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SearchThisVideo: TEKKEN 7 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL STORY MODE GAME [1080p HD 60FPS PS4 PRO] – No Commentary

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I remember receiving my first letter

from my son a few years back scribbled

on it were the words I love you I was so

happy I cried at the time I believed

that love was all anyone needed for some

years now I've been investigating a

certain father and son and I managed to

get ahold of the first letter of the boy

wrote to his father

it said father one day I will tear you

to pieces

Munakata pianos - coy

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as leader of the Mishima Zaibatsu Jin

Kazama plunged the world into war

he said the human race upheld all so he

could take fear and hatred and jealousy

globe filling justice gene prediction

Earth's despair awoke added on an

ancient heat feel deep underground

because of the crest humanity team

defeated a the villain battle base the

planet but could the world really be

considered saved the war that genes

again has now evolved into a battle

between the Mishima Zaibatsu and G

corporation one which has kept the

wheels of turmoil spinning day after day

it's winner take all and the prize is

world domination

gee the one who started us have gone

missing in the Middle East his

whereabouts remain unknown but his

disappearance had tipped the scales in

cheek or colder area ie the phq-9 single

juicy coke Rangoon no Harry Carter or mo

ro ro ro ug promoted to supervisor state

ideas should increase the valence the UN

soldier so much as sneezes I want to

know you okay Jin Dean the logical chick

sesshomaru you know kono basho Nisa

Jiro's not that I've ever come down to

the using uh Kenny total you knew our



if there were demons in this world what

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form would they take the answer to that

question still eludes me that day I was

reporting from a battlefield gathering

news about the war to bring to the world

when I headed back to the barracks the

message was waiting for me I was


how could my hometown have come under


when I returned nothing was as I

remembered the roads used to be quiet

hardly a car in sight but now tanks and

armored vehicles lined the streets like

an iron wall though it was noon a thick

fog of ash and belt the sky and darkness

the blackened trees the burning ground

the pungent burnt air the place I once

called home was now just an ashen field

and streets echoed with the memories of

playing children and delivery trucks

everyone I loved had been lost to the

past that day my old life ended and a

new one began in my loneliness and

despair a hatred grew inside me


a sexuai ultimate a total chaos wanna

say Tejano Lana's Yehoshua more diesel


Kakistos total tsudanuma each leg type

you animal



what are you doing

catch him quick

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here here yeah

no pain in the neck

hmm Nagiko voseo demagogy Steve Isuzu

monetary No


can you fight


go to destroy


what do you want now Heihachi Mishima

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Phoenix anymore





time to stop point




Ginga shows up immediately 'no it smells

like I saw Tata Nelson in a while

Weiss you wait to hug honey over my

salmon Eva star super hot item over so

she would eat on our then sigelei no

circle I sing I poop on you steaming our

conquer you this was Labor's lost our wo

got any moral talk since again okok

dogged us in its signal the king of I am

peace Ozona mental case I you cocoon is


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excuse me sir just now

Heihachi matteiru it's a very rich data

why on earth would you want to hold a

tournament now like this it's me Little

Joe Staton is amusing

what does it all Neytiri I'm gonna go

sit in a booth hang a total ooh

I found myself staying in a cheap hotel

reports on the hellish war never let up

news of heihachi's returned to the

Mishima Zaibatsu had sent shockwaves

across the globe an announcement of the

king of Iron Fist tournament flooded the

airwaves day and night but none of that

mattered to me from my drab room I just

stared up at the movements guy looking

for a ray of hope the concept of evil

seemed so vague who torched my hometown

the Mishima Zaibatsu or was a G

corporation with the war submerged in

chaos who could tell in the darkness a

fellow reporter visited me and offered

me a ray of hope the form of an expose

on G corporation

G Corp were at war with the Mishima

Zaibatsu and it appeared that they had

the public on their side people believe

that the Zaibatsu had started the war so

it was only natural that they saw G corn

as their saviors however my reporter

friend came into my hotel and barely

able to contain his excitement presented

me with the picture

it revealed G corpse true colors which

conflicted with their public image the

picture shed light on the incident that

had occurred only a few months earlier


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what am i shouldn'ta toward god








