Submerged Hidden Depths Walkthrough [Complete Game] Xbox Series X Gameplay

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20this is submerged in depths it is a follow-up to submerged a game that came out quite a few years ago actually and i i certainly did enjoy that game so i am very much excited to see what this follow-up is like we should be able to go through i think all of it it's a pretty easy going calming more relaxed sort of exploration water-based experience so be sure to like the video subscribing it's great as well and if you are grabbing the game really link in the description takes you to the xbox store and whatnot and uh yeah it should be a fun easy going experience that's calming tranquil and uh exactly what i need i suppose you would say today so hopefully this is delightfully lovely miku net nakest [Music] [Music] yeah i don't think there's any fighting or anything in this one i remember there being like very light combat in the last one but yeah from what i read on this one it's just uh just a lovely sort of exploration time dealing with uh like some puzzle stuff other things so yeah should be lovely plugged your ps4 into the outlet if you're blocked once lost power that's funny [Music] really good use of music in this should be just uh delightfully time [Music] oh she's got the weird power thing [Music] so it's been a long time since i played the first game but i believe this is the same character and i think the other the guy was uh was knocked out the whole time last time so this should be interesting yeah i hope that's good see if there's any sort of options oh postcard mode i guess that's for photos that's interesting guide color safe zone audio option sorry pretty straightforward so there are lots of like collectibles to find i don't know how focused on collectibles i'm going to be but we can gather some along the way that would be nice is this their pad because this looks pretty cool yo there's like some beat boxing music i wonder what kind of totally licensed audio they're gonna have playing here double chocolate foot i do not have that [Music] that looks like one warped vinyl jeez [Music] hmm it's definitely nice and colorful see how the world kind of sprouts little flowers when she walks by that's sort of lovely [Music] we saved the day guys just call this a win skyrim on the switch that's fun i mean if you've never played this uh this one's really lovely there's a you know this is a sequel it's the first game too thought that one was really nice [Music] [Music] oh okay i get it so this is gonna explain the first game then kind of a little bit i would imagine yeah that was just kind of telling you what's up it's like we got ourselves a darkness flowing in [Music] not much of a city is it i i'm not sure if it's like that game [Music] i guess that's where we're headed oh they upgraded the uh the water quality quite a bit one out of 20 creatures discovered all right yeah what's in the journal oh it's just like a it's all of our collectible things we need to do i think i also finished achievement wise i think i finished the first game driveway to pull down what okay i thought we had to like reverse a way to pull this down okay oh i get it so we were in reverse and we had to go forward okay that makes a lot more sense let's go and do this yes the darkness must be taken care of yeah it's just kind of like a real nice series of little beautiful locations that you get to visit oh yacht style pieces so i assume you get to customize your yacht and whatnot in this one of those things i i i wouldn't say bioshock is quite like this game this is very different oh nice we need a ball for the corruption say something oh something down there there's like a lot to kind of take in in this game right like again it's it's just a very easy going sort of exploration type game finding collectibles left right center though yeah i quite like like the visuals of this game i think they're quite lovely nope didn't mean to get the map out although i like i don't know if people are going to be a bit lost but i'm sure you're probably looking at some of the little creature things and kind of being like huh but yeah the first game kind of builds up that mystery a little bit of what's going on here and stuff like i said i think the first one at least on console came out in like 2015 or something like that or something around those uh that time so it's been you know it's been a long time since i last played this i didn't even know they were doing a sequel but uh quite glad that they did and i've been meaning to show this off for a while so i'm kind of glad i finally had a good day where i needed uh in need of something it's just a little easier going to kind of you know play tonight i think this is a really good choice i like these little smaller games sometimes you know [Music] [Music] even grab this item over here [Music] something about chat only well anybody's open to chat usually on the uh the live streams you don't typically have too many issues [Music] is it a ship over there or is that a no that's a skyscraper that's like falling over [Music] the question is how intrigued by the mystery are you guys at this one [Music] i do wonder what the big mysterious aspect of this particular sequel is going to be because it is you know it's a game with a little bit of a mystery to it as well hello there teenage mutant ninja turtles i mean he'll probably do a new game for the tmnt at some point we are getting the cowabunga collection this year then the place is coming to life oh look it's the seagulls [Music] and a new location visited we have i'm still handsome thank you [Music] yeah gotham night should be good i hope but for now we focus on a city lost to the sea [Music] it's a good little music tone there [Music] i think it'd be a very cold world because you know by the water it's always chilly she's getting more and more corrupted it looks like almost [Music] um is it unreal i don't know what this is built on [Music] i'm kind of looking that up when you search submerged ending you get like a literal engine that submerged video uh yes you're right it is built on unreal engine 4. uh i would assume this one is two but yes this is an unreal engine 4 game at least the first one was i'm assuming this is as well going back to our boat quick customize our boat hmm it's a book added and i guess maybe it's best just to kind of get uh get boating around that's gotta be like a location right no let's keep looking for stuff city lost by the sea winter ember uh yeah i haven't uh i haven't really looked at that one it might be something i'll throw on to the kind of games to look at i guess i guess we could head over there then i suppose uh we we have had you know fortnite runs on on unreal engine five uh so did that matrix demo you're gonna start to see uh games kind of embrace that uh over time i would imagine so we have like a map right no that's not the map this is the map we've got quite a quite a few locations because it's very open in what you do right like it's there's spots you need to go to and there's spots you can you know kind of choose to go to right there's like key areas and this one i think it's just like a library spot so that's just like you know kind of a spot you could head to but you don't need to what is this i was just like a monument really lovely sense of atmosphere tightens reach can i climb this in the last game there is an achievement for climbing the highest building it was pretty cool oh it's just a landmark okay all right i assume that is somewhere we actually have to go right yeah that looks like an important place to visit but it's it's just a calming water aquatic experience oh okay i see something that says press a okay i discovered a new creature a dolphin oh i found a dolphin that's nice so anyways uh be sure to like the stream subscribing's great uh donations cool consider becoming a channel member get cool perks like the emojis the chat and behind the scenes stuff alternatively the patreon option uh streaming daily and if you like the written word lots of good stuff on there and yes just a nice calming adventure tonight your first stream well i hope you have fun with it looks like the eiffel tower well i don't like i can't remember if the first game was actually like i don't know if these are actually based on real cities or not or if they're just kind of cities within this particular world but it is quite a fascinating uh you know kind of take on like kind of like water world right