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SearchThisVideo: Take a HIKE! | A Short Hike

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hey guys and welcome to gt live

2021 edition where we are live on the

couch in a brand new

year did you think that we would be

doing gt live in 2021

i do not know more than a couple weeks

in advance

because i can't afford to hey guys

welcome to a brand new year

this is so exciting long-term planning

is stephanie's job

i'm here to say welcome to the new year

well i'm here to say welcome to the new

year too cool i'm also here to do that

how was your new year

you should know i know i was there i was

using it as a dramatic prompt so you can


everyone well glad you asked that

stephanie let me tell you about it as if

you weren't with me every step of the


uh it was good it was it was a good i

mean so far

2021 has been great personally

oh good all things outside of the house

accepted yeah you know everything

literally outside of our doorstep

not including some something some cool

things have arrived on our doorstep so

like i'll include doorstep

okay positive bubble positive bubble is


outside of positive bubble i don't know

you know i'm glad

that we were trending or i'm glad that i

got to trending for looking good before

the world started to fall apart the next

day yeah

so that was great welcome and welcome

into our

positive bubble thank you for welcoming

us into your positive bubble of 2021

i'm i'm still despite the the events of

this week which are

incredibly tragic and um you know we

like to keep it very positive and

lighthearted in here so we won't be

directly talking about it but we

we are with you we feel you we feel

everything that is going on um but


all of that i still feel optimistic

and hopeful about the trajectory of 20.

