Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (Xbox Series X) Co-op Gameplay Walkthrough [4K 60FPS]

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20so wait do we all play as the main guard no how it works is um different guys like since you guys are coming to my server i'll have the main guy and then you guys can select like one of his his partners but all your data and everything still carries over so if you come in playing as a you know like the girl the guy you'll still take that back to when you play by yourself everything you gain will still carry over i'm getting used to the buttons i don't know about this game this is neo then i definitely haven't played neo xbox all right cool here we go first of all let's get the demo because i didn't really want to be you know spoiled or you know i just pretty much skipped that completely i didn't touch it i played the trial last year i think was playing last year all right his own performance oh shoulder buttons to attack that is so weird i'm doing action yeah uh well then uh what's that one game did a ninja game do the same thing shoulder to shoulder buttons no neo is uh x and y like ninja gaiden not neo um the ninja game yeah yeah but sakura is dark souls or bloodborne okay this follows the formula but this is neo in the sense has the same developers yeah so this should be face buttons not shoulder buttons oh you're right there's team ninja yeah that that's what she if his team ninja then hell yeah should definitely be oh man he just messed me up okay this is going to take some getting used to dude like they just this hallway is crazy bloodied everybody up he's ran through these dudes does he smoke something ominous oh my god okay i want to change controls because this is going to be crazy hey sir aj what's up bro why am i getting to play this for the first time skipped out on the demo so this is all new for me you didn't see that in the beginning of the cutscene that was nice on certainly i would do i was streaming at 6 000 bit rate how do you rush these gold i was streaming 4k at 6 000 i was waiting like i said i was watching the bebop i was waiting for the invite and then i got it i'm sorry guys it looked kind of messed up i might delete that this is this is turning back i i hate russian because when i rush this happens i don't really use my obs for uh youtube streams i usually put twitch that's why it says so low punch in time yeah because i have my notifications have to be a certain way oh yeah damn i keep forgetting youtube is not the way it used to be with notifications yeah what's up dante what's up bro down to aj what's up guys it probably wasn't blurry to you guys if it was i accidentally had the bitrate low because it was my twitch settings and you know twist settings suck and low tier uh yeah [Music] so do i have to fight this this dragon head thing first yeah rip his head off well he's not hard to fight because they gave you really good gear yeah so murk him and then we should be able to do what from there or maybe not because now now it's giving me like the actual tutorial yep 31 basics of that all right that dude is huge it's very smooth though he big you gotta all right so that's how you block lb okay i've been playing this since uh the trial the update right yeah because i haven't either but i don't remember being quarterback yo no he just like deck me it's going it's gonna take me a minute man i said i played too many different games two different play styles and it's killing me we go let me meet my phone real quick so i won't be getting here in that costume there we go actually i should watch the stream i need choke slammed in oh my god this game got an achievement wow refrain from like that type of violence yeah i feel like it well like that's especially a japanese game he chooses another dimension all right make sure my phone is down there we go i just don't have the volume i just have to live chat what's up guys aj dante rascal oh you streaming too oh you're in the chat yeah i was turning that thing let's do this bro that got me hyped now now i'm in good spirits he ripped his head off and choke slammed it oh man it's about to be crazy i'm excited now he gave it a choke [Music] did you fight that thing yet or what's going on with you i think she said she left the party i don't think she came back yet yeah she's not in here with us i don't matter okay you leave the party for maybe she got kicked out or something maybe that does happen a lot now like more than ever [Music] honestly there she is yeah what's more than this uh yeah just to jail is super smooth it's into the demo was way worse than this uh it's a weird button to like confirm yeah like i want to whoa it's dark it's super weird because dark souls rules but like this shoulder button and face button killing me i'm kind of used to it because a lot of uh like the chinese rbgs i've been playing they use the same setup oh yeah oh yeah like long sword and stuff like that yeah i'm just used to like you know facebook especially like since the developer well you know team ninja and uh neo because they did that and that didn't really take long to get used to because it's like you know it's more like ninja gaiden yeah but it was like so fun for ate that goblin what's next there it is yeah so it's been over i think trial was it was a while back but it's been since then since i've touched this game i'm going out for the longest damage just like he goes off his head he stabbed his head in grass oh the grass is too much hey what's up guys uh not tingo everyone who just jumped in here we're doing co-op man so after we get done this tutorial we're gonna be three man deep hope this doesn't cause problems but he's still saying that bit rate thingy i can't believe i did that oh that's gonna be a fun mechanic i wish dark souls did something like that says usb i think i understand this hold on okay so whatever you want the b prairie if you whatever you use you can learn the abilities from that enemy you can carry it like that what is this trigger additional attack successful oh okay okay i see us here let's see what is camera all right come on goblin man i'm on dark souls got to be a goblin though right right everyone has to beat up goblins everybody yeah so dante how far are you getting this man not to be running this game waiting for this game for a while huh to throw a stone yeah um that's what i was just saying if you um oh i i see yeah if you absorb like their move that they do will be you can absorb wire abilities and use it against them which is really cool like dark souls doesn't do stuff like that okay out of my sight evil you're picking up a rock goodbye are we kicking this it's about to be simple i can't wait to get out in the field though man dude i only plan to do one video so if it does good me i can do more but i still plan on playing a lot so whenever you want to run some co-op let me know oh trust me i'm all the way down like this game is crazy i'm just i gotta get used to like it has like that weird uh armor type setup that you'll use like where's just a bunch of different stats on any armored piece you can always get a better one but it's completely random yeah he stomped on his head extremely hard yo ah i had to stop again oh the pain you like yo monster rosco i do too there we go i don't know like you know everybody loves killing my dude that's a weird like confirmed they almost told me that this is like a retelling of the first game that true the first game yeah no i think it's before the first game so it's a uh we got free pretty much yes before the first game and these characters are in the first game i had the first game this is like before you know i don't i don't know nothing about final fantasy this is like before it all started look and crystal cause after i thought i had to collect them all in the order when i wanted to start playing them my friend was telling me that each final fantasy game has like his own setting basically yeah only a few of them uh only the spin-offs currently like the current story for whatever game so like uh crisis core like final fantasy vii we're all in the same room i'm jack jack you just meet somebody and you just fist bump okay we just extra i just can't get past it it's really weird in the same sense this dude really look like eminem not look at him the main guy i'm on the boat uh literally you're already there do you have the option to start multiplayer yet uh i just got on the board i'm watching the cutscene okay same here what need something for that cause i was joking i was like man we gotta start for youtube channel y'all it's just a scream wow like dude he just got deluxe i just got the deluxe edition for free oh yeah when are we gonna fight chaos he has his benefits monster hunting is a pain in the ass seriously fingers crossed you're done either wait so we got this one because this is a spin off isn't it so we got this one are we everyone get seven on or just still like delayed all into like next year i'm not sure what's going on with that we may not be getting it sony probably got that locked down it's like with 16 they got that locked down too so they want all the final fantasies for them only lies shroud i know but like 57 remake is a great game i just can't like what's the hardware garbage running decays but the people believe in the prophecy patiently awaiting its fulfillment when darkness veils the world four warriors of light shall come it's always the four warriors of light of all fantasies back then uh hello did they even hear me you are skilled to be sure i think they can i can hear myself when i talk one of those abominations let alone and your crystals trouble they do not shine the color they should can't argue with that but you need warriors right look in front of you here we are ready and willing to take chaos down for you and with all due respect isn't that what matters most perhaps yet a question still weighs on my mind warriors of the dark crystals why court danger so eagerly all i care about is seeing chaos dead i need to all right it's like how do we set up multiplayer it should be like somebody we talked to or what do we have to do i just press start with options these people does that answer your question very well what is [Music] online sentence matchmaking area all private i placed the future of cornelia nearby all nearby are the same area so how do we do it though you sure it's not like dark souls we gotta get like a certain item and get to a certain part uh he told me right from beginning we can do uh co-op and they said you can be in the dungeon no matter where you are you can just jump in so i'm not sure how you do that let me uh do something here settings uh wait so all right so this is a mission based game story mission inside missions we can do together okay i know that was one key difference in multiplayer for neil was like uh compared to dark souls there's usually like certain areas you can invade or uh be summoned yeah and uh you can't be invaded this is a weird button for confirm they're using like the well shall say used to be the back or select button yeah it's weird really weird placement really weird what's going on i am so lost like these everything here looks like not old time at all they got phones earpieces the people people are dressed like this old town but then we got the most modern clothes out of everybody wasteland [Music] hey sir hope welcome come on jack wouldn't [Music] jack has the best medicine that's a wonderful in that case it's not too much trouble would you be able to spare some for our soldiers in the castle there's no medicine she's kind of pretty is there something you want there is i need a favor from you i heard you were going to the shrine so i thought this would be my only chance to ask a favor too actually of course there was a knight by the name of garland who said well let's go see him how to stop it and restart it because it's still clearly going six thousand bit rate if you could should be coming i would be grateful for him look we don't have time i mean it looks fine i understand it doesn't look slow or anything like that maybe like when you when you stretch it out like on a tv or a monitor it's going to look terrible he towered over the eyes cut scene i'll fix it even so i have to stop it and then restart always warm i have a 20 second window so it should be fine perhaps 10 years ago that's when with this cut scene over here watch this cutscene be an hour seems just like yesterday not the minister not my father they say thank you roscoe much appreciated bro thanks for sharing it [Music] as you wish we'll see what we can do about yours yeah so we running three players me ricky auggie she's here she's quiet but she's here jack wait the other favor [Music] come back safe and soon may the crystal's blessing be with you can we leave sarah oh oh you're still talking like we wanna battle [Music] the princess can just walk around like this normally i mean she do have guards but still ah your crystal vibrating too yeah weird forget it we need to focus dude like big eminem it's going to be a long day let's get some rest hi my name is who my name is he says machine i can't stop seeing that now hey jack just the guy i wanted to see i heard you're off to the shrine tomorrow why don't you spend the night here yeah great come on in all right i'm trying to get to like a spot where i could stop for a second they just constant cutscenes man news of your departure will soon spread and failure will leave a stain on the king's reputation bear this in mind travel northwest and you will reach the chaos shrine oh that looks pretty cool go with the crystals blessing let me stop for a second please paul's menu all i think it is it's loading there we go all right we completed something in ohio did that uh let me uh stop this for a second and start up again should be good now i had to restart it guys because i actually had the wrong bitrate on and yeah it should be good now our main mission losing journeys and this mission is now available all right so i guess we just start our multiplayer from this part start to open the game you can talk to initiate a conversation braveheart it must be the dlc yeah with your shield also the oc rebellion dlc i'm not sure if i lost my team i don't hear anybody hold on you're still here okay good you're good all right so uh let me know if my mic cuts out where are we going the chaos ryan yes we're going first or we're going to the desperate struggle let's complete it let's do it first we're going here uh dog cheese edit party someone's in the background uh reserve ass jet that's all we have um yet all right so how do you make a room uh you know just let me pick my mission but it just says oh online right here okay sorry multiplayer plays a game that lets you challenge missions alongside other players player who creates a player boom host [Music] something's in the uh background i'm not sure that it is it's like buzzing once all players in a room already select mission all right no most player you can use preset i i just do this i'm gonna play all right let's create this room specify admission no play style anyone anyone password so i guess to make it private we have to uh put a password in okay right now only people y'all have are ash and jets you gotta run with those guys all right i'll take ash all right uh i'll get probably like jet anyway yeah that password password can be uh just one two three four five easy you got plenty of time before someone tried to snipe the stream and jump in and take your spot you'll be inside all right so i'll send it to you guys um don't invite you guys or you just gotta find it oh i can invite this one there we go oh you give me give me an option to invite there we go dark souls games usually don't have that that's good they put that in there also disappointing because out of the ring that the way you do multiplayer on that which is so annoying i'm glad this is different well it's dark souls yeah so it's like uh soap stone flying certainly and i hate those games i did about auto ring that makes it a lot more enjoyable yeah is if