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SearchThisVideo: The Evil Within 2 Walkthrough Part 1 – Something Not Quite Right No Damage / All Collectibles

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Watch video at 00:00

all right my friends welcome back to the

world of the evil witty so after what

maybe three years it's been almost three

years at this point since the release of

the evil within we are going to play the

evil within two and I'm just making some

adjustments here make sure that you guys

can see pretty well pretty excited to

play this game it's going to be quite

the experience I'm sure it will be

hopefully as hard as the original evil

within and this walkthrough will be

pretty similar to the walkthrough that I

did for the evil within so first I'm

going to do a run on survival difficulty

where I will show you all the

collectables and of course avoid taking

damage and then I will do a walkthrough

as well for the classic difficulty kind

of similar to the Akuma difficulty

honestly so if you enjoyed my previous

evil within walkthrough then you should

enjoy this walkthrough as well and we're

going to get started straight away with

the game

okay and here we go we're starting

things off with a little flashback and

once again we're taking control of

Sebastian in this game nothing new there

you'd think it'd be a bit more seasoned

by now but well since this happened in

the past I guess we can play me

and now we're going to check this

entrance doesn't work well let's create

one right now oh and by the way before I

forget to mention if you are just

looking for the location of all the

collectibles in the game I will leave a

timeline in the description of this

video and in that timeline you can skip

ahead to all the key points of each

chapter since this first chapter is

really short I'm probably going to make

chapter 1 and chapter 2 and just include

them together so this video is probably

going to be a little bit long look at

all these nice family pictures Lilly is

drawing suck though I mean she needs to

improve I mean she's at least what six

seven maybe you'd think she would be

able to draw a little bit better than

that by now

anyway let's go through here Lily come

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

on out Lily where are you I'm here dad's


you weren't here for me dad




kidman hello Sebastian it's been a long

time three years I've been trying to

track you down for three years can you

thought you'd find me at the bottom of

an empty bottle is that it and why are

you here now dammit you didn't find me

because they didn't want you to calm

down Sebastian you knew what was gonna

happen in that hospital didn't you what

happened at vegan is in the past you

need to forget it

you sound just like that psychologist

that force shoved down my throat but he

didn't have answers you do you're gonna

tell me about Mobius

I'm here because of this where did you

get this Lily's still alive Lily is dead

I read the police report I was at her

funeral we can rewrite history if we

want to staging a death is child's play

why would I come out of the shadows just

to lie to you

lily is alive and she's with us but

she's in danger we need you to help save

her save her what have you done to her

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

get your hands off me

I was hoping you'd come willingly

Sebastian oh we don't have time for this

[ __ ] we need you Lily needs you


Sebastian you're awake good yeah great

where are we you're in one of our

facilities so this is the Almighty

Mobius huh be careful about what you say

you don't know how powerful they are

right so powerful they have to kidnap a

washed-up ex-cop to help them at least

your terrible sense of humor is still

intact enough of this [ __ ] where's

Lilly patience all your answers are

right here

The Beacon mental hospital incident was

and fortunate setback but we used the

knowledge gained to build a new and

vastly improved stem system what does

this have to do with my daughter imagine

it millions of minds connected together

happiness for one is happiness for all

this machine this miracle will allow our

species to achieve greatness we needed

to start with a mind that was pure and

clean enough to support thousands of

personalities the mind of an innocent



you connected lily to that machine your

daughter is quite special the most

stable core candidate we've ever tested

thanks to her the new stem has been a

smashing success until recently a little

over a week ago

Lily vanished just stop sending signals

then the stem environment began to

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

collapse we thought it was just a

technical glitch an easy fix so we sent

a team of Mobius agents inside but then

we lost contact with them and stem went


think about this mr. Castellanos I am

providing you an opportunity not only to

see your daughter again but to save her

life something you thought you failed to

do before

you can save her or let her die it's

your choice good luck Sebastian and

please try to cooperate with any team

members you might find him there I know

you don't trust us but they have the

same goals as you do that's alright I'm

fine by myself just remember to call me

the moment you find Lilly so that we can

begin the extraction process I'll be out

here for you

and someone else will be in there for


are you ready


be careful in there Sebastian we're

counting on you


stem entry in three two one



Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00


all right guys here we go with the start

of the game so that was a pretty long

intro but I wanted to let it play out

