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    what's up guys and gals and welcome back

    to the nerd cast first episode in our

    coverage of six shards of darkness you

    might remember a while back that we

    checked out the first game in this

    series and I found sticks to actually be

    like a tremendously likeable character I

    really really liked him and it might

    just be my obsession with goblins and

    orcs I really like goblins and orcs in

    every setting goblins and orcs are

    badass but I found him to be a character

    that you really really wanted to like

    you wanted to be on his side you wanted

    to ally yourself with him when I was

    playing the first game and so when the

    second one came out I thought to myself

    you know it'd be awesome let's do a

    short series and see if this would be

    the kind of thing that anybody else in

    the nerd castle would be into because

    that's what I like to do here at the

    nerd castle I like to play games

    leave them unedited so that you can

    figure out if the gameplay experience is

    what you want before you purchase the

    game that's the kind of content I used

    to consume so that's the kind of content

    I like to produce so without further ado

    let's get ourselves of balls-deep up in

    some stealth gameplay see if we can ice

    some fools and be super scary and

    gangster for a little bit with sticks

    shards of darkness I figure we'll just

    go with initiate it looks like we got

    four difficulty settings all the way up

    to master and in fact the higher

    difficulties they get rid of melee

    combat so you can't even fight back yeah

    melee attacks kill you in one hit Wow

    gnarly I will probably just go with

    iniciated I played the first game I'm

    not a stealth master though I'm not a

    master of the shadows I wish I was

    that's a pretty cool title Master the

    shadows but it's one that I've never



    not many gods in one price must be a


    even better it's the guards monthly

    payroll delivery a delivery westrom or I

    and I'll let the pro do the hard work

    easy pickins Russ ah what I think one

    article children gummi Rao


    what your ass what you push me


    thanks thanks krazee along I see Cody


    hi there I'm the new accountant


    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    [ __ ] you


    twice come on



    well what the hell is that


    let the pro do the hard work




    smoking battery employs real so as you

    can tell sticks is kind of a badass as I

    understand it in this world I think that

    goblins are like secondhand citizens or

    something like that as I recall like

    they're either fresh out of slavery or

    there's still trade like slaves I can't

    really recall it's been a long long time

    so the last game came out like seriously

    it's probably been a good four years now

    that I'm thinking about it so for

    several decades the people of the Empire

    have been fighting to stem the invasion

    of goblins the green plague to contain

    the scores humans have created squads

    specialized in the extermination of

    goblins the carnage but it takes more

    than that to worry sticks who now lives

    in the shadow of the human village

    Dobin a slum populated by crooks of all

    kind and stuck in the middle of the

    swamps his talents have earned him some

    renown and an old scoundrel named Efrain

    has recently contacted him for a

    tailor-made job stealing the caskets

    containing the guards hey I don't know

    if this is a prequel to the first game

    or if it's a sequel but evil way the

    first game that sticks was in was called

    of Orson men where he was kind of a

    small guy layer and there was a big dude

    - there was a big muscular guy keep one

    of they're going to bring him back the

    first game though you did like some

    legendary thieving so I'm assuming that

    this is before that maybe because you

    stole like the World Tree or something I

    was like a grizzled that you were

    looking for in the first game been a

    while dysfunctional

    nothing left standing will shit'll proud

    of your work

    no wonder the greenskins II welcome

    around here non-beta Drac ash can't

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    stand staring your stupid face any


