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SearchThisVideo: The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind | Playthrough Part 1 (No Commentary)

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what a fabulous voyage we've shared my
friend to vard and fell a new
opportunity still reading that letter
lovers know who no need to confirm a
knife we all have our secrets
I wonder what Vardhan cell has in store
for our breakup well that doesn't sound
this one's still alive NAR you I can see
that look this way and let's make sure
everything works after that dreadful

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captured by slavers what a predicament
but at least we're still alive go on now
now you wants to talk to you
look what the see coughed up welcomed a
vaudeville land of Dark Elves lover
flows and slaves of all descriptions
speaking of slaves let me get those
manacles off you oh you'll find out full
of surprises I have just the thing hold
still there you've encountered by slaver
haven't you been paying attention maybe
you'll hit your head when your ship
crashed into the rocks and dumped you on
to the bitter coast the slavers lured
your ship in and took their pick of the
survivors slaver me now my allegiance
leans in an entirely different direction
let's just say I'm here to help you
escape this place then you can get back
to what you were doing before the
slavers who rudely
sank your vessel not so fast here I need

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to make sure you can handle yourself in
a fight not everyone recovers from a
near-death experience that quickly let's
go over some of the basics of combat
hit me I want to see what you've got
nice now follow it up try to block this
limiter off impressive you're just what
I need to pull my plan together
most of the slavers are currently out on
a raid that means it's a perfect
opportunity for us to make our escape oh
not too much really I need you to find a
set of slaver clothes so you don't look
like one of the prisoners plus we need
the gate key or we'll never make it to
the docks yeah take my spare lockpick in
case you need it I've got a few more
things to check on before we can make
our escape you do your part and I
promise you I'll do mine
some locks resist even the best efforts
of a skilled thief they're crafted using
superior components and complex
mechanisms like the lock on the gate if
I had all the time in the world maybe I
could crack it but we don't have that
luxury and idea of course I just need
proof to satisfy my superiors but don't
worry I'm sure I'll have things well in
hand by the time we meet back up
why does the hips drop so much mud in my
clear waters careful with that one
stranger there's something dangerous
about that NARR you I can't wrap my tail
around it my egg sister told me that

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discount voyage was too good to be true
but did I listen no I wanted to see the
land of the Dark Elves dense as a log as
my egg brother used to say you will free
up yes no not part of no use plan not
yet anyway
there's no way to treat a nod and a
shieldmaiden no less when I get my hands
on our slavers they are going to wish
they had left me to drown in a sea take
a relaxing sea voyage they told me
you'll love vardhan's fell they told me
dark films might seem haughty but
they're really friendly they told me you
know what they all lied

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agent bennigan shorts are safe I'll have
your head

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Part 1 of the ESO: Morrowind walkthrough. Buckle up, folks! We're in this for the long run. ======================================= Social Media ...


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