calmly it's never a good sign when we

approach a house that looks pretty calm

and of course that happens I don't know

if you guys noticed but they reuse the

same screams from the original evil

within here good luck we did but anyway

kind of a shame that they changed the

voice actor I don't know why they did

that it almost feels like they're

different characters that way I wish

they would have kept the same ones but

oh well

hello hello Sebastian are you there

Kidman what snap out of it Sebastian he

made it in safely how are you feeling

terrible like the worst hangover ever

don't worry it will pass once your mind

has adjusted you're in an area separate

from the main system right now that's

how we're able to maintain communication

with you this construct is called your

room it's a safe zone that was formed

from your own memories my memories huh

if that's the case then where my wife

and child

this place looks like my old office at

crimson City PD

hey where's those pontius that built it

you should ask yourself that question

let's get down to business we sent some

information into your room

there are photos of a bunch of Mobius

agents here your lost team I assume at

fam let us know if you locate any of

them you're our only line of

communication and stem they're stuck in

Union and searching for Lily to you this

stem environment was designed to look

and feel like a small town called Union

great so your experts need rescuing too

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

if anyone can do it it's you thanks for

the vote of confidence but I'm only here

to find Lily there's more info there you

should check it out before you go Lily

your team and now me we're all stuck

inside stem I still don't understand why

you can't just take them all out of

their pods and wake them up it doesn't

work that way without a core we're

totally locked out of the system to

forcibly remove anyone from stem at this

point would kill them and leave their

consciousness trapped inside their great

Moby's has got some stellar backup plans

stating the obvious isn't going to speed

things along you need to find lily

otherwise she you and everyone else

inside is going to die and it's up to us

to save them all I bet that's not going

to work out very well but anyway let's

take a look at their pictures here he's

the guy I should try to find first I

would be very surprised if they're all

still alive

things with sight secondary characters

never turn out well in the evil within

you can take care of himself but like I

was saying before I don't know why they

changed the voice actor for this game

it's not like I'm an expecting trouble

the ones in the previous Candy's a bad

job sure the dialog can be a little bit

cringy but from what I see it's just a

screen G in this game so that's a shame

attack well at least he has some small

arms training and it's kind of funny how

three years have passed but yet

Sebastian looks older yet

Kidman looks actually younger

funny how that works out isn't it she

doesn't even quite look like the same

person but oh well let's take a look at

the pictures here if they let union huh

looks like any town USA it was designed

that way to keep the test subjects home

and relaxed calm and relaxed the exact

opposite of beacon what happened at

beacon was beyond our control it doesn't

seem like you've got much control this

time either look I don't know what

you're going to encounter in there if

you need information

I'd suggest you try talking to some of

the locals you know canvass the area

just like you taught me back at KCPD you

were never a real detective kidman and

you're not a detective anymore but let's

try to do some detecting anyway okay in

fact now that I noticed it we actually

see it seems like Kidman's voice is

younger and it was in the previous game

it makes absolutely no sense a cat but

oh well slide projector where did my

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

memory dig this up elementary school

I do like the cart I'll give you that

and this cat was around in the dlc of

the evil within shame we can't pet it I

hope we could anyway let's watch the

first slide when you there you wouldn't

have told me about Lily if your damn

machine didn't go on the fritz I would

have spent the rest of my life mourning

her and you wouldn't have cared I cared

they would have killed me

I'm not sure I believe you why would I

lie about that

to manipulate me to get me to perform

like a good little soldier you lied to

me before

all friendship was built on a lie okay I

get it that way you'll never know how I

feel until you've lost your family I

never had a family to lose just to

people who brought me into this world

and treating me like a burden instead of

a daughter better to have loved and lost

is that what you're saying maybe people

who cared about you

point taken man what great conversations

we're really in it for a great dialogue

scenes here but anyway I never got the

sense in the previous game that

Sebastian considered Kidman to be his

friend at all so I don't know why they

are saying that in fact in the previous

game it seemed that right from the start

Sebastian was pretty suspicious of

Kidman just like bacon should be a way


anyway let's just create a save file

here we don't need to honestly this shop

the reason complicated but you never


chapter 2 something not quite right what

the name for a chapter but you can say

that again into the looking-glass all

right guys you ready for this now since

you really be

Oh No


Lily what's wrong


my dolls had his broke

it's okay mom can fix it for you she can

fix anything



