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    Swift and Resolute (400+ Combo) Trophy Guide – Hidden Dragon Legend 3-2 (Hard NG++) – Easy Way

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    Credit to Jckdnll's Let's Go! W/ for finding the original method in Chapter 3-2 Raven's Nest

    After trying the above method several times on my first playthrough, I would always either lose the combo timer when one of the Wooden Cleavers exploded and knocked me down or I would do too much damage and the enemies would die before I reached 400 hits. The same thing happened again in my NG+ normal difficulty run.

    If you wait until NG++ and do it on your hard mode playthrough it is super easy. NG+ introduces a new stat on your weapons called "GBP" which basically measures your ability to punch through enemy defense in NG+ or higher. Equip the weapon with the lowest GBP (Rusted Iron) and you will barely make a dent in the Wooden Cleavers' health in hard mode. Equip your Sutra that has the lowest damage added and then enter the fight.

    Combo square, square, square, triangle, triangle; then smash square or triangle. When time slows down and you are about to finish the combo with a hard hit that knocks them back, instead hold forward and L1 to evade through them and start the process again on the other side. You should reach 400 hits before the first group of enemies dies.

    See PSNprofiles for the full trophy guide https://psnprofiles.com/guide/7754-hidden-dragon-legend-shadow-trace-trophy-guide

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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