i feel great about 2021 i

like i feel better about this year

than i have for a long time actually i

feel really good about this year oh

that's really

i got a lot of like i'm usually a very

positive person in general i try to be

but like i feel really positive about

this one

feeling good good i've got it i'm i'm

exuding it out to the world i hope

so we're going to talk about we're going

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

to talk maybe the rest of it maybe it's

it's taking a little bit of time to

reach certain parts of the country

maybe i need to exude more

don't you look a little constipated it's

okay it's okay

let me summon my spirit bomb for that

part of the world

no steph how was the start to your 2021

it's been really good actually again

again as someone who has not spent every

day with you yeah

uh like public events not withstanding

uh 2021 has been a really

um an exciting start to the year um

i just bought some home accessories to

help like

make my home look slightly

differentiated from what it looked like

in 2020

so that's always fun looking at

something different for a change

um we started prioritizing working on

like the decoration of our house

yeah right and hopefully we're able to

get it out of the house at a certain

point yeah

it'll be done just as it becomes

impossible to leave the house yeah

exactly right

better late than never question i don't


so we'll we can talk about new year's

eve we can talk about new year's

resolutions but we're also

going to play a game watching live we're

going to we're going to gaming it up

what are we playing so we're playing a

game called a short hike and this was


by i believe people on reddit and

twitter but

also uh something that amy and matt

decided so

what is a short hike outside of


about the extent of my exercise ability

outside outside of my preferred type

yeah the best hike on it like sometimes

a short hike

subtitle the best bike it seems like

like animal crossy like just like a

sweet gentle game

to guide you into the new year oh that

sounds very nice

gently into that it sounds like a good

backdrop for talking about

new year's resolutions it does what i

think that's true although i will say

life simulators tend to stress me out

yeah matthews do not fare well in

open-ended games

like the sims and stuff oh i hate them

you hate the sims

i have enough stress in my life why do i

need to care about a digital creature

the point is you abandon all of the

problems of your currently no

why would i in favor of no why would i

let them why would i let them fend for

themselves like no i want them to have a

successful life

i want them to like optimize their

digital life because they can be friends

with cute animals

that doesn't well great they should do

that and also optimize their career and

also build out their house and also

you know meet their loved one

a soul mate for life but you got to put

them in cute little outfit

i don't have enough time i already know

how this game goes yeah i don't know

this this might be this might be the bob

ross one

this is gonna ruin it matt again

choosing triggering games

for us i should have thought about that

right if if it's like yoga

things if it comes with the package of


relaxing that is that you know

yoga bob ross animal crossing it's like

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

no how do i get every achievement in

every tarantula in this game oh my god

because i make everything competitive

welcome to 2021 where it's the same as

2020. no it's not hey there's two ways

you can engage with the stream

one is through the chat the chat is over

there on math screen

and then the other way is on twitter

using gt live

if i had a phone i would engage with you

in one of those places

where'd your phone go gonna go get a

phone it was charging it's over by my


i was charging it for just such an

occasion for just such an

occasion great so while

we uh wait to get stressed out uh by a

short hike i don't know maybe

maybe i'll be zen this is the the this

is my new year's resolution

my new year's resolution is to be lucy


like even when i shake out my arms

they're stressed out loosey-goosey

zen you know let everything roll off

like water off a duck's back great um

no i but in all truth my new year's

resolution cook more at home

uh help stephanie with the cooking more

like we order out prodigiously and when

it's my turn to

take care of take care of dinner it's

always i just pick something up from a


so my goal is to cook at home more and

i've done that so far

i've i've cooked multiple things at home

and it's been successful

it's been good you cooked a trader joe's

bag of gnocchi and it was really good

i did i also cooked a bunch of collard

greens and that was all really good

right um i prepared multiple meals


running out to the store to you know

some things never change but why would

you want them to

uh i'm also trying to stay healthier in

terms of exercise like matthew has a lot

of goals i have a lot of goals

a lot of goals we're going to see we're

going to see what about you matt do you


resolutions i'm curious like kind of i

general i i feel like i constantly have

things in my brain that i'm like i

should do that

yeah and then i don't what are

what are interesting what are examples

of some of those things that you'd like

to do what is what does like

perfect matt do that like regular matt

might not always

perfect matt perfect math ideal math

ideal well like your ideal matt doesn't

have to be the like definitive person

that's just your ideal mat

i guess uh i'd spend less time on my


i spent a disgusting amount

i think that's a very common one i think

i think you're at least not alone at all

man i i will say like leaving my phone

in rooms and walking away like

it's really freaking it's like really

really nice i just recently

got sucked into tick tock which has been

really you just discovered

i know well because i was like i

shouldn't because i know it's going to

be bad for me

yeah and then obviously i did yeah

totally it's better wait so what wait

what tick tock do you live in

oh do you live in like

cutesy tick tock do you live in like

like sketch comedy tick tock where do

you live

he lives in probably like dark dramatic

like weird avant-garde tick-tock

avant-garde tick-tock why not

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

media my favorite tick tock

and what i'm trying to get my for you

page to show me is like

i love like niche tick tocks that aren't

meant for a general audience like it's

genuine people just avant-garde

tick-tock right i know

that's i called this little regard i

mean like

and not meant for a regular general

audience what else is the definition of

when it's like people just making stuff

for themselves and their friends like

they're not trying to go

viral oh so you like like tapping into

other people's inside jokes without


what the inside joke you know you're

being like yeah

you seek out that perfect creepy stalker

tick tock life

i'm definitely funny animals yawning

tick tock great uh and real quick

uh let us know what your new year's

resolutions are or themes steph and i

always have a theme of the year yes

i think our theme of the year what is i

don't know i'm we haven't quite decided

on it yet but

i would love to hear if you guys have a

theme in the past we've had themes

like um they're usually pretty general

like reorganizing where we've like

changed everything up or we've like

we had a theme of moving where we moved

like twice in the same year and our

business moved and like other things

moved and people around us moved

it was the the year of moving yeah there

was there was one that was like


and it was like oh that was the year

that we launched a new channel we

we brought on a couple extra members of

the team that was when

we got to office space yeah temporarily

so like it was like hey let's build

things out so that way our life becomes

a little bit

yeah more okay people just want to play

the game okay we're going to play the

game short hike all right

short hike long intro okay

there you go people are assuring us that


markiplier isn't real i you know yeah


i never get tired of this view here's

the thing

i've been hoping there's i'm hoping that

someone at some point gets access to

like deep fake technology and then that

just becomes like

the channel no we don't want people to

have access to deep fake technology

that's a terrible idea no but i expect

it to like i'm

just waiting for that day and i was

hoping or i don't know but i'm hoping

that this mark live thing is like

commentary on that or it's just or

literally guys it is him literally

taking a week off

so he can write whatever probably heist

with markiplier too yeah like probably

that is what it is he needs to work on

something clear

okay you're gonna have a great time here

this summer i think

it'll be good to get away from the city

and take a break from everything else

going on

see cool are you still awake

are you gonna be clear maybe hold on a

little longer

we're almost at the ferry that is us and

ali yep

it's in the middle of the day where

we're like hold on we're almost home

don't fall asleep because if you fall

asleep in the car

it's bad news if you fall asleep in the

car yeah i didn't want to move i want to

read some this is my year of self-care

says pitt happens

uh let's see cell phone it's useless

without reception not even

melissa first my my new year's

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

resolution is to keep my anger under


that's a good one that's a very good one

that's a good one anger management is

something that everybody could

probably use to work on found a shell

i'm gonna go swimming so i'm this cute

little penguin

i like it penguins are great creatures

big fan of being a penguin

okay okay

a lot of themes of the year to focus on


i think that is a very valid uh very

valid theme for people

those terrible ukulele cover says theme

of the year is to focus on better

self-care and take better care of myself

i think that's great personally i want

to be more creative this year it says

cecilia kitty face

i like these um i haven't seen you all

day you've been busy oh

okay oh that's clear here oh okay well

not really

i've just been waiting around for a call

well there's your problem

there's no reception out here oh that's

great what

yeah i mean pretty much there's no

reception i might be able to get some

at hawk peak oh oh yeah i guess but

that's pretty far isn't it

it's not that far i bet it's just a

short hike

we've all made the trek before i figured

you would have

gone already oh yeah i've been meaning

to go