what's wrong are you alright I've got a

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

wonderful family an amazingly smart and

beautiful wife

why wouldn't I be alright c'mere Myra


you've been working too hard it's making

you delirious are you sure you're not

coming down with something


okay here we are and by the way guys

aren't probably going to edit out all of

the loading screens there's some loading

screens in this game I'll cut them out

just so you know they don't take away

from the gameplay too much this is the

right place and now let's go through



and it's nice to see that some things

never change in that you know Sebastian

still moves around like an old lady with


you can't run very far that's for sure

that's one of the search team Baker

seems like he's frozen in time

yeah I'm pretty sure this is going to

make YouTube flag the video with the new

family-friendly policy I can already see

that I'm going to have problems with

this ever did this must have enjoyed it

well with this camera anyway I just want

to make a walkthrough for it because

making the first evil within walk

through it was pretty well-received and

let's lock the way out it is a

difficulty enough time that warrants I

think sometimes the need of a

walkthrough to help people out that's

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

the main goal at least anyway let's go

to here now but make sure you pick up

that file back there again like I said

before if you just need to find the

location of the files there will be a

timeline in the description of the video

and you can just skip ahead I won't be

mad I promise I don't have phones like

this anymore

hello okay who's that


Hey dammit you know Sebastian you who do

you know attempted to break the glass

instead maybe that would have worked

oh well can't do anything for her let's

go through here now nothing creepy about

this room at all

did you guys ever watched Twin Peaks

that's the vibe I'm getting right now oh


okay well we have to remain in hiding

here and escape the psychopath version

of any Warhol over here I mean you can't

even tell me that's not the inspiration

that they were going for here with all

those pictures of human eyes and faces

and stuff so he likes to take pictures

of people just as he kills them I don't

care what his real name is I'm gonna

call him hands in home from now on and

you work all right

just like the search team why is it that

we also get to listen to some nice music

well that happens that you know I'm

gonna find a way out of here

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

interesting okay

through here let's get another file look

at all those nice pictures you guys ever

go to do any Warhol Museum I have not

but it's actually fairly close to where

I am so maybe I should

nope we're not going through there

up we go it's like we're in the Spencer

mansion you can't tell me that bad guy

doesn't truly see us I'm sure we're

being lured into a trap but we have no

choice but to keep going forward

man the decoration of this house is

really something eyes mouth that mouth

for sure yeah that now turns into an eye

they call that modern art these days I

wonder if you have to battle that sink

later on

any day now there we go

a bloody floor nothing suspicious about

that and they they show this in the

trailer of the game so well yes we kind

of know what to do here

darzee what's going on here now it's our

picture let's take a look

not bad

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

don't be intimidated we can outrun

missing the star here to the side and

now let's make a vampire

she's like the version or she's actually

kind of similar to Lara from the ability


we don't want a

I don't think that's going to hold her

it's a good thing that even though

sebastian is comparable to an old lady

or no lady we Cartwright is running most

of the enemies are just as slow and

series so you know that's good they just

don't tire as much oh come on they

really need to kill the poor mouse

actually it was more of a rat and

honestly it looked like a rabbit almost

but anyway this area reminds me a little

bit of the consequences DLC from the

Velveteen I don't hear it oh I'm sure

that's gonna be great then not a bad

sign at all there we go

how many heads do you think she has


oh there's Tandy first you were called

well we made it then it Sebastian you

could avoid cursing I mean I kind of

cursed as well but you know YouTube's

new policy don't you know consideration

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

why can't you just say well gosh darn it

instead anyway let's get this syringe

I'm not planning on using it but oh and

by the way that stop-attack that it's

part of the gameplay so of course it

doesn't count as damage anyway make sure

you pick up this file and now we are

going to step outside to union USA don't

hook it up on a map it doesn't exist or

pass it

where were you and I needed you

maybe this is the right place


I hope you're here

what did I get myself into Kidman the

back where have you been I don't know

but it sure as hell wasn't a quaint

little town there's something bad

happening in here judgment Baker is dead

there's a killer running around in here

doing things that are it's like beacon

all over again what the [ __ ] did you

just send me in to keep searching around

the more info you gather the more I'll

be able to help you yeah sure man why

did they change Kidman's voice it's like

we're talking with the someone who's a

teenager or something she's supposed to

be like 30 years old at this point

oh boy I don't know why they did that

but anyway I missed the screen let's get