if you guys ever watch that movie i thought it's kind of fun i don't know why i get so much hate but you know i think it's kind of around that concept where it's just like the world is at least this part of the world is flooded over and you're kind of exploring that aspect of it yeah okay so those things are secondary objectives i believe the green ones are places we have to go to so it's a game where you can like work through it it's just not you know insanely long or anything but it's kind of just like a nice easy going time and then you can go and you can gather collectibles if you want to you know sail around for a bit and whatnot that's uh totally up to you now you want to play the game and that like like i said i believe i actually finished the the first one all the achievements and stuff it was a very nice i think time gotta go and uh boat up here yeah this game's quite lovely ooh i got a corporation building nice i wonder how you customize your boat though styles oh so i have to like oh i gotta unlock so many pieces of the boat and then i can customize the boat it looks like landmarks creatures city history yeah so it gives you like context and everything and it's it's very much told through like you know picturesque stuff it's it's just kind of cool where is the best place to visit well i mean i quite like my city i think it's got a lot of lovely spots uh you know like banff and cadmore is not too far off uh british columbia's got some really cool places you know beaches and that uh the mayor times is quite lovely some people go for like more of a niagara falls type of event so there's like it's a big country there's lots of cool places to go oh okay i guess we are going this way is it an open world it is open world uh you just kind of go around and it's not really like a survival survival game it just kind of you know it's these people that are surviving within a hostile world that's falling apart is that gonna lead me somewhere important or where does this lead me to well maybe see where this goes what is the story in the game well you're these these two young individuals and at the end of the last game she ended up with i guess you would say a bit of like a power or sorts to do some healing in the world and they're essentially outcasts of what remains of like humanity and whatnot and you are trying to she's kind of and this one again again i haven't played it right this is me just kind of going through it for the first time but she is trying to figure out the the scope of her powers and trying to heal this this area this world that she's you know kind of a part of here were we just at this way is that all that was just a little collectible there i don't think we can go around that way so that's kind of the idea is you're just uh you're taking in the scenery and whatnot it's uh it's a very scenic relaxing kind of game so yeah and again like i don't know where the story is headed because like i said i haven't i've played through the sequel i just kind of have context from the first game and kind of going off of that i think we already visited and saw these creatures yeah i think we need to be going up there's always that's that's one problem with this game there's always something a little bit off to the side that you can go and like collect and whatnot nothing that's like way off but there's always you know a little little thing here or there that you can go and do and it helps explain the lore a little bit more yeah it's not like a survival game necessarily like i mean they are surviving but it's not like you need the water and food and stuff i hope that helps [Music] which i'm sure for some people this makes it sound a little less you know necessarily intriguing but i still find this one to be a good little adventure and whatnot remnants okay so those are people that got like corrupted or whatever and they've essentially like a frozen in time scenario there really lovely environments but i am glad we got a sequel i hope this one uh does well enough that maybe they can do another i mean i don't know if this is gonna be the conclusion to the series or not but you know usually there's three games in like a set story right love to see how that goes how do you record it's uh you can use the dvr system on the xbox or get a capture card but i'm not breaking it down um where does that take me does that take me down what kind of experiments were they doing on this stuff i'm wondering if the balls were maybe what people were using to power their structures in this like water world but then the balls are like corrupted and that's what ended up killing everyone i'm curious if that's sort of what happened here in this entry very interesting yeah there's so much to do in lego star wars yeah it's a very beautiful game that one [Music] i can see that's so much you can do collectible-wise and whatnot it's a true joy okay now i didn't see where i need to actually input this like usually on the way up you would uh run across what you're supposed to add this to so i'm wondering if it's maybe right here that we have to do this or no i think this is just like a little side area i'm gonna put this down and then uh yeah okay i think this is just a little side collectible yeah humans were probably like oh we found something that can you know fix our energy needs and then it just like kills everyone and yeah it's the worst it always happens i will definitely send uh kev all the love and stuff and then let him know he needs to practice oh okay there we go i thought we were stuck for a second i was like what so where do i put this i didn't like again i didn't see the thingy on the way up here oh [Applause] i get it it was like a blocked off area that we have to use this on i get it what a cool little thing though quite lovely so you know the like one of the coolest things is just seeing the world kind of react to your kind of presence and stuff i think that's really quite neat that looks to be where we need to put it but i'm going to take a quick look over oh no no because this is yeah okay because we're back at the start because i was wondering if you could get over that way but now i get it makes complete sense i don't know how i did notice the giant spot here that's meant for this thing oh no no i didn't mean to drop it ugh okay i'm gonna drop in this thing will i play hogwarts legacy probably i would imagine so [Music] there we go another spot done does it have rage racing um i don't think so uh i don't believe so [Music] hmm [Music] check the xbox store stuff [Music] no it doesn't look like it's got ray tracing it's a play anywhere title though that's nice [Music] what is one but texas home let's see do we have enough to stylize anything yet no we're getting close though we're almost unlocking things to find more collectibles and whatnot let's take a look at the map so we've gone that way and found one so i'm guessing we're gonna have to hitch like a right and start going out that way to see if we can come across the uh the next structure we need to again lots of collectibles together that's a gear part let's keep going outwards and see what we can find i this is next-gen optimized i it is improved for next-gen but i don't yeah it doesn't sound like it has any ray tracing on it excited for the switch sports yeah i'm excited too i hope that one's good channel's reason you got a series x well i'm hoping you uh now i'm hoping you've been enjoying your series x if i was the reason you ended up getting one i hope you've been having fun with it and playing lots of games that would be great so that's what it's all about uh is the gaming experience right yeah i know this this is optimized for series x it just doesn't necessarily feature the ray tracing i mean look at the underneath the boat and stuff it's definitely like i want to throw out the term rasterized but yeah so that's where we're heading anything else around here okay so how far sorry that's the wrong one how far are we in the world okay so we're over oh we're over here i wanted to go more north okay well let's get this done over here might as well you also see that the game takes place over like different days because after you do one mission you go back and the next day goes it is more about the the scenic journey along the way oh i don't think i can open that up i thought this was the direction oh over down that way okay my bad yeah i mean like just because something's next-gen doesn't mean it's going to have ray tracing applied right i mean this would be a pretty