you're like playing alone and like like when like dark souls won you couldn't play offline exactly well you so um oh quick question were you able to pick who you wanted to play as or just made you choose someone it just made me join so she's ash and i'm dead oh it's probably depending on who comes fast enough yeah we can do this i think you have to pick our gear too uh yeah right now i have the option do that if you want you guys can jump out real quick and i invite you one at a time so you can get who you want um i'm alright i'll just play jed i'm pretty sure everybody fights the same as that's all i think about the character all right all right guys ready whenever you feel like it give these guys a show oh man dude now i won't be getting tore up by myself i got people to die with me maybe you was laughing at me during that live stream crawling yeah payback time them goblins gonna be walking over you on the ground oh more cutscenes all right i try to be quiet during cutscenes at least so they can uh you know understand what's going on and then we can converse during the combat yo what's up mike what's up bro mike i know you're getting this right you have to that's lying around looks like chaos has been waiting for us you're gonna make us go in there and find you i guess we'll just show ourselves in yeah three player co-op mic and much you can you choose your party and when your friends join they play as any uh party members and your stats and everything you acquire leveling carries back over to your game too so you won't really lose anything or you know let's do it oh man time to kill him i'll get her a big man she like him that's all he's our bad girl he's our background wait a second the audio again ah stop matching dude this is the area from the trial so i can get my revenge what's this what's this uh resonance left be our i mean let's take my stick me are you rolling again whoa oh there we go oh my god he hit me with a rock i'm gonna kill him dude hey i leveled up ah this is the cake part oh crap oh get him off me get out krillin ah stop action do it feel so good and do that i love it off to a good start thank you mike uh it's a group of people who constantly doing that spam announcements i'm glad you were here to let it smack down you know oh do we have stamina i didn't see this is me okay i'm not trying to quit oh equip settings do i have anything in my clip no i'll probably can't do it at the moment so we can't quit while we're out here there's one down there let's take it down just say uh switching well we're not switching because we have everybody hold on i'm foreign open all these enemies staggering yeah we know about that already the monster just popped out of that one i don't know which one are you huge i can't see him something's making a lot of noise in the background i can't hear you guys come on why'd you just not let me cross the screen like that oh i almost forgot the block i think you can't punch me across the street all right i think we gotta run the handling of this thing right here i remember correctly nice one jack now let's see what secrets this place is hiding yo is there a way to um all right sorry i was uh fixing my mic okay i know what it was just like somebody's getting trapped in a fan or something yeah probably i saw i was saying earlier about probably cut out like i've been having like audio issues and uh like background issues suddenly you know i was like i have like a weird static thing i'm like i think i dropped it too much you know my mic is uh wireless okay where's everybody i'm gonna know how i'm freaking out so i'm like i'm taking out my stuff uh we picked up better gear okay let me switch my gear hit start and go to um i see his room settings oh move over to battle settings yeah you got to move over to the lb the battle setting okay and then you got like your gear that you pick up okay i think this is all for like your party like if we like after the mission this will all be free you want to set your office like anything we get we can carry to our own world probably yeah but this is probably for you no no our everything is everything you have is for you like would i when i picked up you still was able to pick your owner up oh wait a minute oh i got blew up well you guys are getting jammed up i don't know if that is the enemy all right this one is a much better damage i need some backup oh don't forget we all got the rebellion stuff in the dlc's i know all right yeah i need some backup i don't know what this thing is yeah i'm putting all this on he's like thinking about that oh he's a bomb wait are you mike be careful run come on run run you know okay all right next oh man i'm pimped out i'll get back up there we go where am i oh yeah that oh yeah i've been seeing them a lot in your stream too i don't know where they came from yup it was a guy talking about naked girls whatever oh that's uh it's like some type of spot right [ __ ] things yeah how do i get up there rob the stairs the stairs is broken i get stuck or something no just turn around all right hold on i can get you oh there it is it was like kind of covered i think she ran by herself nothing away right now that's you i'm coming wait so what's this red thing over here oh that is you yeah how'd you get up there i don't know i found a chest and you know i found a chest that's all i'm saying i'm not equipped in more stuff i i found better gloves and stuff like that guys thanks for uh joining us in our little three player thing here thanks for all watching and thanks for liking all that good stuff uh all right i see i guess we don't change our clothes though we get stats my clothes changed my clothes in my sword mines are still the same oh it's probably just it's probably just for him okay i mean she's using the uh the great sword like i can see that that dlc gracer she's using yeah so like you guys open something over here left a sword there and i was able to pick that up so yeah we definitely all get our own stuff this will be a breeze that watch out for that thing that thing hate that thing man i remember fighting that thing and uh backing up what i'm saying what's going on here oh okay okay big man why you on the ground i swear when i'm dead goodbye oh it's got backstabs and everything in this game okay yo oh my gosh she's out there by herself you ran up yeah about to uh ain't if you can go for backstabs and go for backstabs you can guys still shoot his stuff so wait we can fight the door doors like the tutorial yeah it's a goblin goblin back up well i see him [Music] this guy shoot me i can't see cuz i'm locked on the stupid wow and i dropped come on dude here we go i was locked on the stupid goblin oh my god man these [Music] ah ought to go no we can cut this way you're the host what's the game plan oh we can go around yes all right nice let's go let's we're going to trail that critical in there boom there we go oh come on that's a fire dude again oh man that's it that's it goodbye all right okay start swinging don't think about it goodbye big man oh my god dual blazer oh good we ain't done ah what i'm talking about i got another potion we're good how do you like that they call me rin to the [Applause] we uh i'm switching my gear i got we got a lot of gear during that run so yeah i'm gonna check my stuff better let's see we got i don't know if there's is better my rebellion could have things in level 20 but you never know nothing's better than that it's that dlc thing i got some head gear though yeah but they all see games i mean like when they release stuff like you like pre-order bonus and stuff like that right it's the best thing there's usually the uh you know the stuff to help you off with the beginning again they don't carry you all the way through there and then a headband man daniel son i got some pale greens i want to change my i want to see what i gotta look like i can't see it okay twilight let it twilight saga outfit we going uh yeah it's better than what i got some bracers come on mike let's see if we have we'll get you in on this too man man you going we ain't playing i never play uh i haven't seen you since watching me among us i think i'll rock what i got cause hello wait wait wait wait wait wait maybe not yeah i'll keep those braces i have uh oh i got some boots why not why not let's do it i got all these damn yo man i got on bowling shoes yo you bout to go bowling those cubes better not forget where it is this is our savings gotta open the chest oh we got safe we got checkpoints too oh yeah hook us up the queues uh restore your hp mp and revive oh so also boy it revives anybody who's who was like unconscious down yeah okay nice we don't have no posters i'm already loving this game i might be pretty deep in this i don't want to hurt oh we're not going that way what's this i have to get through those flames man i put a mace in battle settings is job tied to weapon uh not sure yet all right all the heavier weapons are like great swords and stuff like that see um so how do i switch to is it a backup weapon or lightbringer uh i don't even know if i got one honestly oh wait i cannot quit wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait yeah i don't even have one yeah so i guess i gotta kill something and find one it's telling me to put this up with my current job yeah oh i see it why i see it now yes you just uh you can switch between weapons okay so i just got a sword from like a sword and shield type thing but i can't use the club okay so maybe you have to squish your party members jobs oh and look at this i got a strong mage which is uh before i take that a hammer okay also each class got their own stuff pretty much yeah that's what happened so i can't use it because i'm a swordsman in the uh what's his face i'm using it hope we don't strip mother you can't switch jobs may come back hey you can't all right so go back to my sword then all right let's be um just one person switching to a mage and we don't all have to do it all right no i'm not doing it i'm just trying to figure out why i want to use those i didn't mean to do that oh my god i can't equip my current job um we just gotta we didn't even start looking yet oh there's a door right here yeah yeah we're probably gonna come back around magic water magic we're gonna come back to this okay so that's why they dropped the mix no we picked up the mix we gotta figure out what do you quit uh did you switch to your jobs with the the cube thing oh yeah okay you can so yeah somebody turned into amazing and used like water if you hit rt and open up the tabs and then you can pick you use your skills to pick like mage i see but we need job points i think someone can't get a job i have two job points for only swordsmen though so that means here we go okay uh i don't care about being a duelist yeah all i have is duelists and swordsmen yeah we need job points but how do we maybe they gave us like water bombs or something something this is all i'm saying there's a door right here i'll go to this door yeah i think maybe i went there first and then i came back this way that could have been that all right yeah oh come on over here all right well also spray sword too a lot better that way he's down get him oh it's funny how he just picks him up he's already swinging it that's funny why there's so many of these things [Music] oh that worked i got fired he did yep right there mess them up i'll give him a chance to pick people up oh wait a second dude we went back we split up where are you i'm still here but we didn't go to a new door this is like back to the main hall we were at it brought us around yeah a shortcut well not a shortcut but um all right it's a shortcut because in dark soul games when they do that it's a shortcut so that way if you die you can come back from you know faster don't worry open up a door that way help us again help me again uh i might just watch i got some better armor and stuff hold on i don't think i got anything oh i got me some level four maps and job affinities about what protector castle oh so mike you're not working at that job no more mike you left it i see we got here i like bracers this is like oh mike don't have it okay yeah [ __ ] you get it man i know you know a lot about final fantasy explain to me what the hell is that mike's on playstation i think it's not cosplay it's just platform restrictions yeah platform restricted oh man that's crazy he said don't play games with the d all right who's gonna put this fire out we need water so until we find an enemy who could shoot water or something out there and go that way i don't have a mace he said just change it to the mason i haven't played this like in a year so i don't even remember how to how i did that i switched it to the maze but i can't do it because it tell me i can't use the weapon because of my job like if i go to a club i can't use the weapon because of my job and i also have to invest in like is it like dark souls where you can invest into a uh i don't even have a mace i figured what i did job on like you know or certain skills on a certain three no i'm looking i'm asking questions i can look at it i'm like i'm not playing the game real quick yeah this this is don't want to be stuck here beginning the game yeah i'm checking out hold on so uh where do you get this mace from because i definitely don't have one uh someone's watching that he knows i have one already so i'm checking it now okay okay you have one oh you have one all right yeah i have a mace but i can't use it yeah i picked up my machine do i have it equipped yeah so you got one you got the hermit club too yeah is that it yeah it's called the hermit club i'm on my um let me see hold on oh okay yeah okay i found he got it you gotta say you got a horror key man come on now ah the way he grabbed it is you're so crazy [Laughter] it's like you're grabbing a teddy bear or something now you remember what you do the big boss dude after you after he get his hands on man he just got the mitts that's what he got crazy yeah you like the choke slam stuff he just slams it throw it across the room you're gonna run against some uh weird wolf things too everywhere correctly from that trial i did you're almost there can you jump and there's no you can't jump right we just i think those little whoop things down here up there they go knock them down let's knock it down where you at i'll back you up chase me you're chasing behind you there we go ah goodbye it oh take it and knock them down that's how we can travel around take it i'm falling down on purpose up there you crazy down here yeah i'll be down there just give me a second i'll i'm about to be down there just hold on lightbringer let's do it oh yeah who was someone what i'm stuck no oh what to say get him let's work it got him and he ripped his mouth oh my god it's nasty sick game you oh he did not just blow me up like that he must be the big daddy oh god turn him around throw him up got your back here i come yeah [Music] let's go we are eating my friends mike did you play that demo for this yet it carries over to the full game so if you ever do buy the full game you at least have like uh something to work with uh all right i guess i grabbed everything down no i didn't oh yeah you said you had a chest right because i think arlo is different yeah you'll see the stuff hanging out oh will you jump down with that uh that pillar whatever it was yeah he was taking you to the other side damage but there's a stair set right here yeah i see it's a stair set right here i can probably get more stuff okay i'm up here with saint joe are gonna go right back up this is where we came in no that's not the mom burger this chest really definitely came in i'm so glad this don't have standing like uh neal yeah i know we're still running we really really got wrecked ambush you and your critical damage right there you said we've been kid uh sucks this ain't no make believe that john morrison your eyes and see too much wasted time little gestures no one wrestler i hate it but i had a really good theme song oh jack swagger [Laughter] he's i'll bring you to your knees get down on your knees on your