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SearchThisVideo: The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Walkthrough Part 1: Vvardenfell

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Watch video at 00:00
what is going on everyone and welcome
back to ESS and today is the first day
of the early access for more wind on the
live servers in today's the 22nd so
essentially if you pre-ordered the game
you get to play all the new morrowind
stuff early and if you didn't the
official thing comes out on June 6 so i
pre-ordered mine I have everything good
to go and yeah we are going to
experience everything together this is a
new let's play series of the moorwen
expansion but before we do anything I
wanted to show you what happened so it
once you preorder you get these three
I took the items essentially this tells
you what you get a new mount skins gray
bear and not whatever and then the
invitation tomorrow wind essentially to
start up all the quests and I do have
the pre-order exclusive I don't know
it's like that whatever you get for
pre-ordering you get it like a crown
Kraig Scrolls and whatever we'll go find
that a little bit later um let's see I
make sure all my add-ons I think some of
my add-ons may be broken so because
there's a new patch usually people have
to update it and mine aren't so if
something breaks and you see a lot of UI
errors well I'm gonna have to fix that a
little bit later but will be fine so
anyway we got the museum piece to
invitation tomorrow wind first thing
we're going to do is open this town
crate because it's new and a little bit
later I'll probably - oh my goodness we
got the ward
we got a gold potions what the hell top
notch oh my god
what is that
I actually got kinda excited for it gold
and then it's like Grand thingy kind of
setting actually most clean
well my good friend what is that okay
the bouquet hat let's wear it you know
it let's see what it looks like hat
where is it Oh oh my god it's actually
kind of disgusting
I don't like it take it let's go back to
a wizard all right so before anything
starter pack I just kind of want to see
what was all this so one thing they
introduced was the crown research
scrolls and essentially for all your
research you get one day off for it you
get doubles bank space which is always
Wild Hunt crates are still not out yet
but it's fine so first of all we're just
going to start up right let's play by
going directly into bharden fell and
it's over here so that's we're going to
start our quest and for all of you who
have watched my livestream or the pts
gameplay first two hours may be the same

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

but if you're new to the channel and
have no idea what's going on this is
going to be a new let's play of the
story and it's going to be on my main
character just not on the pts so now I
can actually enjoy it without like just
being upset nothing carries over so
start it up let me know how the audio is
so let me know forgive me Outlander but
I have enough to deal with I'm just a
simple tribunal priest and the trouble
at the ancestral two was too much for
even our buoyant Armiger to deal with I
have failed Lord Vivek I'm left a
colleague alone at the tomb Lord with
accent the three of us to seek guidance
at the under no ancestral tomb we were
attacked when we got there and our God
was seriously hurt I barely got her to
safety but we failed to complete the
mission Lord vivec bestowed upon us
Canon Lee rules he remained behind after
we retreated from the tomb
I know he wants to get back inside and
asked Lord vivex questions but there's
no way he can get past the Daedra or ask
the questions on his own may the three
grant him wisdom all right so we saw
this last time essentially we can't talk
to you by Azura how much I know and my
oh yeah we evil creeps through the
shadows of my beloved garden spell but
an outlander arrives to aid my people
just as I have foreseen what do they
mean what happened
masterful Azura the mother cells look
through you it's a miracle
also um everyone who's like 6:30 now oh
my god I thought someone was a little
fifty already rewarded that was as aura
the queen of the night sky and you she
spoke directly to you Outlander I'm
surprised the Daedric Prince would risk
Lord the vex rat to proclaim a prophecy
but she did say you were here to a gasp
the Daedric Prince's aura possessed that
woman and spoke through her I've heard
of such occurrences of course but to
witness such an event
she said evil creeps through the land I
wonder if it has anything to do with
what we saw at the tomb
we thought guys all right so essentially
it just tells you about all the people
that you meet later and they essentially
tell you the same thing otherwise it
wouldn't skip the dialogue yeah all
righty we're going in I assume since day
one everyone's going to be doing the