but i just haven't gotten around to it


well today's as good a day as any ugh

it's positivity

just take white beach trail and head

north at the fork then follow the signs

for hawk peak

okay no problem all right let's do this

all right let's go ahead let's go up to

hot peek

the blowing jump up those stairs white

coast trail there it is

ranger's cabin let's oh

love you without my cell phone

look i can i can i can glide a little

bit here oh you missed that hiker

fellow hiker maybe i didn't wow maybe i

don't want to be social hello

claire did you know you can hold a while


i just realized that hiker oh cool

everyone knows that why do you ask

i don't know just how to feel you might

want to know great um okay

great there you go all right back the

other way

all right

getting rich on this island it's wait i

got it's money great for buying stuff

and feeling secure

and feeling secure that's funny it

sparkles in the sun but otherwise it's

pretty boring

and cell phone okay here we go let's see

what we got

whoa look at me i wonder if you could do

something with that small

sapling whoa that's fun

no okay fine my glide technology is very

satisfying hey you

hey hey 2015 chills what why i want them

no but why it's a secret

okay i'll keep an eye out keep both eyes

out please

awesome love it i am all about

collecting shells for arbitrary reasons


that is my favorite thing to do in a

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

video i can attack things

stick yeah i know look and now i can

attack people

or things or trees saplings

what what i can't like it

keep going who gives you a stick in a

video game if it's not mentioned

there's a shiny get it all shiny shell

nailed it sweet can i swim

off the island that is the question oh


secret island get back over there

back to hog peak island or

i can get another shell oh sweet oh no

that was another coin

oh man another another stick

i think of this tall grass nothing in

this tall grass no no

oh wait i can move all the way around

okay oh three-dimensional island that i

can explore every

nook and cranny of oh jesus those trees

look suspicious

they are we're already so far off the

beaten track here

oh man it's a short hike steph

and a couple i have a feeling that might

be a little misleading

i have a feeling it might not be that

short a hike if we don't do the hike

the long i i aspire to the longest


of the shortest hike man

the longest fall off the shortest island

oh if i go what if i go clockwise i

think that takes you down

it didn't take me down thanks bean

okay ollie sometimes attaches the letter

p to words

for reasons yeah we've been stuck for


for too long with him it's basically

there we go oh look a good good one

good platforming good oh foreign

doesn't that look like a suspicious

crack in the wall maybe if i had a maybe

if i had a legend of zelda-esque bomb

i could bomb

no oh man cute i don't know if there's

gonna be a great prize at the top

there is i don't think i'm allowed to

get up there yet wait is that a mailbox

a mailbox or a treasure chest of some

form oh it's a treasure chest

right away see that's so exciting

look at all this excitement that's going

on right now okay

oh so hidden what's in there

oh i got so many coins is that what it

got so many coins oh cool

it feels like you should be able to get

it it feels like i need to be able to

like flap my wings once like i need a

double jump or something

it felt like i was coming up a bit short

oh some fish

oh we are back to where we started


it's going to be a long game it's it's

going to be great stuff

it's called a short hike yeah i know

it's i know what it's called

hey matt does it have an end point i'm

curious because if this is like an

animal crossing game animal crossing

doesn't really have an end point it does

have an end

it does have an end so so i should

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

probably be striving to get towards the

end of this thing i would say so

okay you would you would say so okay so


not what i'm doing right now is is what

you're telling me matthew just like

cannot play an open-ended game

this see this is the problem i start

getting distracted because i'm like ooh

let me find all the secrets early so i

can get

super powered as quickly as possible and

then skyrocket to the top okay nathan l

informs us i beat this game in about two

hours in my first playthrough but i got

so many more hours out of exploring

explore as much as you'd like

see you and i you get it we get it yeah

oh alex and

alex j lundqvist says my theme is


my theme for the year is learning to

play the game theory theme science

blaster on guitar

oh that's awesome also this is my first

live stream can i get a

five and a half you can yes also uh when

you learn how to play it on guitar

put it on the game theory subreddit yes

that'd be awesome marianna emery says

matt are you okay did dad hurt you

no our episode our dad was really fun oh

that was yeah

dad well you know yeah you know

can't talk about that sworn to secrecy

do i feel lost in directionalize film

theory is the thing that you're talking


i've just got the i've got the thing for

you i got a compass oh compass

hang out press y to open your inventory

and select it from the items

okay this come in handy happy hiding

great oh boy okay

look i gotta look one stick not sure why

i picked this up got a lot of coins

shows you which way is north okay i have

always been

really bad with compasses he doesn't you

don't even there's a chest down there

but i know

there was also over here oh my gosh

there are so many there's so many

there's so much stuff to do in this game

so many things off the beaten path right

that i need to acquire


oh hello oh man i'm so rich i'm gonna

get the best

weapon things that the best non-violent

item fun

that was sick what that

wasn't sick i was sick

hockey trail white coast trail syd beach

visitor center oh man there's so much

there's so much i'm getting overwhelmed

just get the chest hey dude what's


on the beach building sand castles and

whatnot sounds like a good time

you know it oh can i borrow your shovel

side bud i need it for sand castle


is it a little big for that yeah but

that's just those shovels are

you can get smaller ones one's made for

sand castles what

that sounds fake but if you can show me

one i'll be glad to trade okay

interesting so i need a shovel and a lot

more cash

right dude you are sitting oh there's a

shelf there's a shiny there you go get


get it chest three shells

can i win a shell by climbing up the

rocks hey there

what are you up oh uh i'm hiking up to

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

hawk peak

that's like you know you'll need to

learn how to rock climb

why not join a rock climbing club oh uh

is it just the two of you

hey the rock climbers association has

hundreds of members spanning over

35 countries worldwide hundreds of

members growing and refining the art of

rock climbing pushing the craft to its

absolute limit and beyond

uh it's just the two of you

like here hmm what of it

listen kid climbing ate for the week of

heart most people

don't have what it takes uh okay it's

not really that bad so anyway

you wanna join the climbers club yeah

sure we got our third member

not third just another drop in the


worldwide ah all right all right anyway

so first things first you got a golden

what i gotta pay a membership fee golden


you can't climb without one but you can

buy them at the visitor center

it should be pretty cheap come back when

you brought one okay well fine how about

i just how about how about i just use my

arms and legs

in their natural god-given abilities

and and feel the sweat upon my brow as i

heave my

body weight up the hill again i think

that's the way to go or wings arms

that's deep matt you're getting real


are they i'm tempted to say yes

i would think they are what is the

definition of an r here

i'm going to read some character

dialogue yeah you guys look up

the definition of arm i've heard some

rumors you like rumors

i dabble okay hear me out jim just

bought a metal detector

he was running around yesterday looking

for stuff around the island it was

nutso seems like there's stuff buried

all over the island no what kind of


that's why i need a shovel metal stuff

great okay so we need a metal detector

uh a bunch of right you're feeling the

pressures of society

weighing up on your feather shovel

golden feather

membership dues learn a new skill of

rock climbing

find a shovel which needs another shovel


a bunch of shells and also earn money

and i bet you're going to have to fish

too and look at all these trees that


a shiny rock over next there's the tree

i get the chinese

just saying guys this is it this is what

goes from relaxing game to

achieve everything the game

live a filled and fulfilled and

self-actualized life

the game the games shell

so it seems like wings were arms

yeah i was going to say i think they

that makes sense right because

everything crawled out of the ocean and

then some of them started flying

right it's just a different evolutionary

path right yeah it seems like they had

arms and they were like what if we could

flap them

and thus wings were born and thus wings

welcome to hawk peak provincial park

oh enjoy a scenic trek to outdoor

outlook point or follow hawk peak trail

up to the highest point in the province

although this island is known for its

titular mountain peak

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

it's also home to a number of beautiful

beaches and forests did you know

the infamous local dish strawberries and

toast was invented here at hockey no

they're the first to put strawberries on

toast that sounds amazing unheard of

please join us at 5 p.m to enjoy a

delicious serving of the historical dish

this reminds me a little bit of

this time we hiked around an island in


through the woods and there were like a

thousand different paths you could take

and all of them had these little shrines

and stuff and so you never felt like you

explored at all i'm feeling a little

overwhelmed in that way

but also a little bit zen

oh i can have a hat for a hundred no or

i can have a gold feather

wait you bought one oh no i'm gonna buy

my gold better

yes yes let me explain how they work if

you press a while in midair you can flap

your wings for a double jump yeah now we

can climb up that other mountain but

that's not all

climb a wall push against it and hold a

the more golden feathers you have the

more you'll be able to climb and fly

oh oh man oh yeah

oh nice okay so do you want to fly to

that other mountain now

no what i want to do is learn how to


with my friends so that way they know


