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    SearchThisVideo: The Dojo – Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood – Part 1

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    all right Matt are you ready are you
    like water what what are you doing in
    order play this is a kungfu game right
    Lord of the Rings key we got to go to
    the Ray in front of a thing there's
    Frodo I realize everything about Kung Fu
    in this isn't there know you would like
    to know you're right goodness yeah this
    is a little bit is off square and I
    thought it was so our soiree I didn't
    notice that was a cue hey everybody
    welcome to the dojo here original Jeff
    I'm Matt we're playing Final Fantasy 14
    sucia storm blood yeah we're doing some
    flips I think these are actually I mean
    like the thing is that there's two new
    there's two new rato there's two new
    jobs in this game and she's Freddie what
    is Red Mage and one is a the pretty
    samurai yeah everybody is super pretty
    but I'm thinking these would be red
    beige I don't get Final Fantasy has got
    some pretty [ __ ] people
    oh yeah well that's pretty people and I
    think in all of gaming they've got some
    pretty goddamn cutscenes too and it's
    gonna go on for a little while yeah you
    know sit sit back oh no I get to watch
    lunch dodging people or you come to yeah
    she it because I'm going to just say as
    a caveat right now folks I tried I
    really did I paid the $25.00 to max
    level a character because you can do
    that but I just wasn't able to get far
    enough to let us go to this particular
    place oh that's a bummer because there's
    two new areas in this expansion and this
    is one of them and but you have to beat
    every single quest in the bank game to
    get there and that's dumb and I'm just
    like that's dumb how do we get on that
    hand today I come to power
    okay is there kung foo foo Manchu yeah I
    kind of I'm kind of with you on the
    whole that's dumb thing because I spent
    like a good twenty five minutes last
    night trying to figure out how to get to
    this area oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ] oh they're
    gone but the vendors dependent uh-oh now
    kids so now much
    so I spent and I spent the last two days
    trying to plow through the main story
    quests as fast as I could right I just
    couldn't make it I just get all the way
    to the end there but I agree that it's
    kind of [ __ ] up that like if you went
    let's say that you went but the the
    they've got a version that just came out
    that has like the base game and all yeah
    as heavensward and then as the store
    blood in it that you have to go through
    the main quest order to get there I
    think like I tried as hard as I could
    right I'm looking at map coordinates for
    [ __ ] sake this planet is cool your
    hair yeah that me too yeah Ruby see I
    think this is a Kalimdor cancel I want
    to take inside but that's not right so
    it's like but it's kind of like a flick
    of Japan yeah yeah yeah it's like an
    ancient japan area the samurais so sure
    and there's our on looking [ __ ]

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    here oh yeah yeah he I mean it literally
    they clearly model him after that
    characters from Final Fantasy 10 right
    oh I don't use sleeves [ __ ] so
    good oh oh they're trying to Indiana
    Jones's [ __ ] but it turns out
    but it turns out that this is Final
    Fantasy and bullets have no effect well
    it's a weird nothing I will yeah that
    doesn't that's us that doesn't help that
    does not Ralph
    alright I'm a pretty damaged [ __ ] you
    know it's just some guy back there who's
    like my house I didn't even have a dog
    in this fight and it's like mom's office
    you got the town on fire but for real
    you just destroyed that little ally
    who's gonna pre-build that you know
    homeless samurai guy yeah ah pretty
    though oh it's [ __ ] gorgeous God just
    you know but season here's the other
    thing that yeah is that I actually think
    that Final Fantasy 14 is a pretty decent
    MMO aren't into MMO
    yeah but they do have the balls to want
    you to buy a $60 game and like to $30
    expansions and then to pay them like 10
    or 15 dollars a month they still have a
    monthly charge so I'm going to have to
    call some [ __ ] on that yep
    well I mean that's the thing about
    square they got deep pockets for a
    reason they got a hell hell a fan base
    they can afford to take a year off to
    rebuild a shitty broken game yeah that's
    now just as a quick side note you
    remember when we played Elder Scrolls
    online uh-huh I did say that Elder
    Scrolls online was free-to-play and
    somebody was really upset on it so let
    me just say were they it's it doesn't
    have a monthly charge but you do have to
    purchase the game okay there is no like
    just download charge yeah there is no
    just download this version so oh good
    okay good I'm glad that it's only nine
    people so this mellow little cat lady
    that I bill oh she's adorable
    yeah they got little ear rings yeah oh
    yeah yeah I like it
    she's so much more distinguished the
    gift yeah well really okay oh I bet it
    is turd a we played this is completely
    boob tastic oh I saw that anime clothes
    break it off game you guys just one of
    the Final Fantasy you see they're like a
    really classy version of the clothes
    breaking off you know those gives it
    like marvelous puts out uh-huh
    that'd be off that would even amazing
    yeah speaking of objectifying women mmm
    I saw transformers 5 today oh [ __ ] yeah
    thumbs up thumbs down
    that means of you.thank Jaffa I don't
    know I thought it was a
    you know it was more of a goddamn saying
    okay you like the other Transformers
    movies you know you do
    I'd like like I could like you're on
    strong term if you are sometimes I have
    to get drunk and watch robots fight each
    other all right I am that's it's not the

