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SearchThisVideo: The Beginner's Guide to Excel – Excel Basics Tutorial

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Welcome to this excel basics video tutorial in this tutorialI'll be showing you most of the basics that you need to know in order to get started using Microsoft excel andThe version of excel that I'm going to be using in this tutorial is excel 2016[for] Windows having said that if you're using a different version of excelMaybe an older version or even a newer version or if you use excel on a mac there will be some slight differencesBut for the most part I would say 95% of what I show in this tutorial will [be] very applicable toYou and your usage of excelSo I simply [clicked] the icon here to get started using excel and excel now would like me to make a choice[it] wants to know if I would like to open up an excel template or simply open a blank workbook[you] can see that there [are] lots of templates to choose fromThis is [a] welcome to excel tour and it's a good way to kind of learn some of the basics of excelBut that's why you're watching my video, so I'm going to skip that one there's a cash flow analysis. There's email insights stock symbolsThere's a sales invoice. There's a budget in here. Here it is: a family budgetThere's all sorts of great excel spreadsheets that you can just open up and start changing the data start using it that waySo I would encourage you [to] browse and explore theseTemplates that are [available] to you in addition to the 30 or so templates that you have here there is an option to searchOnline templates, so I'm going to do a search for budget and you can see it comes up with even moreBudgets, you're not limited just to the one family budgetthere's a whole bunch that you can choose from [over] here on the right there'scategories that you can sift through and you can select the specific kind of budget orspreadsheet template that you would like to use if you find one that you do want to use you can just click on it andClick create and it will make a copy of that as a spreadsheet that you can open and use in excelSo please do spend some time exploringWhat's available and in many cases much of the work is already done for you? You can simply use somebody else's template andAdjust it for what you need now templates are very useful but having said that I think in order to reallyLearn to use excel fully and properly. It's best to start with a blank workbook[so] I'm just going to double click [on] [that]To select a blank workbook and open it up and the first thing we need to do isLearn about the layout that we have in excel 2016 there are certain terms that you're going to need to knowFirst of all across the top we have some tabs, okay, we have the home tabthe insert tab page layout and more as you can see each of these tabs is pretty important andWhen you click on a particular tab it opens up a ribbon, okay?This is the Ribbon for the home tab [if] I click the page layout tab I get [the] page layout Ribbonnow each Ribbon is divided up intoGroups so you can see I have a themes group. I have a page setup

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Group a scale to fit group and these are all on the page layout RibbonAnd I get to that Ribbon by clicking on the page layout tabSo those are some important terms that you'll need to know tabRibbon group and you'll notice in the corner of some of these groups[there's] what I like to call a launch button, okay?So the scale to fit group has a little launch button in the corner the sheet options group has a lunch button in the cornerThe arrange group doesn't seem to have one nowWhat are these launch buttons basically you can click on those launch buttons to give you even more [options]?[so] [what] Microsoft has done here?is they've tried to fit all [of] the page layout options on this ribbon, but of course there's limited amount ofGeography there's a limited amount of space that they have to work with and so sometimes they can fit everything in that little groupsometimes they can't and if they can't there's a launch button that you can click to get even more so that'sWhy some have a launch button some don't [ok]? I think it's important to start with that terminology[because] I'm going to be using it [throughout] this tutorial [all] right a couple of otherLayout terms that you're going to need to know in the spreadsheet itself. This is the spreadsheet and spreadsheets are made up ofColumns and Rows[ok] so you can see we have an a column a b column CColumn ETC, and if I browse to the right, okay, you can see that[there's] even more than that, and if needed it'll just keep going to the right adding more and more columnsOkayOnce it gets to z it goes to a a column a a and so lots and lots of columns in this spreadsheetNow what about rose? [I] have row number one row number two row number three okay, sospreadsheets are made up of columns and rows now the[intersection] of a column and a row is what produces a cell, so this is a cell andEvery cell in excelHas a name okay this particular cell is namedC2 and you can imagine how I got that nameit's just the intersection of the column and the [row] this particular cell here has a name it'sM9 and this is[I-16] now that may seem obvious and unimportantBut it's actually [very] exciting and powerful that every cell in excelHas a name because [it] has a name you can describe it and you can have excel do certain thingsWith the content in each cell we'll get to that a little bit later all right?now in addition to Columns rows and cellsThere's another part of a spreadsheet that you need to know about and that is a rangeOkayNow a range is a group of cells that are together a range could be this

