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The Golf Club 2 Career Mode Part 1 – FIRST TOURNAMENT! (PS4 Pro Gameplay)

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200 likes for our first Career Mode Episode in TGC2? Let's go!
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Comment (27)

  1. Everything just looks wrong.. the way the player swings, the way he pitches.. the ball just lands dead when chipping which is the same as in tiger woods. Golf games these days are for people who can't play and know nothing about golf. Microsoft links is still the best golf game and that's from 2002!!!

  2. The only part of this game I dislike and hope they fix for the 2019 game is the presentation. I want the feel of big tournaments with large crowds and great video relays and camera shots. Much liken the EA series. But with this amazing gameplay it would be perfect.

  3. Can anyone explain why the scores in Career Mode are way off by time you get to the 2nd round? Example I play Hard difficulty and I can be in 1st place at -2 and 2nd place person at -3 at end of 1st round and by round 2 im at -2 and 2nd place is now at like +30. there is like no challenge at all at winning tournaments in career mode and I win every single one makes it boring…

  4. I’ve just purchased this game for PS4 as it was on sale, I’m not used to golf games but I am really interested in this but I can’t figure out the difference to to golf clubs and difficulty levels etc
    Please help?

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