to him like he's teleported to like some

    like desert like I don't know it was

    like a desert island he's it the entire

    thing is written from the perspective of

    Gorn Freeman like it's a like him

    writing a letter to someone and he

    basically is like I don't like there's

    absolutely nothing will be able to do

    about the combine but the the spirit of

    the rebellion lives on in me and when

    the fight comes I'll take it but we

    won't win and then they're like it ends

    that's it wow it's like hot [ __ ] they

    all play there's no hope

    yeah Wow

    still be beautiful that's why yeah so

    you play Destin this new game I know

    you're playing as an Alex okay I mean

    half-life Alex yeah I have zero

    knowledge on this series because I've

    always stayed away because all I ever

    heard about was half-life 3 once they're

    coming out and I'm like okay if the

    fanbase is just waiting for a game

    that's never gonna get made I'm I'm

    gonna stay away from those four that I I

    still think it is well worth the

    experience like that I had like good

    good yeah I feel like an entity at this

    point we no one is expecting a half-life

    3 and everyone's kind of just like past

    that okay I should buy the The Orange

    Box yeah the orange max isn't pretty

    good purchase yet those it's like the

    box that like new game portal you get it

    you get portal you get tf2 which doesn't

    really matter now because TFT is free on

    PC oh and the console version was never

    updated anyway but you get it yeah you

    get a portal tf2 half-life 2 half-life 2

    episode 1 in half-life 2 episode 2 oh

    that's right it's a really good deal in

    yeah I know I've seen it work I've got

    some Ewing girls play on the show


    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    Howard yeah the all the half-light games

    really really solid shooters that's good

    now I should be able to go back

    as I was stupid and forgot about the

    reactor look at 50 so half-life Alex

    isn't written by the guy I don't think

    so Oh

    this one of those games are like and

    worst levels know there is an end

    oh we're on the you know we've gone

    through like what this is our third

    environment yeah I think so

    where there are work oh-ho so this has

    been a pretty successful run

    I used to considered yeah I wouldn't

    like I had to worry about health that

    much I'm doing it

    you guys you have lipids fits pretty


    Oh Oh good work shop what's happened

    we got here Air Bud earbuds the best

    you're bored there's butts so good you

    played basketball yeah man

    now he's gonna help me shoot dudes hell


    love everyone yeah oh it's actual it's a

    fun in the year yeah it's a drone that

    just has like a one-shot kill

    I was gonna see like whatever but no I

    think if I turn around and look back

    he'll do the same thing again please

    please God I didn't do it well that's a


    he's just dry he'll be there okay he'll

    be there when we need it most

    Blizzard is never late nor is he early

    your eyes precisely what he means to

    let's turn off my attachment I'm

    surprised it's been on this whole topic

    oh oh there he goes

    goodbye days again if I golden retriever

    oh oh

    we heard bud

    and here to destroy vault 76 to prevent

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    a great evil from ever happening go back

    in time to stop Todd Howard this is a

    Skyrim game for your phone stop it

    don't want this I know you there's a

    mouthpiece but you're the only week we

    know so we're all the gates gonna focus

    on you clearly you may call us and be


    you by yourself

    where's the eggs in I did like the guy

    who ate lost silicide made the entire

    game by yourself until the studio picked

    it up I went everywhere members lost

    soul aside I don't remember it

    it's the the guy who was inspired by

    fantasy 15 to make his own video oh yeah

    holy [ __ ] I forgot about yep right what

    happened but it's still going oh my god

    I forget I think thing he wrote

    something for the new year and it was

    like yeah we'll hopefully have it out

    this year

    Hey yeah completely forgot that right


    hence my point everyone forgets about

    lost soul aside he's showed up for like

    an a3 and then like

    I heard anything of it again yeah it's

    anything remotely related to versus 13

    or fall fantasy 15

    I'm the guy that those needs to hear on

    that [ __ ] that's what I could have made

    videos about but it's just what would be

    getting angry a good team I don't want

    that to be my existence on YouTube it's

    fair enough although now that that we're

    finally getting Kingdom hurt that

    picture you said it didn't room Rex for

    filing any adverse is of Kingdom Hearts

    so like able to accept 15 existing now

    because I know that a better thing is

    coming as good as it can be used a

    ideally yeah cuz it's the only not the

    King of Hearts formula unfortunately

    it's probably gonna be like the first

    world in the last an hour and go back to

    Disney and then you'll revisit it

    halfway through the game for half an

    hour okay this is cool

    wow we owe the guy but not knock this

    his name is Luo Zora okay and when you

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    fight him in the secret boss because you

