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SearchThisVideo: The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – Imperial City – Game Movie (Story Walkthrough)

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Watch video at 00:00
our conquest of the imperial city is
underway soldier are you prepared to do
your part that's the spirit
our sappers have established a forward
base in the city sewers the position is
defensible but they need more troops the
Daedra are dug in like [ __ ] and the
Covenant and Dominion are making steady
here I'll mark it on your map report to
general nestin when you arrive she can
give you a more thorough briefing with
your help the city will be ours soon
three protect you
another recruits we are glad to have you
friend but I warn you the city makes
cyrodiil seem like a midday wallow in a
soft metal swamp there are things here
that would rattle history's steel
I'm glad to hear it our gains have been
modest a warrior of your skill and
experience is most welcome the three
banners are vying for control but in
truth the city belongs to the Daedra and
their mortal lackeys it is vexing I
would prefer to focus on our rivals in
the Covenant and the Dominion but there
are many fish in Blood River
we're just start we cannot cast a stone

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without hitting one of our enemies the
danger have corrupted every route and
brick in the city proper if we ever hope
to claim the city they will have to be
dealt with the sewers are just as bad
worse when you find yourself in the
middle of a lake does it matter which
sure you swim to enemies are everywhere
one dead Daedra will do just as well as
another go and read havoc once we have
finned their ranks then we will march on
the tower ah one more thing there is a
woman here in the city
a dragon guard warrior calling herself
the drake of blades
she has brought us valuable intelligence
but her motives are too murky for my
liking if you meet her be watchful
meet me a model the tradesmen quickly if
you please
hissing true bread was stolen from Paulo
stone all your general was telling you
to keep an eye out for me right
Here I am right I'm sorry
introductions should come first I
I am the Drake of blames
blades yes I'm a member of the Dragon
Guard or I should say the true dragon
guard we were driven underground by the
Empress region to clavier just as well
we are sworn to serve the true heir of
the dragon she is certainly no
I'm conducting an investigation the only
investigation that matters your friends
have provided a great distraction while
they're fighting and dying but I've hit
a wall and I need help I wouldn't ask if
it weren't important believe me
because you're not an idiot you're not
an idiot are you sorry I'm looking into
a plot the plot
Molag Bal is looking for something
something powerful I fear that if we
don't find out what it is we'll all pay
truthfully no not yet but we can change
that I need an extra set of eyes and
ears you look strong reasonably capable
assertive so on and so on if we pool our

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

assets we should be able to foil Molag
Bal's plans in the districts there are
six in all Molag Bal has tried to cover
his tracks by scattering his operation
hiding it in plain sight but he's
prideful and sloppy he's left clues we
just need to find them and piece the
puzzle together
you're clumsy militiamen have staked out
routes to the drainage system they
rolled out ladders to mark the entrances
the hub is just over there can't miss it
it's filthy but surprisingly efficient
so what do you say will you help me
I can understand if you're dubious
skeptical I would be all I ask is that
you go to the districts and stay
watchful I'll do the same small
beginnings and such simple if you're
half as capable as I think you are we'll
be meeting again soon so you're making a
stupid face I'm assuming you have
questions sorry it's not a stupid it's
just never mind I have difficulties
it's a simple misdirection all members
of the Dragon Guard have assumed
pseudonyms there's a drink of shields a
drink of staves and so on it gives us
the freedom to act in both plain clothes
and uniform that's a question for the
leadership I like to think it reflects
on my keen intellect but I have no idea
it was probably random then again the
Drake of crowns is a clumsy
short-sighted asks or maybe there's
something to it royalty
of course I am am i I'm being awkward
aren't I
I apologize I'm not very good with
people I mean I usually just avoid
talking to people entirely this is the
longest conversation I've had in months
something like that I guess I'm
perceptive gifted they say I can tell
when someone's lying or anxious or
plotting something just by looking at
them but it's too much sometimes
especially when they start talking to me
yes and no for better or worse it made
me who I am I couldn't really talk to
people so I had to learn about them
through observation it honed my senses
made me focus on the little things
details that's a valuable skill in my
are you joking oh you're not no I'm not
interested in petty border disputes

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

you're still being serious aren't you no
I don't care who claims the city the
occupation could last for 20 days or 20
centuries doesn't matter when akka
Tasha's air arrives the old order all of
it will be swept away
we all are but that's barely relevant at
this point let's focus on the de truc
there must be something edible in here
you are whoa wait I'm not with Molag
balls army
I swear not all of us were oaths to
legion zero when they betrayed the city
my commanding officer captain codex
marshaled what forces he could after the
insurrection and took the forum turned
it into a garrison we're holding on but
we need help
you've seen the big building that still
flies Imperial colors right that's us
at least the eight of us that remain
it's been a tough few months I don't
care which banner you fight for we need
your help at least talk to captain codex
I'll catch up I've got to scavenge what
I can before I head back food especially
we're all a bit tired of smoke rat
include another soup handed it right
over to that necromancer manna Marco I'd
love to put a sword through his throat
but no one's seen him for months he'll
turn up and when he does we'll be
waiting anyway most of the surviving
Legion serves Molag Bal now he wasn't
the only one
he's just the only one who survived then
a Marco had any officers who refused to
fall in line captured and executed
obviously that didn't go well
the Legion ate itself alive brother
against brother
we thought we were winning for a time
then they brought in the Daedra first it
was captain Madera in the Arboretum then
lieutenant Haught heiress and his
soldiers in the temple slaughtered the
very same afternoon they're all that's
sounds impossible right I can't say I
haven't questioned it myself
still the captain would have my throat
if I spilled all our secrets seems your

