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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20welcome back to more the cruel king and the great hero everybody in the last episode we were back here in this place and we're going to go ahead and sleep for the night to advance the story so here we go that night you excitedly told the dragon king what had happened to her that day he listened with a keen ear a smile on his face as you recounted her many tales oh that's right you remember the troubles fox cub she'd seen earlier the dragon kingdom replied you know a great hero helps those in need your papa was one such hero the dragon king reminisced about old times hey dad can i go to the village again tomorrow you explain how she'd like to help the fox come in some way if it was still in trouble what a splendid idea you how commendable the dragon king praised her shortly after you had fallen asleep while listening to more tales of the great hero tomorrow she would be aiding another in their flight just what sort of adventure awaited you had made her way down to the village to search for the fox cup she saw yesterday i wonder if mr fox is here today she didn't know where to start her search but she nonetheless began looking for the cub okay so yes luckily the game um ended up taking us over here act of kindness there's red stuff everywhere fox came to the village today too huh i think i saw them around the plaza somewhere wait is that oh i say yeah yeah hmm there's a problem this blacksmith did something happen oh young lady i'm just having a little trouble is all i was preparing to earth to forge some weapons but the flame went out without the proper heat my weapons won't be sturdy i need completely dried firewood but the village storehouse ran out i'll have to venture into the forest to gather some oh a young lady would you be interested in going to the woods to fetch three bundles of firewood for a reward you got yourself a deal three bundles of firewood right there's a mischievous monster that carries the hardwood i'm looking for shouldn't be difficult to spot it won't take much to scare it off and make it drop the wood i really appreciate the help you've used first act of kindness this is an ongoing story about you helping those in need and to separate from the main story basically they're cyclists in this world many await for use act of kindness they're optional but you get rewarded with special things that will help her if she completes them along with these side quests you get the chances to learn more about the charming residents who live here if you accept multiple quests remembering where to go for each one can be daunting as touchdown will record it in the scrapbook press x to open the main menu select scrapbook and then should press a to choose it there we go this is a scrapbook your journey because or the used journey is recorded here it also keeps track of her next destination so remember to revisit it if you're ever lost okay selecting a quest from the left will display your next destination on the map press set to open the map and yeah okay press x to set a destination and the upper right window will show you where to go if you get lost exclamation displays the next objective or objectives for any quest you've set as a destination cool so we set like let's say let's search for the fox now that's ongoing story if we go to ongoing acts of kindness oh i see we can select that and this one side says hillside mountain we can also accept the others though i mean they're a little bit further to the left so i think we should do it okay just gonna run straight through it's this one right that's number two yep okay is she the one behind this enough is enough look at the trouble she's causing how many times i'll have to tell her wildcat wildcat where did the wild cat go whoa huh what's wrong who are you i'm not a street performer you know wait hold on what is a human girl doing a place like this um i haven't seen you around his parts before little girl what's her name i'm you and um you are listen carefully little girl there is this soul in this flow she doesn't know who i am i am madame goldie the one and only proprietors of the sheep family you do well to remember it and never forget okay i'll do that man i'm goldie memorized well aren't you earnest call me madam from now on you understand i understand madam mind you i'm a very busy woman there's a child i must find at all costs is something bothering you madam why how perceptive i like that keen intuition is a good quality yeah something is troubling me i can help you i'm letting those in need or letting those who need a helping hand to think there are children like you in this day and age well i don't see why not finally a child named wildcat of the sheep tribe she's a problematic one she's a hopeless tomboy who ripples in making mischief she needs someone to entertain her after her misty she always hides somewhere in the village waiting for the perfect moment to strike again tell me you what are you supposed to do after doing something naughty i might probably apologize to everyone involved exactly you're such a good girl while cat does something bad now she must apologize she's out playing hide and seek i want you to find her and tell her something for me madam is waiting at the mansion if you don't hurry back you're going to the reflection room reflection room yes it's a room she cannot leave until she feels the consequences of her actions it is only natural now yeah okay then so i've got to find a sheep girl and give her this message right got it how very dependable i'm counting on you okay sure so we got to do that one also that one i think is okay let me take a look because that one is actually in the yeah that'd be this one it says monster village so they set that right there it shows over there okay we're running that way let's go do it oh should we gotta press a my bad i forget that sometimes i don't know why and as you saw