    saw his aura on the Toy Story land said

    Sora sees him he's like oh he owes or

    he's like how do you know that yeah and

    one of his lines of dialogue he's like

    this isn't what I look like

    take this so we replayed the game

    there's a character II meet when you're

    pretty much dead and she's talking about

    this person who killed her who's like

    lost himself and

    lost like his heart's been replaced so

    I'm like oh so you Zora there's just

    some dude using yozora's body for his

    power to save the world maybe or

    something weird because he has a line of

    dialogue where he's like this isn't what

    I look like then I was like what but

    then seeing the other seat from the base

    game and realizing that she's talking

    about it use aura now I'm like oh if

    this is a nerd paranoid situation or

    something so Kingdom Hearts is keeping

    at it chugging along keeping on keeping


    yeah the Saiyan or prequel mobile game

    has been announced as Kingdom Hearts

    dark road no because there was a whole

    thing where people had to they could

    submit their names for the game and

    guess what it is so you know everybody

    was like making the most convoluted

    complex [ __ ] it is a meme and a joke so

    they're like self-aware you're like this

    is Kingdom Hearts dark path dark road

    sorry dark path was the Google Translate

    back before they actually said the

    English name okay it's this dark road

    and everyone's like well they got us so

    we got that compass no 358 over to

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 final chapter

    prologue dream Drop Distance dream Drop

    Distance is no kidding you've got you

    you got your birthplace sleep your chant

    memories your 358 or two days three

    codons tree Drop Distance I don't know

    why it responds every time I turn around

    but it is

    0.2 a fragmentary passage we actually

    made it to the final stage oh my god

    I'll be astonished if I make it to the

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    boss hurry all right well good job yes I

    didn't expect to get this far on a run

    us yeah you do when you a message to me

    about discord you like I got to

    surprised games for you the first of all

    I play for 40 minutes yeah because I

    expected to do like maybe two or three

    short runs yeah here we are

    yeah little Little Joe be taking this

    far dude saw be my hitboxes my hitbox is

    smaller and they're hit boxes are huge

    so yeah deck is stacked oh just when I

    thought we had seen me up so good he

    tricked me it was just a scream I like

    that thought like oh we're surface level

    know you've been going down this whole


    oh I couldn't tell him the elevators too

    closely losing this ooh

    please I've done totally gonna die well

    you know what you made it well just

    screwing around to define a level it's

    pretty good yeah trying to talk about

    like everything working Dragon Age

    Origins good

    I have to edit our gear episodes still

    oh my god I tried to play near again


    so everything's still like really

    high-level are you I played on hard or

    something I know I'm pretty sure playing

    normally ok but I pushed my way to the

    atom fight Oh kicked my ass like three

    times in the same system that game may

    be so [ __ ] mad cuz I died and then

    have to run all the way back from this

    from a save the save point so you had to

    go back to the cave and the elevator

    comes down and I'm like I gotta get my

    chipset back and so I feel like three

    deaths those I'm booked this game I

    don't understand not easy

    well at least I can continue it now hit

    me seen the same thing twice will see

    what I do

    I'll probably continue here but it

    depends on you but it's understandable I

    was going to continued SEC euro or DMC

    this week then I was like no no you know

    like yeah exactly

    something will just hit you in here like

    this is power through more games in the



    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00



    that should have done it power

    we'll do it the slow way okay just a

    little frog on a big world

    have you seen did you did you see Joker

    and I didn't okay I wanted to but I

    didn't have money yeah and going to the

    movies is such a big chore for me

    understandably puncher says she'll do

    homework and eat dinner and come learn



    they don't want to spoil anything I mean

    I didn't like the movie I didn't think

    it was that good

    it was just very like what we're gonna

    be arts team but I'm like what was Moses

    and service though it was I felt very

    much just like Shawn value for the sake

    of so I saw it and I was like I heard

    Joaquin Phoenix's performance is really

    good well yes of course like walking

    Phoenix is great but we don't like the

    movie itself is like like it terms of

    like a story and like a purpose and

    themes and messages just like I didn't

    want to watch it begin with I didn't

    really have any interest in it I forgot

    about the state of this stage so like

    that the red

    I assume that's guts or blood slows you

    down a lot

    very doom we are in shits pop it on


    what is this good eye I don't know but I

    love it it's like actually it needs a


    this is sending airwaves to kill people

    clearly after we brought attention to it

    clearly having problems like there's no

    this is a nice quiet gun it's very


    what makes thinking the audio very easy


    well there's people in there people just

    tubes it's fine I'm going to learn the

    truth can't stop me there why pleased I

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    need a Bryan Cranston's Godzilla speech