knees oh man i'm coming up now i don't power my dude up so i'm hoping like the stuff we have we can like destroy it from materials or something tell it well we don't think itself should be able to if it's uh if it's more like neo than dark souls you should definitely scrap it for something here we come scrapping off open that door what is this so we've come full circle huh oh i'm really good go back down here full circle but man i don't remember these blue lights earlier let's go down here hello real quick you see that down there i'm putting this ladder down so you go down there and hell up and i see it coming up now this will make things easy see if every final fantasy was actually you know action style i can rock with it there we go power me like i'm not like i can't do the turn base man turn base be killing me yeah the only turn base game you actually enjoyed was like one of the persona games right was it three or four yeah i love persona three and four here we go and you know obviously even though it doesn't really count as a japanese or you know a technology rpg more people don't like to because they're bad at math pokemon better man lancers oh we shooting stuff oh wait a minute she run up there by herself all right i got him covered let's go this will be a breeze rod favorite scissors what no no you buzz away yeah choke slam them use your auggie you gotta hate hints out here kill him i [Music] okay so when you absorb the uh the specials from like the enemies like when you like take a fireball or something yeah you got a certain amount of users i can't use mine anymore just like hearing me from the screen yo we just damaging stuff whoa mess them up that's how you feel the choke slam i can't get the jokes with i'm just so glad this game was way better than a dumbo man because that was a shame yeah man let me try that demo out y'all i think it uh carries like you can do a few story missions inside missions it's not too beefy but you can actually got pretty far on it oh he put the demo he got really yeah he you know because he played a demo and he made me play the demo he got like farther than you like when you stopped at the ball yeah bam kept going bam went like another area or two oh nice and then i played it now you should tell me you should tell me he wanted this if i know that i could have requested another one i didn't know i wasn't because no because what you said earlier remember he was like i don't like really keep asking him like when i asked in the beginning is easier but it's like when you ask and then wait times and acts and when it kind of like you're being a pest you know so you definitely keep that i definitely don't want to uh anger the ones that feed you you know yeah i know because imagine two copies of this that have been 180 without tax yeah but that's what i'm saying with the locks like that's great yeah whoa you mother oh what the hell i actually just want that no what is i'm gonna lose the bats oh my god losing to the bat moves into a bed all right uh i got your back i'm coming did you kill him yeah i killed it i need some backup i got two goblins on me oh my god [Music] people come here give me that thank you early is coming down tonight there's too much going on over there that stupid thing is bringing more things bringing them out that's what i said somebody gotta kill the enemies here we go i got another one down give me that it's about he just looks like a million we take towers down where we go yes it's crazy to be this strong in the beginning honestly we are wrecking them oh other goblins turn around already edgy banner foods for being bad this will take us straight to the top i don't think i'm gonna find anything better than my sword though the better that's where we got this oh no it's the beginning yeah so it's gonna help you all the way out until like you know the middle of the game about be good with the uh that dlc stuff yeah man i definitely wish uh uh i knew he was into it i definitely wouldn't try to hook him up um because we both didn't know it even dropped today that was the crazy part he forgot about and i forgot about it oh that's crazy oh why this i i don't even have these equip but it like takes away stuff those pants i mean those pants are put on like they don't have no positive effects the trash and i'm not even wearing anything oh it's class-based like oh i see what you mean you're right no but this one right here i have the right job for that it just laying me to smackdown all right we're cool we're cool yeah they're gravy because uh pay attention to the color of like the um the items it's uh using that rarity system like how neo does like if something's gold is really good purple is even better etc don't worry i'm selling all of it that's all everything if we can i don't even know they better let me sell cancel my actions oh okay that's why i stopped hit x button all right let's see that was about because they were saying hit x so i hit x i thought it was like a command for something and the bat just kept tackling me i wish we'll be going i'll be opening up that right come on up the tower yeah i ran backwards i was checking oh i always had a question for ag2 aj do you like use agent because you're really good way like it's asian man and king of fighters i see some cubes over there give me that achievement because i'm a secret power let's see power color her a invite she left the party again you got chest right here well this is probably throwing her out let me see yeah there she's back all right all right let's open this door hold on open the door imagine we live in time to have this gigantic oh this good this room i've ever been okay maybe not okay maybe not oh man all right well somebody he'll take us all there oh he does i'm trying to okay that's what it doesn't teleport us oh he said he said this is a main art of fighting human king fighters or my team okay nice not because i like ag2 but like i can't use as much as i love aj i cannot use them yeah that's why he's not that popular because he's not easy to use you know fans are they can't learn they have to learn they won't use the character yeah uh let me get a bus through this door right here i'm just thinking about what the heck all right hold on i'm trying to like get my weapons ready yeah i want to switch don't worry i'm not pulling the augie she right here by herself i think i'm going to be doing some mage that's what i'm thinking [Music] all this clothes is whack man i don't wait so since they have classes in the game do they have the ninja class then oh that i'm not sure it would be cool though this probably the best one but i'm gonna get hit by i'm gonna wait for a bit before i start messing with this here we go i'm ready it's uh i'm not digging it man let's open this bad boy all right this door man or monster hunters i definitely want to play this oh what's that smoke something coming out of that no maybe all right there's two doors i'll roll through what to say we're going to the left it's like doors everywhere hold on don't go that big door yet your host so that that monster is okay no that's what that guy is like yeah we're not going there yeah trying yeah i'm trying to level some more let me see one of these doors we can open up and it seemed like a big dog in here or something if i remember correctly it was a while ago here we go wait that chest might be it's most like an m oh bring it on it's not cool for me i gotta oh no it's not gonna be paying attention we're good let's come behind us we acquired the key to the fates door let's do it okay here we go and look ambush i told you oh he's dead get him monkeys thank you oh i gotta get out of here yo this dude is the coolest character he's just slamming everything oh what the heck the skull man come from he grabbed me wow what's going on he's gonna grab me [Laughter] because he did it i was like um he was rocking and he parried me so then i was waiting i thought he was still blocking but he was like charging up and he grabbed me and slammed me on the ground that's crazy i think this door here got that big thing yeah it's the door all right there he is where is this little goblin dude yeah that's not a weakness the damage he did yeah he must be an abnormal enemy y'all remember well i'm not sure how far you got yo i'm using my mp to just pass the rub out i'm sure we got him because he's kicking us over here with his intros got him come here he got a big head too get out of here go back to the basement that achievement oh yeah lantern smasher yeah they changed it up when i was playing the trial it was like some big dog thing in here it was that big yeah it was that big though i remember that big old dog thing and it was trashing me to oblivion beyond i'll admit that no but guess what i raged though so i win [Laughter] all right it's out of there that's one way to look at it man there's one way to look at it yeah load your god can do it so can you try to get me out of here everything's trying to take my i guess magic defense is just an issue some uh well yeah it might be class like since this class basis you know my classes my other other classes might sell uh you know where all the classes like well i don't like this oh i'm telling you i'm able to sell this stuff i'ma have so much oh money i'm not lose my agility to stop that all the loot we pick up oh the weapons are still terrible man you look man you be stealing all the money you gotta ask yourself what are you ready yeah good to go yo let's go uh save first we open that door oh of course so i'm not trying to get i have a feeling we're gonna be uh using what a dude is picking up somebody it's back there isn't it straight back uh oh this this this one oh this door here oh that way it's closed i don't see that that was closed oh you know how it is like what's lame right like uh what's it called so so we go back in here those skeletons might be there again yeah all right friends again that's all your fault come here give me the head don't know what they're dealing with oh he blocking oh you trying to block these stupid bats probably out here again man run past them and open the ball store you should be able to do that me and auggie will cover you ryan life man i ain't afraid of hobbies cover him while he opens the ball store martin open this big door chicken arsenal try to like when the cut scene played let's let that thing play all right so you can see that here we go oh look we ain't wrong right here that happens in every anime every video game is always a crazy fighter steps you gotta run and get to the boss what's he weak against again i don't know man can't was it was that war i don't know remember i almost beat him so many times so many times i forget what i was using i know mike mike knows right mike what is a garland week again there's a chest over here too just let you guys know i'm over here all right well i got level 7 great so i might want to use that i'm a swordsman and a mage so i'll keep what i got everybody gets that way if i find out he's weak too we can i can cast while y'all uh attack them cuz oh you know i'm getting in there ready open that door oh we going in here we go can't see i think it's water i want to see this water is either water fire or lightning he sit up there like he cool like he like he can't be never touched he better enough damn right and who are you oh mike i was asking what is going on here to kill chaos the prophecies i'm playing so i can cast and help them out i've been waiting for this guy for half a year so you thought that was funny it's scarlet no i have to become chaos this definitely ain't bout to be some i make-believe he was asking for his weakness mike but don't worry worry about that caico i'm gonna wait for this guy half a year that's all y'all be careful again just do that you got a certain way you do things yeah you gotta get used to the pattern the attacking me use that block button to augie fire water there we go work him knock down the top get it i got something forward oh we blocking wait a second remember he got [ __ ] pain under there oh man hit me so this is what that was whoa well cover keep it alive this guy no watch out be careful oh i am helping here [Music] [Applause] that's in every game okay so he's not no because remember in the demo he was weak to something i don't remember what it was i think it was water but the water was messing him up good posture damage on the water what the oh my god that's a girl wait my crystal it's her yeah just like before mine's going crazy i'm neon and not chaos guess i was right huh feels like there's a story behind that my allies and i set out to rid the land of chaos but the journey took its toll one by one we fell until only i remained it was then that i finally realized the truth chaos isn't a man or a monster chaos is just a fairy tale the darkness the beasts this despair that eats away at people's hearts it's easy to blame a single thing for all of that it gives people hope to think the world can be saved with a single heroic deed even if it's never that simple so i decided to become a sacrifice i offered myself to the darkness and prayed to become chaos hoping some band of heroes would defeat me and thus bring an end to this empty dream hey what's up [ __ ] oh wow oh you're seeing a make believe with him hey what's up what's up bro what was the music oh oh my god it's my phone throw it in the room launch it he's out there i can feel him i just have to keep looking i'll find him all right so i guess she's on our team now i'm coming too she is there's you aggie when darkness unveils the world four warriors of light shall come and i only count three of you we don't need someone whose heart's not in it then show me chaos do that and i might even start to respect you deal easy the broke hole is that easy like no no trials and tribulations better get back to the castle wouldn't want to disappoint our patrons anyway whatever so ivy do you want that character you will enter a story event from this point lord leaving leaving room and continue in soul play all right it's throwing us out for a second i guess doing these force cut scenes and then we go back to the mission we can do it uh we jump in every time i guess from there all right i got a few things here got some animal shark mission main mission and memories is not available that's the only thing we have yeah you got into a cut scene yeah go gotta go to this main mission place it threw us all out temporarily for this so yeah sit back and chill watch the cut scene oh i don't got a cut scene what do you mean i had to go i guess i don't take the area progresses to your story no you have to when you go back to the wow mission screen so this is what the city's like i'd forgotten looks like you're as forgetful as the rest of us am i i guess so we're forgetting things all the time i guess it's the price we have to pay for this strength attachments to this world will just make it harder to do our duty it's a mercy to forget a mercy huh it was mercy someone or something must have decided to make it this way who was it it's me i forgot [Music] hey neon when did you first come here huh 10 years ago although it seems just like yesterday [Music] okay i told the uh it threw us out on purpose for this cutscene yeah it's the end of the mission that about covers it um so the throne was empty or perhaps i told the person you know i'll be doing something in between these hours yeah and they didn't get my text today was i'm sorry so i'd go drop some off okay do you also bear a crystal what do we have to do for all three of us or yes four warriors four crystals still black as pitch though warriors of light are before us make sure my phone is vibrating this is your right oh no that musical cut my phone in its entirety there's more when darkness veils the world four warriors of light shall come if they cannot gather the shards of light the darkness will consume i won't have any more interruptions for tonight so someone else this land stops my heart you know fire i'll give some not so nice words the darkness corrupting them causes fires to rage winds to die seized to languish