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

best bet would be to ask him yourself
hold your fire that might be a survivor
didn't expect to see any mortal faces
today not living ones anyway
you must be new provincial militia right
you've got the look of one the covenant
the pact the Dominion the bullheaded
armies tearing each other apart in the
fields of Serie Dell while Daedric
beasts lounge on the throne if you've
come to ask me to join my banner to
yours we could walk right back out that
door Zell he always sees the best in
people that's why I had to drag him
bleeding out of a legionary stockade he
couldn't believe our superiors would
betray us hand the city to Moloch Bob me
I see the worst in people
that's why I'm still alive
I didn't say that desperate times demand
flexibility Molag Bal's lapdogs are
preparing for another assault my
soldiers are exhausted and the door
braces are near to breaking we need help
if you're willing to fight you'd have my
thanks our weak points are blocked doors
on the north west and south sides zell
scouting for attacks so if he thinks the
Daedra are going to hit a door they'll
mark it with a sigil look for that sigil
and wait
Zell will update you whenever he can
through some of the best soldiering I've
ever seen these soldiers are lions
stubbornness hi rock mules we've also
been lucky very lucky I figure we've
made things so damn difficult that the
Daedra found better things to do
that almost sounds like you don't trust
us don't worry the feeling's mutual
but for now I need you to send those
Daedra back where they came from and
protect my people we'll talk again after
the assault if you live through it of

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

I saw Dade you're sneaking that way
I don't know what that
you did it you prepare yourself we're in
the clear
that was some damn fine soldiering out
there nothing I didn't expect but it's
refreshing to have something go right I
suppose it's time for that it's all due
to a scroll old magic just before Molag
Bal's assault on imperial city a group
of priests unearthed an ancient scroll
they claimed dated back to the time of
saint Alessia never asked where they
found it
do I look like a priest all I know is

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

one of them Father Ignatieff was
obsessed with it he brought it to me and
urged me to keep it safe
I wrote it off as nonsense until I had
my first dream it came the night before
the city fell
I saw the Empress Regent their generals
taking Molag Bal's hand
I heard creaking chains and smelled
charred flesh and I saw the scroll it
was just out of reach
covered in blood woke up screaming after
that I knew I had to keep it safe like I
said it carries some kind of enchantment
magic strong enough to bring us back
when we fall in battle it's not pleasant
and I do and each time I come back I
feel less like myself but it's kept us
simply put we can't die
so long as we hold the garrison so long
as we keep fighting yes Szell's taken to
calling us the immortal ate nonsense but
I'd let him do it it's good for morale
there's more some of the dreams that
scroll sent me involved you these were
prophetic dreams but the one that warned
me of the invasion and betrayal a dream
you would come for the scroll along with
a masked woman I knew we had to protect
it for you so we have now you should
take it
it's for both of you but her especially
I can't say more you'd best go find her
somehow I'm certain the scroll is key to
stopping whatever Molag Bal is planned
for our city keep it safe I have a
feeling we'll be seeing each other again
soon this war is far from over until
then watch your back soldier
honestly I don't know but it doesn't
matter this building used to be a forum
did you know that just bricks and old
Ledger's and broken chairs but now it's
something more this garrison is the
Empire I'll see it defended whatever the
indeed it's like shedding warm clothes

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

in a heavy snow we just get meaner
colder the first time I died I was
crushed by a siege engine the next day I
just woke up muddy but no worse for the
wear old Maxima almost had a stroke
this garrison the city is all that
matters I will grind whatever grist the
mill requires to protect it even at the
price of my soul some of us have more
conflicted than others
Ariana's especially but he fights on
anyway we all do
your back good I just finished looking
through some of this correspondence and
what's that a scroll
it looks ancient where did you find it
so that's how they did it
I've been watching that garrison since
the beginning codex is difficult to read
talented of what stubborn honestly I'm
surprised he gave this to you
I'll hold on to it for now we'll find a
use for it eventually

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

that wasn't leave me roundabouts mate
we have much to speak about
the rat was entertained Oh hosts
entertained Deidre not so much no they
weren't entertained at all yes yeah the
rat has ears to the ground ears to the
walls my little friends are everywhere
and they have secrets whispered by
danger a big and small tasty secrets

