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SearchThisVideo: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening – Gameplay Part 2 – Bottle Grotto! (Nintendo Switch)

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what is up guys Zack Scott here playing
the legend of zelda links awakening for
the Nintendo's switch last episode we
have a ton of fun we went to tale cave
and we got the cello so now we're gonna
move north and see what we find in the
swamp area I want to thank you guys so
much for supporting this series leaving
likes and comments on the previous
episode I'm recording this back to back
with the previous episode so right after
the end of the last episode so I don't
really know how many how many likes you
left but I know that you left a lot so
thank you for your support I just got a
hit I have four hearts so so I'm a
little more I'm a little more viable
here we go we got to go up north I don't
know what the cellos gonna do but we
gotta find our way north and I don't
really have any new abilities from that
other than jumping hello I can jump and
jump up there No
okay well we'll see we'll see what
happens stop it all right let me take a
jump over these holes that's right okay
that's good news is that's good news I
keep forgetting to block to my shield
it's costing me a little bit not much
but anyway we're gonna go up north to
find out what we can do I get my heart's
fact it doesn't matter that guy hit
these guys are going crazy they want to
talk to me now hey buddy it's serious
you have really serious yeah it is the
mob once came to the village yeah that's
right a whole gang of mob ones then it's
for real they all went to the house yeah
that house and then they did something
at powwows house it was a really bad
scene with the mob lands so I mean it
might be faster to find out for yourself
what happened alright let's go let's
chill out chill out
does anything happen in this house let's
find out the mob would so this is
library no one cares The Blob Mama's
can't read spitting to the library
they're freaking out though alright
what's up what happened what happens at
a hump it's terrible my ballet was
dognapped by mama mob --lens
oh please somebody help my poor bow-wow
alright I will I'll figure it out I
don't know where they went but I'll
figure it out I have a lot of rupees so
I can fish now what's up anything you
say she's had an awful tragedy in the
house across the way if you asked me
this is the fault of those no-good mob
ones from up in Taltal Heights oh it's
just awful and all I can do is sweep
alright so let's go I can get in here
now this is good is this like a crane
game that I can almost look like a crane
game it kind of is trendy game is what
it's called
trendy game one plate in rupees play the
buttons move the crane the rest is just
timing go over the buttons and play good
luck alright here we go
what are we what are we playing here
move forward move right so X and a can I
get a better shield what
how come I can't uh what I didn't know I

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only had one shot at it I was like this
isn't me easy alright let's let's play
again I can do better probably there's a
shield over there holy cow what kind of
Sheol do you think that is okay let me
try okay challenge again yeah sure play
good luck thank you alright hold on I
can maybe get this like right now hold
on I'm learning exactly what this lands
okay hold on
get it get it got it go go go go go ha
ha so slow alright that's fine that's
fine I'll know better next time maybe
maybe I won't get it I don't know all
right try again play again I'll do it
again challenge again yes play good luck
thank you that's perfect
grab it yes
don't drop it oh I'm gonna be so mad if
it gets dropped oh wow I got the shield
guys I got the shield challenge again no
I got the shield just give me a holler
whenever the mood strikes you to play
I'll be back again I got the shield what
shield is this holy cow
you got a shield it might be a good idea
to write your name on it later so is it
a different shield wait is it a
different a shield with your name
written on it
I'm so confused is it better than my
other shield ok it's just is it just a
shield I thought it was so awesome but
it seems to be just a shield
what ok I'm leaving
we I don't want to spend all episode
doing crane game or whatever alright so
yeah look at this I can do this I can
cut down all of this what is this a
shell you found a secret seashell but
what do you do with it I don't know I'm
sure I'll find out later
all right here we go hope I am
I hope okay you know what this gets a
dick thing I gotta stop alright let's go
where do you think the mob ones win
what's up link Terrance taking a nap at
home I don't I don't know how we can
sleep on such a nice day it makes you
want to sing a song yes the song is
Ballad of the wind fish that's sweet
sweet what does this say good song here
sleeps the flying rooster rip rip flying