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    same no reason for them to be as bad as
    they are tonight because there are
    episodes of the original series [ __ ]
    move okay first things first I forgot
    anyway back to the game
    I forgot let's see a dip dip to see
    social freak company I joined a free
    company last night delirious drunken
    drunk and I'm going to leave that so we
    don't also watch their whole like a
    Snuggie up oh you know be spokesman here
    we are this is actually not where we
    need to be let's go go um teleport -
    that's a lot of names hold on steps of
    meld don't get me wrong this this game
    is menus on menus with a side order of
    menus and light travelling of menus all
    around the top well I think I'm gonna be
    okay yeah the thing is that if you could
    get like you know if this thing goes on
    sale and you have you want to play I
    mean like look I got a little Red Mage
    that follows me around is like you're
    all and I have actually it's funny I
    have when I look at my character I've
    got so I've got a couple of different
    minions I've got the little bike chocobo
    oh by ball a little cursor a little
    airship let's mix the airship okay I've
    got a little bit light flight warrior
    he'll who are those guys that's
    Sephiroth and I don't know I don't know
    probably no yeah those are the leaders
    of the different but also like what's
    [ __ ] up is that I actually because I
    preordered or some such [ __ ] okay I
    have like two different mounts I have a
    ball but I can't ride mounts because I
    don't have the license
    I don't have the mount license so yeah
    yeah no I understand I hear your eyes
    rolling I hear them not someone like
    whirling very very cute
    riku but I'm just like and look I can
    also dance I can go again dance let's
    see yeah man I could say emote and I can
    say but Abbot game but but but but dance
    I think good yeah bring it down girl
    but that let's go talk to this guy since
    you know samurai I'm just out quite
    saying you saying mmm that there are you
    have to get a license for your mount yep
    I had a flashback to Xenoblade
    Chronicles X as balls just what you
    think you see it as world slow surprises
    yeah more ball what am I talking about
    you asked oh nothing much just the most
    amazing blade work I've ever seen
    [ __ ] [ __ ] it was even some a man
    heart either but light entertainment a
    Far Eastern fellow old enough to be my
    grandfather appeared and call for
    challengers but who would answer him but
    a brutal gladiator
    okay people thought it was either memory
    or a sick joke after robbery could it be
    to a memory way that's a different thing
    not now one such a mismatched old and
    infirm versus this new I think what's
    the one thing I really don't like is
    that Matt and I are sitting on a couch
    trying to read the oh [ __ ] there is no