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

these data plot and whisper you see and
the rat listens he always listens they
speak of a dragon fires they seek to
snuff them out forever oh yes the rat
earth is quite clearly no dragon fires
ever again
no more Dragon God promises no more 8
blessed Emperor's in shiny hats just
death and slavery forever
for now only for now don't you know the
story when alessia's heirs wear the
amulet of Kings the fires will burn
again even a mighty Daedric prince must
hide from such a light unless Molag Bal
erases them of course
you made the rat to share all his crumbs
no no the rat has said enough you want
more greedy one find the Drake of Blades
she's close very close down in sewers
she would like to nibble on his crumb oh
oh yes tell her the princess plan
No No you've had your fill no more
off off with you oh the rat doesn't call
himself the rat that people call him
that I call him that too but that's
because I'm a person people get us
confused sometimes the rat doesn't know
why though and frankly neither do I the
sewers of course that's where most of
the rats live the rat was tired of being
down there though a long long time ago
before he was the rat he remembers being
up here in the city he even had a friend
he was a trusted adviser
Oh Emperor lay avec he was a sharp one
such a good sense of humor until he died
of course that's when his friend took
him down to the sewers the Emperor
wasn't very fun anymore
but then the friend made the rats that's
made things better
no no that wasn't me that was someone
else I'm perhaps you see I didn't even
know the Emperor before he died and now
when the rat and the Emperor don't
really get along anymore I might pay

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

your friend codex a visit now that
you've smooth things over we can always
use more true believers especially
immortal ones
the rat yes I met him once he was
wearing a mask made from someone's small
clothes and was covered in his own sick
he's completely mad then again he has a
talent he knows this city better than
anyone and he's quiet very quiet
your face you believe him don't you
perfect I admit makes sense the dragon
fires are the key to ejecting the data
permanently if Molag Bal could
extinguish them forever that would be
very very bad we'll have to keep digging
at this point we stay patient and
watchful also quiet if more log ball
catches our sense we may lose him
completely we have motive now but the
bones of a plot aren't enough we need
plans names timetables keep watching
I'll do the same
you haven't seen any legionaries that
seem out of place have you it'd be
shorter than I am
lean with very little oil my contact in
New Jersey row
captain ridges is missing he's sharp
tenacious a good man I guess anyway I
haven't heard from him in weeks he
dreamt that Coldharbour brewed to
maintain his cover I'm afraid it may
have gotten the better of him
we use a system when I want to meet I
draw the seal of the Dragon guard on a
wall near the thoroughfare crossing
that's the signal to meet in the sewer
hideout I'll mark it on your map I'm not
convinced he'll show but he's valuable
if you see him please tell him how angry
I am
or maybe disappointed is better just you
know what I knew
use your imagination I'm difficult he
could simply be avoiding me no of course
not he's a consummate professional you
wouldn't let something like that
interfere with his duty he's always
taking my peculiarities in stride it's
I have two theories one he has been
captured or two he's determined that a
meet is too dangerous I have a hard time
believing that he's been killed or

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

captured he's far too clever for that
his work is clean cleaner than mine
the corruption members of legion zero
are forced to drink a foul potion it's
an initiation of sorts
it makes them aggressive erratic he
probably doesn't want to endanger me my
mission I mean he might be less
concerned about hurting you
keep your distance I'm sorry I don't
know how much longer I'll have control
nice to meet you too
you always lead with indelicate
questions I tend to introduce myself
first first impressions and all that
it's been a long week I'm captain regice
I'm assuming you're working with the
Draco blades I figured I'd have met with
her before but it's getting too
dangerous I can feel myself succumbing
to Molag Bal's corruption I thought I
had it under control but listen the
Daedra have found a key an ancient door
deep beneath the city I've heard the
leadership talking about it nothing
just whispers about a relic locked up
contented to simply steal this key but I
think we'll have better luck if we make
a switch
I made a key mold it was a risky play
when I was running out of ideas if you
can make a false key and switch it out
with the real one it should keep the
Daedra off your back for a while give
you a chance to learn more about this
relic yes I'll give you the mold if you
can get your hands on some scrap metal
from these soldiers you should be able
to cast the key in the Western Forge
once it's made we swap it with the
genuine article and no one is the wiser
although if it's fresh from the mold it
won't look as worn as the actual key
after you cast it bring the fakie over
to the laboratory on the northwest side
of the district you can give it a good

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

acid bath there some pits and scars
we'll sell it
when you've got the key ready for the
switch meet me at the groundskeepers
storehouse we'll go over the rest of the
details there
you'd better get moving the more time
you take the more time there is for
things to go wrong
right that
I had to drink the blood of Coldharbour
to maintain my cover in Legion zero
tasted like a dead man's breath over ice
I wouldn't recommend it it changes you
not just in body but in mind antidotes
potions herbal remedies anything I can
scrounge up it's not pleasant
if the corruption doesn't kill me these
remedies will that only gets me so far
though it's really about willpower and
even that has limits stubbornness mostly
I can't still be useful plus I don't
want to give them the satisfaction of
turning me
they'll find me out eventually of course
when they do I'll have my dagger ready
first for the one who outs me and then
for myself

