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SearchThisVideo: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening – Gameplay Part 1 – Intro and Tail Cave! (Nintendo Switch)

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what's up guys axe Scott here playing
the legend of zelda links awakening this
is a remake of the classic for the
Gameboy and I'm excited to be playing it
on the Nintendo switch thanks to you
guys Zelda videos do really well on my
channel in fact the first episode of
breath of the wild has over 5 million
views and that's all thanks to you guys
leaving over 55,000 likes I will be
thrilled to this video got even a
fraction of that so please drop a like
on this video I like to give a special
shout out to my members but if you're
not a member yet thank you for
subscribing we're on the road to 4
million subscribers that's incredible
and I cannot thank you all enough if you
haven't subscribed yet now is your
chance I'll do my best to bring you even
more awesome videos just let me know
which games made you subscribe and which
games you like to see me play in the
future now without further ado let's
play the legend of zelda links awakening
here we go
what a relief
I thought you'd never wake up you were
tossing and turning
what zelf done no my name is Marin you
must still be feeling a little woozy you
were on : Thailand that's easy to say
right alright I'm out of bed what's up
follow follow the lane south to reach
the beach where I found you
since you washed ashore lots of nasty
monsters have been in the area so be
careful okay alright I can do that
what's up Mario it's getting well linked
you finally snapped out of it name's
Taryn hope you're feeling better
what how did I know your name you think
it's weird now well I saw it on the back
of the shield
that's my shield I wrote my name on it
did you get your shield back hold our to
repel enemies with it alright I got it
are there we go it popped out of nowhere
what's up oh yeah some other stuff like
this washed up on the beach if and you
go look watch out for monsters well
what's if and ever since you showed up
link I've seen them all over the place
alright so there are monsters I pick
this up lift
oof this looks heavier than heavy your
current strength won't cut it
what's this check is this a stand for
something it says piranha plant oh it's
a Mario thing now of course this game
has some Mario things in it can't do
anything else here and it's okay well
I'm leaving do you want to say goodbye
to me
following south no she does not all
right but son let's not make it too
personal let's go south and be careful
I could use a sword maybe that would be
nice okay hello this is made at the
village oh wow there's a telephone on
top with that area what's up hey man but
wouldn't you want to say hit up the
system screen you get there by opening
the sub screen with plus stand okay we
get it we get it don't ask you what that
means I'm just a kid how about this box
thing yep yep all right that's what the
fun say okay uh yeah I know
okay no really I can't lift anything I
can't even get over there I don't even
have a sword yet okay fine

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what does this telephone plays whoa
thought that Fox is coming for me uh
okay there's a telephone here
bring-bring hello it's me all re re ruff
ask me anything about the island if you
get lost give me a call you know there
is a library in the village that might
have some good information for you talk
to you later click you don't just say
click when you hang up all right bring
bring all right hey chicken 10 list of
chicken oh I can't oh no please don't
make me okay sorry all right
Yahoo I'm fine and you that's grandma
Yahoo right there I'm gonna go in your
house I'm going in your house lady oh
wow what's your name old man I'll rear
up a hmm how to say please call outside
it seems that old man I'll rewrite is a
shy guy in person I don't even know how
to pronounce his name but that's the
phone that I II answered so if I want to
talk to him I just gotta call outside no
need to go into his house alright so I
don't know how much we can do there
there's a Chain Chomp whoa oh my gosh
that was freak
I may not be welcome here yeah you know
that okay more chain chomps this is
Madame meow meow oh my bow-wow is so
proud of his fine fur coat what is going
on in this place
this is a weird weird okay there's
another one over here do I want it okay
so I really know what's that I hear that
when you're running out of Hearts you
better go find a big fairy why I am go
idea I'm just a kid all right
I heard that you can press okay to look
at the island map not only that you can
stick pins in it with a to remember
stuff with X but don't understand what
that means by that because you're just a
kid anything about these buildings that
that are okay whoa there's there's a
library the properties and warp points
read this book no no I'm not gonna read
the books yet so you know if I'm not
gonna I'm not gonna spend time reading
this like an animal crossing tree right
there I should have read this I don't
have do I don't have a sword yet I Sears
you on the sword do I
all right fine I'll just try to get out
of here don't mind me I'm going south
okay there's a sign here holy cow this
says beware of sea urchins don't touch
them with your bare hands and I got bare
hands I got human hands is linking human
don't say well Wow okay oh gosh oh gosh
so what else washed up on shore that's
for me I don't even know what I'm doing
here there's my sword oh no dead end
okay hold on we gotta find our way over
to the sword haha blocked it alright