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holy Italian Kannada sha Chi chili hot



it all started with an explosion in the

heart of the Michigan State at the time

the media reported it as an unfortunate

accident but when strange truths began

to come to the light things didn't

appear quite so clear-cut after the

explosion came the deaths of a number of

G corporations executives the newspapers

put it down to a coincidence series of

tragic occurrences but the truth was far

more sinister in reality and attempts by

G corporation to take out one of their


had failed and the man they had targeted

came baying for revenge the missed

targets name was Kazuya Mishima after

disposing of the guilty parties without

so much as dirty


me Chima began to nibble 8g corporation


city's marksmen says here they're based

in Italy the Society of Exorcist

historically held influence throughout

Europe what are you planning this time

Ginga zaibatsu gotta meet access to

Tirana the Kyushu exert a minimal cozy

hotels degree bohemian ie hey guys you

know euro me cuz I need skin even Iran

surely can be planning on using the

Society's underground network CCA no

table Pune Deborah derecho de Mesilla

Valley Mon petit Ning nd air was not a

[ __ ] Oscoda gear on garnet akira-san

okok rules in the no button origin




raiding their HQ for not returning your


you're quite the negotiator rooty he

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began another native city muddy clothes

in not I use you if you say so

no more today where was your whole thing

save it episode another video track a CD

Jason Katims of a hottie

Salinas fight you know exorcism true

yoga mission Brava de velde granado's

lot warfare cacciatore series Samui cham

cham sempre stati independent India mr.

cha servicio de Capri Tschida quad k

corporate she own a relic solid you de

vecinos idiota when a neuron culture war

yeah Bosnia kobani jiggy jiggy my baby

buckaroo cozy todo is co-teacher una


turkey return of







almir pathetic

of them



- to say you know man

con la parte segunda mano Joe Becerra

susan schumake ESO discuss our cinemas

Co Co Co Co questo demo voy de ver o 40

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unseemly abou mean Jagannath - logo

vistas Rostova no more tequila

una he Romani Dave Ahdoot robot sumo

pronominal yeah - como esta noche Segura

Tita same animal urine la gente on

Easter God tomorrow zoo



day in day out I found myself with the

library poring over articles company

directories history books you name it

it's cabbage them all looking for

anything I could find on G corporations

kasnia including his historical and

familial links to the Mishima Zaibatsu

the truth had to be revealed even if it

meant doing so long

the Mishima's were warriors

hailing back as far as the Tyra and

Minamoto heroes with the advent of world

war they capitalized on the increased

military demand during my research I

came across two significant names

the first was jinpachi mishima head of

the Mishima clan during the war the

aboard needless conflict and reacted

accordingly against the organization's

military expansion by resolving expense

to devoted family's legacy solely to

martial arts

however all that changed when hey Hachi

wrested control of the family helm

proceeding to rename the organization

the Mishima Zaibatsu as its head hey

Hachi secured its reputation as a world

leading military firm which brings us to

the second name genie Kazama seizing

control from hey Hachi he reigned over

his empire until only recently he was

also the one who started this damn war

which took everything from me I dreamed

of one day killing him with my bare


Davida to use on the you unit resume

versus a trophy or children even hurry

Ginga ALPHAN jin casa

so caso de mon interior supera repair

fee no quello di Kazuya un momento que

pase Lully Tina oh Santa

yeah no refer eat okay necessary de

semana que paso in Estrella Oriente game

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into Windows first can you throw it I

know strain of Archaeology

so that means genius hmm Dogen EU to

come over

Tony Goku non foster demo mosquitos or

Oni study the crew knows you

everything looks clear on route to the

United Nations HQ which is that


I feel Godward sides on the ground now


Audino we throw what in Africa




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here tonight a Kazama Gino's trattoria