that hemmed and ready

it's all coming back to me the controls

aren't really that different so poor son

of a [ __ ] like this that's probably

going to be a recurring seeing on a

situation it's just a small town yeah

too quiet

let's check their thoughts hello hey she

had to have heard me better check it out

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

hello skin and bones how to eat clean

your plate

skin bones


Kidman yeah I did I learned that it

really is like beacon it here

the people in here are turning into

creatures dad what the hell happened I

don't know but it means that Lily isn't

more danger than just being lost

save it Kidman leave it to me I'm gonna

find her okay

so we just started the game and I can

pick up that green gel that's very oddly

placed inside the woman's body so I

can't get it I mean I can't believe the

games already glitching out on me I

could use that green gel but nope I

guess not oh well by the way these studs

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

they're called lost not haunted from the

evil within there the lost there's a big

difference but anyway let's go over here

and there's some pen powder I believe

for us to pick up and believe I can pick

up that green gel oh well make sure you

pick it up if you can but if the game

glitches out just like it's doing to me

right now then just ignore it it's not

like you necessarily need it so you'll

be fine

forward we go I do suppose that

Sebastian can run a little bit more than

he could in the original evil within but

even still come on he didn't even run a

full block is already you know tiring

himself out oh and by the way if you

preorder the game you get like a

survival pack or whatever

I didn't pre-order it it's a long story

for another time but

yeah I wouldn't used it back anyway so

if you have it at the started because

you pre-order the game we'll just have

to make do with what we have and what we

find along the way and here we are

Uniontown 20 miles per hour

well even Sebastian can run faster than

that I guess or maybe not 20 miles per

hour is very slow there must be a school

zone around here somewhere



you knew that that was meant to die as

soon as you saw that he had a mask on

they didn't even bother showing his face

but they'd get in there squeeze

anyway let's sight here for a little bit

we'll wait for that loss to turn back

around and then we'll find our way

slow and steady now let's pick up some


and we'll try and meet up with O'Neal I

guess one of them still alive for now

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

I'm not going to hold my breath with

that one but anyway make sure you pick

up that bottle remember you can use

bottles and stuff to lure enemies away

and now let's go for our very first

stealth kill of the game stop it sir

here we go and some green gel this time

we can get it which is great so can't

believe I couldn't pick up that other

green gel I think that happened in the

original evil within two sometimes like

you killed an enemy but based on the way

their body landed or something you

couldn't gain access to the green gel

now let's take care of that guy by the

way you can use a bottle to just move

him away from the door if you want but

might as well take him out of his misery

the guy actually looks like a crimson

head from Resident Evil honestly


all right hopefully that'll hold that

table is placed in a very odd manner

anyway there's a syringe here if you

want make sure you get it you never know

if you might need it and now let's go

ahead through here let's see if we can

talk to anneal don't come any closer

okay calm down don't shoot I'm not gonna

hurt you see

you can lower your gun I'm on your side

you're not Mobius

you might not be one of those things but

that doesn't mean you're on my side

you're right I don't work for Mobius but

I was sent here by them have you seen

what those things out there what they

can do yeah I have lucky for you your

partner was willing to sacrifice himself

so you could escape he wasn't my partner

he was just a member of Union security

detail protecting me was his job and my

job is to solve a hardware issue dying

inside here is above my pay grade I'm

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

not a soldier I'm just a technician I


stop rushing a soldier would have taken

the safety off I told you we're on the

same side let's try this again I'm

Sebastian Castellanos


I know Neil Liam O'Neill

so you're not Mobius but they sent you

in here why I'm looking for my I'm

trying to restore the core just like you

are yeah good luck with that I'm done

I'm just gonna hold out here until

extraction they can't extract you

not until Lily is found it was Lily

look everyone is stuck in here until the

car is located can you help me out if

you're asking me to go out there with

you you can forget about it this is a

safe house so I'm staying safe got me

but I may have a lead on the core I

detected some signals nearby that

resonated the course frequency we were

trying to track them when we got

attacked here listen to this


it sounds like a little girl right art



was that her the core I think so but

I've been picking up all sorts of weird

signals on my communicator since we got

here no way to know for sure until you

track it to its source how do I do that

your communicator can pick it up too

once you're out there check it you'll

see you'll probably pick up other

signals while you're out there it

wouldn't hurt to follow them to find out

what no way the core first it's the only

way we're getting out of here

suit yourself let's pair up our

communicators that way I can tell you if