that guy was still blocking the southern pathway oh young lady please come here for a moment it'll be dangerous if you get lost i'll take this with you receive magic crumbs if you use this you can return to the tree in the village at any time so you say accordingly don't need to pay me just shop at the store whenever you get the chance oh look at that so we just go teleport to the monster village unlimited use that's our fast travel method in this game that's good to have okay another one over here what do you need oh my something smells wonderfully delicious in here doesn't it delicious does it really i'm starving this is just my luck regrettably i am movement impaired i'm in the mood for a grand feast and then the lovely apple do nicely but i shouldn't let my meal spoil now it's a little human i'll start by chomping your head and then a little nibble here and there hey are you trying to eat me well if you insist bon appetit what the heck why whoa stop it stop it nathan come on don't get all sour harry you're hungry too right i don't mind sharing at all goodness nathan would you cut it out okay okay all deceased if you insist i apologize for that i'm harriet the head the hedgehog tribe this is nathan of the lizard tribe pleased to make your acquaintance yeah it's nice to meet you too i'm you nathan is as well he loves teasing children but i don't let him eat them so i hope he'll forgive him yeah okay i forgive him an exquisite odor wafts through the air oh knock it off nathan enough with your tomfoolery really now i can never tell when you're joking or not it's such a bad habit if there's nathan it's just because i've become so terribly terribly hungry if something that delicious strolled up to you would you be able to resist indulging in a tiny nibble nathan that's not okay you'll really make me upset apologies to her at once fine i beg your pardon a little miss you're not a tasty snack wow well thank you a little mesa but if i don't eat something soon i'll surely starve hmm in that case nathan i need to find something to eat something you truly desire you are a gourmet after all what is it that you want to eat i suppose you're right as you say harry then i want to try eating something exceptionally hot it's my dream exceptionally hot day yeah something very rare a once in a lifetime treat first i'll need an appetizer concocted of rare ingredients what's the culinary trend here again do you happen to know harry hmm i wonder i do hear things from time to time but come to think of it the peddler petra said she'd bring rock chocolate next time she came to town there's no doubt that it must be the biggest craze in town well probably rock chocolate no way oh my gosh it's really rock chocolate truly i've always wanted to eat it then i'll go buy you some i'm helping anyone who's in need oh my so they are kind of humans helping when you helping me when you should be pleading for your life what an unusual child nathan oh my gosh me and my mouth i just can't help myself sometimes just thought of a great idea if you buy me a rock chocolate from petra then i nathan will give you a reward little miss you got it i'll go to petra and buy rock chocolate from here bring it back all right before we do that though we should probably do the other one which i think it's further to the left yeah it'll be up up here this way should also save the game i'm not really sure what to expect so um yeah let's save i wasn't letting me quick save there that was weird okay also the saving thing is pretty laggy as you can see it takes a while for it to pop up it'd be right over where is it showing it's showing here this is caesar found you oh wow i've been made thought i'd never be found here wait who the heck are you and how do you know who i am madam asked me to find you so i can deliver a message to you you're madame's erin girl so who are you never seen you before i'm you it's nice to meet you nice to meet you she says speak for yourself anyway what does madam want now all right madam is waiting at the mansion if you don't hurry back i'll go into the reflection room the reflection room anything but that fine i get the picture i'm going home i hope you'll apologize for what you did you're a cheeky one you don't even know what you're talking about you goody two shoes did you do something bad i'm insane compared to the adults and all their net navarry where do you get off bossing me around you jerk you jerk wait i don't have time for this gotta get back to madames well i probably won't ever see you again so thanks i guess for giving me madness message bye and she's off he said i was a jerk twice yeah that's wild all right so for this one i think i just have to go back probably yep um before i do that though let me go ahead and get the other [Music] one this one there we go okay [Music] that makes sense [Music] right and then here we go down again another room hello you what's wrong you wanna know about rock chocolate yep i heard from harry that you'd have one next to me came to town miss petra yes i did indeed bring rock chocolate with me to sell but on the way here i was attacked by a vicious monster because of that i dropped it in the forest somewhere what are you okay yes i'm fine this happens quite often in my line of work i'm used to it i know how to stay out of trouble that's good to hear but what should i do now nathan is waiting for me to bring the rock chocolate to him you're running an errand for nathan my now i feel bad for all this it was quite popular this would be a waste to leave it lying around the forest oh i know a deer patron i won't be going back for it anytime soon if you find it somehow then you can keep it really are you sure of course i hope it'll satisfy nathan in return if you ever need something i'd be happy if you produce my words on occasion thank you miss petra i'll definitely visit you again sometime please no need for the formalities just call me petra okay petra then just call me you as well also let me