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SearchThisVideo: THE EVIL WITHIN 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Kidman (PS4 Pro)

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I'll tell you guys right now I don't

know if I should be nervous scared or

excited but I'm filling all kinds of

emotions right now

the first thing I wanted to say is thank

you but des des the game of the game

early and on top of that they are

sponsoring the first part of this series

so last time I did a sponsored video

I've only ever done one before I donated

to charity I want to do the same thing

on this one I'm thinking Children's

Hospital cuz that's where I had surgery

when I was a kid back in 97 I think it

was April Fool's Day of 97 I had my

right kidney taken out under that sounds

like painful but it wasn't too bad

doesn't change my lifestyle that's just

a little fun fact about me but leave a

charity of your choice in the comments I

might pick one at random and yeah that's

it I think they have a link in the

description of this video that you guys

can go click I don't know what it does

but I guess the more you click it the

better it is for me I really have no

idea anyways

giving away two copies this game one for

ps4 one for Xbox one if you want a

chance to win just leave a comment of

when you found my channel and I'm hoping

that since I'm playing this alongside a

shadow of war the first part of that

just broke over 40,000 likes I'm hoping

we can top that on this video cuz I'm so

excited about this series and yeah well

that being said guys I love you all and

let's do this alright guys let's start

it up I want to show you the controls

I'm using I'm using the type a just

because I felt like I don't know if you

switch between the two

I feel like sprinting definitely

requires the l-3 on this one the only

thing is flashlight changes Delta I

don't know which one I like better so

I'm gonna go with that one oh hold on

what does it say toggle sprint cover

hold yeah let's do that recommended

settings I made the yxs inverted I lower

the sensitivity on Y and X by 10 each

just because you know why not anyways

guys let's do this

oh wow look at this

uh we got casual for those who want to

express yourself without a struggle

you know we don't we don't want that

here on this channel items are abundant

and can make or you can take many more

heads before you die

alright those are the basics of survival

horror experience keep an eye on your

resources approach situations with

caution and don't get overconfident like

that I'm probably do survival

recommended for players to enjoy the

difficulty of the previous game well so

that that actually means that they

dumbed it down in whatever I'm gonna go

with survival just cuz I don't want to

be like yeah that's gonna be alright so

I don't need a missus

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

nothing like starting off a kids drawing

getting burned right Emma am i right Pam

you're agreed we're we're just in porn

right now chapter one no no this is not


sorry Sebastian I think it is happening

bro your house is on fire man check out

these graphics oh this game looks really

good this is like before everything

happened it looks like I'm so pumped

right now guys here we go she got that

last of us 5 to it doesn't it

oh my gosh guys I'm n I'm so excited

right now for this game damn it

let's break it man that's my dude right

there he threw the chair where are you


let's see something back over here oh

hang on can you pick that up now you get

the wedding picture is this the Resident

Evil 7 family's kitchen it's what it

kind of looks like let's keep it moving

yeah this kinda reminds me the start of

start of the Last of Us for some reason

all right we're going upstairs I assume

I'm coming Lily just hold on

I'm really impressed so far guys I'm

here I'm a can't go through there hold


come on out little e where are you I'm


dad's here you weren't here for me Dad

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

man that face burning kind of like got

to me a little bit

kid hello Sebastian it's been a long

time three years I've been trying to

track you down for three years then you

thought you'd find me at the bottom of

an empty bottle is that it and why are

you here now dammit you didn't find me

because they didn't want you to calm

down Sebastian you knew what was gonna

happen in that hospital didn't you what

happened at vegan is in the past you

need to forget it you sound just like

that psychologist that force shoved down

my throat but he didn't have answers you

do you're gonna tell me about Mobius

I'm here because of this where did you

get this Lily's still alive Lily is dead

I read the police report I was at her

funeral we can rewrite history if we

want to staging a death is child's play

why would I come out of the shadows just

to lie to you

lily is alive and she's with us but

she's in danger we need you to help save

her save her what have you done to her

get your hands off me

I was hoping you'd come willingly

Sebastian oh we don't have time for this

[ __ ] Lily needs you

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

Sebastian you're awake good yeah

great where are we you're in one of our

facilities so this is the Almighty

Mobius huh huh

be careful about what you say you don't

know how powerful they are right so

powerful they have to kidnap a washed-up

ex-cop to help them at least your

terrible sense of humor is still intact

enough of this [ __ ]