I find anything yeah okay can't hurt I


so you've been stuck in here a week

already has it been that long

damn it times a little fluid in here

this was supposed to be a simple

in-and-out job like home in time for

dinner simple but this is different than

anything I've ever seen before

what do you mean wonky stuff usually

happens when a core goes AWOL but what's

happening is more than that this place

is falling apart of the seams we use the

stable field emitter but it's not

working like it's supposed to

what's the stable field emitter if Mobe

is since you in here shouldn't you know

this stuff already there were five

members of your team there was a

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

security force already in here to help

us but yeah there are five search team

members wait did you just say were I

found Baker he's dead huh

doesn't surprise me he locked onto a

powerful signal and went to investigate

I told him we should just request

extraction and report our findings leave

the dangerous work to somebody else but

he wouldn't hear of it being team leader

and all always had to be the brave one

you asked me there's a thin line between

brave and foolish yeah there's a thin

line between prudent and cowardly -

tomato tomahto I'm not saying I'm glad

he's dead what kind of [ __ ] do you

think I am I hope the others are okay

I'll let you know if I find anybody else

you'd really do that Thanks I'd

appreciate that it's more dangerous out

there than I expected any idea where I

can get some weapons and supplies I

tried to tell you about this one signal

but you didn't want to hear it well I'm

all ears now I picked something up from

two Moebius security team members who

were talking about weapons caches maybe

you can follow it and get some gear

maybe they're out there can help you out

I'll think about it

come on man I'm all alone in here I

could use some protection maybe if you

hadn't let your last guard take the fall

for you whatever I'll mark the signal on

your communicator follow it or don't

follow it I don't care

those things are pretty tough takes a

lotta ammo to get them off my back do

you have anything stronger in here not

in here but you could probably find some

out there this place was designed to be

peaceful but Mobius and firepower go

hand in hand do you know where I can

find some of this firepower it's a

pretty chaotic out there you're not

gonna find a pile of heavy-duty weapons

altogether but I did see something

useful next to an abandoned APC just

outside I'll mark its location for you

but be careful there are a lot of those

things hanging around it alright go team

because he's going to be so useful but

anyway I'm not surprised that he's

staying behind to be fair if he stepped

outside with me it'd probably end up

dying very quickly make sure you drink

some coffee here it actually counts as a

collectible so enjoy a nice cup of joe

although I would prefer tea but they

don't take any I only will make me some

tea he's not listening takes the edge


okay there are some parts for us to pick

up here and there's some more on the

other side as well make sure you get

those and that's not where I want to go

first I want to show you just a little

something in case you want to start

doing some upgrade right now go through

here and I recognize that figure who do

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

you think it is Sebastian you know where

it's not like the evil with teen up and

such a long time ago it was only three

years and you did interact with her a

bunch let's sit down because why not hey

let me already here

detective Castellanos what a pleasant


welcome back you again how are you here

I could ask you the same question

regardless it's nice to see a familiar

face even if that face has seen far too


you look tired detective I can help you

get back in shape

just like before so yeah guys we're not

going to do any upgrades right now but

just like that we're already in Chapter

three which is pretty cool but I'm going

to save my game here and that's going to

be it for this segment I really hope

that you stick around for the rest of

this walkthrough and most importantly

that you found it useful as always thank

you so much for watching and I will see

you all later for the next part of the

walkthrough take care here we go once


The Evil Within 2 Walkthrough Part 1 - Something Not Quite Right No Damage / All Collectibles

Next Part:
Evil Within No Damage/All Collectibles Walkthrough:

Skip intro: 13:40
Photographic Slide 1: 17:43
File 1 Photo 1 (Photo of William Bake): 23:25
File 2 (Extravagant Letter): 24:40
File 3 (Photo of Another Victim): 27:00
Escaping the Guardian: 29:00
File 4 (Journal in Abandoned House): 33:10
File 5 (Photo of Castellanos Family): 34:00
First Lost Encounter: 35:45
1st Coffee Pot: 50:00

This walkthrough is a no damage walkthrough which includes the location of all the collectibles in the Evil Within 2. The Evil Within 2 has 122 collectible locations (32 Locker Keys, 40 Files, 8 Mysterious Objects, 11 Photographic Slides, 24 Residual Memories and 7 Coffee Makers). By obtaining all collectibles you will unlock the following trophies: diligent reader, locksmith, all in the family, chatting with Kidman, echoes within STEM, and caffeine addict (Used every Coffee Maker at least once)

Difficulty: Survivor

Google+ page:
IGN page:

The Evil Within 2 is a third-person survival horror video game developed by Tango Gameworks and published by Bethesda Softworks for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was released worldwide in October 2017 and is the sequel to the 2014 video game The Evil Within.

