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SearchThisVideo: The Golf Club 2 Career Mode Part 1 – FIRST TOURNAMENT! (PS4 Pro Gameplay)

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Watch video at 00:00

all right what's up guys and welcome to

the golf club 2. this is part

one of my career mode so

uh we're gonna do a career first i just

want to mention a couple of things

in my other video i mentioned it but you

might not have watched that if you're

just watching the career mode

i have a giveaway going for the golf

club too two separate giveaways one

the link will be uh the first link in

the description check it out

all you have to do is basically be a

subscriber follow me on twitter and

you'll get some entries into the

giveaway the other one

just follow me on instagram and let me

know your name

your instagram name in the comments uh

that's two different ways to join

a giveaway for the golf club too i'm

giving away two copies i'll be picking a


uh sometime near the start of july so

yeah just check it out for the giveaway

and check out my other video if you want

to as well as basically my first round

my first live round in the golf club too

if you want to join the society as well

all you have to do is request it i think

uh you have to search for the society uh

here just search for

society uh our site is called the apex

hounds club so search that

and request it and i'll accept you

whenever i'm online so we're gonna jump

into a career mode right now

and see what's good in the seasons

uh create new season create season from


and we want to create a new season

okay so here we go we got the links at

royal atlantic to start here the golf

club 2 opener

um i'm confused leaderboard

you can change the names of the people

on the leaderboard too which is

interesting i think

reset name let's just reset the guy in

number one

wait how do we change his name rename

player here we go

let's change his name to

let's just change some of the top guys

names to like actual golfers that'll be

pretty cool right

i'm just going to go ahead and do that

and fast forward through this i'm going


make like dustin johnson ricky fowler

and why not right right now we should be

good to start i literally had to spend

so long just

deleting every event there it wouldn't

let me like mass delete them which is

super annoying i thought i'd have to

start again and put in the names of

everyone again which

would just suck uh choose the difficulty

level uh i'll go with medium i guess


begin season template level eight on

medium now okay

god i'm scared now is medium the right


play format stroke yes um

okay i'm interested let's begin our

first ever round but

we're still using the standard clubs

right all right it took ages to

set up

but that is our career mode now boys

start it up i don't know why they had

to get it we need to get it to set up

through the society oh this is cool

and i couldn't be happier that you chose

to join us for this event

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

here on the ttc network we are

kicking off crowds and everything

first event first round can't wait to

see what happens

no way this is awesome the ships and

everything like that looks so good

one thing i don't like is the flags look

really thick and weird i don't know

i think that's just from distance though

like now it looks fine

okay so this is absolutely awesome guys


didn't think it was gonna be this cool

you got crowds and everything

uh our tire is lit for the day let's try

and start off our career mode on the

right foot with the drive down the


did the pressure get to us no it's


it's perfect pressure is for tires

says t healy and puts it down the middle

perfection for something i feel like

that and about 160 yards to the pin

all right let's see

winds are strong out here boys very very


14 foot up as well so i'm gonna go a

little bit under the wind hopefully

see if that can make a big difference i

think that's not maybe enough

iron on this one oh that's good

the crowd goes wild you can hear them

cheering and everything stop now

that's awesome dude the crowds around

the place make it just

they just add to the career feel so much

that's dope

i like that so much this one's for berry

for birdie let's go

green and regulation hole let's go baby

all right let's try and make the birdie

on the first

