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SearchThisVideo: The Drifter Demo Full Playthrough / Longplay / Walkthrough (no commentary) #thebae

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Watch video at 00:00
i jumped the car back in breaker's cut
told myself i'd never come back
but well here i am
this must be me damn
shouldn't have told annie i'd come don't
know how she tracked down my number
my strong big sister crying into the
oh well
i've been sleeping rough long enough to
get a good night's kip
despite the diesel fumes and the noise
it's moving slightly
i stood to pull back the tarp poor old
goat hardly stirred the whole trip
sleeping off one thing or another
okay time to ditch this old girl
i pull at the door and it doesn't budge
great everything i needs in there
so not much my phone wallet
change of undies and shaving kits so i
can freshen up when i need to
plus the suit i borrowed for the funeral
hey give me a hand with this door he
mutters something under his breath
continues snoring
bending down i shake him by the shoulder
i fall back as the iron bar whistles
past my face
hey watch it quiet you'll get us killed
you've lost it mate you have to help he
glances to the side
listening you're right it's like that
there's no use
what think think he continues muttering
under his breath
look put it down put it through your
hank think he returns to muttering to
eyes darting about wildly
i grabbed the tarp
i threw the tarp over the raving man
wrestling him to the ground
get it off you don't know what to do
i gotta get out of here
reaching down i grab the hefty chunk of
i jam the bar into the frame lean into

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

it the door gives way with a scratch
blinding light stabs at my eyes i spin
back behind the door
the old guy having finally freed himself
is caught like a rabbit in headlights
what have you done ah security
the man looks around frantically relax
i've been caught freight hopping before
and talk my way out of it
hey we're with western rail
jesus what the hell you've got to break
the cycle i can't
oh god
squinting into the light i clipped
silhouettes of armed men
waiting and watching can't make out who
they are but not metro security that's
for sure
bullets shattered past me as i dive
across the doorway
grabbing my pack i throw open the hatch
and leap into the blackness on the far
side of the train then i'm tumbling down
a steep siding
concrete rushing up to meet me
i lie there looking at the sky trying to
process what just happened
i hear the distant sound of sirens and
above me
shouts doors slamming tyres on gravel
then silence
at least my phone's not busted
i pick it up screen flashing a blurry
photo of my sister
annie mick hey yeah hey
how you doing you in town yet can't wait
to catch up uh
sure geez make show you some enthusiasm
we've got a funeral to plan
same irrepressible annie you in town yet
when are you getting here we need to go
through mum's things find some photos
for the week
did uncle feel call you uh no
did i need oh never mind you're staying
at ours tonight yeah have the address
yeah off cooper street right no
jesus we moved like over a year ago ah
sorry i angry beeps from my phone
you gotta break out of the head of yours
mick talk to sarah annie
my phone's gonna run out geez she's
gonna be at the funeral you know you
still haven't talked to her
i can't i just tell me your address my
i know it's hard for you but you're
gonna have to face her
annie you're a dress okay okay
sorry i know i shouldn't push you
i look down at my dead phone
no idea what her address is
how am i supposed to remember they'd
better find a way to ring her back

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

pack must have caught something sharp on
the way down
ripped him right open i fish out my
phone's charge cable
the only thing worth salvaging
bill is that you mick what are you doing
bill used to hang out around the shelter
where sarah worked
known him since i was a kid um back for
a funeral
mum mum died oh mick
i'm sorry yeah it's okay
long time coming she'd been
she'd been sick for a while you don't
sound okay
i don't know you're not staying at the
pit anymore the pitt street homeless
support center
i'd ended up there as a kid it's where i
met sarah
she had to shut it down man oh man
why oh you should know more than me
surely shara told you
sarah my wife i guess
ex-wife now i haven't talked to her in a
long time
since you know oh right
geez sorry mick it's all right
i'm a bit shaken up to be honest just
been shot at up on the railway
jesus really thought that was some kids
playing with fireworks
so what some trigger-happy met officers
couldn't be
they left when they heard sirens jesus
nick yeah
i don't know hey can i borrow your phone
i meant to stay at my sister's tonight
my battery's dead and
don't have her address course got her
look it up uh it'll be unlisted
could call it practice but she wouldn't
be back in until after the funeral
what am i gonna do
let's see what the damage is electrics
look okay
smashed radiator and a little low on
wiper fluid
it's not going anywhere but it should
it stinks of petrol they must have
siphoned some to try and torch it
i glance around inside no keys
but the lighter socket catches my eye i
think my phone charger has an adapter
that would fit
i toss the cigarette lighter and plug my
phone into the socket
nothing might only charge while the
engine's running
god damn it
i shake the can slosh of petrol at the