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whoa okay okay
whoa all right we are making our way out
of here excuse me how do I get over
there I cannot lift this can you shoot
this or something here let's see
No how in the world do I get over there
is this like an easy puzzle that I can't
hold on oh yeah it was easy
my apologies that's where the say no
touch with your bare hands all right
there's a sword right here look around
there's a big owl hello owl hoot hoot so
you are the lad who owns the sword now I
understand when the monsters are
starting to act so violently a
courageous lad has come to wake the wind
fish it has said that you cannot leave
the island unless you wake the wind fish
that is my goal you should now go north
to the mysterious forest I will wait for
you there hoot all right I will grab the
sword then and go north so that I can
awaken the wind fish and I got a sword
you found your sword it must be yours
because it has your name engraved on it
you can swing it would be to attack you
okay got it got it got it
what about these nuts these nuts all
right come here Crabbie's aha alright
let me move whoa that was a cool move
excuse me oh that was it
do I have any like alright get out of
here get out of here
alright they want me to go north there's
a monkey whoa no monkey no I want to be
a friend
alright fine monkey fine if you want to
be my friend and not only be your friend
anymore can't pick those up either
there's a treasure why don't I open us
how do I open a treasure are you kidding
me how do I open a treasure in this game
fine I don't want to open the treasure
I'm just trying to make you guys think
that I want to go for the treasure but I
don't can I move rocks with my shield
blending chance no and I can't lift this
I'm not strong enough wow that's pretty
heavy you won't be able to lift it with
just your bare hands I know alright well
hey monkey can I cut this down please oh
nice bananas on here too can I like hit
these trees like an animal crossing and
get some fruit hello
what kind of thing are you hey welcome
to sales house of bananas I'm sailing
this is my house actually my hobby is
collecting rare and unusual canned food
my brother is an artist so I guess
strange hobbies are under the family
great can I okay I mean I don't know
what to do here great great story cool

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story sale I'm gonna sail away and tour
on both Shores hey there's a roofie
there we go now we're getting somewhere
oh no no what
okay my bad I'm not me to run into him
can I get like any so there's a heart
there we go
okay well let's go north now I got my
everyone should be jealous of me here we
oh gosh darn it I took damage already
what is this hole for I don't know it
looks dangerous though dang it I keep
forgetting to block all right it's okay
all right I still gotta go north I feel
I just have the feeling that I mean
let's this is it
this requires some sort of a key open
a keyhole here says tail keyhole I don't
have a tail key tail keyhole these
bushes growing back I asked because like
if you go look over here I swore I cut
down bees already there's a roofie
alright let's go how do I get up great I
don't know how to get up I kind of want
to know what the holes are for okay
they're just they're just traps okay oh
here's the way up man I almost abandoned
this whole area there we go
got one of those I can maybe jump in
that well I'm blocking oh okay I'm just
doing some lawn maintenance tell my me
and then what was over here hey buddy
make up Jules dresses I want it all sigh
and some new accessories would be so
nice okay oh excuse me there's a
freaking skeleton here with the heck did
you eat that now these things disappear
like immediately which is kind of a cool
thing because then you can farm the
rufies what does it say
the fishing pond okay let's go fishing
no records set yeah give it a try really
no one has set a record at all all right
what's up how about some fishing little
buddy I'll only charge you ten I don't
think I do actually have exactly ten
rupees okay here's how you do it hold a
and release the cast your line out the
longer you hold it the farther you'll
cast you can tuck in your line by moving

