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    teamfight tactics is a new entry in the

    auto battler John rrah where you

    assemble a team of scrappy fighters and

    use them to battle other players think

    Pokemon battles accept other pokemons

    are on the field at the same time you

    have no control over the battle when it

    starts so all you need to focus on is

    building the best team here are the

    basics every round you're given several

    gold and a selection of five champions

    to purchase each champion comes with

    their own origin and their own class

    building a team that shares the same

    origin or the same class will yield

    special bonuses for example Warwick he's

    a wild brawlers so if I pair him with

    Rex I also brawler they'll activate the

    brawler bonus giving them both increased

    health there are 13 origins and 10

    classes so the possibilities are endless

    building a team that shares multiple

    origins and multiple classes is the key

    to winning the game

    you can also level up your champions if

    you have three copies of the same

    champion they will combine and level up

    giving him more damage and more health

    get three level two champions and will

    combine again giving you a


    Omega uber awesome level three champion

    every champion also comes with their own

    unique abilities

    Blitzcrank will grab the furthest enemy

    to him great for bringing out vulnerable

    targets Garen will spin his sword around

    him damaging all nearby enemies rek'sai

    will burrow under the ground healing

    herself and popping back up braum can

    create a barrier that blocks all

    incoming damage and Swain can transform

    into a demonic crow demon bird looking

    thing and really wreck someone now there

    are three ways to spend your gold buying

    champions which we already talked about

    refreshing the store where you can spend

    to go to get a new selection of

    champions to purchase and buying

    experience points your personal level is

    what dictates how many champions you can

    have on the board at a given time one

    final thing for every 10 gold you're

    holding you will gain one interest code

    up to a maximum of five interest code

    this promotes a more conservative

    strategy of saving your money but comes

    at the cost of not and

    moving your team as much as someone who

    is spending their cash let's get into

    the fun and easy part of the game

    battling then team fight tactics things

    kick off with a little fun minigame you

    are brought to the carousel where a

    bunch of champions are playing

    ring-around-the-rosie and you have to

    rush to touch the champion you want

    before someone else does in this example

    I started off the game won him try out a

    pirate team so I specifically went after

    Pike who was a pirate assassin champion

    now that you have your first unit you

    are ready to battle simply drag and drop

    your champion on the battlefield and

    watch them go the first couple of rounds

    are against the computer this gives you

    a chance to build all your initial team

    starting from round 3

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    you'll be matched up against other

    players there are 8 players in every

    game and everyone pairs off every time

    this battle the loser takes health

    damage based on how many enemy units are

    still alive if your health total hits

    zero you are eliminated that is bad you

    do not want to be eliminated all you

    have to do is not be eliminated for an

    entire game and you win it's that simple

    now if you're struggling during the game

    fear not there's a catch-up mechanic

    remember the carousel from the beginning

    well you guys will go back and pick

    champions again every now and then but

    this time the losers pick first giving

    them better options and potentially a

    chance to complete their composition so

    and also every now and then you'll fight

    more monsters and these monsters can

    drop items any basic items can be

    combined with another basic items to

    make a better item take this bf sword

    which gives the holder 20 attack damage

    combine it with a chain rest and you get

    a guardian angel which brings a champion

    back to life if they die if you have to

    needlessly large rod smack them together

    and you get a hat you ever seen a hat

    may have two wooden sticks this is what

    it looks like it gives you plus 50%

    ability power great for any source Road

    champion and that's pretty much it it's

    a very easy game to pick up and a hard

    game to master I highly recommend just


    as it's free to try it out when it

    releases you have a lot of fun

    collecting different champions and

    playing with team compositions that's

    gonna do it for me guys thank you all

    very much for watching you can find me

    streaming some teamfight tactics when

    it's available over at twitch.tv slash

    this guy's toast I'll leave you guys

    with a video of one of my games from the

    early play test so that you can see

    exactly what's going on in teamfight

    tactics check it out

    what is not bad not sure why she's

    holding a BF sword

    I really know what I want just Donna

    fell really good if you can protect your

    like tanky frontline Tristana backline

    a large rod with a BF sword

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    housing were going pirates again but