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

metallic smell of old petrol stings my
nostrils as it glugs into the tank
what's with the car kids joyriding i
can't even torch a car properly still
it's my own private suite until they cut
it off hey
they leave the keys yeah need them sure
might be able to charge my phone bill
fishes the keys from one of his many
leaning in i try the key the red
charging light on my phone blinks on
but then the engine splutters and dies
it's still not firing better check the
engine again
okay there must be something wrong under
it sounded like no fuel was getting
damn still can't see anything wrong
i think i need help with this engine
mind hopping in sure
okay try it now the engine turns over
and i see fuel stream from a hose
beneath the engine
ah here it is what's the problem tearing
the fuel line between the pressure
regulator and injectors
damn gonna need a replacement
thanks bill
don't suppose you've seen any
quarter-inch hoes around
this ain't a hardware store there's a
bunch of junk in the underpass though
good evening sir my name is angela grace
i write for the herald can i ask your
okay well you don't have to tell me
anyway i really want to find out what
it's like out here for you homeless
unbelievable excuse me hello
leave the poor guy alone he's clearly
oh hi my name is angela grace i write
for the herald can i ask your name
um no kid like this shouldn't be out
not your problem nick
i really shouldn't get involved but hey
so hi right what are you doing down here

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

i write for the herald i really want to
find out what it's like out here for you
you homeless god help me
okay look i'm not homeless so oh
great that's great so how long have you
been staying out here mister
uh carter and i'm not staying out here
jesus would you put that thing away
sorry sorry
just a few questions no
loose panel on the side i kick it open
could use that hose for the car come
on you bloody things screwed in
there too tight
with this help a glance up kids holding
oversized hunting knife like it's a
snake jesus
what are you doing carrying a knife like
that you know protection
jeez all it's gonna do is get you
stabbed what's wrong with a whistle or
pepper spray or something
i can look after myself whatever
can i borrow it well if you can answer
my questions
oh god help me fine great
so mr carter right so
mr carter what led you to be living down
here i'm not
so look maybe i don't mind living rough
maybe i prefer to being tied down
but i work i have places i can stay i'm
next question okay well surely you've
noticed the recent spate of
not to mention the mental
illness-related violent crimes i'll stop
you there
no haven't heard a thing you're going to
help me or not
ugh maybe i should ask bill
you'll hear about the shooting she looks
up sharply
shooting what shooting don't get
involved mick
oh nothing must have misheard no
i'm interviewing about all these
homeless going missing that or going
right another college kid thinks they
can fix people
don't suppose you have a portable phone
charger no
wait you have a phone uh yeah guess you
think just because i don't have a place
to stay
i don't have a phone well i don't
everyone has a phone lady
okay what was that about mental illness
cops say they're swamped with violent
crimes hobos going nuts spouting
seen anything like that the guy in the
rail car
no sorry look folks take what they can
to help them through the night
and there's a lot of bad out there
you get kids acting crazy all the time
yeah yeah i know all this give me
something i can use all right
i'll ask around you think people have
been disappearing