give something for the crowd to cheer

about that's not even freaking close

not even close like i mean not even 14


to go

oh it's very close we're going to bow to

the first hole after

getting green in regulation the crowd

doesn't like that one guys

and a nice pot there got the camera

tower up there and everything

starting the day all right just changed

up the names on the first uh

page of the scoreboard just to make

things look more interesting you got

dustin johnson jordan speed

uh i don't know why i even did it at the

start i should have just waited to do

that i didn't realize you could do it in

the tournament that just makes things

way way better you know you can just

change it in the tournament that's just

makes things incredibly better so now

we're going against the hard field

that's a hook

that's in the bunkers that was a

straight pull right there

crowd doesn't like it get over it oh yes

might not be too bad now it is the heavy

rough i think though so

not gonna be easy i might be able to get

there though

let's try get there with this the wind

is with us and it's downhill

the catch went good that might make it

get a good bounce

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

oh okay we're just short that's fine no

big deal the crowd likes it the crowd's


we got the boats in the background there

in reach

let's see what happens a little bit more

loft on this

that's not enough wow i tried to

take way too much off that that's

garbage 85 feet from the cup

we're choking in our first professional

event here guys

we're in the lead somehow after the

first hole and dustin johnson and them


going to make us pay for that's going to

be another bogey unfortunately


and about five feet from the cup

makes the bogey buddy


and we're going to start with

back-to-back bogeys wow i just

the leaderboard changed so quickly jesus



hellgate who the hell is hellgate

they're teeing off on this you gotta

change his name to something else justin

thomas or something

okay let's just start off with the crack

and smash drive

down the middle that's pretty good i


that should be good

crowd likes it this is a cool course

though jesus

i like this course a lot the steam

coming out of the water there he will be


nice length scores here boys and about a

hundred miles

behind us i'm gonna go to the 132 for


and we'll try that one out to see if

that works out well

that was perfect a nine iron that was a

perfect strike go

go a little bit come on oh yeah

good shot we'll take it we have a birdie


we need to make a couple of birdies

after the start 20 feet away

that's not an easy putt though this is

not an easy putt

whatsoever but that's a decent putt

and we should be okay for the part wow

that actually rolled quite a bit

by this is about our first part of the

tournament let's get this to settle

things down

yeah we'll drop the crowd noises make a

big difference

wow just no one that i put in there is

on the leaderboard anymore except dustin

johnson damn it

it's going to be so hard


it's going to be hard well if we change

if we end up changing everyone's

name hopefully like the guys that are at

the top are always near the top or

something so that'll be

that'd make things a lot better and a

lot easier to handle

okay that's a slice that might be in the

bunker and this shot's looking promising

it's not promising anymore is it take it

back commentator

300 yards turns out that shot actually

ended up in the sand

yes it did okay are we just gonna have

to take a sandwich out here or can we

get no we'll go a little more we'll go

like eight iron or something

blasted up the fairway

literally only went 90 yards jesus

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

hundred yards and that shot is

back in the fairway from oh we can get


yeah we can get there come on let's put

this one close

that was perfect that was a literally

perfect strike right there

be good someone's looking pretty good

oh what a shock guys 200 out with the


and he puts in the short stuff now we

have a birdie shot setting up

13 feet from the cup here

turn turn oh what

bruh it's just like a little bit too

hard i think

all right we'll take the part we'll take

the part

and he's gonna move up in the standings

after that

dustin johnson is just behind us


all right what does that today mean

today 19

doesn't mean today at 19.