    Warwick seems good if this gives me the

    wild bonus as well maybe try a wild

    build all my units uh start hitting fast

    and faster so I start off to match a

    little slow but they all get sped up to

    do a lot of damage I combine rod with

    sword I get a hextech gunblade which

    heals damage 25% damage dealt not very

    good on re if she's gonna get killed if

    she squishy if it's all Warwick you can

    damage Angie all right it's pretty sick

    they were warring well we got offered a

    lot of graves but I thought graves kind

    of sucked when I tried it

    what's phantom Kirsten random enemy and

    start combat saying that helped you 100

    so almost instant killing a minion right


    spirit of soldiering after casting where

    it gains 20% of its max man up for

    attack hmm how great is Warwick

    even's echo

    let's buy out the board Oh God

    that's graves it's not that good you

    know if he is to start yeah I mean I

    think graves is very underperforming

    from my experience with them so I don't

    respect graves too much especially if I

    only have one tank so it's cone attacks

    only hit in one unit

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    nothing we can get Mord

    yeah no no Warwick let's move them back

    let's go for level up so get slammed the

    Morden it's more to tank now org the

    tank well they're both tanky let's put

    them here protect our to our ease in the

    back shooting they're magical magic

    nosov let's try and don't grab my re

    oh that's gotta hurt

    sent him down to the bottom place

    bringing around the Rosie would I want

    who do I wanna hold that one oh man I

    don't even know don't want another

    Warwick do i watch the Sondra oh there

    goes Warwick I could try the Sondra I

    want different things anyway the

    Sandra's Galatia and elementalists right

    right I stole something and then get

    money for it no never I need more money

    hmm before this round was still chillin

    maybe we put in two sorceress next she's

    glacier she's demon yo

    and thanking frontline soft back line

    build and as Lucien clutch it no you're


    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    knows I'll buy this got backs for money

    anyway Guardian glacial no bone night


    this will give me sorcerer bonus and

    wild bonus from now the options are just

    so much

    go on go mmm

    am I ever using veins now Sullivans oh

    he has assasin I thought you only had

    two units

    you know this kazakh is doing work

    everyone lost a single round yet but I

    was like he won't stay that way from

    cannons elementalist do one goal

    sorcerer or do one go elementalist we

    don't need brand if you want to go

    elementalist right Norah's a wild yordle

    shapeshifter poppies are your own night

    we can have three nights now we just

    need two nights

    technically I feel like I want to try


    I should really just focus on one thing

    yeah I got way too much money on my

    bench you make a decision not getting

    too much sorceress let's think let's

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    think we can go your old Knights

    elementalist sell the sorcerer you're

    the wall nights while euro Knights

    I mean seems your doughy at this point

    I'm getting a lot of yodels

    Yolo Yolo Yolo you're one more phantom

    ammonite one more demon one more brawler

    wow that's a lot of lissandra's hmm

    there's a lot of Sandra's we will go to

    Knights mordekaiser and poppy

    then we give up on sorcerer

    we still need a brand as Island final

    elementalist Wow I went from first place

    to 6

    another puppy Leona was a guardian

    from with this one there's just no

    damage right

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    they just very tanky

    there is some tanki boys

    I think for this to work out you can

    give I like me some something like a

    Tristana I spy a NAR NAR looks kind of

    cute Oh hmm I spy Draven I mean Draven

    has damage potential

    I'm an yeah it's pretty good

    I'm getting my butt kicked though I want

    my synergies all over the place right

    now I think you like it that's all that


    like I think you and I'm winning that

    game I won't you comp mages mages how

    good is elemental this right now I only

    have fun line and no damage

    I got Guardians I got nice look at this

    it takes them a year to kill me but I

    don't kill them you're dying

    your dough ninja elementalist not to

    give up on my war work at this point

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    mordekaiser what are you doing Lord okay