and earth to decay the people are lost and scarce little light remains in their hearts they just kind of remind you that chick from uh oh sh are you still watching someone wants to do something about the darkness indeed will you accept what about chaos rekindle the light of the crystals and you shall win the right claim you've slain chaos will that not save your pride what are you saying that chaos doesn't exist hmm chaos is only a tale passed down from our forebears to give the people hope hope that by slaying the beast in his lair peace will be restored you will not find him [Music] however the seeds of a new hope have been planted here now i hope we can see yes i hope we can believe in jack ash jed neon deliver this world from the clutches of darkness [Music] well then if you'll come with me [Music] do you remember that girl character from near automotive republican that's what i was just saying i was going to say that but i didn't want to talk over the cutscene kind of all right so now i'm sitting here back at the uh the castle this court this king cornelia guy he was actually in the first fantasy game um think this up all right let's talk to this guy real quick his little uh worshiper whatever they call him your first test the guy in front of him which can be reached after crossing into the northern continent son the town's mayor should have information on the crystal's whereabouts so i guess we're going back into town now yeah it's giving me the marker there i had to skip my cutscene because i forgot i was gonna make it back up in time anywhere i hope this game has probably known i'm so glad we beat that guy i've been waiting for him for a long time in first try too well he got he got jumped destroyed him but because i wasn't really him so i guarantee you would fire a real one later down somewhere minister paid your room for the night so why not get some rest hmm i was hoping you'd say that all right so what i'm gonna do now invite you guys one by one so you can get the characters you want i think aggie wants the girl okay i'm sticking with the guy i'm using already ash that's what i want to use anyway but make sure you might have to put her in your party so aggie can use her yeah i might just switch her out take out uh jed right his name jet yeah take out jed and put on kind of her face but like her hair and her outfit yeah all right here we go it's funny how we get to complete it for a cut scene all right new mission dawn of a new journey is now available all right uh [Music] wait a second how do we uh oh i don't think i can't do multiplayer yet yeah oh yeah just saying man yeah cornelia that's it so i gotta go to this bridge first spread to the cut scene mission all right all right yeah i'll go what you doing that's always think it's probably gonna be the monster thing we have to like keep up with each other and so their quest to begin [Music] you can be far no but still play with anybody because i was going to say probably the monster and they went to the same mission like four times and then at the first and the horse watch all the cutscenes and that crap is annoying the crystals that once long ago held the light that shone so brilliantly the time for their journey had come the time to cast off the veil of darkness and bring the world once more into light and that's why they always do stand on the edge that's like in the first one so you said this is a new interpretation in my email it said it was a prequel i don't know what to go by honestly because this these are definitely the same but the characters are pretty much what you make up in the first few games i think four was the first one actually had like legit characters first three you name them you do all that stuff so this uh yeah because that's what bam was saying and he knows more about final fantasy than i do that's why i asked them was it like a retelling like how they like a remake or uh you know what's his face uh prequel you said it was a prequel so you know or not because it's team ninja's version but you never know yeah but the email said prequel so i don't know either way it's still a good game though oh this game is solid like i can't wait to like late game because i want to see how that's gonna go i bet you late game when like new game plus is crazy [Music] how about looking at it like that you're from the castle aren't you that's right i throw hands keep looking at me like that what happened to him hey yo for and he never came back you're blaming the wrong people kid the king might have given your father the waters but it was chaos that did the deed yeah but hey we're here to make sure that never happens again for all the kids like you who have lost someone for all of cornelia say something jack where's mayor stone he's dead too captain bicky looks after us now captain yeah he lives in that cave damn ain't no way he live in a cave y'all i'm telling that right now he ran away too that he said no sort of trap we came with goblins all right the journey begins is available select missions okay are there any side missions we get any of those yet all right so online is back okay i guess uh let's give me the option to uh oh no we got a couple side missions yeah we got a good amount we can mess around with this tutorial great source daggers knuckles and stuff like that i'll do that with my free talks i definitely know how to use each weapon begins oh so we got a side mission as our memories we'll do that one first all right you set up then all right oh the thing is it didn't let me uh select my teammates uh it should be maybe it's the main menu yeah edit parties yeah it should be a main menu let's start all right uh so uh take a show what do you say you want to jitter ash i want to use ash that's the big guy you want him right oh no i wanna use jack jack okay uh dude her level was 10 neon well i guess it changes when you guys jump in i'm just i'm gonna uh say aggie in first and she'll get that character and then i'm uh then yours right behind her argue let me know when you get it so i can sing his right away that's crazy man it's hot outside all right i want to put [Music] oh she's level eight already i'm seven there we go let's do it all right join i like this game i play this a lot yeah oh my god i can't wait to see the harder stuff that we can do can't select missions room settings oh we can't pick our stuff until we get in the game okay oh my god what is up with these weirdos where is didn't they like stop him from commenting it's like i'm not sure the same guy with different thingies or was like certain type of bots but remember the boss going to twitch too so it must be like something producing these bots okay we're ready whenever you are hey i just happened to look down trying to see what mike was saying i just seen like hot naked ladies here or something what the hell am i talking about mike got it good yeah when those things come in here you can tell they all look the same it says naked hd a little weird green check band them instantly please so i mean you guys are already doing that but yeah oh here we go this will be a walk in the park oh come on but watch yourselves i like that bgm oh cool is she little background i got a little she is you know this setting reminds me of like for just i don't know out of complete blue hello were we already here reminds me of one song you sent me but uh that k-pop band was outside castle or something oh h.o.t yeah it's my group man i better start singing you just started something for you why dodge like so slow oh he must be the dad because he has the most hp i back up and uh my magic okay buddy got something good against him keep him there keep in there here we go what did you call real cake oh i thought i had them all what's a big goodbye [Music] yeah i was trying to hurry up and cast it but like castings on like a timer type thing yeah so maybe there's like certain deals where i can make my uh magica here we go back the rematch what's the matter final fantasy i forget the magic in this game that's what it's called or something some stuff like that there we go one dog down got it don't get him right oh i still got him careful oh he did it again get you another one oh we'll kill him here what's up i need some back up need some backup yeah he messed me up over here i got you here i'm stuck oh wait guys oh he grabbed me again yo he got the joke's name on you no you don't fireball get out you like that all right back i think it's just empty room because all those gates are locked up yes they don't know what's going on with that room across me yeah you should probably take it easy this one already opened down there a great sword again it won't open from this side that door is locked all right so that'll be this door over here more walls come on come on follow me okay i'm down why not stop oh got him i'm in the other room for that guy dude she's punching him you got him yeah she got i'll give you the knuckles man wait wait yeah it's not like supposed to get punched i heard it before i saw it wait a second dude there we go we make a great team what do we have in here [Music] you got a chest looking around oh chest back here probably another trap yep i was right [Music] there we go got one down get down there she tear it up man she got that punching chick a bunch i think i still got the best weapon but remember you get boost if you match them with your uh your clout your current class i'm keeping my other ones back on there better in the knees better masses four levels higher so i use it well i got some mage stuff ah and i'll keep my tail protector get some mage gloves let me give each other stuff [Music] uh move camera equipment details no all right i want to let my uh cause this physical defense and magic go up i'm gonna let my agility dip by too because i don't have to be that fast here we go oh my dude out here look like izzy over assassin's creed here we go some shadow guards are we powering up now this this was you saying no make believe four four oh five four i'm gonna put diesel shadow bottoms maybe ninja bandage up in here i don't want my agility to go down anymore give me something really good that's everything's knocking my agility down man make sure you heal yourself too you're relatively lost yeah i know this i'll do something about that i guess it's gonna be one of these i seem like my clothes change man this is making me mad uh all right i'm an ngo here what let's do it it might be hillary thing down here let's see yeah off the skeleton season party that's how we feel did she just punching through everything turned around she just like uh really got some really really good knuckles she gave him that burn knuckle can we go from anywhere from over here here we go oh yeah i see it why are we going backwards i don't understand this is like the same stage but we gotta work our way through it all right i think you can hear myself go down there all right let's work all right back up and do it i got you i came down wait a minute come here dawg too bad dude she just running through got him little weak in comparison i knew that girl was gonna be strong i had a feeling he said i'm not the the traditional healer i'm gonna make them have to heal punch them all in the face oh i mean i like yelling we go oh oh no god [Music] we'll find one we're doing how low is your health like how many healing items it's super low i got some items but you know i got i got five i bought i got like five there we go yes we found one better give her something to help with you mangy yeah we're good now we're trying to hold off on our uh potions to find one of these oh i haven't up like leveled up anything yet out there working oh no i was getting down but skeletons i gotta watch out goodbye there you go man the heads of pieces all right can we go back now i was in the middle of working yeah go ahead i'm outside you gotta call her out man i'm in the mood that's funny why any better weapons don't have any better weapons damn well am i a swordsman or i'm a sword fighter i didn't mean let me double check before i end up you know doing the wrong class what am i oh wait this isn't a sword this is a club oh is that loose something okay i'm a swordsman good i like the swordsman i'ma rock with that for now yeah i might have to switch my i mean i want to be mage but i didn't know what the club i thought was a sword dude i had like 18 job points i didn't use one of them yeah me either we got to learn how to use them now i know how to use them all we got to learn give me that all right quick require abilities for the battle system you can avoid blah yeah so now we're really about to be op we wasn't messing with none of this stuff it was amount of required to charge that's how i'll give her use knuckles she switched her job yeah actually decreases brake damage taking central guard um what the tight face work worries water take it combo effects it has all kind of abilities that are assigned to a specific spot i'm powered up please mp uh that's too many uh stuff here okay so you don't have to be in order i can just go across the screen and grab what i want splash damage dope are you uh editing your job stuff i just went to a job tree saw this thing right here the job tree and you know do my business no that's what i'm trying now i'm stronger i'ma hurt something no nothing you made me you gotta go to this little floating thing do it there oh you have to oh okay this is the thing i'm gonna give this call so i'm just called the floating thing yeah that makes more sense each job has its own um the job points so you're trying to say you don't agree well i can't put that on yet because i got this like this one piece over here that i need oh you recover mp while casting here we go give me those okay so then reese's magic vulnerability resistances nah i want don't list doors give me take physical damage down for these is it worth it no the russian light bringer i'm on it at least right now it's not worth it magic resistance [ __ ] recovery stamina magic resistance people break damage taken like that one each job has its own abilities right yeah i'm abilities oh i don't want to comment when i level up in the maze won't be and i'll pick it major won't be affected in uh my father do listen et cetera now i got mr command abilities uh rainforest what's that about uh let me pour somewhere decrease the amount of time require the charge okay i did i did get that i just the only one i have yeah in the lightbringer which is uh appreciate correspond stats yeah he's my lightbringer more often i don't really mess with it once again guys thanks for watching man much appreciate it thanks for the likes also too thank you thank you thank you all right so whenever you guys ready to hide and he's right out there waiting for us that's crazy hold on don't go oh i'm not going yeah what it's doing there's a fire head no way yo my weapon remind me of uh like chinese martial art movies we have the swords with the uh little thing at the end oh uh yeah little tails i think what they call them well what they call it yeah let's do it all right i'll uh i'll y'all cover me for skeletons i'll get the house obama i ran into a freaking thing oh he don't know what to do while he's on the ground goodbye got the bombings down don't play with me hey she kicked him through the door turn around just seeing bodies flying oh that was quick oh man i'm already having fun this game it's probably i'll be playing today man this game never played the game with aggie we running through stuff like this what is going on she won't show you this power to send you yeah what's on the right side something over there i'm looking at my i got better boots to put them on okay you got some stuff some bullets oh level 10 boots i like those yeah that's what i was doing i got some level 10 boots and they're better give me those boots man i swear to god they bring my swordsman skill right i don't know i need duelist stuff i don't need sources here yo this one the multiplayer in this game works so well they haven't had any issues yet yeah surprisingly it's not terrible like i'll say i thought it would be like a little