cool of a member i am oh what's down

there oh man

oh look there's money straight there's

so much

this this world is too rich it's too

exciting stuff

let me that was on it that was

definitely stolen wait there's one you

passed one there's a pink one over there

i feel bad about

that actually oh gosh how much money do

we have

no no no those are shells not enough now

we're running out at this point oh my


okay so rangers kevin cabin waco's trail


so where was our where were our climbing

buddies at i don't know i don't remember

they were around the mountain this way i

think right yeah oh yeah yeah yeah

that's right oh man

oh oh get that one up there there's a

shovel there's a shovel oh look at that

one second

get all those now drop down and get the

shelf yeah there's a oh there is a


yes where did you think i was lying

about this i believe you i would


lie about a shovel i would hope not i

trust you more than that

might be a little more your size oh

that's perfect

let's trade we got big shovel

when you want to use my shovel press

wide open your inventory and equip it

keep it fresh

oh okay i will absolutely keep it as

fresh as possible

what's buried beneath press b to dig

yeah i'm equipping that shovel

oh yeah look at that no we could dig

anywhere oh this is wait what about with

that place where there's a crack i know

i saw that crack that i'm trying to get


oh jesus trust me stephanie i am all

over it

so in the legend of zelda when they give

you a shovel

when i was a kid i literally dug

every everywhere i literally dug

every square every tile of the world at

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

one point

man thanks for lending me the compass

i'll get it back to you

just keep it you know what they say it's

good luck to know which way is north

that's sort of true actually i'm not

sure certainly can't be bad luck

no i didn't didn't want to talk to you

again i wanted to jump i wanted to jump

wanna because i'm going over there


because now the south no what i'm going

to do now

is i'm going to head over to that island


i'm going to go over to that secret

island which if i can get the camera to

adjust with me there we go

right this is the secret yeah this is

the totally secret island okay secret


the island that obviously no one has

ever discovered in this game ever period


in the history of just a short hike

i'm gonna hike to the top of this thing

and i bet there's gonna be some awesome

secrets okay

and we're all gonna be i'm gonna go over

to twitter so that i can see all the

people who have definitely already found

this mountain

no almost oh so close so close okay

let's try it again

i might need to flap multiple times whoa

no way i might we'll see

we'll see time will tell i'm very

determined to get to the top of this


first okay before actually completing

anything in the game

okay this mountain is very tempting to


at uh isaiah m baker says use the shovel

for nuggets new nugget cave that makes a


of sense

oh i was trying to mix it up a little


gosh i'm trying to mix it up a little

bit i'm just saying uh trying

i'm trying new strats draconics it says

says poroshev is so stressed about all

the things to do in the game

i just you know i have a big to-do list

outside of the game

i'm just saying it's already oh come on

you're right there right there

i don't know if i can get it i think you

can i think you can

right it feels like i should be able to

okay it feels like i'm so close

right matt you think i'm so close you

feel it right i'm not just

i think i i think it's really close you

feel it i think we all feel it

do you feel in the chat you know when

you're watching people play video games

and you as the viewer are like trying to

will it to happen

yes i need you to clinch your butt i was

going to say that that's when you clench

your butt if you can clench your butt

just that much

wait there's oh come on

that's when i do this i do the

involuntary head up

oh i i always did i always when i was

growing up especially i did the like

extra like jump with the controller and

we all know that that works right

what the gamer lean yeah the gamer oh

the gamer lean we have an episode that


aired about the gamer lean actually

whether the gamer lean actually

works the problem with the episode was


it just oh yeah yes yes oh but now where

oh no no

we gotta climb to oh no

oh okay we can climb a little

i think we can climb and shimmy enough

to get over there i think i gotta i

think i'm supposed to go over there

oh yeah to that thing over there yeah

yeah no climb and shimmy

i can't i can't climb yes you can you

just said that that was you climbing

right there

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

that's you climbing that's as much

clammy as you can do with that gold one

golden feather

oh that is rough climb

bunch of money yes set it can we go in

there's gotta be more there's gotta be

more here hello

i'm gonna dig come on there's gotta be

more here

come on oh there's more at the top

okay if i hop on this chest

i think we got as far as we can get for

now i think at a certain point

we will be able to climb and shimmy more

i think that's the goal

i think at a certain point we'll climb

into me more but we did get more money

so that's a thing at least oh hello what

is this over here

is this the boundary of the world it is

i thought it might have been something

else but it wasn't they're like hey

stop it oh behave yourself you're

getting too aggressive go play the game

god it is it's the game designer being


seriously go take the damn line at

geeky peanut is responding to the gamer

lean episode

do it i air the episode it doesn't

matter if it's old or bad we need to

know what psychological facts are tied

to it

please doesn't matter i think it does

matter a little bit and everyone is

really upset about

drama llama and also really wants to see

the unreleased gamer lean

really you want to see the gamer lean

through some like if we hold them back

there's usually a reason

yeah the thing is and i i it could go

live one day

the problem was i wasn't happy with the

research on it and

it was one of those things that i'm like

if we're gonna do it i want us to

actually like

run the experiment and

we just couldn't do the experiment

because we didn't have

enough people and like it it's actually

a tough experiment to kind of like


uh and with covariance like there were

just a lot of things holding it back as

an episode

but yeah you know if that is something

that you guys would be interested in

absolutely i can probably make that

happen at some point

absolutely i can probably make that

happen at some

point what the what the non-committal

oh i just lost my watch okay it's very

expensive and priceless when you


see this guy's like me he answers

questions like me it was very expensive

and priceless when you consider the

sentimental value

if you find it can you bring it back to

me please don't sell it on the internet

okay it's very

valuable oh i'll bring it right back

okay okay fine

okay find guys watch

climb everything find all the money

achieve greatness sounds like

sounds super easy sounds like we got

everything under control

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

achieve personal satisfaction

fulfillment in life


how many i wonder where i can find oh

hello hello golden feather

hello golden feather yes two golden


yes two golden oh buddy oh we're gonna

be soaring to the top of that peak in

no time oh we've got six shells

so satisfying there's gonna be a

marathon race at meteor lake today

the competition this year is fierce oh

well i'm gonna be ready because

i've got two golden feathers fixed llama

struggled to climb that mountain

which painting can't tell uh

it's supposed to be the coastline he

looks good back there right i'm trying

to go for

a friendly abstract look i think i can

see it now still work in progress

i don't know if i like where it's going

i think i'm gonna head over to the


lighthouse forest lighthouse soon and at

kimzoo on twitter

thank you climb and shimmy there it is

you as well

yeah i think your mom looks great over

there absolutely probably is the type of

commitment i expect from matthew


oh sick burn but yeah fair there's just

a lot going on

thank you for helping drama llama says

chronic brook uh i've done a service

right hey matt as the person who who

changed up the background yeah was there

a reason dramalama was you know he was

resting he wanted to knock

it is that why you sippy he's sleepy

i i do i do know how the holidays are

dear sign reader hi

i don't know you but you're probably

pretty cool oh cool i'm cool too

we should race each other ooh brb

i'm gonna set up a ribbon at the

lighthouse avery

what all right so i gotta erase someone

i gotta

what are we doing now we are going

wherever the wind

and whimsy take us stephanie oh that's a

terrible idea wherever there is


yeah wherever there is something shiny

you know i'll be there that's like the

way i play skyrim you don't want that

matthew you're just

you're gonna end up in like an

existential crisis i'm just waiting

for you to melt down you enjoy skyrim i


but i know that you can't handle it i

can handle it stuff this is

it's 20 20. i'm loosey goosey i'm more

casual than ever

you know devil may care attitude matpat

no more

no more control freak stress out about

everything pedantic matpat now it's

look at me look at how casual and fun

and relaxed i am matpat oh my

can't you tell i right matt matt i'm so

glad you told me

right you see it right i'm totally so

much more relaxed than i

i was before now that everyone is

informed about how relaxed you are i'm

sure it's

very obvious we all recognize how

relaxed i am at this point guys yeah

yeah definitely do you all have any uh

resolutions from 2020 that you

successfully did

ooh what were those oh yes you did

yeah yeah i know i gave up diet coke

yeah the big one was to give us a coke

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

that was a huge one actually

i started exercising more frequently

yeah and you you kept up with it pretty

well i mean we had sometimes

like in the lead up to the st jude

stream and stuff no one's doing anything

but like

um but that was actually pretty good

we also we moved that was like a


at the beginning of 2020 we were in

california and

we did a cross-country road trip to get

out here

and that was like a big deal and we had


make 2020. oh yeah yeah that was big we

did the cross country road trip where we


um you know a bunch of the southern

states before coronavirus locked

everything down

sold house we rented out our office and

yeah in california and stuff like there

was a lot we did a lot in 2020.

