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    SearchThisVideo: Syberia 3 Walkthrough part 4

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    hurry up

    yes doctorate Eltham OVA I'm doing

    whatever I can

    it can tap open the end you'll see


    Frankie well that just convinced the

    yokels gums fright camp and go backwards

    it came from

    come on helmet let's not hang about here

    yes of course doctor


    hydrochloric acid

    what a catastrophe

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    this biggest duck

    you've gotta be kidding I have to get

    rid of this chain fast





    quickly or all ostriches lost

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


    nice catwalk qqp Calaca miss kids walk

    help please


    nice catwalk must or something quick

    help please miss Kate Wow


    anymore and Gary move took took be

    collect miss catwalk same when you took

    took took too many near Peru

    my god what happened to that poor

    ostrich ostriches want drinks very bad

    water took when ostriches thirsty

    ostriches thirsty an ostrich is not

    smart smart myth catwalk Sheila koulikov

    to pet hard like hard rock try to hold

    them back as long as possible there must

    be a way to filter the river water we're

    gonna move but miss catwalks go quickly

    miss cave locker a hello man ah you

    remember me miss keep pluggin me

    ayahuasca great you cool shaman me go

    there and find you somewhere there in

    the world of the spirit so you're the

    one I owe my life to madam ayahuasca

    it's you who cared for me before taking

    me to the doctors in the vows in

    Brooklyn I don't know how I can ever

    thank you - Coupe de Guerre miss gate

    lager gold clean river water right up

    there since he traveled long time in

    magic world being it's now her friends

    they will show her the right path I am

    very well if you say that the spirits

    are going to give me a hand

    I I'll try to do that


    ladies and gentlemen of the spirit world

    if you want to show me the way now's the


    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00


    just had to ask I guess


    this gauge is obviously for measuring

    the water flow from the dam







    you forced even greater who would do

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    that to the Yukos




    first guide not come back here now all

    wasn't poisoned not good sign



    thank you in theory ostriches faith he

    careful all the same mr. burrows the dam

    filtering the water may not hold their


    ah you both leave here fast to make sure

    oxygen date but not possible with our

    perk him our guide I just came from the

    clinic Kirk and I shared a room ah how

    going Kirk he's doing fine though I mean

    for the moment but he's stuck up there

    without the prosthesis you see no Kirk

    UCLES cannot leave here so ostriches

    won't continue journey without UCLES

    can't keep ostriches here very long

    ostriches cross lake balsam boar alone

    and then eaten by lake spirits to the

    ostriches crossing the lake so that has

    to be a part of the migration doop doop

    vara nor on other side of lake is

    passive sacred plans ostriches lay eggs

    and hot sand on sacred flame but lake

    not anymore frozen so not be able cross

    listen mr. Burroughs do your best to

    calm your ostriches while I go to


    I promised Kirk to go get his prosthesis

    and bring it back to him

    Bart love Bart love to miss Kate Walt

    you friend of Yukos I'm going to stick

    to the shaman ayahuasca will be very

    happy seamless cakewalk she go with you

    and around you a lot in world of spirits

    so they free you you not doc because of




    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00



    nope superstition seemed pretty firmly

    in place here sinister

    ah Keith Lucas you have good news to be

    honest nothing great Kirk you're young

    guide is in the hands of Olga Efimova

    that woman has the director of the

    clinic dr. Zamir teen under her thumb

    she also seems to be in tight with a

    shady soldier these people hate you

    ayahuasca they can't stand your way of

    life they are the ones who poisoned your

    ostriches water I think they're also

    holding up Kirk's prosthesis to keep him

    in the clinic and stop you from

    continuing your migration people not

    like you cos now equals out of date - if

    you could without guys not able continue

    great voyage return to north and never

    leave again and then ostriches die well

    hold on or not at that stage yet

    I promise Kirk I go to Val Cimber to

    bring back his mechanical leg magic leg

    not only problem for you gold

    okay now what before since world began

    UCLES always need to cross lake lake

    always froze in a time of great voyage

    now many very very bad spirits on Lake

    and also after paranor there are no very

    dangerous bad luck bad luck

    everywhere ayahuasca very very scared

    there may be another way to cross the

    lake instead of waiting for it to freeze

    I'll find out when I visit thousand poor

    why miss Kate welcome decided to do all

    this for us

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    he without the UCLES I would have died

    of cold and hunger next to a Siberian

    river it's only natural I should give

    you a hand in return so Miss Kate Walker

    decide accompany you goes on great

    journey we'll see first I have to go mm

    bore but like you I seem to be a

    prisoner in this camp you could not have

    a right to go to well symbol now

    meet Kate Walker like them now she must

    find path so that she able to be here

    I was told about everything your tribe

    did for me when you found me thank you

    so much miss Kate welcome cured that's

    what counts double ayahuasca

    where can I find a pass so I can leave

    the camp before you could make use of

    fast machine in cabinet camp etiquette

    but authorities decide break it in small

    pieces so now we cannot use miss Kate

    Walker should add client tourists in

    vowel symbol strange the lake taking so

    long to phrase this must be a

    consequence of global warming bad spirit

    at bottom of Lake Nick what are very hot

    really nasty bad spirits everywhere now

    I'm going to try to find a path that you

    told me about Miss Kate Walker go


    what a funny smell

    a hide must be for making clothing

    Youkol camp, filtering the water

    Thanks for watching :)

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    1. The ladies name is Ayawaska, wooooooooooooow. uhhh that's uhh… Might as well have a mexcian character name marijuana, and a cuban character cocaine


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