demanding game with that the water reflections are pretty nice though [Music] now yeah i could be wrong i'll have to look into it more but i didn't see anything notable like no wise of this having ray tracing applied to it and it doesn't quite necessarily look like it either but never know 226 boat upgrades nice look we got some seagulls i think we already collected them this looks like we're getting off here lights it's more static um so you're saying more like not reflections but you're thinking more like ray traced shadows what you're going for oh well okay so we have to use the boat to get that going alrighty then i don't know if we can even hook up the boat from here can we go i guess we can there we go and let's just back it on up lovely yeah this would look really really nice with that music that's nice well i would imagine you know at some point we'll get like a third entry in this one hopefully and then you know maybe in a gen from now or something like that or a gen or two from now they could do like a definitive package and really like pump up the visuals further that would be neat but i still think this does look really nice you know it's quite a lovely experience it's uh you know if you ever have one of those days where you're just not 100 or wanting something a little bit easier going i think you know these this one submerged in some merchant depths are very good titles to uh kind of fill that gap almost right yeah charm about the graphics yes indeed like i mean it's just like an aquatic game they even describe this as being a very scenic tranquil sort of focused experience that's just you know something that's easy going and fun to play the village condominiums so yeah it looks like society tried to rebuild on all the rooftops and stuff and uh did not work out for i take it i can't go that way without the ball okay we need to go find a ball which is right here that's really convenient okay ray tracing is very costly as it is and yeah the music is just uh it's quite nice as well oh what's over this way oh can't go that way so that'll be the way we return then i guess so i'm assuming we have to go that way to go up but let's go back this way can we go back this way are we gonna be able to jump the gap we can okay good so i'm like we can go this way now that we have the ball the ball opens all kinds of doors freaking like komodo dragon monster thing hmm now there's some big fish you should take those home and eat them question is how recent uh is like the disappearance of all the people in this area that's what i want to know but i'm so like thankful that there's games like this out there that are just you know different right team for relax yeah i mean the first one had a pretty nice story to it it's just not necessarily like it's a story of exploration almost see like you can kind of get the things she's saying and stuff like that are uh you know what what happened to all these people and you know what's going on what are we doing here that's kind of some of the stuff that you're witnessing on this one so i believe we have to i guess that's a trolley thing so i'm assuming we go this way right [Music] yeah looks like there's a lot going on to this area so that is gonna take it down there oh okay so how do we get down there i see that there's okay so we have to go pull that path with that boat we need to go back to the boat and then pull that path down got it makes sense yeah or maybe this way is the way to go too you know if those things weren't shadow figures i'd be pretty freaked out about them celebration style pieces oh yeah oh no this is the way okay i thought we had to go all the way down to the boat pull the thing and then go around the other way but nope all right they're kind of creepy little things aren't they those uh salamanders oh this is not the way to go oh we gotta climb okay got it i keep getting like stuck on that stuff all right let's go i hope you guys are enjoying the action action but it is you know it's easy going thing to grab over here nope okay so i'm assuming waiting this rock down is going to let us go and do something else there we okay so that's going to do the bridge so we got to put the ball on that thing and then we go across the bridge it's all pretty simple going right yeah anyways it's been a while so be sure to like the stream subscribing's great donations cool consider becoming a channel member alternatively patreon option streaming all the time lots of fun oh that's beautiful [Music] see it looks like we're going to climb around this way to get back up there that's for sure oh we could use the ball to get the collectible oh i don't suppose we could wield that ball back can we i assume it was just gonna be open oh never mind oh well get that on my own time or i guess once we get the ball on the other side we can lower the bridge and come back around this way that's an option too oh okay i thought we were maybe climbing those little that looks more like paint now doesn't it oh wait so you can climb on oh never mind i thought you could maybe climb on those plants for a second there now okay never mind cause i was like in that other spot we could have climbed on those plants i guess not get out of here wear weird monster serpent things of the past or komodo dragon monsters of the past whatever they are strange monsters chocolate fun drink picks their sketches up on you i bet it does those are always the ones that get you the good the best tasting drinks are always the ones that sneak up on you the most [Music] nice let's go back and get that collectible oh dean it's so tempting to actually get here or go back and like do everything in this game uh it's one of those games it's a creepy sound going on all of a sudden [Music] it's really atmospheric oh that's a collectible oh we're not collectible but it's an item i need damn it just to walk back keep in mind guys that it's not popping you're seeing it's actually like a specific effect that they are trying to do having the flowers pop up as i walk around with the ball just that you are aware yeah i mean ray tracing is you know perfection of lighting and reflections and shadows but it's very costly but you can create a baked lighting effect that is very similar to ray tracing right most people will notice but it is at some point in gaming's best interest to use the rage racing because that is a fraction of uh realism right [Music] did the desert and fun drink catch up to me no no not really no just slightly i guess distraught to some degree but yeah no nothing to do with the alcohol or anything i'm just enjoying a nice water kind of evening or whatnot oh we finished it loading [Music] that's beautiful [Music] she's in pain and he's worried [Music] there's nothing he could do yeah literally i recall that he was like just knocked out the whole last game and he just did stuff by yourself so it's kind of neat that he's there he's kind of present this time around you see a collectible or something you gotta grab it that's fair a lot of people are like that i'm not usually so collectible driven but in this game i know it's it's not too hard to get the collectibles you know what i mean like it's very tempting to gather them whoa okay yeah no that's a giant spooky dark hand corrupted hand good morning uh well this is the follow up to submerge so this one is a little expanded upon gameplay-wise [Music] some they definitely don't speak our like english does anyone know if they're speaking i'm assuming they're speaking just like a made-up dialect but i do kind of wonder if this is like a future dialect or what okay so let's head let's head more north again i think so then hopefully and where was that on the map so that was to the left i guess okay so we do actually want to be getting up north because i'm assuming there's going to be a lot of locations we have to find each of the different spots around the circle and um kind of cure the different areas if that makes sense and that's how you finish the game but there's lots of you know spots you can stop at along the way yeah the collectibles so kind of interesting here so we did that right or did we do something over there it's a book a propeller that's a gearbox okay let's keep going yeah so right we're on the right path to go uh north and find some more stuff along the way oh foreign i bet that's the spot yep all right let's see where that is on the map okay so that's in the far left corner that is our next location let's go let's see what we can find here oh you can