Submerged: Hidden Depths – 100% Achievement/Trophy Guide, FULL Walkthrough & ALL Collectibles!

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music] hello there guys and girls the welsh hunter here back with yet another 100 achievement and trophy guide and this time we are getting it all in submerged hidden depths a glorious sequel developed and published by uppercut games and is usually available for 24.99 but always look out for a cheeky sale and hope the game pass gods allow it to go on there one day so we play as miku and taku from the yes exactly the same kids from the first one two kids that somehow either survive another global warming attack or bomb or lots of water death i don't know but these are the only two and as we explore we see lots of i suppose three people i assume who did make it when the water bomb dropped either way it's a stunning looking game and it is a breathtakingly beautiful one to play too now as for achievements uh they're kind of very much like the first one it is rather collectible heavy and this is where you will be getting the majority of the achievements so we need to collect all landmarks lookouts relics boat boosts styles flowers and diaries yes it is a ridiculous amount but hopefully i've paced the video well enough so you can easily keep up and enjoy overall you should be able to keep pace with the guide which means we can get this done within three to four hours but it could maybe be that little bit longer but not too much so with all that being said then we can now begin now one thing i should mention for whatever particular reason i don't know if it's a bug but you were gonna hear no in-game sound throughout the entirety of the game i don't know why i uninstalled it and reinstalled it i quit the game out i heavy reset the xbox but for some reason all i got was the vibrations on my controller with no actual in-game sound so um if that's where you're wondering where the sound's gone that's where it's gone i don't know don't know if it's a glitch or a bug or what but let me know if you've had the same sort of situation uh we've got no in-game sound at all let me know and then maybe we can i don't know get some money back maybe net right so as we begin then we're going to follow our little brother again you look around with the right stick move with the left stick so just follow big dog for now or small fry we'll call him a little small fry obviously we've got those black manga tentacles just popping up every now and again we're going to be seeing a lot of them uh but just keep going for this is basically our home hub so our little home base uh so basically after every uh i don't want to call them missions um but you know we'll just call it missions so after every mission we will automatically come back here and uh yeah we will enjoy so picking up the seed we're going to be doing a lot of these we're going to pick up this seed and we're going to we're going to plant it and hopefully life will grow there was going to be like a pregnant joke in there somewhere but my head's not uh it's not with it to be honest uh so we're just getting again we're just going to be following our brother now as you can see those black manga tentacles are going green which means everybody are happy uh also what what i will be doing is just skipping all the cut scenes so i press the a button and then press the b button to in order to skip that um so yeah again you can watch the cutscenes because the story is a very interesting one but i'm just going to be skipping all cutscenes just for the purpose of the achievements and the time of the guide so drive forward with right trigger drive back with the left trigger left stick of course to move again now there's going to be a lot of collectibles and things we will be trying to find in the water um so uh press the a button near these ducts or whatever they have pelicans or whatever the hell they call first there was only eight creatures that we had to find in the first game now there's 20. no it's a bit of a pain in the ass but it's not too shabby so um yeah it can be quite easy to get lost on the water you know because you're in a boat and it's hard to get lost in the water you know um but i will try my best to explain exactly where we are so come up to this first building on the right with the old black manga tentacles on the left uh just drive away press the a button there and then drive away to pull this schnoz back down come in okay there we go and then we can simply just drive back to it and we're gonna do some exploring now this is gonna be it for the majority of the game bit of water in and then a bit of uh on land exploring and that's pretty much the basis of the game so uh yeah so what we're going to do then we're going to go to the right first and on every main mission with our little i forget whether this is i think this is the miku ataki otaku i've already forgotten the names but anyway with this girl who is sort of the main of the two characters the boy's a little weakling sorry you need to eat more sandwiches man um we're going to be collecting nine of these what look like skulls or something so here's the second one just by this yellow tube next to the tree people the old hitler that tree people keep going straight and there's going to be a diary now there are 56 of these diaries to collect throughout the entire game so yeah it's uh yeah it's a chunkier collectible boy chunkier than my chunky ass gut bag so uh press a to go up here onto the row onto the rope we're going up to the rooftop climb climb climb again you don't have to do anything on the right here is the next diary by the way but in terms of climbing and everything all you got to do is just press the left stick up and to go towards things and uh miku taki whatever bloody your name is dude automatically the third yacht style piece is found by this black manga type thing again technical thing and let me go up the stairs hello mrs tree people and then there's the fourth so grab this one lots of tree people well they seem to have a good life before they before they died that's it it's unfortunate very unfortunate right red so just just keep going around i mean a lot of the paths are quite linear but there are uh some collectibles that it can be easily missed um so we're gonna jump down like there's a bunch of stairs here that we could have easily missed to grab the diary this will be the third out of four for this particular area so yeah um directly behind you before going back up the stairs grab this fifth yacht-style piece from the grass i'll tell you what she might be living in a rough age but damn she got better here and a better body than i got i would i'd probably be one of the dead tree people if i'm if i'm being perfectly honest anyway going up the stairs go to the end of this uh particular place here and then we can automatically climb up on these bookshelves or something keep spinning around again if you want to jump across the other side you'll have to uh press down and then keep going to the right so now we're going down sorry going down first my apologies and then we're going to the right and then as we drop down you can see a flower that we can collect now there's nine of these flowers as well okay yeah we've got a whole lot to collect but they never it never seems to as we climb back up the drain pipe by the way and this time we're going to go to the right but all these collectibles they don't actually sing you know it doesn't see it doesn't get boring it doesn't get too frustrating uh which is always nice just noise i press the a button here next to this little contraption or monkey feet girl bear whatever the name is man's got a bigger feet than my head um so that bridge goes down don't worry it's not timed or anything so before you go come back here and grab the sixth yacht-style piece right go behind the ladder go across the board there's going to be yet another dirar who's leaving so many diaries about by the way i'm confused who's going right before we all die let's just hide a couple of pieces and some bunch of diaries for people to read why not just give one big one big note and leave it for us yeah anyway we climbed up we've climbed up the ladder go up the steps here and um as you can see there's a cheeky sneaky hidden yacht piece right there so make sure to grab that that should be a 709 uh go behind you sort of do a tree a 360. and there's going to be yacht style piece number eight these are skulls by the way so these are dead things that we're just picking up before going up the stairs and grab your ninth piece um in hidden between these barrels and this chest and the old hitler nazi um tree guy go back up the stairs and now we can finally just grab the seeds and again as you can see on the nearby objects will be discovered so as soon as you collected everything you should see that message and then we can just crack on so this to me just looks like a world's strongest man event to be honest and again you're better than me better body than me and she's stronger than me as well well i might as well just not be here right now depressingly so we're gonna go back down the stairs when we have the seed of life press a to pop it in and then whoop baby comes out nine months later and then you have no sleep and your life is ruined but a baby smile is worth all of that if unless it's you know one of those babies that has like a big alien head or something anyway we're not here to judge babies looks all babies are cute of course so going down the ladder not back up the ladder we go we're sticking down with the ladder and this guy died in a hell of a pose by the way right up against the wall there that's interesting um go and grab the seed pop it out come and then tom stop went let's do this she did you see that she doesn't even need to use it with the hands that's how strong this chick is god damn i'm impressed and jealous so now we can go across the bridge which we should have lowered earlier on and we're going to go down the steps why why have a lot of these people died up against things i don't know but anyway as you can see with the seed you start growing a few more flowers um and everyone sort of comes alive before they really die right now we can pop the seed in the hole and that is the first bit done we're just going to skip through all the cut scenes and we're going to basically be back in the hormone hub homeless hub so welcome back to the home hub but we're not going to be doing much a lot of genital warts or something in that water because that's what this whole game is based on there's basically a monster that doesn't attack you which will appear later on maybe they're maybe she's just got a problem and needs to see a doctor and that's why she's so pissed off anyway press the white button to get out your telescope as you can see there's locations that get added to your map so if you uh get out your telescope look around um things get added to your map collectibles um etc etc but we won't be doing it you know for everything because we'll be there for hours uh so once we get into the boat go to the left-hand side here just past the statue or whatever and here's our first boat collectible or boat upgrade so you'll always see what a boat upgrade is is when you can see sort of the smoldering wreckage of another boat so this is where the game truly now begins so you can press and hold the left bumper to give yourself a little boost uh but what we could do again just press the white button and we're just going to have a look at a couple of things we do it for the uh i'll do it for a little bit at the beginning of the game just to show you what to do just to show you if that's what you prefer um otherwise we'll normally just crack on and get to certain islands quicker so straight ahead um again just taking a little look things will get added automatically to your map as well so we're going to this first building which is basically straight in front of us and again old tacky mackie whatever her name is gonna do the old monkey feet will um climb up and she's that strong she literally needs one hand for a rope i'd literally knock i would knock my knob off and i'd i'd be dead i'd be dead by now i wouldn't even have the opportunity to do this so anyway going up both ropes this is what the lookout towers look like again ten of these throughout the game um so i mean you can do it any particular order if you want to