    oh wait that was 21 damage

    oh god I'm freaking out Chad I'm gonna

    find I need to find a brand I can

    survive one more round you find a source

    of damage you and you build a back line

    there's this guy barbecue the guy in

    first place we are gonna take some


    Oh Lord that tank with the Lulu else I

    have I didn't kill a single one in fact

    I'm pretty sure watch damages this 13


    next rounds a creep Brown that's easy

    enough to win but after this creep round

    we we got I've made some tough choices

    just wolves

    it's just wolves - spatulas

    they've even combined two spatulas

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    this gives me elementalists right

    I don't know what spatulas do weigh dead

    lose a spatula

    okay so you get a golem and the golem

    just punches people okay golem that

    punches people I like it

    glacial tax from glaciers have a chance

    to stop for two seconds that doesn't

    seem bad

    another cliche

    so three elementalists to Guardian to

    greater to night one ninja

    yeah elementals boys


    wait - force of nature gives you plus

    one team size Oh

    Brom you're doing nothing what up buddy

    okay look my Brom did nothing that fight

    she was stuck whose fault is that

    I'm pretty near the bottom so got some


    Karthus is a phantom curse this the

    Phantom so I can get phantom power demon

    noble phantom your door either give up

    Guardian then I want to give up


    no how do you give up

    Knight and then give up my papi that's


    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00


    No thank God go on yeah get them go loom

    oh you're staying your life do you want

    to go for glacials

    why can we take out right now right now

    we just buy good units

    it's kind of grade

    now there's the other elementalists dude

    Oh course this all baby gets in third

    place and we beat them pretty handedly

    the elementals Guardian is so strong I

    don't think we even need a night combo

    was it my 14 dose one bad fighting I'm

    done so I want the Guardian to pop off

    pop up as forward as we can

    well your dole team and the shooting the

    elemental is I hope all right slicing

    Maelstrom let's go

    Requiem out oh this is really close

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    oh that's just Donna alter alter oh yes

    wait mm what one NARR it's a wild your


    and delta10 helps one big lost I'm done

    after this I might just go for a level

    and put in on the poppy so I can at

    least they'll have night combo trying to

    find a Karthus or brand upgrade as long

    as my golem gets hit we're fine

    I bring the store

    maybe isn't elementalist huh interesting

    well why is Papi's up front whoopsie

    whoa that's sad job

    yes Karthus do

    Oh God is the audio bug

    Olivier's audio bug it sounds like it's

    always there

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    all right I just saw someone else's


    a sort of guy I just told someone's

    Darius what drag someone's what I'll

    have to look at the votes with that 100

    that's perfect that is perfect okay the

    other guys that going for it oh yes I

    just give me that third Olivia

    I stared anivia baby there we go are

    they all still there

    I even know what I'm looking for at this

    point I think this is as strong as my

    comp will be maybe Karthus or another


    got so much AoE damage Oh misfortune out

    know that misfortune I was sick maybe I

    shouldn't group then

    they're so close third place 183 second

    place yhp

    first place what's even running

    sorcerers shapeshifters yeah three

    shapeshifter three sorcerer actually for

    shapeshifters it look like got blown

    away by this MF

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    would add nor out shapeshifters are

    pretty strong every time i enamine italy

    shape-shifts this guy all thing has lost

    a single game in the last 20 rounds


    a glacial night said it

    so Johnny's always huge

    a level-3 tryst over here


    Disguised Toast teaches you the basics of Teamfight Tactics, the new League of Legends Auto Chess game from Riot. TFT will be on PBE on June 18th for ...


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    1. i played 1 time and is so hard even harder than might and magic heroes 1 generation. So if I get eliminated in the 1st round does exiting would penalized me or get ban?

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