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SearchThisVideo: TEKKEN 7 FULL Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (1080p) – No Commentary

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I remember receiving my first letter

from my son a few years back scribbled

on it were the words I love you I was so

happy I cried at the time I believed

that love was all anyone needed for for

some years now I've been investigating a

certain father and son and I managed to

get a hold of the first letter of the

boy wrote to his father it said father

one day I will tear you to pieces



someone with it

Boadicea pianos decoy

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as leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu

Jin Kazama plunged the world into war

he said the human race held also he

could stake fear and hatred and zealous

the globe villain just as Jean predicted

Earth's despair awoke out of them an

ancient heat shield deep underground

because of its left humanity being

defeated a Savelle in battle base the

planet but could the world really be

considered saved the war that jean began

has now evolved into a battle between

the Mishima Zaibatsu and G corporation

one which has kept the wheels of turmoil

spinning new day after day it's winner

take all and the prize is world

domination g1 the started I have gone

missing in the Middle East his

whereabouts remain unknown but his

disappearance has tipped the scale

she crossed over area he survived eh to

non-singular Jesse Cochran dunno helical

war mo wara wara vote Fujiwara tofu back

estate idea chuckles increase the famous

the UN soldier so much as sneezes I want

to know y'okay changing the lotto ticket

search every you know kono basho Neha

Jiro's not diverting a convent to be

using up any total you New York anyway

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if there were demons in this world what

form would they take the answer to that

question still eludes me that day I was

reporting from a battlefield gathering

news about the war to bring to the world

what an eye headed back to the barracks

a message was waiting for me ah I was

dumbstruck ha I'll kid my hometown has

come under attack what my returned

nothing was as I remembered the roads

used to be quiet

hardly a car in sight now tanks and

armored vehicles lined the streets like

an iron wall though it was noon a thick

fog of ash and belt the sky in darkness

the blackened trees the burning ground

the pungent burnt air the place I once

called home was now just an ashen field

and streets echoed with the memories of

playing children and delivery trucks

everyone I loved had been lost to the

Past that day my old life ended and a

new one began in my loneliness and

despair a hatred grew inside me


he sexually motivated auction astana

said hey hon dolana's yahushua more

diesel Volvo gay customer toda tsudanuma

eject IPO to Tanana MA

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what are you doing

catch him quick



no pain in the neck

hmm rado Giga vecino demagogy Steve

Isuzu monetary No



is gonna destroy me

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what do you want now Heihachi Mishima

anything kima






hi boys



Ginga shows up immediately 'no miss

muslimah so Tata Nelson in a while while

she wait to hug on you or my kameneva

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

South super hot I came over so she would

eat on our then Sega in a circle

watching a coupon you steaming a walker

you this was like the slowstar wo not

anymore top in second okok toccatas in

it's legal the king of Iron Fist suit

ornamental Kaiser you go Goonies singing


excuse me sir just now

hey Suz do ya hurting State Allah why on

earth would you want to hold a

tournament now like this it's me Little

Joe Staton is amusing

what does it all m-theory

I'm gonna go sit in a booth hang a total


I found myself staying in a cheap hotel

reports on the hellish war never let up

news of heihachi's returned to the

Mishima Zaibatsu had sent shockwaves

across the globe an announcement of the

king of Iron Fist tournament flooded the

airwaves day and night but but none of

that mattered to me from my drab room I

just stared up at the moment of sky look

looking for a ray of hope the concept of

evil seems so vague

who torched my hometown the Mishima


or was it G corporation with the war

submerged in chaos who could tell in the

darkness a fellow reporter visited me

and offered me a ray of hope in the form

of an expose on G corporation G Corp

were at war with the Mishima Zaibatsu

and it appeared that they had the public

on their side people believe that the

zaibatsu had started the war so it was

only natural that they saw G Qin as

their saviors however my reporter friend

came into my hotel and

barely able to contain his excitement

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

it revealed G corpse true colors which

conflicted with their public image the

picture shed light on the incident that

had occurred only a few months earlier





geez what a mission Christmas my god





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Oh durian Kali akuno - Oh kirihara