know if you ever run into trouble pedro i'm hoping anyone who needs it how wonderful you i'll be cheering you on i just might take you up on that offer before i forget i also went ahead and placed a marker on your map in the area i lost the ingredient to be careful out there i wish you the best in finding it all right well lots of side quests here and there huh but we're going to be running back all the way should be in this room this area oh how are things you have to thank you she finally returned madam hi there you delivered my message word for ward it was a tremendous help please take this as a reward thank you madam still wildcat doesn't feel truly accountable for her actions always a troublemaker that one if you see wildcat again you would be an excellent role model should i need someone to play with too you got it madam what'd i get what's my reward let's see the reward little 90 shells oh a chill amulet also what is that actually protects user from being chilled okay that'll probably be useful for later i'm guessing anyway um the next one let me actually see what i have over here so as far as yes the completed acts of kindness are going to be down here complete stories right here which there's actually kind of a lot there okay um so we're gonna go they're both back there so [Music] yeah we just have to go back there sure that's what we got to do i don't know which one's closer though so we'll have to just pull them both up i guess once i make it over there and just kind of see which one is in fact closer it does take kind of a while to get over there all these rooms okay think we made it yes so that one is very far back over there and close to the very beginning um so it's by the is that a peddler i can't actually tell what that blue thing is but okay um and the other one which was an easier way to switch back and forth on this but i don't think there actually is the other one is so they're both pretty close over there okay in that case i'm just gonna go this way i can't run here though i have to walk unfortunately but it is my only way to get back here oh my god okay we're gonna definitely do a skill here flame slash on you i can't believe these mouse enemies are still faster than me i keep leveling up yet actually i i ultimate one of them this time [Music] okay two but yeah these things are insanely fast like i'm trying to out speed them dude turn out speed you four exp okay so when it comes to backtracking more it's likely i'm gonna be cutting um as i make my way back to places like that so just give you a little heads up with that you know okay so i'm actually here in this fork and the pathway to the right is actually now available the guy is no longer blocking so i can go over here and just see what this air is all about as you can see it's leading to different locations i don't know if i should actually be going over here yet then uh but i did want to show that off that i can actually keep going this way i mean we'll see we'll get into an encounter and just kind of see what enemies we are facing you know one thing i should probably do let's go ahead and use an item because it's going to get a little rough probably we'll see are any new enemies um yes actually these are new ones toxic toad we're gonna do a flame slash here might as well look at 36 4 damage oh my god [Music] 16 are gonna poison me don't poison me please got you six exp that's actually really good like really really good okay there are two ways to go here let me take a look over here first this is a dead end oh my god seriously i walked one freaking step oh my god well i'll fight the moss toad here oh shoot you actually lived okay i'm gonna do is um we're doing flame slash on this one [Music] you can always use your skills i mean you might as well do it i do hope i level up soon though that would actually be uh really useful okay that one's gone you're not really seeing new enemies here though so i don't know we'll see we'll see what happens if i keep seeing the same stuff i'm not really gonna need to uh oh shoot man i think i gotta heal up again these enemies are getting pretty brutal but there's nothing over here though like there's literally nothing well i guess we just gotta go back and just get into more i mean at least i'm training and getting experience and grinding that's good now this looks ridiculous i'm just saying i'm just saying [Music] definitely the flame slash here [Music] okay um i wonder if i should let's try this oh we got a lot of health huh crap um i got a guard that way i got two attack has increased oh my freaking god dude well we're definitely doing flame flash on this one [Music] jesus i actually almost died there my god man i'm running out of healing items i'm using up so many i guess i should have come over here yet then this is not good this is not good um i can guard [Music] okay um then we'll knock you out like this 152 please level up i didn't level up oh my god no way man this is getting rough this is getting really difficult you're gonna have to go buy a bunch of items soon okay but we're gonna oh wait you're blocking now the wolf storehouse is a hat stay away okay so that means we'll just go back here oh my god another one okay this one isn't as rough i don't think [Music] i just gotta kill these guys two three one okay that's fine all right kill this one now we reduce the damage we take [Music] i better level up after this seriously like what the hell man okay that's fine get your little heel i don't care this will give us i think five exp there we go finally that was very needed much needed okay let's go back now i'm glad we got a little what's our level wrong button are we yeah we're level six now okay that's pretty good that is pretty good oh man another battle okay well anyway i'm just gonna cut now now that you've actually seen this um i'll meet you back over there as we're trying to make the way back okay so i made it back here i'm in the room right before that objective whatever that