bit off because the second row but this thing works like a charm yo i just see that mike he's a hoodie benji that different breed yeah man i'm coming got that assassin creed stuff going on here mike oh man she's just punching stuff all right you gotta keep showing off hey i'm sick of this trying to turn around over there and show her muscles are you over there you see you must whoa look at that look at that um y'all left me waving the bird dog lion thing that's a griffin yeah oh my god oh my god fingers win all right that was an accident but i'll take it thank you oh my god oh you got it that keep getting me killed because like it's a hit b right i hit it but then she activated first and i'm like let's pop it it might be ice oh i don't remember i can play 57 in a while better oh my god all right i'ma wait for y'all come over here help me grip and i'll come back right here on the steps this little bad thing i swear to kill it okay turn the power roll hold on yeah griffin bout to get real wrap him up what is this no i didn't do that he getting lit here we go another power opener man he can fly we think that he grabbed me oh man holy crap you're slaving to the ground wow i just powered up a little bit more damage then come out first it'd be beautiful wow oh my god you're dead yeah i got i got uh [Applause] oh man that's crazy then i i gotta heal i'm out of potions now though i'll handle the fire guy y'all just fight for griffin the fire guy has to die you give him uh what's the name support now oh i got the wrong class i got him oh he's standing by the wing [Applause] give me achievement you stupid because what happened that was the the goal i guess it beat that thing that was the whole mission that was a boss holy crap i thought he was like a really strong yeah he's a boss yeah uh your partners they only play as your well you know your teammates and whatever they have you can't see during you know the co-op but on their own they can see it when they're not playing it yeah he said no he's saying the same thing i might say yeah my armor is not showing on your screen and over my screen i guess because we're in your host world yeah cause you got those characters if you playing by yourself as only the main character gets armor changes like the guy i got jack so when you're playing that's him then yeah all right oh we finished that so i guess the next mission is the main mission number 12. you think we can handle that level 12. we never been up there yet 12 and 13. i'm 12 and 13. you're 20. oh no wait a minute i'm looking at the wrong stuff yeah i think i'm like seven or eight nine maybe the most because because if we need to redo that one we can run back do it to grind some bit yeah cause that griffin messed us up man he wasn't i don't think he was that much stronger enough yeah let's go back to that same mission um that's something good to go let me see something here no because your rebellion you're using the dlc sword right oh you know i might can kick it all right let's go let me um do the main story journey begins got some more stuff in my job trees been a while since i've been here well they have enough though no i don't oh yeah that was a side mission you picked i didn't even think about that what is this oh one thing this game is crazy yeah i already love it it's crazy i've only got like one of them secret like million health boss boss fights uh because uh we're here we're in some planet side area let me see if i got anything we've been walking for a while i'm stuck is this the camera i don't know i don't get majors use clubs and stuff like that or whatever but my clubs are geared towards fighter or like swordsman whatever this thing is sword fighter so do i want to be a sword fire do i want to be a mage he said what i want a bdd physical damage want it's an eight though what's better it was no this has three percent though so i guess i'll keep this oh i can be a sword fighter okay yeah these moves are probably the best uh all right what did what did that will just do again this is the christmas stacks okay so it's good to use that oh i just buffed myself somehow and i don't even i have no idea what this does whole job oh yeah cause i was all right so yeah because i'm level 13. you are uh what yeah that's that stat i was looking at was our uh what's his faces because you usually use the rebellion right that's level 20 swords yeah but next to your name it said rebellion like level oh you mean like your job level or whatever yeah yeah my jawline i think that's what missions are off yeah i think that's what missions are all for we're good then that's gonna work yeah here bet i got level one but i wanna raise up a fighter mages are great elements whoa he just dropped on me hey i can be a certified page now let me try that out oh actually i love the dual blades though but what's this if we can live up every job at whatever point here's something but i don't see nothing here we go goodbye may just use a different weapon now [Music] oh we change our armors basically dude they can hit each other he just shot a fire he burns bro i jump over his attack with my special it's nazim up goodbye he gave us some that little psychic do it [Music] out of my sight you hurt get out of here yeah that's what i'm saying i don't i always want to try getting the final fantasy but it's not like my territory because i don't like turn-based games that much but action games i can do action games all day this is looking like an actress where did we come in from let me know you guys going right away we came from up there so maybe down here so wait let me try something all right come on try the air feels wrong yeah hey i did the smart thing it worked weird smart uh spider web you got ambushes i've had that feeling before oh aggie it's best you need to go back we're going ahead you won't figure it out oh yeah he's back there yeah and right now we need to focus this chest back here that's why i came back hold up stay here suddenly that just get behind that i can't do this i'll wait what do you think we should do there's other sword fighter and mage clubs use the same weapon here we go one of the majors can use something supposed to be around here we're looking for him yeah he probably became he's fired burning he probably became a monster or something things fires my whole uh hurt spiders i mean fire might hurt spiders dude burned it up he was rolling around i don't know probably not cause i did i burnt him off i was just burning a pokemon actor otherwise but he was looking i do but then like final like you know fantasy around like uh rocking stuff like that yeah fires good get them out of here hey you just picked him up and standing right on the ground what class is the house it's the stupid batman yeah no more bats i can learn from this i just like to destroy yourself don't mind me oh so you spot cubes i'll check it out okay so i didn't work uh battle settings oh it's about to be war over there you see that down there they waiting for us wait don't worry i'm not going no way [Music] no way i'm gonna go there in a second this is not right now i got stuff from my job tree you know okay so i get it decreases break damage certainly the successful guard down with that i'm gonna master my uh my swordsman before i mess with any other classes what weapons can i may jews think about it later yeah i'm okay using sword and shield and club and show for um like at least one different one though yeah that's some yeah pokemon thing about no pokemon man i think my monster hunter when i say sword and shield i mean sns mean i think about my freshman oils some power level right here uh no i think i still got better ones yeah i still do i didn't check my clothes here i did oh i didn't i didn't have more yo look this cloak a little crazy the bless vestment keep it i'm wearing though get out of here i know it's for me some other mage uh yeah they waiting for us man they said bring it yeah that's true mike a lot of people like not do game plays they get turned down and they realize the game is turn-based like with the new yakuza everyone was like not everyone but a lot of people were complaining about i went turn-based i didn't care i'm one of those people yeah i do i can't do that that's a strong change well uh zen was it zen doesn't play rpgs but he still enjoyed it too it plays like persona well the newer personas but yeah are y'all ready she just came and stole my finisher i'm sick of her that's why y'all feel ah so we destroyed these dudes oh my god far one girl journey continues he might [ __ ] it up here we'll open this door open the door [Laughter] auggie open the door wait a minute i want you something get them over there we're going to try to do some uh igniting stuff yeah i thought that red barrel would have different oh fire he's weak yeah he beaten it he's weak against the fire not already what the heck yeah yo she she has anger management she's breaking everything she i guess i guess he's one of those all day oh wait a second it's barrels barrels because my shooter never mind what he makes blows earlier maybe it has poison in there or something i don't think they blow up maybe that's that burn give me a job up oh she's in hell make sure you understand you can do that too that's a better defensive option than just rolling or uh just hitting like blocking yeah if you can time our attack and you hit b you'll be able to get something back from him yeah i know oh mike what chrono i don't know i never played i never was a fan of that one i was a big crown trigger guy but i'm gonna play about chrono cross remaster i want to get in play this never was a fan of that one oh i'm never i'm not really a big fan i mean i like a chrono trigger but mike's talking about it did he uh mike did you hear that news about them shut down that really awesome looking remake that uh that fan was making they always do that like why are they why can they just give us that or hire the guy and say hey we pay you for that or something yeah and it was like looking dude i don't even play phone it was looking nice i'm like oh i might have to hop on this and then like you know they found out about it oh yeah guess what season the fifth make sure you switch your weapons for both your jobs too because apparently you have to do that that's kind of annoying aspect but i can do it like your house or preload house all the you know deal with your job or your armors and stuff like that oh yeah use that i don't think i have to switch my stuff twice man here we go i gotta slow down everything for my job tree only two points that's not enough for anything good what's this physical damage dealt oh yeah i need that honestly i think i'm good on the weapons come everything i'm finding is like weak stuff looking really good yeah dude already op we won't get we won't see much strong oh here we go later down the line no i sound better just now here we go let's go too soon we oh uh sword fighter affinity has reached 20 effects acquired sword spider fighters wisdom one okay all right i'm powering up i'm getting there they call me shaggy and i ain't talking about too dope all right let's see i am so confused like do certain oh sometimes they do the dark souls thing yeah they do oh that's annoying here we go take this one get some more all right certain armors only give you one of uh you only wear either like one headpiece or one chest or like legs or something like that yeah like that like even though there's five armor slots like how you're working uh the shadow roll thing now i can't wear the headphones something different it can remove it yeah yeah i took my helmet off i hate games that do that i appreciate that oh looks like we got to go down here and party yadda yadda finally a challenge why would that jump this [ __ ] whoa hell no it backflip kick me oh no be careful all right i don't know another dimension if he can't get them no one can leave me we gotta hit this guy running somebody's made him weak i don't know what that was he's weakening her look at her all right get him get out of there i guess you should it's too small in there got a little bit the all right okay i'm starting to understand this game now a little bit better for their kitty this weekend's earth and i did earth with my sword and my sword and shield attack for the fighter so yeah it's about all right any weaknesses within this uh little tutorial thingy you tell you that after you kill it how about they tell me i have to already figure out the hell whoa there's something in here yo let's get him out maybe we can't open it opening that that's how we open it force okay nevermind that was different i think i'm all about force you look almost disappointed jack battle bottoms 12. let's see what's going on with that let's see what i got ah look at the better clown sword fighter there we go no this cloak though was like legit legit not agreeing with me all right uh without saying that you're gonna make i really wanna watch shaw bros movies and i can't get there off netflix i couldn't even watch goddamn kill bill i was upset i think this then the 30 percent will be two all right i need to help myself i could back up that hill oh yeah mike it was tragic man like look up uh i think it's like chron i think it's chrono cross okay look like chrono falls fan remake and it looks amazing like i was actually looking for i was looking forward to it i don't even play like phone calls i love contributing maybe make that i die happy man i just wanted to remake dragon quest eight that's i was like i got that one they brought it back out for the 3ds i got it but it just hate playing handheld man what's that noise yeah i can't do it either oh wait we can say noise we could do that with every gate we can do that for every gate what d i knocked over the cell oh no they open again every game get them in there and now i'm jumping in why not job experience oh you know i'm coming in there get me in there goodbye step not open what you were doing all right i'll be up there mentally that's why i wasn't before all right so uh do we have like a map we don't have a map do we yo when i get there oh she changed her class okay she got sword and shield all right pokemon oh now you copying me what happened to being the puncher the brawler you supposed to be in there now i'm over there i got some [ __ ] now you [Music] call back [Music] um right now like if you plan on playing this game brother always try to look around because uh oh you know me i'm so used to playing games you gotta explore to find chess come on everywhere come on here we go i got some really good duelist pants i'm not doing this anymore all right going up what's up here we go fight i'm on my way that's what i want huh there we go oh he grabbed him and pushed him across the screen [Music] here with the bats again if they were supposed to be down here yet if we could jump and that'd be different but we can't jump there we go oh we are eating these things get him out of here he grabbed the back yo he started he started shrinking little green dude again yep guitar um goodbye bye-bye ain't green no more you gotta forget me because monster hunter being out don't play final fantasy my son really messed me up man like a guitar like if you hit one of those games and you don't kill it when you hit it or catch it it'll just do the uh like a one-shot like aoe spot like it's just start firing cactus like spikes everywhere and it automatically kills it that's crazy that's called rage worthy right there oh what's over here hey you know this is over here look at these you know what happened i'm over here i'm fighting these guys hey any dark souls fans in the uh in the chat doesn't this area kind of remind you of the place from dark souls 2 with the pirates yeah like it's the big old ship is the cavern y'all getting ready to call always forget yeah it's like a really annoying pirate please yeah right he's flying did i get a katana wait a minute take less damage so i'll grab that i got a katana what class use a katana because that's automatically the class oh i can use anima how do you do that wait a minute oh man i got all this