boost yo what when do we get the ability to boost is there something in the water there we got ourselves a new creature right oh there's something in the water he's got quite a gash on his stomach oh i think that's what you heal at the end of the first game or something [Music] we found a grandfather clock oh it's a relic okay we can speed boost like are you freaking kidding me that helps so much for getting places like you just go well looks like there's a bit of a beach on that spot you have to wonder how high up the uh you know the water is i mean obviously some of these are skyscrapers but then you see beach and you're kind of like oh oh there we go that's where we're headed gotta follow the signs you know [Music] [Music] knockout and that's where we talk surprise the uh the guy never comes with us we're literally just kind of like on our own i guess somebody's got to watch the boat in case some kind of crazy person comes and steals it i suppose but i don't think it's this is that type of game either hmm but i hope everybody's having a lovely time gardens i wonder if this is actually set in like a city or not i mean it's set in a city but you know what i mean like an actual real world location yes we have to take this up higher or is let's let's take a look over here and see if there's anything hidden there are penguins i didn't get to press a on them that sucks because if you guys didn't know i need to find all the different creatures for an achievement you have to press a so they unlock in your little journal book all the penguins flew away god damn penguins sea of thieves oh it's a very lovely game it is one that really does require cooperative play though uh sea of thieves so just keep that in mind that you really do need to play that one with others but you can find lots of games online like uh like lobbies or people to play with you can do the searching for games or whatever it's a pretty vibrant and helpful community i've noticed mostly so except when you go out and you start sailing around everybody tries to kill everybody but you know it is like you know if you're looking for people to play with it's usually pretty easy to come across others okay so that will take me up higher let's take a look around this way first something up here hmm was your mat holder yeah but i think you'll have a lot of fun with sea of thieves hmm hey am i supposed to go that way let me suppose to go around this let's take a look over here quickly oh i think this is just a collectible flower [Music] yeah two out of nine flowers found i feel like we're always doing our adventuring at night we've really gone out during like the day at some places right or when we get to these spots it always turns like it's time immediately yeah we're gonna have to go this way wait do we want to go down can we go down there no okay we gotta go up like how there's just a toilet floating in the water that's funny no no no we want to go up higher yes okay hmm all these like lost remnants okay so that's where the ball thing goes alrighty then okay so we need to find a red ball to open that area or do we need to grab the red ball from the start to do that where do we find a red ball i remember where that is yeah hmm oh okay well that's that's pretty simplistic definitely is uh all all ages kind of could play this thing there's the penguins oh geez i need to like press a on them to collect them as animals but i can't oh they're too far i'll get those pink ones yet i tell you i'll get those penguins you forget forgetting to uh kind of look for these little seashells so i'm taking it that's away coming down or something okay all these like red splatter mark kind of things can we get down that way and now we can actually climb up and go down makes sense i mean i would just hop to the side but uh you know all to their own we're snapping wins a penguins no i miss them again i think did i get them that count yeah it counted okay good i got my penguins nice i thought the penguins were going to evade me so do i want to go up that way or do i want to go up that way [Music] this looks like the correct way to go but the other way could have secrets i found new bun styles [Music] three sets oh okay so this was where the collectible thing was get on it nice they look like enemies but they're doing their own things they're uh they're remnants of like people that were flashed kind of destroyed in the corruption almost like you're just seeing the fleeting last moment of their lives that's that's kind of what you're witnessing when you're interacting with that kind of thing uh when you go by and whatnot you see how these guys are trying to like escape and whatnot but there's no escape from the darkness oh well how are you supposed it's the big wins how are we supposed to get that down they hide things in the environment really well too so that's like you know they fog out the far distance so you can't scope everything out right away which is smart it is yeah it's kind of a dark kind of thing what happened uh to people and whatnot in the society but that's post-apocalyptic worlds for you it's never an easy going time anyways it's been a while be sure to like the stream subscribing's great donations cool consider becoming a channel member alternatively patreon options streaming all the time lots of fun oh can you go higher that looks like it's the highest point in the game i'm assuming we also need to visit that ship over there but it's not letting me like target anything from over here so do we need to go this way or do we need to go another way uh so this is just a collectible okay well let me gather these things now or nope okay all righty got some more places to visit people were just chilling out trying to have a good time why did they bring all their hair dryers here they probably were just happy to have power again i would imagine that was why they all did this they're like oh we finally can power all of our electronics and then you know just like death like oh new energy source but no it's never good never good for you what is this oh way down okay again i wanna like that's not letting me uh highlight those areas press a to skip oh you could skip the ride down that's not really necessary and another piece of the puzzle completed yeah quite happy [Music] [Music] [Music] you could really feel the trauma that you're dealing with [Music] the pattern was the same [Music] otaku miku wonder if i have the ability to customize my boat yet styles almost almost i wish it was more daytime when you were like climbing objects and stuff you know what i mean all right so we went that way so we're going to have to go all the way around or this way i guess uh get the northern square quadrants of the map done right yeah it's quite visually appealing so we did that building let's go over this way how many we done right isn't there like nine or something no one two three four done i think four out of nine or how many was uh how many were around the circle i need to pay attention next time we're doing that uh that's a different icon fire eye of death yeah that's a little that's a little sketchy [Music] uh overgrown overpass yeah that's one and our next destination oh what we got here some dolphins there like a roller coaster over there took a bit of a bridge bug snacks invade their land in the lore of this is that why i find all the animals this is like the dreary doom and gloom of uh running into this remnants of others okay that way or this way this way okay it is amazing to be you know playing the sequel just think of like how much time has passed you know between the releases and just thinking of like aging and stuff it's kind of interesting depending on how long game releases take it almost like marks uh points in life and stuff very interesting the martian alley looks like a crashed cargo ship all right let's see what we're dealing with here oh those actual living birds that's interesting okay well how the hell do you get across um you got a parkour somewhere or that's a bit weird am i missing something here how do we get across this place okay we went up there we went around there and we came here and i don't see a way across that way are we in the wrong spot because usually the red marker means you can like climb across okay because we do need to be going up maybe there's something i missed okay go yeah maybe we have to like pull this across that would make a lot of sense oh yes yes he got it no no no way we're going up there we go it's never anything too complicated i