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SearchThisVideo: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Gameplay Part 1 – Link Awakens! (Nintendo Switch)

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What's Up Guys ZackScott HerePlaying The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild for the Nintendo SwitchI was so Lucky to be able to attend the Nintendo Switch Event in New York CityWhere I first Played this Game. While there I got to Meet and Interview Mr. Miyamoto and Mr Aonuma.The Creators of this game and since then I have been so Excited to play this on My ChannelThanks to Nintendo for Providing me both a Switch and a GameI'm able to bring You guys Episodes of this truly amazing Zelda Game Early.Look Forward to Lots of Content Daily Until I Beat this game and then we'll have the Expansion pass to look forward to Later this Year
Thanks to You guys Nintendo Games have done Really well on My channelIn Fact the First Episode of Super Mario 3D world has over 19 Million Viewsall Thanks to you guys leaving over 44,000 LikesYou guys made it my most Popular Video ever and I would be thrilled if this video got just a fraction of That.So I appreciate every single Like You guys leave on this Video.Also thanks to your Support we now have over 2.4 Million Subscribers and we keep on growing
That's Incredible and I can not thank You EnoughI will do my best to bring you even more Awesome VideosSo just leave a comment letting me know which games made you subscribe and which games you would like to see me to play in the FutureNow without further ado let's play The Legend of Zelda Breath of the WildThis is going to be Epic Here we go.Nintendo Presents
The Legend of ZeldaBreath of The Wild here we go Guys
They're OpenIt's too BrightDon't make me open my eyes it's too brightOh my Gosh what is thisI've been Abducted by Aliens
Oh.This is Rather AlarmingAnd here I amIn Some sort of Chamber
I'm Just looking AroundAnd Uh this seems to be on par with the Uh What I played in New York CityThe Very First part so a lot of this you may have seen in the quick play butUh I am going to go ahead through thisAnd have some FunI look Short and StoutThat may be the wrong terminologyI look Buff I Look Swole
All right so here we go There's the CameraI'm in this Alien ChamberSomething it Reminds me of it Looks Like Stars Like constellationsSome sort of Weird Alien ThingI Don't think they brought Aliens into this Story ThoughExamine Sure
All RightIt's a Smart Phone I'll Take itIt's a Nintendo Switch!All Right
Looks Like I need to go through here Ooo I Like the Map and the Temperature is Just RightUh Let's See Pick Up ThrowOh I dropped itPick Up Throw Oh NiceOk Nothing in It but I did throw it soOpen up the Chest what do we got?
All right well maybe there will be a FloodAll Right well these mine as a Kit or SomethingUh Okay Let's Go downAnything in these corners before we Leave no Secrets in the CornersOkay No need to put on those clothes I look good without them
Okey DokeI'm ReadyNice an FCWhat if I've. I have 2 Factor authentications and 1 more Form of IDOkay no We did it
All Right we're off to a very good startWith me Escaping my Fallout ShelterOh my Gosh The world keeps getting BrighterThat's meAll Right
Well then I will do thatLooks Like this door is made of IntestinesI'm Gonna GoAll Right Jump SprintThere we go Jumping is quite easySprinting is as wellOh and Climbing. Climbing is very Important in this GameFor those of you who do not know I had a conversation about it with Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. AonumaIn my Interview I did in New York CityBeautiful, Look at that
Wow this is Massive in ScopeThe Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Goodness Gracious this is BeautifulSo Good to have Zelda as a Launch TitleSo So GoodAll Right
There's Something on the FloorI'll Take itAll RightGot itOkayCool. What else we got Oh we got Mushrooms. The Something would be Bigger. Oo a Little InsectHere we go take the Mushroom
Uh another Tree Branch. Do I need another one. I guess in case this one BreaksMore Shrooms Up hereAll Right. These would be good In case I take damage which I probably willThat is a Tree alright. How Do I?Woah oh my gosh. I just jumped off the treeAll Right let's see can I climb thisLet's take our Time or I can be quick and use a lot of energy

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  1. Its January 8, 2021 and I am watching for the first time. My nephews love your videos. I bought myself a switch and Zelda. Now I'm at a place I can't get past. So, I'm turning to you for help. You are such a rockstar!!! Thank you so much for putting these videos out. I just found your library. I ho po e you don't mind that I am saving them in my library.
    Dude, I think I love you!!! Thanks so much!!!


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