2020 was a very busy year for us uh and

you know fortunately a lot of the stuff

we we owned a toddler and didn't like

ruin him

yet i think that's good yeah you can

never be too sure

never know as a parent you're always

like is he okay did i do something to

ruin him

hopefully not that is that is a constant

question isn't it yeah

oh no no no no do it do it do it dude

you got it you got it come on come on

dude get it no

jumping shimmy oh god it's it's a very


three-dimensional object you got this

good one strange three-dimensional

object i mean tis a cylinder

yeah yes oh and it's gold on top what

you got in there golden feather

yes okay good i am achieving

so much in this game not about

achievements so i would say

there were things that we had to like

change plans on for 2020 like we were

going to go on a trip

um we were going to go to comic-con

um africa we got invited to comic-con

africa for 2020 but it was being held

in south africa in september of this

year of this

last year and so obviously that was


um we wanted to go to germany last year

we didn't obviously get to do that we

wanted to go to the bahamas like maybe

we had all these like potential trips um

even things like vidcon that we were

planning on going to obviously that

didn't happen

so there were a bunch of things that we

definitely did have to cancel so it felt


i think it felt like you were

accomplishing less because of everything

you had to

to give up but at the same time i feel

like we had like

about as productive at 2020 as as you

could reasonably expect

um other than the fact that it took us


four months to buy a couch once we got


that is true took us a while um but yeah


that was pretty good what about you did

you make any resolutions for 2020 that

you accomplished

i i did i set out to

i read more oh that's awesome how many

books did you read did you keep track

i did and i'm kind of upset about it why

i know my goodreads followers are

disappointed in me are your goodreads


my goal was twenty-four and okay

twenty-three oh you're so


Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

yeah close counts on that one thank you


i and i didn't get close to that was i

maybe like

i was maybe like eight or ten this year

to be honest

right especially for not having a

resolution to do the books yeah

yeah some of them were shorter some of

them were longer

but yeah i did did some reading at least

this year

sorry what is this thing down there is

that just that's what was the best book

that you read in 2020

if you're so tell all your goodreads

followers like what was yeah or or maybe

you'll get some more goodreads

yeah um the best i don't know what

goodreads is what is goodreads

it's like um a book list club kind of

yeah well kind of it's like a social

media for books

okay so kind of like how letterbox does

exactly for films

nice okay um the best book i read

was uh they can't kill us until they

kill us by hanif abdurekib

oh wow it's a collection of essays about

music oh cool made me weep oh no way

oh a book that makes you weep that's

always a good one now if you count

children's books

i'm up in the hundreds oh and children

oh man

the library ollie has more books under

his belt this year than anyone i know

the way forward is blocked oh poop

there's a there's a cave

but that's exciting to know that there's

a cave now uh let's see

hockey trail notice hockey trail is the

strenuous hike you might need golden


well don't worry i've got three so

i am basically the most golden feathered

of golden feathers i've got max

gold feathers that's probably not

there's probably like an infinite number

of roman feathers

i'm going to read some tweets i think

that's a great idea andre konig says my

resolution for 2020 was to make a

drastic change

and quitting and they quit one

university course and transferred to

another it counts as a drastic change

um and then uh aidan's tweeting corner

says i love you guys in your ddlc

playthrough it inspired me to actually

get the game and play through myself

good i also could you guys please play

celeste it's incredible and i would love

to see your playthrough you played it oh


and you really liked it celeste is great

yeah uh

actually a lot of the golden feather

like platforming business here reminds


i don't know why for whatever reason

this does remind me a little bit of

celeste from just like

look at me do all these kind of like

double jump triple jump actually it's

it's the mechanism by which she runs out

of climbing ability

because in celeste she turns blue when

she like runs out of

like ability to climb her pink hair

turns blue and stuff it's great

um yeah love celeste the only

the only reason like in general when we

do platformers

on the live stream you guys tend not to

like be as excited about them or enjoy

them as much or like

because right it's a lot of the same

thing over and over again and celeste is

one of those where it's all about

precision and expertise

and so like you know you're just kind of

like grinding away at certain like

frames of the level over and over again

especially once you get to like the

harder and harder stuff

like the c and d sides of the tapes like

they're just brutally difficult

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

um and so i think that's

i i'll play it again i'd love to play it

again i got up to i think the seasides

and i'm like these are just so hard like


could i dedicate the next like 100 hours

of my life to like perfecting these

levels yes

do i do i have the time to no do i and

will i like walk away from it being like

yeah i did something great

i i at a certain point i'm like you know

i kind of i'm happy with what i've been

able to achieve in this game

and you know let me play something else

but love celeste it's a fantastic game

oh i'm supposed to okay i love this guy

so he lost a headband oh no

i don't know if i could do a race with

him where'd you lose it somewhere in


okay i could take a look for foreign


it's a red headband oh man a pair of

running shoes

hmm that oh that sounds like that would

be fun oh just got sponsored by the shoe

company hashtag spawn and they gave me

two girls

thanks for telling me that you got

hashtag free product yeah but uh

let me know if you see a red headband

okay all right red headband someone

needs a watch

he's hiking but the past something got

really steep do you think it's climbable

it would be if i had a golden feather

apparently they sell them at the venus

okay i have a golden feather

okay they're really hitting the home on

the golden feathers are going to

really rain at this point oh dig dig dig

over there i see it i see it

oh i'm all about it yes

making that cash okay so

so this is the forest over here

presumably presumably no

i don't know no you're probably right

i'm not 100 sure because it would

require me to act oh

who cares about red head man yeah

oh we're super flying machines now

stephanie we're so powerful i know

i'm about relaxed we're so okay i need

all the power

all of the feathers this is the relaxed

2020 this is

relax 20 21 guys this is me look how

relaxed i am

playing this game that's totally about

relaxing oh look how much we can climb

oh that's amazing

oh man and i've got 200 i can buy that

hat twice over

whoa i can fly over to here get more

gold coins

wow we are on oh let's go for more stuff

down there he's doing a bob ross

painting down there

wow there's actually this game is very

large actually

this island is very large churning

he's gonna need a paintbrush or

something yep

classic me again so what do you think

about this one so far

whoa it's really good it's like

bob ross good better than real life ah

well i don't think i can compete with

real life but i am happy with it so far

i don't know if it'll fit in my exhibit

though trying to come up with something

more interesting oh i'm gonna follow one

of the rivers up to its source

i have an idea for a painting from that

perspective okay so we gotta keep

following maybe we should be copy cats

oh man where is this red headband


the red band just dig just dig

should i buy a hat i don't know 100

coins we're gonna have to go water all

those saplings at some point

right the saplings are gonna be very

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

important here oh he's got a red


oh uh weird question but where'd you get

that headband

uh i don't know i've had it for ages why

oh well i was just talking to this

rabbit and she said she lost her

headband somewhere in the forest

oh you mean sue maybe i didn't get her


i'm kind of a jerk i don't ask people

their names right you're kind of rude

she was

really worried about it though kind of

kind of a loser penguin

she said i think she's a robin she said

she was lucky and needed it was like she


to race because i will because i was

going to say as a penguin

she couldn't fly she couldn't fly like

she wouldn't be able to flap yeah

so robin but also or bluebird but also

as a penguin

parents could be better at swimming like

she had like a like a robin would not be


oh that's true what do we think penguin

what do you think our character is

penguin other bird questions uh other

bird question

at slimey king points out that matt pat

didn't give up diet coke in 2020 unless

the hot ones theory test was filmed


2020. it was filmed in 2020 but

in some of those episodes diet coke

still makes an appearance it's about

breaking an addiction

you were legitimately addicted to diet

coke and

you i mean are you ever not an addict


he has moved on yeah from from being

addicted to diet coke

yeah it's not about inordinate amounts

of iced tea yeah it's not about

it's not about not drinking it anymore


because it does appear sometimes like

occasionally there's nothing out like

we'll go

i don't know this year hasn't really

presented this yeah there'll be like no

option at a meeting or something

yeah like there's there's a restaurant

chain out here called pdq and i don't

really like their iced tea

and so they have coke zero and so i'll

have coke zero and that's like the one

place while i'll allow myself like coke


or like if it's been like a really long

day or like i need a little

caffeine i'll take a coke zero at this