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

l if you want to reel in a hurry keep
tapping a real quick you've got this
little buddy
thank you this is like my only ten
rupees so I hope this works there's a
big old green fish oh gosh hold on I
want to catch the green fish he's so big
there we go oh there's an even bigger
green fish what look
what no okay hold on I want to I want to
get the really big ginormous fish here
we go
perfect throw a bottle down there it
almost looks like there's a bottle over
there right think that bottle is getting
oh great now I got a bottle which might
be good Oh what whoops you're gonna get
it next time buddy
Oh wanna keep going sure yeah you're
short of rupees don't worry about it you
just come back when you have more money
what what okay Tim whatever that's okay
I can easily find rubies in the grass
that keeps growing back like really
quick okay I need to go north I don't
know I got to talk to that owl somehow
all right
no it's over here as well that'd be
funny we just killed me like nope oh hey
there we go a heart piece it's just a
portion you got a piece of a heart okay
pretty you right away I depress it to
use it okay no it's fine we're fine
all right I'm assuming we take the
stairs up out of here
alright bunch of hearts there what does
it say mysterious forest mob lives ahead
they're not friendly alright so this is
the right way I of course question if
I've done everything else that I need to
do over there but you know it's okay
whew I'm a serious forest it's different
than the Lost Woods this is the
mysterious forest hello owl
his name is owl hoot ho brave lad hey
don't call me that on your quest to wake
the dreamer
welcome to the mysterious forest bunch
of bunch of mystery you will find on
this uncharted colon island I'm afraid
you may find it a trifle difficult to
leave the island while the wind fish
naps by the by have you ever visited the
tall can't the tail cave which is south
of the village go there with the key you
find in this forest the wind fish is
watching hoops alright so there's a key

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

in the forest and then I gotta go to the
tail thing or whatever
alright great
hey buddy ah you missed try again huh
Ketchum Noblin you're not friendly but
neither am i got you opening shot second
shot can't get in there cuz I'm not
strong at all alright it's okay it's
back attack Oh surprise right one and
two and as rupees as rupees to be had
what is this it's like a raccoon want to
talk as a raccoon my nose is very
sensitive to stuff like dust and powder
okay this is good to know I don't have
any dust or power but believe me
by having a year uh hell you're gonna be
lost thanks to me but no waiting you
know why would you okay well here I am
mysterious forest am I lost there's a
hey girl hold on I'll be right there as
soon as I cut all the grass there we go
I gotta get rubies the fish sup great
fairy you've still got plenty of pep
come see me when you feel like you can't
go on I don't know you don't know me I
really lost now these guys you get off
my face
I got a guardian a corner will reduce
the damage you take bite half rate can't
get across there can get in there but I
can go over here and go on the assault
there we go it's almost like a star in a
way but not quite as good because it
it's only half oh there we go
only a quarter hit how long does this
I already got another heart there's a
heart they're two of : Prairie so yes I
was lost I think II yeah that's really
painful hold on sorry I don't know if I
want to be here we I was meant to be in
the forest to find the key right and
that raccoon guy and the grass has
already grown back by the way the
raccoon guy is decided excuse me Darby
there we go
the raccoon guy decided to say he hated
all right what does it say
beware of floors with cracks don't get
too comfortable on them I will not
compromise there's a heart I've been
looking for a heart okay so here we get
the other heart so the wrapkin up here
is that what happened and he got me lost

