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    Syberia 2 Walkthrough part 1

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    Syberia II is a 2004 adventure game conceived by Benoît Sokal and developed by MC2-Microïds, and a continuation to Syberia. It is a third-person puzzle-solving game. Stylistically identical to the first Syberia, Syberia II improves upon the first game by introducing more realistic character animation.

    Syberia II continues the adventures of American lawyer Kate Walker from the first game as she abandons her increasingly stressful life in New York in order to accompany an eccentric inventor to a remote land in Russia known as Syberia, where surviving remnants of prehistoric mammoths still live.

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    1. Happy New Year everyone! I wanted to start this year with something special, so here's Syberia 2. I've really enjoyed playing this game again, one of my personal favorites. It was the game that rekindled my love for the genre when it came out.


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