point you don't like diet coke i don't


i don't really like diet like i'll keep

up the joke on the channels

because i think it's funny and it's kind

of foundational to everything that like

you know it's a shtick of the channel

right yeah but

but yeah like i don't really like that


when i have had the couple times of diet

coke i'm like that's not quite as good


like my tongue has readjusted to the

flavor for some reason

yeah i don't know what it is you stopped

drinking it for a while it does start to

taste both metallic and

yeah chemically yeah it tastes much more

metallic and gives it which is weird

because for the longest time i'm like oh

this is just great um

so there has been like a transition uh

and yeah like steph said it's all

iced tea for me at this point also a lot

of cheer wine like if i am having soda i

tend to go with cheerwine now which is a

local like north carolina thing

yeah and it's a and it's also it's not

sweetened with aspartame which is nice

because that was concerning okay i found

a headband

okay by the way so i got my red headband

and my friend who needed the headband


over here right this is her you know

find a headband

well i found this hmm

that's not it sweat stains are in the

right place ew

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

where'd you find this turtle gave it to

me said you could have it

they're looking forward to the race and

didn't want you to miss it what

oh that's nice taylor the turtle they're

like the regional champion

this headband has to be like at least

twice as lucky possibly even

quadruple lucky oh man whoa okay

i'll take it i'm so pumped take these

running shoes yeah

yeah running shoes you can hold up to

run with them

however just keep in mind that running

requires golden feathers

everything requires gold but you know

what i have so many

look at this huge look at that that was

amazing did you see

we just went right up that cliff eat

your heart out

link from legend of zelda breath of the


i don't need a goddess to give me

stamina nope

i got it rando feathers oh oh man

okay ooh here we go okay can i climb

this high wall

i know that there's something i probably

shouldn't be doing oh oh

look at that that was amazing it's the

best competitive

they gave you a compass i don't know

that seems like you ought to be able to

keep track of a direction

i have a feeling that the point here is

supposed to be like

oh you're supposed to make it up to the

top of the mountain but you never did it

or like it took you a long time to make

it happen it was the friends you made a

little while away yeah no

the point of the short hike was the

friends you made along the way

oh oh look we have oh wow wow this is

this is oh okay oh my gosh okay here

i love how they just insert some random

clouds into the game and we're like wow

this is so high

wow ooh there's a treasure chest on

there i could keep going up the hill or

i can get this treasure chest right a

lot of cash

fly over like swede

you go down there there's there's a

there's a chest down there yeah but

there's also

what's in this in here can i swim into

the top of it oh it sounds like you got

some cash

up there sometimes it makes like a

changing sound when i do a double jump


not 100 sure why haven't quite figured i

oh i think it's me putting away my

shovel actually

yeah i'm looking out for you thanks


this is a suspicious looking rock oh

it's shiny it's going on there what do

you think it does is there shiny behind

it can i dig it

no here hmm i can't interact with it

weird oh wait what was that i smacked

the rock

oh you smack it and coins come out

you're mining for ore

right can i mine and craft in this game

too this game has everything

this is a new part wow it's like

infinite all right

oh wow oh my gosh if i need money i know

where to go

oh somebody's camping back there what

are you doing convey their very private

campsite hey

hey hey hey ah

yes this setup is 100 legal uh yes i

have a valid camping permit wait

fine fine you got me hold on i lost it

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

i'm a terrible liar i'm a mess

ah please don't write me up i can bribe


oh oh you found a bait i got a bait

did you really just hand me a fistful of

worms it's fishing bait

i'm desperate what would you do well uh

it doesn't matter i'm not gonna tell

anyone wait really

aren't you a junior ranger no my aunt's

a ranger but i don't work for her oh


you won't tell right nah good i guess

you can keep the bait thanks so

hot take yeah don't i don't love fishing

in video games

oh no i don't either i don't don't love

it i know that every game is like

everyone says it's like 10 times better

when you have a fishing minigame in it

in world of warcraft i knew someone who

built a macro

so they could leave their character out

overnight to fish

over and over again for them really and

so they could build the fishing skill

which was needed for some like you know

random thing in the game

but they didn't so that they didn't have

to actually finish because fishing in

games is the worst

i'll have you know people definitely

don't feel the same way i can see my


from here i there there's a point at

which it's like cathartic

for a little while but not very long

it's me

can you hear me up here sure can oh

okay have fun up there yeah i will

cool all right so anyway what were you

saying about fishing um i

you know in fishing games i like i

i guess i like it up to like a certain

point but then after that you're like

what am i doing i'm not even really


at all oh my gosh we're so close i think

we if we i think we jump over from that


that'll be the way to go i really want

to start watering these plants the fact

that i can't start watering my plant

mission is kind of stressing me out

is it yeah i need to start watering

these plants meteor lake overlook hawk

peak trail blackwood okay

here we go we're gonna make it

go go go go go go go go go oh land

no oh oh oh oh

nope certainly not yeah we need it's

more we have to like land on it than

climb it it seems like

because it has that weird overhang so

let's get really high

let's forget about getting high up we'll

get there

fine because guess what i got golden

feathers did you know i've got a golden


i've got a golden we've got golden


so we can climb okay

okay oh he's fishing oh he's a fisher he

might need some worms how's it going

good fish are biting today cool cool so

uh is fishing hard nope it's easy

i can show you if you'd like sure i'll

lend you my spare rod

fishing rod casting your lines pretty

easy just press b

oh man okay do y'all like fishing in

real life

so um not particularly my dad likes it

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

and it's more exciting if you do like

ocean fishing because then you can come

up with like a shark or something

yeah something wacky and i have gone

deep sea fishing

before but instead of actually catching

a fish i accidentally hooked the fin of

sea turtle and they had to bring him up

and then remove the hook and like and

like give him veterinary care and then

place him gently back in the water

addressing your trauma on the stream i'm


patience so we've got to be patient


up up he's going to get he's going to

get a fish oh are we gonna get one wait


a fish is nibbling out not yet you gotta

wait for it to bite okay

oh there come there he comes baby now

good one three yank it out yank it yank

yank yank yank

yank pull back and tappy nope that that

was not back

interesting technique that was just an


and remember once you hook the fish okay

pull back and tap thee

all right not walk forward into the lake

and press me oh my gosh we're at 11

shells i've heard we're at 11 shells

ladies and gentlemen

snap art only says fly fishing is okay i

like fishing but it was hard and i

didn't arc anything

so i or catch anything and like i

i agree that i think fly fishing looks

very exciting oh

fish i call it an albino northern pike


how exciting sorry i fell in the water

it's pretty embarrassing not at all

okay well that was my fishing experience

that was cool

that's my useful tool

yeah i've only gone fishing once

i think steph's dad really wants to take

me fishing yeah as

like i think it's it's a good school

mother-in-law son-in-law

it's a good skill to like not be

squeamish about putting a worm on a hook

it's good to be like

not squeamish about handling bait um

to know how to take a hook out of the

fish's mouth like all that kind of stuff

is is like they're those are useful

skills i had a fishing pole like my dad

got me my own fishing pole when i was a


we used to go um like we had this creek

near the back of our neighborhood that

we used to go fishing in you catch these

little like sunfish yeah and it was

super easy you just like stick your rod


and like three minutes later you would

be pulling out a fish and

they were all yeah i mean they were all

like this big so you threw them all back

and everything like it was just catch

and release but

it was um super easy and it was good

practice for like a seven-year-old so i


that like several times have you put

those skills to the test definitely i

haven't i haven't maybe i should test my

fishing skills

you need to teach me as someone who

hasn't done a whole lot of fishing maybe

have you ever gone fishing like i said i

think maybe

once very temporarily um

yeah i don't have a whole lot of fishing

experience like my

i feel like that's one of those things

that if you have like a fisherman in the


your grandpa was a fisherman though my

grandpa was a fisherman but a lake eerie


he was a lake erie man and every year we

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

would like you know enjoy

the fruits of his fishing but the thing

is he would do it with kind of his

his buddies yeah and he didn't want

little kids along and it was a big

fishing trip for multiple days it wasn't

just like

i'm going down to the lake to catch some

things for a little bit

so yeah i was never invited onto that


howdy hi whatcha doing taking a break

don't tell anyone right i won't i don't

even know who i'd tell

good i can't wait to be done today when

my shift's over

i'll be out catching some rare fish oh

my hobby you see