you can literally just go to each one try and find each one but you know might take you a little bit longer but every time you use a lookout they will always reveal a couple of items about so um well there's one that's um that's a landmark that we're gonna go to so yeah oh it's a fun fun collectible hun but it is actually not too bad because at least the game looks nice imagine trying to do this in a 2d pixelated you know cheap ass version game jesus christ right anyway so again we're just going to be looking at things getting a few things just marked on our map again if you want to look at the map just press the b button and you'll be able to see where you are and the other things that you've already located et cetera et cetera again i probably should have used the map a lot more than i did through this playthrough so apologies if you um would have preferred me to have used the map a little bit more but i didn't so sue me no please don't sue me i don't have any money i've got a tenner if you want a tenner and i got a packet of condoms somewhere then yeah that's up to you i don't actually two kids i've chopped it off right so what we're going to do now is just head basically to the right of where we were you got the black tentacles on the left i assume the tentacles anyway um we're just going straight as you can see what kind of look like ducks or something in the water little bubbly lights that is where we're going so as we go through the water i'm just going to try and explain sort of what's around the environment so that you should be at the same point i am so if i say oh look we got a big ass ball by on the left-hand side but you're not by a big-ass ball bag then you probably know that you're in the wrong direction so just trying to i'll be trying to help you as best i can with these watery sections because some of them can be a ball they can be a ball bag bit of a ball leak seeing balls right so anyway let's um start heading towards the big um yeah one of the big towns i suppose one of the big cities again remember you can press and hold the left bumper to use the boost you'll get more boost as we get more boat upgrades yep sadly you can't build a massive hardcore ship nothing like that so we're just going to go through the left i well so basically straight on and as you can see there's a big building on the left on the boat upgrade second boat upgrade right here so make sure to pick that one up before heading to the right and we've got big tower on the right waterfall on our left wow oh man why'd you go to rain so basically we are just going straight from here now as you'll be able to see there's like what kind of looks like sort of fishes jumping out of the water if you want to say that these are what the relic collectibles look like so every time you need one of these just a bit of rapid water or whatever that means there is a relic collectible about so you know you can just grab that one again if you do get stuck you can't find specifically what you're looking for use your telescope to sort of um get them out and then use your map to sort of pop yourself where you're supposed to be so um go to the right from there we're going past the eiffel tower the broken very much broken eiffel tower on the left and we are heading back into this little towny area so yeah doing it because that's what we're doing a lot of things a lot a lot of um exploration on the water and a lot of exploration on the land so now we are going to be little boy tacky miki or whatever your bloody name is and we're just going to keep going straight up for now now his sections are not that long all he ends up doing is finding one diary because he is weak ass although he does have another a much better tattoo than i do so man two kids that have nothing but uh look a lot better than i do that's depressing so as we go up we're going to press a on the rope slide down apparently they have no pain threshold as well because that would have burnt my hands and that would have been me to my death too climb up on this bookshelf these shelves right here or ledges yeah they're more particularly ledges aren't they and we're gonna jump down going around and around and around and around down okay from here we're gonna go to the right and up and to the right and up and we're going to the sort of right and here is the first diary so for boy boy the four diaries which do include obviously part of the 56 um he just has to do these tiny small sections so we we will find one diary in each of these tiny floor sections that tiny you know tiny sections or whatever and then taki miki where the girl one um she'll obviously have the four diaries in one big area so just in case you're wondering but for now we're gonna jump back down a couple of ropes jump back in the boat and that is our life sorted we win gibby right so um you can actually head to the eiffel tower there and get the second landmark which um i don't do yet i'll tell you it does it can't you can easily get lost that's the problem um now we can press the a button directly in front of us there's going to be more birds so that they're going to be randomly located for you i think i'm not too sure but they could be randomly located for you but hopefully you will have two out of 20 creatures and the third boat upgrade to the left of where we just seen those other birds on the water um right so and like i said the birds and i think like five of the fish like the swordfish puffer fish etc they are very common and end up following your boat but i'll be letting you know as we go along anyway so you should have the second creatures the third boat upgrade so now we're gonna head back towards the eiffel tower now we are going to do the land macaroni of lyferoni now if you go ahead and press the start or select button you're going to see this menu we're going to be getting an achievement actually so press left bumper and go over to styles and then just change your yacht style to the very first one and that should unlock the achievement called a refurbisher and that's what the other achievements are like it's literally just like putting a flower in your hair um you know take a quick dump when no one's looking and then the rest are like collectibles so they're all easy except for the collectible ones but there you go so that should be two out of ten landmarks now um also if you have a look on your map every now and again i'll pop up the map just to show and see that you should be on the same amount of collectibles that i am so i'll be letting you know now and again uh just time to look for a cute little little kiblemere landmarks don't think there's anything particular right here for the moment oh in fact there is yes there's this big tree so that is where one of the seeds are which of course um means that tacky miki muku puku the girl one no bunch head that's what she will be going for so for now we're just gonna head basically directly in front of us where this big black tentacle guy is keep on swimming keep on swimming we mink swimming and got down when the bush goes down we get seriously slow now these boat upgrades might be a little bit tricky to find to see in the sea but that is what we're going for then now there is also a bunch of creatures here ah there's the boat upgrade so it's just by the bridge so we sort of went straight but if you have a look by the one bridge as you can see directly in front of us it's going to be there there is also a bunch of manta rays swimming so press the a button on them as well like i said these ones will follow your boat quite a lot so anytime you see any new creature just keep spamming the a button and then because again because something might be random you might see one before i do so if you see any new creature just spam the a button on it and job done again if you want to see what creatures you've got and that you haven't got go into the mail press start i'll select whatever the hell button that is and uh just scroll over to creatures and you'll be able to see what you've got so for now we're going to turn around and as you can see there's a big crane in the distance that is where we are heading um what a boat by the way this this this thing can this thing can take a spanking this can think and take a hell of a hit man so that is where we're heading for them so sort of um a run from the last boat upgrade um and there's going to be another boat upgrade for us in the distance that's what we're going to go for next so just by just sort of to the right of this crane is going to be another one but for now we're just going to go to the left of this i'm going to be grabbing el relico and then from here we can go to the left and to the left and we're gonna get another landmark so shove that in your pipe and smoke it and we're gonna pause the game for no particular reason for a second okay there we go just getting my burns right now what we're gonna do is just go straight for now as you can see there is a big bunch of crap in the background so just keep going straight and straight and straight oh damn it i hate when the boost runs out it makes me so slow i tell you what it kind of makes you feel like before and after you eat the biggest chunkiest fattest american buffet you'll ever you'll ever see in your life you know the one for ten dollars and the guys that are in you know done dungarees and they stay there morning noon and night you know that that's that's how we feel with the boat anyway we climb up and we just go in straight across the path for now again there's only sort of one linear path that we're doing we can actually climb up these flowers i'll tell you what people in the assassin's creed days well they thought they had a hard these kids don't even complain they're just climbing doing all types of uh parkour stuff not one complaint probably because nobody's trying to stab him to death which also helps now from here we're just going to go sort of back on ourselves across to the other side and we're going to climb up again so again these little things can be easily missed which uh you know which is why i'm here we're going to jump down jump down and then press the a button here to whack the bridge off my legs look skinny looks like he's going to pop and again we've got we got the other stoughton brother here luke stokeman who is just look at that not a problem at all back pumped biceps pumped legs looking skinny oh wait that's just me depressing right go to the left with your big seed balls pop that in and then that's actually well it's not a seed that's just a big rock but still fair play very impressive for a skinny man like that we're just going to do some monkey swinging now and we're going to climb down i think we're almost down to the diary now which is good we're going to jump across and the diary is that right there directly in front of us so that is the second one for this in fact that's the first one for this particular reason lots of ones for yeah yeah well i already said earlier didn't i there's only going to be one diary for little man a little strong ass man so climb the rope again and then we're gonna climb up jump down jump down jump down jump down jump down and then we are back at the boat and let's go and where we go you ask well we're basically going directly in front of us as you can see probably just in the background is a bunch of little fishies jumping out which means give me that relic boy to the right of us stop there it is to the radius almost went past it but me shane stop well i'm just very helpful to you aren't i so grab this relic and then we can move on so that should be three out of 20 relics that you've already now got and then from here where we're going to go is uh ignore the arrow which tells us to go down there we're just going to go this way sort of in between the two buildings with a bunch of trees and a bunch of boxes in it that's the british versus american tea debacle that is i'm going to throw your teammate because it pissed me off it give me the give me diarrhea because americans can't make tea i'm sorry i'm sorry you're probably all pissed off but americans make tea in the microwave and stuff and that's just weird to me or at least the ones i've seen anyway i'm not seeing you all like that don't worry what we're doing we're basically this is the second lookout now um so just keep going keep heading up keep heading up and then interact with the lookout so welcome back to the boat