where's Lilly patience all your answers

are right here

The Beacon mental hospital incident was

an unfortunate setback but we used a

knowledge gained to build a new and

vastly improved stem system

what does this have to do with my

daughter imagine it millions of minds

connected together happiness for one is

happiness for all this machine this

miracle will allow our species to

achieve greatness we needed to start

with a mind that was pure and clean

enough to support thousands of

personalities the mind of an innocent

child you connected Lily to that machine

your daughter is quite special the most

stable core candidate we've ever tested

thanks to her the new stem has been a

smashing success until recently a little

over a week ago

Lily vanished just stop sending signals

then the stem environment began to


we thought it was just a technical

glitch an easy fix so we sent a team of

Mobius agents inside but then we lost

contact with them and stem went dark

think about this mr. Castellanos I am

providing you an opportunity not only to

see your daughter again but to save her


something you thought you failed to do


you can save her or let her die it's

your choice

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

good luck Sebastian and please try to

cooperate with any team members you

might find in there I know you don't

trust us but they have the same goals as

you do that's alright I'm fine by myself

just remember to call me the moment you

find Lilly

so that we can begin the extraction

process I'll be out here for you

and someone else will be in there for


are you ready


be careful in there Sebastian we're

counting on you


stem entry in three two one

what a start men to see him have the

entrance I don't want to sprint I don't

know where I'm going oh this house but

yet to see the way he entered this area

was really awesome I don't really think

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

we get we got that in the first game all

right I'm coming man this game is gonna

be amazing I I already know now that

we're in for a treat

our little girl is gone no you won't

help me I'll find out my fruit on my own

hell is this place

yeah I'm still catechin Oh



just complete darkness around me that's

so cool

there's a nice little chair right here I

could sit down in terrible like the

worst hangover ever from your own

memories my memories huh if that's the

case then where my wife and child

this place looks like my old office at

crimson City PD so for those of you that

don't know Kidman was actually one of

the detectives in the first game and

also I think the first game had two DLCs

and she was like the main character I

don't think there are bunch of agents

here you're lost team great so your

experts need rescuing too if anyone can

do it

you know thanks for the vote of

confidence but I'm only here to find

really I don't know why but the Hoffman

character looks like she looks like

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

somebody familiar Hoffman psychology and

surveillance this one could be Katie all

right search for the Mobius sorry I

don't know what they just said I guess

we could look at each one if we really

wanted to let me check this one Baker

team leader he's the guy should try to

find first all right I guess we'll just

keep on movin keep on movin

I like how they just gave him his own

his old office you know just kind of

manifested it in here so what do you

guys think of this game so far oh my

gosh a black cat I don't ever remember

owning a cat

slide projector where did my memory dig

this up elementary school

all right photographic slide I relic

from a pre foam camera error he's mostly

found in old people's attics and estate

cells they can be viewed using the slide

projector in Sebastian's room so I need

to go back to the room right now way can

I pick up the projector oh we should

just go to put it in right here all

right change slide Kidman you there you

wouldn't have told me about Lily if your

damn machine didn't go on the fritz I

would have spent the rest of my life

mourning her and you wouldn't have

chaired I cared they would have killed

me I'm not sure I believe you to

manipulate me to get me to perform like

a good little soldier you've lied to me


all friendship was built on a lie okay

you'll never know how I feel until

you've lost your family better to have

loved and lost is that what you're


point taken

we have a couple extra slides here so

those are all just where I got to fill

in the blanks basically what is that on

the ground now

what is this

all right green gel all right nice I

think we had some of this in the first

game did we use obtained increased

abilities nice thanks kitty yep I

remember the gel stuff now it's all

coming back to me now guys I'm here I'm

just like bitching there should be a way


all right before we go let me just check

around me regular doors I'm looking for

ammo I'm looking for anything then

everything that I can use to help my

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

character in the early stages otherwise

I'll get that comments Brad you missed

this back in the main area

I guess funny how this game comes out on

Friday the 13th and it's like there's a

black cat right there a lot of cool

vibes going all look at this save

terminal let me go ahead and save it

first I'm saving it so here we go nice

all right let's go ahead and investigate

here we go again into the looking-glass

literally all right check to something

not quite right Sebastian the inner stem

Kidman tells I'm finding the remaining

members that's everything we basically