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

same thing I got to talk to this dude
those who's missing it's too dangerous
what am I going to do did Cameron vollis
us India oh she did didn't she that
means she made it to say to me will that
be praised will you help me complete my
mission it would be sacrilege if I don't
enter my family's tomb make Lord the vex
enquiries the Saints declare that
Saviano always provide we'll need to be
cautious however Daedra invaded the tomb
makes it hard to talk to one's ancestors
where monsters try to eat you I'll also
need your help when we reach the
summoning chamber take this scroll with
Lord of X enquiries while I summon forth
my ancestor spirit and concentrate on
maintaining the connection you must ask
the questions he insists we use the
exact phrasing we can go inside when
you're ready we're really going to do
this I wish I knew how Dedrick got into
my family tomb but I'm sure you can
handle them Alex do you know they're
there they ambushed poor our maggiorin
sea took her completely by surprise
follow me I'll open the door follow one
thing I uh
adios your soloed dialoguing I have to
turn that up alright so one thing that I
Jesus was that Hank
ah load index questions if you use it
it's kind of like this so ideally I
don't remember if it's bugged on the pts
but you should be asking a few questions
and I didn't have to do that last time
so I don't know but this time we're not
playing on a level three character so I
guess we could kill things and more and
faster than like twelve seconds
always a good thing
the creatures attacked as soon as we
enter the whole of remember you know
nothing might actually be here since
there's so many people I do have a
mini-map add-on I didn't don't use it
because I'm too lazy I think that's the
way out yeah you have to go around a
long way
I don't think we need spell pods in
unity I came here as a young I also want
to test down all to sustain and see how
bad everyone got hit

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

hello dead end
some haughty people I'll call forth my
ancestor and you can ask the next
harder the world and me has been able to
turn enough either silly Daedra why do
you summon me my lord Levesque has
enquiries that only you can answer my
lady my companion will present them with
your permission ask questions I don't
know I don't think I need it since I
have had on all the ways the heart
wonder why ask the remaining questions
any old but not the one that isn't
presumes so such here imagined multiple
scenarios and contemplated careless
he even experimented with his divinity
drawing and the tutors study before
returning love will come he foresaw a
Los Angeles
so pretend now I hope that's what load
in it needed let's talk outside
so yeah for the first two hours of the
story I think I know what I'm doing for
the most part but then after that it's
going to be all brand new they probably
did them like minor tweaks where balance
is different things on live compared to
two pts I played like three days ago
all righty bro

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

thank you for helping me complete my
task now I need to return to vivec City
have you been there it's amazing
ziggurat rising out of the water the
moonlit hanging in the sky above there
you should meet me there so I can
introduce you to blowed vivec just
between us I understood neither the
questions asked nor the answers received
not that I expected you some things
aren't meant for mortal minds that's
another reason for you to come to the
VEX city to help me explain what my
ancestors said excellent I just need to
make a quick stop and say tune in to
check on my original travelling
companions when you get to the VEX city
head right to the palace and I'll meet
you there
I know that lord Levesque will want to
reward you for assisting me I'll be
along shortly when you get to the VEX
city head directly for lord vivexx
palace once there I'll make
introductions and we can tell the
warrior-poet everything we've learned of
course as I said the tribunal consists
of our three living gods the Veck
almalexia and Sokka seal they lead us in
spiritual matters and rule over dummy
society as God monarchs of the Dark
Elves I serve the Veck but honor the
entire tribunal unfortunately no the
houses bow to the tribunal but the
savage ashland has refused to
acknowledge their divinity heretics
never allowed themselves to be
assimilated into the Great Houses
instead their hold to primitive
all righty we're going to the actual
city now and feel like I've heard that
name before not just here and I still
got to upgrade my horse was like yeah
going the wrong way you know I'm gonna
get lost a lot here so I'm bear with me
oh wait can I not mind that or is that
just a decoration I can this is also one
at the Lake Lodge house that I actually
wanted to get super nice I might
actually get it live another time but
right now I assume everyone just wants
to see the story that's what we're going
to be doing
oh my must get all the way shrines here

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

still think I've like over a million
enlightened oh no we don't undo the
parent pen most
all right so I think this is like a main
area that we're going to be in for the
most part for morrowind like this is the
main city and then there's another one
but I think this one's going to be the
big one
roast pig is an easy recipe to learn but
difficult to master now the moment of
truth go to a cooking pot with your
ingredients and Quaritch ingredient way
what I could have sworn I've done
provisioning before my provisioning is
at like 50 never mind
currently I'd never done it probably
hold on to that question hey see what
all these are
oh boy we got turned that off
so although except
that's inseparable scoop if you're here
hi all of these are old quests that were
on live previously so I just have to
make sure I see no idea where is it
hello you know what let's craft a roast
pig got it bro in mastery of them
suddenly boy chuckling
excellent we got free XP um now we gotta
go talk to the Beck and get the shrine
so that's pretty important
to do that now this place is a maze I
always get confused on where I am so
yeah we got to go backward did I want
that drama thourough
mount I wish I bought it back in the day
but there's like 4,000 grounds I was
like I don't really want it but now I do
you also get a new house here by doing