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    way to make this text any bigger I have
    looked [ __ ] kind it's so small
    yeah when the action began the old man
    proceeded to drop everyone's jaws his
    opponents not least of all with his
    blistering blade work he cut his
    hamstrings and left him to bleed are you
    the are you the guy from his fan club
    yeah he our guy this is his height guy
    yeah was gonna show up later challenger
    finishing the job you want sheets is
    blade putting a steal away in the heat
    of battle committing suicide okay
    alright alright greens too many burger
    burgers there's a word for an old man
    for an instant before anyone can
    comprehend what had happened is opponent
    crumpled on the ground and once all
    strokes the possible speed the old
    bandit draws sword ltle blow if you
    Arby's massive subside the stands are up
    them to read Joyce Chariot God just
    recounting it gives me the chills
    speeds precision to elegance simply
    sublime and it could be yours for only
    $9.99 how's it possible I've never heard
    and is far Easter warriors these samurai
    wait are you thinking what are you
    thinking what I think you're thinking
    you want to face the old man well the
    silver tug show master was looking for a
    new challenger but you don't want to do
    this let somebody else be the
    who is this guy a televangelist like you
    your soul can we save as well you write
    a check okay hold on I hear of God and
    we need to switch over to the Marauder
    for this I think yet Marauder equipped
    cemente this is like a fully level you
    could just buy this [ __ ] with like
    straight line of course okay so let's
    see if we can't find out where our where
    the samurai oak containment speak with
    the silver tongue show master and he's
    swears yet he's by the Colosseum okay
    so we are get off okay so we're here got
    nope if I remove that cat claw oh yeah I
    just let it name you know that's little
    area there's Santa land the ossuary
    burial chamber that's a lot of name is
    just the steps of Thal it's on the steps
    of Thal okay okay of Christ well it's
    just I mean you know like this level of
    this level of complexity is you know
    what did you want my him oh I I I'm just
    you look at my hot ball see if I hold
    down the r2 button everything on the
    right is every button on the face of the
    I've hold down the l2 button everything
    on the other side is the buttons on the
    Facebook controller and if I hit the r1
    I could switch between the different
    loadouts that I've gotten Wow
    yeah there's a lot of there's a lot of
    stuff oh here comes a loading screen
    yeah um oh man I'm very committed to the
    idea I are just looking at this I mean
    it's fine I mean it looks like fun I'm
    just if you like that I I gotta be
    honest with you man I gave up on the
    shell a long time ago what should is
    that just mm oh oh what is this all this
    well yeah mmo's and like I well you know
    what I'm not going to talk [ __ ] about it
    if this is the thing you are into dear
    listener then more power to you yeah I'm

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    just like Transformers movies Oh subtle
    segue yeah well so okay tell me
    something does it all take place in the
    King Arthur times that's like a whole
    other movie that I would rather watch
    like burl is a drunk that I could also
    play by Stanley Tucci
    it's weird I can't really tell uh does
    he keep getting me I don't know how did
    he get [ __ ] John Malkovich to be in
    transformers Anthony Hopkins movie like
    what does Michael Bay have it is it just
    catch it's just [ __ ] to have straight
    [ __ ] lost 260 million dollar good God
    in heaven and above and like and like
    yeah there's like [ __ ] preamble
    taking place in King Arthur's time with
    drunk ass Merle and stumbling up to an
    ancient autobot ship and being like that
    i know don't you help me too much about
    i won't tell you much minute it's that's
    the thing oh wait here we go the silver
    town show master okay what
    let me find good guy come on come on
    come on a swordsman hailing from the
    exotic don't let his age fool you he's
    already made short work of the
    challengers just one condition you must
    fight with the same blade as the old
    man's if you think you have what it
    proceed to the gladiators kill to make
    yourself known to the far eastern elder
    cool now i got to go to the next place
    which is around here somewhere
    like kind of sucks that I'm not going to
    play this game again after I've spent
    like like learning how to actually like
    pull up Matt yeah yeah well I mean you
    can see there's like there's like three
    different Maps each one of those leave
    the same place and make smiley tired why
    are you so are you so grumpy why you're
    not grumpy why just watch it to our
    [ __ ] Transformers movie why do you
    think you dude I know it's not what
    they're here yeah hey but ankle hey hey
    buddy called me about a guy wouldn't be
    amazing if he's like a samurai but he
    talks like I feel like a Canadian a
    certified Canadian ya know that nobody
    has that alright I'm yo Juliet and are
    you falling about yeah I hope I the time
    don't come alright give me a sword I'll
    do it Oh second beat no time and he's
    really man that's that that is some fly
    he's pretty fly for a short guy alright
    then I'm just gonna it's fine
    I'm a lessons you wonder listen to the
    music to it so get all like let's you
    wonder samurai swordsman to the far east
    yet know that swords wield are unlike
    those this land katana they are called a
    friar do
    alleged such a blade along with the
    stone talisman thanks a rock buddy yeah
    wear them on your person your akut one
    of us I'm gonna pitch this at your head
    when your backs turn at least in
    appearance if not in sooth thank you I
    don't know if that's thank you
    give me that I want to be a samurai
    right okay samurai
    Tyler quit telling me stuff okay
    Skylar somebody just invited me to a
    free company damn yeah finish my thought

