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SearchThisVideo: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 91 – 1000000%! All Achievements Done!

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what does a guy Zack Scott here playing

The Binding of Isaac after birth plus a

new pillows appeared and oh my gosh I

did it I did it that is xxx

that's the xxx the daily run in a row

and now I believe I have I have a lot of

items right now I believe I have uh Wow

I believe I've 100% complete this game

now and this is like maybe the final

daily run I'll have I'll ever have to do

now I honestly don't know what's gonna

happen if I'm gonna complete this daily

run but we're gonna complete something


I gotta go all the way to make a Satan

in public I'm gonna go hole in mega

satan what what is it tooth to I don't

even know what the tooth does Oh God

dang it

but totally forgot no oh no uh bad news

okay I mean there's hearts in there I

need to do there's just oh my god okay

women if we don't complete this run

we're gonna complete something we're

gonna I'm gonna play something it's

gonna be fun and we're gonna have oh my

god almost dead and yeah so just look

out for that is that that'll be

something that happens oh boy oh boy

there's a key I don't really need um I

have this I don't know I'd it's this key

is for mega safe I'm just stunned I'm

stunned right now that I I finally did

it I thought I did it I really need

bombs or a key or something please

bombs yes that's exactly what I need

where we going where we going right

there's one thank you and then over here

is another one I can't believe it guys

nice and then maybe we can blow this up

over here and open this all right there

we go there we go now I don't

necessarily need to go into the store

yet this is the 30th daily run that I

have done and thus I've gotten two more

achievements and I have 100% completed

this game a thousand percent of whatever

a million percent whatever that number

was that popped up I can't believe it I

cannot believe it believe it though

please believe it because it just

happened I want to look for the item I

don't know if they're just starting off

strong and then like this is just what

I'm stuck with or what it's a very

heavily toothpaste run I don't know you

know there's the stores so I'm hopeful

that you know we're still gonna have

some stuff all right hold on another

another instance that a bomb is gonna be

helpful thank you

yeah I have plenty of it yeah there you

go I'm back to I'm back to full health

there's this though what's this over


how many bombs hanging can I call in I

didn't I'm gonna do that really you're

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

coming for me I thought you would just

drop on okay I'm playing a loose of the

hearts here I thought he would just drop

on to thank God okay I thought I thought

he would just drop onto the there's

there are no item rooms I'm stuck with

these items I guess he's dead already


what the heck do we want to try to get

the try to get the secret room out of

this I don't know there's a store


couple bombs I'm gonna save one for the

room over here

so there's not gonna be any treasure

rooms are there


oh boy how am I supposed to do this here

we go finding pin this should be an easy


got em I'll take this tears and shot

speed up and then let's yeah and there's

no treasure room alright a little

annoying can be honest like I said we'll

beat something today I don't know what

its gonna because this is likely the

last episode that we'll have of this of

this game and tell the incontinent tell

the update I hate giving him the moon

yeah take me just get me out of here

just get me out of here please thank you

he wants keys I do have keys but I do I

really want to give him the keys maybe

me something alright real spiders



transcendent tears I'm really low in

health by the way

all right

oh he almost got me all right cool

so I do want to go to the store

and I'm just playing it like really I'm

like my health could be way better you

know I think I want to blow this up

wanna grab that red heart let's see

about it

nice I don't know I don't have any more

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00


I'm just trying to kind of pop this

division at a bomb I'll use that on the

store too oh yeah how about no to this

item I don't even know I guess I would