yeah rare fish get yourself some fish

bring them to me and i'll trade you i

caught some fish already oh can i take a

look at him

look at this northern pike that's not

going to be now hold on

what is this the oh it is rare oh there

are we going

over the back that's a mighty catch

right there pay eight of coins whoa

that's awesome is that all that's all

that's all for now

i'll go open those chests though okay

get those get those

suckers oh a treasure map oh man another

side quest

that being said i think we have 12

shells stephanie okay that's amazing

right we needed 12. she wanted 12 shells

yeah she won 12 shelves

we should oversell her on shells she's

not even going to know what to do with

herself she's going to shell she shells

by the she shore

i'm going to shell her shells by the she

sure whoa

let's keep it pg you're the one you


mom somebody started it

those those blank trees are awfully


they look like they have gameplay

possibilities this is a huge island

right so this game is so massive who had

any idea

i did not ooh pickaxe oh pickaxe

right we can totally mind that thing

yeah oh

buddy i bet this opens up that other

cave too

oh man a cut through maybe

can we go in turn around

oh my gosh why are there so there's a

lot here man

there's a lot there's a lot i'm just

gonna hack it everything

okay wait hold up hold up hold

the phone wait this is a little circle i

feel like we should

yes tell you what these are suspicious

rock patterns if i've ever seen them

right okay maybe that one's not that one


suspicious all right fine perfect fine

whatever not all of them can be

suspicious and profitable i suppose

wow this is going to keep going on the

island it keeps going

i'm at the bottom of a different part of

the island yeah it's the journey it's

the friends we made along the way

and also all the money we collected oh

there's a shop there's a shelf there's a


oh they're there how many is that 14

14 and look we've got climb up through

this guy yeah of course

i want more golden feathers i want all

all the golden feathers how many golden

feathers are there they

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

probably line the entire bottom of it

yeah okay let's go in our cave

let's go caving oh yeah it brought us

back here

whoa shortcut oh cool good to know

will you sell me more golden feathers i

have a lot of money right can i buy

golden feather

sure yes awesome that's actually all the

feathers we have

we're so achievement-oriented this is so


a boy came by earlier and bought out

most of our remaining stuff oh i'm gonna

have to find him well we're gonna have

to shank him

i have a pickaxe i can shove it in his

forehead oh my gosh

whoa whoa he's okay so

boy i'm so glad that we

that i don't want a hat okay sure i

don't want to have why would i want to

have i don't know

because that's what achievement oriented

people get in games accessories

useless useless accessories that's what

you know if i'm if i'm achieving a hat

in a game

i'm achieving that hat it's not being

given to me

that hat is an achievement and i'm going

to save my money for

the best hat right it always feels like

cheating to buy like armor and stuff

from vendors like no i need to drag this

off of some monster's dead body


okay so let's let's and then it'll

magically fit me hey girl

hey girl i got some shells for you so

what's the deal with the shells

it's none of your business except for

the business of you getting

15. we need a 50. i know i know i

told you i wasn't paying contention

no no not at all maybe there's another

one around here

maybe there's a close five shell that we

can just like chuck into the shell pile

right we just need one we just need one

shot just one also i have

a lot of feathers now do you think i can

climb to that top of that

mysterious mountain yeah maybe what do

you think's at the top of the mysterious

map i don't know

should i dig up my sand castle

okay i cannot i'm not allowed to here


let's go we're gonna do this we're gonna

climb up to the top of mysterious


what is at the top of the mountain


here we go moment of truth

i think we can do it maybe maybe

i don't know it's a very dull mountain

right it is really tall

very tall intimidating mountain yeah

we'll get as far as we can with the

little hoppity hops

oh my gosh so easy now

oh yeah just get to the top of the roof

good okay okay now yeah i don't think we

definitely make that

oh buddy here we

go this is gonna be crazy

there's gonna be something amazing at

the top of this thing what do you think

is there like a

nope i think you're gonna have to keep

climbing i'm just i'm

you know sometimes there's little

rewards along the way you know

those are the friends who we made along

the way oh no

oh no how tall is this thing oh no

oh no insult to injury

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

all right fine fine game all right you

won this round

but i'll be back i will be back there

that's the wrong way

it's cool i will be back once i find the

appropriate direction

man all that matters in this game to me

now my whole life

depends on getting to the top of this

mountain it's not about i need like the

infinity feather

for that thing i bet it is i bet that's

what you need to beat it i bet you it

requires you to have every golden

feather to get to the top

i bet that is the ultimate achievement

of getting all the feathers

okay but seriously where is this dude

where's my stupid home island

there there you go there we go okay

all right shoot should we get to the top

of this one

yeah let's let's i feel like we have 20

minutes left of this stream like how are

are we gonna like make it to the top

do you think it's it's not about getting

to the top

yeah but like it sort of is

okay you've got one in your pocket feel

much lighter it makes it easier to climb


whoa that's pretty cool it is indeed

okay great cool

for all of us okay she's doing a race


hockey trail visitor center white beach

okay wait are you going the right way

you got this far it's just me it's gotta

be luck well maybe it's little but

you're so fast and you're trained so


and you're good you're good yeah i know

yeah yeah yeah yeah

i don't know i get so nervous sometimes

i wonder if this was all a fluke

but you're right i don't need luck here

you can have the headband oh oh

oh man i got the headband sweet whoa

whoa thanks good luck at the race

you've got this oh that's nice i got the

headband all right little does she know

that the headband actually does give you

a stat boost

super sweaty fool it was all mine

that was my plan from the get-go

what can i see is there is that that

island out there is it that secret


no it can't be that secret island i

think it's a different secret i think it

might be a different secret island

ah crud that one looks much

easier to climb much easier to climb

yeah it's not as big and daunting as

that other maybe

maybe we should go to it steph you

wanted to climb to the top of the


you want to climb to the top of the no

but yeah like maybe

i don't know royal ridge

here we go ooh are we following a river

to its source

come here okay oh there it is there's

that shell

15 okay before the end of the stream

we'll give her

her shell okay good and we will climb to

the top of this thing hopefully

got this we've got this wait before i

get too high up should i give her her

shells back because now we're getting it

past the cloud no i think we've got this

i think i think so

yeah that's okay what if it ends the

game what if getting to the top ends the


if it were this fast i don't i don't

think it's as fast

i think it's you take out your pickaxe

and you pickaxe it

let's pick it nope no maybe not just

kidding okay

psych fooled you you had no idea right i

really didn't

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

oh it's all snowy oh chilly chilly good

creek meteor lake

movie your lake is pretty uh oh hello

it's very cloudy here i think

i think we keep heading up well now it's

just cloudy stuff there we go

it's just cloudy okay whoo

nice oh man more coins leading you off

the path

yeah they are you know they are

i am following those coins yeah

oh hello hello treasure chest golden

treasure chest

okay what's that over there more coins

and a bulletin posting helianthus

de solantus rubber flower there it is

official flower unique blooms instantly

in a flat in flash flood conditions

inflating like a balloon experience it

for yourself with one of the command

water buckets

please do not remove buckets from the

park okay bucket full of water

i don't think i could fly or climb

carrying a bucket full of water oh

that's it

i interesting so you have to like take

it from up here and just glide down

here you missed a coin

oh cool yes and then i'm assuming these


shoot oh oh oh baby

wait i know i'm going down but look

yeah i wonder if this is like giving me

a pathway up

oh man can you bounce all the way up

where are you going man oh straight down

hello oh look they're racing

go guys you do it i believe in you oh

there's another one down there

so really this is kind of giving us the

uh the equipment to have a big

maybe maybe i don't know i don't know

get up there get up there get up no no

oh shoot

this is clearly wait golden feather wait



oh wowzers

oh but still but still maybe there's

another golden feather

you can get to if you bounce on that

other one or another cool that's what


hoping for here let's load up okay

this is so exciting okay i don't know if

you guys are experiencing the excitement

as well i'm

experiencing a lot of excitement i hope

you guys are too

this is amazing right hope why is this


satisfying right uh

i i ladybug says why does this game kind

of remind me of animal crossing because

it is a lot like animal crossing i think

um because it is secretly crossing

yeah oh hello

uh oh i'm freezing oh my fingers were


oh no okay let's just keep hiking

let's just try and keep hiking then oh

hello oh

there's that okay hello treasure chest

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

okay good oh they don't replenish at a

certain altitude they don't replace well

until you get

like warm again there you go okay oh wow

there's a pressure now this is intense

okay let's let's keep climbing