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    real quick yeah there are elements to
    those transformers you actually don't
    like like they're a little it's like
    there's five different movies that hum
    that each could be kind of fun and
    interesting on its own yeah but it's all
    being mashed together and it's just kind
    of shrieking noise and misogyny okay
    yeah you should watch it
    let's see I now have a yokai I now have
    a samurai sword okay whoa okay all right
    engage unlocked
    cengage recent effects ETSU continued in
    an kha he I do too okay uh can I do I
    have like gear for this [ __ ] are you
    just gonna be naked because that would
    be amazing
    no I mean I've got this but I'll get my
    old gear but like I thought he gave me a
    I thought he gave me like a box that had
    like samurai armor yeah I thought he
    gave me like a thing this is the problem
    there's a there's like one too many like
    okay so I got nothing in this inventory
    since its letter scented why is it
    scented I don't know but like okay so
    here we got jelly finish it got some
    dyes this copy the dark vows the talk I
    thought he gave me like a chest oh wait
    here it is okay
    nameless armor copper all right cool you
    use armor oh yay all right nameless
    let's see if we can my level 50 samurai
    oh yeah
    samurais start at level 50 that's cool
    okay so now I should be like BAM look at
    looking good girl oh that's the thing
    about the design elements of the game is
    that you can stop is the super judge
    okay uh so then let's see enhance
    strength and hand strength okay I don't
    actually have any actions oh wait here
    we go uh yeah ever come up behind me
    before oh yeah
    it's just that give you pets okay I'm
    gonna I'm gonna I haven't done any this
    so let's just your wet nose me regard to
    the piercing gaze yes in your gaze I see
    the stirrings of a new board's MRI to
    plane the stone has already bequeathed
    some of its memories to you I did
    actually use the stove yeah I'm good
    we begin as soon as you're ready you've
    learned all the samurai actions and
    traits to level 50 detailed descriptions
    to be found an actual trades yeah well
    maybe that's the zone it's like I got oh
    yeah years of knowledge in my brain
    are you ready good good luck next to the
    arena see through time okay proceed to
    the arena dude I mean so here's the one
    thing that's kind of cool it's like I'd
    say that you went and did the yeah you
    went and did the thing where you got a
    character up to max level right yeah
    okay you could then go get samurai as a
    class and then play through the entire
    main game as the samurai Oh numbers okay
    that's cool I dig that yeah yeah I'm a
    samurai in D&D I'm a half-orc samurai
    shut up yeah yeah shut up with that [ __ ]
    I am I'm a half-orc Sam well it's