    behind the people in hiding something

    we'll be the Godzilla movie without

    Godzilla so that beers I think I also

    saw that appears it's a lot to watch the

    VIP ah no one the real Shin Godzilla I

    never I didn't mind

    Godzilla was a 2014 oh god yeah that was

    a rather good I don't really mind it

    that much yeah I just upset that the

    marketing completely did it did the bait

    and switch on Bryan Cranston yeah that

    he was in the movie see I saw it before

    like I knew who he was so I saw him like

    doing mind but now thinking back if I

    were to see it I'm probably like all of

    the marketing was to him God he's only

    in like the first 15 minutes I'm gonna

    knock his son or his guy not not his son

    kick ass I am man

    I am bomb disposal squad man yeah you

    know I I really am much his like a lot

    of the Godzilla movies have like weird

    be plots going out and better just like

    random people but like

    much Geisel johann they like it jaye

    Jaye's explanation godzilla movie that's

    embarrassed to be a Godzilla film

    alright oh my god are you here have you

    done it

    I think one more stage and then

    phosphite Wow

    we'll see if I can't get through it

    there I'm pretty low right now

    hey looking pretty rough there what

    happens just biessing run yeah like this

    is the furthest I've got like I've

    beaten this game but this is my second

    best run that I've ever had I'm glad me

    be recording it after how funky it was

    at first yeah I was super strain loose

    was she juicy they're making things

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    they're making people

    I won't let them I'll burn it all

    just the final stage from John wick

    furry pink said was like test-tube onsen

    yeah John wick for wet next year I think

    it's next year yeah it was like made

    21st 2021 like they gave a date I think

    so yeah oh yeah you're saying there's

    some weird thing I like he was oh yeah

    hit the next matrix and the next John

    Waker like releasing at the same time

    yeah it's like why would you why would

    you not spread out the Keanu Reeves

    goodness the matrix guys you're trying

    to compete with John wick that's a

    losing fight before you even start the

    battle my friend yeah I know right like

    I mean I've never seen matrix s here cuz

    this equals our bed yeah in that's so

    the matrix that is a revolutionary

    action film yeah I will never discount

    the significance of the first matrix

    well yeah however all the other Matrix

    movies suck John wick is three for three

    it's because John wick isn't I mean I

    don't know much about the matrix better

    John wick isn't trying to like be some

    big existential thing that's been - yeah

    the matrix is on a man the big Jesus

    the man kills things and Laurence

    Fishburne is the hobo King yeah well I

    need ammo really bad boy

    ham oh please it's fine I can throw


    err but please help all right well here

    bud [ __ ] that

    good luck he got it Oh see earbuds the

    bench I don't need to play anymore

    I need a store so bad oh my god please


    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    complete the anime mo just I'm just

    doing stomp boots on these guys

    oh so I've got a thing

    we're gonna attachment all mixes so for

    an item that makes Oh extra shots are

    fired in a riot act didn't realize that

    would still work when I'm at a mo Oh

    wall getting all right so we're working

    with them I solved it we're doing it

    that's it

    which could possibly you're wrong all

    right I don't like them Oh a gun hello

    old friend

    look you take the little things for

    granted like being able to shoot your



    oh you know oh yeah

    what happened to our airgun just shot

    silently it push people away the thing

    was awesome



    scrapp hopefully there's stores nearby

    like you spend scrap it think it'd be

    nice nope

    boss time Wow you accidentally did a

    speedrun I don't know about a speedrun

    it was just the rate in the length of

    the game yeah yeah this game is

    definitely made for speedrunning souls

    can march 3 apparently on critical mode

    my son took 14 hours but yeah just

    playing the game with one had killed 3

    hours 23 minutes and I [ __ ] around at

    the beginning of the game to full all

    what is it all about

    Oh father Krieger why was I born what am

    I doing here

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    why why have you made me the ultimate