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

that raccoon I don't like him I like him
let's go over here into this log thing
let's see where this takes me
bats huh found you quick so what is this
all about
oh it's a floor with a crack oh man I
can't do anything here hold on I didn't
mean to leave I mean the enemies respawn
yeah there's no way for me to well can I
can I go fast through it you know what I
mean like can I just like oh gosh oh
gosh what is that you got a piece of
power you can feel the energy flowing
through you alright great but I am so
give me the heart back what what happens
over here like I do anything with those
crystals I don't think so but let's just
keep going through here like can i what
is this can i push these oh my god
I can push these okay
so this is a puzzle huh so I can't do
that I can't do that so I probably need
it to go how do I handle this I don't
know I don't know I feel like I messed
up that's okay
I can maybe go back and try again if I
need to oh here's a mushroom crack he
fell in so what's this mushroom I took a
mushroom I love mushrooms you pick the
toadstool as you hold it over your head
a mellow aroma flows into your nostrils
I'm so high I want to go back in its
reset good so I'm trying to think and
frankly without being able to pick up
the skulls I don't know where I would go
the only mean like I just simply don't
know what to do here so let's go around
we'll try to figure it out you try
that's all that matters so wait I can't
go this way
cuz that is a whole there's another
chest there okay this is a little bit
more confusing than I was thinking it
was gonna be so let's just see what

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

happens sorry I'm gonna have to go back
yeah it's like even if I do like
something like you know this that means
I still don't have any path you know it
means like I can't push it that way
they'll be too easy yeah I don't know I
feel like I need okay I'm perplexed
already and I don't know if I if I
should feel that way oh oh oh this is a
pleasure how do I open these things I'm
gonna try to no almost died where your
back alright alright here we go here we
go there we go my first treasure my god
some rupees 50 rupees very nice indeed
so huh what if I could have broken those
skulls gonna be real man this is uh it's
quite the mystery what I'm doing here I
don't know quite know
all right more rupees looks like I'm
getting somewhere though and that's
what's really important I also don't
know if I'm hitting somewhere this is
the ferry again oh great
how do I go right I feel a little silly
for already basically being lost in this
load all right the grass grows back
immediately this thing is the guy who
got me lost you're doing it you're gonna
be lost thanks to me so ok fine
and then these no idea now I can't push

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

them I can't lift them all right so
maybe I do need to
leave this area and go over here there's
a heart piece here I can't quite oh I
see this is where I was okay so I can't
move this stuff is this something I
wanted to do what is this this is part
of it I don't have the key yet ah has
this it has a sleepy toadstool it does
we'll mix up something in a jiffy we
will so is this gonna put that raccoon
asleep so he doesn't get me lost let's
see it's already it is take it take care
as there's not much there why not try a
bit in my Hut what is it some magic
powder open the subscreen okay
and set it with you the X or Y so magic
powder I'm gonna use it why I think that
this is gonna
that's that probably needs to be lit I
don't know how to do that yet that's
okay so I'm imagining now that I give
this to the raccoon guy and that I won't
get lost anymore
excuse me don't hurt me
all right so we're gonna go this way
going back in it to win it you tried all
right let's see him where is the mr.
raccoon go hold on I feel I feel bad
leaving any rubies behind so just a
matter of fact murder alright so here he
is do not get me lost again you raccoon
is he's bouncing all over the place nice
oh is that are you Terran
the last thing I can remember was biting
into a big juicy toadstool then I had
the darndest dream I was a raccoon yeah
sounds strange but it sure was fun
alright you messed me up you messed me
up Taryn yeah I'm all tuckered out I
think I better set a spell before I head
home alright so up here is this like a
key or something it is there we go it's
the tail key you can L for the tail cave
gate awesome then the owl is coming back
to talk to me hello
who'd take the key and go to the tail
cave retrieve the instrument that is
hidden hidden there go now the wind fish
is waiting hoots all right all right I'm

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

right I'm ready I'm gonna go do not
worry so the wind fish huh
we'll see about that
hey I got a guardian acorn all right
let's go let's go I'm all hyped up let's
get out of here I'm gonna go back to the
lake bring if I go down that way though
okay I see hold on
it's not that far away just got to go
down here past all the octave rocks I
think this is the right way could be
could be off a little bit that's okay
hey I got one of these a piece of power
you can feel the energy flowing through
you it's like both that's good right
holy we've had a huge knock back this is
it how do I get there though all right
we got this we got this put the key in
there what do we got what do we got
nice it opens this might be the first
dungeon alright so we're going in excuse
let's see what we got um yeah level 1
tael cave okay this is level 1 it even
says level 1 tael cave I still have the
power so let's go up this might be kind
of a classic style dungeon maybe so the
beetle like from Mario si hope I didn't
need yeah that's a treasure alright
let's go let's go
what's in the store you got a small key
you can open a locked door okay great
typical now if I look do I have a map
here I do
which one's the there's the map there we
go so we want to make sure we hit up
every every room in here that we can
that's I tell you a bad so this is kind
of a classic style Zelda dungeon which
makes sense but oh this is the cracked
rocks though alright hold on hello oh
don't hit me don't touch me hey bad now
there's a key up there that makes sense
there's a treasure here now can I can I
just ignore that guy can just go get the
another key alright awesome
oh jeez whoa whoa I cleared the room so
get another treasure nice another Zelda
mechanic that I keep forgetting about
and we got rupees we got uh 20 of them