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rooster word where are the mob ones I
jump over this no I don't know what the
mob ones went to talent out Heights I
know that much oh that's a baby and it's
asleep with four boys who look alike
even I get confused sometimes by the way
my baby wants a Yoshi doll I still
wanted the trendy game but I couldn't
get it so I bet someone wants a shield
yep those are my boys
I'm pop ball pleased to meet you I'll be
lost in the Hills later so keep a
lookout for me it'll be lots there later
okay and then what's this a stand for
something it says pokey so I don't know
what to do with those and I don't know
what to do the c-shell either so if you
guys have any comments you know leave
them please give me some advice on what
to do with those shells sup kid hey dude
what do you think of Maron I don't know
I'm just a kid alright he's just a kid
kids don't know anything in this game
they actually do but they pretend like
they don't really I don't know I'm the
kid all right I gotta somehow go up
north oh I know I bet I bet I go so yeah
no I don't wanna go east I want to go
north like like it said and I bet I go
through the forest again and then now I
can jump over those poles so I get the
treasure chest again nothing not again
but for the first time I get the
treasure chest so there we go that
answers my question and then I can
probably have okay I think I got it
maybe no I'd only go fish fishings
another minigame
and it's fine but I'm here to adventure
onwards I got to put that raccoon asleep
again who knows hey guys
and I can't jump over this that would
that would be ha I blocked that time I
remember at that time I honestly thought
I was gonna get a shield upgrade other
raccoons not even here good so I can
jump over here look like now I can do it
haha let's say you there on my face oh I
try to be a cool guy and do somersaults
and hit them in the behind whoa okay
you're doing double attacks and stuff no
thank you
woosh woosh all right there we go got
that a piece of heart all right I'm cool
so is this is this it yeah Taotao
Heights this is where the mob ones are
bobbles you're gonna be sorry there's an
owl here the wind fishes in name only
four it is neither thanks full advise
what's in here
I don't know what I'm doing
oh hey who's this suspicious-looking
runt okay boys let's get rid and you
don't have to
who's the boys is a few oh I see more
boys are coming out or not never mind

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

Oh God Oh No
oh no all right okay we're ruling him
down out no way there's a hard over
there you fell for it you fell for my
attacks oh there's a big boy you must be
an assassin sit by Madame meow meow to
rescue the month I it's me yeah you came
here to get me but it is I who will get
you he's gonna punch me
was he charging he's charging like a
bull happen him to sleep that'll be
that did nothing that did nothing help
he's all his belly his belly is strong
he's been working out by having a ton of
bats in his belly oh jeez
now come come Oh in the back of the head
charge again just try it just try me
help all right that's fine no block to
that time blocks it again come on dude
you're big and red make your butt red oh
it's already ready ha ha ha oh he's
gonna blow up it's a fairy I'll take the
berry sure why not come here fairy all
right where to now
there's a chain shop I'm here to rescue
you roof roof you say Bow Wow what a
fearsome beast indeed yes come with me
oh he's gonna come with me ok great come
on now
let's go check things out then shall we
let's return to you home to your your
your mommy meow meow or whatever alright
can I fast travel oh here's an owl owl
where is the owl
I hear the owl scary hello boot that is
a fearsome looking animal you have there
do not forget the next instrument is in
go ponga swamp great I won't forget I
so how do I get back is there an easy
way back sup with you hey you made it
out here that speaks well of you maybe
you can help me out with a little job
I'm damn P my job around this island is
and dig up interesting stuff when you
have some time to spare come seem to me
and my Shack over there great was this
sign say hold on where's a swamp auntie
shack is nearby I mean I have a lot of
time I guess but where there's a Shack
that's heavy but there's also something
underneath alright I don't know where
the swamp is I'm guessing it's up north
even more I don't know so let's see I'm
gonna go in here and see if he has any
time to talk to me excuse me I'm gonna

