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SearchThisVideo: Super Mario Maker 2 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Story Mode and Course World! (Nintendo Switch)

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what's up guys zac scott here playing

Super Mario maker 2 for the Nintendo

switch I'll be playing through the story

mode as well as doing custom stages and

maybe even making some of my own thanks

to you guys Mario games have done really

well on my channel which features some

of the most popular Mario videos on

YouTube in fact the first episode of

Super Mario 3d World has over 67,000

likes in over 24 million views making it

my most popular video ever I will be

thrilled to this video got even a

fraction of that

so thanks in advance for any likes and

comments even give me on this video

series I like to give a special

shout-out to my members but if you're

not a member yet thank you for

subscribing we just hit three point

seven million subscribers that's

incredible and I cannot thank you all

enough I'll do my best to bring you even

more awesome videos if there are any

Mario maker stages you want to see me

play during this series let me know in

the comments below now without further

ado let's play Super Mario maker 2 here

we go


well it wasn't easy but we finally

finished the castle we couldn't have

done it without you chief the Princess

Peach will be thrilled all right that

makes me happy

like to see happy princess but was this

huh who who left that reset rocket lying


it wasn't me chief pretty sure it was Oh

who was it who was it what the heck is

that hello doggy what's the white thing

around his neck almost looks like a lion

of some sort

don't hit the butt oh no it was like a

safety cone or something five four three

two one

Oh everything's been reset

good job dog Mamma Mia

oh right well uh see this is what I'm a

cat person what's wrong the chief says I

can't believe it Princess Peach's castle

we have to rebuild it but we've used up

our entire budget this is really bad

leave it to me of course oh why didn't I

think of that you can collect enough

coins for us to rebuild with your help

we can make an even bigger and better

castle than before go see if the

taskmaster can scrape together a few

jobs for you we need funding all right

hey you got some jobs for me so I wasn't

eavesdropping or nothin but I kinda

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

sorta overheard your entire conversation

with the chief lucky for us I got a line

on some jobs from around the world if

you can complete enough jobs we should

be able to make enough coins to rebuild

the whole castle

I gotta say knowing you're gonna

single-handedly fund this entire

construction effort really takes the

pressure off me you know I bet it does

okay no time to waste

check out this job from someone named

Goomba lover most of his clients don't

use their real names

I don't ask too many questions as long

as they cough up the coin all right so

this is a one-star difficulty a downhill

battle job for 100 coins I made a course

full of goombas first one to the gold

pole gets paid here's a tip tilt L down

on the downward slopes to wipe out the

goombas signed Goomba lover okay good

luck out there big red big red all right

I like that nickname

here we go a downhill battle I have five

what attempts tries lives let's see

whoa thank you all right so pretty

straightforward got a one up there it's

like a classic Mario stage hey big

Goomba whoa too little goodness now

what's the overall goal of this like

doing do I need to like just beat it

what the heck is that all right I'm

curious this is anything special can any

secret paths here like No okay that's

okay how do I get down there oh well I

got a star something hold on there's a

one love one life photo what's how do I

get over there I do got a question it

like like a secret path how do you get

over there I already tried this no I I

swore I tried it alright here we go

that's how you do it

nice little music right there classic

looking stage right looks like it maybe

was made by Nintendo itself and not

Goomba lover

lots of power-ups and items lots of

flowers for sure fire flowers so it will

never be low on those how do I get over

there I don't know you know why I don't

even I almost don't care how do I get

over there though that's the real

question just make it interesting sounds

again like the I think it's almost like

you know what's your personal goal for

going into a stage like this are you

trying to collect everything are you

trying to ten coins is pretty good right

are you just trying to complete it you

know I guess maybe you know if you have

the goal of just like that so I know

that there's something up here though I

almost wonder how to do it oh come on

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

