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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20welcome back to more the cruel king and the great hero everybody so in the last episode as you know i was missing a couple things here in the demon king mountain section and one of them is way up here in this corner which i just went ahead and did it off screen to make my way over here so i have that and then there's one over there too in the middle and that's the side actually no yeah that's everything yeah that is everything here because i did the whole floor thing on the right um so that part's done that's good and then these other question marks are all these three are cybath locations but that's already been explored and the only other one is the floral one which is but explosive yeah we're done here this whole map has been 100 aside from i mean obviously the right there which is story progression but all right so here we got the moonstone finally so that's one item now i'm going to head to the other one so yep give me a sec oh there we go sorry i messed up so fast i was just going around mashing that a button everywhere but it's right there it's not you know we gotta bring a souvenir or whatever but there it is all right so what that were actually done here in this area so i'm gonna go ahead and use the um magic crumbs let's do that and what we're gonna do here i mean there is one to report i believe it's here in this room all the way to the right side yeah this one brought back the moonstone let's see and we're all ready for the tea party yes yes yes finally man did this series of requests with the tea party thing has felt like it's been one of the most obnoxious ones they've always had the wildest requests well that's cute though look at that goodness i never attended a dreary party than this how typical of you wow light supper please take a look at this what is the meaning of this is this an insult felicia please met him please i beg of you remain calm huh gonna explain ourselves explain what what is that to explain you did this hill the other reason what was your doing hmm [Music] let's use the moonstone here we go let's see if it works is that a moonstone the truth wait what if someone hits the flower huh what in the world have you two been up to this tea party is over haven't been this limited what the heck wait what's going on what you mean this one whatever do you mean i didn't give you this flower that day what do we do what do we do the moonlight's not coming out hmm take one look at it and what oh it was you gave it to me inside the box was a moon flower just like this one exactly the same it was a declaration of war i wanted nothing to do with your provocation so i promptly burned it [Music] hmm [Music] moonflower is given to the sign and starting a war that is what its meaning is hey while i can you sing a song for us can i sound like this yes do it it might help really insist here it goes oh great clouds are clearing did the song help what are you up to now wildcat oh so i need some music to actually work look at the flower this is what the moon flower really looks like hmm so while i got like some singing some special singing powers the fly that she sent you was this moonflower isn't that right yes this is it so it really is the same one flower we also nocturnal huh it only looks when the moonlight touches it when it was in blue and looks completely different madame goldie met in sylvia misty was telling me about the floriography of the moon flower depending on its appearance the meaning behind its gift changes as well before it blooms with moonflowers tightly closed looks cold and welcoming hmm i see so you're telling me this whole time i was misunderstanding the meaning behind it this seems to be the case always in fighting with pointlessness yes sylvia i apologize i misinterpreted your intention since the change of heart the underlying story was my own ignorance that led to this unfortunate misunderstanding [Music] it worked it worked they're getting along the sheep and the wolves that's where we were able to reconcile our tribes oh wow also things to all get singing and use help so thank you yeah thanks you it was nothing about ever getting along now nothing more to it don't bet on it we did it that's it the madam's tea party is done we got a strong gauntlet let's see what this is strong gauntlet where is it did i just go right past it [Music] dude they put out the very what the hell i didn't even realize it increases attack but also increases energy consumption it must not be by a lot then oh like it doesn't actually up yours that's okay i see i'm gonna just yeah that's fine there is a new quest over to the left i knew there were gonna be more quests left because that's not actually enough um [Music] for the collection here i have four this is original world map illustration nice so there's nine here which means i have one point so i need eight more points still okay let's take a look at the quest over here then uh which one would it be wait where'd it go wait i didn't see an arrow on top of you am i freaking blind dude i think i'm blind hold on what do you [Music] what is it pointing to what the hell isn't that so weird what on earth is this game pointing at oh my god okay huge glitch glitch wow wow so you joined as well look the star festival uh yes yes that's baby a wildcat that's right okay this might be a crazy quest who knows if that could happen yep anyone can write someone's name on the bar can tie to the tree it was actually me hello you were the only child inside the bark to the street with locket's name on it that's