is so we'll take a look at what is this it or is this just a random encounter uh it's just a random encounter okay that's easy enough it's just a little raccoon one experience oh a nice we got an item dry wait is that what i needed oh yeah so i just keep fighting enemies here i guess hmm i guess so all right we'll take this dry wood i thought it was going to be like something crazy like a new enemy or something there's more dry wood so we just got to keep running around here again you get a whole bee that way you can walk oh this is super easy that should be number three right there but because we're already on our way over there to the right we're going to keep going for the other objective now dry wood and a healthy fruit gather three bundles go into the blacksmith yeah we'll do that later we're gonna keep moving on to the right um how far is this actually let's take a look um it's right there actually it's just past this room so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to get there i ended up saving in the room right before because i thought it was going to be something crazy like a crazy difficult battle or something but it actually was not so oh these are all so easy i mean i don't think i can one shot them but yeah i know i'll just leave this battle and it's fine normally i would cut but because i'm like right there i think it's fine i'm saving my flame slash just in case you know endurancy okay i'm going to save the game here just in case yes just in case let's go okay so it's somewhere here what are we actually doing let me pull the scrapbook really quick fine rock chocolate i said it should be on the ground or something uh let's see i don't know so they have to fight enemies it's possible i have to just fight enemies but the indicator is pointing right there somewhere so we'll have to see [Music] where that actually is what the heck oh oh found a rock chocolate take it back oh that's what it was oh that's easy enough okay well in that case we'll just go back then yeah of course we can actually warp back with by using our magic crumbs that was super easy i i thought and i thought the blue marker was actually like different as well anyway we're gonna go and bring the item to nathan first so we'll do that we'll go this way and then talk to you oh my this rock chocolate is a real really dearly i can't believe you actually brought it for me so this is the rock chocolate it's the first time i've seen it so it looks like any old rock what are you saying the scent this is an exquisite chocolate i can't bear it anymore i'm digging in come on you two have some it's not every day we get a chance like this huh really are you sure okay thank you well then time to eat so hard everyone's just enjoying it huh it's so good delicious i can't believe how good it is sweet savory of symphony and flavor i can just melt i can't i can't just can't get enough younger old sweets always suit the heart oh i feel like coming back to me again would have been coming back oh you know i could die at any moment now no what i can't move about like i used to i'm stuck right here in this chair i'm wearing i'm bored nathan hey hey what's the matter don't get all gloomy on me okay i've lived long enough got no regrets this happens to everyone well i don't mean to scare you just think of it as a deep sleep that's all it is but listen to me until i pass on i want to keep eating as many rare and tasty foods so i can get my hands on that's why i little miss i need another favor would you mind humoring an old lizard's wishes of course leave everything to me i'll bring you whatever you want oh little miss i am in your debt i'll be counting on you when i hunger again all right here's a reward for last last meal i'm doing all that to feed me nitin is very pleased thanks nathan let me know when you're hungry again let's do what i get 100 shells oh we got a defense ring as well okay let's take a look at that defense plus two i don't know if i need that at the moment um i'll just keep it though that's fine so are any new stuff popping up i don't think so right no i don't think they are [Music] okay well okay so we did yeah we gotta go to the blacksmith that's right [Music] wasn't it pointing oh it's cause i gotta talk to you that's right to advance the plot not doing that yet though we gotta go to the blacksmith first [Music] oh my god it's trapped in there that's so sad all right you oh young lady that was quick oh you brought three bottles of dry wood thank you here's the reward please take it i'm truly sorry for making you do this oh yeah that's all fine there's nothing i'm hoping others who are in need right now so if you ever went to trouble against let me know what a wonderful girl oh yes that reminds me idea is dementor who lives nearby idea he's going to be having trouble with something or other as intelligent as he is he has a habit of overthinking things if him moment of spare would you help him he's a bit eccentric but he has a good heart leave him to you okay 81 and then again hunter's gauntlet what is that increases defense against beast monsters oh all right okay who's um oh it's you over there now we gotta go back to the left okay one thing i want to see collection this is just seeing designs right that's what it looks like so because i have three i can do like that that's cool so you get to actually view these things and lock them as you go that's pretty nice okay let's go back left now [Music] so one thing i should probably do is buy some items i want to talk to you oh my god yeah i should probably buy some items because i have a lot of money now [Music] so i think it's a good idea to do it i'm not talking to you yet i'm doing more acts of kindness first yeah of course of course oh said i mean i meant to press y okay we're gonna buy what the hell propels monsters for 50 pesos oh there's actually repels huh that looks brand new it's so shiny a brand new pot ice amulet yeah we're gonna buy some of this we're gonna