do wonder though how many people still know of like the first game at this point considering it's been so long right it has been like i said quite a quite a number of years between the releases i wonder if they work on anything else gameplay-wise or game-wise hmm if i go down i believe there's a collectible so i'm gonna do that quickly oh that is a far way down see i would never be able to do this stuff in real life like climbing these like plants or parkouring and stuff yeah didn't do it way too much for me to handle i'm just not that extreme whoa it's a freaking bear how did they get a bear up here seriously how did they get a bear there of all the animals to save water wise bears feel like they would just take up too much space you know what i'm saying it's like oh we don't mess with that tribe they're weird they got a bunch of bears it's like how do they feed them all day that's what i want to know berries eat a lot of calories i don't think living up on the top of rooftops would be all that healthy for people in bears man bears freak me out eh hmm so i think we need to go this way but i'm gonna go and explore this way it's best to kind of check out both paths just in case you don't want to miss anything right i prefer if my collectible hunting didn't take me retreading through the same places i've already been if that makes sense i like how you could just skip to the top i didn't even realize that that's a big time saver actually we use the uh we can okay what's with the creepy fire eyes it's almost a little unsettling those danger markers are like cool points of like interest where did the humans get all the resources to build these like wooden structures and like climbing places and whatnot it's taken a lot of work i guess if you need to you do but just be strange like that they go inside the buildings and at that point why don't you just live inside the buildings instead of on the roofs of these places i shouldn't question things i think you could get like major rug burn from that the black plants spared new expense they wanted to get 100 completion can you blame it you got to get all the collectibles you can [Music] what's up guys you know if you think about it they're kind of my long-lost plant pals they always seem happy to see me when i walk by and another little collectible hidden in the grass okay did we go over there before no we haven't there are shiny new objects we need to get thank you spirit bear [Music] they gathered ancient machines even though they didn't need them so they just like forgot what humanity was about so they gathered a bunch of ancient machines together that's so weird i'm gonna have to do another like read-through of the lore of this and see if there's like more written materials as to like what exactly was going on i think oh we finally get to customize our boat a little bit nice which i think should be an achievement ride on refurbisher change boat style see the achievements are mostly just like gather all of the different stuff change your boat style use all lookouts you know things like that pretty easy achievements too if you can sit there and get all the collectibles i'm sure there's a lot of guys for that your hands would be done for oh it would be so like excruciatingly painful to go on like that rope like that oh you know nobody expected the buck snacks kingdom to attack [Music] and another place saved take that weird black corruption spying stuff you can make a lot of firewood off of that okay so we've got one two three four more areas to go we're making good time we only got five done man we're rolling through this called touching spirit bear interesting i wish i ever had more time for reading stuff i uh yeah i only occasionally do some book reviews but most of the time i'm busy uh you know is he working on all the games and and whatnot this is a lot of work [Music] she's getting weaker by the day [Music] [Music] okay so they're telling what happened at the end of the last game i think too right [Music] all right let's see so we've got all that stuff done i don't think there's another one far north north because i said there's four more so there's probably one in the bottom left and then i would say the other three are on the right hand side logically right so let's let's get the one that is going to be in the in the deep south over there i think that that would make a lot of sense are there psychonauts i i wish there was yeah do wish there was i love psychonauts such a good game so we're going in the right direction yes okay so i'm assuming that right there yeah bingo what's this other spot it's a book okay pretty cool nice little boating adventure but seriously it's like night every time we go to visit one of these like little city places this is going to be a tight fit here lovely architecture okay i'm assuming we're going into this spot i think this is where we dock where do we dock in here anything we need to pull before i get off the boat this time no it doesn't look like it i'm visually pleasing uh yes sure southeast alaska oh that's pretty cool lucas that's interesting connection to uh bc and stuff like that i wonder if there's a big like ending boss kind of situation in this one i keep holding down the right trigger as if i need to be doing running but you don't need to in this game kind of funny yes british columbia canada i i've yes i did get that thank you oh and it's been a while be sure to like the stream subscribing's great donation school consider becoming a channel member alternatively patreon option streaming all the time lots of fun there is like a side area there do we go down can we get to there from here i guess not maybe it's just a totally different area now should just follow the game it takes me to where i need to go anyways that looks like the flower spot down there so yeah we're going to end up visiting that spot anyways it looks like makes sense oh it's a manatee it's a manatee right hmm keep worrying that we'll have to get the boat stuff coming down here but now it's fine to uh differentiate some people british columbia could mean something else right but being from canada and stuff you know i just uh automatically associate that kind of thing okay we just gotta climb up beyond it it's like uh both ways are blocked until we get an item there isn't it the case there yes yeah it would be nice to read a book occasionally always envious when people have time to do that kind of stuff are you not climbing that way here oh okay and i know that sounds silly but i do put a lot of time on this stuff maybe i'll spend some time tonight going through some of the books to catch up on things now if i supposed to go this way or the other way i feel like there might be a flower if i go the other way though i don't know we'll just follow the ledges i bet you do bet you do then only everyone was so interested in me as larius i'd have too many options oh it's the old telephones and stuff that's cool so is that their way of like honoring the old human gods or something or the ancestors is by like placing all these things they don't understand around stuff very weird oh crap ugh damn it damn it damn it don't worry it's coming back up you'll be here in no time so i wonder like what's kind of cool about this game is that you can tackle like all the different stuff and however you want it which is interesting or however you want to you know the different spots and whatnot oh here if he must be hurting i didn't realize she was barefoot this whole time but like you know you can kind of go through all the different areas and you can gather them in any way i wonder what that was like from a development standpoint because it's just kind of like complete freedom and how you you go and do stuff which i find interesting your only option it sure seems like you are hello there there's only something really sad about these like post-apocalyptic worlds yeah i feel like that other building had a flower on it i should have went the other way and checked it out oh well um [Music] it does there is that flower there oh damn it i could literally see the flower right now ah all i had to do was go to the right slightly dammit i should have thought about that oh well [Music] do i go out that way or do i go this way hmm which way was this was it this way [Music] oh you can't go that way okay so i have to go this way yes yes okay debating on going back for that flower a stadia exclusive uh not to my knowledge uh unless the sequel was only on stadium because the first submerged i