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    Syberia II Walkthrough part 1 – Romansburg (Arrival)

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    A new walkthrough has appeared in this very channel! Watch it however you want, but don't be too cruel, ok? Thank you!

    Syberia II, the sequel of the 2002 game Syberia, continues the adventures of the lawyer Kate Walker.

    On Romansburg, some pretty bad things can happen, but they could be avoidable... or not?

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    Comment (40)

    1. im stuck… i download the game from origin and at first i thought im dummy but i did EXACTLY the same moves as you in this game and the girl is not coming with baloon but without it and i dont have the key and reword conversetion she just goes off

    2. This seems more like an interactive TV show with horrible graphics.. granted I know it's from 2004 but it's free and I still don't want it.

    3. The candy is not working in my game I followed all the steps and put in the coins but nothing happens the coins drops but no candy what am I’d doing wrong as unable to make any progress because of this issue I have to uninstall it then install it I from Origin EA

    4. Hey, thanks for the vids, i just wanna ask, if i follow this walkthrough, will it get me the 100% of the playstation 3 trophies ? Thanks in advance 🙂

    5. I know you posted this several years ago, but I have only started playing this game as I got it for free on origin and I would just like to say, thank you for this because without this walkthrough.. I would be so lost.

    6. now this 2nd game compared to the first one I asked your help on I know more of since it was the first one I played, but the one thing that struck me was the setting of the game was set in 2002 right. well didn't they already know syberia existed since it's been taught in school, or were talking about something else. because they did mention an island and as far as I'm aware syberia isn't an island, so what place were they looking for.

    7. That's strange. It doesn't seem like the Switch version of this game features the synopsis for the first game at the beginning. I wonder why?


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