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

with the red rupee oh wait we think
they're all the enemies whoa I push
these no but there is a door okay let me
he's right behind me alright he go
there's another key there up over there
let's go over here I can't go down now
okay I got it I got a wonder huh huh
nope just had to know just had to know
let's open it up
oh geez oh wow
a deck what the heck there's an owl
after the club's there we go out now
no I didn't ask for this
all right after the club's all right
hold on clubs there we go got them all
oh and leave me hearts I wonder what it
will give me if it was something else
I'll take those hearts what does a
Howell thing for you think what is this
you found a stone beak now defined and
Alan statue to fit it into it'll kiss
well there's one right in front of me
turn aside the spine ones with a shield
okay I'll do that let's look at my map
he's looking good hmm someone fully
explored this area I don't know how to
get over there yet so let's backtrack a
little bit or maybe even a lot if we go
all the way down here again
oh honey but I don't have bombs yet but
that it's clearly a bomb situation so
first let's go down let's go to the left
because that was an option of course
and is this an item that's a key nice I
wonder how big these stages are whoa

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

whoa okay hold on
are they still gonna try to shoot me I
got a compass awesome you can see we're
chest and nightmare hit and scary it's
gonna fling a fire at me so okay we got
a good nightmare nightmare nightmare
must be the final enemy okay anyway
we're gonna go over here far to the
right and we're gonna see ya know we go
up okay make sense I have two keys okay
I'm gonna get close to him there we go
another chest and what is that that's
just the path up isn't it all right what
did I get I got the map beautiful so
yeah there is a path that way if I find
it I mean maybe a bomb I don't think I
have any bombs though but there is a
path over there to get to and yeah how
do how do you do it I don't know yet we
do need to go up
we got a couple of keys that we need to
so this guy's follow me huh
oh all right we're fine let's use this
to go over here electricity guys gonna
be moving around I push these no that's
okay go go go go go go go okay where's
the owl beak oh my gosh I pushed
something how did I know to do that
answers I didn't so push these guys with
the shields that was just a hint I got
huh he fell in and then I'm sure oh
that's a half that's the path downwards
I'm looking for beaks though I mean do I
still do I still have beaks turn this
side that's finals with a shield I knew
that I knew that
oh wow it's like 2d like I would with
it's a Goomba from Mario I heard that
just has kind of Mario like characters
so that's pretty intriguing right all
right so let's go this way of course
this is very similar to what game is
Zelda how do I get that how do I get

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

that huh open that up I got the feather
rocks feather it feels like your body is
a lot lighter can I jump now or
oh we almost knocked me in how do I get
that oh I bet I have to use yeah we have
to equip this I forgot all about that
there we go
I got it was that three three hearts oh
wow this is like a true jumping ability
like you have to have it equipped and
everything in order for to even work all
right so where we at with this let's
look at the map uh
see yeah we can go down now I got to
figure out a blow-up or something that
particular area I don't have any bombs
is this a situation where would they
come back or something like how I don't
even know Oh
jump over him ha ha nice can I jump over
this no I can't I can't believe that I
can probably jump over this yeah I
should have thought that earlier it's
okay oh gosh I forgot all right let's
find out what to do here cuz this is uh
what oh I see it I clearly see it now
how do I get over to the over to here
though why can I do anything about this
at all the answer is I don't think so
not right now
all right one this is this is great
there you go
I wonder if I I wonder the feather will
always be helpful how's the last key
right there there we go I got a key the
Knightmare key you can open the door to
the nightmares lair how I need to get
into I don't have the I don't have like
a bomb to get in there you know but I
can jump over things and stuff he jumped
in okay that's fine let's let this bus
it let's move all right over here
hey buddy don't do this to me what do