all right let's just keep it going okay

let's see what the fifth has in store

maybe i like the 17th hole i'll

change the guys names that are up near

the top and maybe that up to the top in

the next tournament too

30 foot down

a little bit loft on there 15 mile an

hour winds jesus christ

i think that was good that felt really

good that felt really good the wind is

dragging it though

sit down sit down oh

yes what a shot perfect shot

on the green this putt's for birdie

these greens are quite soft though

like the ball i guess it was 30 foot

down that's probably why

but it's sat down very quickly there get

in get in

yes we get the birdie get it back to one

over power

and the career mode off to a decent


behind bastos and burke

dj has fallen behind he's gone to two

over level par leaves the tournament at

the moment it's tied

and moving and we have a par five ahead

of us here again

we're into 15 mile an hour wins though

which is going to make this uh

probably unreachable in two you would

have to assume look at this

drive folks serious power thank you

thank you it's perfect right yeah it is

it still only went 260 there's no way

we're going for that green

absolutely no way in hell we're going

for that green

285 yeah why are you hitting me a

sandwich into the water like

that doesn't make much sense does it

we're gonna have to lay up unfortunately


um we're going to lay up way over here

let's make it way over here because that

wind and that lie i hope that that's in

the water

that might be in the water ladies and


that's in the water jesus

jesus no good jesus

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

come on man what are you doing from here

about a buck 15 to the pin from here

gosh damn it

that was silly

here's a picture that was a pull too

bad pull okay we're falling apart on

this hole here

come on let's get up and down for

what shot are we taking right now this

is our fifth shot so this is for par

let's get up and down for a bogey come


sit down sit down sit down sit down get

in get in

yes yes chip

chips in for power

let's do it baby that's what i'm talking

about hell yes

awesome good stuff guys good stuff

off on this par four oh that's awesome

all right in my spare time i might just

change everyone's name on the

leaderboard to like a professional

golfer like go through

all of them so that that way like

there's always a

guy up near the top that we know

i don't know how many there is though

that's the problem that was a good drive

that was a really good drop okay this

one's pretty sit down though

don't go in the rough

that's going in the rough for sure yep

because i knew it was going to kick left

and go into that

what are you doing what are you doing


i wish my prediction had come true are

you actually ended up

in the rough kidding me look

at the goddamn lie we have now people

i'm not gonna have to aim like so

so far right it's actually crazy

like here

that's actually pretty great from where

we were but jesus christ man that's


that bounce was ridiculous the fair way

i knew it was going to be

left but jesus nearly went off the god

damn hill

i'm gonna go with the lob wedge and

we're gonna just hit this full

all right just a little bit short but

that's pretty perfect honestly

i'll take that all day and we're going

to make the part hopefully about six

feet away

from where we were i'll take that far

yes just about just about the time

and he's moving in the right direction

moving in the right direction and we're

only one off the lead now people as well

which is

quite good we take it we take it for


all right

194 i'm going to come back a club then


okay yeah no we're going to go with the

200 but we'll put a little bit of loft

on it

and we'll just hope oh that was a good

strike though

be good sit down sit down sit down

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

yeah those that was the issue was gonna

be a little bit too far but that's okay

we have a fight coming down the hill


nice little nasty part coming down the

hill probably

for our first round in our career mode

going pretty well i'm liking it

what do you guys think and that

approaches what do you think of the golf

club too

let me know coming up tweet me

hopefully you guys are joining the

society as well let it be dope i want to

get as many people in the societies

please go in

please go in oh my god dude i'm the best

what is happening already in this round

we've hold like a crazy putt

and we've chipped in for par it's just

it's all going down here

it's all going down unbelievable

unbelievable stuff

let's look at the second page of

leaderboard see if any of our boys are

on there

justin rose dustin johnson uh

man awesome awesome stuff

i'm hyped on to the ninth hole i'm

already high for this career mode though

like this is gonna be so awesome uh

can we get like a a long illustrious

career like the rory mcelroy game

108 parts can we get to a hundred parts

in the golf club two career modes shot


let's find out people if you guys want

to see it just absolutely

smash that like button let's get 200

likes on our career mode

part one for the golf club too that

would really be awesome

my rory mcilroy career mode i i know i'm

not gonna expect to get that match but

that has like

nearly 2 000 likes i think so if we

could even get a freaking smidgen of

those likes on this

that'd be awesome and i would be

incredibly grateful

that's going to be left isn't it yeah

it's going to be a little bit left

because the ball was above our feet

that's actually good that's real good

pin high

pin high perfect


all right let's finish off the front

nine with a bang go under par

imagine we did two hole two parts like

this in a row no that's not enough

i didn't hit it didn't hit it jeez jeez


not even close this putt's right around

a nine footer

i take the par now

oh that one's uh that's too bad not good

not good not good it wasn't good let's

not lie to the people

all right we'll take that bogey we go

back to one over