why she's a great singer and prince that it was a lifetime in a lifetime in a once what a once in a lifetime oh that's funny that's so funny okay i see make a good call don't you think i suppose hmm you think so she must be nervous you said it being sure if i had to sing in front of all those people too something happened to her harry walker isn't nervous per se it's more like she's definitely afraid afraid what of she's always been a bit mischievous and caused problems for many of the villagers because of it that's why she must feel guilty about becoming a maiden i mean just look at her walk at us as pill as a ghost you're right but we can't take back the selection can we and no one else can sing in her place [Music] hmm i've got to be a maiden without any what the okay fine sure we got to go ask her counting for your help all right this is a star festival shrine maiden and for this one we have to go ahead we gotta go to the right and ask her because i don't think these two are gonna combine for eight i really doubt it how do you do man i want to ask you about something okay is there any way we can motivate her let's see it's how he's doing whenever someone put him up to it but that's not important to be honest it is an excellent opportunity for wildcat to get over her fears her past that's right she's not an orphan but she's still a mother oh okay hmm interesting develop fall for his mother's death and no catharsis of all her pain and sorrow mm-hmm somehow managed to grow for the better the fact that she was chosen star festival means to villages the village is forgive for all troubleshoots caused i don't speak for the villagers though okay [Music] exactly the root the girl's mother wildcat never brings it up she just shuts shuts down and refuses any discussion yeah you're right madam okay i'll head over to the cable lock and her mom live [Music] okay sure so that one's going to be probably let's see hillside mountain okay well i think the first thing i should do though is go back into the fountain world and right here let's see what you got for me talked about rocky dragon mountain right that's right it's super hot there and there's tons of magma all over sounds scary there's another one oh my freaking god dude this guy's so greedy this freaking guy is so greedy you want so many of them now i have to go to crystal moon hill are you freaking kidding me or should i go in this one i kind of want to go on that one oh it's in that very same corner over there that's right that's where there's gonna be something okay so in that case i should actually go to the town either way though i don't need to be showing this trip because you pretty much already know how to get there since i've been there before so i'll just meet you over there okay i made it all the way over here it says a to check let's check i found it this is the cave we're ago and her mother used to live i wonder if anything's still left in here hmm they're going to sure is hard maybe something's buried here all right time to dig huh i just struck something hard is this a it's a small wooden box let's see what's inside all these pretty pebbles is it a bracelet okay i get this to wildcat that's it all right so we did actually make it so now i can go and use the magic crumbs again uh to warp back out and i think i need to who do i need to talk to oh it's just you okay right wait get a point isn't it pointing hold on what give bracelet to wildcat you know but aren't you yeah what the freak oh my god i just did it again dude i i don't know i keep thinking that i have to go with the exclamation mark is telling me that that's clearly not how it works it's very off most of the time i gotta remember that huh the bracelet i think it belonged to one of my parents a couple of idiots broke it it was damaging all recognition man taught them a lesson but i couldn't bring myself to forgive them it was a reminder of my mother and like everything else good in my life it ended up broken too i was angry at the world of myself for failing to see my mother so i directed my frustration at the world that's why i made so much trouble for everyone in the village was just lashing out but it didn't make me happy it made me more alone madam was the only one who dared to punish me for it hmm i was dumbstruck i have no clue what to do are you scared of singing in front of the villagers of course i am unterrified why me of all people i'm the last person worthy of being chosen not that's true at all how would you know only moved this village recently i don't know much about any of the villagers let alone you but i do understand what that bracelet means to you what this bracelet means you see that stone embedded on in some places this don't signify as deep parental affection there's a custom where bracelets just like this are given to the children after naming so that they become strong and brave it's a lovely sentiment don't you agree i believe that bracelet was meant to carry through your life hmm see how hard the stone is it's only found in this village because of how arduous is it to polish okay damn bambi telling her like wow okay i like bambi babies one of my favorite disney movies i'm just kidding i'm kidding well actually yeah but that's obviously a different bambi dumb joke i know but now babies one of my favorite characters in this game oh look at bambi over here hell yeah you gotta have faith you gotta do it also with everything i've got okay a rehearsal that's funny thanks for helping me cheer up cool you're gonna to happen instead of ooh star has a little shine okay let's see what i get i get spirit bracelet so that gave me