SWEENY TODD THEMED HORROR | Ravenous Devils – Full Playthrough

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20[Music] thanks to our amazing nomkin scully for helping bring you this video thank you so much scully you're amazing i'm keenu we really appreciate it thank you for the support on patreon i hope you enjoy this playthrough and of course a shout out to our producer alice as well who makes all this possible through her numpkinness thank you so much alice thank you so much scully alice's links are on screen right now make sure you give her a follow and a sub and all that good stuff here is a playthrough of ravenous devils which is a sweeney todd stall restaurant management game is the best way i could describe it there's a lot of repetition in it so i'm only going to uh show like things that are new as we go through and otherwise i'm going to jump ahead to the story parts and i hope you guys enjoy because i thought this was a a wild ride enjoy i barely slept while we were on the train my thoughts kept awake with a burning fever to see our new home my wife hildrett and i decided to move suddenly she hurriedly packed our luggage taking only what was strictly necessary we cut a good deal buying this well then let's get this fun started previously sorry i mean mommy this house is surprisingly large there's enough space on the ground floor to turn it into a beautiful pub while downstairs in the basement there's already a large cozy kitchen i can't wait to get to know my new customers i've always enjoyed watching people eating the meals i've cooked for them lovingly no joke guys this chick's voice is the first floor and set his room up for business it's super [ __ ] hard i am slightly long before we see the women from the local district showing off the beautiful outfits he has made for them we are going to bring home the gold with our business you may wonder what the secret behind our success is our loyal clients obviously fantastic people i feel kind of sorry about killing them you've decided to use an unusual ingredient in our specialties as a result of the insanely high meat prices due to sheer hunger or simply because it tastes so delicious human flesh is highly appreciated we do not know the reason why and we don't really care ah but don't worry we don't waste anything even their clothes are cleverly reused by percival they just need a little patching up and then they are ready for sale again at full price of course we are working jesus do things right and earn as much money as we can god that is a hot voice holy [ __ ] oh you can see the edges of my buttons i just realized i need to fix that it's not a bigger deal at the moment but i need to fix that [Music] well i imagine they have to persuade people to take their clothes off first if they want to get them out of the other things bungee with the 50 bucks though to start off our wondrous fund for the tip goal there thank you so much bunji oh my god okay we're running out of meat first the people in this town are like hungry dogs at least that means they're moving here with the right choice we'll get rich nuts off i mean with that that's true dwarven she's already convinced me not too fast darling we must keep a low profile and work hard you know all too well how much we are risking you know you don't have to keep repeating that throw this corpse down into the kitchen i'll take care of it all right let's grab this poor rate sooner or later i'm going to end up breaking my back all right [Music] oh he just stripped me stripping it now i need to throw the corpse to the trapdoor it'll be in the kitchen in no time this kitchen is not up to health and safety finally fresh meat it's time to stock up on some minced meats the newbie grinder is great for larger prey let's grab the corpse she's [ __ ] strong as [ __ ] there's no way she could lift him there's no [ __ ] way holy [ __ ] a pie or a meatball holy [ __ ] i should take a look at my grandma's recipe book i'll be able to add all my future recipes to it okay okay am i maybe clicking on anything here or just looking at it okay well i need flour and minced meat to make a delicious pie i can already smell it cooking let's take one of the ingredients now the other one uh also for cooking let me take the tray [Music] and put it in the oven it's already hot did we update the game to what it is it's called what the [ __ ] is this called i've already forgotten it'll be ready soon by making some changes i could cook faster or we could fix up the two ovens though that we'll need more money for that we'll work that out later the meat pies are looking golden brown time to take them out ravenous devils that's what it's called ravenous devils the meat pies are looking golden brown time to them out okay got it this smells so good the display stand is empty so i'll place these meat pies on there that way customers will be able to serve themselves well that's convenient holy [ __ ] ready to eat all right we're all set up perfect i wonder if my husband is ready too he has to clean up that mess on the floor take a look it's a blood bath i have to clean this up no one can come up here until there's no blood left on the floor let's mop it and clean it up well that was quick holy [ __ ] i stole some clothes earlier the display mannequin in exposition isn't dressed i could patch up some of the stolen clothes then resell them at a steep price of course waste not what not this may be a humble shop but i'm a professional back to business let's take a stolen cloth from that pile and give the new sewing machine a while the clothes are finally ready let's put them on the mannequin i like this color everything seems to be set ready now we can welcome our customers all right and then we can open the shop my dear customers please come inside take what you desire it's lucky that i filled the display stand otherwise it had been waiting while i was cooking every meal has a different price i cannot give it away for free after all i'll mark them differently from one another in the recipe book they will pay a lot for my delicious meals or just like someone is looking for a new outfit you know you never know if work and style were pre-appreciated by people always keep in mind the best job you can we don't want to get bad reviews i have an appointment pretty soon i need to take our clients measurements wait for the client to arrive is this him now he alone i can bribe hildred with some more meat oh jesus christ and we repeat the cycle i guess [Music] i need to remind myself to clean up i'm confident hilda's doing a great job coordination is key complete the following objectives he is a tailor rather than the barber yes there is like blood oozing everywhere it looks like [Music] hey we finished the first act starting over i wanted to voice i want her voice acting guys i want her sweet darcit tones to moisten me like a delicious moist pie okay starting over is never easy there are a lot of improvements that need to be made i wrote the list of things we need to do to improve the business this way we will serve customers as possible with fancy shops let's see what we can improve [Music] oh we can make steaks i mean we have nowhere near the money to do any of this right we can add tomatoes blood red in the kitchen we can add a workbench an additional oven make the meals go faster produces more minced meat we could do that that would be useful i think because we can afford that oh we can get different outfits as well for them the undead ride what the [ __ ] oh it's a kitty cat all right [Music] all right i guess we need to work on doing the upgrades and stuff at the moment it's really warm [Music] blend the body it's like that parappa the rapper song blend the body don't forget the cheese oh i can't put it on there yet because we can only sell one at a time because we've only got enough room for one at a time here that's fine though uh we are patching the clothes up and selling them oh i haven't opened the shop yet that's why there we go you can only do upgrades in the downtime okay all right shops open now [Music] and we have to unlock new recipes we can make burgers as well with just the meat i better check today's earnings i hope all our clients are satisfied with our work the way word will spread in the shop's reputation will improve that alone is not enough though we should probably buy some new work tools i'm sure i'm sure even while known people will visit our shops all right let's look upgrades oh we get a big boost at the end of the day as well all right let's let's try and get some new ingredients let's make sausages guys oh yeah hey thank you gene good to see you [Music] we need to buy some more mannequins as well oh we can set up tables so people like actually sit down and eat on the premises oh that's real oh we can easily double the size greenhouse oh there's so much extra [ __ ] that's cool but there's a lot to do here the echo is worth it all right let's look at the recipe book [Music] all right so what the [ __ ] is this is that is that just flour yeah so it's like towed in the hole yeah it's like toad in the hole all right we're gonna make some delicious toad in the hole i guess before we get started let's uh put this on here so we have another one hey emmy how's it going and we'll put some sausages up for uh sausaging oh and we can oh we have two machines now that's why i'm glad you guys later the chipper model all right what do we do here oh my god what the [ __ ] okay holy [ __ ] guys what the [ __ ] [Music] all right let's open the shop a letter just arrived oh it's a voice not long ago no one should know us who may have sent this did you tell anyone about our departure let me read god someone knows our secret what does it say nothing good just threats apparent descendant knows us really well we have an admirer we can't leave again we spent everything we had on this building i don't like the situation either but i don't think he means trouble rather he could be a rich client he talks about a reward i wouldn't trust that oh my god for real though thank you so much for the five gift subs son i wouldn't trust that we haven't much choice so what did we do now nothing we just play his game he'll get back to us if what's written in this letter is true we could risk our lives by leaving he seems to be a powerful man in the city well then let's hope we get some money out of this