and unfortunately he falls out of first

after that one


and let's see what the tenth has in


15 mile an hour wins again but this is a

par five now so

let's try just up the left side and get

it to

come back in with the wind there that

was a really good drive dude really good


well this one's looking like it's in the


damn straight it is up there 295

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

297 yards can we get there in two maybe

253 up the hill can we get there in two

with those wins i'm not sure let's try

it out let's try it out

i sliced it a little bit if i didn't

slice that that might

uh no we're gonna be short anyway oh

no i was hoping maybe if we got over

that it would get a good bounce let's


what happens out of this bunker yucky

i have to go to the 40 because that

is into the wind too

all right you know i'll take that not


the bunker shots are definitely a lot

harder in this game i noticed

the flops especially i don't know the

flops are very difficult go in

stop stop stop stop stop all right we'll

make the power hopefully

this crowd or pissed that i didn't make

the birdie but like what do you want

from me guys

every time come on i'm human too and

he's sticking to the same position

all right threw ten holes one over that

garmin guy is one under

okay uh into the wind 225 should be good

i think

it's 14 mile an hour winds but

it's pretty level it's nearly downhill

so i think we might talk about this one


good no it's a little bit right actually

gosh that's gonna get a bad kick yep

nope that's gonna be horrible

this is gonna be a bad one that's not

what they wanted on their approach

no it is not okay we're gonna have to go

to the 40 and hit the loft up call

jesus christ this is going to be tough


how am i supposed to get that out

and that's just too bad now that shot's

still in the sand

there you go that's better jesus that

should have been the first one

oh my god it's way over

this is for bogey now people dammit

dammit damn it that's not good

friends go in please go in please go in

let's save a bogey

oh gosh close we're struggling for a

double now people

nick the good friend good footer

triple bogey and that is going to really

take us out of the running here

in the first tournament but uh we've got

another round to go it's two rounds the


the career um tournaments are two rounds

we go down to tie it for

the 13th now which is not great is it


what are you going to do next up is a

par 4 folks

all right nine mile now wins let's go

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

this is a tough course though i'm like

they don't make it easy that's for sure

tough course lots of wind on the links

i was doing really well until that hole

i feel like i was playing really well


i think he'll like that that one bunker

shot kind of ruined it

a little bit i'm gonna go to at least

the 158 i think

maybe put a little off on and just

smash this one i'm going with the seven

iron on this one

sit down just a little bit oh what a


what a shot the bounce back effect here

from t six feet to go here the apex

sound is looking to bounce back with the


and he misses it i can't believe it i

can't believe i just missed that birdie

bike guys

he was looking to bounce back in fine

style but he misses the puck

from about six foot and he's gotta be

kicking himself

he stays at four over


and now the 13th hole all right come on

let's give ourselves another shot for

birdie here

that's left that might be in the water

no this one's

looking like it's finding the fairway is


oh okay it's fine am i stop now stop

i'm never locked there i thought that

was going to be better never luck he

broke this one is in the rough

okay 181 this is yeah a little bit left


that could be good oh sure

damn it stop there

all right approach on that one

up the hill let's just

oh wow oh wow

i'm gonna have a tough putt for a par

now to stay at four over 22 feet to the


please oh dude almost


all right all right five over we're

falling away now but you know what

it's a tough course let's try and get

back to a respectable position into the

top ten maybe a three over or something

like that make a couple birdies

now on the 14th teeth let's make a

couple birdies coming in people

let's avoid that bunker if we can

that's left definitely left

stay there stay there stop now don't

kick too far forward stay there stay

there stay there stay there

ah how does it go so far man pleased

with his performance there

oh sherlock

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

that'd be rough 36 foot up let's just

hope for the best here

all right that's pretty good from where

we were out of the heavy rough

we'll take it and this is for birdie

please go in please go in please go in

please go in yes

let's go he gets one back with a long


stroke on the 14 totally gets back to

four over all right let's get back into

the top ten like i said

moving on to the 15th hole fifteen tall

is a nice looking par three here

beautiful looking part three down the


13 mile an hour winds let's get a little

loft on this

and just

oh yeah that's perfect dude be good

be good sit down sit down sit down

stop stop please stop don't go all the

way down that hill please no

oh it's looking so good in the air

still a birdie putt but it was looking

like i'd have maybe

five ten foot but now we are stuck with

it god damn

36 footer make a 36 footer maybe

not close to making it up there

jesus jesus and about 11 feet to go here

yes jesus what a clutch bar but

all right clutch power put on the par 3

there just catches the edge

and let's just continue setting up on

the six so for future parts guys

hopefully those names will look like

real golfers

because i think that makes it a little

bit more cool and entertaining but uh

i don't know if there's like a way to

set it like i don't know if they said it

permanently once you change it

or you have to change it like every

tournament because that would be really

awkward because it really does take a

while to change nationality names of

every golfer

