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SearchThisVideo: Syberia 3 Walkthrough part 6

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are you okay sir

one more step and you were in the drink

uh N oh good pardon it's me captain

although although proud commander of the

justice round crystal so don't you sir

me well

delighted captain I'm Kate Walker I'm

looking for Steiners the clock maker if

I fall in the water Kaley would be to go

straight to hell so don't don't fall in

the water sale you understand that's

just waiting for me who are you talking

about the monster of the lake is waiting

for us all miss it and everyone's time

comes eventually to finish the work come

on back in the fight because you can

never lower your guard







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someone stole three chickens last night

I'd rather be left here on my own if you

don't know that it was so stick yeah we

can't always accuse the Foxes you should

go see Oh miss delighted to see that you

finally managed to leave the you coal

camp yes thank you very much for the

pass well now that you're at last year

you'll be able to take my famous forced

it would be my pleasure but I do have to

find Steiner the clock maker right away

Simon Steiner I in that case you should

speak with Sarah our young waitress

she's his granddaughter how are things

in town they don't seem to be going that

well if you ask me the atmosphere is

horrible at least half the people don't

want the you calls right at our door

most of the shopkeepers even made the

decision to go on strike over what they

saw is unfair competition also vultan

borer hasn't been the same in the last

20 years there it is I met that man

recently a certain captain Oba he

doesn't seem very with it

and he's been that way for 20 years miss

20 years

can you imagine he used to command the

crystal the boat that made the crossing

between here and the amusement park on

the other side of the lake and he wasn't

the same man then is Simon Steiner well

known here in Belsen war for a long time

he was rather popular you know he isn't

just a clock maker he knows everything

about mechanical objects he repaired

everything for everybody here in Belsen

bore he also designed the amusement park

on the other side of the lake with a

colleague of his a French automaton

creator if I remember you could say Val

sim borrows a lot to Simon Steiner miss

so when he got sick

I offered to hire sera to help a little

you understand

I'm off thank you again for your help

see you soon mints

excuse me please miss yes I'm looking

for Simon Steiners Simon Steiner with my

grandfather my name is Sarah Sarah

Steiner pleased to meet you Sarah I'm

Kate Walker can you tell me where I can

find your grandfather's workshop of

course you'll find his shop is at the

end of the alleyway on the left just as

you leave it in the Main Avenue can I

ask what you want with him because he's

rather old you know I'm accompanying the

yukl caravan apparently your grandfather

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is supposed to be making a mechanical

prosthesis for Kirk their spiritual

chief who had a bad accident recently

without the artificial leg

Kirk won't be able to go along with the

great migration of his people and on top

of that new UCLES won't leave without

their guide your accompany in the UCLES

my god you're so terribly lucky when I

was little grandfather used to tell me

all about their adventures full of

mystery and magic do you like life in

Belsen bore

oh there's really not that much to talk

about here you know I spend all my time

here or with grandfather since he got

sick there was no one who could keep an

eye on him for you we can't afford it

I'm afraid I also think I prefer it this


my grandfather is my only family I guess

you're pretty close to your grandfather

yes of course he can get a bit grumpy

especially the last few years but he's

actually really adorable and usually the

work he does gave him a few cogs and

springs and he'll give you some

unbelievably incredible invention he

almost makes mechanical objects seem

alive I see exactly what you mean I used

to know someone like that too the only

problem we have is that business

collapsed when he got sick I really do

believe that if I didn't have the

waitressing job to make ends meet we'd

probably have to close up shop

you seem to like the yukl Sarah I get

the impression that's rare in Belsen

boar it's true that when it comes to the

UCLES people around here can be a bit

silly they go out of their way to make

the nomads scapegoats for all of the

town's problems since I got stuck here

but you don't do you of course not

grandfather told me that he has actually

seen three or four of the great ostrich

migrations in his lifetime and he always

really respected those strange people he

even made sure I would admire them too

you know thank you for your help I'll be

stopping in to see grandfather on my

next break maybe I'll see you there yes

I hope so goodbye Sarah


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lost your way pretty girl






hello are you mr. Steiner hmm I'm sorry

to bother you mr. Steiner my name is

Kate Walker and I've come to pick up the

prosthesis for Kirk the Yukos spiritual

guide and well dear Miss Walker dr.