yeah see so now i need now i need five more okay let's see what this spare bracelet does [Music] restores one energy every turn that's not bad that's pretty pretty decent i would say okay uh now let's see any new quests actually no oh my god it's literally right there oh hell yeah i'm taking that that's amazing that is amazing okay it's right here somewhere there it is it's all the mystery mr famous place yes all right here we go let's see i'm back back back back that's right sounds so beautiful this is your last riddle oh my god there's still another one well at least now he knows it's the last one unless he lies find the sixth place let's see where it's telling me to go that's not what i meant to do scrapbook uh oh monster village that's that's easy it's right here solve a mystery wow okay we did it i'm back mm-hmm you guys correctly everyone else they're so nice love them all love to meet them but this is correctly answered all my riddles i had a lot of fun oh okay sure i'll take it i'll take it it was a lot of fun for me too thanks for making such yep okay what am i getting here exploring famous places gonna get oh that was five which means we're done we've completed every single quest in the game home pot the one i have is 122. this one is 133 okay that actually is probably the best african armor of the game i'm guessing wow all right so with that we are actually done we're just going to go into collection now grab that that's rough illustration two and then rough illustration three that right there ends up completing another badge which is pretty awesome [Music] oh loading monsters escaping we're not doing that all right there is one more thing i want to do though before we actually advance the plot okay so the last thing was actually this treasure chest here and uh honey crystal woods that i just never came to get um i just showed in the last video i was like oh shoot any cyber i think i had like rocky at the time but there we go we gotta start us so that actually is the last treasure of the game so far there's probably more that whole final area you know okay here we are back in the final sections of the summit area so essentially to get to this place i guess i just gotta go through all four of these pathways i just gotta pick a path from the beginning i'm going to say no all right those were actually not new enemies if there's no enemies i'm not really going to be showing now i mean i don't really have to here's a treasure found leaf of life what is that again revised fully heals an ally and okay i see um okay that's actually it for here so we're not even gonna go through there we're just gonna take the bottom one i guess we'll see what's down here okay let's see what's on this one another treasure there yeah we'll go ahead and just grab that let's run run run yeah same enemy still oh my god there's a two treasures there that's funny because it's the same area but they're still there angel's elixir i didn't really look too much at angel's elixir right um refills a lot of energy and stamina for all aliyah see okay definitely want to be using those for the final boss probably because i pretty much never use them throughout the game all right now i knew enemies unfortunately i thought i was gonna see some new ones but i guess not and now that we've done that we're free to just move forward and this might actually just take us into yeah look at that the final segment i'll just go ahead and use a healing item here that's fine wait what happens if i do these here refill some energy for five turns hold on oh see it refills them like this hmm i'll just put it like that that's fine the description doesn't really give me that impression that's why i wasn't sure after an arduous journey of the mountain you and her friends had returned to the site of youth's previous battle the dragon king was now bound by webbing atop the throne looking as if he was about to hatch from a cocoon damn you shot it no response you rather dragon king but a threat flew at you barely missing her by here my maya what a shame you avoided my attack the spider smoothly settled down for the ceiling it's appearance large and menacing you can forget the boys the traitor arthur so you're alive you why have you returned now to save the great dealing king arthur give me back my dad arthur showed no emotion as he replied well that would be quite difficult now that demon king will soon enough have his night restored i cannot allow anyone to disturb him he looked down on you mocking her as he spoke dad doesn't want to be the demon king again he wants all humans and monsters to live in harmony arthur you'll live with us for so long how could you not realize that bartlett alongside before replying yes i know what the demon king wishes for really then stop all of this no the mighty demon king's feelings play no part in his revival he will do it by my will mine arthur's voice was becoming coarser and coarser i will have a demon king return no matter the cost if you continue to send my way arthur's ice beam with hostility then i will kill you this time arthur ignored his attempts to persuade him she was left with no other choice but to fight you raided herself charging at the spider in a desperate attempt to save the dragon king here we go boss time all right guess we just got to be aggressive here we're going to just go and do flame slash what i do with you [Music] i don't even know if i want to do this i guess i'll just do tailwind let's see all right i don't know i do got to be a little oh wow that's a lot of damage there did 100 and my party's speed has increased for five turns only 17 what the hell