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

there you are
I was beginning to think you've been
caught are you mad how do you think I'm
I'm sorry I'm keeping together don't
worry about it
did you make the false key
they've locked the key away in the old
Counting house a sieve Caen named as
Olga the brutal keeps watch over it I'll
unlock the door and distract him while
you slip in and make the switch when
it's done meet me back in the sewer
what is the meaning of this interruption
wrench my watch is more important your
inane reports apologies it's also one
this report is urgent I have reason to
suspect that there may be a spy in the
ranks of Legion zero one who plots the
downfall of the Legion and it's masters
a spy I am charged with the protection
of a great prize I have no interest in
petty mortal schemes you half were just
granted as you say exalted I merely
thought it would be to your benefit to
learn of this first if you prefer I can
take the news to one of my other masters
though it would pain to see them take
the glory in their stead glory you say
my lord molag bal does have a special
distaste for traitors
hold a moment captain perhaps I can
spare time for this so-called
tell me about this spy I will see your
duty rewarded for your loyalty I dare
not say that aloud my lord
ears are everywhere you know anyone from
you listening whispering to me then who
is this spy they must be made to suffer
is captain regice
any problems with the switch I hope not
I can't quite pull that off twice

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

I'd say I don't know what came over me
but I do it's the corruption taking hold
I I killed him but at least it was
behind closed doors this will work to
our advantage
there will be infighting as they try to
figure out who murdered zogar bring the
key and this report to the Drake it's
everything I have written down on what
we accomplished as for me I'm too much
more risk now I'm losing control of
myself and I can't be allowed to tell
them what we did
you and I both know what needs to be
done thank you for helping me complete
one last mission
oh and when you see the Drake tell her
nevermind just look after her all right
you made it back excellent did you find
Regulus what did he have to say
ackee may i well certainly old seemed
like reg Ellis has some theories gods
his penmanship is atrocious luckily some
of the iconography seems intact between
that and reduces notes we should be able
to deduce its origin
something with a lock on it I'd say a
door based on the size perhaps a very
large box I can guess more if you'd like
there's something about a relic in his
report wait did you say his final report
what happened to him
yes of course I am why are you looking
at me like that
stop it he was dead as soon as he drank
that poison we both knew that I just
thought he was going to hold on a bit
longer it's a shame I thought so yes
I'll hold on to the key for now I
suspect we'll need it sooner rather than
thank you for recovering it for finding
red Alice I'm glad someone was there at
the end

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

he came to her with his oh well that's
colorful maras mercy what a waste of
paper the cane and the
something-something it's fiction useless
but it's still part of our heritage we
have to keep it safe
the Daedra have been torching every book
that can find all except one
it's a tome of some kind kept locked
I have no idea but it must be important
I tried to get Sergey honest the chief
archivist to smuggle it out for me but
he bungled the job and got himself
captured they'll no doubt need rescuing
start with the book though it's in a
strongbox nearby
my thanks you need to get that book to
the drink I managed to mask its contents
with a magical sight find the ciphers
who should be born
bring them to me in the archives east of
here and I will use them to translate

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

thank the eight you've made it barely
got past the Daedra myself but this
place seems safe enough for now
it's called the sublime brazier written
by a moth priest just a few years after
Saint Alessia passed of course this is
just a copy of the original text which
was damaged during the Colombian
secession in the 24th century oh right
I'm sorry your guess is as good as mine
when they came to the library looking
for it it was all I could do to garble
the text with the distortion spell
before they got through the door but now
with the ciphers I can undo the spell
here now I'm an archivist not a look all
I know is it has something to do with
the dragon fires I didn't have time to
read more before I had to cast the spell
are you ready to help me translate it
there it's done gods how exhausting glad
I never join the mages guild I just
don't have the talent for this
Hey judging by the stood on you I'm
guessing it's done that are you took a
fireball to the face

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

excellent marry have it please whatever
it is the de jure must think it's
sublime what well
that's troubling did you read this you
can read right
apparently the sublime grace here is a
relic the Emperor's used to light the
dragon fires those mystical flames that
keep the Daedra from entering our world
it doesn't make sense the dragon guard
should know about this
should be protecting it
they obviously have plans for this
must be looking for insights into how it
works weaknesses I suppose we should be
thankful that they didn't destroy the
book I've got a lot of reading to do for
now we stay watchful this book is
obviously connected to a greater plot
I'll be in touch once I figure out what
their sublime brassiere has to do with
the invasion
so yes I'm reading now can you go please
you're in my light
but summary execution
a mortal wandering here of its own
volition and it can fight a daring soul
perhaps you'd like to help me complete
my day's work I seek to attack this
prison lay low the Daedra who run it why
does your kind do anything perhaps you
want to see what spoils you can mine
from this place or maybe you want to
help the mortals trapped deep blow your
kind has such baffling sensibilities so
many held for torture for parts for
amusement you can't hear the screams
from up here but I assure you they are
buttered I'll lead you to the prisoners