really I know there's plenty of flowers

around so but man there's some sort of

way I mean I don't know what's up there

I really don't they just might be like a

really tough thing to pull off maybe I

don't know all right let's just finish

the stage here I jumped over the flag I


didn't know that was possible but in

this game it is I guess alright that was

pretty cool so I did it 100 coins so do

I also get what else I collected you

have 45 coins excellent so I have a 145

coins you go give the coins you picked

up to the chief

alright chief here you go

Mario you're back I hope you had some

good news for me were you able to get

some coins yes way to go Mario we need

those coins to rebuild the castle

okay choose foundation to put in the

work order done you're sure about this

right yes okay let's get building

so hundred of my coins go to rebuilding

the foundation and it's not done yet

is it done the building and construction

has started on the foundation we'll keep

working while you're off making moolah

so get out there and do some more jobs

all right three new jobs huh

what happens if I run over here and is

there anything else hey wake up wake up

he's asleep okay well maybe he's too


oh boy well I can't make that jump I

cannot make that jump okay let's check

out to the left then it's a very

rhythmic game I like the little beats in

the background wolf you dog what are you

it's the underdog hoof but it's almost

like an underdog but undo dog wolf it

was an accident

yeah you undid it hey buddy this is this

thing wouldn't talk to me probably not

Oh what is this I don't know yet let me

just look at the menu really quick so we

got story mode course maker

we're just on story mode okay fine by me

I can't jump very high in this world but

that's okay we're gonna go do some more


how many more jobs we got three more

jobs let's do three more jobs got some

jobs for you Mario but first a word of

advice from old taskmaster toad you can

run the same job as many times as you

want you won't get paid for it again but

you can keep any coin to pick up I don't

know back to work

some new jobs just came in alright so

they're there any stats on these on/off

switch research expedition these are all

little this one's a one-star job

hmm-hmm-hmm the on/off switch no one

knows how it actually works wireless

protocols ancient magic get to the end

of this course and I'll reward you

handsomely hmm

dr. gizmo good luck out there big red

and of course dr. Mario is coming to

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

mobile devices really soon I'm gonna be

playing that on my channel as well let's

see what we got though oh cool classic

Mario stuff

there's the on/off switch so and we got

a mushroom down big Mario oh so I need

this I need this for sure I like classic

you like classic me too okay

I keep waiting for them to throw me some

like crazy loops you know all right

you're doing okay oh I actually got him

in the middle guys did not know that was

gonna happen but I'm glad it happened I

like getting a taste of this old-school

stuff here right Oh

see ya I just wiped them all out and

here's the checkpoint here

oh boy just gonna happen here how do I

even get there oh there's a one-up way

no oh no wait they're gonna throw more

at me maybe maybe not

throw another one at me please I'm ready

for it yes bump it up to your friend

you're gonna give me more I wasn't

expecting any more that's okay just wipe

them out now is this a path oh it is it

is a path we got a big big Piranha

Plants up ahead

what is this there's a star wait no dang

okay I gotta wait for it okay there you



what what oh I figured supposed to take

this with me oh yeah I was like how do I

get over there am I supposed to make

that jump I don't even know here we go

there we go hey plants nice no one use

wow that was good right oh I see you see

here we go

I'll keep these coins thank you oh here

we go here we go

got it ten coins and you get to hear

this sweet sweet tune are we gonna get

fireworks that's the question

no Oh fireworks that's okay

but hey that's a job well done or at

least a job complete now I have 161

total coins not total 206 total

foundation is - oh there's a one hammer

one percent ton okay let's go again I

gotta you want jobs I got jobs I do one

jobs let's do hello 3d world I planted

all these cute trees in my garden would

someone try reaching the goal by

climbing trees with L up

I haven't weeded the garden in a while

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

but if the Piranha Plants give you

trouble just stomp them into the dirt

lonely farmer okay lonely farmer and

thanks he's caused a big red he knows

what I like to be called all right

hello 3d world so yeah now this is

exciting so kind of modeled off of Super

Mario 3d World we have some stages but

of course is still a little bit

two-dimensional right it is oh hi leave