    all right so we can move the camera

    around WASD is going to the movement

    feels more fluid in the first game

    that's for sure

    I notice that straight off the bat is

    that the movement feels quite a bit but

    in the first game with a walk mode right

    there so we've got to reach the back of

    the building can I climb that right

    there so we can crouch underneath here

    cool every single level should have a

    bunch of collectibles and things you can

    find - yeah I remember turning out

    torches it's time to switch out the lag

    kitties but little things will come and

    eat you and then I do remember looking

    through people's and trying to figure

    out where stuff was that yeah so I

    remember that mechanic go ahead and open

    this thing on up get low I'm glad that

    they didn't like find anything to

    control because frankly I've been

    playing a Ghost Recon

    like screw up these are squishy on the

    rocks those dents by draft but I screwed

    up tight that is true sticks is a he's

    the consummate professional when it

    comes to thieving as if there's one

    thing you got from the first game it's

    that he's really really good at what he

    does and actually the game holds you up

    to that standard which is one of the

    things I liked about the first game -

    let's see we got oh yeah amber vision I

    forgot about that oh cool iron ore yeah

    I forgot about amber vision you've got

    this thing that you can do where you can

    like see valuable stuff that's not a

    treasure chest it's actually a hiding

    spot that you can get inside of and so

    interactive elements can be highlighted

    like that one right there that allow you

    to climb up although the mechanics

    pretty much feel the same am i

    constrained to this can I call off of it

    okay I wanted to make sure it wasn't

    using like the Assassin's Creed mechanic

    where you're basically stuck to a

    surface unless you press the spacebar

    and until you press the spacebar nothing

    bad can happen we can right click to

    fall off a ledge

    okay I'm gonna shimmy off underneath

    here I was trying to get a feel for how

    that works too because I'm a big ledge


    I like ledges a lot I tend to hang off

    of them pretty aggressively in stealth

    games all right so we got to reach the

    back of the building go ahead and give

    ourselves a little leaf right here with

    everything down inside of there that

    looked interesting just a torch and

    nothing else well if there's not a down

    there I'm just not going to care about


    can we monkey swing over this thing yeah

    there we go monkey bars monkey bars

    going far work it out my pectorals for

    some climbing now for some climbing yeah

    I always like his voice do I think

    that's the other part of it is the voice

    actor did a really good job with sticks

    say what you will about the rest of the

    voice acting cast and if I remember the

    way this works you actually hold down

    the direction on WASD that you want to

    go so for example that next handhold

    it would be kind of like a diagonal so

    you hold down a and W at the same time

    whereas oh I can go up right here okay

    good I didn't see that part good old

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    climbing puzzles I do kind of feel like

    I'm going away from my stick about

    making this my new hideout nice quiet

    neighborhood good shopping and the


    hell man you got to check those

    real-estate prices get yourself our

    reality or that's the only thing that

    bugs me about that show Santa Clarita

    diet is the way they say realtor

    they're like Rialto if you've ever

    watched the show you know what I mean

    they say realtor weird they say it oddly

    they're like it's a real tour hahaha

    all right I met however you want to I

    assume we're going to be able to craft

    in this game because we're picking up

    things that look like crafting items to

    me I mean what else would iron ore be

    used for you know aside from crafting oh

    yeah we got ourselves a little hidey oh

    I can craft yeah what's up with the

    crafting table so with the iron ore that

    I have I can make myself either bolts or

    I can make what are those vials of life

    life is so vile and we've got four bolts

    all right oh we get times four maybe oh

    well the game's got crafting it's

    brought in modern gaming you can't have

    a modern game that doesn't have crafting

    in it it's just the way this works with

    these grace and grills right here later

    on you get the ability to like turn into

    fart gas or something like that

    if I remember right and the fart gas

    will allow you to sneak through those

    wait can I get in that hole up there is

    that possible

    the question I frequently asked myself

    in life I probably can but

    I don't know if I want to spend a bunch

    of time shaking around with it we got

    over to here we could swing down this

    way I probably would have chosen to what

    is that right there

    what is this used for yeah pockets and

    man if it gets the job done it gets the

    job done so we can hold down that to

    open an items menu yeah pockets and all

    right get them with the Gribble

    offensive that's how you do it man

    if it worked for Dale it works for us oh

    I wanted to see if that would work I

    wasn't 100% that I was gonna be able to

    do that just trying to get creative with

    the movement right now like moving ways

    that the game doesn't want me to because

    every now and again you can make a level

    a lot simpler by doing something a

    little bit janky it was like that in the

    first title to like there would

    obviously be like the expected route and

    then every now and again you could just

    do something hella gnarly like jumping

    around a corner and get it to do

    something you didn't really do anything

    down there is that not even matter sorry

    I'm a packrat so I kind of want all this

    stuff I thought it was going to make me

    assassinate him but that doesn't seem

    like a very kind thing to do to your

    kinsmen so we have a what is that an

    insect egg and we've also got an

    unstable spore as a spore that flies off

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    the handle real real easy just never got