no stop

Lars Oh yotz emerging linearity eternal

good things just got a whole lot more


cigarettes LLC to keep it a all new

customers no there's no point we'll have

to stay one step ahead

mas la serie de su mano en astray more

en tay ninh era Gina Kiera

Oh cause I this lead sent me on a

journey through countless documents

where I finally found her name in a

single paragraph Kazumi Hachi Jo there

was no mention of what kind of life she

and hey Hachi had led together but it

confirmed that hey Hachi was kasi his

father and Kazumi his mother that's when

I realized something shocking the year

hey Hachi seized control from jinpachi

and established the dye Basu was the

same year his wife Kazumi had died

and Kazuya had fallen from a cliff

sustaining terrible injuries

what could all this mean


Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

we have a handle on heihachi mishima

smoothness it appears he is conducting a

thorough search with Jin Kazama Jean was

cooking up socks in the gym do I so true


frustrations have become a part of my

daily life eventually I ran into a guy

in a restaurant as I burned with an

almost ungodly fighting spirit and he

looked at me as though he could see the

darkest depths of my soul

so you're the one who's been looking

into the Mishima Zaibatsu Affairs dad

before making his way to the exit the

way he stared at me from the door let me

know that he wanted me to follow



I walked slowly towards him as we left

the restaurant he formally introduced


his name was lead Chawla accident task

800k dduk high school kendama breeder -

guitar what - sua cookie

hmm kkeok system her mother says Odin

are you that position cuckoo - he really

hironaka to US national Durrani

Oh looky

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00


Co Co tag accurate estimate AA z dokkan

dokkan do Iman OCA cheok sustainable

Martha Meninas Canada an iconic look n

OA okay Donna that'll be Terran nah oh

my that's the critical

nerado cons and customary way iconic




I already knew about li shaohong

company violet sisters famous port

humanoid research and brilliance in the

field of ergonomics as a child Lee had

been adopted by he Hachi Mishima so he

knew Kazuya aji :

