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SearchThisVideo: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Champions’ Ballad Walkthrough Part 6 – Daruk's Song

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welcome back Alicia almond Snickers oh
is incumbent a true ninja once again
back playing the wedding Samba breath
with a wild expansion to champions
ballad DLC we're moving on to the next
divine beast which is the one in boron
city once again kind of staying in the
same path they did when I played my
original walkthrough of the game and
this was definitely the third one so
let's go see what it's all about
story here picture time oh my god it's
right in the middle of the volcano
ah okay his name is exactly the same why
does it I thought it like I had to take
note of it last time
nope armor row armor I thought that
maybe they were like different guys cuz
each time we talk to us he is like he's
meeting us for the very first time the
rooks protection
we're adopted Hokage without wall
survive lavas fire
jumping stumping Nance go for it
whoa okay spark off here first one is

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literally where'd it go
well here it is in the lava right more
all right so here here and in the
mountain itself we could probably just
go straight there but we'll get some
more and if we go actually talk to the
people so let's do that
I'm all about that war though
gorel city we go
I forgot exactly which house those guys
yeah that's right the entrance great
gate a Gerudo I guess you guys don't
have issues with the Hot Hot Heat
whoo of all the breaker call a crusher

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all that dumb nothing for its actual
ability of strength nor for
it's building the brick rocks look at
you up here all accomplished
is the road diary here which one's your
house come on man
I'm assuming your house is the one with
the guy in it the guy out front of it
shop our BOCES Fiore is ready charge for
I had one charge lot better
well I don't like is that you have to
use all three charges for it to actually
charge back up again it doesn't
continually perpetually charge you have
to have to use the entire set first
which is kind of annoying all right I'm
suing this is your house
I am incorrect
oh here it is found it
I serve this is a book all about his
food I'm done we done
that's me he's talking about me

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nice on
you got some stones when you deflect a
beam with a pot lid
okay a little bit of background
information all right let's go to the
different places that we need to get to
Oh too hot on fire on fire better
probably have to be fireproof
okay one
no running at time

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- my parachute isn't
affected by the fire
well here this is so sketchy
rise first try nothing files gonna get
burned at least once hot dish
that's pretty easy this looks like each
one has at least one ring this is
Pollock I would probably be a most
difficult one because if you fall
beneath it then pretty much have to
start all over again
we got
more Magnus's law school with blind
yes feel like there's gotta be something
hidden behind this one
my gaming instincts are going off into a
try that again
Wow my instance failed me I definitely
would help it would be a chest back
technically have fireproof right
a little faster like

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

no sense of urgency now
okay definitely what I went around there
to see those chests there but it looks
like that thing just falls down
oh my god
what the heck just really slipped
you guys are going to stay on the side
value worth of shooting
well I if I do shoot him he's gonna the
other one just takes his place
Oh God
of three
to realize I could shoot them off it's a
get out of here
definitely would have thought that did
what just continually came in
hey I just making the game horror for
myself and I have to
the chest

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

don't leave any gum
Hey oh my gosh I sue they stop looking
Lane why making it harder for myself
oh my goodness
I swear as soon as I try to activate
beating me
mine Oh my kingdom for a bigger
inventory slot my kingdom
I do not like to live dangerously
gotta push it they just don't pushed off
by your own block garrison
now asking it
slow and steady wins the race
well we don't to worry about

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

yeah we built a bridge up last race to
post your cork what's too complicated
get these they actually said something
somewhat stimulating I would
okay easy easy peasy to be pen
this relaxed
yellow bar we would be stuck in a hole
when we never that easy
Ravalli scale is ready no
okay dude I don't have time for you we
don't got time for your nonsense stupid

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

this guy's seems like there's something
I think they're watching you wanted me
to jump in there
feel like it's gonna oh don't worry I'm
not gonna cheat you be like I'm gonna
love the sound of a song fades away
but the double stacker just one
why didn't you why didn't you deploy

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

like good enough I might be good enough
draw them all
my mother man
it's suicide I did it
and we go

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild with Live Gameplay ...


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  1. Move a metal block next to a boulder with magnesis, and push the boulders that are in the lava over by the symbol then just use revali's gale. To fly over there and land safely on the symbol to activate the shrine. Not rocket science.


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