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Styx Shards of Darkness – Back at It – Part 1 Let's Play Styx Shards of Darkness Gameplay

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Let's Play Styx Shards of Darkness, shall we? In Styx shards of darkness players take control of a goblin rogue named Styx. Let's steal people's shit!

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Comment (44)

  1. @Splattercatgaming Styx was actually in a game even before Styx master of shadows. Of Orcs and Men is a tough game that came out quite awhile ago of not just stealth but lots of combat with Styx and an Orc he travels with. Great game though that I'd highly suggest since you seem to like Styx so much. Awesome videos as always. Always love to watch when you have new stuff; keep up the awesome work!

  2. Do you really need to keep talking during Styx's dialogues? You don't have to keep saying stuff every 30 seconds.
    This is a sequel, you'd know if you stopped talking and watched the last cutscene of last game, the other goblins are remnants of the real Styx born from overdose of amber(heart of Tree of Life).
    Also there were vases in last game not barrels to hide in, the acid was there in last game and the timer is for an achievement, don't want it? don't do speed runs, just stop whining about it.

  3. Why the EFFF did they add the mercy trophy shit?? Seems a really stupid "mechanic" to put in a game with the rich greenskin v human hatred the last 2 games had. If anything you should get trophies based off murdering all the pink skins. And I still say this game took 99% of it's ideas from the "Orcs" series by Stan Nichols

  4. So, as for the timeline:
    -Master of Shadows
    -Shards of Darkness
    -Of Orcs and Men
    Spoiler about goblins:
    In the first game, it is revealed that Styx, the first goblin, was in fact an orc mutated by amber, and you spend the first game as a highly independent clone of Styx breaking the OG one out of prison (you do not know this until near the end). At the end of that game, a battle between the OG and clone Styx accidentally leads to the creation of the entire goblin race, which then proceeds to annihilate the OG Styx, while the smart clone survives, having lost all memories of his origin except for his name.
    Spoiler TL;DR The current Styx is not the original one and Amber has a tendency to fuck shit up REAL bad.


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