use this on a boss

I don't know how oh my god Linda not let

me get into the store again let me in

and one more bomb yeah not really

feeling any of these items huh

all right man I had one bomb I could get


there we go that was used correctly

speed and damage up nice okay let's

let's gonna move on there's many more

stores where that came from

open up

open up I'm actually pretty strong right

now so I'm happy about that makes these

rooms a lot easier let's see


I saw since they're all in the corner I

can use that


that's a couple more bombs


good deal so far I'm doing much better

on health


oh geez oh gosh no no I took two too

damaged I don't know okay who else is

left all right trying to get this poof

pop so I can get coins or hearts or

whatever comes out of them the troll


I cannot believe though I finally 100%

completed this game like and now I'll be

ready for whatever the DLC there is it

repentance that I forgot it's called the

DLC coming out this summer all right

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

yes damage up so I'm getting a lot of

good things out of this yeah yeah I know

all right what's down here first let's

do it all right

all right easily cleared then what's up

here with the with a store it just kind

of depends on what I want right let's

blow this up the coupon might be useful

but it's an active item so how useful is

it uh yeah let's let's shuffle things up

a little bit that's gonna be fun

pretty flighted that means this is a

pretty fly very nice let's get out of

here only have five coins left I could

use it for soul hearts but whatever dang

I think that hits a pretty fly let's go

and get that soul heart just a little

protection you know what I'm saying just

a little protection there we go mmm this

is gonna go this is gonna be fun right

glide it here

and pin pins here too

oh yeah this is a great item another so

hard where's the devil room I heard it

all right so I'm pretty confident I

don't want either of these because I did

shuffle up the item pool but I don't

think I want hmm if this gives me heart

I'll take it the first one but I don't

think it does so I'm really low in

health as is so let me let me take a

look at this really quick um so I takes

a while to load this page even though

it's like on my tablet I have it open

all the time I am ready to look it up

okay so it's one of the papers I always

get the papers confused cuz they all

look the same this is not the bloody one

this is the one that says Isaac is

contract from below is that what the one

is this Isaac no and it has bloody words

on it okay but it's not dripping with

blood there's like so many of these

papers here and it is in the double room

pool despite me this is missing page two

gives me one black heart no no that's

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

that's not a good one we're gonna just

leave we're gonna leave here we go don't

need that stuff we're in a good position

right now let's let's keep going

caves to



all right awesome


now if I want it to I could be a little

more aggressive with these these knifes

and stuff but I'm not very good you know

I'm not very good at best idea let's

check out the store because I have a ton

of keys on it it's greed dang and I do

have pretty fly nice next door will be

real cheap cases teleports me out of

here nice more soul hearts maybe we'll

win this one I don't know we'll win

something today I don't know what its

gonna take maybe I'll just do like a

regular run if we don't win this I don't

know that would leave this to being a

super long of stuff but hey it's my

final episode for a while maybe this DLC

since I've 100% completed everything


all right thank you I just wanted that

to happen

and what the exit I always forget what

this is this is another one I just

totally forget what this even is and so

I'm gonna look it up it's a newer item

and it is mr. me upon me use the item

some was a ghost near Isaac go follow

him around also summons blue crosshairs

it this is an active item so I'm gonna

pick this up just so I never get it




but I don't really need it hold on so

wait so if I summon mr. mee he opens the

door so that saved me a couple keys


I had never really used him before like

ever so there he is now that no the

store the store was greed this time so

we're sure getting a lot of coins oh and

that's a good thing