never a dull day for us i'll get back to work me too [Music] as fast as i can oh we got mail oh my esteemed roads i must admit that you're over in the city's got me pretty excited and please i beg of you not to interpret these words as a threat that merely is a great opportunity i know what is going on at your shop i do often wonder how do you manage all those corpses in any case i decided to contact you to ask me a favor before i do that i want to assure you your secret's safe with me if you do what i'm about to request i've been eating human flesh for a long time i am sure you will not find what i say as shocking as others might though you cannot even imagine how difficult it has been for me to get my fill from now on however with you around i trust things will be far easier for me i will give you specific instructions for the prey that i would like to savor after all i will not just settle for the average londoner once the targets have been killed you will prepare a delicious banquet for me it will be perfect when your job is done a life-changing reward will await you i would like to suggest that you do not attempt to run away i will be watching you every move and will know where you are at all times moreover i suppose the local police force would greatly appreciate a tip-off regarding the unexplained disappearances in town i'll show you the details of the first target soon con regards your new friend jay alright oh do we got a thing i don't need to clean okay we're good yeah we're good all right may as well work on some more pies a new batch oh sorry uh toad in the hole this time oh we're not open [ __ ] there we go now we're open [Music] just like where the [ __ ] are the customers hey there moth how's it going oh yeah okay so you can have bits and bobs we definitely need more of these we need to expand the trays like quickly as well more trays more money more mannequins that's what we need [Music] oh we got a victim as well [Music] hi oh in the kidney this time there's blood steak and kidney pie delicious everyone's favorite [Music] there's blood well might as well make some more sausages while we're here am i sure she hasn't intended that she might have been that is true all right um uh what should i get i don't know do i save do you think for like the stakes and stuff oh we have a new mail [ __ ] dear rhodes elliot carton is your first target he is young and greatly committed businessman it's impossible not to be thrilled by the stories of his travels he wanders around the city in his free time talking to everyone even those filth covered country louds he has no objection to frequenting even the most infamous establishments as he believes there's always something new to learn even in such places in my opinion he is a disgustingly virtuous man anyway all of this will work to our advantage and in fact it should not be too much of a challenge to lure him into your hovel sorry no offense i'm sure you will have plenty of time to spruce the place up mr carson is a very charismatic person and an eloquent speaker i've had the pleasure of having him as my guest at some of the most famous parties he is a good looking man you will recognize him for sure his eyes are like two blue magnetic spheres that simply drive me crazy and just the right size to eat in one bite kill him and preserve the body i look forward to this immensely okay so we have to preserve the body thank you lord darken [Music] [Music] what should i get i don't really know what the best like you know thing is oh yes hey thank you congrats on getting the stuff set up thank you oh we need a new mannequin let's do that we'll do that so we can sell more clothes pick it up as fast as i can i'll open now but you know yeah the problem with this sort of business if you share the trade secrets that we've got going on here there could be a bit of an uproar you know what i mean come on get on there get in the oven i really really really like sweeney todd like the shot the film i'm talking about specifically i mean i like i like the operetta in general but i really like the film it's just like oh end of the day oh we got something going oh it's the guy it's the [ __ ] guy it's it's it's it's this guy the guy with the eyes [Music] and we currently have jam everywhere oh it looks like we cleaned up hello hello sir how are you doing good day mr percival i'm eliot carson wilshere was making the news in this city people say it's impossible to find such high quality clothes elsewhere some acquaintances when i came by recently to tell me i should pay you a visit i didn't know a tailor it opened here the clothes on display look exquisite but i suggest you clean this place a little by the way i'm going to commission a super freud apart for my next trip nice to meet you mr carson it would be a pleasure to tailor something for you what kind of city you're after is it for you or the boy i will need to take your measurements first for me of course i need a very durable suit for hunting he's my assistant she may pretend as if he is not here and if he bothers you i can kick him out am i right boy i have a brick wall master jesus just the way i like it this guy's a dick let's [ __ ] kill him anyway i'm just passing through to take a look at your humble shop i'm leaving now as i planned for today mr percival but i will return again in the near future if you don't mind of course not feel free to come back whenever you like thank you for coming see you again soon mr elliot much obliged see you soon come on you lofa we're leaving good day say goodbye to mr percival goodbye is he gonna join us is he gonna help us kill percival and then join us as like an extra staff member that would be cool he must be our target the center of these letters isn't joking next time we'll have some work to do all right i'm gonna buy new food we're gonna get steaks okay let's see what the animation is for making a delicious steak guys all right [Music] holy [ __ ] how do i zoom in what will be your destiny there's no other buttons that work except my mouse with this on pc nope scroll will just change this floor holy [ __ ] she's so [ __ ] sexy this is unbelievable good i think we're done with the day probably yep who could this be this belong temptress from across the street oh my gosh good morning mr percival am i too early the shop seems to be closed good morning not at all lady ellis win please do come in were you in need of a new dress yes i have an appointment please be my guest go in front of the mirror i'll be right there in a moment there is a plot yeah loosely anyway this must be the place that trap door those clothes oh my god everything jack told me was true should i tell him anything i don't know how he'll react i'm here for one reason i won't mess this up how come everyone knows about us here i am let's get to work um i was thinking of something delicate maybe in light blue tones is this dressed for a special occasion if you don't mind my asking a funeral well then if i may offer my opinion i'm not sure light blue is particularly suitable for a funeral it won't matter in fact that i think anyone will say anything to me i will be the one laying in the coffin what do you mean i'm dying and there's nothing that can be done i'm already roaming this world like a ghost i would kill myself but i'm not brave enough to do such a thing if only someone could frame me from this burden hint i'm asking to die without suffering too much but maybe hi i'm sorry i need to interrupt you percival i have someone something to show you downstairs i'm working hildred please percival you need to come with me i'm sure you can set another appointment for the lady you were just starting anyway maybe it was a mistake coming here i'm so sorry i have to go now sorry for wasting your time [Music] was she alright did you traumatize her somehow i haven't touched her or she said she was dying of a disease poor soul anyway what's so important let's go i'll show you how come he didn't pick up on that is he really that stupid is he really that stupid anyway i needed to say we'll get back to this cutscene [Music] so do you like it what don't you notice anything new i mean is this box here new huh no look up there i put up some flowers oh i see i decided to put some decorations in here customers will appreciate it now they have something to look at while they wait do you like it it's a good start but you definitely need something more did you seriously interrupt me for this yes this is really important we'll make customers happier fine go back to killing apparently that's the only thing you enjoy not the only one oh [Music] all right that's already cooked so we're just waiting for more customers we already have some stuff out he has no [ __ ] linen at the moment because he's incompetent upgrades all right let's upgrade the sewing machine speed actually no we get oh we get more clothes that's perfect and we can upgrade the slow machine speed so that should bring things back up in line up there all right hang on some mannequins need to be dressed we don't have any [Music] yeah we don't have anything to address so all right i just realized the blood splats are like when he moves that's very like uh conspicuous you know the thing go where are you going all right we need steaks next time [Music] i know you're getting echoes i [ __ ] everything up when i was setting things up earlier there's not all i can do about the moment [Music] they're very calm about dying these people by the way they're very chill about it it's quite impressive actually [Music] end of the day [Music] help me please have you seen my parents my mother my mother i can't find my mother what's wrong little one um my mum left yesterday because she needed to patch her coat but she never came back hmm my husband certainly didn't see her maybe something happened to her before she got here these are strange times my little boy it's dangerous to be walking around the city alone now come on get out of here i need to open up shop soon but madam please i'm really hungry don't you have anything to give me all right i have some of your mother [Laughter] here you go thank you so much madam you are an angel goodbye i wish you were my mommy and even today i'm sure of a place in heaven that's really [ __ ] by the way like holy [ __ ] out of all the things we've done that's one of the most [ __ ] things we've done so far put clothes