okay just keep doing flame slash i mean okay i'm gonna have you just attack normally keep doing what you're doing you there we go another 459 and 70 more right there why are you so weak what is wrong with you i don't trust you i really don't trust you right now provoke party's attack has increased why would you do that why on earth would you do that you're about to get annihilated dude can i choose to show my true power oh okay okay but well let's see let's see if you're serious with that you don't think i realized i never gave a better equipment to cyber he still has the plus 50 experience i should have given him the recovery orb oh well oh shoot that's how you want to play okay fine fine uh we're just going to attack you and then we'll go ahead and do a tornado hopefully this could kill them we'll see [Music] yes it did perfect the red oh sticky hmm maybe i should do a um where is it panacea [Music] party's defense has decreased okay so the penis here did not get rid of defense down only the stickiness which i suppose doesn't make sense uh no no actually yeah let's do it let's do that just to improve our speed a little bit here you know to ensure we get i mean i think we're going first for the most part anyway like every turn defenseless decrease but you barely did any freaking damage whatever man just keep pummeling him we'll be fine okay this gives you normal attacks again servants servants again okay i will attack you you can go into another i tornado kill him hopefully there we go okay he might be close to dead already hopefully he is shoot um [Music] yeah we'll do a um [Music] that i don't want no freaking sticky status element be right i don't know what that does oh that thing okay that's fine another 475 we'll just go ahead and keep attacking yeah see that recovery or relish would have come in handy if i equipped it because it would have actually given simon a lot of health but i didn't do it that was my bad [Music] threat release you miss cyber at least that's good okay more normal attacks can you please die i'm pretty sure you're close to dead like you have to be encourage arthur's attack has increased defense has increased oh shoot well then yeah i'll just keep attacking sure 368 56 looking getting stronger now all right i do see you now got to use that fruit of life on yourself [Music] 50 damage okay i'm going to keep attacking what should i do with you like i'll just do this again [Music] oh did i do it i did it i beat the boss obtained 5830 exp still no level up that's a shame this can't be to think i would lose to this child after harnessing the demon king's power all right give me back my dad you push arthur to submit him once again this is how i plan this to end i will not be bullied by humans any longer arthur's panic escalated into an outburst as he screwed away from you in an attempt to escape before him was the dragon king was still bound by webs demon king oh demon king please protect me from these humans as we did in the past archers come in despair to begin tearing the thread binding the dragon king arthur what are you doing get away from dad you rush after arthur to stop him just stand the ground troubled violently arthur's actions had awoken the dragon king who tore the remaining words from his body dad i'm glad you're still alive he was relieved to see her father moving against but her relief was temporary her face turned belle's ghost to figure that rose was not the dragon game she once knew but something much different dad it's me i came to save you you're called out but her words didn't reach the dragon key the dragon came out of barbaric gravel glowering upon you with a cruel ferocity at last a great demon king has returned i have waited for this moment for so long the humans will be not but ash before before us cackled art the rest we hid in the safety of the dragon king's shadow team king dispose of that human child before you she took over your mind and even try to dispose of me we cannot allow her to continue her evil reign the dragon game was unbased by arthur's words but nonetheless buried his veins at you the dragon king steps thunder as he approached you his eyes train upon its prey dad you watch out you close her eyes tight remembering all the days you spent with gentle dragon king she also thought back to the village that living had destroyed you open her eyes fix him up on the dragon kings behind his bloodthirsty stare you could still sense traces of the dragon king she once knew all on destruction i can't allow him to destroy anything else that's why i've got to stop him you grasped her sword with trembling fingers then charged at the dragon king and here's another boss battle okay well let's see how this goes hmm i want to try he was like should i use this stuff oh there's a melty cloud skills damage and decreases attack what if i do this it decreases your attack i mean use everything right this is probably the final boss [Music] maybe i don't know actually there could be another one who knows really who knows okay we're gonna go ahead and attack you um [Music] i guess we could even do like what was it multi-clouds hopefully it's the final boss there we go defense has decreased for five turns 106 breath ooh that burned me that's not good actually that's really not good okay i'm gonna have you do actually hold on hold on i'm gonna have you do a panacea on you and i'm gonna have you because you're at max energy do a tailwind [Music] okay there we go dark miasma what did that do i don't know what that dude no clue okay we're gonna have you attack an attack uh yeah we'll just do flame slash again 372 ooh you missed that's