like I said the night when I do these I

go for completion so don't be surprised

if I explore the entire floor I want to

be as strong as I possibly can be in

time for mega satan and honestly I hope

that I don't even I hope that I don't

get any more double rooms I hope I just

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

get angel rooms that'll be super nice

but the item pulls mixed up swinging

anal rooms anytime there's a dark heart

that's good we are heavy on yeah the

dark light is good this that I that I

don't lose anything else okay

if I were really good at like just

getting up near people I could use this


this knife to my advantage like that I'm

glad I have two of the Flies all right

we're ready to go face-off against the

boss now but I want to see if there's

possibly no I don't know where the

seeker would be maybe there let's see if

it could be now let's give it a shot

nice two more keys I'll blow this dude


he just had spiders that increases my

chance of a double room no this is what

was a story sorry I went to go to the

boss he right hold on I said I'll get

there just to give me some chances here

we go all right here's the boss wrong

one I guess I gotta eliminate the the

enemies first got him

oh yeah ah fear shot that's fine

okay no no devil no devil what's next

fine get a teleport card or something

that might be useful

got it there we go

judgments no he wants my hearts

jeeb Louise okay


and then over here hey there's something

there right what is this the Joker this

would be nice this would be nice is what

if we don't get you know what we came

here for I don't I don't like to roll

the dice so so to speak

okay let's go over here HP up sounds

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

pretty good for seven let's blow this up

I just want to give me a bunch of bombs


blow it up yeah but no I should about

that one bomb for just two

that'll drop me bombs

ten bombs there we go I'll take ten more

bombs all right it is what it is they're

sure focusing on the bomb aspect of this

for me right now

Wow dang it

come on where is the boss I know this is

this is necropolis one so I won't there

this isn't the one I we get the boss

rush out of

damnit let's do it

the adversary

he's dead perfect item I'm gonna try to

get to the boss rush room if I can then

I could do the I think the Joker right

to get me out of there maybe I don't

know I might be wrong and it might be a

little late

it might send me right back in but if it

says you back in then I'll have here we

go we might be able to pull this off

nope not that one

still got three minutes we can maybe

rush through excuse me what's over here

alright cool cool cool cool

Oh God they're are giving me like items

out of every one of these that's pretty


this is two keys to get in it's a dime

it's top of the line no spiders please

no thank you

this room looks really familiar then

here's a store that's an ultra great

super green sari not ultra great ultra

beads in the green mode only okay we got

a couple minutes left this is a Wheel of

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

Fortune no thank you excuse me here's

that perfect I got two minutes left

was there even a store here oh yeah it

was all too big that's right sorry it

were super green no sir no no real


here we go

wrong Jesus


this is great we're gonna check out the

double room first no thanks

then we're gonna use this just I'll pick

this up then we're gonna go in here and

see if there's anything I want anything

at all

really they're just two things you got

to be kidding me it's not worth it to me

honestly those aren't worth it to me so

even even I don't even want them like

even if they're free and I can get a get

away with it you know what I mean

so let's just try to save up for another

tie wish that we're better I really do

all right

scarred womb one I have a bunch of keys


all right


he's dead too

nice I'm gonna pick that up now in hopes

that I don't lose a couple soul hearts


nice okay

frickin stupid come on dang it

oh man I've already I'm already down to

my man I may not win this one was this

Burke and no maybe some soul hearts

somebody I forgot what that does I kind

of want to know

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

the trinket of course

that is called Karma

oh yeah donating uh yeah spawn a beggar

don't even do a donation machine oh [ __ ]

