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    The Golf Club 2 Gameplay (PC)

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    The Golf Club 2 1080P 60FPS PC Gameplay Walkthrough. The Golf Club 2 Gameplay Steam Casual Game.

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    Comment (7)

    1. is this game really hard to control with mouse/keyboard ? Cos you're truly awful ! No offense, mate. I don't know if it's a nightmare to play. Or maybe you were just goofing around.

    2. How does one actually swing using the mouse and keyboard? I want to purchase the game but just trying to get a little more info before I take the plunge. Thx!

    3. How are there 5 dislikes? It's a straight-up gameplay video with no stupid commentary, no ridiculous dubstep intro, just pure gameplay! That's what a gameplay video should be! Props to you TheBlueDragon.


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