those guys alone so I can climb these

right nice alright oh whoa I need me to


all right nice now the cat can slash

through mount mount so yeah it's still

it's a 2d representation of Super Mario

3d World

which is kind of cool on its own whoa

read all about that how do I hear

actually it's up here would be a better

better jumping point there's ten coins

there what's the story about the purple

bricks whoa all right let's go up


checkpoint please another bail there's

this big boy doing here I'll take it I

don't feel the need to go down there and

get those four coins so goodbye oh I

blocked off the 30 I didn't even know

that was a thing okay

hold on you got a time limit here do I

care about the dirt I think I do

this guy is going to be easy right got

him okay how do I let this slide down oh



all right we're doing pretty good here


okay yeah this makes sense there we go

ten coins again another job well done if

I do say so myself these first pages are

pretty easy I'm probably gonna take a

look at like the custom stages that you

know people have made if there's really

hard I don't know ma'am but we'll see

we'll see what kind of mix it up today

we'll do a little bit of story a little

bit of that just to kind of give you a

well-rounded episode so the foundation

is what complete is that what it's

saying nice nice job foundation complete

all right oh yeah three percent done

that's it three percent that's actually

not bad job's done

so what's up the foundation is complete

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

it's even bigger than it was before this

castle is gonna be rock-solid okay let's

get this castle rebuilt where do you

want to start let's just start with that

I don't have enough coins either way

let's go I'll you know get some more

jobs done he's got two more jobs for me

already another word of advice from old

taskmaster toad talk to the chief

whenever you complete part of the castle

she'll usually have something new for

you to build now back to work some new

jobs just came in all right we're gonna

go an order though under the angry Sun

now this is my first two star course I

hope it's not too hard

shouldn't be too bad today in the desert

expect clear skies all day with a Chance

of solar flares there's an excessive

heat warning in effect from sunrise to

sunset so don't forget to slather on a

thick layer of sunscreen before stepping

outdoors you do that or find a propeller

and press R to avoid the burn all right

take care up there well we will find a

propeller and press R to avoid that burn

under the angry Sun from amateur

meteorologist all right

oh there's that son all right he looks

pretty angry am I actually gonna get

sunburned this is some new mechanic in

the game who know we're just gonna dive

at me he's just diving at me I know him

these coins lost the wings okay okay

hey I'll take that and this should take

care of well come on okay I already

messed it up it's okay it's okay yeah

yeah yeah yeah yeah it's okay I may even

get another propeller maybe not either

way that goober kind of came at me a

little too fast for my liking

yeah I don't have the propeller I'm

missing out the whole point of this

stage I'm not having this propeller

there we go all right I don't know do

you think I can take out the what's the

deal here

do I want to try for this sure why not

right stop coming at me like that Goomba

he just walks right off can I get up

there actually uh hold on

but first oh I see oh no no oh I should

have gone in earlier into that area

because the platform wasn't there for me

when I came back so I do get five tries

I guess is what it's saying five tries

angry son don't do this to me all right

it's okay we'll figure it out we'll

figure it out we want to go for all the

bonuses all the extra coins we want to


Peach's castle right answers yes yes we

do we want to build Peach's castle so

hello and then there's the Goomba that

messed me up last time

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

and here comes the angry son now I I do

like alright it's okay it's okay all

riled on hold on alright whichever the

spikes all right all my Holland so the

first thing that we're gonna do is this

that was good that was good in my view

that's just points for me now there is

something up there darn darn but at

least I'm still alive and I forgot I

could probably get the top of the flag

there I just guys saw that I guess skin

it's the stages over but no all right

there we go

all right hey we got a lot of coins

there quite a lot we're now at 658 total

so let me go ahead we got a lot of work

to do we do don't we let's go ahead and

check out the castle let's just start on

the main hall first floor main hall 600

points or sure about this right I don't

see any downside so yes let's do it

let's get building all right there we go