it all started with an explosion in the

heart of the digimon state at the time

the media reported it as an unfortunate

accident but when strange foods began to

come to the light things didn't appear

quite so clear kind after the explosion

came the deaths of a number of G

corporations executives the newspapers

put it down to a coincidence series of

tragic occurrences but the truth was far

more sinister in reality an attempt by G

corporation to take out one of their own

failed and the man they had targeted

came baying for revenge


the mr. arctor exposing of the gilja rd

without so much as dirty his hands with

Mishima began manipulate G corporations

and shadows

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

city's marksman says here they're based

in Italy the Society of exorcists

historically held influence throughout

Europe what are you planning this time

Ginga Zaibatsu Scott Amy Texas Utah

gharana the gyushu extra minimal kasnia

hotels degree bohemian I say guys you

know you oh my god I need skin even Iran

surely can't be planning on using the

Society's underground network see ya

know da cunha Deborah derecho de Macedo

mo Eau de da en de armas note 8 ococ Eau

de Geer conga - ha ha no calculus and

then no button Arjun


raiding their HQ for not returning your

calls quite the negotiator

rooty he began another native signally

close in note I usually was us whole

thing 7 episode Alaura Viva Chavez

villages in Toronto

hi Hachi Solanas hey - no ex-assistant

Trabuco nice em Bravo david icke Lonardo

lot warfare cacciatore Series Saloon

ichi-san sempre stati independent

insignia mixer chat service you like a

preachy because K corporate Sione relax

fellas you them

I see no GG other night that I'm culture

what is here

rising acrimony jiggy-jiggy my baby

our guru cozy boy Scotty Tarun and a


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of this





- to say you know man

Koloff art sadhunam own a Fuji receive a

shushing show me yes so discuss our

cinemas Co Co Co Co quest Odin voice de

barro 40 unseemly Abu mean jagara - logo

Vesta hot I stole mono multi give a


Kimani evolute robot sumo promo Manoj

800 west iake cigarette sita same animal

urine Law Center on East Africa tomorrow



Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

day in day out I found myself at the

library poring over articles company

directories as Street books you name it

it's cabbage them all looking for

anything I could find on G corporations

kasnia including his historical and

familial links to the Mishima Zaibatsu

the truth had to be revealed even if it

meant doing so long

the Mishima's were warriors hailing back

as far as the Tyra and Minamoto heroes

with the advent of world war they

capitalized on the increased military

demand during my research I came across

two significant names

the first was jinpachi mishima head of

the Mishima clan during the war the

aboard needless conflict and reacted

accordingly against the organization's

military expansion by resolving expect

two devoted family's legacy solely to

martial arts however all that changed

when hey Hachi

wrested control of the family helm

proceeding to rename the organization

the Mishima Zaibatsu as its head hey

Hachi secured its reputation as a world

leading military firm

which brings us to the second name

Jeannie Kazama seizing control from hey

Hachi he reigned over his empire until

only recently he was also the one who

started this damn war which took

everything from me

I dreamed of one day killing him with my

bare hands

Davida to use on the Uryu Ishida Jimmy

Martino Sato feyo's children even hurry

Ginga Alison Jin casa so caso de more

interior a super repair fee no Queen

Lodi Kazuya momento que pasa Louie teon

el santa Chiana refer eat okay you

necessary de semana que paso in Estrella

Oriente Yin into America Tuscan Utah it

I know stream of archaeology

so that means G Dogon EU to come over

Tony Guru non posted mo me get us Ronnie

study the crew new year

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

everything looks clear

enroute to the United Nations HQ which

are that




I feel da guei sides on the road now


Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00



sir Tony take kazama's in Mescalero stop


oh you're too much in one ear at the

eternal good things just got a whole lot

more complicated figures a lot sweeter

ki Fateh all new customers

no there's no point we'll have to stay

one step ahead

ah c'est la serie de su mano en astray

more ent Nani Regina Kiera

Oh cosa


this lead sent me on a journey through

countless documents where I finally

found her name in a single paragraph

Kazumi Hachi Jo there was no mention of

what kind of life she and hey Hachi had

led together but it confirmed that hey

Hachi was kasi his father and Kazuma his

mother that's when I realized something

