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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Part 1 – Resurrection

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    Check out my 2020 REMASTERED Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA81yC04uNQ

    Welcome to my 100% Let's Play of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Join Link as we explore through the massive lands of Hyrule and attempt to stop Calamity Ganon!

    With Link awakening in the Shrine of Resurrection, we find our way to The Great Plateau Sheikah Tower and resurrect the Sheikah Towers throughout Hyrule. The Old Man then offers Link his paraglider in exchange of collecting the treasure within the Sheikah Shrines! Which is needed to leave the Plateau!

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    Intro Song: The Boy Who Shattered Time
    Outro Song: The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix)

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    1. Good job on the LP I'm using it as a guide because I am lost in this game I played the other Legends of Zelda games but I could never get lost in those games but this one is confusing

    2. I had found this book in the Shrine of Resurrection. This is my story. The story of Link and my call to save Hyrule. This book was written after I had saved Hyrule. This was a breathtaking experience. This book contains conversations, stories, people, darkness, and peace. Now you're probably thinking, where did you find a pen or something to write with? You will find out shortly. Everything will play out just the way I want it to. So let me begin why I wanted to write this book. I decided to write this because just in case I lose my memory again I will have this to my access. Also just in case Calamity Ganon returns and history repeats itself. Not that may happen but like I said just in case. Warning this book contains things you may not be able to handle. So we begin this journey…

      It all began with a voice. This voice was no one I've heard before. I thought. It was calling my name. “Open your eyes. Wake up Link” My eyes open. I see no one around. I see a pedestal. Glistening with blue lights. I examine the lights. There is some kind of machine embedded into it. The voice says “ that is a Sheikah Slate. It will help guide you after your long slumber.” I took the slate not knowing what was happening. A door opens in front of me. One by one the latches lifted. I walk through the door. There are a bunch of chests and barrels. In the first chest were some Well Worn Trousers. In the second chest there was an Old Shirt. Not much but it will help me. There is another pedestal. This time it was glowing orange. So of course I go up to it. I examine it. The voice comes back and tells me to “Hold up the Sheikah Slate up to the pedestal. That will show you the way” So I do as she says. The pedestal blinks and beeps “Sheikah Slate confirmed. Then with a big BOOM… a new doorway opens to the outside world. The sun blinds me. I can't even remember the last time I saw the sun. But before I can set foot outside the voice calls to me once more. “Link you are the light – our light – that must shine upon Hyrule once again, Now go.” I take a deep breath and head out into the dangerous world of Hyrule…

      I ran up the staircase in front of me. Then a wall stopped my path. Then I realized I could try to climb it and I could. So yes I made it to the open wall where pine filled the air. It surrounded my face. So to see what I was up against I ran up to the cliff and surveyed the area. It was beautiful up until the castle in the middle. Everything was glimmering from the sun. Then all of a sudden I look to my right and down the hill is a temple. Then under a cliff there is a man with a lantern. But this morning, I was not sure who he was.
      So I decided to go see what he was up to. It was almost like he was staring me down like he wanted to talk to me. But out of nowhere he turned and walked away towards the underhang. Since I have no weapons I come across a stick. It has now become a sword, until I actually get one. So I digress down the mountain and I find some mushrooms. My Sheikah tells me it's a Hylian Shroom. I was wondering if it was editable. So I ate one to see what happens. And you'll never guess what happened next. My cut from the rock wall disappeared. Almost like the mushroom healed me. Crazy, I put some in my pouch and kept on walking to my destination. Then there it was a path that leads straight to the temple. But before the temple was the man I wanted to talk to. I look to my left to find another distraction. A tree. With apples along the branches. So I decided to climb that darn tree. I grabbed the apples there were three to be exact. I jumped down. I stood there for a minute gazing at the man.

      I walked over and tried to talk to him. He didn't answer so I stole his Baked Apple. Then that's when he noticed me. He yelled with anger “ I BEG YOUR PARDON! I do believe that is my baked apple! You can't just go about taking whatever you please!” I backed off. Then replied “oho ho! Forgive me- I could not resist pulling your leg. Please help yourself. An apple and an open flame make for a succulent treat.” This whole time he was just JOKING!?!? I was shocked at what I just witnessed. With hope he said “It is a bit strange to see another soul in these parts.” I replied with a simple question “Who are you?” I guess he wasn't offended. I thought that it kind of sounded rude but unintended. “Me? I'll spare you my life story.” He was hiding something. I know it, he can't change my mind. He could tell I didn't believe him. He reassuringly said “I'm just an old fool who has lived here, alone, for quite some time now.” But I was still not having it. Then he asked me: “what brings a bright-eyed young man like you to a place like this?” So I responded with another question. “Where are we?” He knew what I was doing. “Answering a question with a question. That is fair enough. As I cannot imagine our meeting to be a simple coincidence… I shall tell you.”
      He had told me “This is the Great Plateau. According to legend, this is the birthplace of the entire kingdom of Hyrule.” He pointed to the temple. “That temple there… long ago used to hold many ceremonies. But ever since the decline of Hyrule it has been abandoned.” After the old man told me about this place, I had to check it out.

