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    have you heard anything about Kate

    Walker no sir nothing yet

    she should have been back in New York

    several weeks ago I'm afraid she's too

    far gone we're losing her she ain't

    gonna be coming back call her

    Siberia is an island and Island lost in

    the ocean

    people say Siberia doesn't exist but

    people are so wrong

    the isle is covered in the tallest grass

    strange grass that grows through the


    mammoths eat it all the time

    they're always hungry huh you must rest

    now you have a very high fever

    take me to Siberia Kate Walker mammoths

    Siberia all that it's just a dream a

    kid's dream promise me

    Kate find her mister sir

    try again damn it try again

    hello miss Walker just a moment please

    like give me that cake come on now Pat

    answer me I understand your last mission

    was a hassle for you do you know the

    company has ways of showing its

    gratitude it's time for you to come home

    now your place is here in New York your

    job is here your friends are here

    your life Kate Kate Kate Walker

    I promised Hans Bergmann we're going to


    hello Kate Walker this is Oscar calling

    your driver Oscar you're using a

    telephone mr. Farah Berg has in effect

    jerry-rigged me something very

    approximative inspired by your own

    miniature device mr. Vora Berg is such a

    repository of knowledge I am calling to

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    inform you that we have arrived at the

    station gate Walker great

    which station is that the station is

    located in the town of ruinberg

    Kate Walker okay I'm gonna go snoop

    around do be careful Kate Walker always

    am Oscar

    welcome to Rome and Borg they last town

    before they've asked wild glacier wastes

    of the tundra retired colonel emilio a

    new patch f guardian of the imperial

    marches and a general store manager at

    your service miss how may I welcome

    ladies and gentlemen to the frontier

    town of Romans bored hallway to the

    tundra wall ass town before the vast

    plains of IDEs and Rosie's Norman hmm

    what a welcome what a strange town what

    do you make of it Oscar trains should

    never have to stop I simply don't like

    stations Kate Walker nor the towns

    around them that's a little bit of a

    generalization the whole town is

    lugubrious and I don't like these houses

    underneath the rails to me they spell T

    are o u BL e we have to be very careful

    uh-huh still the same old scaredy cat I

    cannot change my design

    Kate Walker sometimes I say to myself I

    should just go back to New York do you

    visit Kate Walker I don't know I don't

    think you will ever return home Kate

    Walker it is too late now Oscar how come

    your program for psychology all of a


    where is Holmes he is in the last car I

    presume he is working there does that

    man never stop a task that engages

    passion is never tiresome Kate Walker I

    can only imagine do you think that we're

    any nearer to our goal Oscar it is

    getting colder that much is certain

    personally I have no particular goal

    Kate Walker but the train and myself

    have not been designed to function

    forever I would be grateful if you could

    talk about this matter with mr. Forel

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    Berg at him alone if you please Oscar is

    your train in a fit state to carry on

    with the journey what are you suggesting

    Kate Walker I take the greatest care of

    it yes I know Oscar but I was just

    thinking that with this rude climate it

    is designed to resist just such

    conditions Kate Walker you simply have

    to wind it up and you weren't thinking

    by any chance of taking charge of that

    yourself my real work is complex and

    fragile it is poorly adjusted for the

    rigors of winter Kate Walker now there's

    a surprise what do you think about this

    stuff about mammoths Oscar Kate Walker

    my place is not the past comment on

    human dreams at utopia my place is here

    in my place hmm

    sometimes I wonder

    at the end of our journey we're going to

    find Siberia aren't we ask our cake

    Walker please I I have not been designed

    to ask such questions

    I am an otamatone I know Oscar I get the


    see you later see you cake Walker

    something's not right with this machine

    hi hello there Kate Walker you know what

    I'm so happy to be here to follow you in

    pursuit of your dreams my dreams are now

    your dreams

    Kate Walker when are we leaving again I

    want to leave as quickly as possible but

    it's Oscar who decides he's the master

    of the Train I don't mean to get

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    personal but don't you think that this