now we're going to do is grab another boat upgrade so from here we're going to turn directly to our right and then as you can see in the distance it's kind of like a big globe type thing but this is where the boat upgrade is it's just to the right ever so slightly to the right of where the boat upgrade is um of where the globe as you can see it's not too far but make sure to be picking up bugged upgrade number five yes five out of 26 and then from here what we're going to do we're just going to turn to the left i do a little bit of an edit here but we're still at the globe so what we can do is just go to the left of the globe go inside the globe giggity and then it's another landmark so being inside someone is another something is another landmark well done as long as we don't have to plant our seed while we're inside then that's all good globe can't get pregnant so anyway moving on let us go ever so slightly to the right ever so slightly and there's another relic directly in front of us as you can see so make sure to pick this one up there is also another animal here now again you might not pick this one up just yet or you might be at the same point that i am hopefully you are um but we in fact i actually end up grabbing the relic first i think i actually missed this creature um but again any time you see because there's things about eight or nine rare creatures that just do one continuous loop around sort of each city so where you actually have to go and find them so if you see anything that's like the beluga whales squids sharks whatever if you see a fin coming out of that water make sure to go and grab and press the a button next to that uh rare whale or rare animal so you don't have to come back and do it later on i obviously miss my opportunity because i am dumb but that's fine i am hmong so going to the left back into the city after we grab that relic and then just to the left right there in this sort of greenhouse looking area that is where we're going next so pull off the gate with your hardcore ass boot okay i i had a weak source rope then try it again my tiny little stoltman brothers not doing the trick there terrible terrible anyway uh now what you can do is just turn around of course and drive in but i reverse like a boss so here we are on to the next section so go to the left as you can start and then just head to the right then we're going to do some more climbing up proper monkey boy style then when we get up to the top we're going to be doing some hop step jumping sort of frog style so like a kind of monkey looking frog now don't go down the stairs yet we have the rock seed of life to grab just in this little area next to the door so picked out pick that one up luke stockman there we go and now we can move on right so funnily enough not only can he just pick up this massive boulder you can actually also leap across gaps for some reason which is just super cool and hardcore and we're going to keep up with climbing up the steps climbing up the steps with our massive atlas stone right here and eventually we can place said atlas stone and bro doesn't need anything all he's got is fish and water and that is the diet of life fish and a rice cake that's all you need the ultimate diet and life if you know you know the fish fish in our ice cake right so anyway put putting the atlas stone down going across the other side leaving across the board and then jumping up to this next section and then the diary is right in front of us on the table pick that one up and that is going to be the first first slash second one for this area so with that we can just now go to the other side climb down the drain pipes and head back to el boat so let's it's now time to do some of the most legendaries crashes boat driving you'll ever do so what we're going to do then from here we're just going to turn immediately left and then just go straight on for a bit past the old technical manga parts on the right just keep going straight for a sec and as we get to the buildings look at the arrows show the arrows will show you the way for once so go to the right here where they are telling you to go and then we're going to go immediately right again past all the american slash british tea boxes in the river and then eventually we will be able to as you can see just above us we're able to somehow attach the rope to the hook at the top there somehow and then just drive forward to pull that down that's perfect well done well done you all right drive forward and let's do a little uh cheeky section of life now and i believe this is the first main uh well the second main area after the public library we've done earlier on so go to the left and climb up and straight in front of you is our first out of nine collectibles this time it's the triple style piece to grab so make sure to pick that up before leaping over and leaping over the extra gap like lucky you can't die in this game isn't it awesome keep going straight and then hop skip frog your way up and do the same over here as well so to the left and then hop skip step or monkey oh monkey toes and then we can climb down the ladder all right let's see what we're going for next so press the a button here don't get too close because these animals will disappear but if you just go by them ever so slightly and then press the a button there is a bunch of land creatures which was not in the first game um but we will see a lot of these land creatures so again don't get too close just press the a button whenever so slightly near them and that will count that should be four out of 20 for us now um if not again no panics because they should be easily found at the end of the game anyways what i do so picking up the atlas stone we got tom stoneman here on the go and again there's a lot of these land creatures about anyway so if you missed the first two there there's plenty of these frogs at least about press the x button to put down said atlas stone and pick up the second of the triple style piece uh before climbing up on the right so as we climb up up and up and up as we can see we've got something to collect directly in front of us but first we're going to the left and hops skipping over press the a button here to um get this contraption again who's making these contraptions where like what kind of house was this what kind of town was this nobody trusted anyone by the looks of things so we can now jump down once again after we basically got the bridge open pick up the old uh tom stoneman legendary atlas stone and take a little cheeky walk across again look at that perfect form as well no back injury nothing yes perfect while my back aches just trying to pick up my damn kid anyway going across here and we're going to put the atlas stone down again i think i think these people before they all died had a lot of trust issues or something making all these weird contraptions so the other person can get in strange so hop step skip stepping across go to the right now we can jump down here and we can now press the a button we are not done with this area we can actually just go in to the main area now so so after all that we can now finally begin this section again driveway to pull down reverse back get your buns sacks on them's hands so here we go let's do this couple of frogs there if you uh didn't get the location creature the creature discovery otherwise head to the left and we're gonna go up the steps and we're going to go straight you know we're going up the steps first sorry because there is one um piece the triple style piece so that should be three out of nine that you should now have found and then what we can do is just go to the right as we head down the steps and there's gonna be the fourth one directly in front of us in a tent so pick that one up oh it's a huge countdown what the hell what happened to the tree people before they died anyway to the right hand side steps and we can climb up this uh mr pipe mr dwayne pipe i wonder if there's somebody out there actually called dwayne pipe somebody's parents must have been pissed off right go across the rope again somehow not burning your hands and not complaining about it either like the majority of uh game characters go across the board and as you can see a bit of flashing that is the seed of life but for now we're going to go straight uh past that one and we're going to go all the way basically to the edge go down this old mr pipe doing and there is going to be another very well hidden diary and that we can grab so that should be 8 out of 56 diaries in total now now what gets annoying is that every time you collect something a big thing comes on screen you can't see where you're going for a second which is a pain in the ass sometimes but you know it's video games we all like to be pissed off by video games anyway now we can go back to the tent pick up the atlas seed stone of sea life and turn turn finish it around i said turn that [ __ ] around oh yeah so now what we can do is actually go past these black manga tentacles now they all turn green and they all go oh hello my friend special offer for you anyway we're gonna gonna go up the lift make sure that you're on the lift um when you press the a button to go on it otherwise the lift will go up without you of course now you can press the a button to skip if you want um you just you're not seeing an awful lot otherwise to be honest so press the a button we can go into the water yeah what a little jumper just fantastic more frogs about here again if you need the creature location discovered but past on the right past the trees is the fifth triple style piece and then we could just go back the way we came ah you look depressed that's what happens when he dead i suppose oh he's done a hitler salute oh god anyway climb up press the a button to put the seed in and then nine months later look at that chunky head anyway moving on as soon as we put the seed in the atlas seed and then we can go down the drain pipe [Music] my favorite thing now we're going to be doing some more monkey stuff i tell you what you'd hate it if you got it wrong here wouldn't you jesus christ that'll be a back breaker then we can just jump down more frogs about if you so wish go down the steps go to the right here and we're going to go to the left and there is another triple style piece that should be six out of nine now just go and hop over to the other side right here across the gap and then go to the left again there's going to be another diary for us to pick up oh such such fun i wonder how short this game would be if we didn't have to go and keep grabbing the load of collectibles go around to the other side you need a bunch of birds here again try not to get this one wrong because if you thought your back would break earlier on well death would be easy that would be an easy thing there if you slipped on that another diary sorry another triple style piece apologies that's a seven out of nine on the table before st uh hopping over right there and climbing up the old duane pipe that's a reverse wii because of course we're climbing up not going down get it yeah yeah yeah yeah i thought that was terrible to you right across the water hop more frogs if you want what we're going to do is obviously ignore the frogs keep going straight because in this little section there is a little something that we can climb this little board right in the left hand side again this one's very easily missed if you're not paying too much attention climb up the old pipe doing and now we're going to have a look at somebody's personal diaries so basically straight past the tree and there it is oh my god oh my god somebody protected weiner and balls between their legs and called themselves a woman wow nothing wrong with that if you're a man you have done that at least twice in your life at least twice in your life you have you just have whether you're a kid or whether you're a fully grown adult you've definitely tucked things between your legs and gone oh look at me i'm a woman drunk or sober doesn't matter anyway we're climbing down we're now going to go uh up the steps i have the steps right here us men are a strange breed i'll go i gotta give that to us we are um and then what we can do uh just climb up the drainpipe a bit of claiming to do actually now before moving up onto the rope right here jump down ignore the rope for now go around to the right to find the eighth triple style piece out of a nine