beautiful work four steps woo oh four

steps okay well construction has started

on main hall 1f red toad is heading up

the project we've got the construction

covered just get out there and complete

more jobs okay three new jobs for you

now I'm mama see I can be able to do all

of the jobs in this episode but hey I'm

gonna do a handful you can flip pages in

the jobs lists with L&R great now back

to work so new job just came in again so

we're doing these in order right so

let's at least do the first five maybe

let's even do the first six that'll be

the first page I think yeah cuz this is

seven eight yeah but we'll do him a page

at a time I guess number five that word

for now the mystery of the Haunted Manor

so I made a ghost house recently but I

think I got in a bit over my head

because I'm kind of sort of trapped in

here now I mean I should be able to get

out but something strange about this

place can someone come and get me out of

here anyone says agent one for 150 coins

I'm gonna help I don't know if I'm gonna

help I'm gonna I'm gonna go to the stage

I don't know if he's gonna be there for

a rescue but oh we got Super Mario World

stylings here so this is cool they

should do Mario maker I don't know I

don't you know I haven't read much about

this game do they have a do they have

any time things that are better that are

more reminiscent of Super Mario Brothers

- I'll be hilarious

first door ok ghosts I get it

mushroom good deal ok can't stomp on

this so let's go this way I love the

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

sound effects of this game let's go over

here now


oh I'm not recognizing some of this here

that's okay

oh I kind of get it now I need this sort

of I sort of get it


oops Yoshi there's to Yoshi's thankfully

what no Yoshi come back come I need that

I need to write on that please that goes

to staring at me okay what is the point

of all oh the point of all this was so

that I could sit on this because no one

else can

okay got it now go over here and what

can I hit the pan perfect perfect see

this is a little tricky right not not

too tricky though

I meant to just throw that out and there

we go oh that's just a checkpoint my

friends any secrets or anything over


where are the blocks that just randomly

appear messing up my jumps oh they're

doors there what are their doors there

oh jeez I'm just gonna guess what what

am i witnessing here I don't know what

I'm seeing here I will try this door why

not oh gosh that was frightening why was

it trying to scare me like that

alright this again I'm supposed to

optimally go here maybe that way huh oh

there's another one there we go

and this is weird me out these effects

oh that door looked important right what

does this do oh no well maybe the way

but wait surely there was something else

to do here you go hit this there's that

there's that piece which door the sound

is so bizarre it's almost perfect no no

okay next time I know not to go that way

so maybe I can still make it I don't

know this is like a big secret or

something what is this Oh what the

thing's gone okay hold on

all I gotta do is what go back here and

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

then go back what's the secret what's

the big the big reveal let's see for a

second and I look at the piece which is

back that's good I can't aim up with my

tongue so I can't grab it but I gotta

just go as soon as I can here so weird

noise man that freaks me out

I hit it what is the secret thirty coins


thirty coins is a secret okay

I mean yeah I need coins for the jobs so

yeah that's exactly what I wanted


alright but I could just redo jobs and

make coins so I'm not too concerned

about it right now let me help you

all right well that's it there we go ten

coins not bad right then BAM

anyone miss that sound effect all right

all right so I got a you know about a

little almost 300 coins and then yeah

one hammer here so we're gonna go what

are we doing we're gonna go here and you

want jobs I got jobs so let's do the

sixth one here this is a three star

underground coin collecting all right I

braid some coins in an underground room

a while back but I forgot where I buried

them if you can find them you can keep

him what do I care coins mean nothing to

me anymore

eccentric Mellon millionaire reach LIGO

after grabbing all thirty coins so this

one's actually you got to get all the

coins for this one so that's gonna be a

really interesting task so take care out

there I will I will take care out there

and this will be the last thing we do a

story but I want to explore a little bit

more about what this game has to offer I

won't be making my stage or any stages

yet this time but you know maybe maybe

soon I want to get more acquainted with

the game before I actually do that so

let's go we got 30 coins to grab the

star I like stars

I don't even know I decide to take the