buy like 10 of these revised and restored half of oh wow we haven't got any other allies yet though okay we're going up and i think it's to the left this is where it was pointing it's a little further that way hello you goodness is no good he has the solution to this conundrum evades me hi there i'm you are you the master idiot the inventor well now isn't this aware of site indeed it is i idea venture extraordinaire and are you in [Music] now what business do you have with the one and only idea well i heard from the blacks but that um genius inventor might need some help quite right i've got a complete disaster in my hands you see i'm reduced to grasping at straws what's troubling you so much why this slump slump yes yes no matter what invention i fabricate all them are so terribly unremarkable this has never happened before it must be free of justice let's die i lose my credibility as an inventor what caused it why i'm pleased you asked you see my grandfather was the first genius inventor among monsters i inherited an heirloom of his a priceless tool and snap it was broken you see and ever since the cap created has given me the thrill to chill the world to continue inventing my golly you may as well save me the humiliation and cut the genius from my genius avenger appellation have you ever witnessed such a tragic tribulation as this can you fix your grandfather's tool my grandparents was a genie was genius without rival but he had his flaws you see he scarcely scribbled a single note of the materials he used for his inventions you see hence it is impossible to tell what material could be utilized to replace the broken part you see well but i gather a bunch of different materials for you and you could see what sticks why what a compelling proposition i shot to them to replicate my grandfather's tool but create my own by all means go forward i eagerly want your return you see a wonderful postulation such innovation all right if possible would be would be incredibly helpful if you were to find some fireproof material you've seen all right just leave it to me okay so we definitely have to go ahead and activate that one back in the freaking hillside mountain oh my god okay i mean i guess i can make my way over there i actually decided i'm just going to talk to you right now because what if your pros going to go to the forest for the next thing too so i'll just do it now mr fox mystery [ __ ] what's the matter you call the cop offering for her help the couple had to cry with bleeding eyes huh your family is in danger because they got sick to come naughty before explaining the foxcab and his family were part of the snow fox tribe living on crystal moon hill one did the youngest cup suddenly came down with the debilitating fever and the family was at a loss for the season quickly spread to the rest of the family even to the cops speaking with you it was then a single flower petal gently floated by illuminating a light pink hue from its veins the petal landed on the sit cub and the cub was secured in a frenzy the cup placed the petal on the rest of its family but the petals flume had worn off and so the cup set about asking the monsters around town but no one had heard of the shiny flowers however one of the ones you knew of the mysterious forest nearby it was called the blooming forest it was that despite it being located in crystal moon hill it was bathing warmth allowing all kinds of flowers to flourish if the mystical healing fire could be found it would be there the fox recalled but the miracle pedal had drifted from the direction that was enough to verify the villager's claims i see i see united agreement that's a very good point right the cub then asks you to help search for the blooming forest together to which you happily agreed of course your family will be in big trouble if you don't hurry let's go reply with the cry of joy all right i don't know your name mr fox to come introduce itself as rocky rocky huh it's nice to meet you i'm you with their introductions out of the way they began their journey to the blooming forest for the mystical being flower so we have to go to the left it seems yeah but we're not going to do that we're actually going to go back into the forest because we want to actually complete that next request so yeah let's let's go do it okay so one thing i have to show you is that rocky is actually part of your team now that's pretty awesome so i get to attack both of you okay or with both of you in that all right it's a party number huh so it makes it much easier having an additional you know attacker here yeah the game just got easier backtracking to this area so we'll see how this works still get my through experience okay it's funny the game doesn't actually give you any kind of tutorial about that because usually they can give you lots of tutorials anyway one thing i notice is that it's actually right there in that dead end remember that dead end that was like there's nothing over here it's that harder place where you find those like the poison moss toads or whatever so we'll make our way over there i don't really think i need to show this though because you've seen this pathway before okay we made it over here and there's the fireproof material bring it back to idea simple enough but yeah it's over here on the map pretty easy so all we have to now do is just go ahead and go back by using the magic crumbs like always wait a minute oh i see i was like what the hell okay yeah i bought the power fruit that's right about 10 of the power fruit okay so the correct way to go to be that way on to the left so one thing i realized there i don't think there's like an easy way to heal in this game i mean a lot of sleeping counts but i would have to go all the way back over there but there's no like in or whatever you know there's just the only option is to buy stuff and then heal up like that i think i don't know here you go goodness i've never seen such a strange incompatible material quite