and once shared a rivalry with kangaroo

I listened intently excited about this

new breakthrough leaves knowledge went

beyond that of any article I'd read what

he said next though on something team

you all come on our phones are you'll

seem g2 cut he continued servitor

LoCascio yacht smoke tsunami Tamaki will

Crockett Bull Connor

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

Nanako annoyed us teaming a cocoon each

study you give me is so neat how to cook

Oh Madonna mustard has amazing idn't

acoustic at the booty pop artists so

dramatic accent stick Takuto then solar

storm imma kimi no maniacally - so no -

honey I talk to you sir yo yo Musa stud

wanna stop night radio Tommy oh god oh

god oh what a snow bikini Humphrey Kimmy

you currently was very unleashed on you

or the casino chicken AHA you cook meat

here in Moodle Seenu






Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00








verse 9 you money he can soonest know

what stamina you know spice river so you

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

an item wait I'll have to handle this


do you have the target on your site well

so go big beam up

prepare the SWAT team I'm going in


Verdasco miss McCaughey host relavant

uno de la cancion or kumejima takara

Nikki's ritika diwan-i-khas oo-mox hey I

could tell by the look in his eyes that

he was telling the truth

a few days later I headed to kill him

the old guy I contacted was already

waiting for me run-down house where

we've arranged me I'd like to know more

about the mystery of the Hachi Joe

household strength I decided to be

straight up which seemed to not feel

terrible I didn't believe in Devils had

no reason to but Lee had said to me that

conjugate blood Kirsten E Sheila's the

archived account on the Hachi Joe who

hey Hajis wife could be me belong to

I arranged to meet a guy who'd served

the Hachiko family many years ago if

cassia had inherited kazuma's blood then

maybe this guy could help me but my

efforts were in vain the old man knew


then when I thanked him and was made to


Oh Kuno oniisan so cool okay so cool

okay okay he called a warm is allah so v

KO na na na little sake nemo only some

tow comedy to zoo crew who only also be


he signed slowly it was a traditional

nursery rhyme in the Hachiko family

when I heard it froze what if the demon

represented a mysterious power red

referred to blood and the river

symbolized the bloodline of the old man

hummed on I shook my head in horror

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00





yeah no refer eat okay you necessary de

semana que paso in Estrella Oriente ma


so crisix the magician

noticeably so he's not registered in our


oh yeah

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

come on Honoka already when I co-own

only Vogon overcook casamento no no

never in history you know Tommy

shimakaze oniy humid on a smooth Davis -

kudos piglet kazuto summative of

Cosmetology honey Charles Amiga to

gardening examinee verse 2 Co Co Co Co

in a suit taja - ha agon Agassi sonar

nothing a one to another of the Imam or

Oh Nina terror little little screws

Morimoto photography you know comedy or

the middle of New York - fine





Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00


so called spherical super-easy to me







oh yeah exploding confirm that the

Mishima dojo with last item Heihachi

Mishima no circle

so here watch the worker also to state

that they don't serve under so the news

tomorrow no 209 Cochino you will not see

Otto Hahn obtained

the minute I got back from Kyoto I

learned that the war had escalated

further the world's media was buzzing

with news about the Zaibatsu including

the attack on leaves violet systems it

was then that I received an email from

Lee himself saying he wanted to

introduce me to someone who was well

versed in the Mishima Zaibatsu 'aa fares

at last my investigation was back on

track the email concluded with the name

I've yet to come across Lars

Alexander s'en Kuna botanique nice to us

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

Tomas IDO discuss Joshua Mishima David

