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SearchThisVideo: Syberia 3 Walkthrough part 1

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three months ago nomads found her dying

in northern Siberia Walker Kate Walker

born in New York and the United States

he had an American passport on her she

showed up at the clinic last week she's

recovering she's fine

okay you have to keep her there until we

arrive I will do what it takes you can

count on me colonel


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Oh head hello Kate Walker hello my name

is Kurt Kate Welker Kirk of the yuko

tribe do you remember the you calls

where are we my memories all mixed up it

was a terrible blizzard with snow and

ice and then nothing we are in the

clinic of dr. Samia team in the town of

Belson ball how did I end up here we you

caused my great with our snow ostriches

to the Sacred Lands it's a long journey

a very special journey one month ago we

found you dying on a riverbank there in

the north we took you in and our shaman

cared for you afterwards

we continued our journey and today we

are both here to finish getting better

you lost a leg it was an accident you

know some people don't like nomads like

us but don't worry about me dr. Zamir

Dean asked a master craftsman from

Belsen Bor to make me a new leg and he's

going to put it on me when it's ready it

will be like a brand new leg why are you

tied to that bed that was the decision

of Madame Olga doctor Sammy team's

assistant she says I'm too Restless and

it's the only way to make sure I get

better apparently it's going to take a

long time to make my artificial leg and

in the meantime my people are without a

guide and are waiting for me with the

herd so we can continue if you don't

mind my asking about your leg what

exactly happened to you

soldiers bombed the route we were taking

with our Caravan for no reason just to

frighten us and force us to turn back I

was a bit too close to the explosion a

piece of rock that's it

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you mean the authorities did it on