just went through but yeah thank you

guys for all the love and support you

drop on this first video in this series

in general I'm just mad I'm just excited

for this whole thing

Oh Lily what's wrong


my dolls had his broke

it's okay mom can fix it for you she can

fix anything



what's wrong are you I've got a

wonderful family an amazingly smart and

beautiful life why wouldn't I be alright

come here Blair

you've been working too hard it's making

you delirious are you sure you're not

coming down with something


oh I don't like this at all is this the

right place I have a bad feeling about

this we haven't really seen anything

scary yet oh my goodness ah dude what is

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

going on with the curtains in this room

man are you kidding the curtain just

unveiled something oh my goodness all

right let's go ahead and go to it all

right so this is kind of what it looks

like what is the is it like a menu for

anything touch pad nothing I don't think

we've really got anything yet to use I

guess it'll walk me through with him I

want to see what's around the side

anything wait a minute look at this so

it's a picture wait if I can I go

through it and it's like going through

the picture hold on let me see

I don't know what's going on guys I'm

like trying to figure it out will

William Baker here we go

toggle flashlight oh yeah this is gonna

be fun

this looks like the hallway from PT all

of a sudden the game gave me PTSD I feel


what the hell

oh that's sick that's one of the search

team Baker


it's like he's stuck in like a rewind



that's so sick how they did that Iona

let me see the notes

team leader one bullet straight through

the head

I was another little spot I could check

over here I thought well let's go over

here and investigate anything so if you

go towards it understand to see if

there's anything else I can look at cuz

I did investigate him

the best I could I feel like let's go

back over here and see if anything pops

up oh no you know what I that early

gameplay I was given by them showed this

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

photo monster the fact that we're in a

photo room

oh no files one of 40 sadistic whoever

did this must have enjoyed it

poor guy man

there anything else back here anything

in the locker no I guess I'm good so

once you enter in this thing I just

wonder why there's lights and everything

here does it make much sense I just take

a picture

that's kind of weird hold on so you

can't really take a photograph but you

can just but I'll be honest the way that

stuff looks it's like a like a piece of

art almost gonna stop him from being


all right so it looks like I investigate

everything like in this area there's

nothing I can really do there now my

guess is there's nothing to the right in

here and there's research of one more

time we'll kind of go up here and take a

right I don't think I'll look back this

way yet oh here we go

someone tried to block the way out all

right in operate always a hidden

bookshelf guys oh yeah

not sure if this is a smart idea but I'm

just gonna run for it alright there's a

phone that's not good either there's a

door open hold on is it in here

that looks like the other person's name

we're looking at our where's the phone

at is it upstair it might be upstairs

yeah let's go upstairs just check it out

skin is just crawling right now oh

there's another part okay we got another

picture now nice

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

lies all lies huh you know it's kind of

cool that you can investigate just about

everything so I'm just kind of taking it

easy you know taking my time with it I

don't want to miss anything important oh

my goodness hey damn it

what's going on here I don't know if I

want to find out

I wonder if this games gonna have a

reoccurring boss remember the UH I can't

remember the thing's name it was like

the Box head guy for the first one oh

wow look at that door yeah that looks

like important let me try to open this

once you nothing

all right let's just keep it going oh

god here we go guys

oh no what the world oh my goodness Oh

way to cap icture right what happened

that's the guy oh crap

[ __ ] entering and exiting cover

so if I get spotted basically I'm game


please just walk past me keep going that

would just be fantastic

our nice who the hell was that

so if we step in we'll be able to hear

that noise just like the search team so

we have a serial killer who all shows a

cameraman it's like mr. Brooks I don't

know if you guys have ever seen that

movie it's actually pretty good kind of

came out of nowhere I gotta find a way

out of here

well step with the eyeballs and stuff on

the pictures oh man we get to the

pendulum up there what is that I gotta

go see what that was you see the giant

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

eye what was that oh wait I can't go any

further okay it's blocked off alright

this looks like the same room from

earlier where you couldn't go in word Oh

what hold on you might can go in it now

think about horror games you have to

play it like the reverse of a movie like

in a movie you're like don't go into

that basement and this gave me like I

have to go into that basement

I was actually surprised I could do that

I thought maybe you know it block you

off oh there's another file yeah three

or 40 let's go photograph with another

victim this is a mobius uniform well lit

and InFocus looks like a gun which he

used to shoot him in the head

yeah well I would think that's a very

good observation there Sebastian all

right so this time we just came back

here for a photograph