animal shards you can level up with the animatronics you gotta level up with the animal sharks i wasn't even paying i forgot about that i got eight of number them oh nice earn level job points obtainable okay so i found the samurai class and that's what i'm using automatically i just became a beast you look at what i got man look at this oh robbie idea i got me a long sword look at that i got a long sword i see it i got me up here looking like that sword ahead on dinosaurs five empires um let's see yeah it was uh my bad my god it was pretty far back almost like a year ago now almost maybe like eight nine months it was a while ago though but scoring through that season assist like you know ain't really just really just trying to take that one take that one uh let's see [ __ ] trash stuff man like i'm gonna get rid of that cloak yeah i'm gonna give it a clue cause i can't even wear head pieces because i got that thing on i like how it looks though so i'm gonna hold on to it for a little longer and then i'll get rid of it i'll probably get much stronger if i get rid of this depending on how many stats it gives me otherwise [Music] oh mike so you played that game auggie let me know how far you can run all right hello sorry that one's telling me i'm still here uh trying to look oh man see this he gave me too many choices man i got like a million jobs in this damn game i'm just sticking with the one i i'm used to and then oh i just found a gimbal was that yours yeah no the one that's that's what i just picked up there okay he has a gimbal i hate what to like invest into this and then not be like a ninja class comes along later and i can't use that or i want to use that like i'll be like a ninja mage i would love to do that alright uh where we go from here i better go through this way and remember i was telling you the other day about like rubber up and people trying to steal food and stuff yeah they drive still batman food just now yeah they always do that man it sucks so it sounds like 50 50 man left or right [Music] oh wait a minute got it spider you found my black widow nasty i think this was a dead end it definitely was i don't know we can't not get the backstab i'm so confused about that yo whoa everywhere coming up coming up got your back coming up i'm not sure that's her wait where are you working i just ran yeah i got i just wanted to god that's what's twilight yeah i'm actually wearing some right now right so which way do we go i'm about to say yeah i remember somebody came in i could keep dipping off i don't know what the hell we went i'm right next to her i talked you way over there yeah because she walked through i say what had said but she she can't right now she has like things going on that's why i know but you know i know but like that's what that's what she killed the spires i thought she was standing still man she was gone already oh this is the way right here wait fire wait wait wait there might be a bug dude oh wait all right we're good oh what's this [ __ ] time before the monster you know it's part time i'm already in here hate these bats man goodbye got one down done get him out of here what the not me crosstalk and there you go one down one down got one okay now we got the uh water dude whatever this thing is all right thing is just something no it's blue you like a lizard i hate the fact that i'm at the play as eminem during my playthrough oh it was called uh chrono chrono trigger or resurrection i didn't see that i wish i did we have rum look at this place damn it looks nice yeah that's what happened there you go yeah the wharf the blight uh i think it's called black wolf you know what game i liked that only annoyed me only had two player co-op cobain they had at least three players four players oh i love that even more i like cool thing oh i hate that game really i should get down that goes man rudy was rocking that game you got four yeah like i won't play it but like it's supposed to be souls for him but for me it's too easy not like easy in the sense like i play like i play guide here because that's who made it the developer's a guy either yeah yeah oh free slash damage automatically once i started like kicking all the bosses and stuff i was like yeah i can't play this as a dark souls better i can't play it yeah that's too easy for you it was right r speed it just hurts me man yeah this game is y'all speed too we're doing surprise like we haven't even cleaned close to dying yet i mean we got down but like i still got dude the moment we tore that dude up in the beginning that fake chaos person with a girl i knew we was gonna breathe through this game we just kicking stuff laughing right and i wasn't even hungry let's see 12. if right mike i hate that with like every fan make they like any fans that like actually take the time to make something i think should be rewarded in a sense not like you know cease and desist but like even if they just hire them or let them you know get put in for the publishing of the game or the development of the game like anything yeah uh rosie was guilty of that too like a lot because like there's one game i wanted to come out really bad like way before ray re2 remake came out there was a guy who was making i remember that classic ret still got that on pc and capcom season's assisted him hired him and then he didn't get make no decision choices on the development team like why his remake was really successful family happened oh those things are back okay skin real goodbye i'm still eating whoa what the nice recovery i didn't even see that thing came out of nowhere yo what's up yeah he just like pushed me the move i got over there he flew way over there right you did the same thing right because i just did that to the other one i hit him so hard i was running like he did that oh i can't hold no more items so what do we do the items we have because there was no shop did we just throw them away uh wait check your but i'll check your settings and maybe you can probably like um we call that what's that actually let's go back to the sale of that thing that um the bonfire wherever that float thing's called where is it it was back that way wasn't it or maybe we should try all right just push to the next one the next one maybe i'll do the neo rule we have to like scrap it and get stuff for it there should be one coming up oh wait a second this will be a breeze i want to like we can kill him knock them off goodbye what you fighting back back get him good oh you lit him up what i'm talking about it's important i might so you want to do it i'm gonna knock him off [ __ ] me grab me and he splashed me in the face with his nasty spit good job all right there's another tower let's get it this sucker will kill me oh come on man [Music] [Music] we're looking for the crystals we were supposed to find the mayor but i guess he's dead that's the world we live in where people have to turn to pirates for guns pure chaos if you ask me chaos savvy just tell us where the crystals are i don't think he's gonna be a bad guy i think he's gonna be full not to laugh he's the pirates joke [Music] oh we got this long axe you got stones all right yeah we're all in the beginning because he's dodging at the cutscene so he might be gonna attack oh no nothing okay i just can't be too careful man because dark souls is good for stuff like that what the he got hurt attacking us yeah i mean we technically jumping up so oh wait a minute just got annihilated [Music] [Music] oh more virus watch [Music] that's it oh we both did it just get on yeah you got to [ __ ] oh wait a minute that was free holy get your mess out of me careful of course he'll bring his goals oh he grabbed her she's dead [Music] give me that achievement ain't got treatment oh he's going to get back up so much blood i got my sword wrecking these guys okay mike says he's a retelling because he's following the story loosely to him okay there ain't no ships left to plunder a booty left to steal we're getting soft but that fight got my juices flowing cheers i remember the king you want to know about crystals aston says old man this boat will take you right to his doorstep friend of yours no never heard of him where is [Music] that's the difference well it depends on who you ask some say he drank the lifeblood of 50 score at his king some say he made a deal with chaos stories and legends abound what kind of deal you want the truth of it ask him yourself you heard him um so what i'm going to do is because i think i might actually cover more of this i know you're going to play more afterwards so once we stop i'll stop and then when you we play again tomorrow whatever you can just join our world and just be we at so you can you know continue do your own thing and then join up again whenever you want to okay um we're not stopping right now though oh i was like man because i'm still yeah wait no way jose audience with the dark elf got something dark oh about what did it say about dark elf he said mission level 19 you're not 19. huh okay this i'm 19 you are 30. yeah it is it's just like it's like no you haven't even switched your weapon yet yeah i just don't notice that yeah i'm a beast my weapon is still it's like still stronger than everything i found well it's going to be because this is the beginning of the game yeah you need them deluxe edition stuff you're hooking you up he's on level 23 i'm surprised i've been switched my weapons like crazy because every time i find something i want to use i'm using it let me see i think i'm gonna get better put regular stuff back on because it only takes a stamina down in physical defense and the head gear probably fixed that let's see all right so can we sell stuff from here or no did the ammo sharks level you up right yeah i'll hold on to them trash [Laughter] make sure you read the stats because uh a bunch of different armors like like i said is random so like something could be really good but it had like a really bad augment on it basically what was i i was wearing a cloak right i think it was i wish i could see what the hell i'm wearing but i can't i think this is it right here the shadow cloak yeah that's what i was wearing [Music] mike say he's predicted we're going to use the ship gee i don't know man that power is kind of mean maybe ain't gonna let us aboard take stamina down though but it is a good level 16 racer this mustang is okay for now so i'll take that to get the spirit up magic defense up nah it's a level 16. you gotta lose something to gain something it's level 18 they really try to hurt my stamina man like it's it's 18 so else we have here those 17 boots they call them the striders oh strider yeah i got a strider at gators uh physical brake damage all damage dealt plus 0.5 breaker like this on all damage dealt plus magic resistance i'll take this yeah i'm gonna rock with these i'm hoping that like since how this game is set up if there is a new game plus i can like level up oh now i can do the mission enough to do that okay not gonna do the mission uh there's another uh you hosted yes you said level 19 right yeah but i'm strong enough for it now but that's the main story there's another side mission is level 15 let's do that one first he didn't do that yet it just popped up yeah you know come on man you already know i'm the leaver i'm not too much fun i believe you ready aggies hey joe you gotta get this game yo i think if they make this cosplay it's gonna be even crazier they probably won't though oh wait so the captain doesn't give you a ride mike he said the the dark elf he mentioned aston's the dark of which an original gives you a ship and you go fight him so how does he give you a ship to go fight him is that you saying or are you saying something else i'm gonna give you i'm gonna give you something to come beat me up that's what you're saying that's what looking like you can't catch the work man i need you to get me out of here yo this bro that's like covering games like robot words so many licenses so they got a new license band died with this company called liz nick or something like that and they're claiming all my robot war videos let's look like an hour worth it so if i mute it it's going to destroy the video so i just leave it that way we have to beat five pirates yeah how about and you can't you can't challenge it because of how many licenses dispute says are yeah what was i doing i wasn't even fighting properly out here enough with this flame on stuff oh so when i did that uh finisher on the way down it destroyed everything that was around me well it could like keep some damage there we go yeah ah you feel about that no i need to do over hold on i need to do over because i went today all right he'll prepare still over there fighting so neither do you that's it you know weirdly enough this kind of feels like i beat them up to me like i mean i was just more like a slightly bit more challenging beat them up or whatever but like how easy this is going it's like beating them up well i actually got it on normal yeah i have it on normal too but that's what i'm saying like for a game that follows the soul swan man it should be way not like i'm not saying it could be way harder but normally they're way harder yeah they really are these are guys who made neo so you think it would have been harder see anything following us and neo is just i mean neil's at that horrible game he's honestly the four of them oh he's me [Music] oh my god come here you got it oh my god okay you come here my sword is bloody as ever oh [Music] yeah we see your moves get bragging i mean she got right through really did you see that all right my guy put that yeah he would torture him that's crazy first time i did the finish on those things i'll take that did i know uh there's also a death valley drop a driver in this game sean i don't know which enemy does it but you won't get it you gonna mess somebody up that's not here we missed this the first time all right we're going up all right that's crazy legit pushing each other down i thought we would run through each other he's like nah i mean neil does the same thing oh it does man rudy was playing neo part two it was funny he's getting so bad he's on co-op oh she fell off she gonna fight that bat that's that's what she did that was sacrificial for us trying to be greedy fighting in the back we can't help you down there i can bring him up here i mean i didn't fall off what he said you did you fall for my friend yeah get him out of here the territory he goes to pay i haven't yet chilling too what the heck in front of me that's crazy ran through it i mean it's all right feel like she don't care about teamwork today she's doing her own thing i mean right here can you really argue are you trying to pirate yeah just direct him oh okay [Music] oh on oh he did a lot of damage i'm gonna get him hold on i'm gonna get this guy hanging up there i need your help i'm uh stand back you get him knock him down goodbye it's so rare to see a game nowadays like this design like this i have such good combat man these games you have some trash this was that one game this was that one game should have been we were playing it's actually was alright though but it just has some issues uh babylon's fall this one jonathan goodbye oh so good what's this no but to do it ready to try again got some stuff from that but yeah i got me a great sword level 15 even though i'm too too powerful for that okay way there's a little saving spot up here too hello ourselves a little touchdown all right you do that for yeah i don't use my skill points for rolling that's great i love that it teleports us and we don't have to catch up yeah trust me these games do not do that 17 though i don't really want to go backwards oh girl hold on guarantee he's a critical hit i'ma rock with this it's 18 i probably can't surpass that 15 16 yeah i'm gonna keep this the way it is well i can't find better clothes i haven't leveled my major i got 12 points i haven't loaded up my legs in a while let's get this yeah that's why they went mines i had like around there 17. at least a non-elemental attack to a magic attack in front of you that