on the mannequin come on okay take that out let's take that wash up they don't come into that room they they clean up they have to clean up the blood splatter before anyone can for anyone comes to the next appointment there we go we got a new mail guys my dear colleagues as i previously mentioned in the previous slides i've been observing your steps for a long time let's be honest you intrigued me even before arriving here at hither blue lake when it comes to food there is no place unknown to me this is how i knew you had a little shop in merseyside where you made a lot of money unfortunately something went wrong at some point along the way and the local competition accused you of selling rat meat damaging your business reputation i remember seeing the news on all the local papers i knew it would not be long before the authorities launched an investigation then suddenly a fire i do wonder which one of you came up with that brilliant idea your previous shop turned to rubble nothing left besides ashes and two unrecognizable corpses wearing the owner's clothes they thought you were dead but i suppose by time all this happened you'd already boarded your train brilliant i must confess i almost fell for it too later a mysterious couple priding themselves on offering the best meat pies in town i put up a new shop in southwark many of my friends had said that you could even enjoy the pleasant company of the landlady a beautiful woman it could all have been just one big coincidence two different couples in two different places and there would have been nothing odd about any of it but something did not quite add up to me my suspicions were confirmed when the shopping center closed down you were spotted leaving in a hurry with very little luggage did someone uncover your secret and here we are now at hither blue lake the same story a foreign couple cooking delicious food i did my research in an attempt to see things crystal clear once and for all and as i observed you i was not surprised to notice that not all the customers who entered your shop also left i do not blame you for your practices after all it's hard to find high quality meat these days they spelt merseyside wrong uh southwark is spelt really [ __ ] it is also spelt they're not using of real names like south you know southwark is spelt with like a w-a-r-k ring but you say it's southwark instead of south walk it's [ __ ] it's [ __ ] weird anyway let's get prepared for tomorrow all right upgrades let's um get another oven oven speed up and the additional workbench so the kitchen is like super super super moving now yeah it's written south walk but it's pronounced [Music] southwark no i can do cheese now a little bit of cheese is fine baby num kim thank you i'm gonna have a break to eat them soon guys oh my gosh all right oh this dickhead's back it's about time i'm going inside you wait here for me don't try and run away people are disappearing in this neighborhood if you i wouldn't stray too far all right mr don't wait for you here welcome back mr elliot i've been waiting for you hello percival please take your place in front of the mirror i like the people who don't waste my time i do not think so i'm leaving in a few days my friend this time i'm heading to a dangerous place full of wild beasts i will need my best rifle they could pounce on me before i even notice ravenous and wonderful creatures i prefer them hanging over my fireplace though i'm sure you understand my meaning percival yes yes i understand i always used to hunt for a living but i don't like rifles further away for my prayer to fall into my traps like flies at a spider web and then stab them to death i would have never guessed i thought you had worked as a tailor this is something that i would usually keep to myself though it seems secrets don't remain such long in this city by the way maybe you happen to know someone who goes by the moniker mr j since you're a well-known figure in town that's an obvious question my recommendation precedes me wherever i go of course i know people whose names start with a j but the list would run many pages think about it someone who hates you or you don't get along with i'm a beloved person personal you're bothering me with this story might someone want you dead for any reason enough of this nonsense it was a mistake to come to this dump as always good manners get you nowhere luckily i find you annoying as hell oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] get up is the other guy gonna walk in jesus christ he was really getting on my nerves you shouldn't have come here i so called mr j better have a good reward for us now i need to find a place to hide this bastards corpse a cold one this is the coldest room in the house the flesh will be better preserved here it's not actual okay never mind oh [ __ ] what are you doing here uh good morning sir sorry to bother you do you ever know where mr elliot's gone he told me to wait outside but i went inside the pub downstairs for a moment there was a great smell coming from there and i was hungry then the good lady gave me a pie it was really delicious but i don't have any money on me so um i was looking for mr elliott but i can't find him has he left the shop already yeah several minutes ago oh really did he mention anything where he was going i can't pay for the pie otherwise you didn't tell me anything i'm sure i'll come back to get you kid and don't worry about the pie let's say it's on the house this time oh thank you mister you're a kind man i don't think mr elliot's coming back though he's probably angry because i disobeyed him he bought me and i can be replaced any time well then find yourself another job you won't last long without any money in this city not everyone is as generous as i am can i help here i'm a fast learner i'll think about it kid i'll get back to you then thanks very much yeah i was gonna say in front of the window where everyone can see hilda may need a little help in the pub yes all right anyway we're gonna pause while i eat no no no no in there in there i need steak guys i need big throbbing meat yeah we definitely want to only go to a place that let us take fret so long as well i'm certainly managed to kill him i must confess i was tempted to join you immediately to enjoy the dish then held back thinking the bank would be perfect with all the victims i'm sure that this rating of mine will be rewarded my father used to say that patience is a fundamental virtue i never thought i would agree with him the old bastard was never a good father to me he used to leave me alone with our servants only sharing me with useless gifts when all i really needed was him when he died i inherited his vast fortune and i spent his money diligently my dear friends you would have been guest of honor at all my parties rebelling with the richest people in town delicious food women and music ah the good old days that was a long time ago though i was just a boy now my taste for celebration is quietened it is a good thing to realize when it's time to come time to calm down p.s how does it feel to take someone's life it must be terrible i would never be able to do such a thing i just eat people all right now we can hire the attendant and let's get a oh we can't afford it yes [ __ ] okay nevermind [Music] i guess now we've hired him he's going to be working here now hi nice to meet you first of all told me about you hi yes my name is joshua i'm elliot's assistant but i don't worthy anymore he disappeared i don't know where he's gone people come and go all the time the kind mr percival told me that i could have worked here last time yet i had i need a helping hand here in the pub you'd be paid really well if you follow my instructions carefully i'll do anything you ask man come with me i'll explain everything to you this is the expositor clients will take what they desire from it you need to put every meal i deliver you here fine i'll send you meals using the dumb waiter it's pretty easy right i understand oh so she doesn't have to leave the basement anymore you also need to remember to take orders from tables when we'll have some i'll cook what they want to eat and i'll send you everything in case you're really busy prioritizing clients at tables they're worth more money to us so we need to get tables in stat oh yeah thank you hi minx i love this chill horror steam all right i'm really fast hildred i can handle this last but not least the gin i would like to buy some gin from the clients in the future we can serve it to clients at tables when they start to get bored so they have more time to get everything done that's it okay i can manage this do you need any help in the kitchen i was forgetting the golden rule i forbid you to come in the kitchen keep that in mind or i'll fire you oh don't worry i won't come down perfect i like you we'll do great work together i'm sure about it the reason oh my god like imagine if he came down here we're so [ __ ] maybe my life is getting a little easier after all this is gonna be this is good this is just a recipe letting someone come in here is just a recipe for [ __ ] disaster right like surely it's just it's just gonna be a [ __ ] bloodbath here but they don't we've hired the complex who doesn't know how we're getting all the [ __ ] by the way what did that oh we got a new mail i remember very clear the moment the idea formed in my head the balcony outside my bedroom was a spectacular view and when the fog fades you can clearly see the city cemetery one day i sat staring at it until dusk i could not sleep at all that night all i could think about was all the meat going to waste in such hard and desperate times it is a shame to leave all your good food to the hungry worms in the ground below as i read though as i read through biology books i found that in nature many animal species eat their own apparently only human beings are used to depriving themselves of this habit intrigued by this idea i decided to taste human flesh but procuring a corpse would no was no mean feat first i visited the city hospital the doctors have a glut of corpses to study and analyze at the moment i requested a body from an acquaintance of mine but he refused even after my attempt to grease his palm it was much simpler to convince the gravedigger though i managed to secure a homeless man whose disappearance no one would have noticed i cooked his