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It could be this it [could] be this it could be any number of thingsIt's basically a group of cells that are next to each other that are together and guess what?Ranges can also be named just like cells can so just like this is namedL7 I can also name thisOkay, now the way you name a range is you start in the upper left and you name the cell in the [upper] left?so this isL7 and then you say the word through so L7 through and then you say the name of the cell in the lower right n12So L 7 through n. 12 that is the name of this range?Now in the back of your mindJust tuck this piece of information the way you would write the name of this range is you would write L7 through the symbol for through is a colon and then you would put n 12 so that isHow you would write the name of the range that you see here?Okay, I'm going to tap escape to get out of that because I don't really want [to] type that in the cell so that wasSome background information that you're going to need in order to reallyuse excel properly now that we've talked about the layout of the ribbon and the tabs and the groups and things andalsothe spreadsheet itselfWith the columns the rows the cells and the ranges and actually I should add a couple more you can see thatThis is all on a sheet sheet one and I can add a sheet 2 sheet 3 ETceach of these sheets added together is what creates a workbook so sheets or worksheets add up to aWorkbook ok so now that we've got all that as a foundationFor our excel use let's now start actually creating and working on an excel spreadsheetNow to make this a little bit more interesting for you to look at I'm going to zoom in a little bitSo I'm going to use this slider in the lower right corner, [and] I'll just click and drag to zoom in on my spreadsheetok so that should be a little bit easier for you to see and now I'm going to click on a one andEnter some data in this a one cell and just as an exampleLet's say I want [to] use excel to create an inventory of my movie collection[ok] now this could be anything if you're a teacherMaybe this is the supplies that youhave that you loan out to the students or if you're a secretary at a school let's say you're in charge of keeping track ofThe supplies at the school whatever it might be but let's say I want [to] do an inventory of the movies that [I] ownFirst thing I want to do is maybe put a little title in thereSo I'm going to type in a 1 and I'll type movieinventory andYou'll notice that my text is bigger than the cell itself it goes too far to the rightBut you know what don't worry about that just [hit] enter or return on the keyboardAnd I've successfully entered my first data into this spreadsheet now

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it looks like these words movie inventory are spilling over from A1Into b 1 but in actuality that's not trueIt's an illusion both of these words are stored in A1 if I click on B1[I] could type in B1 and hit return or enter and you'll notice that movie inventory is stillstored in A1 [ok] so they don't interact they don't interfere with each other, soNo need to worry if your text is too wide to fit in a 1 but having said thatSometimes making your spreadsheet. Look nice actually helps you use it better. So let's talk about how I could maybe fix thisIt's not really a problem, but how could I fix it if I want to make it look a little nicer?Well what I can doI can stretch out any column or even any row if I want to by just putting my mouseBetween any two Column letters, so this is Column a Column bPut my mouse between the two right on the line or very close to it and you'll notice that my mouse cursorChanged into a double sided arrow, that's a good signSo now I can click and drag to stretch that out to make it wider nowYou may have noticed when I entered movie inventory into that cell and I hit enter or return itAutomatically moved me down in excel when you tap [enter] or returnYou move down the spreadsheet if you want to move up the spreadsheetYou can hold shift and hit enter or return and it will move up, [okay]?So shift enter or shift return moves up enter or return moves down nowWhat if you want to move to the right maybe I want to type something in B1? What I would do isI would tap tab tab moves you to the right so I could enter more text thereAnd then tap tab and enter more text there and just keep tabbing over what if you want to move left?[I] bet you can guess what it isyou would hold shift and tap tab so shift is basically used to do the opposite ofWhatever it would be otherwise, so enter return is normally downShift-enter return is up tab is to the right shift tab is to the leftAnother way you can navigate throughout the spreadsheet is by using the arrows on your keyboard [if] you find the [up/down] [left/right]Arrows you can just use those to move up down left or right?It's a little bit more awkward than using enter or shift enterBut that's another option and of course you can also use your mouse to click on where you want to go?But I'll tell you if you can learn to [use] excel simply with the keyboard without using your mouse very muchIt's really going to go a lot better for you. So [I've] got my title in there nowI'm going to click on a two and I'm going [to] type in the word title. That's where I'll put the movie title nowI'll tap tab to move over to the right and I'll put in date purchasedTab againrating Tab againvalue Tab again