sends enemies flying yeah this sword don't care this sword will carry me for a good bit of the game oh you can unlock new jobs yeah yeah whenever you pick a new weapon i'm gonna roll them right now no from um i guess like my main job it unlocks another one i can unlock a monk right now oh you get them skills too oh no wait wait wait i think one uh mike oh i'm asking mike but i think whenever you level up in final fants like a class that you get down later down the tree you get another class that's the same class but better i got enough what no animation always like is no 30 to the max to cat oh they have pairings i think it might be no i can't hold on that fast right because yeah my duel was turned into uh another class i don't know what to clap a duel is turned into a what oh no i didn't turn it on it's just delicious i didn't give me oh i because i have skill points into it ryerson shockwave oh i want this one okay water damage bonus yeah nothing like all this i get this [ __ ] yeah earth tractor for piglet with your mage oh don't put that this accident oh god achieving unlocked everything in my grid the 50 point savings unlock every panel on the job tree for a single job yeah oh so that means you can live up more than one job at the same time yeah like max that's nice then i'm glad i don't have to be conservative with my points and i'm gonna start just picking stuff i want to use i gotta do this i'm gonna see something i might work on that one hold up no mine's a lot what's the difference between a swordsman and yeah they both use sword and shield oh no swords are swordsmen use greatswords yeah the swordsman fires you sword and [ __ ] okay duelist i'm not sure that's worth messing with i got points for it already i love what yours is unless like if you like road classes then dulles is for you nah i'm not really a room type dude yeah he just said it do it if they follow the system then uh i fell down on your toes oh i felt onto some stuff okay wait a minute oh they back oh they're back again he was the wrong way out oh he jumped on me oh my god hey look at this guy you got a hoodie you know you know oh messing yourself up he can't oh i'll get healthy you all right all right i'm gonna go back up here and touch down this a gankers all right yeah i didn't mean to fall down that was my fault it's all good all right so i think dirty is the maximum here because i don't think i can live up anymore class all right uh i might say maybe not then but maybe per class i don't know what they're weak against that's what i'm wearing he's best right like that we can swim but i'm going to try yeah oh something that flies this weekend's win that's crazy because it's final fantasy it's not like pokemon evac so don't make no damn sense yeah all right you got stuff that's weak against ice i mean that uses ice that's strongest fire but like look against like lightning it's stupid like that aren't i playing ff7 like griffin's ff7 or weekend like i think like um ice but i don't have any ice balls yet alright this goodbye this [ __ ] oh you still can level up oh no my mage leveled up i guess other is level up whatever i got weapons for okay no i think it might be basically actually killer though i don't even have it see that rhyming flash looks like a different skill than the normal uh grapefruit still because when i um when i did that that remember when we was fighting that when we first seen the wolf and i figured out he was weak against earth because i use the earth attack yeah i was on my fighter and i did the uh the earth slam skill for it wrong way them this stupid bit why didn't he turn no this guy there we go frankenstein they go i can get him i got him pick up whatever you can with free leave yeah see because mike says duelist should turn into a rogue that means that it does follow that weird system where if you keep using the class it levels up and turns to a better class okay good in the hood that uh this is aggie are you ready oh you ordered telling us what the diy you little saint joe all right audience with the dark elf you all ready for that dark elf real quick oh you okay to open up my job for you to get expand some more okay oh no i get 18. oh it's going my swordsman disappeared it's not up here in my classes anymore it vanished oh so that means you can't level the opening yeah it's maxed uh duelist i my guess i want all rolling stuff obviously he's duration lightbringer uh my rolling stuff ain't really that good i only have one more running glove i fight her stuff on so i definitely want something else he's a major fighter my major's only level five i ain't messing with that we're good i'll take something normal what's our current levels 15 got some 16 child bombs i'll use those see if i got any better weapons i thought i did i did this time hey i didn't get any any [ __ ] excuse me or anything recently either yeah not really good out there am i getting rid of my car my boots because they have running bonuses on them some keep using them i like that cloak man i know i should get rid of it but it's like a messio oh this has a lot of good but uh oh a lot of good hp strength spirit goes down one magic defense go down two uh there's no attack goes up though and stamina and strength i'm wrong with that why not i hate when you have something like a higher level but then like a lower one has better stats yeah games or especially rpgs always do that oh that's the venom now what does venom do right causes his okay lana to accumulate poison enemy all right let's do it take it that'd be a great skill if i could tell like the timing in this game running job if any i'll take that i may just definitely be moving up in the world though so i definitely use that yo next time oh so you just randomly selected stuff huh me talking the goodness i just realized my drink is going doing it requires major all right so yeah uh some of the perks that the final perks have uh requirements so if i use sword fighter and mage i get to get this final perk right here to give me intellect and spirit well that's a stat bonus but then while i do this oh how's that thing keep coming back and i get the cash now really that [ __ ] hd thingy xyz is back again i wonder if they constantly making new life accounts no what happens is they're just a bunch of bots who have a bunch of default accounts that's what's happening right there it's annoying yeah that's youtube all right i'm uh i'm ready whenever you're ready might lead him down though oh you are oh we already ready to go definitely down well augie was ready she unready what the he was the first one ready oh boy especially if we're like that type of bot will come for your channel like that this ah i've been doing it lately because he came back like four times and well yeah but he's not watching one live stream so he got to be just somewhere putting bots to go after like high ball priorities or something like that just focus on getting to us with your head on your shoulders you poor poor shots keep talking trash part man yeah you bout to get destroyed we already beat him up once beat him up again let's head in come on but watch yourselves oh yeah make sure i don't have better weapons for my mage that's what i wanted to do oh i do oh and i got something maybe just bonuses on it we go upstairs or we go downstairs somebody has like one of those areas there's multiple yeah we could open this door down here so you guys won't go up or straight your host your car the door upstairs already open oh it's the same room oh okay castle like this i bet that's not even the centerpiece i was asked talking when he not saying yeah so downstairs is the legion of enemy over his chest down there so what else there's hold up wait a second what is it like all right does this lead to like i just have a chance yeah we might have uh ambush oh this stuff up here too a chance to ambush yeah drive a chance to answer keep that in [Music] [Music] yeah let's go downstairs then all right i'll catch up i just want to see something all right because we got a skeleton so this goes somewhere i don't know where this door goes here oh we can get back downstairs as well go back downstairs as well oh well i ran all the way back around here yeah well pencil room i'm busting through the back don't worry about to see me and it's some flying thing what is that don't let there give me a window poison i can't tell you oh goodbye harpy that's what it looks like i think harvey's looking guys there's lightning i don't remember [Music] a gigantic leg drop all right so we have to go back upstairs to this part someone's playing piano uh i have no idea mike um he said when we spawned they said the location was western keep i bet this place is filled with secret rooms what is that hidden treasure friend shadow yeah yeah so yeah then this is definitely a retelling of the first game i feel like that's why he's asking hope it's good there's another one down there oh some gold what is that oh got a good shield oh other one that she works i believe he just did that like that a little green you down there starting this stuff kill this thing oh kakatar excuse me yeah then we came from that way so was this this way yeah skeleton we got company hey look the shadow dude they're both in here all right well you get one on the other skeleton's already gone what the teleported surroundings on the shoulder okay last person level 19. [Music] going up on a tuesday all right welcome oh what the did you pick normal mode right well i think it's myself well i guess oh [Music] all yeah so what's in here can we open this too [Music] we need to find something uh save point [Music] whoever's playing piano need to stop [Music] that's oregon yeah we have to go up i can eat better oh better oh i did no i didn't there we go there we go now i feel better i don't think i found any good armor though i don't think i did let's see i finally did 15 17. he's taking my stamina my physical defense down though man it's like my main thing i don't care about spirit like that so trying to build them a certain way [Music] oh there we go we got some trousers we got the bushido pants we got the bushido what's good all right um oh wait a second is that the uh oh so these might be they might actually tell you what jobs pair or what also running swordsman pairs well together and roland has also an alternate boot by itself i think i do that samurai temporary increases mp advanced jobs on the battle settings menu advanced styles you specialize abilities refine the job equipment okay nah still got the old piece all right nothing it's gonna top this for a few oh so that raises mp okay [Music] you see so it should be so dangerous okay mike you got you actually played the first one like that i have all of them but i never really got into them until like i got the uh the pixel remasters on pc you know how to cover them man that was it you should know as long as i know how final fantasy fans are when they play final fantasy they play final fantasy like hardcore i was more of a darker guy guys so like shimmy gummy games for me because once i played those i couldn't play anything that was lighthearted oh something just tried what was that who did it you seen that right yeah i see it i don't know my [ __ ] i ran out i ran let's just behind something yeah i'll get to him kill him hold on what's over here get to all the chest chest there's all this a chest in here yep i got a mountain get moved though so i'll take that i know downstairs oh that's her i thought she was a goblin coming up the line she fit she jumped off the ladder she's wild came here i got me uh level 19 seeing one of those what the affinity for my job yeah we're doing that coming over sidestep this stupid spider this is killing me hitting the select button open these chests i keep hitting other stuff whoa it hit me oh he did he did it i learned he ate me final fantasy players at the playing final fest i'm gonna say after like i always talk to them but my thing with them is like i hate final fantasy i mean i don't hate final fantasy but it's not my type of game but you know just the way they go off about certain things that you say to them here it is stupid flying thing i can't get over there and get it he's hiding man yeah how do we hit him oh i thought i'd just bust through here maybe if i get him let's shoot over here and there we go here we go get the ladder and then jump off the left it didn't work what oh ah oh we'll kill it he just tore us up with that he did man hey oh wait mike knows what a dead man's worth is then mike tell me it's not saying fortress right here what is that i do it again of course he knocked me across the screen there you go see you say anything over here oh you found a famous over here come back because i was running afraid to battle found some cubes better not forget where it is oh my god he tried to shoot me oh he told me that was a big one he almost got me with that he saved oh let's open this door yet maybe something over there because this is the main route right here i'm gonna go back to that side yeah i think like i said exploration's always a word in uh dark souls games [Music] make sure i'm level up my maid because i want my magic to be a little bit stronger we've reached that point where i need stronger magic but i hope i don't have to invest it's actually good this game is four players you'd be op as ever all right or unless you play with the parts okay still pointing at me that means light and dark our light is pretty heavy damaging all this whitening okay i know white mage is a hiller i got y'all goodbye lay them down now they get this guy who keeps shooting me from across the screen i'm telling you tell me about things right now here we go goodbye torture rack ah oh my god hey sean you're the one you do one-inch punch what a knuckles what for that finisher oh she got it good this guy you keep throwing stuff let's grab a cow look at my hands on it ain't a guy joking we can definitely kill him he thought so we can definitely mess them up when we get in there we gotta get there first i was wondering like if this game has all one on separate ways that'd be a little bit easier oh i can't turn oh we'll kill that guy i got a level 19 great sword i'm a ronin and a mage this is not going well let me go down here yep drop it oh she's drunk be critical it's crazy oh my god whoa watch out for him if he makes me follow him he talks again look he fell boom yeah it's not far dropped oh my god of an attack [Music] so if you run off the legend hit rb you can fall down with an attack yeah i did it earlier and i was falling down to hit that bird let me drop down i think he poisoned me he did oh get him aggie [Music] he poisoned me do i have these items i'm not sure i got poison once we get close to this one kill him when i get there man gonna kill him he hit me like three times say what a bear guard rule was that who uh mike is making dog me and mike are having a dark souls joke going on right wait a second so the other door what other door lead to you got two of these holding thingies hey we got two doors yeah i think we should go for our door first where's the others now but see this one's going up here to get that guy shooting that stuff oh he is that he got to get it cuz i'm not letting him get away he said mission complete and be mad as ever [Laughter] forget this guy he got two tires he think he's special oh it's oh chest over there wait get that first oh wait there's a thing up here i'm gonna work on it oh i ain't trying to go down is this the way to go there it is chris yeah um it was a ballista not a guy so that means it's probably gonna be more than once if i had my guest oh i fell there you are just ready for anything to guess is definitely gonna be more than one uh lift her so just get ready how do we get up to that i don't know man i just went back now it might be a dark souls jinx so you can't jump but it's probably a really narrow like oh here it is this thing was making a shoot get on for that number i was going to get him okay i might need some backup come on let's go i'm just oh the skeletons aren't going to rock so they do