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SearchThisVideo: The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset part 1 (Game Movie) (No Commentary)

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this place is ancient
it seems no one has entered this place
in centuries
I think our friend is going to be
alright Oh
you must wake up
I'll soon be heading back to my homeland
of Somerset are you interested in
we've room for more very good there's a
fair wind now should be a pleasant sail
my friend Roz is happy to see you but
surprised you didn't help me with these
creatures not that was needed any help
you must tell me what brought you to
Somerset after you agree to assist Roz
with his usual cloak and dagger business
ominous no more than usual my friend but
there's work for the Queen's eye and
this one could use an extra blade if
you're willing Queen Airen issued a
decree to open the borders of Somerset
and allow outsiders to have access to
the island
that's what Roz said but rumors reach
the Queen so this one made the journey
and was immediately attacked by strange
creatures Roz doesn't think the two are
related but if you could ask some
questions check on the newcomers that

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

would help well you asked questions
around the city Roz can take care of
some other business it may or may not
involve scratching and clawing let's
meet near the entrance to shimmer in
when you have something to report
ra's never saw such monsters in his life
they appear related to water but this
one tends to avoid the stuff that parole
Oh Roz swears it was calling those
creatures the mystery for another time
perhaps now we need to see to the
newcomers as a matter of fact Roz made a
list all new well a high of artisans
spoke out see what she complained about
then their sock salsa a persecuted
Argonian newcomer finally renewal a city
resident noted in the divine
prosecution's observation log all new al
complained about it
no no Roz doesn't want to prejudice your
investigation you will find out when you
talk to her the artists like to gather
shells along the eastern coast she uses
them to make paints and dyes true not
enough syllables Randall's a red girl
whose family has lived in shimmer in for
generations he is a well-respected
trader with a few warehouses along the
docks talk to him before the Divine
prosecution decides to arrest him the
divine prosecution serves as law keepers
and protectors of social standards very
persnickety when the rules are broken
they recorded in their observation logs
if your name winds up on their list
things get complicated
something to do with monks and newcomer
registration Roz is looking into that
last I heard sock Sousa was seen leaving
the city and heading west probably
trying to reach the water lizards like
water yes not Roz the Lord hates the wet
hmm Prez knows very little about city
ordinances or how to tell the difference
between Mead and ale so let's avoid
those topics yes otherwise this one
knows all about the Queen's decree and
the initial reaction of the nobles and

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

King Lady Queen I read her most
excellent leader of the Aldmeri Dominion
has issued a decree opening the once
forbidden land of Somerset to traders
visitors and immigrants of all races
controversial yes but part of her plan
for the Dominions future for some High
Elves talk of perfection but they are a
complicated people various individuals
in Somerset take issue with their queen
with change of any sort actually the
king lady for example some Nobles
makes my job complicated King lady
Avenues has made her views on the
Queen's decree quite clear she calls it
unreasonable dangerous a few of the
city's nobles have sided with the king
lady as has the new order at the
my queen permits discussion to a point
she has spoken against it now Roz needs
to know how far she will go to defy the
will of the Queen does she crumble but
welcomed the newcomers or is she using
every option at her disposal to block
their arrival
Roz we'll find out with your help
you'll find your own patch of peach
not that you'd understand the concept
but the path to alack song requires
dedication and complete concentration I
must find the perfect shells or my
pigments will be substandard and do you
know what that will do to my art exactly
an ultimate concept practiced widely
here in Somerset Alexan is the speed of
perfection that every high of strives
for the path to a lakh song represents
the approach we take to achieve that
state now why have you interrupted my
I believe in caution as much as the next
High Elf but sometimes the rules get in
the way of common sense my apprentice
lived here for more than a year good
help is so hard to find especially among
the newcomers and she was adept at
making guys

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

they took her away said they had to
scrutinize her qualifications test her
knowledge of culture in etiquette but I
haven't seen her since my work suffers
so of course I complained to the monks
now I have to gather my own shells
they told me I could fill out some forms
and appeal to the Kin lady but who has
time for such bureaucracy and for on
bordelles I've said too much I have work
to do
in all this aggravation has diverted my
path to a lacks on perfection requires
constant vigilance so back to it
please Holly was once like you a
newcomer in the warehouse district
unusual but how can I help you today my
friend the divine who told you that if a
justice here sent you to try and trick
me into confessing no no the High Elves
would never send a newcomer to perform
such a task but I admit it I made my
thoughts known I arranged to bring my
cousin here to work with me the ship
arrived but all the newcomers were
carted away for questioning they said I
complained to the kin lady and anyone
else who would listen and what has it
gotten me nothing
Oh my family has been here for
generations and generations before the

