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    Strafe playthrough + bonus round

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    Playing Strafe on RPG mode in one go. Sound in mono again, because recording in stereo put the mic completely on one side for some reason.

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    Comment (29)

    1. Ross is hyping up this boss more than he does the movie.

      Edit: Also yes, the other guy did shoot him @ 42:41. Also also, watching this makes me feel like Freeman Across the Universe came true.

    2. Is it just me, or has Ross grown his beard a little more pointed? Looks nice, that combo-ed with his hair back gives me a "Sheriff of Nottingham" vibe. Here's how you become an ACTUAL fashion pioneer, people.

    3. I like retro-style games too but I don't like it when they just kinda phone it in. Like they just use it as an excuse to be lazy with the graphics. Retro-style games tried to look as good as possible given their limitations, so the best way to make "authentic" looking retro graphics is to keep those limitations in mind and try to emulate them. T

      Minecraft is by far the worst perpetrator of lazy retro graphics. You don't need a huge budget in order to have retro-style graphics and still look good, you just need know-how.

    4. I enjoyed the story to all the Splinter Cell games. So that's story Ubisoft did well. I haven''t read any novels of it though so I can't say how true to the books anything in Splinter Cell is.

      I quite enjoyed Far Cry 3 and 4 as well.

    5. Heh, the Luftenstein is a reference to Luftrausers, a pretty damn neat arcade timewaster in its own right 😀 Guessing Strafe was also published by Devolver then, they do like their tie-ins.. 🙂

    6. Dark Souls isn't really a game that should be streamed for a first time play. It's too good of a game to have attention taken away from it by chat and having to be entertaining. Just play it whenever you get an itch for a great adventure and a handful of difficult encounters, all the better if you can wear some headphones and sit in a nice dark room.

    7. Glad to see someone else liked this game! It got a very unfair bashing on release unfortunately.
      Though I twitched a little every time Ross reloads after firing a few shots, since your clip is completely discarded upon doing so.

    8. 1:04:35 – Oh shit, I think I saw the cartridge earlier you were supposed to find. It was RIGHT at the entrance next to that box, it was shaped like an N64 cartridge. You were staring straight at it at 1:03:50, it's the N64 cartridge thing that was underneath the box.

    9. Hey ross, youtube said this would help you, A survey on what dvd I would be most likely to buy….Does this help you? Did thatsurvey actually help you? If so, Then hey, I'll keep doing em!

    10. This has been a splendid advertisement for the game altogether. Which is in a hilarious opposition to other contemporary shooters, where usually the gunfight itself is standard and not overly exciting, and, once you see the story in a youtube playthrough, you're pretty much done with the game.

      It's pretty much the exact opposite in the case of this game, I feel. As in, it focuses on the being a proper game part.


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