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

if you'll assist me in my day's
butchering information has a price
little mortal head inside slay the ogre
fiend and anything else that bars our
way to the inner halls then we'll talk
he was like you once mortal and small
but the aura of this place changed him
you'll see his death is necessary if
we're to reach the inner halls
you'll find plenty of prisoners to free
if you survive perhaps they can serve as
distractions as we move deeper every day
Jura here will come to stop you little
Mortal it holds prisoners as it always
has but the torture chambers below have
been made exquisite they belong to Lord
Baal now run by his trusted lieutenants
it should have been my plan in charge
one thing at a time mortal let's see how
far you get the overfiend is waiting
have we you mortals all have the same
awkward growth for a face
the flash filter is your next target go
his laboratory is just

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

let's see if you're still blushing when
we stick your head on a pike
your will to survive is impressive with
a sculpture gone and known to command
the prison's flesh constructs the
warden's sword is broken there are
wretched mortals in cells up ahead
free them if you must but you face the
grave light sentry next can't you tell
from his name you mortals think in such
3-dimensional terms
watch your tongue mortal I'm sure you've
noticed the myriad Watchers that surveil
this place through these children the
Sentry sees all that we do useful in the
operation of a person slay it and the
warden will lose his eyes in these horns
I wondered if you would live long enough
to ask that you have proven most amusing
they wronged me I've come to wrong them
back you are powerful for a mortal but
surely you jest

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

we danger have established practices and
I required a third party let's leave it
at that we've wasted enough time
believe it free
the intruders are coming Lord warden

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

in my experience flesh etre knocks are
tools that the dim-witted get moving the
way out is ahead past the last cellblock

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

and now you will
the warden is dead his prisoners freed
what fun this has been you've done well
for such a fleeting creature I have
found a new and very slight respect for
mortal kind you live to fight another
treasure it I have much work to do
someone's going to have to look after
this prison for Lord Baal this trinket
is for you I've infused it with the
animus of the Great Lord warden take it
and go worth reward your presence is no
longer required it would be to leave
I've been watching them turn over graves
the worm cult I mean it's an ugly
business isn't it I used to come here to
clear my head it was quiet peaceful it's
full of these idiots Shane
they're raising the dead most are being

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

outfitted as soldiers something's off
I've been watching one group in
particular branded skeletons digging in
random locations and clearly looking for
something I just don't know what
necromancer's often ran skeletons to
bind them to a specific task in this
case digging if you can steal a Daedric
brand and a chapel key from one of these
cultists we might be able to discover
what Molag Bal and his skeletons are
digging for any one of these cultists
could be carrying the Daedric friend or
a key to the chapel so happy hunting I
have to track down the lead of my own
once you've branded a skeleton and heard
what it has to say meet me in the
Undertaker's office
I'm not sure what you mean
they've reanimated dead people I
actually quite like skeletons it's a
shame they're so repulsive and dangerous
I'm sure that sounds bad please remember
I am NOT a crazy person they never lie
spycraft is all about observation
scraping away lies to find the truth I'm
very good at it but it makes my head
skeletons are what they are and that's
it it's refreshing that doesn't make
them any less dangerous though
it's quiet and full of skeletons you
shouldn't be disturbed there the worm
cultists were storing bones there for a
while but now they tend to avoid it
locked it up tight it's not all that
surprising it still smells of incense it
feels homey
I also hanged a few of their leaders in
there right over the altar that made an
impression why are you making a face Oh
sacrilege right the eight will
understand after all it helps keep the
cultists out ends and means simple ever
handle the kettle brand same principle
there's a hot end press it onto a skull
should be a simple matter of waiting for
the skeleton to assemble and make its
confession don't worry if the skeleton
falls apart these things take practice
right the brand binds the skeleton to a
single very specific task
once you've set the mark the skeleton
should recite the details of the task
aloud that will tell us everything we
need to know about what they're looking
for yes and also know it should be like
an echo of the casters will or something
honestly I don't know all the details I
don't make a practice of casting spells
on dead people I just read a lot

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

big seek the dragon fire cathedral with
pic and spade smother choke and quench
the light by Moloch balls will obey
tell me more about this map where things
will go very poorly for you
are you listening hello oh you're dead
you made it excellent I am sorry about
the mess but this cultist was not very
forthcoming all I got was this map what
did you find
Dragonfire Cathedral are you sure you
heard that correctly skeletons aren't
all that articulate
hmm that must have been disconcerting
it's a legend folk tale like arcades
magic breaches according to the story
Alessia received a vision from akatosh
in one of the old alien shrines beneath
the city her followers tore down and
built a cathedral there the cathedral is

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

supposed to be the resting place of a
katashi's second gift to Alessia a
powerful relic what the relic actually
does I have no idea Molag Bal must be
after this relic that's why he's looking
for the Cathedral the map I took from
this idiot points to the crematorium
I'll bet that's where Molag Bal's
skeletons are digging now honestly I'm
not convinced that that Dragonfire
Cathedral is real but we can't take the
risk we have to stop them
we demolished the dig site worm cultists
have been using concentrated Kindle
pitch to clear rubble the Zipkin soul
branders have been distributing it since
they arrived if you can acquire some we
can use it to destroy their operation
once I finished disposing of this body
I'll make for the crematorium it's
probably full of cultists I'll try to
thin the herd before you arrive by that
I mean I'm going to kill them all in
case that wasn't clear none that he was
keen to share he did a lot of begging
sentiment I learned a lot about his
mother for instance don't know why
people always talk about their mothers
it's probably my fault I've never been a
very good interrogator