awesome another breath oh man that's powerful it's actually really powerful um so we have to use up a bunch of healing this turn panacea and fruit of life [Music] oh i see that's what that does sticky and poison okay we'll attack you you can use another panacea hopefully i have enough i have 20 of these left i don't know how long this battle is going to be but it could be a long time all right every time i get four i'm just going to go ahead and use my flame slash here um so that's running into some problems here well i'm gonna do this to decrease your attack [Music] that didn't oh again well you missed thank god that actually was amazing um take only one damage yeah that's not really going to do greatly with the speed and invasion what if i give this to you [Music] let's see [Music] 144 thinking 23 right there okay just keep pummeling it um i'm just using up all these items like whatever i'm gonna heal up [Music] another dark miasma i think that's fine you just keep attacking because you have the increased attack i think simon's kind of just taking the hits honestly he's just being you know the freaking punching bag i guess you can say [Music] all right go into a flame slash and then this tournament you can actually attack go ahead and attack 604 that increased attack hell yeah okay you can just keep attacking oh you're talking sort of uh attack again i think i'm just gonna do i kind of like that the strength fruit [Music] yeah do that again do it again because that actually is a lot of damage per turn 33 and that's fine i'm going to attack again we're going to have you to use another let me suck a whip just keep your attack down you know agony attack has increased oh my god everything has increased that is not good um [ __ ] what if you do well i guess what one thing i can do i think this will actually over at least your attack buff hopefully yes yes your attack did go down okay that's good your defense is still up that's unfortunate but oh well uh you're not actually doing anything what are you doing oh there we go dark blade oh shoot can't be used huh all right um just keep having you attack i guess and then i think the panacea should be able to hear that too hopefully yep there we go all right stats are almost wearing off um we'll have you yeah we'll have you attack again you should use another strength [Music] on you [Music] there we go are you serious you just did it again whatever okay i'll have you attack actually no what am i doing so i'll have your flame slash we're gonna use the i have another one no i don't [ __ ] okay um what a star this dude let's try stardust 172 that's not bad it's actually pretty good holy [ __ ] okay [Music] three to seven i will have to do another one this time you gotta heal yourself up fruit of life [Music] come on flame flash bam another 481 okay attack uh what now let's just keep using eyes with silent it's so fun hmm i don't pins would actually work on you i'm pretty sure they won't so i really want to try that what about a drift ice 101 i mean they're a little bit strong what the hell oh my god am i dead am i dead holy [ __ ] holy freaking [ __ ] okay okay here we definitely gotta use something something amazing so we're sealed and we can't use skills okay so what i'm going to do uh refills a bit of energy stamina for all now we're doing the angel's elixir we're doing this and then with you we're going to do the panacea on you it's funny because when i say the word you like with you i mean like with you would slide that when it's side by stern that would be confusing because you think i'm talking about you like a character you've got to be [ __ ] me dude okay well i mean [Music] i'm trying to use my damn skills dude okay then you have to do [Music] this [ __ ] status on this man [Music] breath can you stop doing it's literally every single turn okay we're gonna do flame slash here uh we're gonna just you know what just do another freaking angel's elixir seriously i'm kind of wasting this with my freaking energy but these status homes are getting so old man [Music] dude this guy's going crazy like he's literally going crazy um we're gonna have to use [Music] we use the strength fruit on you i need you to kill this thing oh my god can you please die dude okay we're gonna have to do [Music] i think that and then we'll have uh [Music] we'll do the angels here on on you we'll use a cure this time sure 287 okay i'm doing a lot of damage dude you've got to be [ __ ] me with this you've seriously got to be [ __ ] me like i'm getting bombarded by status almost every single turn literally every single turn and i'm actually getting scared because i don't think i brought in the panaceas because i don't think i'm even close to killing this guy like i'm pretty sure i'm not um wait no we're gonna have you attack and then you can use the panacea [Music] all right kill it kill him again oh my freaking god dude i actually could very easily die here because [Music] okay that actually didn't do a lot what the hell [Music] holy [ __ ] man i'm just [Music] i guess i should have given the freaking status moment immunity thing to you because it's really the seal that's messing me up because i have to use my strong attacks stop doing that what the [ __ ] is wrong with you can you please stop doing that oh my god man don't do it again [Music] i'll take it oh it didn't actually burn me this time but now my freaking attack is gone that's exactly what i was afraid of man oh geez um we'll do that [Music] just spam everything i just did it again are you serious stop doing that every single freaking turn dude [Music] oh my god i'm actually gonna i'm