clara de testa honda you know spoken sen

stated a coxinha coney honest Tetsuo

Pecos terranova Kimura

URI or a sponsor Naomi Kirito icon

attribute so Donna Kim you jerk I was

feeling equals to go to online open a

Moscow know to go

for come the more tightly Matheny


Cod custody no Joe Joe Meaux Maruska

Mahomet Illinois a burrito me no da Mesa

Hikari Shiina you nada

doko de chimie regime old hace dos tres

milena low Cobra no trovato's geotech in

amaavas comedy team of Steel Toe Judy

you nar Navarro said I had no cookie

Oh Chris

like Coco would have clearly locate you



Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00



acquire the target be quick



you gotta take in today




ding massage communicate explain por el

refugio decoder go in tight

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

Aradia took in you know massage wanna

take you what the pathway obq today back

on September 2 version is in Oaxaca big

effect on Iranian oil a dragon ma

Sylvain Eva Mishima Zaibatsu dicen que

ahora tomorrow sin-hye Emilio see oh my

new ax mother Altamira not even our

actual combat would what if we work in

your collector

what do they hope to achieve by

sheltering Jean this could be

interesting to watch Lars alexanderson

was younger than I expected

when Lee described him to me of how he'd

escaped divided the Tekken force and

formed a rebel army I imagined someone

completely different his eyes told a

story of sadness hidden deep the sterile

air of violet systems where he and Lee

were holed up together

Lars explained to me that he was

heihachi's illegitimate child hey Hachi

had fathered him to cast aside all doubt

that he had the devil gene in his blood

Lars existed solely darkness I could

barely contain my excitement that not

only meeting a blood relative but also

at learning this revelation while Lars

and Lee conversed I overheard something

that shocked me Jin Kazama had been


jin kazama kasi asan and heihachi's

grandson the hatred I had helped even

sides and searched through my veins like

a tidal wave Jin had put the wheels in

motion that led to me losing everything

then as if finally putting his feelings

into words

Lars muttered

so the village in Silla confess or

wonderful Italian there was no mistaking

what he had said

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

you're hurting you could have conveyed

more way oedometer open Oreo soup Otis

watched you on a cutting board on

anecdote about you Kayla get Dietetic


yes well wants to cut the OIRA between

you and a dozen casiano Maureen will go

for the $0 oh my god you type of images

from oil mixture to the things cannot

hear do that to you but okay whoops not

ammonia automatic Caggiano ma Tameka

okay Jing no singing a terrific career

almost reaching an addict you he must

convince again you watch just

interviewed you who knows he may much




he's alive that was the first thing I

thought when I saw Jean Kazama I took

the opportunity to slightly pocket a

screwdriver the man who had stolen

everything from me lay before my eyes an

opportunity like this may never present

itself again what it will general Koster

you wanna tell you what if it isn't one

white screen I'm done

It was as if Lars could read my mind

he explained that when Jin woke up he

would try to use genes power to put a

stop to all the fighting all I could do

was not an agreement hey that's what I

got a ho ho

Joseph 30 target two additional

millennium Italian invitato koto mata

Mishima Zaibatsu simonova nearly jihadis

Oreo a Kikuchi stat okay guys I'll

accept Oreos cocoamoda venir I do

regional Eno symbiotic sugar high

Cognito Nara Nova gu q KO z @ OT yes I

did about David Cassidy am i capable

Pentagon oxygen yo dick sport Cassiano

deborah Thiago to avoid a sauna na

cidade de NOC omochi neo chile no

verdict Asiago hombre de gyro Mishima

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

Zaibatsu knee Kinney kat aruba guru dr.

Barrowman Acosta psycho shaking a casino

cheerio Sega a Totoro Kazuya kazuyo aoki

mano de vacas at the griddle

Heihachi Mishima is dead as a [ __ ]