nice noisy 9 right now we can climb up the rope there we go and we are coming to the end of this section eventually again we'll just have to do climb so climb go to the right drop down you know the do you know the jizz the stuff i mean now it may not look like you can but you can actually just climb all over the rubble which is why i struggled for a second there because i thought you couldn't but it turns out you can jump up there is our seed finally and the ninth the triple style piece is not here yet so just go ahead and grab the atlas seed stone of a life and now we can actually go through to the old um past the old tentacle manga pawn stuff and now we can grab the last couple of collectibles that we are needing oh remnants of course they're not called um nazi dead people tree nazi dead people they're called remnants of course of course i'm silly go around to the right ignoring the big main contraction contraption to grab the last diary and directly behind it is the last triple style piece as well so that should be 11 diaries and that should be now nine pieces of nine eventually oh there we go yeah see when you collect all four pieces of diary a bit of conversation goes on and it's just in your face and you don't know where you're going which is obviously not annoying at all is it yeah yeah yeah anyway do not do what i do go on to the left first before uh pressing the a button i actually press the a button and have to wait like 30 seconds for the lift it's not long but god damn it's a minor inconvenience so anyway when we get to the top we can now basically end the section again if you want to make sure press the b button to go onto your map to make sure that you got four diaries that you've got one uh basically everything because we're going to put the stone down for now and then eventually eventually we're going to press the we're going to in fact we're going to change our haircut we're going for the triple style to get another achievement so just like the boat earlier on go into style and then um press the b um change your hairstyle get another achievement again you can do this at any point so it doesn't really matter anyway get your triple head style down and we're actually going for another flower which is what was taking me so long there so apologies about that climb down climb to the right climb down climb to the right until we get to the flower and climb your ass back up baby so again press the b button on the map to make sure that you got the four diaries the nine pieces the one flower and the something else that we're going to collect what was that oh no it's just that yeah so nearby objects obviously make sure you've got the four diaries one flower nine pieces i thought there was another collectible but they weren't so yeah before you put the seed in so every time you do this you go to the cut scene we automatically go back to the home hub so make sure you've got all collectibles to do that otherwise you just have to go back to the place and have to find that one collectible that you were missing and that is a bit of a major inconvenience and it is a pain in the obunde snatch so just make sure that you've got all collectibles in the area before moving on to every time just before you put the atlas stone seed in press the b button make sure you're all good stick that [ __ ] in the hole and then pops stick your seed into the hole hmm how romantic meh anyway we're just going to skip all the cutscenes because we are now good to go for the next area right so before we go to the boat and head back out we're going to be grabbing another couple of achievements here so go to the left and up these uh little sets of steps and to be fair they've built quite a home for themselves it's looking fantastic past the tent on the left and then eventually we're going to get to an area where it's kind of like a little relic area so that's what we're going for so it's kind of in the centers i think i probably just went the complete wrong the complete long way but well you know close enough so here is the relic room so all you got to do is just place one relic down anywhere absolutely anyway and that's going to get us the first achievement there it is so again if you want to you can j that's the curator achievement that's for viewing a relic at the home base so again push it down make sure to press the a button just to view it just to be double uh double checking doubly sure um now we don't come back here for the rest of the game this is literally uh only to get the achievement so now we can go down now what we're going to do is actually put a flower in over here now that we've got a couple of flowers to grab so go to the right sort of um as you exit back to old miku miku whatever your bloody name is and as we go to the left here is the little flower room right here so all you got to do is just press the a button once you put a flower down to put a flower in your hair decorator i actually do this one because it pretty so anytime you want to get with a respective boyfriend or girlfriend give him this particular flower and they will be petty in your hands more dating tips more dating tips at 11 when we all go to bed no i wouldn't ask me for dating advice to be honest so anyway from here we are in the boat we're gonna go to the right and as we can see we've got the um big black technical things directly in front of us what we're gonna do is go for another couple of uh lookouts we're gonna get a couple of uh locations added to our maps so do that so it should be two around here two collectibles to grab so go uh which one are we gonna grab first so we're gonna go straight and we're going to you i think we're gonna yes we're gonna grab the one on the right first so again these ones in this sort of open water can be particularly tricky to find but as we can see looks like i'm having trouble no there it is so just on the left so if you just keep going straight as you can see it's sort of to the black tentacles whatever they are going to be sort of on the left so make sure to pick up this boat upgrade right here which would be 6 out of 26 and then what we can do is just completely turn around and go ahead and grab the other relwark in fact i think i get quite confused at this point i do i do get confused and this is what i mean so you can be so easily led astray and so easily confused but in fact we're not going for the relic what we're doing is going straight ahead and as you can see it's sort of this one random building on his own so we're just going to stop here and get some more lookouts and everything for now for a second so apologies if there are times by the way in the videos that i seem confused and seem a bit lost um there are also a couple of dolphins here so by the way every time that we go to a new section it's definitely worth just keeping a lookout for these common uh common fish you'll get a different one each time so for now it's dolphins the next time will be something else uh but for now if we turn around and have a look at the light in the distance that is all i can tell you that's the way we're going for a second so we're actually going to stop right around here get our telescope out with white and just have one look around before we just go straight and grab another boat upgrade so again apologies that i seem kind of confused at that point um but yeah so we're all good so just getting a few more locations added to the map um just before we go straight and grab yet another boat upgrade oh all right aroni mate that seems to be like all we've got for now so as you can see this sort of half collapsed building on the left with a bunch of palm trees and it kind of looks like paradise to me to be honest uh so that should be on your left now directly in front of us is the not boat upgrade apologies that's a relic though god damn so sorry i just got the last couple of minutes all completely moaned and wronged right so what i'm going to do now is go for the dolphin creatures now they can appear anywhere for you um but for me i sort of go as you can see there's the light on the left as we turn around big light on the right there's going to be a whole couple of dolphins here like i said as soon as you see some splashings just go ahead and immediately click on them and again this will just save you a whole lot of time later um but for now like i said we've come to this building on the right the dolphins lucky for me they come past now we're just gonna push this dan and here we go again then so do not go up the steps yet go to the left of the steps and interact with the switch and then man this kid really has a cool ass tattoo and his sister must have done it that's friggin awesome anyway back at the steps now we can climb up the rope pure monkey boy swinging straight at the top job done and then we're just going to go down the rope again man these kids they're so they're so cute i wish i was killed but i'm not so anyway go to the right so the right as we got off there and we're going to do a little bit of climbing again remember we're only going for one of the diaries because that's all we can go for so swing low sweet chat oh no i shouldn't say that that's english yeah the words don't do english and the english don't do welsh but one thing the welsh and english do together is achievement hunt and also look for diaries so here it is on the right so we can always agree on that one so that should be 12 out of 56 diaries found now and the one for this particular area whatever area we're in right now so let's just jump down the ladder get back on the boat and go find some more stuff right time to go for the next lookout then so we're gonna obviously go out of here nice nice and steady does it you don't wanna crash because manual drown big center distance now we'll just go all the way so turn back on yourself almost and head for the big lookout tower as you can see so it's just past this building on our right and there it is big lookout tower henyo so you know the drill jump out go up go up a couple of ropes come back down go in the boat job done we know it we got it okay now we're back on the boat let's uh we're going to grab another boat upgrade to go left as you um begin and left again and then go to the end and then we're going to turn not right down here but it's the right and the next one so we got these big bunch of leaves on the right there we go there we go couple of bricks falling as well watch your noggin go to the right here and in fact you can already see the bugged upgrade so make sure to pick that one up now you should be on a tasty delicious seven out of 26. so that's good right to turn left here and get the fudge on out of here we're going for the big lookout tower type thing right in the middle of us straight ahead so go nuts and swing your butt back down let's go back on the boat and have another adventurous time okay from here we're gonna go left as you can probably just see in the distance of course it might be day or night for you but in the distance you're going to see a whole bunch of trees that's what we're going for here's the british american t oil slash for some reason everyone wants a war debate um i do get out the telescope um now there is another location added to the map now for some reason before i was able to scan the big pillar on the on the right side of us but this time it didn't show up but it makes no difference anyway it literally doesn't make a difference um so hello quackax get out of my way screw you out there we go get in my kfc i'll see you soon so straight ahead then from where we wrap with the pillows and the birds there is boat upgrade number eight out of 26 then we can just turn around and as you can see the floating little lampy balls you get your noggin in there and that is another landmark completo now next we're going to grab another relic so go so straight out of here and then don't go anymore go to the left of these pillars you can just see it on the left hand side stop okay all right we got it sorry i had to tell myself to stop even though i've already done the game but uh make sure to grab this next relic then before moving on um what will that be now that's going to be number six i want to say oh i was right as well number six out of 20. so i did guess that one there right we're gonna go straight ahead you can see the ruined building in front of i mean they're all ruined but this particular ruined building straight in front