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    technically pathfinder but boy I'm a
    what like level five or whatever I don't
    know what level I'm at is good meeting
    yeah I use my ninja hey I have work I'm
    a whole backstory for him put some
    clothes on there Chippendale
    oh this is the guy that was left Oh
    observed my crotch I I don't fool of you
    out-and-proud okay look well let's do it
    he's like [ __ ] take him out
    boneheaded burrell al whose so roundly
    trounced but moments ago is invaded the
    blood spatter blood sands yeah
    for those of us came in late this is
    grace radiators Casa de Colosseum and I
    paraphrase being an all-around odious
    brute verb he needs to sound like you
    tonight and I was really close to making
    one of those guys being a samurai one of
    those I love you adorable yeah but I oh
    we I thought I might actually play the
    game a little bit and I didn't want to
    do that but you're about that fight me
    they have it's so weird because they
    have these cutscenes they look really
    good because we are styled or are short
    but then they don't have any voice
    acting yeah it's kind of that Oh his
    head chest explodes and bled a sword
    will you be broken he broke his sword
    why did it break in two places he only
    hit it once it's a very brittle sword is
    what drew did that wha me that's all
    that's one anime a space bro my doors
    okay uh katene where we left off yep
    let's do it real cute I like her taken a
    turn turn dun-dun-dun alright so now I
    got a fight with a class I've never
    using before good and everything on the
    screen is too small to read go uh let's
    then like guys you [ __ ] heard me um
    how is challenger fare against this any
    magic elder oh man is it can I move
    those things those things are too big
    but yeah what haha yeah yeah here try
    this off besides I got my third eye
    blind jinpu I got some some Champoux all
    right I got a pooj in [ __ ] ship out and
    the poopoo platter but and then let's
    see try one of these BAM that's right
    magic gecko and then how about try one
    of these try that sheep sheep ooh try
    master see how Master Shifu how about
    one of these cheapo c4v who how about we
    do one of these yeah
    I don't even know what I'm doing I'm
    just hitting each button in turn so cool
    not get too impressive a technique born
    of arduous trials what I'm just going
    through all the difference all right
    cool I mean apparently this is some kind

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    of tank class and what I really like
    about the game is that it it rolls the
    skills out one at a time like every four
    or five levels so like when you start
    playing the game it's like you just have
    attack I think you've got like one
    little skill and then as you keep
    playing it you end up with a like a
    whole hot bar and three little [ __ ]
    Triforce tokens or whatever the [ __ ] is
    the one on a firewall cool so I have
    like more stuff you got my yeah let's
    try this one out Wow better ice powers I
    have my face well it's got all those
    things I got the mecha sushi mecha sushi
    becasue she knew she possesses that's my
    new band name
    oh is it mechanism like it's my my Scott
    dubstep do I have any like Oh Oh to have
    anything like healing items or holidays
    okay I'm just going to keep doing that
    cuz goals like it gives me some kind of
    shield power I apologize I didn't
    actually look at all these things but
    you know I don't want to spend 45
    minutes trying to figure out how this
    cloud husbands are we actually going to
    don't eat him yeah I mean if you look
    our health is going down and his house
    is going down is she's actually not
    attacking us that much he's kind of
    taking it easy on the old still Jeffster
    over here oh [ __ ] get out of the way are
    you here to do it okay jin-woo jaquez a
    third eye and you're in him who you were
    inside of him tip more chin poo
    I will pull on your gin oh yes I was one
    in some weird so I think this is that
    paint class yeah you know like the his
    health has not gone down it since the
    last time I just it has it's just it's
    going down slowly so let's try these
    again this one's better family man it's
    just this is a tank built right so it's
    going to be for for damage output like
    it's going to be as a damage absorption
    okay character or maybe they are DPS I
    don't know
    get whole people online saying that it
    was pretty cool I got shooting out of my
    three C's filled up whoo God yep it's
    fun to say so okay so okay the King
    Arthur [ __ ] new Transformers movie
    about half half the movie no it's like
    the first four minutes oh okay yeah and
    then it sort of comes back up later like
    it's yeah one it gets brought up again
    later on in the film dance dance ah yeah
    it sort of comes up again over like like
    it becomes a running part of the plot
    okay of the five plot so okay yeah is it
    I mean have they have they all trimmed
    down or wait let me ask this [ __ ] how
    much goddamn people is there in the
    movie same as matter they're all out was
    [ __ ] you so many [ __ ] terror training
    in the way of the samurai and characters
    they don't go anyway give me an air pass