Mishima's death signaled the end of the




Geneva's who knew Darren doko nimo cosy

some Oh Homer Passover and the dargah de

choros - tootski choke some another haha

no cottage dear heart issue canonical

Nanako God God stay cause me no known

you all energy Utah scary at all

todos Doka Doka - look are you




salma agha

corrida worried oh sorry golden huge

critical uh loosely who you can notice


Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00


goichi marble 20 Kazem use to target me

smoke oncea devilicus hazel suno camera

the driver stop oh yeah cos even oh I

know sweetie uh turtle I see you soon in

Sicily to Canadian were easier


Jane is submitting a little what it is

[ __ ] you like no showing us Buddha

Logan oh yeah yeah I couldn't take my

eyes off the live broadcast next to me

Lee and Lars barked orders frantically

desperately trying to verify whether the

images were a hoax or not the demon

on-screen was unlike anything I'd

imagined now with something much more

horrific the devil incarnate the demon

like creature you see on your screens

is apparently kazuya mishima said to be

controlling ki corporation from the

shadows world leaders are currently

debating whether to believe the reports

just in that the creature has been

subdued by the Mishima Zaibatsu I'd long

assumed this war was between humans that

my family my hometown had been razed to

the ground by people


Oh es el dijo él fuera care Warren on

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

pastafarians Oh

second Oh Hawking worse than us no 10

you would stir some another move for you

the yeah we've yet to confirm whether

the wouldn't your scene is real if it is

however the public opinion is turning

against us we're running out of options

Monday night saying when you are oh no



no enemy to you yes a hickey on student

aid of kostina

and I know the foreman has claimed them

shoes I've assumed down its own

satellite well there is it it's really

fallen to you as crash-landed seeds of

chaos and unfolding all circle close via

he hurts somebody will quitter in the

Mishima Zaibatsu faces intense scrutiny

from around the world with recent events

brought to light auntie Mishima

sentiments have grown around the world

Joseph mu Hyannis was a bottle

toffee-nosed guitar Nadia I know touch

each other

silly - oh no Toki


as I bought through downing their own

satellite weapon destroying an entire

town left no doubt in my mind that this

war was not between humans the

atrociousness of the fighting was

inconceivable to the average person and

they soon forgot about Kazuya

transforming into a devil that choosing

to believe that the zaibatsu were the

antagonists the concepts of good and

evil changed everyday what a world

eluded I was probably the only person on

the planet

to me evil was that which had taken

everything away from me and I couldn't

rest until I so I went directly to the

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

Mishima Zaibatsu headquarters and told

him I would expose them what they are I

knew I was risking my life just to be

laughed off but I couldn't stand by and

watch the world descend further into


still they paid me no attention bereft

of all hope I wandered around town

aimlessly but then a man dressed in

black approached me silently and told me

that hey Hachi had agreed to meet me a

few hours later I was placed in a car

driven a completely different direction

and his eye boxes headquarters when I

arrived at my destination Heihachi

Mishima was there waiting for me Semih

Mishima kerosene diesel host:i to you

know deliver who knows yahoo amo CEO

sati you know the Aruna at that time I

had no idea why hey Hachi had suddenly

agreed to meet with me his eyes latched

on to mind filling me with unshakable

fear I have dealt deep into the history

of the Mishima's from jinpachi mishima

to the family's connection to Kazumi

Hachi joke

the year you declared the establishment

of the Mishima Zaibatsu was the same

year your wife Kurumi passed away and

that your son sustained terrible

injuries from falling off the cliff

to me that sounds like one hell of a

coincidence now doesn't it Oh

Naru who do Padano Geneva knows a pseudo

yo guru we're gonna Hana school so no

sweetie Oh second e KU u su no El

Segundo totally Renata rushing us to

meet you Kaoru at that time I had no

idea why he wanted me to reveal

everything on his behalf but I was

getting so close to the truth I'd long

fought on cover that I couldn't turn

down this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

the devil's blood in Kazuya and the

blood of kasumi's family Hachi Jo's

remains shrouded in mystery I listened

closely to every word each step inching

closer to the truth I acknowledge not


Jim Pacino Donita Nova mod Atossa jamon

econo Yoshino projeto Kimani al same is

the nagas judo uni hockey career Anaka

samadhi nya dodo La Jolla Cindy timoni

honoré Oh a coma for upon a second

cardamom acid I need what's in it okay

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

during its the Manila swans I do not eat

miss Connell cozy amamori Massey

DiMaggio Giotto tahini kasnia

Hosea Novato many determine table nevado

de kere still Savita no hammer a manga

cortar la semana Ettore

so no touchy no koto hey go to

presenting at o centro ruta

Cosme vez indeed are a no vote on Oconee

sodas te es mi chyeo shown in a cassette

Anna Donna


Kazumi she tried to kill you yamaoka

Jitsu Nelson Assange article neva

renji's no decking auto voiture Oz is

Midori no cause immediate so Dave Armada

Gingka co-stars Carlton in en toda

moriori owner Conchas enter knocking

Iook nice mostly sociology you

Oh cousin sir my sake are you obeah


no no um ET une co-ed murderer

now they what is going to teach

Marya Hachi Chocula salmon Iona Nuno get

Thai coconuts on those dude

Donald Cinema Club




Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00




cuz me



what what ducks yeah that's what I

stated that Kamala cousin mean you


so that's how you killed your wife moto

moto a super awesome enemies McKenna

beretta una Nava Hanukkah rock or soon