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

the opening quest for the housing I
think I can just get it on my main
character since that one has actually
done the quest oh wait let me just check
though how it should be like right here
with nuts under kind of make sure I
don't fall into water that would upset
me okay that is probably somewhere that
I can't be bothered doing now
the important thing is we got the shrine
please rethink forget so many people
here this is the person who helped me at
the tomb my lord lord is deck we don't
need the help of this how clogged up
oh hush arts Canon Thomas Outlanders
have their usefulness and this one
intrigues me
yes again no a blank space by being an
ESL class member it's fantastic
step forward friend of the boo and let
us speak
Chanin level says you helped him in his
mission as I have written the one who
helps my ally becomes my friend
despite the arch canons concerns I greet
you with sincerity and pose a simple
question will you assist us further
Outlander I have or donators in our
mergers of my disposal class armies of
koala words and dedicated priests was I
don't have however is a fresh
perspective will you set aside your
personal goals for a time and become the
eyes and ears of a god
good I need assistance to investigate a
strange phenomenon that the ancestor
confirms may indeed be a problem we'll
start with a simple divination richer
heart Canon Thomas can tell you what we
need to delve into this mystery the
Daedric Prince I suppose the same events
to concern me might interest as aura
though she could just as easily be the
source of these troubles Red Mountain
strange Daedra and then there's well
we'll talk more about that when you
return levels ancestor assured me that

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

his source of power remains safe as for
the rest let the guests ripen in the
mind and only speak when the fruit grows
certain I require more information on
these matters hence the need for the
divination ritual the situation that
troubles me has taken a toll on my arts
Canon but he's a faithful servants
Chaves will do as I say and I say we
need your assistance
what is that guy's got like a glowing
hammer what style is that I think that's
um the frost caster one that was crown
all right so this is the dude that hates
us for the first like two hours and then
he finally doesn't hate us a little
later alrighty
um a shrine like right there let's save
a bit of time walking I'm kind of scared
to use a shrine right now because
there's so many people this is about
like and how we're a - after the patch
hit so on if I shine I could randomly
get stuck in the 20 minute loading
screen project has been nothing but one
disaster after another how am I expected
to get this ziggurat built on time when
things constantly go wrong don't mind me
I'm just having one of those days our
blessing stone do you know what happens
if we give up our blessing stone well
neither do I but I'm sure it won't put
us back on schedule or end our string of
disasters I'm not one to disagree with
the arch cannon but that's a terrible
lord Ravech why didn't you say so but
I'll need your help before I can turn
over the blessing stone the passage that
leads to the consecration chamber
collapsed trapping some of my workers if
you can clear the way you can borrow the
stone I appreciate the help
just remember that you're only borrowing
the stone it needs to be back in the
consecration chamber before the next
shift or we'll never get there ziggurat
constructed in time
all righty I've done this before
one help please someone help me - thank

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

I'll go tell the overseer what you did
for me oh yeah it's uh actually got lost
the first time I did this I didn't know
there's a ramp right there
I really like that image though super
nice you know what actually since we're
doing tomorrow one thing I'm going to
show you I usually don't use pets and
stuff but I think I'm going to show you
I don't know this is the bear for the
warden can't really care too much about
this one and where was it it was like a
something we gone I just don't remember
where it is
Oh gorban spider but for ya we'll use
this just to show you what it's like in
an amount
it's the Dwarven warhorse I like my
other one though I'll show you the pet
it's like super small for a doorman
spider please we think
the Outlander returns I understand there
was trouble at the construction site but
you were able to save a few of the
workers Lord javac always draws the
straightest arrow from the quiver praise
the tribunal did you bring the blessing
stone I got to push the button here the
word warrior poised and reveal the store
some fraud detection strike
on a wiser get screenshot there the name
place is showing it's not even nice a
trick you broke it
look what you did
something interfered with the ritual