of us and we're going to do a little bit of exma goring exploring and the way to do that is take a time no need to crash and die not yet anyway we've got plenty of exploring to do before we can crash and die right with these bridges uh again you don't have to move you just gotta literally um just drive the boat and it'll lock in perfectly i don't know what tikumiku paku whatever the hell she's doing i know how to drive straight love no thanks very much though jesus christ and she wants a tip from it as well she must be american you all you all you americans want a tip tell your bosses to pay you better stop being douchebag bosses pay your staff better can't rely on tips man anyway so when the bridge is in we're gonna go back out and we're gonna go around and we're going to stop right about here to drag this little bridge down and after beeping our beeping our way back up beeping our beep let's go so you want to climb up this platform jump across and jump across again it's incredible how these kids don't fall or anything just oh god god must enjoy them no way that sounded wrong anyway eventually we're going to climb up these branches just on the outside for some reason takumaku didn't fancy that bit for whatever reason uh so jump to the right and then you know we've got the ladder so we're going up and you can see that you can see the uh diary there it's on the right we're just going to go over the bridge directly in front of us and that is yet another diary man this is a hell of a collectible game but we're an hour in getting through it slowly getting through it but that should be 13 out of 56 and now we can just jump back down onto the boat and have a a von diferous time but of course you don't have to go back down the way you came you can literally nah there's okay no nothing in here no dirty magazines or nothing that's a shame boys his age oh it's like a good dirty magazine like you know a rock magazine which has a bit of dust on it you need to clean it that kind of dirt so back in the boat after climbing down the ladder and what we're going to do is go straight and again what you can see in the distance is what kind of looks like an overturned ship or a ship that's about to be overturned what it actually is is a big rock on it with a bunch of big trees apparently that's that that appears to be what it is anyway we see the landmark there we're just having another quick scout around seeing if we can find anything there was a couple again you don't have to do this you can't just drive to the location if you want but again if you want to make it easier for yourself so you can have a look on the map be my guest be my guest be my chicken breast that's up to you so we're just going to grab this landmark for the minute oh it's actually a big satellite dish that makes sense jesus excuse me i meant that makes sense what anyway now we've got that six out of ten done really don't happen there my throat just seized up on myself delicious right go sort of around i think this is a bit when it gets dark it can get quite tricky to see so you've really got to look um in the distance but we're going around the satellite dish which you probably didn't need to do could just turn it around completely now there is going to be a little bit of an edit here you see the light in front of us what i've done is just turn to the left slightly so i've turned to the left now what you should see is just this building that's basically on its own uh you know in the middle of in the middle of nowhere it's all in the middle of nowhere but this big building so um yeah it was a bit of a apologies about the edit it was a bit tricky to see sort of where i was going so i had to wait until i sort of cleared up a bit but from where we were just turn to the left a bit now you should be at this one um so what we can do is we're gonna obviously go on and do a bit more exploring this is where you should be at hopefully again hopefully the edit didn't make it look too bad it was literally just the left ever so slightly but hopping across the platforms of course i'm going across and we're going to jump up we're going for yet another diary grab the old atlas stone of life and then with that i mean look at them biceps rugged and small but so strong so coming around coming around town next stop please so we're going to go around and we're going to pop this atlas stone seed stone down that's going to open up the bridge for us beautiful what he could have done was just climbed on those white rocks underneath and climbed up but there we go we're not too picky climb up on this red box if you see a box with sort of red paint on it or any other color paint you can climb up it but there's the diary anyway so that's another easy one so that'll be three out of four for this area 14 out of 56. diaries to be found yes we've still got a long way to go but as long as you are as long as you've got the same number you are still golden nuggets right jump down climb down the dirt the mr paper twine mr pape dwine mr drainpipe and again just climb down and head yourself back to the boat right so time to go for boat upgrade number nine now so uh from where we are we're just gonna go straight you see the big building with the globe or the dome on top of it we're coming up this little sort of broken completely broken building and the bunker upgrade is going to be just up ahead so let's go past this one and it's going to be roughly around here you see the uh monsters genital warts popping out of the um i mean the the genitals i mean the tentacles sorry i that was actually a mistake but there's the boat upgrade anyway just past the tentacle genitals and that is a yeah so that's the ninth one so we can continue going see the arrow well let's let's go where the arrow's telling us to go is it nice so with that let's just keep going straight for the mo and then slow your butts down we're going to the left of this big cathedral looking thing and here is the next main area that we're going to do so we're going to go straight ahead there you can see another relic that we can collect but every time again obviously you're probably aware by now every time we get to a main area you'll either need to tow a bridge or you'll need to just um pull something down pull a bridge down or whatever it's all easy cheesy stuff though so you can't complain so relic 720 you should have just got before going into this sayachen cathedral i said that completely wrong but that's all good right straight ahead of us as we keep walking you see the diary in front of us that's one out of four for this particular area and 15 out of 56 you should now be on so go ahead and we're just going to jump back down i think there's a couple of parts that we actually need to um get to yeah yeah it starts doing that the more the more we get into the game the more buildings are broken etc anyway we're gonna do some monkey swinging so pg tips yourself across you know pg tips monkey advert only british people get that if you're old enough if you're young you probably don't know what an advert is because you you've never been you've never sat through a 30 second a five minute advert of you you can just skip everything these days yeah back in my day yeah old man's death right climbing on the flowers anyway until we get up to the top of course and there we go so there we go good good climbing not a complaint in sight as well it's this girl and his boy's just awesome go out we're going down to the left uh down the steps and obviously take a left here climb down those beautiful looking flowers and we're gonna jump down to the right is our first out of nine formal style piece so make sure to grab that one before we move on uh slowly walk up to do not do what i do there there's still a couple of these big fat seal boys about so don't panic if uh you've just done what i've done and actually ran into it but again we're going to climb down the ladder here again anytime you see a new animal take your time to go up to it and then uh press the a button uh down the ladder there you can see 16 out of 56 diaries now so for some reason i could not walk into a ladder that makes me kill gamer cool at being crap all right do some more pg monkey tips swinging and then again like i said anything that's basically marked red you can climb up make sure to grab the formal style piece the second one there and again do some of that paige tips right there's another seal here so again just take your time be careful walk up to it ever so slowly press the a button as much as you can and that should be yet another creature that is found 6 out of 20 now so climb down and across and across and up boing okay jump up here and we're gonna go to a bit of swinging on the right there so make sure to do some more swinging and climbing up the ladder again a lot of this is just linear paths but um there are some again collectibles that we've seen can be easily hidden so uh hello mr man you are just chilling we'll just grab this uh dead animal skull then thanks pal so that's your third formal one before going back on yourself swinging over and climbing some flowers run away seals run away ah i bet it's fun to chase seals until they crush you with a thousand pound fat guts anyway there's the fourth out of four uh fourth out of nine formal styles so grab that before going back on yourself and climbing up these flowers now before going to the left climb up again go all the way to the right and there's going to be your third out of nine a beautiful a blood massimo flowerinio so sticking that in there mate ah you look so pretty so again whenever you find nine out of nine big flowers you can give them to your respective crush um don't send nudes because that's creepy i mean unless any guys want to send me a side boob pick then uh you know we can always compare side boobs nothing wrong with that it's a male trait it's a masculine thing that one and if you don't do it then you should start side boob that's my side boob anyway we're just uh climbing for now nothing really intradasting going on apart from side boobs male side boobs oh there we go right so we're up to the top uh before getting the big male seed male seed the seed go around and grab this fifth out of five nine formal style pieces and then we can grab the seed of life so grab your big ball and then we're going to go to the right we're going to pop um if i'm not going to pop it in anyway yet we're just going to go down the lift lovely all these little flowers about size he's so nice he's so nice so heading down immediately we can see a collectible that is straight to the left of us i was gonna say straight in front of us but it is to the left of us so before going through make sure to pick up that sixth formal style piece uh because it's very easy to just walk on hello groot oh they're basically all these people are just groups aren't they i am groot yeah not no more you ain't you're dead okay dead anyway going straight as we can see we're in this new little area that's going to be the seventh formal piece directly in front of us in the middle tent tight ting and now what we're going to do is actually put our ball seed in the pot piece hippie don't give me the peace and you're hippie right once that's up now we can climb up along with it climbing on up climbing and up to all the iron and that's all i got out of that song anyway we can stop climbing up we can now start finally climbing down and we've got to the top of the ctd cathedral whatever it's called the psychedelic cathedral to find yet another diary and this one's gonna be number three out of four lovely and then guess what we're doing climbing on up to the end when jesus wowed etc etc so make sure that you climb down this drain pipe because there's a another formal style piece tucked away very nicely in the corner so that's number eight out of nine so grab that one before now we can grab our big ball seed cd bows and uh wrong way let's go the other way let's try the other way where you can actually walk that's red keep going down again just go across the board getting quite a linear path this one i am not groot no no no no so go across the board and just yeah there's just physically not a lot left to do what we're going to do is go we're going to drop the seed ball actually we're going to go to the right i have to drop the c ball do a bit of monkey swinging and there's gonna be the fourth out of four diary in front of