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

homeless people yeah there used to be a
whole community down here
where are they all i was a kid last time
i was down here
but it does seem quieter cops are
ignoring it of course
sorry to disappoint you it's just
business as usual
folks they move on maybe they find a job
maybe they quietly die
no one gives a and no one's keeping
tabs it's all
no this is different if you
want my help just
ask around for me or something
look angela was it go home to your warm
no one here has any reason to talk to
you i know that i'm not stupid
she thrusts her hand in her pocket pulls
out a hotel sized bottle of rum
got a whole bunch you look like you
could use something to drink
wow about as sensitive as i'd expect
from a rich city kid
well what do you want nothing just quit
with a presumptuous
attitude these are people not your high
school project
i'm 24 and you're one to talk
maybe a dumb question but why is it so
quiet down here
melinda uh what shadowy figures
with burning eyes taking people in the
folks calling them melingy
well that's the story going round people
have been going missing but
it's been a cold winter i think that's
all there is to it
these shrugs hey bill
you noticed any people acting weird
recently well i mean yeah
you heard about the pit all right they
shut it down yeah
well i was helping sarah out there she
let me stay when there was a spare bed
that's sarah for you but people on the
street been getting crazy hey
nothing new not like this mick
everyone's scared
solid blokes you know fine one day
next day they're going nuts cher ended
up in hospital
oh jesus well she's all right but
couldn't keep the place open i should
have been there for her
like she needed more reason to hate me
some bad new gear people getting into i
don't know mick
i think this is something else hey
i tell you what bill said about the pit
and reluctantly
what i'd seen in the rail car thanks
this is great stuff
just keep my name out of it
last around and it does seem there's
something to what you're saying
i knew it just stories getting shared
some shadowy demon with glowing eyes
dragging people off in the night
melingi they're calling it interesting
nonsense is what it is
typical tweak of you want to

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

publish that be my guest
look i answered your questions can i use
that knife or what yeah all right
she hands it to me wearily you can have
it back if you like but honestly
you're more likely to get stabbed with
it than without i guess
look you seem all right kid go talk to
old guy out there he loves a good yarn
oh thanks
i cringe at what bill will think as she
bounces off to talk to him
got it
i'll leave him be
the keys are gone my charger no
get off me
let me go the hell
what's going on please
jesus they look like sas or something
he's dragging the reporter to the boat
what do they want with her
was she actually onto something i think
these are the guys that shot the old
timer up at the railway
shadowy figures with burning eyes
come lingy
shove from behind wait
sudden icy cult shocks me awake
frozen can't move can't feel
i see only blackness
i struggle gasp in panic and the
blackness fills my lungs
then i have no breath to scream
i try to fight it oh god i try
but my body is unresponsive lifeless
the cold blackness that fills my lungs
coils its way into my brain
and i know i am dying slowly
even the lack of sensation fades where
there was nothing but blackness
now there is nothing and i know
somehow i am dead
but then every neuron in my brain firing
blasting out into eternity my mind torn
by some immeasurable force
twisting out in all dimensions then
speed of light back into nothing
sudden icicles shocks me awake
the same sensations the same panic from
minutes before
but this time i remember to hold my

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

i managed to work the knife from my back
pocket and awkwardly saw through the
i wrenched the sack from my face my eyes
sting as i blink through the water
trying to get my bearings oh
i set to work on the rope knife slipping
in my hand
as i continue my vision starts to dim
my lungs filling with fire i realize i'm
barely a quarter of the way through
and i'm not gonna make it
i grab the jerry can as it sinks past
still some air inside
just a little but awkwardly i juggle the
trying to get my mouth to form a seal
around the opening
but i only managed to suck in dirty
i pushed the tube up into the can suck
the water from it
and take a breath i almost gag on the
oily fumes
but i bought myself a few more seconds
i returned the cutting with renewed
at last the ropes give way i kicked to
the surface
glimpse brutalist concrete rising from
the chop
and swim towards it it takes the last of
my strength
but i pull myself up the embankment
before i collapse
i lie there shivering in the bitter wind
trying to make sense of what's happened
died they killed me
but i am no longer dead

Full Playthrough of The Drifter demo, featured in The Big Adventure Event 2021, recorded by Dahlia, published 30 January 2021. The Drifter demo is longplay ...


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  1. Ooohhh I remember this it's definitely a game to look forward to, the visuals are really well done it goes well with the tone of the narrative and the mystery got my attention so really looking forward to when it gets finished

  2. It definitely showed a lot of clues as to what could be the plot for the story and how a certain event is repeated once near death plus the voice acting is one of a kind indeed

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