      On my way to the temple I found a Woodcutter's Axe. I took it with me of course. There is no telling about what may be over there. Then all of a sudden I heard the voice again. The one from the shrine. “Link there is a point on your map. The map is on your Sheikah Slate. So I checked it out and the place she wanted me to go and it was a place I didn't recognize. A pond was nearby so I jumped in. And found a hill with a sword at the top! So I swam up to it and climbed. And climbed until there it was a Rusty Broadsword. So as I approach the entrance a Bokoblin has decided to feel my wraith. I hit that Bokoblin with my mighty Rusty broadsword. Just like that after it took a few hits the Bokoblin poofed with a purple fog and left things behind. I tried to see what those things were. They seemed to be a Bokoblin Horn, and a Bokoblin Fang. There were three of each item. The last thing was a club of some sort. The Slate said that it was a Boko Club.The Sheikah Slate scanned the items and added them to my catalogue. The temple wasn't as great as I thought it would be. I entered the great open space. Inside layed a monument. It looked like a goddess. I examined it more and it started talking to me! “With who conquer four Spirit Orbs shall be granted great power. But you do not possess four spirit orbs.” So I left not knowing what a Spirit orb was. I headed to the mark on my map.

    3. Almost there and I see a base camp for Bokoblins. Then a staircase that leads nowhere. But there is a rock on top. So I pushed it to its doom. BOOM! Fire explodes the Bokoblins into the air. They poofed just like the other one. Surprisingly they left the same stuff but… an extra little something… a giant Seared Steak! The juiciest one i've seen. My Sheikah Slate scanned it, and added it to my catalogue along with the other things I came across. There it was the thing on my map. I have never seen this before but I must have in the past. I go up to it. There is another pedestal. Glowing orange once again. So of course I scan the Slate above it. You will never believe what happens next. The Sheikah Slate says: “Sheikah Tower activated.” What was that supposed to mean? Were we unleashing something? I didn't know so I went with the flow. Then the slate said: “please watch for falling rocks.” ok not bad I thought. Then it hit me. PLEASE WATCH FOR FALLING ROCKS?!?!? I was terrified I held on to the side of the tower. The top was glowing blue. Waiting for death, I was surprised to see the rocks were not falling on me, but on the Bokoblins below! The tower was rising so high I thought I was a bird. In the distance I could see other towers rising too. Ones in snowy plains, deserts, grassy areas, muddy swamps and rocky terrain. They were everywhere.

      My Slate said that this was the Great Plateau tower. The Sheikah Slate was talking again: “Distilling local information….” the tower was leaking little drops of something onto my Slate. It splashed onto the slate pad, and then on my face. That tower released a map! Now I could see where I was going in this area! “Regional map extracted.” it beeped. I grab my device back from the pedestal. As I turned around the voice was back. This time telling me something “remember…try try to remember… you have been asleep for the past one hundred years. The beast… when the beast regains its true power, this world will face its end. Now then…you must hurry Link…before it's too late..” The beast stared at me with its mighty golden eyes. It knows I'm here… I climbed down the tower step by step. Just to make sure I didn't fall. I had to take it slow. When I reached the bottom, I heard someone call out to me. No, it was not the voice. It was the old man. He came down on a glider. It was pretty cool. “My, my it would see we have quite the enigma here. This tower and the ones just like it have erupted across the land, one after another. It is almost as though… a … long-dormant power has awoken quite suddenly. If you do not mind what it was like up there, on that tower.”
      I replied with “a voice.”
      “a voice you say? Did you recognize it?”
      “No” I was unsure.
      “Well then that's unfortunate.” He turns to the cliff. “Well I'm guessing you saw that monstrosity then.” I nod in agreement. “If you had a paraglider then you would be able to stop Calamity Ganon.” I asked him if I could have it. He responded with “there is no such thing as a free item. I will make a deal with you.” I was listening intensely. I needed that glider.

      The old man continued: “ I will let you have this glider only and only if you give me four Spirit Orbs. I was unsure what a Spirit Orb was. So I asked of course. “You can get them from completing a shrine.” I didn't know what that was either. So again I had to ask him. “ they are scattered all over the place. But there are four here. You must locate them, complete them, and then and only then you will have four Spirit Orbs.” Then just like that the old man walked away to his cavern under the cliff.

    4. I got this game yesterday and I got to where you get the camera on your slate thingy and I think I’m gonna restart because I feel like I played the game wrong

    5. I remember in grade 3 i would always look forward to watching you videos on oot and that all i could think about, i just remembered you when i saw your girlfriend on twitter. Hi

    6. I dont mean to single out this person, but i have watehed so many playthroughs of this game now, and honestly, why are people so bad at pronouncing things? I assume they are all americans, cuz in america apperently they dont learn the proper rules of pronunciation, and i k ow gow rude that sounds, but either these people are stupid at pronouncing words, OR, they are all pronouncing words wrong on purpose in order to enrage the people watching in order to encite more people to write in the comments because so many people can not help but to correct people, personally i am convinced they are all playing stupid, cuz if not,……… holy hell, no wander the rest of the world looks down on america for their schooling programs…….. (excluding 3rd world places of course)

    7. Sorry, i am a dick, but i have to say, considering you already know this area and are attempting to explain so much, i am pretty suprised how bad you are at reading what the old man says, i mean didnt u already read all this shit when u played this b4? How are you messing up what the text says, just an idea, calm down a little, mayb take a breath, and read a little b4 u speak out loud, u could even read the whole thing then read it out loud, and edit out the boring part where u paused to read it for a second


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