us on this box right here just lovingly right so that's the fourth out of four you should now be on 18 out of 56 diaries so go back and pick your ball sack up and just hot start heading back down the steps almost done with this area now in fact she's so good that she can just take her one hand off the atlas stone for a second god damn that's incredible strength right another seal um uh just in case you still need that interaction uh here you basically here is the end of the level but make sure to go back on yourself first and right underneath it this is the ninth out of nine formal style pieces so you should now have everything again check the map just to be sure before you finish the level uh or you can just wait until it says all nearby objects completed and then it's complete let's go and welcome back we are back at the home herb again nothing left to do basically here you can take a nap you can eat a sandwich if you want or probably have some fish man you probably get bored of eating fish after a while wouldn't you but then whatever the hell we just run over fish looks a lot tastier than that so anyway heading to the left um so slightly you can see the big sort of tall a radio tower or something in the background here is another big rare animal like i said these big big rare animals um will always just do one predetermined path around certain areas of the game so hopefully you would have seen that if not that's fine we'll come back to that later on um but obviously just try and or again if you want just wait until you've seen the animal so you're on the same amount of creatures uh that i am and then we can just move on so going past the eiffel tower there on the left you can see a big beam of light on the right so again just use that as a reference if you're thinking where the f flick bag am i so we're just going to keep going straight and as you can see there is another relic directly in front of us so go go grab it go grab it before some other douchebag okay right we're gonna go and grab another boat upgrade now so basically go straight from where we were big ruined building on the left yeah just keep going we're going to go pla past the old black gunk or black whatever this is black tentacles and just keep going straight and then eventually we're going to come up to a point where we can turn left like right now there it is so left you go left you go and there is another bow it's upgrade that should be 10 out of 26 booked upgrades now so now we can get quicker and quicker without gassing apparently right so we are now going to get under the diary with takumaku pikuwiku the little boy so we're going to keep going straight for the time being in fact we've got to go right here we ain't getting past them in a hurry and you know ruby murray cheeky curry just keep going straight you see this little abandoned uh building of course with all palm trees over it this is the one that what are you gonna do so up the stairs we go johnny up the stairs we go across the board across the gap mind you don't hurt your butt crack let's go to the right and climb climb climb climb they might as well sing it's uh it's basically the same thing that's going to be happening throughout the entire game so you might as well sing get some entertainment out of uh out of this guide because i can't not speak in a guide you guys love me now you love me back down the ladder anyway and oh cheeky random set he just chilling huh well i know when i've seen that couch before young woman goes this some guy goes oh i've got a job for you and then ends up with a camera and a face and other places yes we know the couch anyway we climb down the ladder go to the left around go across the board nice cheeky little camera change there keep things perspectively interesting uh but go around to the left i climbed back up the ladder so they literally could have just got one big ladder straight up to the top of where you need to be and then job done but again i wouldn't have made for a very interesting game no you got to climb about 12 ladders to get where you need to go so we are basically almost there now so one hot step one climb down the ladder and then climb across the other ladder jesus christ in fact no sorry we're staying here we're going down this ladder we're not going up that ladder we're going down here my apologies nice jiggy random sink or whatever that is go through the gap and well can i just say god damn finally we made it there is the diary in all its glory on the table just in front of us there slightly to the right bob ugh i think thank you every day that is actually the fourth one of this area so that's 19 out of 56 done now we can just climb down the ladder and we can just keep climbing down until we get back to the boat again it can be a bit tricky to see but hop skip step and jump all the way across before jumping down heading to the boat right let's turn ourselves around you can see this big giant statue thing basically in front of us so you should of course be at the same point that i am right now but go past that not too much though there it is there's the llama that's what we're looking for that is a very good landmark for such a big head okay so we're gonna keep going straight you see what kind of buildings on the left with a bit of black tentacle on it and uh we're going to go basically more or less straight for the time being easy big like satellite or something in the distance don't crash into the building doesn't make a difference the boat can't crash but apparently this is made of steel wood that all ultra rare steel wood but this building here is what we're going to do drive away to pull it down and get your bun sacks on that boy right trust l plan let us do some more uh diary hunting so don't go up the steps go straight in front of you to climb up the ledge and then climb down next up go to the left go to the right hop step and a step and a step skip on the stepper men and do some more climbing man these kids do these kids not get tired are they not you know i'm tired just having to talk about climbing let alone actually climbing up frigging ledges all the time so after climbing down here turn around go to the right and then just do another gap step gap step and another one don't climb up mine climb up then climb up jesus man i just i got entire watching this kid maybe it's his cool ass tattoo which is keeping me going anyway we finally found this other bloody diary his diaries are gonna be the death of us promise it's the death of me and it'll be the death of these kids stop going to lengths to read people's personal diaries it's not cured it's not cute anyway here we go then we couldn't just climb basically all the way down now all these ledges and ladders let's get to the boat you should now be on 20 out of 56 personal diaries which you can laugh at naughty so as we get down to the boat ignoring all the british american tea type stuff to the right slightly is yet another relic so let's have a quick check now so if you pause the game now you should be on exactly the same with all the objects 4 20 10 3 9 7 and 4 in that order from top to bottom so again pause the video just to make sure that you should be on exactly the same numbers that i am if you are good as hell if not you may have just missed one um which should be fine because it should still be located on your map every time you go to a lookout tower so hopefully if you press b again b uh to get your map up you should be able to have a look anyway turn directly around that is exactly where we're going and we're going through this uh big tunnel the tunnel of love the tunnel of muff ew very nice and here you should see yet another boat part boat upgrade number 11 out of 26. keep going straight ever so slightly uh we're into the town of life it's not a very good time because it's all underwater but there we go go past the arrows and here is another part for us and yet again oh it's a jasper jasper incorporated this is another one of the main missions so we're finally back to takumakaku whatever her name is so immediately go up the stairs on the right here and grab your first read style piece that's straight the steps as you begin straight away go across to the right and nip yourself up monkey boy girl sorry you're a girl triple hairstyle right another land animal here dear so oh dear dear dear press the a button there again there'll be plenty about so if you missed the first couple here doing a panic yourself but anyway do it to the left oh no i lost the accent go to the left you've got groot looking at a tree for summer i look at a standing against the wall for some reason and then go to the right basically there's a just past these trees up on the hill is the second out of nine reed style pusses right from here we can just go directly through the door behind us grab this next diary piece and that should be 21 now out of 56 so climb down what's that glistening in the air over there oh it's another flower grab the flower make everything better etc etc thank you for the thank you for the out there hail to the king much appreciate it buddy uh but that should be your fourth out of nine i thought i unlocked an achievement then i actually i actually cracked it the first time i uh played this i thought i'd unlocked an achievement obviously not so that should be a fourth now out of nine flowers so just keep going round keep climbing back up well just go down here down down down down down so from here we're gonna go through the doorway straight in front of us to the right and climb your butt back down uh groot's still standing there buddy you might want to just get like a tree sandwich you might want it you might make one like a tree and leaf anyway go through the next doorway another bunch of deers here um to get if you didn't get it yet and i realized i just said the whole tree leaf joke like an absolute [ __ ] so that's fine you don't have to point that out i know i did right make sure to grab the reed style piece it should be on the right side just opposite the steps and that should be your third out of nine a couple of groups having a chill i'm going what is this but we don't know climb down and then what we're going to find when we climb down is another reed style piece to the left of us or the right of us i assume so there's your fourth one and there's going to be another diary so turn behind you go past i am groot and grab somebody else's personal diary a lot of personal diaries here oh my god taking my ballsack while i slept i enjoyed it uh okay that's more than we needed to know thank you for that personal diary anyway when you've got the read style piece and the diary claim back up oh man it's it's tiring work but it's what we're gonna do turn around we're going up the steps there we go monkey feet right here he's uh she's no wonder she doesn't get tired it must be bloody swollen bless her well anyway there's no doctors about apparently there's no other people about uh right at the back there on the right hand side there's the fifth reed style piece so make sure to grab that before heading up the old rope again if you end up finishing the main sort of quest if you will before grabbing any collectibles you'll have to come all the way back out here and do it again and it's just a pain in the bum to snap so remember to get all collectibles first so up to the ropes we go and we go for a third time [Music] again i'd probably be dead i'd accidentally hit my head on the top thing and well i wouldn't have made it very far all right another couple of things to grab up here so go around around and around and to the right there is another read piece that'll be number seven six close enough number six and then past uh i am group there is going to be number seventh in this big tent looking thing looks quite cozy actually doesn't it don't have to pay rent happy days and apparently the energy supplies are not taking more than a billion pounds of electricity off you the [ __ ] anyway back up the steps go around and to the left we're going to um grab this monkey rope go back down i don't know why it's a monkey rope it's just a regular rope close enough and then right on this table here is the next diary eventually i did i did pick it up didn't i yes 23 out of 56. climb back up or whee yourself back up man i'm i'm a child i'd love to do that um and then we're climbing back up the steps again so we're going around and up the steps and