    a temper under control he was never able

    to do it

    I don't remember barrels were in the

    first game I remember the boxes being in

    the first game I remember snuffing out

    lanterns in the first game but I don't

    recall you I almost fell to my death

    right there and you're damn right I'm

    just going to move for without

    mentioning it I remember the first game

    I don't recall barrels in the first game

    I remember the boxes and I remember

    using amber vision and stuff like that I

    definitely remember that but such a

    complicated door mechanism like it just

    have like a normal door you know the

    chandelier sabotage and

    buddy if they come on look at just the

    right moment they can create cut it's a

    trap yeah you could do a lot of fun

    stuff with chandeliers in this game

    there were a couple kills in the first

    game where I was able to kill like three

    and four guys at the same time just by

    making a chandelier drop and nobody is

    suspicious about it they just accept it

    there's like oh yeah I shared a little

    fell and everybody's dead now you're

    like really that's not no investigation

    huh you're not even going to look around

    a tiny bit not even for a second that's


    what do I get paid like nothing what

    does a guard salary and medieval times

    it could have been that good right

    because you're basically a paid Luke to

    get stabbed you're just a body to get

    stabbed with [ __ ] goes down so like your

    lord and whoever else doesn't get

    stabbed yeah it probably wanted me to

    climb out through there but I'm going to

    go ahead and have another look around

    just to make sure we ain't left nothing

    behind yeah there's lots of ways through

    the levels in this game so if you like

    stuff like Dave's ex and trying to think

    of other games like Dave's ex that

    allows you like multiple paths through I

    guess the new Metal Gear kind of did

    that if you like stuff like that sticks

    will probably be right up your alley

    it's the sort of game where there's a

    lot of path to the destination you're

    trying to get to and you can really just

    kind of pick and choose between them

    what is that an acid solution so I've

    got an acid solution oh yeah I can

    dissolve bodies cool remember if that

    was in the first game either why does he

    fondle the doorknob and what it like he

    fondled the locking mechanism in order

    to get the door open maybe that was

    locked from the inside now it's open so

    I want to worry about it anymore can I

    pick up whatever that is what is that a

    vial of life yeah okay all right buzz I

    got you somebody who's a buzz lightyear

    found the development staff we can tell

    I sincerely doubt that I want to go down

    that way I don't think anything's going

    to oh cool you can swing on ropes now

    like Tarzan style yeah I get about it

    cool now we've also got raw amber which

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    I think amber is like a currency or

    something like that in this game I don't

    remember can I tear this oh there's a

    wanted poster over there is there like

    another way around


    underneath doesn't look like it has

    anything going on

    I'm quite up the rope - okay cool

    without too much trouble I've got him up

    and swinging through a cottage is the

    gun training recruits this is going to

    be short and sweet well two against one

    take them so I'll probably want to take

    them down it looks like we could take

    cover against the wall by holding down

    right click that's going to be like our

    contextual thing I was just trying to

    make sure nobody's seen me I don't want

    to get in trouble let's tear down this

    wanted poster in here because we've got

    to look out for our people we got to got

    to represent man we are a proud goblin

    with proud ins for attacking reaping

    neutralizing and annihilating all

    goblins to be eradicated see a R and a G

    crafting and must have been paying the

    guy eroded by the letter I really

    scraping the barrel and we're recruiting

    here in [ __ ] bill phobic given the scum

    little around here let it tear down

    these posters otherwise this little

    toilet of paradise will turn

    thinking pal no no

    you've been slain you're now dead what

    has happened to you oh they wanted me to

    move quicker

    I'm not a big merciful guy when I play

    games like this so if there's going to

    be like a bonus we're not killing

    anybody after it gives me the ability to

    kill anybody I'm just not going to get

    that bonus I just watch these dudes

    murder my goblin homies simply based on

    the fact that they were born goblins

    it's time to go gnarly in here it's time

    to get it's time to get something we got

    to get some and get back see what we

    found doing in-laws right yeah nice one

    if I was sure to disappear some to

    follow beckon us me too

    we'll make a ton of money out of it I

    hope you special somewhere safe of

    course what do you take me for I hid it

    in the old secret room huh one ball in

    the bookcase

    Shh why not just shout it from the

    rooftop a high place behind a book talk

    about originality all right let's go

    have a little look out for that too

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    yeah they got a bunch of guards over

    here there's also a thing I could pick

    up right there hell yeah a vial of amber

    we got a couple of wanted posters in the

    areas we'll get rid of those in addition

    I wouldn't feel too bad about trying to

    get some of the secondary objectives

    taken care of I don't see anything too

    rowdy in here although the thing on the

    ground right there a poisonous Spore

    that was a crafting material probably

    use it for some kind of poison dart or

    something let's also give ourselves the

    advantage of the dark there kind of dump

    him in the water

    is that possible just in case so nobody

    finds him goodbye don't worry your

    family will forget about you they'll get

    a new dad it's okay you're easily

    replaceable damn it all off the edge you

    prick all I want to do is hide your

    deaths from your family so they never

    have closure is that too much to ask

    that's all I've ever wanted because I'm

    a dark evil person like that all right

    so they wanted me to spawn a clone over


    and then if I swap over to here

    to catch a shipment to create a

    diversion oh I didn't even know that was

    an option okay um go ahead and drop oh

    there's a climbing spot over here I was

    going to say I don't see the method by

    which I'm supposed to be getting up but

    there it was right in the corner

    diversion create it and there's all

    kinds of stuff like this in the sticks

    games if you won't notice the first time

    through and then you'll just be like

    what's a [ __ ] you know like you'll go

    through the hard way and then you'll

    play the level again later like a little

    bit slower trying to look for how you

    like messed up the previous time you be

    like oh there's a thing right here where

    I could have created a diversion damn it

    looks kind of cool about the game in my

    opinion you on this bench looks usable a

    few raw materials I should be able to

    put together some nasty surprise that's

    cool I like nasty surprises I also like

    clean surprises surprises that come

    without a stink but you know that's fine

    so we can create some bolts we can

    create some vials of life right now make

    the files of life and then we'll get the

    bolts made too

    are you sure are you positive there's an

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    intruder can I close doors behind me