actually gonna die in this boss battle because i did not bring the panaceas no way man [Music] no way or healing items too like please kill him uh we're going to do an angel's cure here kill this stupid garbage dragon boss he's still not there berserk that's just up your speed that's shittier than the other movie used earlier in the battle that up your speed defense and attack okay we're gonna do a strain seed this is my only chance to actually get some decent damage in here do it slay this freaking dragon go another 500. that's fine that's fine i'll take time but what the [ __ ] what oh [ __ ] i think i'm dead how am i gonna take i have to use literally an angel's elixir every turn now [Music] he's gonna get three turns you're sorry three attacks per turn [Music] oh my god no way man no way i have to get rid of that seal i need my flame slash stop it stop it stop it stop it oh my god i'm gonna have to restart this battle only because i came up with the wrong setup i can't believe this [ __ ] like i can't i literally can't do anything i can't use my my skills i i can't i can't get rid of the seal i'm taking way too much time so i have to literally heal and use a panacea every turn [Music] there's no way doing 100 damage return is going to kill this guy he probably still has like 4 000 health left so i'm nowhere even close to killing him [Music] dude i think i'm actually dead like i might even i'm not even kidding you i'm pretty sure i'm gonna lose this battle like i can keep trying with this but i don't think it's gonna work he's gonna attack you and oh my god i actually can do a one turn okay that was phenomenal okay um holy [ __ ] dude come on i'm hoping he doesn't have like four grand left he's got it he's gotta be close he's got to be close [Music] oh thank god okay i was right he was close that battle is rough and it's really the status elements what i recommend doing a thousand percent recommend equipping the antis the item that protects against all status elements equip that to you please do that oh my god that'll make the battle significantly easier anyway the dragon king followed the ground with the thud after his final strike you dragon can call that weakly his power weakening after sustaining so many injuries some semblance of the old dragon king had broken through the range of the demon key dad you raised your dragon king's side yeah you you were amazing to think you would defeat my dorm and power you've truly become quite strong haven't you dab don't speak it's okay you now you must put an end to this once and for all dad you've seen it yourself my true appearance i am a cruel king who will stop at nothing to destroy the humans as long as i live that is why you you must kill me that is what a great hero would do [Music] you was left speechless now you finish it that's being pressured by the dragon king you rose to her feet in silence then with both her hands gripping the hero sword she slowly raised above her head take stance with why why to swing down he swung his sword down his horn i bet papa did it like this too in surprise why won't you kill me you you would become a great hero you hung her head and clenched your fist dad you her voice tremble as she spoke you're such an idiot you shouldn't learn the dragon king had ever heard in all their time living together if becoming a hero means having to kill you but i don't want to be a hero you wiped her to look up tears i want to be with you forever dad so stop telling me to kill you the dragon king watched as you broke down in tears before you finally understood the error in his place you i all of these words resonated inside the dragon king's head his sorrow flash with his feelings of gratefulness among those feelings was uncertainty yet when the dragon king finally spoke the words came from his heart i too wish to be with you [Music] there were the words you had wanted to hear the most the two then embraced and cried beyond them arthur struggled to stand he had returned to his former state having been draining the demon king's power darn it have progressed back into disputing in significant form arthur look ready to escape but sci-fi called out to him before he had the chance sir arthur you've been through so much i understand your pain you also know that together with his majesty and a hero this world will become a better place it would be a world without fear what nonsense are there as bad back as your life so that watch them scurry away before going to you you and the dragon finally finished sharing their many tears you held her hand out to the dragon king and spoke to him let's go home dad [Music] time had passed in the season changed dranking and returned to his mountain den where he was working more diligently than ever to ensure peaceful coexistence between monsters and [Music] you on the humans hand wants a helping hand but she could as the hero of the monster village repetition preceded her and brought money seeking her help rocky assisted her in her duties while fervently adding the dragon king aiding the dragon king sorry one day a visitor came to visit them at their mountain then flora you has been so very long it's weird seeing you here flora did something happen flora explained that she wanted to invite you rocky and cyber to her castle my father has reconsidered his stance against monsters after flora returned to her kingdom she repeatedly told the king abused fantastical feats with the monsters in an effort to ease the two racist relations with one another she made sure to leave out the dragon king's evil secret of course yeah y'all definitely go i thought you'd say that you know