shocking the year hey Hachi seized

control from jinpachi and established

the diagnostic was the same year his

wife Kazumi had died

and Kazuya had fallen from a cliff

sustaining terrible injuries what could

all this mean


we have a handle on heihachi mishima

smooth it appears he is conducting a

thorough search for Jin Kazama Jean

would coach socks in the gym POS or



frustration has become a part of my

daily life if eventually I ran into a

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

guy a restaurant

it died burned with an almost ungodly

fighting spirit and he looked at me as

though he could see the darkest depths

of my soul so you're the one who's been

looking into the Mishima Zaibatsu

Affairs said before making his way to

the exit the way stared at me from the

door but can we know that he wanted me

to follow it not surprised

I walked slowly towards them as we left

the restaurant he formally introduced


his name was lead Shaolin

excellent tasks at home or querida

Christ or Tonga Zoma burrito - guitar


put the syrup

hmm kkeok system her mother's tears or

deny you that the Cecil kakuni hydrogen

here they re here enough to verse 39

over honey



Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

Co Co pega Curtis Martin

jidoka spoken dildo Iman OCA today kkeok

sustainable motto Meninas Canada an icon



Noi okay Donna Otto d Terran nah oh my

that's the critical

naari photo cons and customary way

iconic Kaka



already knew about Li Xiaolong company

violet super famous for humanoid

research and brilliance in the field of

ergonomics as a child Lee had been

adopted by Heihachi Mishima so he knew

Cascio of gee corn and once shared a

rivalry with territory

I listened intently excited about this

new breakthrough leaves knowledge went

beyond that of any article I'd read what

he said next though unsettling Kim you

all kimono songs are you'll seem G to


he continued ribbit helices via yata no

kagami Tamaki will curiosity' go Connor

Nanako omoide us teaming a Kakuna study

Kimmy is so neat how to group all my

data master Thomas invaded understood

static octopus robotics serenity accent

stick Naruto then so much to do like



Cimino many accreta solo to Cooney I

talk to you sir yo yo Musa stato

stood 1900 Miyoko Watanabe bikini

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

Humphrey Kimmy you can leave us we

unleashed on you or a casino chicken

you're a Buddhist we knew



no desu Buddha

kochira market secret Hanoi Hey

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00


go to them

rushing any money hey case you must know

what stamina you know spicy river and

you an item wait I'll have to handle

this myself

do you have the target in your sights

well took a big table prepare the SWAT

team I'm going in


Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00


Verdasco miss McCaughey ho treta

Fontanella Cassiano kumejima touch

qur'anic easy occurred when I saw McPhee

I could tell by the look in his eyes

that he was telling the truth

a few days later I headed to Kyoto the

old guy I'd contacted was already

waiting for me

run-down house where we'd arranged I'd

like to know more about the mystery of

the Hachi Joe household strength I

decided to be straight up which seemed

to knock the old timer back I didn't

believe in Devils had no reason to but

Lee had said to me that continent plug

cursed machinist the archives account on

the Hachi Joe who heihachi's wife could

be me belong to I arranged to meet a guy

who'd served the Hachi Joe family many

years ago

if cassia had inherited kazuma's blood

then maybe this guy could help me but my

efforts were in vain the old man knew


then when I thanked him and was made to


Oh Kuno oneís own so cool okay so cool

okay okay II called a warm he's Allah so

he come on no more little sake Nemo only

some tow commodities ooh clue Coolio so


he thumbed slowly it was a traditional

nursery rhyme in the Hachiko family when

I heard it froze what if the demon

represented a mysterious power read

referred to blood and the river

symbolized the bloodline of the old man

hummed on I shook my head in horror

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

Donna Rosa who can move you move




ya know refer eat okay necessary dis

Amano Paso in Estrella Oriente ma su

so crisix the magician

notice of goods he's not registered in

our database

oh yeah

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00


Simon Callow Kaoru do an acre

no nunnery whoa no all good

causing me to New Moon

never in history mundo

miesha McKelvy oniy humid hola

no guru stick Kazuto

sumit you are causing me to no moon

illusion honey Kalamazoo to cousin in

our summer need wash to Co Co Co Co a

nice suit taja - hey I gotta go see so

no nothing I want another now the Imam

or Annina Tarot Oracle another sculls

Morimoto dog






Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

chuckles careful






yeah miss


leave Muthu exploding confirm that the

Mishima dojo we've lost sight of

Heihachi Mishima no sir

I don't know here hodge dual core also

the stator than - don't under

so lineage tomorrow no 209 Cochino you

will obscure Ohana


the minute I got back from Kyoto I've

learned that the war had escalated

further the world's media was buzzing

with news about the zai box including

the attack on leaves violet systems then

that I received an email from Li himself

saying he wanted to introduce me to

someone at last my investigation was

back on track well-versed the email

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

jammu named yet to come across lars

alexander s'en

kuna bassinet nurse - yes - ha ido

discuss Joshua

misma da-da-da-da-da desta Honda you

spoken Sen sky today

karcsi Nakano anesthetist echoes

Terranova Kimura air a sponsor Naomi


I gotta dribble so Donna kimi wa caracal

Serena Cousteau co2 on I know delay

Moscow can do more tightly Matheny


cut custody no Joe Joe Meaux Maruska

Mazama tonight

added aerotank Reno dementia Hikari

Shiina yoga

Naruto koko de Chimayo Gino lo hace dos

Reis Molina low Cobra no Chavo toasty Oh

Tecna Mama's comedy team of Steel Toe

Judy universal said I had no cockney



will quit

like COBOL written to have critical

speed you


Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00



acquire the target be quick


you've got a patient


Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

geniuses can you explain horrible


throwing toys

Loretta was soaked in you know why she

wanna take you away o'beauty pockets a

synthetic version is in Oaxaca beer etc

Iranian I had Vega ma CAE la misma Davis

in addition skata-hara tomorrow

simcha Emilio see Oh Manuel moderate

tomorrow not even our actual combat

World War II War II collector

what do they hope to achieve by

sheltering Jean this could be

interesting to watch

Lars alexanderson was younger than I

expected when Lee described him to me of

how he'd escaped divided the Tekken

force and formed a rebel army

I imagined someone completely different

his eyes told a story of sadness hidden

deep the sterile air of violet systems

where he and Lee were holed up together

Lars explained to me that he was

heihachi's illegitimate child hey Hachi

had bothered him to cast aside all doubt

that he had the devil gene in his blood

Lars existed solely that purpose I could

barely contain my excitement at not only

meeting a blood relative but also at

learning this revelation while Lars and

Lee conversed I overheard something that

shocked me Jin Kazama had been found Jin

Kazama kazi his son and heihachi's

grandson the hatred I had held deep

inside and surged through my veins like

a tidal wave Jin had put the wheels in

motion that led to me losing everything

then as if finally putting his feelings

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

into words

Lars muttered

so the village in Silla Constance or

wonderful timing there was no mistaking

what he had said

yeah hurry you could have conveyed more

way how the middle of New York's hottest

rotary cutting over to go to knocked out

of Ottawa get Dietetic student yes we're

still kasnia why I'm a between you and a

dozen kasi animal team will go for the

$0 to regard you type of images

community needs you to things I'm okay

to that that a you go do that

whoops no tomorrow body cause the animal

day will come Thursday

zing-zing not a terrific career almost

or accusing an addict see he was good in

cigar you watch your sin to use you who

knows he like I watch you




he's alive that was the first thing I

thought when I saw Jean Kazama I took

the opportunity to lightly pocket a

screwdriver the man who had stolen

everything from me laid before my eyes

an opportunity like this may never

present itself again audible general

course daily do you wanna topically

waterford coid screening done it was as

if Lars could read my mind

he explained that when Jin woke up he

would try to use genes power to put a

stop to all the fighting all I could do

was not an agreement

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

let's go take a walk

Joseph Norris target two additional

millennium autonomy capital photo Mota

Mishima Zaibatsu Schiavone open e or e

dition asorio a coup d'etat pega haga

vittorio cuckoo not even a radio

regional Eno symbiotic sugar high

cognate on our Navajo q KO z @ OT the

outside a divided America Cesaro am i

capable Pentagon option ticked off cozy

on a DVD or go to avoid a zone another G

Geneseo Houcine Oh chilly no very cozy

home River Euro Mishima Zaibatsu nee

gini cata Bobby Larew dr. Barragan

Agusta psycho shaking a parson Osorio

Sega a Totoro Kazuya kazuyo aoki Morro

de vacas at the grill

Heihachi Mishima is dead as a [ __ ]