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    such airship has to your plan I think
    things are not found in this land hence
    their great worth as my people you were
    trained under my watchful eye and
    learned even the most essence of
    techniques it's okay why are you lying
    back to fight that item yep what's this
    LeBron huh no racist real aside I want
    to play oh damn that's racist
    you know how do you know he talks like
    that how do you don't know not because I
    don't assume I want to find out like he
    looks like he should be in Willow is all
    I'm saying
    strength lies in numbers let's do this
    yeah have you seen the potential
    firsthand is this ilk shouldn't pose you
    any trouble
    Oh brothers you hear those cute Wow okay
    sweet let's do this let's burn her there
    they brought Lerner took max is there no
    you should enter under to get these guys
    on he said when he got his buddies he
    was like hey I got beat me arena
    let's go murder them cool okay okay then
    the script it's become a free-for-all
    okay yeah like an attack yeah
    yeah Loyola run so now you can see that
    we're actually doing a little bit more
    damage because we're not dealing with
    this guy so we'll show her down yeah it
    with nothing else it's flashy you [ __ ]
    man it's definitely pretty how about
    that you want one of those I killed a
    man I killed a man today yeah I'm gonna
    get the get that third I'm getting close
    to about halfway down yeah I'm trying to
    I got at one point I got some hold on I
    think I might need to do this one I got
    some kind of health regen off of one of
    these things okay cool
    where's the the other guy oh he's just
    hanging out he is hanging out over there
    yeah [ __ ] well it'll be when the
    when the baddie bag comes out when the
    big win oh yes the own headed bar all
    deus or whatever same is yeah I'm
    retaining health right now with just you
    know phone ma'am what's up with that
    oh come on oh you think about that you
    think about reading about some of this
    we think about that out of the butter
    apple butter apple butter like a lot of
    means we're not pre associating here
    alright just because we do a show with
    yes that's true IIIi kind of we kinda
    show has words doesn't me just say what
    am i I kind of wanted to do that so uh
    yeah Rober all the last standing I like
    how he's got different titles oh yeah
    here he comes
    okay now yeah his little guys gonna his
    other buddies you guys gonna um you guys
    gonna try some [ __ ] oh yeah oh don't
    stand in that yeah about that come on
    it's not how about some of that you want
    some of this cheap ooh yeah she got all
    kinds of shifu for you cuz the pan is a
    good movie need foo oh hell yeah it is
    yeah I am funny because that was one of
    those movies one of those movies where I
    was like yeah [ __ ] this [ __ ] kids