but why did you drop Kazuya off a cliff

he was just an innocent boy cause any

notes you determine our young men deny

token night autosave asana Dro gajini

autos each team odd or even in en deny

to you cotta Nina

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

so shiatsu oh no Joe sorry devasena

Nando Imam Oil Co Co Co Co Co Co Co Co

Co big isn't free Oh genie in a bottle

eternity I stood sweet innocent little

coterie you need this you do Coco true

Kazoku for the sorry MLS you run the

unloader oh how do you know about that

huh me come on over another Tori chosen

here mark Unidos that's guy you go to

one arm go let me know one thing what is

this warn me to you


when I came to I was gonna work with

Liars I had no idea where I was or what

he was doing there Lars said he'd

received a message from the zaibatsu

telling him to come here he bundled me

into his car and then took me back to

violet systems as we drove back hey ha

cheese words ran through my mind over

and over why did he let me interview him

like that why did he leave everything to

me and what was that mournful look in

his eyes

question upon question world's through

my mind but not a single answer toto

curry - Simon endorser D'Amato tu KO

sorry doc a new coat oh it's just you


everything went down only a few hours

later I couldn't believe what I was


Lee was fervently trying to ascertain a

hachis whereabouts eventually his five

satellites spotted him and transmitted a

picture I stood there in shock man I'd

spoken to somewhere unbelievable

Yokozuna KOCO a Bhutan

we're still so many do also achievers

chuckles give the circle serve all of

you come over of them

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00








oh girl









here we go see the queer rebel

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

look you loosen up



don't go








dumb with it fight



the scenery



Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00



thank you



Madison your uncle one movie he had she







through the early year summer cut the

Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00




so taquito saying we need OG renate

Toluca so read okay done

truth be told I'm lucky to still be

alive no normal person could understand

the reality of everything I've seen the

truth of it all our world was dragged

into a war between humans and devils I'm

just one person but it is my job as a

reporter to get the truth out which is

exactly why I'm writing this piece now

one day the fighting will end I just

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TEKKEN 7 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full TEKKEN 7 Gameplay on PS4 PRO. This TEKKEN 7 Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on the PS4 PRO and will include the full Campaign and all the boss fights.


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The Tekken franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary with the next evolution of the fighting king franchise. Tekken 7 returns to the gameplay roots with classic 1 vs 1 bouts and a canon storyline centered on the eternal struggle for power amongst the members of the Mishima clan. With newcomer Kazumi Mishima joining the fight, the epic battle between father and son, and also husband and wife, will come to its fated conclusion in Tekken 7.

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Tekken 7 sets a new standard in graphics quality for the series, featuring highly detailed characters and dynamic environments. The home version also features an in-depth story mode that lets players fully experience the canon storyline. Master the skills of classic characters as well as new fighters such as Kazumi Mishima, Claudio, Josie, Shaheen, Katarina, Lucky Chloe, Gigas, and more!

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  1. The game is great and all and have amazing story and graphics and the connection fron all the tekken series. Now after the dead of hehaichi i think tekken 8 will be a good one since it will be a fight against 2 devils. What im dissapointed is the use of characthers. There are so many characthers in the tekken series and they only added a few in the main story which is really dissapointing. The ending is open ende djust as i expected just like old tekken series but without story. I hope tekken 8 will be the end tough namco is running out of ideas just by the story of some characters that are really unoragnized and did not even let the players know who that character really is. I hope tekken 8 will be good tough.

  2. I feel quite sad for Heihachi, he looks like my grandfather, my grandfather is not dead but it feels sad because Heihachi was a little bit on the good side

  3. The story is actually pretty dope if you look at the whole story as a series and not just this game. The VO for the journalist just straight up ruins this game and the vibe of the series. not hating on the playthrough tho, good shit dude i enjoyed it. Thanks for the content.

  4. Nice 2D & 3D art. Wasn't expecting random reporter POV & shooting (guess you don't hit the bystanders!)
    Funny that info's onscreen during battles. Wow, that Lee/Alisa fight.
    Surprised at Akuma's part in the story! And the satellite. Played all previous Tekkens & finally watched this.
    Thanks for posting!

  5. Some of the chapters are so pointless. Chapter 5 could’ve easily just been put into a different one. And my god the narrator is god awful. This game was so disappointing

  6. Seriously, if there's gonna be a tekken 8, they gotta at least put more effort into the gameplay, like more modes, more stages in arcade, and a more balanced roster. And, they also need to ban rage quitters, or people who just straight up load their prev data to go back to the rank they downgraded from.

  7. Heihachi is definitely evil why else would Lars try to kill him back in Tekken 6's storyline? At least Hehachi payed for his crimes and Kazuya delivered justice and even though he turned evil like his father but he is all things hero, villilan, savior, conqueror like another who was forced in a similar situation like Revan.


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