i will be eagerly awaiting your arrival her promise made flora make haste back her kingdom the sun was now sunny night falling upon the land the dragon decided to bring you to visit the hero's grave standing in front of it she took out the hero's sword and stabbed it into the ground with this you'll never be separated again what do you mean i think mama is inside the sword the dragon queen was unsure of what she meant it's fine it's fine come on let's see our prayers to papa and mama prompted by you the dragon king looked at the grave i didn't fully understand your feelings when you entrusted me with your child i made some mistakes and almost love you on her own defender but it was you who steered me back on the right path she told me that a true hero isn't made by the count of those day of slain but by the kindness in their heart to save others in need should even say someone like me you should be proud hero your daughter has indeed become a great you and the hero came great some more before heading home today's the star festival you please go and enjoy yourself just call out to me if you'd like to return [Music] okay do you want to go back now [Music] um i think i'm going to stay so it won't let me pull up the map so i'm not actually totally sure what is in you aren't aren't this just decorations amazing oh wow that's good to know i'm not sure if there's like is there anybody else in here i don't know they are okay okay that's good yep all because of you right you she's such a great hero okay yeah [Music] oh here's you oh nice nice quite lively indeed yes okay so basically i'm pretty sure all these things are based on the quest that you do because like if you don't if you don't do the quest i don't think yeah but it's all just center stage i see so the more quests you do the more like you know stuff actually gets like i don't know the more like little they're not really cut scenes it's just dialogue but the more dialogue i'm assuming the dialogue changes here depending on what you actually do but okay it's nice to see this i don't want to see the end of the game though so like i should probably go back to the right right okay let's go back okay let's go along this time star festival's fun just to see everybody you know coming together as the night went on you leaned against the dragon king's large body having raided herself for sleep the dragon king then gently enveloped you with his arm and tail hey dad what is it my child tell me about you and papa you asked the dragon king to tell the news stories he'd recently brought up very well where shall i begin has he pondered however you shout it out from the beginning and so was decided has all stories sure the dragon king collected his thoughts and spoke in a gentle tone in the beginning your papa and dada were the fiercest of foes the cruel king and the great hero i'll probably just go and fast forward this so you can look at the credit [Music] my they had all happened one day on a forest path a small spider monster collected its food among the foliages beyond the thickets the monster was easily frightened always shivering in fear it was rare that a human and a child passed by the monster had made haste to hide itself away but he had been discovered before he could at first the child's father was surprised to see the monster but soon changed his tune upon realizing how fruitful tiny monster was he approached the monster with the malicious intent yeah i knew things would end up this way the monster thought back to the past transgressions that i transferred against it cursing the never ending plight but then the child spoke up the girls said that they should not fear the monsters but rather overcome their ignorance and make peace with them to father mold his daughter's words over then stopped his advance toward the monster as he embarrassingly replied you're right had burst into tears it was the first time i had been spared and the first time i had felt hopeful for the future to come the monster looked up tears stolen its eyes i could remember the last time i had looked up at the sky just then a large figure flew by and the monster made out that it was a dragon with a small child on its back following them through the air the monster motor to itself thank you and so the monster is worth carrying the win has a gesture of hope for a better kinder world the end very cute but yeah that's the game staying together badge obtained nice nice and that's pretty much where i'm going to end the video here this one's going to go probably nearly to an hour long but it's it's a it's a good video so yeah i do want to play the liar princess and the blind prince because thematically it's a similar game it's a very different gameplay style but thematically it's kind of similar with art style and how it looks even the logo of the game but we'll see i enjoy this dome i really did enjoy it and hopefully all of you did as well so before this video don't forget to leave a like comment subscribe and turn on notifications if you enjoyed the video i will see you all later bye bye everyone have a great dayWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch at: 06:40 / 07:00Watch at: 07:00 / 07:20Watch at: 07:20 / 07:40Watch at: 07:40 / 08:00Watch at: 08:00 / 08:20Watch at: 08:20 / 08:40Watch at: 08:40 / 09:00Watch at: 09:00 / 09:20Watch at: 09:20 / 09:40Watch at: 09:40 / 10:00Watch at: 10:00 / 10:20Watch at: 10:20 / 10:40Watch at: 10:40 / 11:00Watch at: 11:00 / 11:20Watch at: 11:20 / 11:40Watch at: 11:40 / 12:00Watch at: 12:00 / 12:20Watch at: 12:20 / 12:40Watch at: 12:40 / 13:00Watch 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