you know what's weird ever since that

was a kid I played horror games and none

really got to me as much as probably

Silent Hill - oh wait there's a phone

right here let me go check it out

nothing all right for some reason

something about Pyramid Head in that

game you should just give me the creeps

oh well we got bodies hanging that's

also a good thing that's what I like to

see attention to detail the thing is

there's so much - it's like it's the

nonlinear but it is linear it's like you

can only go into certain rooms like I

can go back here I'm sure but then this

is opened I can't go past it obviously

so I'm gonna go back out the other way

should I have my flashlight on I mean I

don't know if I should be even doing

this right now

pretty sure we're safe Otto let me look

at these pictures behind me

eyeballs people screaming or whatever I

have no idea what all this is something

about the eyes eyes and mouth maybe it's

like the senses oh that's creepy is this

like the movie seven seven deadly sins

oh my goodness what is this Christ is

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

that a person in a wedding dress

yeah that's pretty intense can I go in



how many people are there right here it

looks like several men

we just got dead bodies stacked up to

the roof over here yeah that's pretty

crazy I don't know

that's like freaking me out a little bit

all right let's get on an elevator you

know the thing you're supposed to do

with these games Oh nervous where's the

switch yet over here all right guys here

we go

this might be a pretty long part one but

I'll be giving you guys 110 percent on

this series so I really thank you for uh

I don't know be the best audience ever I

mean it really means a lot to me all

right let's see I've kind of been going

through like a maze of this guy's I

guess victims if you would mix with like

his little art he puts up for each one

oh my god oh my goodness guys I don't

know about this it can't be too bad

right high right there I was a thing I

can take a picture whoa all right

'we cannot take the picture now there's

like a door here i feel like i'm bout to

get like a big jump scare happen oh no

what's behind me what is behind me I can

only imagine oh never mind I thought I

was I was kind of expecting you know

like a hundred dead bodies just standing

there staring at me but the thing is he

knows I'm here now there's a picture of

me what the hell

oh wow that's kind of creepy

whoa Oh like what in the world is this

uh oh my god oh my god time to go time

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

to go I'm sprinting I don't have much

stamina but I'm sprinting decent you

gotta be kidding I'm almost out of

stamina guys vault over vault over there

we go Sebastian Oh be careful

are you gonna sauce at the door oh my

god all that doors about to pop you Oh

Oh climb climb climb

get out of here yo oh my god

oh my goodness guys scared me so much

dammit I don't know Sebastian just you

know don't be talking out loud it won't

be fun

I feel like this song's gonna come up

through the bottom oh my god holy [ __ ]

so just don't be where rat is all right

here we go

oh I don't here oh my god that was so

terrifying well I think on that note I'm

gonna stop right here actually let's go

to this door down here first and once we

get through the door wait something's

happening oh my goodness

all right keep running yo keep running

come on make it make it make it

there's a person there and I don't know

what's going on are you kidding I got to

worry about him too

Oh get off me

give me that knife yeah

nice whoa that was close

all right what the [ __ ] is going on here

me and you both have the same questions

all right automatic health regen your

kurta cool o or turn red nice it goes

back up alrighty guys on that note I

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

love you all I will catch you in part 2

drops and again thank you for you know

support you drop on this video so much

love and I'll see you soon peace out


Play The Evil Within 2 today!
The Evil Within 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes Chapter 1: Into the Flame of this Evil Within 2 Walkthrough for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC. This Evil Within 2 Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, all Missions, Chapters, Bosses, New Gameplay and the Ending of the Single Player. Thanks Bethesda for Evil Within 2!


The Evil Within 2 is an upcoming third-person survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the sequel to the 2014 video game The Evil Within.

Mobius is a corporation with unknown motives. With the aim of bringing the world "peace and order", Mobius created the STEM device, which connects human minds to an alternate dimension. In the aftermath of the first game's event, Detective Sebastian Castellanos was dismissed from the police department, and his story was not trusted by anyone. Desperate to find leads, Sebastian becomes frustrated and falls back into drinking, until three years later, his former partner Juli Kidman returns to inform him that his daughter Lily, thought to be dead years ago, is still alive but was captured by Mobius as the test subject for Union, a STEM world created with Lily's brain. Union, which is a reflection of Lily's mind, is extremely unstable, and Sebastian must race against time to rescue her and unravel the conspiracies of Mobius before it collapses. Meanwhile, he must confront different killers who had made their mark in Union, and face his own personal fears and past traumas.

Watch the Source Video Here!

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