top door alright whoa there's one here

oh my god I only saw the other one


alright I have enough coins can I leave

I'm gone I'm done seven coins from that

room how many coins here in this room

these turtles aren't doing their thing

here right darn oh you got to be joking

kidding me man I oh no you know what the

thing is I don't ha man so yeah what

room do I want to use my star on there

that's a good question

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

that's a real good question I don't know

yet let's uh let's do a different order

let's go to this first door one of these

rooms we get to use a star on this room

looks easy enough for me so it's

probably not this room also look at that

you just take care of them like so

alright seven coins what in each room

what's this room all about

geez all right seven coins in this room

are there like two extra coins somewhere

or something I don't even know I'll take

the star for this top room here honestly

let's let's do it alright where's the

other one

oh is it only one who was appearing as -

okay last but not least don't die in

this room Mario you did last time

all right here's what I want to do oh

there you go no no oh I forgot it opens

up oh man maybe maybe no I'm not having

problems Luigi you could use some assist

parts that's interesting

but no no thanks I'm good I'm good I

know how to do this one it's maybe I do

maybe that that is the room I wanted you

let's get that room cleared out first

for whatever reason I'm having trouble

with this room it doesn't make any sense

to me but it seems to be that I am

having trouble with it so

oh come on oh come on okay okay yeah hey

at least we keep getting an extra life

to your so that's that's a real pleasant

treat okay

I don't even know I'm gonna do that room

first just to get it over with

I should not be having that many

problems with it it's a little

ridiculous in my opinion that I am

that's an easy enough thing to do this

guy I'm just gonna try to avoid he's

gonna go over there that's fine by me

there are nine coins in this room okay

so this is actually technically the

hardest room because there are more

coins again right maybe not I'm gonna do

this one hopefully without the star stay

at the star for the last room up top

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

there we go all right yeah come come run

at me there you go whoa oh that scared

me that really did scare me that doesn't

get hit by one of the goombas that

popped out here we go up over here

going this way here we go those don't

don't die okay so one final room left

and there are seven coins in it so this

one at the very top where's she going

where she going there we go there we go

there we go

and there you go 30 coins now we can

make it to the end please no more

enemies oh man okay so this is probably

the way to the end probably ten coins

nice alright and plus it got the 30

coins from here and don't forget also

the completion which is 200 for that one

so there we go they're all clapping for

me alright

so that was that was good that was good

we're at five hundred and forty six

coins been going start the next project

before you even move on so we're at six

percent done with this we've got work to


what's up check out the castle it's

looking good hey let's do West Hall

first floor I'm sure hundred coins get

started so this is interesting so we

started it down it out and we did the

whole first page of the jobs and so

construction has started on the West

hall first floor green toad is in charge

of this one we've got the construction

covered just get out there and complete

more jobs got it so but what I want to

do is I want to take a step back and see

what else this game might have to offer

so we got a course maker which is I'm

not gonna be doing today but we also

have course world we have this dojo what

notification settings play guide let's

go back to the title I'm not gonna be

making anything today I'm went back to

the title just to see let's do play and

it takes us to course world and

correspond of course by

is for let's see what course course

world is all about of course I don't

know that there will be any stages here

because this game just came out before

playing in course world that's picking

me and a name for your maker avatar your

meteors name user ID and country will be

shown to other users that's fine

a maker avatar that's me right there and

that's who I want to use in course world

that is my name and all looks good make

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

your profile registered got it

welcome to course world here you can

play like and download courses created

by other users you can also see the

accomplishments of other players a lot

with the courses they played and liked

information about your gameplays such as

course playthroughs medals and vs.