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

you want are you the boss
hey I might be the boss I may be a free
boss I don't know I've hit him five
Oh can't be once I got him like what
eight times I don't know let's see the
boss what is it there's a fairy hey come
never mind what is this what where am I
oh no no I want to do not want that by
the way I want to go back I just don't
know what the bomb is you know send me
back can you take me back
really I didn't know you were a
teleporter fine I'll walk all the way
back myself
but where I find the bomb or how do I do
oh gosh no no
hmm yeah dude I don't know I'm just out
of curiosity no I need a bump somehow I
don't know how to get it I might know
bombs are a mechanic in this in Zelda
how did you survive all right we're
going back no more teleporter please
there's a mistake oh my gosh Oh still
messed up now you got to be joking
kidding me okay hold on hold on
what's down what's down Oh another
spooky place I can do some hearts by
this site there's some hearts all right
is everything cool is everything knows
how to drop down on me okay cool
no those are hearts there's still at
room I can't get to yet cuz I'm on the
bombs alright hold on I get the master
key open it up I got a boss fight to go
to whoo all right hello buzz buzz out
seiner hi it's Muldaur
oh that was sweet I did not mean to jump
like that and then attack him that was a
little bit of luck right there

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

there we go
I like to call him old dork I get it to
see this dork anything is three times a
okay well
maybe more than three oh he's still he
still has his bubble out hey know what
okay that's for game over
come on they're just retry let's do it
come on mol dork
Hank can you just take me back thank you
I just let me back this time come on all
right sorry still getting used to the
controls dang it all right a soft stop
okay here we go I got this nothing's
wrong with me
there's one hit
he's steamin all right got him there
again I need to take this more seriously
cuz I only have three hearts stop oh my
mold dorm well dorm kill me can I put
him to sleep with this powder all right
come on we try we try sorry I shouldn't
be loosing a little one but it is what
it is oh okay always forget about that
all right we can wait let's go hello
mole dorm there we go
I don't know if my shield actually
protects me from this guy
got him
hoping it would change got him oh gosh
whole dorm whole dorm no heat see I can
hit him now
got him okay great
but it's good to know that like when you
get a game over it's really quick to
jump back in and I got a full heart
nicely done
you got a hard container you get your
maximum number of hearts increase in
your health has been refilled - awesome

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

so now what's up here it's a violin or
something what is this
you got a cello were you at the
full-moon cello
hello cello I don't know how to give
that room with the bomb yet
Oh maybe when I get bombs but do you
love the sound of the cello
it sounds so sweet
here we go this looks pretty cool swamp
it's just a word that says swamp on the
hey path opens in the blooms alright so
we got a new path which is pretty cool
we've done level one the what was it
Tale house I don't remember but we did
it we beat him and a new path is open so
I think this is a great stopping point
is that I want to talk to me oh wait
hold on looks like the out first I knew
he would hello owl hoots that is an
instrument of the sirens I have to admit
at first I did not believe you were real
that instrument along with the seven
others in the set has the power to wake
the wind fish you must collect them all
I was instructed to give you directions
your next goal is north and the GUP unga
swamp hoot indeed so we gotta go north
to the go ponga swamp and that's what
we'll do next episode guys if you like
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see you next time goodbye
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Thanks for watching my Link's Awakening Gameplay and Walkthrough! I am a huge fan of the Zelda franchise, and I'm excited to see how this remake plays on ...


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  1. Holy shit.. very dumb rn and need to look up a walkthrough, click on the first one and didn't even notice it's ZackScottGames! Binged his AC New Leaf series when I was young before I owned a 3ds and loved his content. Super nostalgic!


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