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    My FULL review of the NBA Live 18 beta.
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    Comment (39)

    1. "I'm not biased, it's just how I feel". That's called being biased. Seriously, educate yourself. Being biased is 100% feel based. This is why no one takes public school systems seriously.

    2. Yo I played the trial on PS4 and I like it except for one thing, I’m used to playing with my camera setting on 2k with the 2k pre made and I only change the height and zoom zoom on one and height on 10 and I don’t remember exactly what live did but I couldn’t for the life of me get any camera angel close to that and never planned on buying it until I seen it was only $9.xx I was like fuck it why not lol

    3. Don’t get me wrong, I love NBA 2K18 but I’ve been playing NBA Live 18 for weeks now and I updated my player to a 85 overall rating in under a week so basically it’s really easy to upgrade without dealing with 2K micro transactions so I commend NBA Live 18 for undercutting 2K in that regard

    4. I do agree that 2k is overall a better quality, but it’s just the fact that they make it extremely difficult to grind. NBA Live 18 is much easier to grind, and I played a lot of both 2k and Live this year. All I’ll say is I think Live is making larger strides than 2k is. If Live 19 is better than 18 and 2k19 doesn’t improve, I don’t know. I agree that 2k is better, but there are some things about Live that I feel are better. It goes back to what you said in another video. Why can’t we just have two solid, good options for basketball games?


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