rating will be published both in the

game and on the internet uh you you must

enable course downloading of course I

will let's see they may delete courses

ok whatever do what you want so uh

course world here we go this is where I

guess you can connect with your friends

and whatnot courses let's see if

anything's here yet some people uh you

know this game has come out in other

countries before here so I think that

possibly some people have made you know

so this one hot courses popular courses

new courses details search so this is a

popular course a standard themed how can

you tell how hard something is you know

what I mean Homecoming Hills that's this

guy's highly rated so this the hearts

all this stuff me in the heart so you

just look at it by hearts and stuff you

can sort it by that so let's go with the

hot popular I don't know man let's go

with this one this is the most popular

right now then spring has sprung has

switched sorry spring has switched I

will also be there and then I was super

super mario 3d world to homecoming Hills

this is 1-1 so yeah let's let's figure

out what this is all about I'm gonna

give it a go let's start with switch X


oh the wait no clear rate it's only 17%

so you know there might be an instance

in which I don't you know I'm not able

to do it so when you play course

everybody another four by another player

then maker the course may be notified

every time you play the course ok that's

fine I don't care

so I'm gonna play it right what's the

difference between download and play

I guess download you can make make

things based off of it or something of

course the code there shows this only

has a 17 completion rate so I'm not like

what the heck was that


what oh you can comment on him that's


okay that's what we're seeing it other

comments I guess okay what why do I have

this on my head what does this mean for

me okay easy so I I would like to play

without the notifications but just you

know this is a bruise is pretty good

this is a pretty straightforward cool

course that's cool so this is really

interesting do it again please okay hold

on okay anyway make it made it

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00


the sukkah mine


oh that was drip for me too

a lot of people died there okay I get it

I get it so how do you do without the

commentary uh so yeah I like it

but huh display comments I don't I don't

want the comments right now so uh let's

just see I can do this I believe in

myself the comments were just

distracting me let me know in the

comments below if you want me to play

with comments on alright I like that it

shows you we're like most people died


all right

and that's pretty straightforward there


okay that's so cool that's a cool

feature okay

I think I got it here yeah not bad not

bad right

alright but what else is the essential

oh gosh

so it gets even bigger it's even bigger

uh okay but this is really well designed

so I could probably get that right

oh wow

now do I need to get the tin coins I

mean like what's the philosophy behind

most people who play a game like this

you know is it to go ahead and get

everything is it you know one was fell

off that way I'm super cautious of games

like this holy cow though any more big

bullets coming my way what the heck okay

I get it I get it okay a little nervous

is this a bullet thing staring right at

me all right hold on okay nice right I

guess some people probably play to

collect all coin

Bowser's here Bowser's here help what do

I do

Oh got him Wow

no don't do that got him come on keep

getting him keep getting him please oh


there we go how many times you got to

hit a Bowser here just this stage is

actually really forgiving so I'm pretty

happy there we go

it would just give me the key and we're

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

out could I've done that a different way

oh there you go

did it again take that Bowser got you

twice all right

done that's a pretty well-designed stage


very cool course clear I like that only

17% of the people cleared it count me in

so I'm happy about that that was really

really cool and then you can go in and

add your comments and stuff that's

pretty cool all right you've cleared

your first course got white tank top I

don't know what this stuff is but I'm

glad I got it so going back popular

courses number two Spring has switched

clear rates a little bit higher for this

one the world there's world records here

huh well let's just play it let's have

some fun now I don't know if it's gonna

give me the comments by default but

we'll see well we'll probably do 5

courses total just for fun again I'm

trying to get a good feel for what Super

Mario maker 2 is all about boo-boo but

if we do your switches there what does

this do that's cool

thank you it's a cool mechanic I imagine

what happens is that people learn from

each other like things that can be done

oh I couldn't spin I was trying to spin

I I kind of maybe that's for the best

that drop them like oh but maybe that

was for the best all right


okay so that that cleared out the spiny

there all right


I'm just really over I mean I'm so

expecting them to do some sort of stuff

what was that

I was I'm so just kind of expecting

something bad just happened to me

you know what I mean like that was cool

that was cool

can you hit it the other way no okay

that's okay baby what's gonna happen

here what what oh okay there's like a

jump-scare built in what the heck


thank you all right so I really do

appreciate like these really you know

somewhat cleverly made stages you know


yeah here we go

get out of here Oh hearts the creator of

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

the stage loves us okay yeah straight

forward oh but now what happens okay

this is like the first tricky part right

like what actually needs to happen here

I don't know oh wait there it is there

it is pretty well done huh sorry for

being too cautious here I don't know no

more no more oh here we go


so that's a one-way thing interesting

huh I want it to let me up okay now I

wonder you know oh this is what the heck

I'm scared what the heck oh okay that's

so cool

whatever I'll take the 40 all right I'm

just right now I'm just playing for

completion I don't plan on playing to

ruin my life you know trying to get like

every coin or trying to get you know

like every little thing I do wonder can

you watch like the fastest one like can

you can you do it that I don't know

let's see just out of curiosity cuz that

would be super super fun to watch how do

you I don't know if you can watch the

fastest one