body in my kitchen and ever since i have tasted the flesh i came to understand that i could not help but long for more later however people started getting suspicious so to my regret i decided to stop now you're here what a blessing i sincerely trust the banquet will live up to my expectations jay i like this color all right yeah rich people have nothing to do it seems all right let's uh we're gonna make we're gonna get two things on the go here before we open up today [Music] an extra everywhere we've got an extra body in as well all right let's get some tables in to do table service all right and then we're gonna we're gonna start with new food ingredients next time as well to try some new murder methods all right i think that will be good but i think we can go for let's go over the gin barrel as well because they said that would be useful right and we can sell gin that way too finally we've managed to fix the table now it's ready for our clients to use i will write down their orders and serve them freshly baked food this is gonna suck like we actually have to pay attention this is [ __ ] what do i have to pay attention in the video game this is stupid first i'll take the clients orders then i'll cook what they desire oh it's a tutorial okay it's coming right they want a hamburger oh so they have an order here i mince meat in the kitchen i love it let's get cooking i just need some mince meat okay so tutorial here on this night mini [Music] [Music] [Music] it tells you what the recipe is underneath which is cool that smells so good oh i have to take okay because it's assuming that i did this before he was working here but he'll do all this for me now i just send it up in the dumb waiter [Music] eat it before it gets cold by the way there's two of them and i made them one burger all right prioritize clients at the tables okay that's fine welfare clients mean more meat in the future right he's just been carrying the body the whole time it is what i mean by sonam [Music] all right let's get another let's get this clean get the mannequin ready let's make some sausages so we have all the kinds of the different meat in beautifully it broke my order are you [ __ ] kidding me as fast as i can that's not what i want to do i want to put this body in the sausage thing in the sausage machine [Music] all right you make this as well all right but yeah this is a pretty like this is this game's like really cheap by the way like like it seems pretty good for what it is i'll probably make like a really edited youtube video of this as well because i think it's like a cool idea it's really warm all right so as i've got one extra sausage i'll make a clone in the hole now and send that up to the guy i like the way she sings so happily when she's you know killing people [Music] people don't like this like i uh games when you play the bad guy are always more interesting you know what i mean as fast as i can just gonna get these going as well so we have like a backup thing in the oven you know what i mean [Music] what was that case in germany where like some guy met another guy on a forum and then they like they met up and the deal was he was going to eat him didn't they eat didn't they like part of one guy and they both ate some of it first is that true i don't know if that's true let's open up it'd be nice to have someone a murder quickly early on you know i've got to keep an eye out for orders here as well we've only got one table at the moment but we're going to have a lot more after today after this [Music] they both ate his penis is that true [Music] oh we got some customers that want something specific go and take the order take the [ __ ] order kid that's what we're paying for [Music] all right they want steak coming right up oh wow it's quick it's quick like expiry time go send this up and then turn the steak up come on i've got all day as fast as i can you put the outfit out because that guy's gonna buy another one go go go go go they're really fast what the [ __ ] i thought they had gin to get them pissed or some [ __ ] all right you cut that one open clean up steel lucky thanks for coming out everyone i'm gonna be [Music] we're gonna do another hour of this guys that's pretty numb right by the way has the frame rate and everything been good like it's been all good right like um the table was happy guys isn't that lovely look at that lovely smiley face oh they're still eating good it takes time i might as well just get another thing up all right let's make a back up because i'm going to run out i just realized just send the stakes up just send the stakes up [Music] come on come on come on come on have a good all day send the stakes up we're gonna run out of food in a minute oh hang on i was in the middle of murdering him i interrupted it to go over there what the [ __ ] did you see that do you guys see that what the [ __ ] that smells so good all right get that up go go go go go get him down the tube everywhere that smells so good all right now we wait for another order and that's fine all right you just wait there [Music] do i have to tell the kid to do the gym no i think it just slows down the amount of time that it takes for them to do [ __ ] [Music] what am i doing [Music] all right cook that's fine do that [Music] he just delays the amount of time he's taking an order though now oh [ __ ] put it down put it down put it down we've got cook we've got to cook we've got to cook we've got to cook oh [ __ ] they want something complicated are you [ __ ] [ __ ] me i can okay go go hear this this here this here come on we have all the ingredients it's fine oh my god this this is difficult put that in there do that come on cook go go go sprint i'm trying to yeah it depends on the length though if not i'll finish it tomorrow oh my god look at the way he runs with the phone what the [ __ ] [Music] mistake did i order the wrong thing to them they look they're unhappy what the [ __ ] that's just [ __ ] weird all right i did it as like almost as humanly possible as fast as it could have been that that was [ __ ] do i need to upgrade the ovens more can i upgrade the ovens more because if so that would probably be a good idea right people will like this [Music] okay i can our reputation not go up any further at the moment no no i want to look at the males males my dearest rhodes here we are with the second target the hand of fate has formed my old friend gilbert weston the only person who loves eating as much as i do the other night i hosted him at my house and talked to him about your shop i told him of the excellent food of yours and a percival smartly tailored suits he seemed curious right away and told me he would certainly be paying you a visit i truly love this man he is the brother i never had eating him will be my sincerest gesture of friendship and appreciation in that moment we will become one because i hope this time process will be quicker all this waiting is unnerving me [Music] you haven't eaten this guy yet he's going off he's literally going off okay literally like what the [ __ ] all right let's have a look at the upgrades i don't have too much at the moment okay i can upgrade the oven again so let's do that because i think that's pretty important before anything else all right i think we're all right though i think we're all right i think the last customers of the day were all right it's very hard to manage though this like genuinely like difficult to manage who'da thought being a serial killer was so difficult [Music] is this the guy oh good lord stay calm beast hi i'm sorry but clothes i'll be opening up soon i need to finish cooking oh my dear i'm sorry i'm gilbert wesley i was told you are a skillful cook maybe my request will shock you but i'd like you to cook the beast in this cage my dog's birthday's approaching i would like to feed him this little hell beast oh you're mr gilbert it's a pleasure to meet you you can call me hildred do we know each other miss hildred oh no i've heard your name from some of my customers anyway what kind of animals in the cage please take a look it's a cat i bought it to catch the rats in my warehouse but it sleeps and eats a complete waste of money a cat mr gilbert um i love the way she morally draws the line here i must say that he seems to be sick by the way sydney do you think you can get me a title card of this like for tomorrow yes definitely sick the poor animal will die soon you shouldn't feed it to your dog he'll get sick too oh for goodness sake good thing you told me this hildred if you want i can take care of him so he won't be bothered at you anymore that would be great thank you very much you will be doing me a huge favor remember to make the beast suffer goodbye mr gilbert i think we're going to use the cat to do something the cat's going to be a new chef this cat is lovely personally we're used to having any in our house i miss having one someone will surely suffer mr gill but it won't be this little cat to be fair i find that everyone yeah that's fine um i'm glad that everyone in this like is an [ __ ] you know what i mean oh poor boy he was terrified you're free now kitty no one will hurt you who knows maybe if i get comfortable couch you'll come back and stay with me i don't know what the gardening section of that this is for though by the way as well that's another weird thing anyway um let's get this on the mannequin moving there all right let's have a look at upgrades you've got a male [ __ ] as you may have noticed i chose my victims meticulously paying close attention to their lifestyles the meat must be of the highest quality so i would never have crossed my mind to eat at your place everyone in town seems to be satisfied with so little i'm sure hilda must be an expert with seasoning and toppings see you soon jay can i just say by the way this is just bat [ __ ] like like everything he sends us makes us look sane you know what i mean like it just feels so [ __ ] weird oh these cost money i don't want to do that i need to spend money on the upgrades first cat get a lovely friend in the kitchen and remember to pet him i guess we'll get the cat guys i know you guys want me to get the cat all right what else should we get oh this increases patience yes oh yes yes okay that's gonna make things a lot easier we can get a second table next time and we've got new okay we need to get new food as well we need to