like this before hmm i've been inspired the gears of my head are joining turning out new ideas you see my heart is beating faster than i can think now without further ado insert this into the damaged part in the socket and pass it through here then plug it into this to regulate the balance all i just denied and then presto it's finished i've done it you see quickly now let's run some tests with the remaining materials i'll create an accessory for my lovely benefactor miss you huh are you sure yes i genius extraordinaire will make you an accessory that will make all others look like toys thanks wonder what it'll be i can't wait now look here this accessory is going to amplify his usabilities it's quite simple really we'll start here this is where my genius comes in a little embellishment never hurt us swishy swish swish uh it's amazing i can feel the energy inside me you really are a genius idea you made it so fast of course i am this was a trivial attachment into like you see what about your slump idea it's gone indeed it is it was your assistance your advice and of course your kindness to pave the way it's just my job and trying to help whoever's in need of it i thought i was able to help idea let me know if you need me again all right sure of course don't know this to extend my genius you see well really that's comforting to no thanks idea sure and there we go another one done 110 two smart glasses let's see what that is raise this critical chance slightly i don't know if i care about that i should probably give you some stuff though cute fangs old rag will give you defense ring and i guess the chilled amulet maybe sure that's fine all right perfect timing to uh now just move on we can go this way it's letting us proceed now finally new area whoa what i took one step game we can't just do that oh god i think i'm dead here actually no i'm not dead oh shoot i actually probably am crap um this is really not good you can attack this thing and then you can go ahead and use an item i should have actually killed i know what i was thinking okay so get rid of that one guy first that'll reduce the damage i take by a little bit [Music] damn that's not good okay uh you you're gonna have to [Music] i'm gonna have to make you guard this is kind of a risk here i think it's he doesn't use any skills that's a little confusing okay that's fine i'll take it i'll take it yes that was that was the best thing could have actually happened now we can do a flame slash on you and then you can attack the one in the back [Music] perfect jump rust okay that's fine how much damage do i actually do by a regular attack now is it a lot no it's not actually as much as i oh wow sorry though actually i did more naming i thought it would yeah so i don't have to be using a flame slash on them anymore but it does take three hits to kill them level up for you oh level up for both you learned a skill that's awesome yes that was a perfect timing for a level up i'm just saying oh wow hello young lady if you're going to christa moon hill you can get there through this cave as one might expect my frozen habitat many monsters with a cultural advantage i recommend taking any equipment that might provide protection against the cold i recently happened upon a peddler selling such equipment if you're in the market for some talk to him catch you later oh should i do it i don't know if i should i mean rocky has something equipped for that i know let's just see what we're up against you know what are the enemies here oh that's a new one there okay what is this it's rock crab [Music] that's a lot of health two that's fine i can take two [Music] you have a lot of health boulder defense brandishing spikes don't touch it should i test out what this does no i shouldn't [Music] what are you doing [Music] he's not doing anything i'm just going to attack you oh i see [Music] well i mean you're not doing anything so i have to do this what's my other choice just wait for the battle to take a million years healthy fruit okay oh wait what was that hmm thanks rocky rocky found healthy food buried in the ground oh that's what that question mark was so yeah it was okay well i think it's actually a good time to end the video i feel like i am out of time about the mid 40s oh yeah destination is right over there so i think i'm just going to go and make my way all the way to the left over here before i get into their battery if i figured as much another one of this huh let's do flame slash let's see how much damage this does [Music] 55 you oh they don't look at my other scale my bad i totally should have all right let's go through and it's showing oh the whole train was always covered in snow and ice every day of the year in the midst of the severe weather small monsters live their daily lines huddled close together the icicles that had formed the top of the large crescent-shaped hill emitted a particular stop from being battered by the wind earning in its name crystal moon hill oh so this is crystal moon hill it's so pretty but it's also way too cold burn crystal moon hill was covered in snow even a courageous new kind of chile this is nothing i got this first so where do we go from here rocky mentioned that grandfather owl might know something about the blooming force grandfather owl good ol the elder of the snow owls living deep living deep within crystal moon hill rocky explained that grandfather owl was known for his wisdom great sounds like hello something let's go see him you and rocky began to try for crystal moon hill to meet the fabled grandfather owl okay and i think with that it's actually a good time to end the video here so before in this video what the heck why can i run here it's letting me run all right so before this video don't forget to leave a like comment subscribe and turn on notifications if you enjoy the video i will see you all later bye bye everyone have a great day [Music]Watch at: 00:20 / 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