but why they think that the snow ostrich

migration has no place in today's world

and that my tribe should settle down

once and for all but we will never do


Kate Walker that would mean defying the

spirits and the yukos fear the spirits

far more than the soldiers

why do the UCLES make the journey my

people live in symbiosis with the great

snow ostriches kate walker there will

protects us from the cold their

excrement feeds our crops and their meat

feeds us they are also our mounts and

beasts of burden so we must follow them

wherever they go

and do they migrate because of the

weather no Kate Walker they go to the

Sacred Lands to reproduce it is an event

that only occurs a few times per century

for the yukos it is rare to be able to

boast of having participated in more

than three migrations during ones

lifetime the UCLES I've met didn't speak

my language anywhere near as well as you

I'm very impressed

from time to time missionaries and

merchants came through our village I

learned very quickly kid Walker it's

important if I am to guide my people uh

I don't mean to be rude Kirk but aren't

you a bit young for that

the spirits do not take age into account

when they choose a chief for the UCLES

and the spirits are very wise they do

not make mistakes when they choose the

one who will guide our people on the

sacred migration well Kirk I'm delighted

to have made your acquaintance I guess I

have to go tell the staff that I'm awake

I feel fine and I have no intention of

hanging around here of course kid Walker

I'm sure someone will be in the yard

maybe even Madame Olga

what hello is anybody there I don't

think anybody heard you Kate Welker try

using the call button that's located

next to the door

nothing it doesn't work Kirk hmm I think

I saw some of the staff using it the

other day take a good look at the

mechanism Kate wodka maybe you can find

a way to get it working again this

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

diagram shows how to turn the call

button on but I can't do anything until

I can get it the internal mechanism

search the room I'm sure you'll be able

to find something you can use to open it

up with that should do the trick white

nightly now try to use it to see if you

can repair the call button



right let's see if I can repair the

mechanism if you're not sure maybe the

diagram you saw earlier might help



finally right now I just have to find a

supervisor well done Kate Walker I'm

going to have a bit of a rest now please

try to come back and say goodbye to me

before you go


the light the wind the heat I can still

feel it all I dream of it every night


I really tried I tried to tell him I was

a whole lot better they just wouldn't



Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

ah yes I'm you wake number 10 what can I

do for you well it seems to me that I'm

cured and now I'd like to be on my way

given your condition that would seem so

much premature and perhaps even

unreasonable number 10 I am NOT a number

my name is Kate Walker I would

appreciate it if you would call me by my

name doctor there's a perfect example

that aggression boiling up within you

I'm afraid that it may be a significant

traumatic after effect so you're

refusing to let me leave oh no of course

not miss I have no intention of abusing

any of the prerogatives of my position

nonetheless first you must submit to a

series of tests that are designed to

demonstrate that you have fully

recovered you understand please sit down

ah on that yes yes don't be afraid


don't worry about these restraints

merely a simple formality that's part of

the protocol the doctor Olga our

supervisor has infinite

right I do believe that we can begin now

be so kind as to secure first and last

names age and place of birth please my

name is Kate Walker I was born in New

York and I'll be 30 this year

good good miss up until now my device

would seem to corroborate what you say

you're using a lie detector it's


please stop worrying and talk to me

instead of your friends and family are

you on good terms with them no I cut off

with them I haven't had any news from my

mother for weeks and Dan my fiance left

me for my best friend Olivia you seem to

be basking in this chaos and anarchy

miss Walker it's this inclination for

disorder connected to this Hans Varro

bird and Oscar you spoke about them at

length while you're delirious

Oscar was an automaton and hansbrough

Berg was the person who made him we

became friends and I went with them on a

long journey through Europe there you

have it

to be honest what I'm interested in miss

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

Walker is that during your travels you

are in contact with the Yuko people the

nomads who brought you here mm or in

your opinion what should we fear from

such a primitive tribe of savages who

understand neither law nor border

refusing civilization and settlement

I think doctor that the UCLES live in

harmony with nature time and space they

have no real reason to change the way

they live now that is an example of

typical American idealism maybe you

should go back to New York right away

I'm sure your brilliant ideas will be

justly appreciated there hmm I see in a

way your silence is quite answer enough

miss Walker so you intend to continue

your journey through our country a

hazardous undertaking with neither gold

nor destination pity for a brilliant New

York attorney who seemed to have a

gleaming future that's not for you to

decide doctor for the rest I think I've

demonstrated throughout this interview

that I present no psychological

after-effects from my injuries I would

therefore like you to authorize my

release now of course of course do calm

down miss Walker I'm sorry but I'm not

used to being interrogated like this

some years ago I would have interrogated

you in a very different manner miss

Walker I grant it I may still feel some

nostalgia for the good old traditional



you're one of the very last

representatives of a world that is fast

disappearing miss Walker a disordered

world that no one will meet this key is

much like you unstructured and

uncontrollable if you are able to find a

way to use it to leave this floor and

you shall have proved that you are

permanently cured I would like to get my

things back before I leave you will find

them there



turn around




Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00







but what on earth wrong I understand but

she it didn't work I did warn you you

know you can't be it all well enough yet

to deserve to be released already but

but what do I have to do why don't you

go back and have a lie down in your room

so you can continue your convalescence

but look at me

I feel fine you have to let me go

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

impossible miss Walker the rule is very


only those patients who are capable of

opening the door it may leave this floor

please doctor I can't become to some

arrangement I promise I won't say

anything to anybody if you let me leave

I'm perfectly immune to your rather sad

attempts to bribe me miss if you do

indeed want to leave the clinic you must

open the door there's a problem with the

key that's obvious I need to find out

where it comes from


After abandoning the island, Kate is found dying on the edge of a river by the Youkole tribe, a nomadic people migrating with their snow ostriches. Stuck in Valsembor village, together they must find a way to continue their journey in a race against their enemies and unexpected obstacles, not to mention Kate's past, which catches up with her.

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  1. Ah! I have been subscribed to you for years and am happy you're reviewing Syberia 3. Just started playing the first to bring back memories and totally forgot the game came out. I cannot wait for more!!!

  2. I never thought there would be a 3rd installment to this great game, thought after the 2nd there wouldn't be anymore plot development in the story. Looking forward to your uploads 🙂

  3. Oh, is it? Sorry, I guess I thought they were the same, and got confused. Then again I haven't watched the second game, so I suppose that's one reason why I got it mixed up. Looking forward to seeing how this goes and maybe Russia wouldn't be a bad place to visit (I have been reading a bit about Russian history. They have such great intellectuals. In fact, I'm reading Leo Toltsy's War and Peace book. It's very long, and once I'm done with work and exams, I hope to get back to reading it.

  4. Any chances that you will reupload the early parts after solving the issues with your main PC ? I will wait for the whole series to finish so that i can enjoy it in one take. Thank you AdventureGameFan for this, you're the man!!!

  5. People here whining about voice acting and lip-syncing!
    This game was made by Microids and they are located in France. This game's Original spoken language is not English.
    So hope that clears up why it looks like that!
    This game in Russian is really good, Voice acting is 10x better than English!
    DONT blame game developers! Blame voice actors if you have problem with Voice acting when playing English version!

  6. I used the video as a referance to he disc i got of this game. Its works great but that stops once you get to the interactive puzzles. The games brightnest goes all the way down to a black screen. Ive messed about with my tv setting and game setting. Ive stasted new saved and retarted the console so many time and it doesnt fix it.
    Does anyone have this problem, knoew what going on with it, or how to fix it?


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