played on xbox back in like 20 15 16 or something like that uh this this sequel might have been only on stadium i don't remember if it was or not but it's interesting yeah that's that's the thing is you're bringing their essence and stuff back to life as you walk by them that's her kind of gift or whatever from the last game [Music] should i go get that flower [Music] three more spots left [Music] oh it's gonna take me back to the base isn't it so i can't get that one damn it's all right i didn't need it didn't want it anyways [Music] so lovely looking such a nice art direction that's a cool game [Music] um [Music] rough words were spoken and hopes were dashed oh that's how i feel when i communicate with an ex [Laughter] [Music] oh the giant creature's awakening [Music] he's having nightmare dreams is he drawn to the darkness yes i'm sure most uh emotional psychological trauma will will probably pass unless it doesn't oh wow that thing's actually out there oh geez okay do i have to like evade it just a giant water monster freaking thing going around there that's great i guess it depends on the type of person you are too how much or how quickly you uh you know deal with and or get over certain things is that i i feel like that's where we need to go or maybe down there that looks like a spot we need to head too that looks like a hospital let's look at the map okay so i'm assuming that is a spot but i'm also sitting down there's a spot so we should probably head down this way and you know kind of make our way like less and less traveling each time right hello there that's a nice little touch that not be somewhere we need to actually go i feel like there's a landmark behind it that we need to get to i feel like we just missed something on the water that we could used there we go that's a spot we have to head to i swear that should be one too no it's a flower that's a book nah that feels like it's an area we need to go to and onwards the mic did its job sometimes that's all you can hope for things is that they perform for you and then yeah i think that many years is pretty good i can definitely see how you would get attached to something that's a book hmm i think this is where we're docking yeah this seems like a logical spot i'm assuming this is gonna be one of the harder areas to do because there's a lot more it's one of the taller buildings i wonder if i saved all like the hard spots for last almost not that anything is like necessarily super difficult in this but you know obviously there are some areas that take a little bit more work in thinking than usual let's begin our climb and ascent sweet center that's creepy looking climber style pieces look at a way of doing the streaming setups like just like sit down on a couch and stream so lazy okay we're good caught on geometry sometimes but nothing that's been an issue thus far hmm what are those things are they chipmunks squirrels squirrels hmm we use those things nope okay so we need something to ship up there do we go up that way or we can come back here because i think we have too many ways yeah climber style yes oh our buddy uh my hub was in here earlier actually this is very supportive looks like these guys had a really real nice disco club going on [Music] the old slaughter what's up uh you can change your stuff i was only able to adjust my boat thus far you have to collect the different pieces in order to do that so i still have a lot more to gather if i want to do more customization things [Music] yeah so we have to climb this way no matter what we do got it hmm it's interesting that they give it to you right off the bat this time usually you have to climb up get set object and then descend with said object this time around you're actually ascending with the object very interesting change up that's how you can climb even with this ball thing anything up here oh kind of expecting there to be some sort of collectible or something there we go okay so we can't go that way so obviously i need to drop this ball off somewhere and then probably come back this way [Music] oh i guess i could have dropped the ball and just climbed i bet that's where the flower is too whatever not get the flowers don't eat the flowers anyways nobody likes flowers you get someone a flower they'll throw it away at you okay now that area over there looks like it's gonna be super complicated right that has to be a directional place you have to go or is that maybe that's the end game spot that you have to reach eventually because there's still i think two more areas we have to go so those would probably be up north and i bet that one right ahead of us is maybe one the end game spot i don't know we'll see see what happens yeah we're getting there though and it's been a while so be sure to like the stream subscribing's great donation school consider becoming a channel member alternatively patreon options streaming all the time lots of fun what kind of water game is this the kind where you splash around and it's uh it's more of like a yes narrative driven sort of scenic exploration water game ah uh [Music] hmm now this guy is collectible what are my favorite flowers bonus points if you do know what my favorite flower is i actually would love that if someone brought me a flower hmm let's see what we grab here i do i live stream all the time whether i'm feeling the best or not i'm always here which is i don't know what that is but it's cool begonias uh how's the backdrop atmosphere sound last lily of incas and asters no you're gonna get sunflower sunflowers are quite lovely look at that sun flower little ass no i i enjoy roses that's that's my favorite flower particularly red roses a lot of like little areas i can't get to can i pick i don't think i can pick that up but do we have to like travel backwards no no okay i think we go up this way okay no didn't we just climb down from here oh right even or do we have to go up that way because i'm like now we can push this down wait one sec here so that's how we get that ball to open that area got it because we went up there and we went oh okay yeah now i got it okay so that's where you need to deliver the ball to he thought they were too boring now i don't have anything too exact for flowers but i mean like as a guy that's like most i don't think i would think most people that like most males would just not have a favorite flower type because nobody would buy them a flower it's like what's what's the point of having one right hmm such as three all right it's uh i definitely said that laurie's totally i totally love the uh the asters it's it's the thought that counts obviously okay i feel like i lost track of the ball i was supposed to bring here a very long time ago i have no idea where it ended up you guys want to talk about like rolling up all around here now i'm just ascending to the top of this tower and i feel like this is not what i was supposed to be doing oh i feel like i lost the ball hmm [Music] so okay so where do we get the ball from because obviously we're supposed to have that uh hmm all right so this is where we have to take the ball where do we get the ball from rain's getting a little intense guys you need to get halo infinite well that's on gamepad so free to play if you want to play it good morning yeah it's quite nice looking player at faction it's fun okay so now we have to descend to get the ball back up and then we have to ascend again got it i'm hoping this is the right way [Music] raise the sun yes i know [Music] yeah sleeping dogs is pretty good here we go let's wrap this one up yeah this one took a lot longer than the other ones a lot more in uh involved i haven't played lost in random dead cells is phenomenal it's definitely worth playing if you haven't played dead cells great game [Music] i don't know if anybody has a moment i'd love if somebody could look up and see if this is like based on a real city i don't think it is though [Music] [Music] i threw rocks at them oh the brother was hurt [Music] oh the big scary thing is growing it's not happy that i keep purifying the landscape oh all right so we need to head to the right there i think like i said i believe we have two things left to do and then there might be like an endgame thing i'll look the stupid things here oh no so i i can't help but feel like that big tower is a spot we have to go to but let's let's go up north of it and see what we can come across we did the ship up there right hmm so the last two have to be in this vicinity i think but yeah i'm thinking