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Genre andTab againLocation and that will store quite a bit of information for me about my movieInventory [all] right with that last one when I hit enter it moved me down, and it moved to the leftExpecting me to put in the first record is what they call it and the first record would be the first movieSo let's say I put in Star [wars] againI could tap tab to move over to the right [I] could say okay. I purchased it 2007. It's rated PGIt's worth maybe $5 and it's science fiction and it's located in the [living] roomOkaySo that's an example of data EntryHow you can enter [data] into a spreadsheet by [clicking] on a cell or somehow getting on a cell?Typing and then hitting either tab to move to the right or enter to move down now as another exampleI'm going to type in another record, and I'll put in some other information here and at this pointLet's say I notice a misspelled word, and I would like to fix that okayYou'll notice that I misspelled empire if I click on cell a4 to try to fix that misspelling watchWhat will happen as soon as I type it erases? What was there? Okay? The reason why is because?When I clicked on that cell when you click on a cell anything that you type replaces?What is there already it deletes? What's there and then replaces it with whatever you type. So there's a distinctionI need to tell you about there's a difference between being on a cell and being in a cellTo get in a cell you have to double click on it[ok] notice what [happens] when I double clicked on [that] cell. It actually jumped me inside the cell and now I have a cursorThat's flashing and I can click or I can use the arrow keys to move that cursorwhere I want it to be so there is a big difference between being on a cell andBeing in a cell in this case, I don't want to be on the cellI don't want to replace all of the text in this cell. I want to click twice quickly nowI've jumped inside it and I have this cursorAnd I can move it where I want it to be fix the misspelling hit return again that may seem like a verysmall insignificant thingBut excel is all about details and all of these little details will really enhance your use of excelSo please stick with me and pay [attention] to these detailsAnd I promise your use of excel will be much more satisfying and effective nowGive me a few minutes to put in a few more records, and then I'll resume the tutorialOk so I've finished putting in some movies [here]And some records is what they're called each of these rows contains a record and to help you see this a little bit betterI'm going to zoom back out a little bit so you can see I've [put] in quite a few movies here nowwhat we need to do next isDress this up a little bit make it look a little better it

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Just doesn't look quite right to our eye at this pointSo what are some things that we can do to make this look nicer?First of all here at the top my title basically of this spreadsheetIt's kind of off to the side, and it doesn't have anything that makes it stand out and look differentso I'm going to click [on] it on the cell andI'm going to click up [here] at the top on the home tab in the home RibbonI can click on bold to give it a bold look so that will help it stand outNotice that I can also use the paint bucket tool to paint the background of that cellI may or may [not] want to do that in this caseI don't necessarily want that so I'm going to click the arrow next to it and I'm going to go to no fill ICould also change the color of the text itselfOkay, so that is also an option. I'm going [to] go back to black in this case in addition. I could italicize or underlineThose are all good options to have but that will help the text stand out a little bitAnother thing I can do is click on cell A1 and dragI'm still holding the mouse click, and I'm going [to] drag until I've covered all of theContent of my spreadsheet so the content of this spreadsheet ends at Column FI don't have anything beyond that so I just clicked and dragged to get all the way acrossNow watch what I can do on the home tab home RibbonThere's a button here [in] the alignment [group] called merge and center and if I click on thatSee what it did it merged all of those cells togetherSo this is now one big cell and it [centered] it, okay?so merchant Center is very helpful to do what I [just] did to basically break [down] the walls betweenThese cells and make it one big cell and then to center it that looks a lot better the other thing like I said beforeThe text not quite fitting in the cell kind of bothers meSo I could go up here to the top like I showed earlier and click and drag to make sure everything fitsBut I want you to see a shortcutthere's a shortcut to doing this all you have to do is go up here at the top andJust go between any two [of] the column letters and double click and if you do that look what happens itautomatically will perfectly sized the column so that all of [the] text will fit I could do that also for date purchased andFor rating now notice in that case the rating Column actually got narrowerIt's because it doesn't need to be longer than what it is now, [okay]?So I can do that with value and so forth now. Let me show you yet another trickThat's a little bit of a time-saver instead of [double-clicking] between every single Column one [it]time look what I can do click and drag on the Column letters all the way across to theEnd of my data and then double click between any two of these it doesn't matter which[double-Click] and notice now it automatically resized every column everyColumn that I had [selected] was affected by that double click and now is