I don't know why you wouldn't be able to

watch the fastest one though you know

what I mean

more info world record holder how do you

okay here we go

overview it doesn't seem like you can

watch it it seems like you would be able

to watch it but you you can't so hey

what is this no courses so this guy

again I'm just trying to see like if

there's a if there's like some sort of

convoluted way to actually watch this

watch I'm actually complete this play

download no okay well I'm just going to

assume that you can't watch them if you

guys know of a way cool shows the whole

stage right there if you guys know of a

way to actually watch the the fastest

times let me know in the comments below

because I'm super curious about that

let's do this world 1-1 Homecoming Hills

again I don't really know this is a

really high percentage rate I'm assuming

like some players who create stages are

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

gonna make really awesome like entire

worlds and so let's see if he's made any

more just out of curiosity so he's made

yeah he's made like an entire world here

so what like if you want to play like

all of this guy's things you can and you

know maybe after I do story mode I'll

focus on like people who have who have

made entire worlds you know maybe I

could just focus on that for this but

for now let's just do this one 1-1

homecoming Hills short and sweet

most people have completed it so I

imagine this is gonna be pretty fun and

this is a this borrows from the Super

Mario 3d World style


bump them so classic start to a Mario

game right classic setup okay yeah I

don't care about that something's in

there there we go think down there I

just had to come up here

alright short sweet to the point oh of

course of course it's what happens when

I made a mistake all right going down

this way that scared me

oh nice see that's what I like I like it

this is a come down here come down

gotcha can this guy go with me I'm

carrying a shell with me in case

anything is in here don't open please

Sheldon open up here oh this is it this

is the secret a what I took damage for

that whatever that's okay I guess my

point the point was I supposed to use

the fire flower through that and not

bring a shell with me I was hoping

though if I brought a shell with me that

it would it would do a lot of good but

just skip some of this

what's going on here what's the big

secret so 1f can I walk up on top of

this no I cannot

all right let's fall down there's a car

there's a car oh boy

okay there's some coins alright we're

getting we're getting into my skill set

now huh whoa okay you can jump over the

flag keep that in mind keep that in mind

you can jump over the flag all right

meow so yeah my plan each episode is to

do a few stages of the story mode and

then to also do a few stages from from

this so obviously back to Game Boy

really back to Game Boy is this has a

high retro States reaching a new power

from Super Mario Land difficulty one

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

star okay let's play it I like the idea

of there only being one star so I like

what the community is doing for this

this is awesome please make a super

Zelda maker

they'll be so cool I would play that a

lot talking talking get into here reach

the go as Super Ball Mario oh that's

cool so this is yeah this is like the

Super Ball from the Gameboy

a back what I got the coin a of the key

this is crazy awesome okay I don't know

what the ice what is this super balls

pretty interesting oh I think I think I

see what it's doing is showing me that

was almost spot-on that was like

seriously almost spot-on there we go

what are we doing oh oh I know what

we're doing over here there we go

there's the door

nice take it easy right super balls so


oh god the stipulations there was one

thing I had to do

I've ruined it

now there's a door here - that's where I

came from right oh great

yeah will I be able to beat it then like

is there still hope for me I need to

know let me try this tunnel here

let's see


alright let's see what's buying this

this area what the heck


I don't want it was your low gravity

there is low gravity and this thing is

like a thing that can throw me so okay

hold on I had a one up so my concern of

course is that oh hold on hold on is

this gonna be it no I need another Super

Ball super ball Mario there it is yes

alright don't mess this up Zack oh do

not mess is that buddy jeez okay I like

the low gravity this is a really cool

again like everyone what the heck this

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

is for me too nice

okay I'm a little nervous though like

what the heck else is gonna happen here

hold on hold on that ball is there we go

there we go

please blow up nice okay this is a

really unique stage I think so here's a

pass over here I fell it's okay we can

still go through here there it is oh


I was thinking about the gravity but

there was not low gravity in that

particular point course clear I like it

alright let's just exit and then uh like

I said we're gonna do five let's do one


well this one isn't hard puzzle-solving

short and sweet a good clear rate here

we go let's see what this is all about

the world record is 17 seconds think I

can pull it off no no I don't think so

but hey like I said this game is so whoa

well I don't know what this ties


this prevent me from dying at all


come on alright hold on he's gonna go

all the way back up and then drop down

oh that was like my freebie right all

right all right now we're dealing with

these guys

nice are we done

awesome short and sweet and this game is

sweet and you guys are the best viewers

a youtuber can ask for I mean that from

the bottom of my heart thank you for

watching me play Super Mario maker to

let me know what you want to see in

future episodes if you guys have any

stages that are like really cool stages

but maybe not super hard or even if you

want to torch me a little bit let me

know in the comments below post the

codes tell me what the stage is about

and maybe I'll check them out but we're

gonna resume next episode by starting

again with story mode and then checking

out some popular and hot courses I will

see you next time for more goodbye and

thank you for watching I'm Zack Scott

subscribe if you have not if you liked

this video and want to help this channel

grow all you gotta do is click the like

button below thank you so much for

watching you can now join and become an

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Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00


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