i'm messed up i'm away we're going to roof i'm not going to walk get him goodbye [Music] goodbye they love that torture wreck like the best move in the game it's like you want to sit up here be careful [Music] knock them away over there we cannot we can't get up there we're not i hit him that hard clubs are kind of uh basically he's gonna come down is he is he came down he came down with a little shirt goblin did but he did knock downs are vicious in this game i love it i was right okay he's down give me that i'm fighting a skeleton are we working these guys man what are they messing with we're doing really good did we go up this ladder right here try it yeah oh no you're on the other side i'll follow me around all right good job chicken i was literally getting down i thought it was you oh it's just a chest you guys already got this ladies first go ahead and already destroyed that thing oh i'm stuck and i can't go back up also if they're done over here we probably have to go back to that first door we gotta it's dark souls we gotta go back around let's go back around it's not hard were you still progressing where you were where you were it's still like a way up yeah there's another path over here but i'm not sure what this is maybe gotta go down cause that's what's looking like yeah we'll go down all right cool cool wait i got better weapons give me a second yeah here let me uh miss my battle settings real quick i hate coming in here because i feel disappointed every time it'll give me what i want disappointed you don't give me what i want all your weapons yeah drops oh here we go i got some savage brogues rock those man these are night boots guys at night boobs yeah i got such a good chest piece right really magic no physical nah i'll keep you this way no i think that cuz they don't really hit me with magic attacks [Music] all right see uh 15. we got 20 here these things are terrible though like knocking everything down no i'm good i'll keep my rolling pieces on [ __ ] this is wrong man how low this way this is three nine for the 17. i'm level 10 right now okay you know i have a 17. no why don't i take it off ten to the twenty two i got magic stamina down for a bit i can take that all the ones that suit like it's extra rare give me trash tears stats i don't i don't care clickable to get a job they're not applicable to your job somebody get that's what that is somebody get central this is about to happen all right so whenever you're ready i'm not getting nothing applicable to my job either so we should probably be good to go i'm actually gonna switch these uh trousers real quick definitely have higher level ones i'll do a little two pockets all right we have the dinner table it's time to eat uh pull up a chair that tower we saw where's our gun the demon's hole i can't see anything here we go oh you almost got me whoo-hoo you down but i'm like what just happened i'm going for this guy i'm sick of him oh we had a guy back here oh he's a child wait so white magics are hurting him but i don't have any white magic spells yet probably don't goodbye goodbye shadow man i ain't talking about the game should we go we got to keep from this guy good so wait does ronan turn into ninja or i wonder where roland turns into maybe samurai turn into saint show yeah i got the ladder so we'll be the ladder or we go this way i mean she's strong so i ain't knocking i'll take it i don't get it do you go this way or wait that might be the boss i didn't think we'd get through this way oh it's not it's not the ball oh that's the area we didn't go through the first time oh we should be probably awesome in case we die yeah we wouldn't be uh open anyway because it was locked on this side oh save yourselves yeah that's good it's good we actually went left i'm gonna see ya come on man it's dark souls well they took foreign sentence for truth all right whenever you guys ready i'm gonna hit that switch oh yo you're out there still like when you're saying i was thinking i'm checking out my problem he probably wouldn't let me honestly he probably like what do i think they're going buddy we got some bracers priest's magic damage dealt when targeting enemy weakness why would i want that man what look at this this uh let's see this has the um magic break damage stamina the same magic resistance ability break damage dealt they do win oh it's got a glass oh okay so ronins are glass cannons yeah i'm gonna put the shadow boots on that hold onto the glass cannons i'm good to go on this wait no no whenever uh chicken eye is gonna go do i have like six bars of some street yo i'm gonna stop streaming because this day turn off check these idiots you said bro i just want i just want to make some money bro oh a guy would kill him if you can hear me dude you're dead get here again get in here she gets near the door and looks at us she probably checking her stuff you better get it here check it in the elevator here so you can go up i don't think it's an elevator look there's a door right here oh no we going up man what i tell you oh it's enough oh my god it's not over yeah like a door we going up where should we go this door that door oh there we go all right oh look i got to start off the match strong don't go ahead and attack them real quick oh he stopped me get him here we go goodbye one guy's out of the way oh the chandelier come on there we go got him goodbye oh there's a party in here i see what's going on here no i'm gonna need some backups i can't fight for myself oh my god that was crazy ah that's how we feel that's how we do it in that thank you thank you oh wait there's leverage here excuse me no these are torturous i thought i would never say like what's going on oh look like stem like it's just about just look over to the left it's over it's open that's like levers can't do anything with them yeah another better weapon i didn't see difficulty that's what she gets that's what she get it she got left yeah because she's gonna stop right up no joke yeah that's what she gets i think he might be the one we need to make sure why not throw him at a badass monster and i'd settle it quick don't worry we'll handle them all so you can go home and cook or something look what type of cookies you should make earlier because i kind of want some sugar cookies and chocolate chip cubes over there here we go should we check it out sound like i'm out of there i'm going to take a trip they still be having your donuts over there too i haven't had cookies in front of me oh forever man i've been dying from you know bakery thing disgusting okay it was all still and nasty and dunkin donuts and they made it worse and i was like oh yeah i need real donuts get them fresh bait this is gonna have to be the uh the last mission because uh she has the complications whatever you know okay but uh yeah yeah we definitely could resume this again at a later time even tomorrow if you're so down i'm always down look at this game why wouldn't i be i should be messing with her stuff okay yes it's hard for us to like brother joint together for like this long because you know her responsibilities and stuff she got handled in there so yeah there's a lot of times i go solo yeah same for me i'm always so low i want to be a boss better thanks now tinker welcome we are enjoying this games game is great it might be the best final fantasy game i've ever played it's for me because i don't gotta sit there and wait after somebody just obliterate me like [ __ ] light magic or something oh here we go oh my god what is that i hate fighting guys with horses all right time to rock them let me do the rest of them ugly why are you coming for me because he looked kind of job i don't know about this please look at him ah right bring her now yeah okay so that's what that is oh that was bad guaranteed probably something to take yeah you can't if i'm the right attacker unlocked man he's really good at breaking posture he's annoying all right i'm gonna just use every other one she's gonna get him i got him get that horse out of here you gotta say he has a second phase he's not gonna fight on it did he fight that black knight in the game we did earth he pulled me in no more um missed get him [Music] oh wow he knocked me way down here oh you're done we trash on first try i'm talking about dark elf he will look like one he does like bro he's good better play uh foreign bravo jack there's the s okay and a round of applause for jed ash oh they're looking kind of androgynous my boy you know who we are i'm a dark elf you see and we dark elves just tell us about the crystals that's all i want to know cut them off good good those who are to forge the future mustn't be concerned with trivialities i don't know why but he reminds me of alexa then cut to the chase hmm oh what how the hell did he get a map my castle is here make your way through this forest until you reach a tower at its zenith you will find the wind crystal the journey will be perilous but i suspect that doesn't come as a surprise any questions just one is it true you made a deal with chaos no but you will chaos darkness given form given purpose by its hand were the crystals extinguished and only by its hand can they be restored of course a deal with a monster commands a high price your very lives may be required as tender is that funny i just forgot what it's like to hear some good news for once oh my game slowed down anybody else moving like 30 fps yeah safe okay jack we're gonna trash you dude you sweet this game is hard to put down i still want to go oh i got the logic oh man got the loyalty bangles jobs for friends whatever it is and that's an animal shark two of those yeah i got something here mission natural distortion your meeting with aston has a lot of companions memories ash announced like the monk job jed the thief job and neon the red mage job okay we can lift the smackdown on the jobs all right guys thanks for watching our first call play through we will continue this um yeah normally i let people pick but i think i'm gonna continue this because i want to continue this you know this is this is really fun uh yeah we kind of went super overtime right now but yeah uh we're gonna do more of ricky you can keep going right you just join us tomorrow just jump back in with us whatever i mean i look a little bit more into it because i'm not sure if it will won't let me but if that's well that's that's why uh i'll make sure we got it because it said that that you can do that in my email okay yeah so no matter where you are you can jump in any time no matter where you are ahead behind you can bring them in okay yeah so you should be good i got my middle my level up so uh we have one main mission level 26 another sub mission well side mission 22 so cool we got a lot to do it's gonna be fun as you guys are watching uh be sure to come back tomorrow for uh part two or i guess whenever we have our entire team ready hopefully we should be yeah as always take care see you catch you guys next one peace [Music] youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch 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at: 01:11:20 / 01:11:40Watch at: 01:11:40 / 01:12:00Watch at: 01:12:00 / 01:12:20Watch at: 01:12:20 / 01:12:40Watch at: 01:12:40 / 01:13:00Watch at: 01:13:00 / 01:13:20Watch at: 01:13:20 / 01:13:40Watch at: 01:13:40 / 01:14:00Watch at: 01:14:00 / 01:14:20Watch at: 01:14:20 / 01:14:40Watch at: 01:14:40 / 01:15:00Watch at: 01:15:00 / 01:15:20Watch at: 01:15:20 / 01:15:40Watch at: 01:15:40 / 01:16:00Watch at: 01:16:00 / 01:16:20Watch at: 01:16:20 / 01:16:40Watch at: 01:16:40 / 01:17:00Watch at: 01:17:00 / 01:17:20Watch at: 01:17:20 / 01:17:40Watch at: 01:17:40 / 01:18:00Watch at: 01:18:00 / 01:18:20Watch at: 01:18:20 / 01:18:40Watch at: 01:18:40 / 01:19:00Watch at: 01:19:00 / 01:19:20Watch at: 01:19:20 / 01:19:40Watch at: 01:19:40 / 01:20:00Watch at: 01:20:00 / 01:20:20Watch at: 01:20:20 / 01:20:40Watch at: 01:20:40 / 01:21:00Watch at: 01:21:00 / 01:21:20Watch at: 01:21:20 / 01:21:40Watch at: 01:21:40 / 01:22:00Watch at: 01:22:00 / 01:22:20Watch at: 01:22:20 / 01:22:40Watch at: 01:22:40 / 01:23:00Watch at: 01:23:00 / 01:23:20Watch at: 01:23:20 / 01:23:40Watch at: 01:23:40 / 01:24:00Watch at: 01:24:00 / 01:24:20Watch at: 01:24:20 / 01:24:40Watch at: 01:24:40 / 01:25:00Watch at: 01:25:00 / 01:25:20Watch at: 01:25:20 / 01:25:40Watch at: 01:25:40 / 01:26:00Watch at: 01:26:00 / 01:26:20Watch at: 01:26:20 / 01:26:40Watch at: 01:26:40 / 01:27:00Watch at: 01:27:00 / 01:27:20Watch at: 01:27:20 / 01:27:40Watch at: 01:27:40 / 01:28:00Watch at: 01:28:00 / 01:28:20Watch at: 01:28:20 / 01:28:40Watch at: 01:28:40 / 01:29:00Watch at: 01:29:00 / 01:29:20Watch at: 01:29:20 / 01:29:40Watch at: 01:29:40 / 01:30:00Watch at: 01:30:00 / 01:30:20Watch at: 01:30:20 / 01:30:40Watch at: 01:30:40 / 01:31:00Watch at: 01:31:00 / 01:31:20Watch at: 01:31:20 / 01:31:40Watch at: 01:31:40 / 01:32:00Watch at: 01:32:00 / 01:32:20Watch at: 01:32:20 / 01:32:40Watch at: 01:32:40 / 01:33:00Watch at: 01:33:00 / 01:33:20Watch at: 01:33:20 / 01:33:40Watch at: 01:33:40 / 01:34:00Watch at: 01:34:00 / 01:34:20Watch at: 01:34:20 / 01:34:40Watch at: 01:34:40 / 01:35:00Watch at: 01:35:00 / 01:35:20Watch at: 01:35:20 / 01:35:40Watch at: 01:35:40 / 01:36:00Watch at: 01:36:00 / 01:36:20Watch at: 01:36:20 / 01:36:40Watch at: 01:36:40 / 01:37:00Watch at: 01:37:00 / 01:37:20Watch at: 01:37:20 / 01:37:40Watch at: 01:37:40 / 01:38:00Watch at: 01:38:00 / 01:38:20Watch at: 01:38:20 / 01:38:40Watch at: 01:38:40 / 01:39:00Watch at: 01:39:00 / 01:39:20Watch at: 01:39:20 / 01:39:40Watch at: 01:39:40 / 01:40:00Watch at: 01:40:00 / 01:40:20Watch at: 01:40:20 / 01:40:40Watch at: 01:40:40 / 01:41:00Watch at: 01:41:00 / 01:41:20Watch at: 01:41:20 / 01:41:40Watch at: 01:41:40 / 01:42:00Watch at: 01:42:00 / 01:42:20Watch at: 01:42:20 / 01:42:40Watch at: 01:42:40 / 01:43:00Watch at: 01:43:00 / 01:43:20Watch at: 01:43:20 / 01:43:40Watch at: 01:43:40 / 01:44:00Watch at: 01:44:00 / 01:44:20Watch at: 01:44:20 / 01:44:40Watch at: 01:44:40 / 01:45:00Watch at: 01:45:00 / 01:45:20Watch at: 01:45:20 / 01:45:40Watch at: 01:45:40 / 01:46:00Watch at: 01:46:00 / 01:46:20Watch at: 01:46:20 / 01:46:40Watch at: 01:46:40 / 01:47:00Watch at: 01:47:00 / 01:47:20Watch at: 01:47:20 / 01:47:40Watch at: 01:47:40 / 01:48:00Watch at: 01:48:00 / 01:48:20Watch at: 01:48:20 / 01:48:40Watch at: 01:48:40 / 01:49:00Watch at: 01:49:00 / 01:49:20Watch at: 01:49:20 / 01:49:40Watch at: 01:49:40 / 01:50:00Watch at: 01:50:00 / 01:50:20Watch at: 01:50:20 / 01:50:40Watch at: 01:50:40 / 01:51:00Watch at: 01:51:00 / 01:51:20Watch at: 01:51:20 / 01:51:40Watch at: 01:51:40 / 01:52:00Watch at: 01:52:00 / 01:52:20Watch at: 01:52:20 / 01:52:40Watch at: 01:52:40 / 01:53:00Watch at: 01:53:00 / 01:53:20Watch at: 01:53:20 / 01:53:40Watch at: 01:53:40 / 01:54:00Watch at: 01:54:00 / 01:54:20Watch at: 01:54:20 / 01:54:40Watch at: 01:54:40 / 01:55:00Watch at: 01:55:00 / 01:55:20Watch at: 01:55:20 / 01:55:40Watch at: 01:55:40 / 01:56:00Watch at: 01:56:00 / 01:56:20Watch at: 01:56:20 / 01:56:40Watch at: 01:56:40 / 01:57:00Watch at: 01:57:00 / 01:57:20Watch at: 01:57:20 / 01:57:40Watch at: 01:57:40 / 01:58:00Watch at: 01:58:00 / 01:58:20Watch at: 01:58:20 / 01:58:40Watch at: 01:58:40 / 01:59:00Watch at: 01:59:00 / 01:59:20Watch at: 01:59:20 / 01:59:40Watch at: 01:59:40 / 02:00:00Watch at: 02:00:00 / 02:00:20Watch at: 02:00:20 / 02:00:40Watch at: 02:00:40 / 02:01:00Watch at: 02:01:00 / 02:01:20Watch at: 02:01:20 / 02:01:40Watch at: 02:01:40 / 02:02:00Watch at: 02:02:00 / 02:02:20Watch at: 02:02:20 / 02:02:40Watch at: 02:02:40 / 02:03:00Watch at: 02:03:00 / 02:03:20Watch at: 02:03:20 / 02:03:40Watch at: 02:03:40 / 02:04:00Watch at: 02:04:00 / 02:04:20Watch at: 02:04:20 / 02:04:40Watch at: 02:04:40 / 02:05:00Watch at: 02:05:00 / 02:05:20Watch at: 02:05:20 / 02:05:40Watch at: 02:05:40 / 02:06:00Watch at: 02:06:00 / 02:06:20Watch at: 02:06:20 / 02:06:40Watch at: 02:06:40 / 02:07:00Watch at: 02:07:00 / 02:07:20Watch at: 02:07:20 / 02:07:40Watch at: 02:07:40 / 02:08:00Watch at: 02:08:00 / 02:08:20Watch at: 02:08:20 / 02:08:39Watch at: 02:08:39 / 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