that that area might be the end game spot and that's why we can't necessarily go there this definitely looks like a place i think it's gotta be one of those locations around here somewhere right because we did that ship i found a new creator oh no never mind i didn't find any critter i found something a relic [Music] a battle royale i don't know if they're doing a battle royale for this game [Music] yeah what did we pull up what is that jack-of-the-box oh it's a jack-in-the-box that's cool there we go that's where we're headed so that's okay so this one and then i'm assuming that one over to the side there is the last spot okay cool let's uh let's go and tackle this this is exactly the kind of play i needed tonight just something very easy going to enjoy and kind of yeah relax too i guess now this one doesn't seem to have a lot of verticality to it so it might be easier i don't know what those things what those creatures are yeah uh this is new but it's not on the game pass at least not right now hmm this one's right off the bat where the spot is lily put power plant just wait okay so that appears to be the way back down from something up let's take a look this way first all right that was kind of pointless but do we need to go that way later or something because like can just rip the doors open oh okay it's a bit strange just a bit strange okay hmm alrighty battle royale for bug snacks kind of a shadow drop uh released uh like a month ago or something like that i think i wanted to cover it then i i kind of mentioned it briefly but i was uh you know it was really busy with all these other games so this one kind of slid by and then tonight i was looking for something to do and i was like okay we'll play this one you know i do i have some other games i want to play as well but uh yeah it's just this is really easy going hmm maybe you get over there no that's not too long i don't know if i want to keep working on things tonight or maybe i'll just snuggle in and watch something and something feel good maybe play some games i don't know we'll see what happens oh this is the flower uh huh so this is not where i need to go so where do i need to head over that way oh very strange he can't get here fastly i'm looking very much forward to uh all the new releases and stuff obviously it gives me some level of purpose i guess on a day to day so how do i get over there do i have to i might actually have to use the water or something because i went the other way and there wasn't really a way around there this is where you have to bring the egg but i went this way and there's no way to further from here that was a dead end right yeah i'm a little a little confused almost let's uh let's let's put around and look for this because i think we need to get up there let me get up for that spot how do you get over there well maybe you did need to open this door and go around the other way indiana jones games third person i mean that would be cool but then again if we had like a first person kind of indie game maybe that one's gonna be just maybe that could be a way to do it because that's what uh machine gun games kind of does right as the first person stuff oh no so you actually do have to open the gate each time too okay all righty then i get it i get it so this is just as complicated but you have to do like weird back and forth stuff and it's been a while so uh be sure to like the stream subscribing's great donations cool consider becoming a channel member alternatively patreon options streaming all the time lots of fun hopefully you kind of enjoy looking at this a little bit different game right hmm oh geez that thing's here oh wow okay a little unsettling thing looks a little suss the tranquility of this game so am i it's just a very nice relaxing kind of thing and it's quite lovely uh uh go hmm yeah it's like the gunk right yeah that's what i was kind of thinking is this like a similar dunk like stream that was really pleasant that one i actually finally wrote my review for the gun like the written review uh a few days ago and stuff nice to catch up on things that big creepy thing's still here yes it is no the crab the crabs got away yeah okay we got a crap okay good that's the one thing you want when you're out here in the middle of the water craps especially the young female protagonist perhaps so they got thrown away from every village they went to just because she's got like some arm thing going on here you can't tell me she didn't come across one dude that was like oh we should let this gal stay i just it's hard to believe what is this do we have to go here and do this or oh what did we just do were we supposed to do that i feel like we're supposed to trigger something first or no no no this i think this is where we're going okay wait wait wait wait can we go down that way something over here no okay never mind okay so that's the way we have to go where does that rope area take you because i know obviously we need to get the thing and go back that way but i am curious where this is going the coke was pretty fun short but fun see not everything needs to be like a bazillion hours you know sometimes it's nice to have just smaller easy going things uh i would assume starfield is gonna be shown off at the june conference i would expect it to be missed the diary page though that's weird unless we haven't come across it yet and i haven't really gotten any achievements out of this game like you know it's just it's a collectible achievements game so you just collect collect collect right that's how you get your achievements but uh yeah let's put this ball back home and then we're really close like wrapping this all up here [Music] how the hell did we get over oh we gotta go down wait is there anything to the right over here no okay hmm oh so that's where we're supposed to go so let's go the other way and see if there's a collectible we can gather probably the last piece of that diary we're looking for oh freaking crap the crabs the creatures they kind of scared me in this i believe five i would imagine i will cover that and yes there was a lot of soccer game blowing in the gunk that is for sure i will always remember that game for that always daily squirrels uh six i believe will be 20 25. [Music] hmm raise the sun [Music] [Music] these guys all have like the exact same hut designs it's a bit strange they gave a teaser well i mean that's because they were just announcing that they were working on it and they just because everybody kept complaining and they're just like okay well elder scrolls is coming but that's that's basically what that was it was just like people kept going on and on about you know wanting that game and they're just like okay fine it's happening but you know it's a long ways away and i think people kind of pressured them to announce it too early almost [Music] in the new wolfenstein game you never know could be surprised announced anytime right [Music] one more thing to do cool loading [Music] xbox will do an event in june [Music] hello there [Music] hmm [Music] oh the brother has left oh okay [Music] that's how i feel today i don't think anyone knows whatever wow it's gonna be okay so i'm assuming the last place is to the right there so hopefully that's the case let's head over there i mean it's like the biggest spot it's the last spot that really doesn't look like we visited it i think this is where we need to go okay well i thought we would keep going a little bit while we're doing this it's got to be there right yeah that's it got it that's our last spot guys hello there does that say megatron megatron i think it's megatrony or something that's the warm welcome we're looking for let's get this down what does this run in i don't know i think it's 4k 60. so we need to get that ball over there there's a collectible over there let's go get that babe put it up to bb uh a prized egg jewel this this seems strangely complex for this game the the setup here oh no i forgot to get the frogs oh damn it damn it top of the molding taking a break from the alternate nice thanks for joining in let's bring this ball home oh no there was a frog there too no well how the heck do i lower this do i have to oh i have to jump across i guess hmm sure it's on my odd world oh i hope you enjoyed it what up just uh dealing with the fun of the day and uh submerged hidden depths but yeah i hope you enjoyed the the odd world fun games those ones okay so i think i have to go maybe that way or where am i taking this ball to over here