oh it's a hot it's a hot spring so you

can thaw out

oh that's great yeah yeah yeah

video games have told me anything oh


because you need to unfreeze your

feathers to climb uh-huh

oh get up there oh and there's a nice


hold on there young friend i hope you

don't mind me saying but you seem a

little underprepared

it's mighty cold up here for folks who

aren't accustomed i didn't expect you to

get this cold

my feathers are freezing up hawk peak is

unique in the province of geothermal


if you get too chilly stop at one of the

hot springs that should give you

get you back to your strength thanks for

the tip uh

am i almost to the top well yes but it's

a tricky climb you might need more

golden feathers than you have now

oh yeah or maybe not because

right because we're pretty awesome i

don't know he says he might and we're

pretty wily

we do know a lot about the climbing


right and i am aggressive and stubborn

so you know those are two things

probably yeah i'm gonna

dig in there let's dig there and then

we'll heat up again yeah

oh wait okay

yes oh yes okay maybe the chat knows if

we can get up

there oh hold on we will get up we got

six golden fed how many more feathers do

you need really

right right how many do we need okay

that's a bunch of golden feathers guys

right that's so many

that's so many and then i can look

around and find

everything else

okay oh there's a fire

geothermal wait can i do

a bucket of water so if i fill this up

and now oh put on the half there

apparently the hat keeps you warmer

okay six is not enough apparently darn

it you need more feathers

you need seven or eight you need seven

feathers to get to the top darn it

thank you victoria fleming thank you

lincoln a

and expl implosive

darn it i'm sure though guys yeah

we need nine ooh are you sure jay

disburger dawn

and dawn both say nine what if you're a

really stubborn gamer though

who really refuses to acknowledge his

own limitations in a video game

and just pushes through despite what the

game is trying to tell you

could i could i win the game then

oh my gosh oh

no oh i had it i had it oh no i'm so

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

close i think we got this i think we got


i'm gonna be stubborn we're gonna win we

will win

i'm not sure man i'm not sure okay

this is it this is go time now

oof and your slower climb

still got one what happens now hey it's

you again

we're almost at the top but looks like

the bridge collapsed

might be another way up or i could just

go collect more golden feathers there

might be another way up

see okay

i i i failed that one but that's fine oh

hello hot springs oh yeah this is nice

and warm this looks nice and warm hello

hot springs that i can

unlock with my pickaxe

yeah yes awesome i don't think that

really helped me in any way shape or


oh you get up there it did it totally


i know but um

no it's not shiny and sparkly matthew


out the snowy embankment

yes this is the alternate path

come on come on

i feel like this is just going to lead

us right it's just going to lead us to a

dead end

or something we have to like always wait

a minute there

wait a minute

oh come on come on oh we had it we had

it we were so close oh

okay and this is water i don't have my i

don't have any water right now shoot oh

we are so close

okay so wait let's okay this is back to


and i can't fly with this right no you

can only glide

so that means

what does that mean for me that means

here i'm gonna do this

so there's water up there

okay so that's not gonna help me there's

a way to do this uh

i don't think there's i think we need

like one or two more feathers stubborn

darn it okay everyone's saying you need

nine andrew mcclee

andrew mcleaven or mclevene oh wait here

we go

there's i don't know man where am i

gonna get the water for that though

it's gotta be up at the top

huh yeah and you can create a little

bouncy path all the way up yeah so

can you can you run around to to get to

that hot spring there

i mean i can get to that that's the one

where i started though like

shooting i think that might be it is

that it right it feels like that's the


yes how do i

it's okay i got my water which means i

can't fly or climb

so it means so step one is i should be

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

able to find something by gliding

huh shoot i'm really so

again see this is this is the problem i

have with like

the open world adventure games because i

get presented with problems like this

and i'm like

there's a way to do it

i feel like in another life i could have

been a video game tester yeah oh yeah

very stubbornly attacking like

problems in a game and testing out

everything to try and break them oh my


oh no no oh no

oh no look how high up we were hello

oh hey there's a little treasure darn it

it's okay it's okay it's okay you know

what we were probably

just making ourselves miserable yeah we

needed to we're being stubborn i was

being stubborn feathers

all right i was just being stubborn it's

fine shoot

we're resetting i think we did a great

job though wait i gotta give her my 15

minutes okay

we'll turn in the shells and then

that'll be that'll be good

man also never found this guy's watch

i'm sorry buddy i don't know where it's

about to tell you

go do your own work for a change i know

get off here get off your took us how

about take

ownership over your own life instead of

asking other people to do it for you

that'd be great

well stop volunteering to go get stuff

for people if you're not into it man

just saying like i'll keep an eye out

for it but i don't see you

putting in a lot of effort to find your

own watch just

saying that's fair jesus

yes okay give me a goal we got your


yeah i got your shells i'll take them

come on

so now what what i mean

uh do i get anything no

jeez and i don't even want to thank you

that's not very nice

i do what it takes to survive i never

promised you anything that's true

actually you have something for you a

new job ah i already have a job

well make this your side gig well what

if i don't take it it's your loss

good jobs are hard to find so what'll it


i'll take your side jake sure take this

shell necklace ooh pretty deliver it to

ranger may

that's all ranger amazing here we can

dump our bucket of water

where right back there

yeah yeah let's get one more going

is there anything around it because like

the other one had like right leads to


feather last time that was very exciting


it was a pleasant oh man i missed golden


and finding all of them


ranger may that's that's my mom right

now yeah because or my aunt or whatever

whatever relation she is to me i've got

a delivery from

jen whoever that is so pretty

she's such a sweet girl collecting all

those shells must been a lot of work


actually never mind oh no you totally

take credit for that yeah right i

remembered something

i found this golden feather yes i

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

figured you could use it oh you bet

this is your timing it's like a reward

for delivering the necklace

uh no oh huh yes yes okay

great cool wait there's one other thing

i can scream

wait what what did you just go pee in

the ocean yes i had to i had to urinate

in the ocean stuff

i had to relieve myself okay oh there's

one nice

okay where's this guy gonna launch me

get me

something exciting oh hello hello hello

hello just hi hi friend

i'm here to receive your bounty yes

so much satisfaction and a bonus shell

oh oh and we can open that thing and a

secret cave yes yes

okay good pick axe our way through that

where does that go

your way through not find whatever it's

called pickaxe

use your pickaxe we have to go we have

to go do i yeah we have to go man

yeah this was very satisfying i know i

know but

i'm sure everyone totally loves the way

that we chose to play this game

right i'm sure which was very focused

darn it and objective

right it's like you don't want to stop

because you're like in the middle of 18

quests this is how they get you this is

how they get you every time

gosh this is me every time i play a game

like skyrim

this is me and goes to tsushima oh what

is that what's that over there what's

what what's that want this island yeah

secret island nice wait wait oh hey

toucan yo this updraft is on points you

can get some sick dives on it how do you


dang it's very easy but it takes some

practice you gotta hear me out

first you gotta be gliding as you know

you glide by holding a

then if you're high off enough off the

ground you release your joystick to dive


but you must still remember the whole

day you could dive you can build up a

lot of speed

why do you want to dive you know

stephanie open the chill

show okay we have to go we have show

we have to go yeah

i know i'm so transfixed okay you guys

wait wait i gotta do an updraft

draft updraft got dive

also i'm wondering why those bushes are

in a line right they're all on the line

telling me something okay oh yeah

whoa buddy wow why do we why do we need


for reasons yet unclear

because now i can get speed i am speed

i am eternal oh my gosh

we're gonna go you guys it's been a joy

and a pleasure hanging out with you

for the first time in 2021 thank you

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

guys for joining us

we're just going to be hypnotized by

this small bird game

for a while longer small bird game oh my

gosh okay best small bird game

i think we'll be here next friday i

think yeah we should be here next friday

so we will see you then in the meantime

there are more videos coming out there

are lots more videos coming out we have

very good gta lives we have

all of the usual the game theory the

film theory the food theory

we make a lot of videos we make a lot of

videos you guys there's plenty to do in


there's plenty to learn about games

movies and

food and food and food and gt living and

there's lots of friendship to be had

here so

we'll see you next time yes we will and

in the meantime

i'm going to go berry picking there's

berries to pick that was just a stream

i'm going to be the best berry picker

i will be the ultimate berry picker bye

i will get all the berries




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