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    Syberia II Walkthrough part 5 – Youkol Village

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    At last, the Youkol Village! But now Kate must find a way to cure Hans of his sickness.

    After talking with Hans on the Tunnel of Dreams, Kate must get the train underground and also send an important message from Hans to Oscar...

    Syberia 3 officially announced:

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    Comment (27)

    1. No no no my nickname is Nanookmetaal. I took it back when i played this game for the first time! Thanks for this walkthrough cos i was looking for the video to find the Youkols saying it 😀

    2. Ahh good news 🙂 All we can do is hope and believe that one day the game will come out. Honestly we have been waiting for such a long time but i think we can wait much longer for this masterpiece.

    3. if somehow i missed taking that fish with bones that should be in my invertory, i have any chance to pass the mission or to go back somehow ? i saw the part 4 video with tha cabain before making the train work and i think that's where i should've taken it from…please help

    4. So frustrated I'm still stuck on this part with the squirrel . I placed the piece in but it's still not going anywhere ! I have watched the video a few tunes still can't figure it out

    5. 5:11
      Dammit!!! Why the fudge did Hans have to keep getting sick???

      All this because Ivan and Igor wouldn't let Kate buy some gas, so then she had to go and steal it, and then they in turn steal Hans, Oscar, and the train.

      Final Result
      Broken Train resulting in losing Hans whole entire cabin with his lifetime of hard work possessions and Hans falling sick NOT ONCE BUT TWICE, first time resulting in like 10 broken canon monk laws, SECOND TIME with a mortal deep price which is still yet to come.


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