get new food in a new means of blending people and [ __ ] [Music] oh my god where's the kitty cat now i just wait i don't know what the kitty cat does but you know it's there and it's cute so that smells so fast as i can [Music] oh my god kyle's from bombing before animals are way better than people that's a true statement [Music] let's get another steak going [Music] oh you're right i didn't upgrade then the speed of the owners i graded the number of [ __ ] ovens [ __ ] me buy it go go i'm an idiot but there's nothing new there all right who's coming in to get murdered [Music] oh yeah we're blending up like every part of their body right as well like all the nails and [ __ ] that can't be that good oh table's coming in table's coming in take the order wait a second okay it's not even sat down yet that's why there's blood everywhere i don't care get in the hole all right what's the order what's the order what's the order pay attention pay attention pay attention pay attention oh it deals with mice or something oh steak well that's convenient because i've already got one right here people will like this probably shouldn't have done that that might be bad but we'll see clean up there's blood everywhere do we get rap meat from the cat i think we do i genuinely think we might get rap meat from the cat just for the record to make like something another meal this is a masterpiece all right cook this was right food as fast as i can just cook two steaks go two steaks and send them up that's the number one priority here come on take it don't take your time he has a he has a rat in his mouth [Music] [Music] we're getting a queue up in the [ __ ] restaurant smells so good that smells so good new table coming in play with the cat quickly while he takes the order [Music] send the body down what's the order uh one okay oh i put the rat down i was holding the [ __ ] rat [ __ ] me oh this is bad i'm really backed up on this order [ __ ] clean and we have no things out either i'm getting fisted here this is stressful as [ __ ] having the cat there [Music] i guess says we don't have any things for the cat right now it's probably all right yeah no to put the body down put the body down put the body down take the thing out the oven send it up i'm way behind here i don't have time to do food to display i've got to support i've got a pro i've got to prioritize the other [ __ ] because it makes double the money [Music] okay they got their table and they weren't too upset or anything cause that's good come on people will like this as fast as i can get that in the oven get you [Music] down here we're nearly done for the day at least and we didn't have anyone get super pissed off despite the chaos that unfolded i think we're all right [Music] yeah we're fine all right is it time for the fat man today i can say that because i i'm still fat technically so oh it's this chick again hello i'm sorry to bother you i know you're still close but i need something to drink oh welcome back darling sure please sit i'll get you some of our gin wow i'm sorry i had i'm sorry you had to go last time i'm sure you can go back to personal at any moment he must have some time for you oh no don't worry i don't need that dress anymore why the long face is there something on your mind i've been thinking a lot lately do you ever wonder what lies beyond death only those who have enough to eat each day of their lives can afford to ask themselves such a deep question with all due respect of course but you must have some kind of idea what's going to happen to your soul if it makes you any happier i think death is just the absence of life a dark void and as for my soul i don't think there's much i can do about it i understand only darkness anyway if i were you i would concern myself with more worldly thoughts right now your bill for example you have an eternity to think about death [Music] your thoughts don't help me at all darkness frightens me [Music] [Music] what happened to the other body oh did the other body get heated because she was holding it are you [ __ ] kidding me because she was moving it [ __ ] me that's so annoying yeah we lost the whole body guys because she was holding it when the cutscene started all right a whole corpse a whole [ __ ] corpse gone that's so annoying [Music] i don't know why we can't do anything with the greenhouse at the moment but i don't know what it's for let's get some look at this we're gonna buy the tomatoes to add more complexity to dishes because why not i'm ready to satisfy my wife's requests again hildred needs tomorrows for some of the new recipes she has in mind i can make some room in the attic greenhouse wasn't too oh we had to unlock tomatoes there's lots of sunlight up there i'm already prepared something but i need to finish setting it up completely let's take a look i probably lost the other body because i think this is gonna trigger a [ __ ] cutscene this place thinks are carrying but it's looking good at least money really can buy you anything in this world it'll be the perfect place to grow tasty vegetables i can plant tomato seeds in the top soil container but first they need to put some fertilizer in the top soil i bought some fertilizer from a dealer at a ridiculous price how much [ __ ] cost this much i placed it in the bucket near the broken bathtub but i'm not spending another penny on it i'll make some myself next time i have a brilliant idea i'm using a corpse the bathtub will be my composter remember man that thou art dust and to dust thou shalt remain yeah dust [ __ ] in this case let's use some fertilizer hilton hates waiting we have to put bodies in the bathtub oh my god take that super plastic hurry and grow i appreciate ingredients now my work is getting stressful i almost forgot i have an appointment this could be the right time to try out my idea i'll come back later check how things are progressing things still getting very complex here holy [ __ ] [Music] i wish there was more killing animations you know what i mean your flesh will do great things some meat will be sacrificed but if hildred wants ingredients this is the compromise we must make okay so we have to put this in the composter upstairs [Music] i'm assuming an upgrade now is we get more compost from a body nope it doesn't draw too many flies lovely maybe i'll grab those tomatoes they should be ready to harvest these are very fast growing and i put them in the dumb waiter now i send the supporters to hildridge with the dumb waiter he'll take them in the kitchen what a sweet man let's take them oh here i'll put that one back there where we get him from when we're making a meal there we go the best ingredients for mine now i have some fun cooking new recipes okay so we have a bunch more recipes now i need to remember to fertilize them from time to time unfortunately i don't know how long it will take to see what they are but i'm curious can i just say by the way that this guy's body this guy's [ __ ] body here must be completely off by now like i'm not an expert on like you know how long bodies take to cook and [ __ ] like that but i'm gonna gamble and say a while that this body is not doing too great if i'm honest with you make it into jerky i guess that makes sense compost increase the compost instant speed increase the tomatoes growth prices process sorry um i'm gonna get another table i'm gonna risk it and another display can i do that oh no i need 25 i'm going off [ __ ] all right well okay [Music] what are they do we know what these are yet we don't know they're not grown yet okay we have to wait and see what these are right [Music] oh it needs some i fertilized it right didn't i didn't they [ __ ] in it i saw i swear i swear he's shot in it [Music] [Music] the plant still needs fertilizer what is this glitched i'll put one more lot on and if this isn't enough this is this is this is immoral there we go it's still okay well it's growing so i guess the next what the [ __ ] is this oh we still need some are you [ __ ] kidding me all right well we're gonna have to put a body in the thing as our first priority now [Music] i'm surprised that people are okay with eating the rat on the stick is it like commonly disguised as something nice kid again good morning madden hello little one so did you find mom no but i'm coming to terms with it maybe she left me an extra amount of feed must be a burden undoubtedly it's irresponsible to have kids these days do you have children mana you can call me hilda darling and no i don't i don't think i'd make a good mother no one can blame me for that i was not race for it would you like some gin my darling surely a drop of gym will make you feel better yes please that's more than a [ __ ] dropper gin where were we i guess my father raised me and there wasn't much time for dilly dally i had to take care of the pigs but wouldn't you like to have a chart i told you boy they are expensive no drink now drink that gin it'll warm you up it's freezing outside thank you kindly lady eldridge have a good day oh my name's peter by the way all right peter see you soon all these people are gonna [ __ ] die by the way or wig i mean i'm assuming we're going to die like as if like as a couple we're going to die like i don't i just can't see that not happening all right we're in trouble at the moment we need me okay this that is done oh [ __ ] i've got addressed the mannequins first [ __ ] sake you [ __ ] [ __ ] come on all right let's get the rat set up [Music] sorry okay we need to get everything ready as fast as i can all right upgrades let's look at that quickly um [Music] i don't want another table at the moment i don't need either of those really at the moment i think oh eggs let's get another workbench we'll unlock eggs we'll get another mannequin [Music] what kind of plant oh yeah you guys were right give a man a match and he'll be warm for a few hours set him out on fire and he'll be warm the rest of his life what do we do with him everyone said people that are capable to bring a smile to your face for instance when you push them down the stairs what the [ __ ] was that even worth it i don't even know i don't even know if we should have done that it's like a little easter egg all right finally a decent place where i can buy some larger trousers but good lord how can you cross their mind about taylor swift upstairs my chest the pain [Music] is he gonna fall down [Music] isn't he on our hit list [Music] no one gives a [ __ ] holy [ __ ] what was that noise sounded like an earthquake hildred hildred hurry a man has been injured do you hear me a man has hurt himself and fallen down the stairs [Music] what are they yelling about i'm trying to get some work done down here i should go check you're doing nothing okay there'd be a good reason for this [Music] oh my god it's mr gilbert my dear hurry let's take him inside his blood sugar must have been low the poor fellow low blood sugar really how do you come to the conclusion he's as heavy as a horse it was the first thing that came into my mind besides you see the people in this town no one cares to let they fly man a hand and they care only about their business and we have fine with that i don't even need to get my hands dirty this time look at him he killed himself i'll take him upstairs with the other one how there's still the head in the jar up there as well [Music] yeah it's the cause from the house that body is also directly in the view of everyone still as well so it's not a good place here this guy doesn't work out and it's going on by the way the one that works there because presumably he's just a complete idiot a pie or a meatball well i might as well make some more clothes right guys i'm guessing it's all going to end really badly for everyone in this place like really soon all right i'll do the other body in a minute off the cut scene if there is one there might not be one oh there is oh it's this kid's story still hildred eldridge i bought you some beautiful flowers flowers for me oh why thank you peter such a sweet gesture no one has ever given me flowers before i always collect flowers from my mum before she don't you think about that we killed her mumbo his mum by the way and then fed her to him for those who don't know would you like to eat something no i just wanted to give you the flowers because you're really kind to me i shouldn't tell you this but now i must go to the orbiter drop an old man to fish maybe you'll pay me if i do a good job it's good news peter i'm happy for you but why shouldn't you have told me that he asked me not to tell anyone i don't know why but i trust you hilda i know you can keep a secret this sounds soft as [ __ ] i must go now or i'll be late bye bye thank you again peter now go and be careful this guy's this kid is dead this kid is [ __ ] dead [Music] yeah that kid is that kid is dead dead news all right anyway let's get some more clothes let's get two more outfits out here [Music] oh we got a new mail from the guy we only got two more to go guys i do not apologize i'm not contacting you sooner a dear cousin of mine died recently it was a great tragedy for i was madly in love with her i went for days after learning about her tuberculosis i remember fondly the day spent with her in my youth her exhilarating fragrance that drove me crazy her friends loosened some of clothes that left very little to the imagination lately her sickness has grown worse the couch was tormenting her i cannot even begin to imagine what it feels like to know you were dying if only i had more time to spend with her i probably would have asked for her hand in marriage is this the girl that kept coming in before she received a big funeral ceremony many people came to express their love for her i spent some time in the burial train but standing at the foot of the coffin like to be honest with you when no one was around i cut out a lock of the golden air hair i'm holding it close to me now as i write this letter and somehow i feel closer to her i'm in awfully foul mood it's time to ripe to direct is the time right to drown by sorrows in food maybe not two victims are still not enough inconsolably jay yeah there's still one more he wants us to kill i mean marrying your cousin is still um still legal here in the uk you can marry your first cousin in the uk and it is okay well maybe not okay but it's legal let's put it that way i need to put somebody in the in the thing next time but we're okay for veg for tomorrow all right what upgrade's coming out i guess i'm just going to upgrade these because i don't want to buy a table because it's too stressful but the only thing left to upgrade after this is two more tables with four tables it's gonna be insane guys but then we'll have every upgrade unlocked it's really warm all right i need to restock so this might take me a few minutes guys all right as fast as i can [Music] you're not wrong about that lucky this might be the last upgrade day this for us and then we can just focus on getting our reputation up i like this color oh something's happening oh no no cut scene today so we're just oh we got another mail we've got another mail we've got another mail dear friends here is some information on the tag third target this time it's a lady so it's just to be extremely her name is devon laroche a wealthy woman married to one of the richest men in the city i saw her the first time when mr laroche invited me to go fishing on the lake when we returned from our trip ivonne was waiting for us with her friends beneath a huge flower adorned gazebo they were sipping tea i was immediately struck by her skin white is the moon such an elegant and graceful woman with a certain pride her husband told me that his wife ran a beauty shop selling lotion scents and skin creams take what i am to tell you as an advice never buy a thing from her to save skimp on raw materials lady rose uses scraps and dangerous chemicals yet all of this is well packaged and sold as premium quality cosmetics do not know if i admire her entrepreneur or spirit but one thing is for certain i would like to taste her i want her for my banquet handle her flesh with care i'm always watching you oh god we are nearly done with this focus on fertilizer this time all right anyway what you have to say for us you know those homicide jokes people keep making they're killing me i work with animals the guy said to his date that's so sweet she replies i love a man who cares about animals where do you work i'm a butcher he says i have a fish that can dance only for 20 seconds though and only once oh my god i was looking in the garden when i found a chest full of gold coins i was about to run straight home to tell my wife about it but then i remembered why i was looking in our garden [Laughter] as fast as i can holy [ __ ] this is some good [ __ ] my little flea bag all right you get them ready i think we're all good to go though put that egg back no no no no you don't send it up you don't need to stand it up got it cooking in the oven when we get we'll do set of sausages too actually no we won't because the orders come on the tables i won't have enough room so let's uh open up all right this is gonna be a [ __ ] [ __ ] show guys all right this is gonna be absolutely awful to manage i don't know how i'm gonna do this get that going this is gonna be an absolute disaster okay but we just gotta get our reputation up that's the only thing we have to do now to finish the game we've got everything unlocked we've got to get a reputation up to unlock more scenes [Music] you coming to get killed or coming to buy clothes clothes you're coming to get killed [Music] moving there table order's about to come in a masterpiece oh [ __ ] everyone is [ __ ] buying clothes what is coming up what's the order just sausages really glad i didn't do the other order that's good another order is coming in though as fast as i can steak and potatoes [Music] and we're gonna have another order coming in [ __ ] me [Music] i haven't got enough oven space go chuck that down there deliver this people will like this deliver that deliver that as fast as i can then we've got steak potatoes and onions steak potatoes onions gin better save me here otherwise i'm [ __ ] now i just wait [Music] send that up this one's also done as fast as i can what haven't we done steak and potatoes gotta stop ordering [ __ ] steak go go go go go we've got plenty on the thing still it's fine do that ditch the body come on down the hole [Music] actually put it down put it down put it down oh god there's more orders coming in this is actually possible clean clean all right i've got to blend this i've got to do this body quickly get that to them we're gonna have some unhappy customers i think but it's okay oh the gin saved me the gin saved me the gin saved me guys the gin [ __ ] saved me all right [Music] come on hurry up all right go this flower tomatoes it's like a lasagna i guess as fast as i can okay we're nearly done we're nearly done last clients of the day there's another food tour coming in but that's fine just get that get the right in the oven kill him [Music] all right send this one up people will like this [Music] i think we did all right actually we didn't run out of clothes or anything like that either good the only thing i could be better at is like um what am i doing oh because i had to wait for him to get it okay yeah the gin saved my ass completely today that's good though we don't have any upset clients may as well start working on getting these done we have loads of food and vegetables still so we're good on that for another day they haven't stood up yet so we're okay to do this with the steak i'm gonna do more steak because fake is like the most popular [ __ ] thing apparently i understand why you know what i mean a good a good lump of roast butter is what people want right right moving there oh we're so close to the end guys we just have to open for one more day i don't even have to spend money anymore because we've got everything unlocked all right we've nearly got the max reputation in which we need to finish the story oh my god a juicy bit of human behind all right i've got to get all the things sorted out again quickly guys and then we'll go for the last probably a lot possibly the last time i think everything's going to go to [ __ ] after this guys it's really warm might as well make another steak and send that up as well [Music] i might as well send up a pie too right there's no need not to be quicker we can go into the last act that was managing four tables as stressful as [ __ ] this like i didn't really have time to do it like it's really hard to manage what he's doing like in terms of like killing and cleaning you know um as fast as i can [Music] all right then when the rat gets back that's the last