Mishima's death signaled the end of the

war Geneva's who knew Darren doko nimo

cosy some Oh Homer Passover and the

dargah de choros know any studs

kikyo-sama not say haha no guitars tear

her Jeju Canon Americana Koga

Cotes de casa minha known you all I know

Giotto spirito todos Doka Doka - sukar

you know Chris

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

Duggar koridai water-soluble machine

boots croco you see who you can OD see



coach marble 20 Kazem use Tilka miss

makélélé devilicus hazel sue Nakamura

the driver stop oh yeah Kazim even oh I

know sweetie uh trovato I see you soon

easy silky do

Canadian what is yeah

Jane is spitting a little but it is Nick

I knew like no shooting a photo Logan oh

yeah yeah

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

I couldn't take my eyes off the live

broadcast next to me Lee and Lars barked

orders frantically desperately trying to

verify whether the images were hoax or

not the demon on screen was unlike

anything I'd imagined with something

much more horrific the devil incarnate

the demon like creature you see on your

screens is apparently kazuya mishima

said to be controlling ji corporation

from the shadows world leaders are

currently debating whether to believe

the reports just in that the creature

has been subdued by the Mishima Zaibatsu

I'd long assumed this war was between

humans that my family my hometown had

been razed to the ground by people

oh is alveta lyrica

Warren on pastafarians Oh

Seconal Hawking worse than us no 10 you

would stir some another move for you the

yeah we've yet to confirm whether the

wouldn't your scene is real if it is

however public opinion is turning

against us we're running out of options

Monday night saying when you are a



Naniwa to 0s a hickey Stephen Kinnock

casinos and I know the form it has

claimed the Machine cybot zoom down its

own satellite well there it is it's

really fallen to Lucas emily has

crash-landed seeds of chaos and

unfolding all circle close Liam he hurts

somebody will quitter in the Mishima

Zaibatsu faces intense scrutiny from

around the world with recent events

brought to light auntie Mishima

sentiments have grown around the world

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

Joseph Maria Mishima Zaibatsu

toffee-nosed Katya I know silly - oh no





I bought through downing their own

satellite weapon destroying an entire

town left no doubt in my mind that this

war was not between humans the

atrociousness of the fighting was

inconceivable to the average person and

they soon forgot about Kazuya

transforming into a devil that choosing

to believe that the zaibatsu would be

antagonists the concept of good and evil

changed everyday what a world to live in

I was probably the only person on the


to me evil was that was I've taken

everything away from me and I can't rest

until I finish so I went directly to the

Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters and told

him I would expose them what they are I

knew I was risking my life just to be

laughed off but I couldn't stand by and

watch the world descend further into


still they paid me dilatation bereft of

all hope I wandered around town

aimlessly but then a man dressed in

black approached me silently and told me

that hey Hachi had agreed to meet me a

few hours later I was placed in a car

and driven in a completely different

direction than the Sai boxes

headquarters when I arrived at my

destination Heihachi Mishima was there

waiting for me

summer mr. McGuiness ended to host a

true unity Oliver who knew who was your

city you know the aruna at that time I

had no idea why hey Hachi had suddenly

agreed to meet with me his eyes latched

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

on to mine filling me with unshakable

fear I have dealt deep into the history

of the Mishima's from jinpachi mishima

to the family's connection to Kazuma

Hachi joke the year you declared the

establishment of the Mishima Zaibatsu

was the same year your wife Kazumi

passed away and that your son sustained

terrible injuries from falling off a

cliff to me that sounds like one hell of

a coincidence now doesn't it Oh naru who

do toda Lucia Livanos a pseudo yo guru

we're gonna Hana school so no sweetie Oh

second e KU u su mo atsuku Mohabbatein

aru nara rushing us with you Kaoru at

that time I had no idea why he wanted me

to reveal everything on his behalf but I

was getting so close to the truth I had

long thought uncover that I couldn't

turn down this once-in-a-lifetime

opportunity the devil's blood in Kazuya

and the blood of kasumi's family

pantyhose remains shrouded in mystery

I listened closely to every word each

step inching closer to the truth is

melody notes cheap gym party nodosa

Juanita Nova mod Atossa jamon econo