    journey is going to be a bit tough for a

    man your age I am going to Siberia Kate

    Walker end of discussion

    you do understand Ponce where are we

    somewhere on the way to Siberia is it

    still far pretty much nobody's ever seen

    this island no explorers ever talked

    about it and well it's not on any map

    Ponce I know Siberia exists Kate Walker

    we're ready the train has been wound

    very good now we just need coal I'm


    coal yes coal we need coal for later hmm

    I'll go see what I can do see you later

    hunts yes see you later

    uhh good day to you sir my name is Kate

    Walker I oh you're American aren't you

    an American

    you know hole like this don't see that

    every day

    well I am Colonel Emilio I am in my

    capacity in charge of the administration

    of this jurisdiction we just arrived by

    train what an intriguing town I'm

    impatient to visit it colonel

    there's not really much to see there

    this and that but really there's just

    white infinite white like a desert

    blurring into the sky nothing but white

    till you reach the furthermost tip of

    the frozen Russian into land welcome to

    the last bastion of civilization ma'am

    colonel my train needs coal to continue

    my journey do you know where I can find

    some there's a dispenser outside feel

    free to fill er up miss Walker courtesy

    of the state and how do I operate this

    machinery just pull the handle and the

    coal drops down all by itself automatic

    see totally automatic that coal machine

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    doesn't seem to want to work ah in that

    case you're going to have to wait wait

    how long no a week maybe two maintenance

    doesn't come calling it too often

    my friend who's with me came by here

    once his name is Hans Farrell Berg you

    don't know him do you

    I haven't been here for long

    we're going to keep on going pushing

    northeast a great journey to an

    improbable place I actually think I'm

    just keeping an old man company in

    pursuit of his final dream ah

    beeper like you miss Walker

    end up never going home

    tell me colonel

    are there a lot of trains that pass

    through here not really

    but then I've not been here for long

    there aren't any other travelers just

    passing through here passing through to

    where or miss Walker

    after these stuff there's nowhere left

    to go right I'll leave you to get on

    with your business colonel not much left

    to get on with Oh candy machines

    nothing I can do it's locked

    Colonel Amelia off uh uh miss Walker

    Colonel would you have the key to the

    gate ah no not anymore

    must have lost it earlier but I was

    wasting my time on a dang music machine

    who can say hey it isn't my fault you

    being here has upset my usual timetable

    and the general routine if you hadn't

    been here I wouldn't have gone out and

    then I wouldn't have lost the key so you

    haven't got the key then sorry to say if

    I had it I'd give it to you our gates

    made for opening after all and of course

    there's no double da got to wait for

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    maintenance to make their car miss

    Walker in a week or two

    tell me colonel why is there a gate

    blocking off the staircase leading to

    the lower part of the town low down is

    low down and high up is high up people

    who are low down got different points of

    view from those who are high up

    different kettle different fish if you

    get my meaning a Miss Walker how do I

    get down there then mm not the most

    advisable of moves all the undesirables

    on the plateau wash up in our little

    town sometime and I'd rather any lowlife

    stay down low I don't think I understand

    colonel I'm just a soldier too miss


    carrying out their soldiers orders right

    I'll leave you to get on with your

    business colonel not much left to get on


    hi my name is Kate Walker hi my name is

    Malka I'm Kate Walker and you you are

    Malka who mauka just Malta why is there

    a gate that stops us going any lower

    it's not a gate that stops you going

    down it stops people going up hmm I see

    the old colonel says that people down

    here are all lowlife do you know how

    that machine over there works no gate

    worker maybe you've seen other people

    use it yes when the train stopped but as

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    they aren't stopping do you know who's

    got the key to the gate if you give me a

    present I'll tell you Kate Walker

    I'd love to but you're down there and

    I'm up here well you'll just have to

    find a present that comes from up there

    Malka I think I've found what you're

    looking for

    sew it down Kate Walker

    catch you've only got one chance

    Kate Walker is in trouble we've got to

    go look for find someone I don't know

    who someone spunky yes sir

    we've got Nick Kenton a detective he's

    already worked on some tricky problems

    he was good

    yeah he might just be the ticker take

    care of it right now John get him out

    there right sir

    hell what is going through that kid's

    head yeah hello

    Kenton we've got a job for you how shall

    I put it a special job

    Syberia II is a 2004 adventure game conceived by Benoît Sokal and developed by MC2-Microïds, and a continuation to Syberia. It is a third-person puzzle-solving game. Stylistically identical to the first Syberia, Syberia II improves upon the first game by introducing more realistic character animation.

    Syberia II continues the adventures of American lawyer Kate Walker from the first game as she abandons her increasingly stressful life in New York in order to accompany an eccentric inventor to a remote land in Russia known as Syberia, where surviving remnants of prehistoric mammoths still live.

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    1. Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to start this year with something special, so here's Syberia 2. I've really enjoyed playing this game again, one of my personal favorites. It was the game that rekindled my love for the genre when it came out.


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