Efimova has informed me that the young

man was not yet in any sort of condition

to withstand the operation and that mr.

Steiner are you all right it it is

impossible that pendant you have around

your neck I would be very obliged if you

would entrust me with it for a moment

please miss Walker

mine got an X Z mm otamatone heart in

perfect working condition a compensating

spring memory pendulum ventricles and

small mechanical pumps everything seems

in excellent condition donor Vetter

where on earth did you steal this miss

Walker what are you calling me a thief

mr. Steiner I haven't stolen anything

from anyone this is all I have left of

my friend Oscar give it back to me right


back so and yet I am actually very

familiar with this type of precision

mechanism an infernal precision

incredible unique expertise for this was

a Varro Berg automaton miss Walker yes

it was hands for albergue who designed

this object tell me did you know him oh

yeah he even lived here a few years we

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

did a lot of work together he taught me

so many different things you know so it

is useless to try and make up silly

stories miss Walker and I am afraid that

I am not about to allow you to leave

here as long as you have not told me the

truth about where this object comes from

mr. Steiner Oscar was a very special

otamatone he inspired almost human

emotions but today he doesn't exist he

isn't dead of course because what has

never lived cannot die Oscar was just

dismantled it had to be like that all

that I have left of him is that heart a

heart made of metal it's far more than

just a heart miss it's far more like a

kind of mechanical hard drive a computer

that is full of cogs gears and springs

but mr. Steiner

are you all right my heart you need my

medication quickly just don't move I'll

go and get your medication right away





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thank you for your precious help my

dearest miss Walker I'm afraid I may

have judged you somewhat hastily don't

mention it mr. Steiner tell me about the

prosthesis I need to take it back to

Kirk very quickly if of course you agree

to let me have it yeah yeah yeah I just

have a few small adjustments to make it

involves very precise and meticulous

mechanics understand will it take long

I'm sorry to insist but I also have to

give a hand to those unfortunate UCLES I

need to help them get across the lake

with their herd of ostriches I'm so

worried about them once the mechanical

leg is it last ready I can go to the

clinic and bring back young Kirk to you

that way you only have to worry about

what happens to the other UCLES

that's so nice of you mr. Steiner but

why are you doing this uh I wasn't

extremely nice to you earlier and also

the way the UCLES are treated by the

other towns folk here in my own town

disgusts me so I want to help those poor

devils even if I am in no way absolutely

certain they should be crossing the lake

what on earth's the matter mr. Steiner

the next stage of your journey is the

poor cursed town of Baron or it has

become hell on earth since the time of

the last great ostrich migration please

join me downstairs for a moment miss

Walker I'll show you exactly what I mean

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

look just next to the films there miss


you should find a film on Baron or

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

other side




does that meal could go where I no

longer spectrum that we really ill over


they could be excavators rest workers in


they all look like a truly magnificent

pieces he's following the FV 2000 models

most assuredly one of our major massive


magnetic revive include at peak

performance where the victims will

receive that mare is stocking the


very movingly response willing to come

home or net baron or hurry

and contact so barren or suffered the

ravages of engineer actress but

according to that film the atomic on to

design return should have helped save

lots of lives right I'm afraid that's

not how things went because of the

captain open

ah that must be Sarah please come this

way miss Walker

I'll introduce you

In Valsembor, meeting Steiner, solving the medication puzzle

Thanks for watching :)

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  1. Great walkthrough. But tell me one thing… The controls in this game seem a little complicated to me. Is it so? I see you getting stuck a lot and the camera movement is kind of difficult. It is a beautiful game, they did improve graphics, and all. What do you think about the controls?

  2. Thanks for sharing – but what is the rationale for the medication puzzle solution? I know it has to do with the "three hours before dinner" and "tea time" but I am still racking my brains trying to figure out why the clock has to be set to that time. Is tea time/dinner time stated at a different point in the game?


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