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    movie for a bunch of babies and [ __ ]
    baby baby dumb babies the gay baby
    dumbness now I've never called a baby
    gay in my life Matt it's just not not
    Mike I'm making a pastiche of what dumb
    people say okay yeah telling me it's not
    me don't want to fight us okay not me as
    society yeah
    I take responsibility for my actions
    let's not so suck it kimchi I can we not
    I don't know the question goes to you
    well I mean it's like him what we got
    here but ya know uh whoa whoa ya know um
    yeah there's still a lot of [ __ ]
    humans interest John Turturro is back
    for no reason he's been in everyone
    right he's been in all of them except
    for the last one I think oh yeah you
    know we were really missing the [ __ ] out
    of him in the last one looks like it he
    doesn't do anything like oh yes beloved
    character John Zatara ex leader of
    section seven or whatever sector seven
    or seven knows a and then he was like
    and then like Oh higher here not here's
    my manservant [ __ ] weapon space for
    fire yeah why for no goddamn reason like
    what a great [ __ ] terminus yeah still
    good scope you've got a he's got an
    accent those are funny right I mean you
    know they recreated that dynamic except
    this time it was Anthony Hopkins and
    literally [ __ ] c-3po put three CPC
    c-3po apos ctp up self how many how many
    three POS were your name is cogman
    cogman yeah I don't even had an old
    transformer name yeah I know they just
    made it well they made up a bunch of
    [ __ ] for this movie which is amazing
    managed to kill off all of the other
    transformers now I mean yeah like
    battery I feel like only up really came
    back so then you all will you come back
    no that's a class not even the original
    wheelie it's the jive-talking wheelie
    that was bumping thing in Fox's leg yeah
    he came back I think I want him to come
    back you know I don't want any wheelie
    back ever I hate the one in Transformers
    the movie is my least favorite part of
    fans made baby Dinobots and it's never
    explained where they come from no no man
    come on don't don't like ruin anything
    like I still want to go watch this movie
    and like the only thing it's good for is
    spectacle so if you tell me why I will
    tell you anything so that I
    I will only answer questions yes yeah
    well I really cared about was whether or
    not the knights in shining armor
    [ __ ] lasted forever because I mean
    for some reason although the
    Transformers have this night aesthetic
    now less yeah like and I honestly I
    think it makes them look a little bit
    better than they used to because they
    used to just look like piles of [ __ ]
    and trap scrap metal yeah they're
    visually difficult to look at like they
    yeah they're just hard to look at and it
    if I don't know like they look a little
    better now as you as who the fan of
    transformers and and an artist
    it must try to mental 8 to look at them

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    like how it's not even necessarily that
    they're poorly designed it's just they
    move yeah there's just too much
    I can't tell and now they have
    thankfully we're fine like Optimus was
    like I can tell where Optimus is because
    he's blue and red right and he's kind of
    got a tighter design they tightened up
    his design he's a little more humanoid
    and bumblebee doesn't look any different
    even he's a yellow Camaro sucks
    yeah um III mean some I think the only
    other see the only other returning
    transformer is Megatron they kill a
    hound often for no hound is back uh John
    Goodman on Goodman's down he's back and
    you've got maybe about a total of six
    lines and they're all just screamed from
    off screen or just 80-yard like
    I'm big and I have a gun I'm smoking a
    bullet or something I don't know what
    they told me I don't know what it means
    yes yeah uh the Dinobots are well kind
    of back
    I mean but you know to be honest like I
    don't know there's there's at least one
    person and they're probably listening to
    rage select who's just like really into
    the all the mythos that have been built
    up in the in the universe that is the
    Transformers Michael [ __ ] universe
    yeah sister I show the window every
    movie yeah a little cherry pick shitty
    dude we're like going oh no went after
    him Hey
    oh he's gonna [ __ ] he's gonna get you
    gonna smack in a Kurosawa his ass what
    are you doing what do you know am i just
    target him oh I can't target him you are
    you you are done and then allowing me
    eat hey man I was the one who's like
    whoa yeah you killed him yeah no no he
    killed him yeah I know he killed him I
    was like you killed a man wasn't the
    arena I know but the fearsome fighters
    the samurai let's give a round of
    applause you see how you could see the
    dialogue over in the chat window uh okay
    only thing that people the only fix that
    people had for how [ __ ] tiny that
    [ __ ] was will just make the chat window
    way big and they just read all the
    dialogue in the chat window yeah I guess
    one thing I mean I'm going to delay yeah
    let me go to my the homeland let me go
    to the motherland yeah we're getting
    kind of close yeah I'm here native land
    for okay long did I search my native
    land for people an unfit here the
    problem concededly was my people's way
    of thinking is deal with today uphold so
    as I set forth now the wait so it was
    that I set forth now okay Ayers ear I
    placed myself in the midst and hopefully
    finding a soul I did you now I realized
    he appeared that you could be a strange
    old fool spouting nonsense but I'm well
    past caring about appearances I speak
    with all earnest II when I say we can
    such become my people yes sure yeah
    words can't explain this mastered
    student now I know your name
    I'm called to [ __ ] to the computer
    Maeda that's a fine name without further