especially seen as the leaderboard

changes so frequently you know

we're just gonna have to go way over

here honestly

that's in the water please go hard

please go hard

please go hard go hard

don't come back okay we're good didn't

come back down that's fine

par five here it's all good let's go up

to the 55 for sure at least

um and maybe down a little bit just

swing through

that's good spin spin

oh man we shouldn't have gone down at

all i think the 50 but that actually

went 55 again for 25


be good oh dude i should have left where

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

it was

i had it out there a little bit more

left i'm saying i was dragging a couple

of plugs so i said i'd put it back out

to the

but nope it would have been perfect i

hit a dead straight of course the one

time i actually wanted to drag it maybe

a little bit okay

another part though so another part we

want to just get back to three over like

i said two holes remaining

let's do it what is this apart from four

or four hundred yards okay

it's not like this is an easy chorus by

any stretch of the imagination there's

no one under par

sensing something was off on that swing

come in come in it's good

it's good it's gucci it's all

gucci what's wrong with that swing


big crowds here watching me finish off


put that a little bit under the wind

we've got to go up there nice and close


oh this is definitely heading towards

the ground yeah don't spin

okay perfect nice uphill birdie putt

there i think

this fourth one uphill actually but

son of a

we're unlucky with some of these

puffs we've hold some long-ass ones so i

can't complain from the cap

that's going to be another part let's

see if we can finish off with the birdie


last hole and unfortunately he's going

to move down for the birdie

he gets it three over oh now the

leaderboard's starting to tighten up

it won't be in the top ten with three

over but i am picking up on the eight

it's our first ever round in career mode

so i mean it's not like we have to be

leading after it

it's gonna be tough at the start you

have to imagine uh let's go way over to

the other fairway you think i'm a

i'm going for that other fairway okay

let's go

i sliced it a little bit too much but

that should be on it we'll

find some fairway here

stay up stay up stay up stay up stay up

stay up

it's not going to stay up god never look

but in actual fact that one ended up in

the rough

it's a par five to finish though

this 211 might get there you know with

that 12 mile an hour wind

yeah i'm gonna aim out to the right a

little bit and it might come back in

had a good bounce bounce hard

oh damn it but it bounced hard might

actually got onto the green but we can

get up and down for everybody from there

come on

i'm gonna go to the the sandwich and

just hit a

full sandwich chip nowhere near enough

wow why did i think that would be enough

all right it's not going to be a birdie

but this next putt for a final round

score of 76.

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

all right it's gonna be 77 guys a five

no four over though i thought it was oh

my goodness that was a it was a good


at a perfect long putt i would have four


77 unless it's a par 73 and at the end

of this round is it a part 73 all right

yeah okay wondering


nice course i really like that course a

lot so i will give it five stars

and we will be doing um

something like the leaderboard here

they've still only played like two holes

or whatever so

just continuancy go on to the second day


oh wait i didn't mean to start up

another round you could join us for this


here on the tgc network

didn't mean to do that okay so because

i'm not doing another round in this part


as you can see there it has the

leaderboard up there and but

i think it's still just from

when they have done two holes or

whatever i don't think they've completed

the round at all

so uh that's where we'll end the part

guys hopefully you guys did enjoy that

video the career mode for the golf club

too hoping to make it into a big one

let's hit 200 likes that'd be absolutely


and hopefully i'll see you guys for more

of the golf club 2 within the coming


subscribe if you're not already follow

me on twitter join the discord link in

the description for that as well

and i'll see you guys later peace out

200 likes for our first Career Mode Episode in TGC2? Let's go!
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  1. Everything just looks wrong.. the way the player swings, the way he pitches.. the ball just lands dead when chipping which is the same as in tiger woods. Golf games these days are for people who can't play and know nothing about golf. Microsoft links is still the best golf game and that's from 2002!!!

  2. The only part of this game I dislike and hope they fix for the 2019 game is the presentation. I want the feel of big tournaments with large crowds and great video relays and camera shots. Much liken the EA series. But with this amazing gameplay it would be perfect.

  3. Can anyone explain why the scores in Career Mode are way off by time you get to the 2nd round? Example I play Hard difficulty and I can be in 1st place at -2 and 2nd place person at -3 at end of 1st round and by round 2 im at -2 and 2nd place is now at like +30. there is like no challenge at all at winning tournaments in career mode and I win every single one makes it boring…

  4. I’ve just purchased this game for PS4 as it was on sale, I’m not used to golf games but I am really interested in this but I can’t figure out the difference to to golf clubs and difficulty levels etc
    Please help?

  5. Hi everyone! I would like to introduce my shop Artiste Sportive for sports fans. I create beautiful illustrations for all kind of sports, gender, and age. These are great gifts for birthday, christmas and parties… If you're looking at collaborating for your club don't hesitate to contact me too. The Eastbourne Boxing Club is already selling some of my prints.

    See you soon,



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