    killing machine

    Little Joe be real Jovi ultimate killing

    machine the [ __ ] why you've done this

    father what's my purpose

    Oh No yeah love bosses and


    every time it drops enemies though it

    gives me weapons okay thanks

    then it is good this is always like like

    biggest pet peeve and boss design like

    oh boy I mean this is pretty much the

    boss I just had to find him until the

    thing opens up okay yeah there's the

    when it serves the purpose like the

    enemies will drop ammo for supplies and

    stuff I get it but I'm just always like

    really just good bad doom counters but

    you can make a good enough boss oh my

    god the final boss for done for persona

    q there's doom counter the boss oh the

    boss counts the cast doom on everyone

    like every couple of rounds that's so

    annoying who was it was very stressful I

    hate to my experience with the most

    profound experience is always going to

    be all fancy third taking yeah we're

    gonna get to fart Andalus in the first

    time and he's like dude but then the

    final boss does it too and I'm like okay

    come on

    could you hurry not just separate all

    never do entertaining I don't know

    whoever helped it so yeah it's like just

    make a good boss I just get it maybe

    blue gives his heart but come on

    I've always [ __ ] up this fight because

    the longer it takes the more the room

    starts to fill with blood all that

    [ __ ] up your movement oh we're in it



    Oh God turned into near look down for

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    the second destroy the team die wait put

    into the shadow world

    get into the TV alright here we go

    oh boy

    I wanted a Kurosawa film

    try the East Asian history teacher is

    talking about in class showing us a

    bunch of Kurosawa film clips not Yeti

    like why I really want to watch me

    whatever please do it all these guys

    know the presence is no longer required

    the game I did Wow

    looks like something out [ __ ] up the

    this sequence right here but uh

    so beginning we get into the game

    just coming to the shipping : the

    scientists oh my god

    two more hostiles Rani you'll regret

    creating little Joby its little Joby

    takes no prisoners why did you create me

    father you will rue the day you played


    well I'm so astonished but I finished a

    run this is my second time being a game

    that's awesome when did you beat it the

    first time a week ago nice when I when I

    start playing it I suppose yeah yeah

    you're now able to stick three mutaters

    sweet cuz I had big heads a little Joby

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    on now you can get one more huh so

    you're going underground not anymore

    we're getting out of here goodbye a

    little Jovi

    turning home oh that's strafe Wow well

    done it spits good straight 100%

    straight full walkthrough tom tom tom

    Glendon Stephen rainy or of the pixel

    Titans I think that's the devs I don't

    know they call me Tom yeah I really like

    this game pretty nice page is very easy

    sit down do very apparently quite

    surprised I'm surprised myself

    thanks to Elon Musk Oh

    oh my god Tesla made this game John

    Romero John Carmack those are doomed

    those are the original doom devs oh nice

    did you back them on Kickstarter I did

    not this game was coming on a timer and

    and the money that's me now I got a job

    where I can make money I got this school

    thing going on but my kids are tired I

    got it I got played video games 12 hours

    a day to get a balance exactly exactly

    thanks to our friends and family for

    believing in us and [ __ ] I like it

    they give a teaser for what your other

    game is it has Patrick Warburton in it

    mr. mr. Kronk

    I like that what video games is in look

    forward to Patrick Moore Patrick

    Warburton Warburton the video game next

    time yeah Seinfeld yeah buddy yeah

    David putty man you go to Disneyland and

    you ride a soaring over California he

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    does the video telling you Lily put your

    seat belt on

    hit something zone like to a floor he

    also voices a robot before you go and

    start towards what they pitched his

    voice up why would you pitch that man's

    voice I know it is it's just cuz it's a

    row but they're like we can't just have

    a robot that sounds like them sure they

    giving I'm like yes you can man yeah

    those J's what iCarly

    Nick Harris tutorial close together Zito

    real quick the sidecar Icarus crew


    Patrick Warburton nothing

    congratulations Tina Fey's looks a lot

    like ya recorded on a VHS or so just

    need to see her

    ya know existed pretty much that was

    strafe what's your final review score um

    I'll give it a like a very very strong

    like seven to a tentative I was think

    tin seven it was like five to move

    almost two hours I did not like that

    Kader speedruns some game on PC I didn't know about!

    If You Want Kader To Eat: https://www.patreon.com/cjdimensity

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