what we got we've just got the seed of life no we're going up the steps to the right first so make sure we're going to the steps up the right here and on the right hand side little tender bit is the eighth piece of reed style and then the ninth will if you keep going to the right here there's gonna be the fourth diary sorry some close enough it's the fourth diary we completed something anyway so i'll just wait for the screen to piss it before we move in and she blows okay right we are good man we are good so go down now we can pick up the old ultimate atlas ball stone of life take your seed and put it into anything and anyone that you want apparently these are groups wouldn't mind a bit of seed in them right now they have to wait nine months though but that's fan right we're just going back down back down heading all the way back down and i mean literally back down yes thank you for your kind did the people do these tree things only get happy when they've got the seed by them i don't know anyway what have we got we got uh we've got still one more read piece to grab so i just had a little double check there so again make sure not to put this seed in to finish the level make sure that you've got all collectibles and here it is then so that's just open up a us so spanky very much old tentacle and directly in front of us there is the ninth and final restyle piece so now that we've got all collectibles we should be good to go um just get yourself lifted back down and end the level only a lot by objects discovered well they haven't discovered that my pirate's treasure our gargar gargerg for some reason um most pirates are bristolian now with a hint of mr krabs in it for some reason anyway let us end the level so go back down the stairs yep thank you you too buddy hey hey you you're a nut because you're a nut tree your tree nut yeah anyway remember press the b button make sure you got all the collectibles and the level let's swiftly move on all right let's go for another boat ride i hope you're not seasick i hope anyone's not seasick by the way because this probably won't be the game for you but if you're not then that's cute right so we're just going past all the green tentacles now and all the few bit of warty warts there is the big humpback whale that if you haven't seen this one yet make sure to be grabbing that i of course have already got it but that's just another opportunity for you if you haven't got it heading towards the old eiffel tower ish the old kreifel tower the crap fell tower we'll call that one since it looks like crap pretty much so i'll just keep going again try to avoid not smashing into it again it doesn't matter we've got that ultra ultra rare steel wood type stuff that we don't have to worry about so our boat will never crash from here again in the distance it can be a bit tricky but we're just going straight into the black tentacle and all the old uh bubbly bits of diarrhea that's floating about apparently and just keep on sort of heading slightly away from it slightly to the right and away from it just for the time being before we unleash the beast heading towards this big gap in the bridge lovely right coming up to yet another time but again we've got obviously got a few more collectibles and everything to grab so go straight here oh it's raining and man for some reason makupaku didn't um invent himself as top yet right go underneath this big bridge thing right here there's going to be the next boat upgrade that should now be number 12 out of 26 which indeed it is and then just immediately turn around and go back out we will be coming back through here in just a half second just a hot second uh so just turn it around go past all the crates of british tea which every british man just cries about because every british person loves a cup of tea made correctly of course and then straight to the right here we can now just do a bit more exploring now i'm not going to be saying anything a lot of these little dudes paths are literally just quite linear so i'm actually going to be shutting up now at this point um obviously sometimes we're going to have to do that uh flicking a switch in order to go on but a lot of these passages quite linear so there's no point in me talking so i'm gonna shut my [Music] [ __ ] ass up so congratulations so how was that without me talking was that was that good or was that a bit stinky well i'm sorry if it was a bit stinky but uh you know these bits are not always too bad since the only thing you're doing is just going to a place rather than getting all the collectibles etc so that should be the third or the fourth diary for this particular area anyway so let's move on let's uh go left as we exit x beat the cheat go straight go to the right here again take care not to crash and die now we're going to the left back under the sort of bridge that would have been a nice car if it wasn't all dead and moldy and stuff ew he's got mold in his car no we've all been there knockers were dirty it's because we've bought crap cars right am i right men anyway here is the big another big chunky uh little lookout tower for us to have a look in so again you know the drill by now go up a couple of rope boys have a look out and then well i mean to tell you what coming up here it would be nice to have brought a sandwich or something not in the rain though although this is just british this is just british weather that's why i'm looking forward to the summer because i can't wait to stay in when it's pissing down rain all the time so what are we now halfway done with the lookout so we're getting it ever so slowly we're getting there ever so slowly so we turn to the left and we can see this big skyscraper or whatever the hell that is just in front of us so keep bouncing your way through there looking like a mercedes formula one car at the minute the way uh the way the new cars are looking uh you only know if you really enjoy formula one to be honest uh but if you keep going straight you can see this uh other building in view so again just make sure that you've got that in view so that you are basically at the right point the same point that i am and what we're looking for is another boat upgrade so it should be just in front of us which is there it is so that should now be number 13 out of 26 so that'll be just just ever so close to this building that we're at right here anyway you can just nip on now drive to get the bridge on reverse beep beep and then well it is little boy's turn again so we'll just be going for the one specific diary so again i'll rejoin in just a little bit again i'm hoping that the paths are sort of i'm pretty sure the paths are linear enough for you that you can actually just follow along a little bit that's what i'm hoping but if not then i apologize seriously 26 out of 56 where my god let's go down the duane pipe i get eventually and get out of here that's the diaries for this particular area done we're on we've got 30 diaries left now so um what's that not even halfway yet all right cool not even that sounds that sounds horrible when you think about it isn't it not even halfway through completing this game yet so uh in the boats go slightly to the right again we're going back to big skyscraper country probably before the taliban had their way with it again douchebags and then we go into the left right in between these two buildings right with the sort of uh diarrhea warty bags pop up from the sea uh go to the right and we sort of should now be sort of in the middle of this area you see an arrow just above uh but we are coming up now to another part and another main part of the game actually so again what you'll have to do get rid of this gate get a bridge into position and then we should be golden as nugget balls to go if you want a milkshake come to thwaite center not anymore because everyone's dead right immediately as we start go to the right pick up this first climber style piece which will be the first of the night so i'll be immediately to the right when you start then we can go back on ourselves go up the ladder and get stuck in between absolutely nothing apparently yeah that sounds about right for video games in 20 in this day and age you can buy a game full price doesn't mean to say it's actually finished and it's glitchy buggy as hell so we're just going round for now again this part is quite linear quite chill but before going up we're going to go to the right and down to grab the second climber piece a lot of animal skulls just chilling randomly for some particular reason anyway once we grab that we can now go back and up the steps this time let's see let's see now let's see what we can buy with no money go to the right and hop over the gap crap the birds up if there's always one new sense it is always going to be birds that'll just piss uf any a little bit of a hardcore freestyling park or climbing and don't run don't walk press the a button quickly and then we get our 9 out of 20 creatures discovered now kick it no don't kick an animal god jesus christ no i don't i'm being absolutely lambasted right now for saying that by peter and the rspca i'm just don't kick animals only eat them when appropriate okay so anyway go up and behind you there to find the third out of nine climbing style pieces i'm sorry it's just a joke um and then obviously we can't get through the black tentacle manga stuff right here so we're just gonna go up the steps to the right of it and back down the ladder oh it's the shortest ladder in history uh we can actually go across the thwaites sign so go ahead and do that man this girl is just so so athletic you and your brother need to join the athletics team i'm sure you can do some good so up the ladder we go we're up to the other side but more or less basically we've got a couple of groups there having a chill go to the left go behind go go back and now as you can see there is another skull just chilling sitting on like a dj booth or something um no no time for you black plant but that is the fourth out of nine and now we can just go ahead and grab the seed of life let's go let's go okay past all the groots up but everyone's happy this time now we can um uh go through again couple of more squirrels to have a look at immediately go to your well keep going to the right for now and then we can put the ball in chuck it in boy chucking that nuts egg right now what we can do then is actually just climb up the floors up this little hill so do a bit of climbing then what we can do is immediately go to our left past this bit past that bit under the stairs and we can grab our chunky little ball again trinky little atlas stone for tom stoveman and then where we going right up them stairs yet again against a lot of talking a lot of walking and a lot of carrying but these these kids make it work right go through the old um whatever tree plant thing that's supposed to be and just we're actually just going to drop the atlas stone before moving on we're going to actually climb up this box climb down the other side which is obviously not where i was going there but climb up and then climb down to the side and then just keep going around and there's going to be yet another uh what piece is this now of the climber style of course climber style the the fifth climber style so go back up yep this red box will do thing just fine fan just fan clamor decline then what we're gonna see is another flower so that's the fifth out of ninth flower as well so make sure that you've got the five flower and the five reed pieces or climber pieces whatever the freak they called then we can just go back pick up the atlas stone and go ahead okay let's uh go up the lift now here we go god damn all right out into the outside world couple more groups there i don't know what they're meant to be doing and anyway we're going to chuck our cd ball back in the old bald pot and yeah and then we're going to go for a little swing ourselves okay that was short-lived but still up the steps we go homo sapiens um jump up sorry i was gonna say homer i got that one wrong all right little bit of climbing to do now nice so if we go to the right here first and then climb down uh have a look behind you and there's going to be another diary for us to pick up that is actually going to be number one out of day out of four diaries for this area but number 27 anyway so that'll be the 27th diary now what you think we could do is just climb up across the