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

Queen's decree outsiders might have been
rare but we were not unheard of our
business has grown and gets better every
day that's why I sent for my cousin we
need to help Somerset is a rare and
beautiful jewel in the Abbey ssin see I
love it here high elves treat us like
but they have never been hostile the
Queen's decree has stirred the waters
though I fear it will get worse before
it gets better
this is unheard of why have you closed
the monastery good people I hear your
concerns but the workers I hired they
were aboard the ship from Riven's fire
the King led and I we have only your
best interests in mind every guest must
be sequestered while we ascertain their
suitability for Ultima Society send the
newcomers back where they came from we
don't want them here
such anger Rosneft to hear such words
from the Queen's loyal subjects the
sentiment isn't Universal but enough
feel this way for us to be concerned did
you learn anything interesting from the
people I sent you to talk to
sequestered just a different word for
imprisoned yes
Ronald's cousin just arrived but all
Newell's assistant has lived on Somerset
since long before the Queen ever issued
her decree what about the lizard
what did shock souls I have to say
why would the alder gather up newcomers
and non high elf residents alike and
send him to the monastery does the king
lady condone this behavior Roz's head
itches and not in a good way
our course is clear five o'clock we must
go to the monastery Roz admires your
enthusiasm but this one needs you to
enter the monastery on your own Roz has
other fish to catch this one will help
you get past the Sentry though when you
notice that the Sentry is distracted

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

just sleep quietly inside
you there I haven't dammit why won't
this work did you see a golden night I
have no idea what that was and I'm not
sure I want to know
sadly Raj owes you for that game of
cards and has come to pay well I don't
recall any you say I want some gold
don't you remember
no not now please no spiritual
well-being can wait until after my nap
you'll have to ask one of the monks that
the new all dog brought with him they
deal with all the newcomer testing and
evaluations I'm just a simple monk
trying to catch up on my sleep that was
a hint by the way all dark til kala
arrived right after the Queen issued her
decree he came highly recommended by
King lady Alva nice or so I heard it is
not unusual for monks to form
attachments and move together but
there's something strange about that
bunch the OL dog and his monks keep to
they've taken the undercroft for their
own purposes and ordered the rest of us
to avoid the ancient vaults beneath the
monastery now please let me get back to
my nap again with the questions about
the newcomers why do you care about the
complexities of Ultima bureaucracy still
if I had to make a guess I'd say they
were taking into the undercroft for
registration and processing now go away
the monastery should be a place of peace

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

and meditation the alldock has closed us
down until further notice
that means if any of the monks spot you
they'll raise the alarm me I never saw
you now if you don't mind my nap awaits
unusual knick-knack for an all Docs
office wouldn't you agree
I noticed you skulking around while I
was engaged in some skulking of my own I
suppose we both came to the monastery
with a similar purpose in mind the
sequestered newcomers I came to find out
what happened to a friend I assume
that's what brought you here as well
a house of worship shouldn't be used as
an internment camp and it shouldn't be
locked to the public either interesting
I've never seen anything quite like it I
find it intriguing and a bit disturbing
but we aren't here to discuss curios
strange creatures notwithstanding we
need to find out what's happening with
the missing newcomers the century
doesn't appear to have stopped you so I
could ask you the same question let's
just agree that we both have our methods
curious but I feel that there's more
going on in shimmerin than the usual
politics and community relations
now that's the question my cautious
friend we have a newly appointed all doc
and a disgruntled kin lady both opposed
to the Queen's decree what's the
connection to the missing newcomers
I was about to explore the undercroft
care to join me a curious pearl I wonder
where the order acquired it probably not
I'll meet you in the undercroft and we
can see what's going on with the

This is a game movie of The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset with no commentary. You get all the story related cutscenes and gameplay so you won't miss out ...


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  1. You're back! With ESO I mean. Awesome. Was waiting for it quite a while. You have quite some catching up to do lol. What with Elsweyr and Dragonhold. They'll probably release another expansion next year. You'll have your hands ful hahaha


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