    apparently I'm stealing a document as a

    dude right there oh I like how they

    added AI lines to the game that's pretty


    I don't think there was AI lines in the

    first game like I think he just kind of

    had to guess where it was all that oh

    yeah you can poison food

    I forgot you could even do that hey I

    put fart gas in your apples how do you

    like them apples not much right because

    you're going to fall over again July I

    mean I could have just stabbed it to

    death though it would have been faster


    ex human used to be a human now you're

    just a corpse oh yeah you want to pick

    up those coins right there I don't like

    how you're judged based on your speed

    it's a stealth game like it's my lucky

    day that cat get distributions good luck

    to the fool who gets to even up the bill

    basically I don't like things that put

    me on a timer in a game I feel like

    there's way too much focus on

    speedrunning [ __ ] when way too few

    people actually like speedrun stuff like

    in real life I work in YouTube I don't

    know anybody I work on YouTube and

    twitch and I don't know anybody that

    does speedruns and it seems like

    nowadays every single game has some kind

    of speedrun settings weirdly enough I

    haven't seen a bookcase or anything oh

    yeah there it is yeah buddy

    secret room where I get all the stuff I

    want I don't remember what vials of

    amber do

    well I'm going to take this dude I'm

    going to take this dude welcome to prom

    [ __ ]

    yes to your larynx get to it and then I

    think I could pick him up and if there's

    like a storage crate around here I'm

    pretty sure I can just load his dumb ass

    into a storage crate so there it is my

    name is ladder cat this is the first

    episode of sticks shards of darkness if

    you liked what you saw so far I always

    have a link for you down below this game

    is not going to be out for a little

    while though so you're gonna have to you

    have to use some patience all right I

    will see you all in tomorrow's episode

    thank you for stopping on in we will

    continue to appraise and check out this

    game as we move forward kind of pointing

    out this debt and the other in future

    episodes all right let me know how I can

    do better always leave lots of comments

    down below I am interested in your

    feedback because I want to improve I

    want to get better at what it is I do

    here on the Internet never a good thing

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    to get comfortable with your skill sets

    you should always be trying to make them

    better and mo bettah and mo bettah oh

    [ __ ] there's enemies over there alright

    I'll see y'all next time

    bye everybody


    Let's Play Styx Shards of Darkness, shall we? In Styx shards of darkness players take control of a goblin rogue named Styx. Let's steal people's shit!

    Download Styx Shards of Darkness : http://store.steampowered.com/app/355790/
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    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    Comment (44)

    1. @Splattercatgaming Styx was actually in a game even before Styx master of shadows. Of Orcs and Men is a tough game that came out quite awhile ago of not just stealth but lots of combat with Styx and an Orc he travels with. Great game though that I'd highly suggest since you seem to like Styx so much. Awesome videos as always. Always love to watch when you have new stuff; keep up the awesome work!

    2. Do you really need to keep talking during Styx's dialogues? You don't have to keep saying stuff every 30 seconds.
      This is a sequel, you'd know if you stopped talking and watched the last cutscene of last game, the other goblins are remnants of the real Styx born from overdose of amber(heart of Tree of Life).
      Also there were vases in last game not barrels to hide in, the acid was there in last game and the timer is for an achievement, don't want it? don't do speed runs, just stop whining about it.

    3. Why the EFFF did they add the mercy trophy shit?? Seems a really stupid "mechanic" to put in a game with the rich greenskin v human hatred the last 2 games had. If anything you should get trophies based off murdering all the pink skins. And I still say this game took 99% of it's ideas from the "Orcs" series by Stan Nichols

    4. So, as for the timeline:
      -Master of Shadows
      -Shards of Darkness
      -Of Orcs and Men
      Spoiler about goblins:
      In the first game, it is revealed that Styx, the first goblin, was in fact an orc mutated by amber, and you spend the first game as a highly independent clone of Styx breaking the OG one out of prison (you do not know this until near the end). At the end of that game, a battle between the OG and clone Styx accidentally leads to the creation of the entire goblin race, which then proceeds to annihilate the OG Styx, while the smart clone survives, having lost all memories of his origin except for his name.
      Spoiler TL;DR The current Styx is not the original one and Amber has a tendency to fuck shit up REAL bad.


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