dish and then we'll be fully stocked for tomorrow [Music] he's got he's all set up as well i think we've got every upgrade but i'll just double check oh we can buy skins now right oh yeah we can buy skins [Music] oh yes beautiful [Music] oh i haven't got quite enough for that [Music] how about dolled up yeah he's like a skeleton now look [Music] [Laughter] oh her wrath is very nice now [Music] we went for something a little more low-cut guys all right [Music] this is a fun this game like cost me like four quid like it's very reasonable for what you get really so good like i think it's a really a really like it's not like a super long game like we're gonna finish it really soon but like you know it's a really enjoyable experience and the gameplay loop doesn't overstay its welcome too much even though it is a bit repetitive like it's just the right length for what it is and i like that a lot right first guy that dies today is gonna go in the um fertilizer by the way all right let's open maybe for the last time we'll see just go get that reputation up to max i wonder if anyone will notice he's a skeleton you know this reminds me about that game beholder i really want to play through that on stream but i just wonder how much there's like a bunch of those beholder games now they're actually pretty cool like the one where you're like spying on people and you have to like find out like their personal stuff and then report them to the government and [ __ ] as fast as i can and he's dead got the first order coming in that's fine let's get this in the oven as well play with the cat quickly as well [ __ ] it and you're gonna compost that one all right so we need sausage tomato onion okay this is gonna get bad actually because i kind of [ __ ] up there sausage [Music] there is a head in the courts room i don't know whose head it is it's just been there the whole time i'm guessing it's a reference to something but i don't know what it is as fast as i can [Music] this is really bad all right beef steak sausage in this next one god the greedy [ __ ] [Music] go clean [Music] because we need another body down here [Music] as fast as i can and what's the other one that we've got to put in beef tomatoes and onions is that it or did i send the wrong order i don't know [ __ ] i wasn't paying attention [Music] what is have i done or not i don't know i don't know what orders i've done [ __ ] we'll find out in a second all right beef tomatoes onion baking time okay die what are you doing you stupid [ __ ] i'm sorry i love you i can change you it's fine i think i [ __ ] this up by the way guys there's blood everywhere cook it this one's going to go through fight oh no the gin saved me beef and potatoes for the next one right as fast as i can clean we've got another you get another person i mean who hasn't been saved by jin huh people will like this get this up another [ __ ] order are you [ __ ] kidding me are these hungry pricks coming from okay we're gonna get another body at least though go go go go all right so beef flour eggs is that beef wellington i'm making or something or deep fried [Music] [Music] as fast as i can all right get in the oven [Music] all right you we've got one more shirt left here we have one more thing for sale still that's good play with the cat chuck the body down the hole [Music] all right take that send that up [Music] did i put one in the bathtub i did good excellent excellent go me i think we're done for the day now we just gotta wait for people to eat their meal and leave so we got time to blend some people and [ __ ] we did get fertilizer though although i think we're good for one more day [Music] and stakes now you may as well get all these back up and running again so we're all stuck for tomorrow if we have a tomorrow we don't know if we will because it could all go to [ __ ] by tomorrow as this is the last day well the listeners are going to take our probably reputation to max today oh [ __ ] okay well let's see what happens good morning eldridge hi peter what are you holding it's an old storybook i'm talking to them i'm taking it to the market to sell it for some money i can't read anyway are you a man like you can't read come here give me that i'll read you something then you can sell it if you still want to um once upon a time two brothers lived happily with their parents however they didn't have much money so the father decided to abandon the brothers in the woods that's terrible the brothers were frightened and starving until eventually they came across a little house in the middle of the forest to their astonishment they found out the entire house was made of marzipan so they started to eat the lovely house ravenously a marzipan sounds delicious all of a sudden the witch came out of the house she was really mad she said how dare you two little kids chomped through my house in an instant she captured and imprisoned the two children and decided that she was going to eat them please stop lady eldridge the story's scaring me i don't know i can keep on reading anyway some water seems to have dropped on the last page and i can't make the words out oh what a shame well just you know the [ __ ] story practice reading and learn how to write you'll be able to write your own ending to the story what do you think yeah it's all right thanks you dude i always have fun with you i'm going to the market anyway so they could offer me a good price for this book otherwise i'll keep it bye bye darling oh we still have to keep going they're still eating get the body on the table and it'll be fine as fast as i can go go go go yes [Music] ah we got more ah this could be our last victim guys i would say it definitely is actually notice the the the odor of death this place stinks is anyone here stupid skeleton i'm sorry man i'm about to close maybe you can call in tomorrow perhaps another day i don't intend to wait any longer excuse me yesterday i sent someone to pick up my dress i decided to order something just because some people say you're the best tailor around here and what i got is an awful dress you shall make a replacement free of charge or i shall have this place shut down i apologize for the inconvenience was the order in your name yes of course i'm yvonne laroche this is how you treat all your customers oh miss laroche i'm such an honor to have you here i guarantee that my clothes are made with the utmost care and precision give me a chance to set this right just for you i'll make a new one completely free of charge but first please may i take your measurement yes but make it quick yeah this is the last one [Music] let me think do you like red sorry yes you should be sorry how dare you come in here with such requests who do you think you are what are you doing help help it's a bad habit for you to scream like that we are starting to have a good time help me please uh where's your power now your insolence if you kill me your life will be ruined everyone will come look for me you better let me go now i've had enough of you oh avon is dead what a pain in the ass they're all dead now eldridge must cook these three bastards then we need to take our reward kill mr j and leave this place what if one said is true we're in danger now i hope the next lady won't take long to arrive everything is going to [ __ ] now we're right at the end there might be another day at least but we'll see yep there's another day all right so we have all three bodies now stored upstairs for the finale [Music] now i just wait [Music] let's sausage this one [Music] i should clean this from time to time we have been hired by somebody to kill three specific people and then keep them in the house until he's ready to come eat them as part of a banquet but now he we we're worried because he knows our identity so we're going to try and kill him when he comes here to eat them is the plan [Music] because he's like blackmailing us because he's like a cannibal that doesn't kill but likes to eat other people stuff all right let's get the last one of these on we'll get some tomatoes done and then we're good for tomorrow i like this color [Music] [Music] we got the last letter yep i'm truly satisfied with your excellent work you have killed all the required targets i'm sure my threats have motivated you somewhat light the stove up and start setting up the table for my banquet i expect everything to be perfect and extremely delicious of course i will be there tonight with your reward see you soon jay oh my god guys two minutes and 30 seconds we just need i think probably like one sub or something maybe to hit it takes it to the next level of that hype train all right [Music] or is this the end i guess we guess we're doing one more day i guess we're doing one more day that's fine i'm gonna blend both these guys are they all stocked yet we may as well fertilize some potatoes because that's what we're lowest on again they [ __ ] love potatoes they don't they're [ __ ] weirdos all right this could be the end let's have a look lady hildred life on the streets is too difficult for me i have no money to eat i can't imagine living on my own i've sold everything i have please let me stay here with you i promised everything you asked of me my dear peter what the hell are you talking about you know for well i can't feed you too i need to take care of my husband and our shops how can you come to such an idea please i need a mum someone loving and kind like you me a mother plea to get these thoughts out of your head this is the harsh world boy extremely cruel the thought of you all alone out there breaks my heart but i can't take care of you just like before meeting percival i'm sure you'll find your way just like i did peter take this money and swear to me you'll go to the station and take the first train away from this evil city you deserve a better life than this but just [ __ ] take the money how much is it no i'll do as you ask man i promise i trust you i'll never forget you forget me now go in my love and take good care of yourself goodbye eldred me a mother there's another day there's another day i'm really sorry this is dragging a little bit now but um we'll we're gonna finish it okay it must be the last day though it must be the last day now [ __ ] hell [Music] because everyone's leaving now so you know well everyone's either dead or has left at this point so there can't be that much left you must grow