left of the flowers and then just go ahead and grab the skull or the next read piece which is right there but for whatever reason we can't just like jump down onto the left so that's bloody annoying so we have to actually climb down like so climb to the left and then jump down and we have to do a little bit of pg tips monkey swinging etc uh do a bit of climbing and we can finally make it so what we get here this time instead of going down climb all the way to the left this time yeah oof clay it's just it's maddening up down left and right i don't know who gives a [ __ ] anyway down down down down down and eventually we're gonna make it without spearing and be feeling a bit sick uh we're gonna go across this time though in fact no sorry we are going down we're coming back to that bit later on it's a lot of down it's a lot of fair a lot of goddamn climbing but anyway like i said we made it so skip skip skip the maloo skip to my lou my darling right when we get here what we're gonna do is climb across climb across and then climb down so we get here we need to make sure the second one there to climb down reason being there is a nice little diary for us there it is already being magically opened by absolutely nothing that's number two and number 28 in total so that we can just climb back up but now we can start heading to the right again so once we get down do not go up the left just yet go to the right up the stairs first and guess what we're grabbing yet another skull that is the seventh out of nine and now we can happily go back down and go up the rope now remember of course there's no in-game sound because for whatever reason it just didn't appear for whatever reason so i hope you've got some sound so you can enjoy this a little bit more but anyway we've headed to the right um what we're going to do is do some more climbing up now so we're climbing up and to the right etcetera etcetera you know the drill and how to claim so taking a jump taking a jump turn back around on yourself go around this way we're going to let the bridge fall down like london bridge and of course make sure to pick up the next climb style piece to the right there just behind the building that'll be number eight out of nine then we can head down the ladder oh wait it's a short ladder so we're gonna be doing some more climbing like this and you can tell when the camera starts panning out it's gonna be a long one so we need to grab the cd balls so grab your cd balls put it from this part and just put it into the next part and that's about all she wrote for that pot yeah press the a button there we go okay so we're getting there somewhere so when that one goes up uh don't climb back up the ladder we're just going to do a bit of ropey wee [Music] european there we go and now we can go down the ladder see how life works out everything's conveniently placed for us lovely so go to the left there we're going back around this time to grab the old uh atlas stone damn the biceps drown go across the bridge here another bunch of squirrels or whatever these are meant to be so again if you haven't got the creature unlocked yet make sure to do that and then put it on this big big big switch yeah i was i don't know what i was going to call it then but big big switch go across the bridge again oh hello groot i'm just chilling bro and then we need to be climbing up and up and up and at the end of the ultimate assault course there is the next diary which will be the third and the fourth 29-56 so again we're just going back the way we came just don't head down just yet we're going to go to the left and go to the other side of here see there's a ladder but we're going to go up that said a ladder and there's a nice chilling random chair do some more climbing across oh man my arms are so tired and i haven't even done anything there we go climb up climb up and then what's going to happen is there's going to be a ah as we clay i claim climb the drain pipe eventually we're gonna get to a point where the uh ninth there it is so on this one that is the knight out of nine climber style pieces and then we've only just got one more diary left to go so yeah bob's your nan's uncles huh and right at the top for whatever particular reason somebody decided to leave their diary out who's even doing that oh i fancy a nice cheeky cup of tea and a sandwich right let's do a shed load of climbing and let's just leave all our crap there when we all die right okay cool anyway what you can do now is just head back down i think it's now time to finish the level yes it is sadashi blows grab the old atlas stone ball sack of life the old nut bags and there it is lovely again make sure to um press the b button make sure you've got all collectibles and again pause the game here if you want to see on the left-hand side all the objects see how much you've got if you are still on power with me if you are then fantastic and that is the end of that chapter okay then here we are then it's it's another it's another glorious day in wherever the hell we are in the middle of butt flub nowhere this time we're gonna go to the right and we're going to go to other places this time okay so what we're going to do then is uh after we get past this building head towards the light directly in front of us and then what you're going to see we're going to go ever so slightly to the left because we're going to see another relic you can probably all see it jumping out make sure to grab the relicus and that be 10 out of 20 relics right from here we're going straight we're going to turn to the left now always looks like sorry not now now we're going to go to the left there we go because there was another boat upgrade directly by the side of this building pick that one up and that should be 14 out of 26 which indeed individually chum it is so keep heading straight just having a little bit of a think right here where we go where we go where do you think we're going to go ah that's right we're going straight no to be honest i think i've just seen uh a rare animal but as it turns out i didn't that's why i was having a little stop there trying to have a little look no nothing because i tell you what there'll be a lot of things that are underwater and the waves make it look like there are some animals about to collect but it's actually not so that actually just messed my mind incredibly right there so anyway go into this building on the right and again what we're going to be doing is the usual that we've been doing throughout the entirety of the game for the last two hours um jump it well actually don't jump here yet what we need to do is grab the bridge and then do a bit of linear path in until we find the next diary with anku panko the boy now she blows again that's another diary done jesus oh my god there definitely wasn't this many in the first submerged game but we're getting through it we're going through we've got about an hour and a half left ish to get to complete the game and then we just have to do a couple of admissible animals at the end so from here we're going to go to the left and yep just keep heading straight towards the building with a big tree on it starting to get into a nice routine a nice uh well again i thought that was an animal but there was just waves splashing against the rocks now it's starting to get into a nice bit of a thing right now so uh here we are gonna have the next boat upgrade right in between these buildings make sure to pick that one up so you should now be on 15 out of 26 before heading and to the left ever so slightly to get yet another relic as well right now actually what i do implore you to do and we're basically this is the area where there are a lot of swordfish about now these are one of the common animals that can follow you but what i would do is before you go on to the main section of the island with uh maki [ __ ] puku patuku whatever the bloody elena name is miku i think um make sure that you have found these swordfish now the reason i'm telling you why is because these common animals can for some reason be a pain to find at the end of the game as i sadly found out because the swordfish are here and as i went to go back into the boat to find them they were nowhere to be found so this is obviously just a lookout tower but definitely before you do the main stuff go ahead and get the swordfish done always get the common animal in the area done before moving on like i said the big ones they always just have one predetermined path at a particular point these little stupid fish can show up absolutely anyway and for me they didn't show up for a good 20-25 minutes so that's why i'm saying get it done asap get these swordfish get the common animals out the way and it's jump down so you don't have to worry about it and piss around at the end of the game going to be doing a little explorer with donkey ass sorry i mean [ __ ] and tinku and whatever his name is so go to the left and then go straight past these buildings on your left and straight in front of us there is another building that we're gonna go to another little linear path for him to have a little follow about somalian pirates we right back in the boat then let us go to the left immediately go uh to the left and sort of sprint yourself around and just keep going you got these big buildings with trees on the left we're going to turn left again here here sorry it's right here it is and as you can see here's another relic to collect no make a little straight run for it eventually there we go make a little straight run for it and then when we see the arrow see that big arrow yeah follow it go right and oh my god there is yet another boat part who's he now i'm coming huh more collectibles awesome awesome i just keep going straight ignoring all the ducks and birds run them over all you wish that they're fine they're happy to be run over they end up in our kfc anyway so it makes no difference right jump up then and we've got uh well almost jump up anyway all right we'll we'll uh we'll try this one more time what we're trying to do is that we're trying to grab the bridge to pull it down first so now as we begin there's going to be a frog that we can discover this time so again try not to get to our lizard type thing whatever not a frog it's a lizard uh make sure to discover this creature then so hopefully if you've been following along and you've had the same luck i have you'll be on 10 out of 20 creatures now directly in front of you is going to be the first other nine celebration style pieces drop down smashing it congratulations [Music] [Music] to [Music] youWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00Watch at: 10:00 / 10:20Watch at: 10:20 / 10:40Watch at: 10:40 / 11:00Watch at: 11:00 / 11:20Watch at: 11:20 / 11:40Watch at: 11:40 / 12:00Watch at: 12:00 / 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  1. Bought the original due to it having a sequel appreciate the guide I'm happy I didnt start it yet and can follow your guide with the great commentary. Just bought Get Even for 3.59 as it has good reviews saying it's a hidden gem but I'll be going through this game first. Cheers

  2. hi , love ur work . i have a suggestion. i think u should make a few one for the games that are currently in the game pass, sometimes I miss the games like townscaper, because I didn't see it or if I did I didn't know it was an easy score. and maybe make a short video and notify ppl what games r about to leave or come
    thx keep doing the great work

  3. Achievement Timestamps:-

    00:00 Intro
    4:35 Mandanhall Public Library
    10:45 Open World (Outskirts of Vattna Hotel)
    32:40 Vattna Hotel
    46:05 Curator & Decorater Achievements
    47:45 Open World 2 (Outskirts of Siachen Cathedral)
    1:05:00 Siachen Cathedral
    1:15:08 Open World 3 (Outskirts of Jastra Incorporated)
    1:24:30 Jastra Incorporated
    1:32:30 Open World 4 (Outskirts of Thwaites Center)
    1:41:15 Thwaites Center
    1:57:50 Open World 5 (Outskirts of O'Higgins Village Condominiums)
    2:08:55 O'Higgins Village Condominiums
    2:20:00 Open World 6 (Outskirts Of Columbia Gardens)
    2:31:50 Columbia Gardens
    2:43:40 Open World 7 (Outskirts of The Marinelli)
    3:01:45 The Marinelli
    3:11:55 Open World 8 (Outskirts of Lilliput Power Plant)
    3:16:20 Lillput Power Plant
    3:31:55 Ending
    3:33:50 Missed Remaining Animals


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