so it opens up the thing got it yeah more cod stuff coming already it's got lots of content for me to enjoy yeah world's a very interesting series because it deals with like over consumption and stuff but i don't think games really did a whole lot of diving into that at that time are you freaking kidding me there's a thing right there dude how do i get to that thing is it over this way yeah i gotta go back yeah no i'm having some haunting flashbacks for seeing those words earlier bb anyways it's a relaxed stream i'm glad you're enjoying it that's that's great now i've got water today now little boxes of meat panties because they're kind of like the odd world games are also really dark too right just like really sad like i think the opening to like much as i see is really sad didn't even realize i was still working on getting to the opening of the place we need to go to all right up we go and it's been a while so be sure to like the stream subscribing's great donations cool considerably coming a channel member alternatively patreon options streaming all the time lots of fun we got to go that way or we got a collectible up here never played this game before it's uh the first one is is about the same as this one but uh i loved it quite a bit it was five or so years back it came out and uh it was quite pleasant yeah ooh don't stop believing damn looks kind of like tomb raider perhaps a bit but uh you know very simple sort of exploration kind of game not not too crazy in depth or anything i am very curious to see how this all wraps up we got a big monster thing we got to deal with look those are all my fans anything up there nope okay i love how there's a whole journey thing going on there in the chat that's nice let's see we're in a small cabin oh this was that spot from earlier that we couldn't get to nice [Music] you're watching from your giant smart tv nice my huh i hope you're enjoying it and it looks nice for you i always appreciate your support okay so we going yeah we're going up okay i'm cute that's that's very nice you to say yeah that's the kind words that really drive me forward it's much better than when you send a message and just uh completely ignored we go in the water what oh the frog frog the frog okay come on come on come on why can't i press a on that frog oh come on are you freaking kidding me uh mammoth hunting open up i heard mammoth hunting goes all around depending on your heritage uh it is optimized it is series x optimized it's just like an indie game though right uh do we have to go down on this pole oh this pull okay a lot of going down to be going up i got the frog still 10 creatures i'm missing out there crazy you love life is strange i'm glad you do it's a really good series i'm glad you enjoyed it i love that the whole franchise is really really good life is strange too i wasn't huge on but i loved all the other ones i mean it was still pretty decent do we climb up here no okay i just thought i'd check flirt alerts huh never played much as odc it's pretty cool you like get the groups of different uh of his people together and uh you command them to go and do stuff it's a pretty cool game this is nice to be wanted so much okay so is that where we're headed so what is this area then the problem with wanting to get all the collectibles i can when i'm going through these areas as being like where am i supposed to go versus where i could go for a collectible damn it okay so i think that's where we need to go so the other areas where we should go take a look at right yeah i think that makes a lot of sense their fee must be just hurting from walking on the water in the wood it's the worst it's not on the game pass currently although this would be a pretty good game past time such as three hmm wouldn't it be easier for her to just drop down into the water than to like dangerously slide or climb on the side there is to say your tranche loves this game that's nice we all like you oh that's very kind journey is the way to go ooh really gives you a sense of scale ah [ __ ] [Music] grabbing my collectibles i love all the little flowers and stuff it's a nice touch unreal engine 5 officially released it's about time yeah you have to buy it it's like uh this is indie price i believe [Music] so there we go guys we've completed all the flower areas i wonder what the finale thing is because there's that big scary thing out in the water [Music] we've completed the circle pretty good on time too yes i'm very excited to see what uh ue5 delivers great experiences i hope [Music] [Music] that's a big scary thing that we've been seeing all game i think it has an issue with me [Music] no she did oh now he has to carry her forward what a twist over the from the first game [Music] first time that was a long time ago my huh long time ago from skyrim all interesting sister's tears and took her around once more he believed in her and together they would have their new home am i carrying her to the boat or no i'm not okay that's a scary thing i don't know where i'm taking her um i think over to the power thing baby am i gonna give her to the creature this is like king kong or am i carrying her to the top i think i got a carrier to the top yeah that makes sense good thing this thing has very slow reflexes oh that is where i'm going okay good because i was like whoa it's a monster yeah where can you play the first game it's on xbox [Music] both of them are on xbox [Music] he's feeding her the mod are they feeding each other to the monster is it like a suicide thing just kidding it's gonna turn that monster into a green thing right i don't know we'll see [Music] really beautiful sights and stuff [Music] down you go you monster that's the power of exploration at parkour and climbing for you now you become a tree [Music] look at all that new wood that we can use as a big treehouse [Music] can't believe that worked [Music] now she just has wood stuck in her hand or in her arm we did it together [Music] this game is perfect yeah it's quite nice for that kind of mood isn't it and that's the uh that's the end of the game there i guess should i skip it going to black plants now it becomes a collectible hunting game kind of hoping we get like an achievement for finishing this right oh okay i did conclusion so then the other achievements are for gathering collectibles finding creatures collecting styles visiting landmarks putting a flower in my hair changing my hair style you a relic at the home base uh i guess we could do that and then uh call it on this one i guess that was pretty quick about two and a half hour run time this is pretty speedy but i mean i mean you could go and you could go get all the collectibles and you know there would be extra game time but i want to view where's the relic i mean i might as well get the 50 camera score for viewing the relic right i mean i did gather one the question is where do you go and view these relics i do not know it should be somewhere here sacrifice for mankind more like a sacrifice for our future or something like that big tree thing we could totally like use that for like wood collection and like burn and stuff be pretty good where do you go visit the collectibles over here it looks like there's supposed to be stuff on these oh and there's the clock and there's my achievement all right guys it was fun i hope everybody had a good timeWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch 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19:20Watch at: 19:20 / 19:40Watch at: 19:40 / 20:00Watch at: 20:00 / 20:20Watch at: 20:20 / 20:40Watch at: 20:40 / 21:00Watch at: 21:00 / 21:20Watch at: 21:20 / 21:40Watch at: 21:40 / 22:00Watch at: 22:00 / 22:20Watch at: 22:20 / 22:40Watch at: 22:40 / 23:00Watch at: 23:00 / 23:20Watch at: 23:20 / 23:40Watch at: 23:40 / 24:00Watch at: 24:00 / 24:20Watch at: 24:20 / 24:40Watch at: 24:40 / 25:00Watch at: 25:00 / 25:20Watch at: 25:20 / 25:40Watch at: 25:40 / 26:00Watch at: 26:00 / 26:20Watch at: 26:20 / 26:40Watch at: 26:40 / 27:00Watch at: 27:00 / 27:20Watch at: 27:20 / 27:40Watch at: 27:40 / 28:00Watch at: 28:00 / 28:20Watch at: 28:20 / 28:40Watch at: 28:40 / 29:00Watch at: 29:00 / 29:20Watch at: 29:20 / 29:40Watch at: 29:40 / 30:00Watch at: 30:00 / 30:20Watch at: 30:20 / 30:40Watch at: 30:40 / 31:00Watch at: 31:00 / 31:20Watch at: 31:20 / 31:40Watch at: 31:40 / 32:00Watch at: 32:00 / 32:20Watch at: 32:20 / 32:39Watch at: 32:39 / 33:00Watch at: 33:00 / 33:20Watch at: 33:20 / 33:39Watch 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