okay hold on

we're somehow fine in that room

can't get over their power bill I mean

it's not even worth my time really

I like the ones that hurt me

a little nervous about what's gonna

happen here

so far I've avoided damage somehow Jesus


so I need to just do this skull that

shouldn't be too hard

all right

got him lucky me honestly I got real

lucky there let's do the Joker room oh

nice but it's all BS so I'll take this

it's all bs that's okay but at least we

got something out of it and we got held


thankfully I don't know how I'm gonna be

make a satan dude I really don't I

really don't think I'm gonna be able to

beat mega satan like this maybe I should

have switched things up too much you

know all right let's see

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

the Sun that's a cool card to have that

I'm gonna maybe use Jesus Christ okay

yeah batteries need batteries this would

be the room I come back to for batteries

what the hell okay I do want to check

this out

it's not worth it I'm gonna go down in

health big time and it's so late in the


all right here we go there we go oh

brother I'm not really good at fighting

these things these things are relatively

new to me

all right here we go we're gonna fight

it lives so here we go

that was not in the right spot whatever

all right here we go now if I were a

better player I might be able to sneak

up on this person and use a knife okay

we're gonna have to move anyway we just

lost a heart but we got one back and

there's no way I can do hush so let's

just keep moving on G blue EEB okay this

would be the room I would want to use

Sun on actually we want to use Sun for

the health we wouldn't want to use it

for math exposure Wow hey guys it's been

a while since I've seen you around okay


toxic blasts I could have picked that up

earlier I think but okay what a what a

stupid thing I'm so glad to give me

items but come on up goodbye to you

speed up tool thank you now if you want

to save some of my keys because we're

gonna go into the chest it's probably

gonna be to my benefit to keep some keys

around oh oh that is a bomb is give me a

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

lot of stuff though um so here's the

thing I won't be able to see I'll grab

that but I don't know addicting mine

Oh still alive what opened

it's a cat part where's the ghost jeez

okay got it all right all right


oh wow health up that's exciting

another one for good luck I guess I'm

glad I got that I guess I would have got

that either way had I lost it before or

not crap

Jesus okay no no these things are gonna

go away either way are they nope they're

gonna chase me forever hey a secret room

what thing it's you kidding me are you

freaking kidding me dudes okay I lost my

eternal heart dang its hatred pores from

my veins for you all right what's this

this is a mystery okay

another mystery here brain job thank you

all right one two three okay - okay

great yeah I don't think so or even

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

though that is

all right dead golden heart all right

this is another pretty fly this is a

mystery its perks holy God I get hurt

like I'm good I only have tow my god I'm

not doing great I need that back the Sun

card needs time I need that back all



honestly do are there any red hearts

around like seriously there's like one

way back there what was over here no

that's not gonna be good I I might want

to just go I mean I know this is taking

some time but we were actually making

pretty good time here do I just want to

run oh geez you got to be careful where

I run duh oh my god


I don't know if that is

got him I'm looking for hearts not

necessarily finding them there we go

it's this so I'm smaller okay so yeah

there's a half a heart here darn you

know when it comes down to it I'm

probably gonna want to convert my red

hearts into soul hearts and in order to

to deal with the fact that uh yeah that

I'll be losing hearts fighting messy

Satan I don't think I'm gonna be able to

beat mega Satan

I'm just gonna tell you the truth I'm

not feeling it you know I barely think I

could be Isaac

but you know I'll give it a shot

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

I'll be over here

okay well I'm gonna be Isaac no problem

oh so that was interesting let's go to

the chest let's see what we got I mean

we're gonna have a lot of items here


what do we got do I have time for

mystery X lakhs

do it now oh god I don't like running

through that

hook of Secrets

I don't know

more pills sure I'll be smaller no I

hate him eat em assess alright the son

married buddies fine so should we go

look around for items I think so




all right


he's get the fear shot look away look

away battery again not only batteries

I'll take the heart though


so far I'm doing pretty good at beating

these guys the fierce shots pretty cool

satans of course I can be able to back

away what's this oh that might be even


at least for now let's leave that there

I don't know I don't know what's gonna

be the better choice


how about now let's use it now I get

temporary and Vince's invincibility I'm

running up on these guys like it's no

big deal

there you go there you go yes daddys

love is good too all right


dang it I took damage there's a heart

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

down here

this is gonna be fine


Danny's love stays too close to me now

you're that back


oh [ __ ] okay okay I ran right into me

real quick

there's no other hearts

I don't think I want the news but let me

double-check the noose is simply oh the

ability to fly sure why not

why not fly huh

why not just fly around


these guys died quick


another battery that's good it's up here



thank you for the battery let's see

what's on this side here now how bad do

I want to stay here bad enough for a

bomb too huh nope

alright quickly dead I love it I love

when I die quickly

yeah HP up thank you I maybe should have

saved that oh jeez hi hi that was a

quick one too

glad I'm coming here glad I'm doing all

these rooms I gotta fight mega satan