shogen oposite Omonia a siesta nagas Rue

de Uyuni Akiko Darren akka samadhi nova

dodo claw signe timoni uno de como

Padukone hace que Casa Mia she Donny

Rajan adopt a yamuna no sunday eternity

miss Connell cozy amamori mashallah

mashallah theatre - kuniko's Mira

casiano go to Romania to item nevado de

aqui is cute Savita no Harvard magna

carta de la semana you Tori

so no touchy no koto negative traveling

at acento realtor

Madame Eva's indeed are a no vote on

Oconee so dosti we di Sony Vaio shown in

a cassette on Oh Donna

Kazumi she tried to kill you Jamia Peggy

Sue Nelson as an attack on diva Ranjith

no decking auto voiture oz is Midori no

cause immediate Sahib amardas in Kakaako

Tosca heightening endo tamale Orianna

conquered enter nothing I equally

smoothly sociology cousin Jay Sekulow

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

obeah some tiny community you and Eva

she what


murder not a rare hakuna we need to

teach Martina Hachi juquila Salmonella

Nene okay - tae Kuk ratandas dude

Turner kimijima purpose




Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00


cuz me



yeah that's what I stated oh come on

what custom in Illinois


so that's how you killed your wife moto

moto a super awesome enemies McGee new

kureta nara da Honaker kurosu

but why did you drop Kazuya off a cliff

he was just an innocent boy cause any

notes you gettin da de da en de night oh

come night

Otto savasana Darrow Gaga yoga's victim

mode or even en deny to you go to Nina

so shiatsu oh no Joe sorry Davis nonon

emo muy de Portugal Apogee co-co-co

co-co-co visibly Oh genie in a bottle at

amici I stood sweet innocent it to kata

you need this utopia dirty Kazoku bro


Samoa less you run the only loader how

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

do you know about that

Ravi come on over to the authorities of

you [ __ ] eNOS the sky you go to

unarmed go let me know one thing what is

it warn me to you


when I came to I was gonna work with

Liars I had no idea where I was or what

he was doing there Lars said he'd

received a message from the DA bot to

telling him to come here he bundled me

into his car and then took me back to

violet systems as we drove back

heihachi's words ran through my mind

over and over why did he let me

interview him like that why did he leave

everything to me and what was that

mournful look in his eyes question upon

question world through my mind but not a

single answer totally tore why you need

OG renate tu KO sorry doc a new portal

it's just


found only a few hours later I couldn't

believe what I was hearing

Lee was fervently trying to ascertain

heihachi's whereabouts eventually his

five satellites spotted him and

transmitted a picture I stood there in

shock man I've spoken to somewhere


navasana cocoa a boot on course took so

many doctor of so achievers

it's a cool little sticker some oh look

Pocoyo one of them


Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00










god no here you go


two years


Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00


[ __ ] you




firehouse money




[ __ ] around him

Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00




not a studio rohnke all the way he had









Julia soccer videos

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00



so Takei to sign you need alternate a

token so ray together truth be told

unlucky could still be alive no normal

person could understand the reality of

everything I've seen the truth of it all

our world was dragged into a war between

humans and devils I'm just one person

but it is my job as a reporter to get

the truth out which is exactly why I'm

writing this piece now

one day the fighting will end I just

hope that when it does the world will be

at peace



nice car

he's teaming up so it's not Monica horse

she's old and eat okay no more give me

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00


Kylie Minogue is already more you'll do

this noni calm down









Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00







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Yuri's is our tempo American are you


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Heihachi not Rebecca sacani como kendama

co-host analogy Amador

coreos oh me oh Moo Makka come on

oh my sky later wareameye another David

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only not cool




Yuri each team mother Warren you know he

knows how to hold it you know what

would go create your morning






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okay will you easy for that one yeah


oh sweet baby


TEKKEN 7 Walkthrough Part 1 This TEKKEN 7 Gameplay Walkthrough covers TEKKEN 7 Full Game up until the ENDING with All Cutscenes, Boss Fights, and Ending.


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