some tomatoes and send them down quickly as well yeah but there's the day's divided into three shifts the morning shift the day shift and the evening shift so like this wasn't a day yet a day is three sets let's get some jokes you're not completely useless you can just be used as a bad example the ghost of my diary just died my thoughts are with his family i hate double standards burn a body at crematorium you're being a respectful friend do it at home and you're destroying evidence moving there at least they're not rotten all the plant does is make jokes yeah all right we're doing one last thing because this yesterday was brutal so this day is going to be brutal as well [Music] oh we also need to get another thing on the go because we haven't got a full deck at the moment they're heavy all right finally the onions [Music] that smells so good [Music] there we go [Music] just for you guys as everyone's been asking i'm gonna try and feed the first body we kill today to the plant all right i don't think it's gonna do anything but i will try okay [Music] because we've got plenty of meat [Music] oh we don't we didn't make any money today people will like this is it because i maxed out everything is that where we don't make any money now or is something else gonna happen when i click open this time well i'm gonna open and see here we go oh i gave the money to the kid yeah god can't believe we have emotions what the [ __ ] all right come on here we go [ __ ] i'm gonna make a super condensed hour-long version of this for youtube by the way tomorrow he doesn't play with a cat again as well oh my god all right first order's about to come in oh god where do they want something complicated [Music] beef no what are you doing beef flour egg sure he'll go up there in a minute with her here we go are you ready you ready guys let's see what happens my grief counselor died he was so good at him yeah you can't do it you can't do anything with it he just tells another joke that sucks i did tell you guys as fast as i can now i just wait all right be flare eggs again [Music] moving there [Music] i'm in a lot of trouble right now send this out as fast as i can all right now i need sausage [Music] sausage beef tomatoes send the waiter down you [ __ ] dick sorry i'm fine [Music] if we lose reputation because of this you're fired you're not [ __ ] [Music] god it takes forever [Music] oh my god oh my god this is driving my head in to the wall [Music] sausage beef tomatoes go [Music] as fast as i can what which one haven't i done the beef tomatoes onions right [Music] beef as fast as i can tomatoes onions i can't believe so many of you are watching this by the way onions as fast as i can get that in we're really out of time okay he got he gave him jin he gave him gin they're all they're all drunk it's fine this is good send it up so good pet the cat make a new outfit send this up people like this send this up come on come on you [ __ ] [ __ ] send that out sorry we've got somebody else to murder as well uh i need let's just make a steak because we're nearly out of normal table [ __ ] as fast as i can get in the oven get in the oven kill him all right beef and potato i think everyone's ordered the steak today as fast as i can [Music] all right we're nearly there we'll be back get your [ __ ] [ __ ] up there come on come on people will like this clean up i think we're done once they've what's that once they're done eating i think we're all good [Music] all right [Music] what will be your death look at the way she peels the skin off it's so [ __ ] gosh she is a very skilled butcher and incredibly strong to be cutting through that [ __ ] by the way and lifting the bodies so she's hot she's got a great voice and she's jacked [Music] as incredible as i can time to time this is it is it going to show up now or not something's happening hildred oh percival you just get the hell out of me honey i thought it was a client clients that come here aren't alive that's a good point why are you here we are ready oh finally do you have any trouble with yvonne she was arrogant who isn't in this city at least she had some fun we may have gone too far this time yvonne told me that someone will come looking for her we're in danger now that's not a problem we could leave like the last time disappear and start over again nothing will stop us as long as we are together yes darling nothing and no one can stop us we need to prepare the banquet what if he doesn't come this could be another day isn't there he will come i'm sure about it but i don't know how the story will end we will take the reward and kill him but why why does mr j want to come here he's not stupid he surely knows we'll try and kill him no matter what but if we can't kill him if he doesn't give us our reward who knows what it is do you think he's bringing other people i don't know i can see a psychopath enjoying other people's come i can't see what's like about enjoying other people's company but i'm not a psychopath myself so i couldn't tell yeah well totally fine and what if he is armed a weapon i'm not afraid we'll take him out anyway stop thinking about all these problems for once i'm sure everything will be fine am i right we'll get out of this together as always now come on we need to bring the corpses down here oh maybe this will be it i really hope it is what a beautiful collection we have okay at least he looks like he's rotted to [ __ ] this time we really deserve a little trip after all this hmm where would you like to go uh far away from the city a place where we can relax a bit and just enjoy ourselves we earn lots of money here we could go anywhere by the sea we'll feed the sharks with our neighbors come here now help me with elliot how do we bring gilbert in the kitchen piece by piece i thought you had a better idea while i'm cooking you should prepare the table here this is the best place to kill mr j yes smile my love by this time tomorrow we won't work here anymore we'll be in a better place mr j has finally arrived he immediately made it clear that we would have our reward at the end of the meal tonight i have outdone myself on the cooking front the main dish is gilbert served rare with salt and pepper lady laroche is only skin and bones i put her on the stove to avoid scorching the skin elliot has been here for a while in fact he smelt awful but i still did a great job i put his eyes in the pan with some sugar to caramelize them a scrumptious dessert mr j seemed to enjoy his meal he ate it as if he was starving it was quite disgusting the reward he offered us for our hard work just more bother he requests that we become his personal chefs in return for his protection surely that would have made us untouchable but also his slaves we understood that he wasn't prepared to take no for an answer we are no longer willing to play his games the only thing that he will taste now are my scissors [Music] that's the end i think can i move around no i can't we'll see if there's anything after the credits i guess but i guess it's left on a cliffhanger on purpose i wonder if they're gonna have a second game with the two of them getting away you know what i mean mr j you're such an air song thank you very much devils continue the last checkpoint to look everything there are still clients to serve and kill i've already unlocked everything but we did it we beat uh we beat ravenous devils and that was quite a little good little game i really liked it really enjoyed it excellent that's just the right a little bit too long at the end but nothing too bad you know nothing too bad [Music]Watch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 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Comment (0)

  1. Honestly a pretty fun looking horror themed game, I always did enjoy the Sweeney Todd musical/movie, so it's nice to see a game based on it.

    Also mostly unrelated to the video, but Youtube thinks this is the Wolf Among Us and that for some reason is hilarious to me.

  2. That actually was really good. And yes, that woman has a lovely voice.

    Btw, since you say you like games were you are the villain, have you ever heard about "Iratus: Lord of the Dead"? It's all about being this evil necromancer commanding his undead minions, which you create and upgrade using materials you gather from your figths. If you're familiar with Darkest Dungeon, it's kinda like that excep you're controlling the monsters now, which make it easier.

  3. This seems like an interesting game! I might have to check it out myself. And this couple is freaking great – stylish, cool and they both have downright excellent voices.

  4. What perfect timing! A friend gifted me this game just the other day as well and I can't wait to play it!! I love how the murderous people love kitties hahaha are they trying to say something about us cat lovers? >:D
    I've missed you and your streams Minx I've been busy with work and had a holiday, while I was at it I GOT BLOODY COVID TOO hmph >.> doing much better now hoping to pop back in! I hope everyone has been doing well and staying safes including you, the adorable Kwism and Pretzel <3
    Also I love this vtuber model of yours!! Very cool ^_^

  5. Still not quite sure how I feel about VTubers but I sure won't let it stop me watching Krinx lmao, I think it's the idle movements that might weird me out a bit haha

  6. I want so badly to love, or to hate this game. They somehow took such an edgy subject and turned it into an absolute mediocre middle of the road experience and that is possibly the most infuriating outcome possible. How did they make a cannibal caffe mundane and boring?

  7. Welp, that's a new game to go on my wishlist, loved this video! Definitely gonna buy this when I have the money along with Paper Bride.

  8. Loved the plot twist at the end! By which I mean the credits revealing Hildred was played by Oolay Tiger, who also does VO for porn. Thought I recognized her voice from somewhere… 😛

  9. “She is quite strong, has a jovial face, an eye for decorating, build her own successful business from the ground, kids and staff like her, she is great at managing things, as well as capable and ambitious! Oh and her voice is so lovely, I could hear her for days!”
    “She murder people and cooks them!”
    “Very well in fact. Have I told you she loves cats?”


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