nice to know that there's a bunch of

hearts in there dead-end room that's


let's just double-check now we don't

want to accidentally walk into the the

blue baby room or anything like that so

is actually pretty tough


yeah remove any curses just in case

isn't he here remove them


I don't know what to take I think I'm

gonna take the so converter right poison



so far so good I don't know what I

should take honestly I might just take

you know what I might just take

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

I don't know oh [ __ ] sorry

damnit we still have a bunch of heart

somewhere hold on not too worried about

taking damage here

what's this yeah sure why not

I'll probably take this soul converter



another bomb thing I swear I've gotten

them already way to giving me twice

whatever anybody didn't get them before

alright so there's a half heart up here

there is a half heart over here


and then there's a room up here

and the fear shot works wonders hey got

a soul heart I think I'm gonna want to

take the soul converter right oh there

is no way to not fight Satan so I've

done all the rooms okay so that means

we're gonna want to wear where did I

leave the soul converter I leave that

all right

down here right I think this is what

we're gonna want as soon as I'm low

enough health I use the Sun and then

I'll use a soul converter each time I

need some more hearts so wish me luck

versus mega satan we may not win this

one but whatever

here we go all right I'm gonna focus on

this hand first oh I meant this one this

is the one I meant

all right that one's gone

that one's gone too now we get to fight

good old regular dudes oh we got to hit

a space first that's right oh these guys

aren't gonna be so bad I do have the

benefit of three pretty flies than dads

love as well man bunch of trophimus here

got him

this guy's gonna be relatively easy

anybody okay so maybe it's not so bad so


oh geez oh geez there's one hand down

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

another hand down now we got a fight

Lily we're going to fight his face

all right

geez no oh my god it's freaking out on


I can't I'm gonna get hit by that it's

okay all right we're back to the devil

hands again

I wish the the daddy spider legs would

go attacked him instead of me

like all right that hand is gone now

eventually we got to fight the angel

down there we go here they are

I miss you angels and here's the other


maybe we got this done no problem now

but that was that all right hold on here

we go we still got this other hand now

we got his face

okay now we got this space

it's okay I think we got this

they just let me do it you're just

sitting there

oh wow oh wow oh my flies kind of

blocked it too huh that's interesting

his face is broken

oh my god I think we beat him Wow

so guys there it is look at me now this

is the this is the final episode of The

Binding of Isaac after birth plus and

I'll show you why because we got

everything done we got I'm pretty sure

we got everything done to safe house to

kill yeah I'm not gonna do two more save

files but I 100% 1000% 1 million percent

completed this right here and that's

fantastic and I'll just have to show you

what that it looks like I'm the

achievement list somehow I get a reset

that up to record but there we go now

I'm gonna delete the file and I'm just

kidding no no file one is completely

completely done now if you do that with

file 2 and file 3 then you get something

special in-game but I've already got all

the steam achievements and I don't plan

on doing file 2 and file 3 that's gonna

be a ton of time but we did fantastic

there for sure

I'm so happy thanks for being here

thanks for watching goodbye I'm Zack

Scott subscribe if you have not if you

like this video and want to help this

channel grow all you got to do is click

the like button below thank you so much

for watching check out these other

awesome videos follow me on Twitter and


join my discord and if you want cool

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

shirts like this visit Zack Scott dot



The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ Gameplay Walkthrough Part 91! February 9th Daily Run Gameplay!
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When Isaac’s mother starts hearing the voice of God demanding a sacrifice be made to prove her faith, Isaac escapes into the basement facing droves of deranged enemies, lost brothers and sisters, his fears, and eventually his mother. The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. Following Isaac on his journey players will find bizarre treasures that change Isaac’s form giving him super human abilities and enabling him to fight off droves of mysterious creatures, discover secrets and fight his way to safety.

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Name: The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ (Afterbirth Plus)
Developer: Nicalis
Publisher: Valve
Platforms: Windows PC, OSX, PS4, Playstation Vita
Release Date: January 3, 2016

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  1. It's amazing to see a game having a 1000000% achievement that takes pure dedication an I congrats u for achieving this insane achievement sad the series has ended loved watching this series more than PVZ lol

  2. Have you ever given thought to showing a quick image of the item with the description added into the videos. I mean I know you might have already considered it. It would be handy going forward for BOI noobs. I don't play the game but always enjoyed the videos. While your looking it up it would give us the viewers a chance to see what your seeing. BTW, that was some insane Luck… 52

  3. I remember watching your first video of this game you didn’t know what the items you acquired some were good some were bad and when you get hit or damage you didn’t like that love your videos either you win or lose the run I know your are going to play repentance when it come out so I hope they release it soon like your videos keep it up!


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