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

milord but we may have learned something
results to our previous research between
the cryptic warnings of the ancestor
spirits and the unexpected result of the
divination ritual I fear there may be
more astir than I imagined we solve the
greatest mysteries by accident I suspect
I should write that down why do I have
to tell you something with the ritual
went wrong you literally just sit there
and watched it happen we learn from
every action we take failure or success
each resolve teaches of something at
least in the larger sense to be more
specific no not as much as I hope images
that suggest avenues to investigate
riddles to solve let me tell you a
a black it concerns a living God and
energy that fades like daylight as dusk
spreads across the land listen well and
speak not a word my divine energy it
drains away whether from illness or foul
malady I know not you must travel the
land and seek answers on my behalf but
first gratitude before service as I have
written so thank you this is exactly
what we got last time on the PPS a
powered frost a so I think the trait and
the type of weapon is exactly the same
I'm not really sure what oblivion damage
actually means but yeah I'll take ditch
rule confirmed my worst fears the divine
energy flows out of me for no reason
that I can discern I felt the power
imbued within my blessing stone get
wrenched away as soon as you added it to
the ritual I couldn't stop it
to quote my own words as the warrior
poet no lock exists at the determined
thief cannot open follow the trail of my
missing energy
and try to discover the identity of the
enemy the wools ancestor warned us about
something drains my energy find arch
cannon Thomas in his office and asked if
he gleaned anything useful from the
ritual if not I know his earlier
research indicated new avenues to
investigate though where he tells you
and learn what you can buy divine energy
diminishes with every passing moment but
the ritual confirmed my affliction is
not natural I regret that I could not
reveal the full nature of these dire
circumstances until your trustworthiness
had been demonstrated yes well arch
cannon Thomas has always been cautious
about ideas and ideologies that didn't

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

originate within the tribunal and
recently that prudence has grown a
thousand fault he's a faithful servant
however despite his narrow mindedness
all righty moving on we got to go talk
to the arch cannon again
of course he hates me
I perform that ritual countless times
and it never exploded in my face before
if I discover that you sabotage the
divination no I shouldn't take my
failure out of you it's not your fault
things are difficult who do you know
about Lord you that told you of course
he did it has prerogative I suppose you
must swear to keep this secret though
there would be panic in the streets if
the people believed one of the tribunal
was incapacitated it's true I'm much
better at scholarly pursuits than
fieldwork and the ritual wasn't a total
failure it confirmed three locations for
my earlier studies Ballmer Aldrin and
barrows arse tower I need you to
investigate each of these sites haven't
you left yet the sighted Ballmer or
Aldrin and barrows all's tower aren't
going to investigate themselves all
right if it is a quest around here they
kind of want to pick up
another adventurer looking for work did
Bella rule over a land either like daily
some call the other DLC is essentially
the same thing have a job well I would
hope so now that we got that started we
can pick up quest now citizens hand in
their requests I tell you what I know
and you take care of it
the person with a strange I say yeah I
remember that one these all just
repeatable quest I don't know what you
get out of it I assume it's just it's

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

not in the skill line but I wanted to
check something anyway wait where was it
hold on it should be underworld later on
I just haven't done the other expansions
on this character but I've done them so
this is our new horse not sure if I like
it that much
this place is a maze
let's head out now um I remember what
these questions were but we'll do them a
little bit later I think most of them
are just daily repeatable but I want to
do the story
can you guys hear the music I'm actually
curious should just turn it up I usually
have it lower because the that also
includes the battle music which is
included in the audio and it repeats
itself over and over which is hit kind
of bad but I do want to get a new
soundtracks and whatnot
oh boy let's avoid all of these let's
get this run and then flip the video
real quick I got this no shortcut all
right guys that's going to be it for
episode 1 I will see you guys in the
next one this is going to be a full
let's play so expect everything and I'll

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

see you guys later thanks for watching

The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Walkthrough Part 1 Vvardenfell includes all main story missions, side quests and review of the new Morrowind Expansion ...


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  1. Morrowind is now on the live servers for everyone who pre ordered! I hope you all enjoy the series to come! If you have a second to spare, drop a quick like on the video, thanks and have a fantastic day!

  2. What a pointless game, everybody is running all over the place very fast, not immersive at all, but it was to be expected from an mmo. Back to skyrim se!! Thanks Johnlaw for posting this vid it saved me 80 bucks cause now that ive seen the "great" Morrowind expansion theres no way im buying it.

  3. Do you have a list or link to the addons you use? or the main ones ? and where to find them? completely new player here started a warden just last night to lvl 6. Really enjoying it.

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