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

but it was the best I could do on short
set the Kindle pitch before more of
these cultists arrived
that's sure to draw some attention
make me back to your Alliance base once
the coast is clear
he's a awful I'm sorry that sounded bad
you look unkempt to be honest neither of
us should have been standing that close
to an explosion my ears are still
so my log balls dig is completely
destroyed yes excellent this will buy us
some time
if the Dragon Fire Cathedral actually
exists we need to make sure it doesn't
fall into Molag Bal's hands right yes
take this for your trouble and stay in
touch there's more to Molag Bal's plan I
know it
you didn't come to pray did you the
Temple District is no place for pilgrims
not anymore I'm sorry if I seem
distracted I lost something who when the
anchors fell I made contact with a
priest named ignite yes he's old with
very distracting teeth but wiser than
most I'm certain he can help us stop
whatever molag bal has planned for the
city unfortunately he's been captured
not yet Molag Bal obviously knows his
value they don't keep him in one place
for long Daedra have been torturing the
city's clergy near the shrines to the
8th we should split up and free these
priests hopefully ignite he'll be among
meet me in the rectory when you're
finished it should be safe there now
stay low you don't want to be strung up
like the rest of these dolts we're just
going to finding nautious and get out of
here right we're agreed that's not
yes of course I am is this really

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

relevant we have work to do I don't see
that it's any of your business but this
is obviously going to become an issue
this place makes me uncomfortable the
temple district I mean well I should
clarify the people here make me
uncomfortable religious people it's the
expectation everyone is supposed to act
differently here I don't know how to do
that out in the world life is messy but
not here
before the invasion it was so clean and
everyone was so polite it's all pretense
they eat it
no no one does not really the nine
doctrines provide very clear
instructions they're concise simple but
I kill spa high and steel it's my
profession I could act like I keep to
their commands but that would be lying
and I hate lies
veneration is not the same thing as
obedience every moment we spend
squabbling about theology is another
eternity of torture for these priests
let's just get back to the task at hand
yes yes I already told you about his
teeth didn't I
sorry Ignasi is very wise confused but
wise he's a priest religion is all about
elevating what you can't see over what
you can it's absurd even so he's a
genius or near to it had the ear of some
Imperial councilors before men imarco
hedged him out I know he can I wouldn't
waste time and resources on him
otherwise I don't make a practice of
saving useless people you know that that
came out wrong all people are sort of
useful I guess I don't know I'm just
trying to be polite
no Christians Jack Flash's to claim
free at last
I prayed someone come
salvation thank you mate make Giuliano's
give you wisdom my friend

Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

eight bless you you must hurry friend
they dragged father Ignatieff to the
temple of the one he is the wisest of us
the most pious and kind please save him
it's about time you didn't find him
damn we may be too late
well that complicates things do you know
how many Daedra are guarding the temple
it's somewhere between a lot and too
many unfortunately we don't have much of
a choice
people don't last long in there we have
to strike now
plan no I don't think we have time for
that we'll have to improvise
this is where I'm supposed to be
encouraging isn't it I'm sorry I'll
create a distraction you slip in during
the confusion slay ignite his captors
and escape simple make sure nautious
makes it to safety extract any
information you can then meet me back at
your Alliance base it definitely knows
something I'd help you question him if I
was you no not me so it goes good luck

Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

you escaped thank the eight the Daedra
know about this place we shouldn't
yes yes I'm all right just need to catch
my breath
you have my deepest deepest thanks I
only wish more could have been saved
the drakes intro Lara blesser in truth I
don't know much other balls inquisitors
Altos Vale was asking all kinds of
questions about a scroll we recently
discovered I told her I didn't know
she wasn't convinced 8 for Keith me
yes dad no I found it tucked between
some of my rocks polemics just before
the invasion has spent the better part
of 30 years in those archives friend to
find this scroll just days before the
anchors failed it can't be coincidence

Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

arcane references ancient symbols it's
not an elder sir almighty it's nothing
so majestic but there is power in the
text of that I am certain alas I had to
part with it but don't worry it is in
good hands
given time yes at the risk of sounding
vain I doubt there are any other priests
in the city who can unlock its power
it's in the gaps you see the syntax the
text beneath the text the eight guided
me to the scroll we must find out why
you're free dignity is yes I'd hate to
think I was coerced down like a hair for
well with or without the scroll at
Nadia's as an asset he speaks a dozen
dead languages can read a dozen more he
knows the city better than I do
he's also remarkably spry for an old
person we'll find a use for him given
all that we've uncovered
I think Molag Bal's plan is clear he
wants to breach the Dragonfire Cathedral
to destroy the sublime brassiere if he
succeeds the dragon fires will never be
relit and Monday's will be exposed to
Daedric attack forever well captain
codex has pledged his soldiers to the
cause father Ignacio is examining that
ancient scroll you recovered we also
know the cathedrals location and we have
a key to help us gain entry I'm sure we
can come up with something
this is going to sound stupid truthfully
it is stupid but I don't pick on allies
I found a rodent with a map tied to its
tail a message from that vagrant the rat
he's apparently left us an urgent letter
out in the sewer can you find it while
you retrieve the bats message I'll
coordinate with Father ignore es and
captain kow x2 chart out our next move
by the time you return we should have a
plan in place I can't guarantee it will
be a good one
do you really expect me to explain oh we
are joking you're joking right

Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

your back did you find the rats message
well sorry it to be I mean I've just had
to do a lot of talking my ears are
ringing but I'm alright
don't look so sour I think we have a
why is it sticky forget I asked this is
just a list of his favorite Nursery
Rhymes know what I expected he's filthy
lunatic who wait it's a cipher well this
is troubling
unless this is some inane practical joke
it seems that general ma Levesque is
already on his way to the dragon fire
cathedral fortunately he's stuck using
the front door we should be able to use
the key you and Regulus recovered to
sneak in the back
right that father Ignatieff finished
translating the mysterious scroll that
codex gave you apparently it details
some bizarre ritual that can only be
performed in the cathedral itself it
imbues mortals with incredible power
even immortality
there's a catch the volunteer is bound
to the Dragonfire Cathedral forever they
exist only to protect the sublime
brassiere I'm sure you can imagine
that's not a very appealing commitment
could be worse
plenty of time to catch up on my reading
of course I am
codex insisted at first I think he was
trying to be chivalrous or something
because I'm a woman I mean he's an idiot
anyway he'd go mad within a week too
much of a people person I'm the obvious

Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

captain codex has already gone ahead
with his soldiers to prepare defenses
for the Cathedral
when you're ready we should follow them
it's not exactly close and this ritual
is going to take a while
which page the ritual I guess so
doesn't matter honestly I have no idea
if it's even going to work
I heard Ignatieff ACTA Singh his
pronunciation and muttering doesn't
inspire a lot of confidence of course I
don't want to just because I hate
talking to people doesn't mean I want to
live alone in a drafty underground
Cathedral forever don't be thick the
fact is it doesn't matter what I want
the grazier needs to be protected end of
I appreciate the concern this is concern
right for my welfare it's frankly it's
baffling but I appreciate it I'm sworn
to protect the Emperor without the
there is no Emperor simple math no use
brooding over it general ma Levesque is
Molag Bal's chief enforcer in the
Imperial City
he's a Zipkin which is to say he's a
comically evil blowhard but he's a
skilled warrior and a master tactician
almost caught me a few times he's
tenacious and very very tall
mala vez brought his entire Elite Guard
planks and nails counter they haven't
breached the doors yet McIntosh is with
I sent soldiers I had to barricade the
doors the hole I'm just not sure for how
I sent my soldiers outside to cause some
havoc keep the de jure off god I'd
better do just that the time has come my
you must kneel before the brazier right
to show humility obedience I can do
obedient just watch me
Lord huh Kurdish dragon god of time the
faithful supplicate kneels before you
she has served you for many lean years
let her service now be everlasting grant
her your divine power blosser with this

Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

strength to defend this holy Cathedral
and the will to endure a life of
seclusion your exalted wings around her
and your works
hurry death father hola ball is knocking
don't rush the man captain but yes
ignore this you really should hurry this
up I sold a drone destroy the brazier
leave not a lie
this ritual cannot be interrupted you
must hold the cathedral until it is
complete go follow me
let's go send these Daedric beasts back
to oblivion
shoot straight don't let them dig
make us stand at the brazier go
Slauson immortals
destroying the brain job

Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

you must hold
I hate what's happening inside my head
useless Charles must I handle everything
myself your songs are for fish-faced the
side address this motor lawyer your
that she may keep watch over this holy
place now my child
Lord akatosh I am yours I pledge my
blades and my soul to your service
I am your shield and your vengeance now
and for all time
I can see everything
so that's it we did it
wait did I just incinerate
thirty-some-odd Daedra
certainly seems like it I feel weird
lighter this place I can see it now it's
more than stone
there's purpose and fury and light a
stiff breeze and fireflies I'm babbling
this is all very new you're talking
oh yes I can hear Molag Bal howling he's

Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

not at all pleased
I believe the brazier as well and truly
out of his reach so now I wait I guess I
probably should have brought a book or
yes you can forget this place and me
I've left instructions with a member of
my order he'll ensure that the brassiere
stays out of the history books all you
need to do is stay quiet this is the
part where you nod and take an oath of
looks that way we did good work you and
I but it's far from over the city is
still overrun and without me there to
leave severed heads on cultists
doorsteps it might get worse look after
the people ain't no they can't do it
now I guess I wait don't worry there's
more to this place than you can see
I'll keep busy trust me for what it's
worth I'll never forget you and I'm
going to live a very very long time
so yes take care all right
arts good to see you again I can
scarcely believe we survived a let alone
succeeded the eight have been kind to
you at I least
yes I believe it is now Kitaj be praised
Molag Bal will lash out but the dragon
fires are safe thanks to you I only wish
the price had been less dear centuries
of lonely service is a heavy burden I
will pray for the drink and for you
why not have a seat stay talk awhile
truthfully I'll rest at least for a
these last few months have been the
longest of my life it feels like years
since I just sat down
and my age but what I do why would I go
No now my life is here there are wounds
to mend and relics to protect and then
there is the Drake she committed herself
to city body and soul I couldn't bear to
look at myself if I did less no not in

Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

this lifetime
perhaps if were very lucky we'll see her
again in Aetherius but we needn't rush
to meet her I suspect she'll be here in
Mundus for a very long time
my patience goes thin sister we've had
our differences but when have you ever
known me to be wrong yes yes I suppose
that's true a few more moments then
you're finally here ah you stink of
blood but I thought you'd smell Fowler
with everything you've been through you
think I'd be used to it by now
absolutely nothing and everything how
would you like to help a humble moth
priest and the Empress Regent herself
with an urgent even critical task one
destined for you
Daedra have overrun white gold tower we
would flee were it not for a certain
relic left in the halls above we need to
get it back the existence of the Empire
depends upon it the relic is an elder
scroll sequestered in the library of the
white gold tower it's surrounded by
millions of Molag Bal but they can't get
to it not yet we hope to get to it first
but we need you to take us through the
throne room to reach it
it was written in the Elder Scroll in
question I was its keeper and I'm
destined to become so again with your
help a good question the scroll doesn't
help with that part but you've trusted
the words of others before on whim or by
you could leave I suppose Dumas all do
my cat I like my cat
you're supposed to help me it's very old
very secret and it told me of events to
come it told me that we have great work
to do you and I it's easier to show you
come we have a throne room and an elder

Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

scroll to reclaim I'm the last of the
moth priests remaining in the Imperial
City and with me our Empress regent
clivia Thorin and her personal guard
tending to their studies I'm sure
elsewhere in the world
elder squirrels and the Daedra don't mix
I left it here before the Daedra invaded
and not carelessly on purpose you'll
know more in time come let's retrieve it
great stuff the Empire
eternal suffering

Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

hold the scroll is here what there's
nothing this is where I left it
give me a moment you'll see
they have the scroll it's not ready
I had hope the school was
go find the empress regent
Empress Region arrived as soon as I
how can the Imperial Legion serve your
highness general Valerius I need you to
spare me a regiment of your elite I of
course put forward purpose Imperial City
is crawling Daedra just a single
regiment have them report personally to
me I require the utmost secrecy about
this they will serve in your name as you
wish Empress region

Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

I'm certain that you have plenty to do
today how can I help you my officers
report you requested Legion members
directed to your personal service may I
ask why do you intend to feed them to
the Daedra as well mind your tone I
already apologized for the incident I am
no strategist but your men did not die I
won't grant this request it's an order
from your Empress general with all due
respect I know the personal posting you
made general wasn't your daughter
injured in a recent attack is that a
the healers say we can't risk moving her
out of the city and those guards are the
only thing keeping the danger away from
your mansion but they're also a waste of
military resources I'd be happy to leave
them be if you cooperate consider
the plane meld is as majestic as it is
I guess it's mostly just terrible
prepare for battle
everything you see is just your mind
trying to make sense of merging

Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

the time has come you must face her
before she slays us all
Empress region since they are necessary
the waterfront district must be defended
empress ii the district holds most
strategic value you'd be sending these
men to die for nothing why do you
continue to oppose me why do you insist
on playing general I must refuse this
Empress then the elder council will hear
about the extra postings your
questionable command decisions get in
This Means War general
head through the portal you are destined
to face clivia thorn
she is as nice to you as the right Lord
Bao I have the eldest role

Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

waited as long as I could
portal the scroll said I'd be skewered
never mind
follow me
I'm sorry you had to face her alone I
read in the scroll there would have been
consequences for me had I gotten
involved in that battle had to time that
portal just right tomorrow is the first
time in many years that I won't have
anything to do no tasks no duties
nothing prophesied anyway have you ever
had wrought meth I've always wanted to
try wrought meth Oh maybe a trip to
Valen wood is in order
white gold tower belongs to the Empire
again but there's much work left to do
where has the true crepier gone I must
speak to the Imperial generals they'll
be interested to know a Daedra has been
leading them so many questions left to
ask the scroll stated the Empress Regent
was a shadow of herself that she would
become an enemy to her own people
it didn't say she was a Daedric minion
of Molag Bal perhaps it's time for
another reading
not entirely my vision waxes and wanes
as my day of final reading is yet to
come let's hope the scrolls meaning is
different now
or at least clearer the text on every

Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

Elder Scroll is fluid reflecting the
changing nature of reality itself
they're like cats
the final section of this particular
scroll beckoned me to action refusing to
change no matter how often I read it it
was blank

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