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    ado we shall commence your training pray
    join me at the nearby tavern there's a
    slick hand the slick hands like han gyeo
    shall put your hand he took his hand up
    your skirt
    it's real bad okay many times oh he said
    slick hand but the name is actually the
    quicksand okay well you know what I
    don't think that we're going to get any
    more out of this because I think that
    he's not going to take us to the
    promised land
    yeah I gotta go to samurai town I don't
    think let's see well hold on let's let's
    just let's just give him one more
    benefit of we're gone one more chance
    one more chance and and I'm sure that
    what's going to happen Matt is that
    people are going to be is that okay what
    is this we got the steps of nulled steps
    of thoughts of meld okay I know that
    assets of bald steps of growled is that
    we are going to stop playing this okay
    right before he says get in my airship
    and I'll take you to the promised land
    if you've won that sounds good grunts
    damn it
    [ __ ] more second oh by the way I
    need to do something real fast and it's
    gonna be cool okay cool ready I don't
    like how my [ __ ] is all the same color
    oh I'm gonna make my I got some pink dye
    why don't we die ah die my thing never
    everything sucks and I want to die uh
    well you know just like calm down a
    little now that just a little bit just
    five five calm down by five come down by
    two point two five two point three five
    1.8 1.8 best I can do okay I'll take 1.8
    mm hmm better than nothing it's it's
    less it's just shy of me [ __ ] on
    your couch if you if you if you defecate
    anywhere in my house that is not the
    toilet that we're no longer friends I'm
    sorry I think you got all you got I
    don't know I think your standards are
    out of control you that's what you think
    I mean I think my standards around lenio
    people [ __ ] in my house and a lot of
    friends of them I not in the nut you
    know just anywhere just on the floor I
    mean you know like allowances for people
    give me an internship Pass commuter ship
    at seminary Pass
    beginning the period of just a past
    underwent a career to strive for aging
    love battles where the samurai save for
    the cams great for Shawn are you sure
    the age of blood is never repeated we
    seek out the wicked and bring them into
    account doing so we ward off chaos okay
    or heirs here this culling guides us we
    should journey okay our efforts begin
    this very city I shall cast about for
    evil that has taken root here okay ouch
    ye so when I be like master you have to
    go back to the homeland it shit's real
    bad never quicker okay

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    a debt of gratitude found my pupil at
    long last goal I had minded I had a mind
    to join you
    you know just never found my way here
    from fester Bay would be standing here
    right hey everybody the best I'm the
    best great cool okay
    alright I think we're done here and it
    but you know what we're gonna do is
    we're going to come back tomorrow cool
    and we're going to do the Red Mage quest
    yeah this one took of you know this one
    took long enough so I think that like I
    can't actually I have to be level 50 to
    need for him to to do the next thing so
    folks if you're watching this on youtube
    hit the like and subscribe button if you
    would like to see these videos a day
    earlier you can always head on over to
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    people I feel like we have the best
    commenters on Rachel I talk Tom yeah if
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    with their lives and try to monetize my
    work tell us how you really feel
    I mean I'm doing it yes I mean do it
    this your your mom's dude you can't tell
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    hey guys I got going anyway
    patron comp or sorry site but we're not
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    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    all I got going on at the moment I'm
    gonna be in Oklahoma this weekend for
    sooner con I don't know when this is
    going up yeah I'm gonna wear my you
    t-shirt and probably get beaten up oh
    yeah you should do that it would be very
    respectful here about yeah I'll give me
    a quick husband oh there we go
    join us back here tomorrow we're gonna
    do the Red Mage quest and see what else
    we could do
    thanks everybody for watching and
    uh see you tomorrow yeah

    Matt and Jeff are taking a summer vacation to Eorzea to check out the new Samurai and Red Mage classes in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood here on The Dojo!


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