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Perfectly sized to [fit] the content that's in those cells, and if I browse back to the left using this sliderYou can see everything is perfectly sized so I used a phrase thereI said everything that was selected every column that was selected was affected by what I did [in] excelThat's a nice phrase to maybe think about select to [affect] if you want to affect it. You must select it firstOne more little Shortcut little trick when you click and drag on those column headingsYes, the fastest way to resize is to then double click between any two Column lettersBut you could alternatively just click and drag and watch what [happens]. I'm going to resize thisColumn let go and look every single Column was affected because I had selected each they're allaffected by thatAnd they're all exactly the same width so hopefully those little tricks will help you to be able toResize your columns the way that makes the most sense for you and the idea is to make your dataLook nice because when it looks goodit's often easier toRead easier to understand and comprehend ok now there are good reasons sometimes to keep columns narrow even if all the text doesn't fitSo you don't have to always make [sure] everything is always visibleBut I want you to be able to do that when you need to [ok] next upI guess I do want to click here on movieInventory and Underline it to set that apart as the title and then down hereI would like to make all of these column names differentSo I'll highlight them and I'll go up and make them bold and let's say italicized now the wayI did that so fast you may not have noticed I simply clicked on the row numberAnd it highlighted the entire row all the way to the right and so that's selected it and to effect itI just chose bold andItalicize and it affected everything that's selected so at this pointI hope that you are familiar now with the different names of the layout in excelWe know what to call the different things like the tabs the groups the ribbons things like that we also know aboutColumns Rows cells and ranges sheets and Workbooksand we know how to enter data and then how toSelect it to affect it and to change how it looks on the screenAnd we also know how to adjust the column widths and I didn't show this explicitly so let me just quickly do thatNotice that you can affect the rows as wellSo I can make rowsTaller than they would have otherwise been I can double click between them to perfectlyResize I can affect more than one at a time by selecting more than one row so all of those same techniques that I showedAbout the Columns can also be used with the rows so all of this in my opinion gives you a good foundationIt helps you understand the basics of using excel in a future video

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I'll show you someIntermediate excel tips and tricks' ways that you can save time and effort as you're building your spreadsheets[we'll] also get into formulas and functionsAnd that's really where much of the power of excel is found and I'll also throw in a couple of advancedExcel tips and tricks, so please watch for that future video. Thanks for watching this excel basics videoI hope you enjoyed it and [please] consider subscribing to my Youtube channel for more videos aboutTechnology for teachers and students and watch for a new video at least every Monday alsoI hope that you'll follow me on Twitter Facebook Tumblr and other social MediaSo I hope that you'll follow me on these social media platforms and that we can keep learning together

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  1. Absolutely a clear and concise explanation of everything one needs to know to get started, and an excellent "brush-up" if you haven't used Excel for awhile. Your delivery, articulation and presentation was exceptional. Great teacher. Thank you so very much!!!

  2. Thank you so much! This is my first time watching your videos, and it's great! I came here to learn what is excel and that's what I did, thnx! =) BIG THUMBS UP

  3. I used to fear using excel. So glad that I came across this video. Absolutely a clear and concise explanation of everything one needs to know to get started. Your delivery, articulation and presentation was exceptional. Great teacher. Thank you so very much!!!

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  5. Very clear and concise explanation! These tutorials are great for learning or just "brushing up" if you're a little rusty at using excel. Very highly recommend these tutorials!!


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