Watch the Source Video Here!

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  1. This is so awesome, that you have started this walkthrough, Mike! 😀 I am especially grateful, that you are planning to do a NO DAMAGE walkthrough for it. 😀 This will make this game possible for me to watch. 😀 (I am not a huge fan of blood and guts, honestly. ^^;) I am also not happy to see different models of Sebastian and Kidman (they look SIMILAR to originals, but not the same to me) and hear different voices for them, but maybe I'll adapt to these changes, while watching your walkthrough. 🙂
    It's nice to see, that Tatiana, the nurse, looks the same, though. 😀 I like this character, because, she is one of very few people, who are kind to Sebastian. 🙂 I'm looking forward to Part 2, and good luck to You with this game! 😀 :thumbsup:

  2. Hey Mike.
    I'm glad to hear your voice on the Evil Within 2. Yesterday I got platinum on Evil Within thanks to your AKUMU Walkthrough, and now is time to hunt platinum on EW2 =). Im really happy that you started this playthrough.

  3. I like your style Mike. I watched your videos after my first playthrough to get a general picture of the game. Now after I finished Classic, I am running it again on NG+ to have some fun and recollect everything for Powerhouse trophy. Thanks for that man. Keep up the good work!

  4. I played through the 1st evil within about 6 months ago and go a lot of help from those videos you did covering that game. I just bought evil within 2, and I’m back because you did such a great job informing me on what to do last game. I had to search through to find you, because i needed the best. So I’m subscribing. Thanks for your help. Keep up the great work

  5. So excited to come back to the Evil Within with this sequel AND to come back to your walkthrough chapter by chapter, as I finish them by myself first! It's gonna be great, I got a good feeling about this! 🙂

  6. You missed a syringe in the 1st zombie house (the lady feeding the guy). It's in a med case on the bathroom wall. I know you hate syringes, but others may like to know it's there. There is also an herb plant to the right when leaving the same building. Oneil's bathroom has a cabinet to open near the syringe too.

  7. Voice actor changing doesn’t so much bother me as opposed to when they make movie adaptations from video games and choose the wrong actor/actress. The new Tomb Raider movie for instance. Such a shame they chose the wrong person for Lara Croft. I’m rambling sorry. I thoroughly appreciate and enjoy your walkthroughs. Keep it up, Mike.

  8. This guy is the best, he's funny, entertaining. My first video by you was the Resident Evil 7 madhouse walkthrough, you made my playthrough so much more fun.

    Do you think you might do a nightmare and or a classic walkthrough? I just bought the game, and I want to get unlimited ammo perk for beating it on classic, which requires nightmare to be beaten. I ask because I wonder if your approach here on survival would be different on the higher difficulties.

  9. Hey bud I watch your videos to have fun and find stuff I missed so your actually a giant help also I can help you with names for stuff if (key word is "If" so nobody hates on me) you need help with names or skill suggestions

  10. Another amazing quality walkthrough, thank you, I'm hooked! And I must tell you Mike, every time Sebastian starts to run I start laughing…totally runs like an old arthritic lady.. not very reassuring but now that you put it that way ts hilarious to see…. 🙂

  11. You're amazing man !! I'm so comforted that I can follow you through this guide the same as the previous walk through !! You make me crease man !! The UK loves you !!

  12. I know this is a late comment and all, but you probably should have played it on "nightmare" since TEW2 is easier than TEW, and "nightmare" is closer to TEW's "survival". Heck, even I did it on my first playthrough and I'm nowhere near the caliber of TEW player like yourself 😀 Anyways, yeah, you know this already I bet, but, just sayin xD

  13. I know this video is older and I’m coming into it now, but you saying “a shame we can’t pet it” for the cat made me fall in love with these videos already


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