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

bring in Chomp Chomp or whatever no he's
not here now there he is he's behind me
what's up dude damn P Shack I'll sleep
oh stood here while you take care of
your other business just don't leave me
waiting too long okay all right damn P
all right damn P let's go see what other
business I can do and I still jump with
this chain attached to me awesome oh
gosh don't attack me Birds don't attack
me bracelet yeah you get them all right
there we go I just need this got it I
saw it earlier you had a piece of heart
excellent we haven't quite got all the
hearts whoa
hold on I got a piece of power scuse me
oh that bird it does like one hole
damage help I'm not ready for this place
what what happened
good job good job excuse me excuse me
help how do we get out of here help oh
no oh no I can't jump over this okay
hold on excuse me guys I'm coming back
through don't attack me I'm peaceful for
now just for now excuse me
okay let's get back to it then shall we
thanks I don't know if I want to go
all right whoa good job dude
he's pretty helpful don't yourself burn
man there's no way around this I have to
all right excuse me I don't want to go
there either what is this place
oh yeah this is the place where I get
the the powder thank you
all right maybe you can help me attack I
need some hearts like stat thank you all
right good good stuff that is all right
wolf dig wrap what are you talking about
I'm just ready got here hilarious okay
am I going the right way I may not be
although I've altered confused right now
okay yeah I've gone the wrong way
hold on let's gotta go this way damn
again we can take him back home and let
me go do the dungeon or whatever he just

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

eats him it's hilarious I keep this guy
please he's absolutely hilarious anyway
he's someone else's Ted I get it all
right I brought him back don't fret the
mum oblems attacked it but you're fine
oh thank you I'm so happy you brought my
baby back now would you be a dear and
take him for a walk it would really help
me out a lot you will Thanks you gotta
be kidding me
that's exactly what I want so what now
we're I I guess I'm gonna go back up
north I mean what's the deal I'm going
this way there you go I can jump over it
there we go there we go he's saying wolf
dig whatever so what's up here this
place looks intriguing what does it say
okay yo ponga swamp is this way but
let's just write here was a house let me
go in you look like the guy from The
Sims mr. right well I pretty much stick
to myself me and my letters my name is
right the only thing I don't like about
my hobby is that I never received a
response because he likes to write all
right cool let's go all right over here
these guys are here to hit me hit me
their best shot sounds like a jello mold
let's sit here you think let's go take
it let's take a look
oh gosh oh I fell every guy jumped I got
some rupees 20 rupees joy I not know how
I fell and there's another one I can't
feel that skull yet though that's the
thing I don't know how to I'm just not
strong enough with my bare hands and
whatnot so that's still on the table as
a chest to get alright there's another
phone now why would I want to call him
from here let's see what he says
bring-bring yes this is all rerun the in
deducible flowers of go Ponca swamp
those flowers are bow-wows favorite why
don't you take him for a walk there
click so ok ok I gotcha
their bow wells favor what can I say
where are they here's the swamp danger
keep out accept Bow Wow
Sathya be here so where are the flowers
can I walk on them can I walk in here I
want lily pads these these aren't

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

flowers but those are flowers over here
haha oh he ate one he ate one good for
him oh wow the thin sitting or something
alright there's another flower is that
you need that big one
excuse me nice he ate the big one too oh
man the fins are hitting me
bow-wow can beat this guy take a bite
take a bite please thank you oh all
hit me what's the treasure we got some
rupees 50 rupees very nice can't jump
diagonally let's go eat that flower down
there there's four flowers over there
but come eat this one bail out oh man I
hit I banged right into it there we go
got it
all right now we're on this side I could
really use some help there you go
there's there's a heart right there so
what's this this is level 2 or we still
know this is just this bottle grotto
where's Mountain but battle I'll stay
outside I can't even lift these this is
level 2 I can't believe it okay so here
we go
that's dark I don't have a torch am I
supposed to have a torch I don't have a
what oh my gosh really okay I spent
forever and trying to figure this out
okay you just use the magic dust okay
wow wow okay now I know I thought that
wasn't gonna work out he slammed his
butt on me get out of here
just skeleton fight okay here we go
what's in it Oh T perfect there was a
key that I needed to all the way to the
left or down and go down to or we can
keep exploring this way for just a
little bit of time this looks scary nope
how do I get in here perfect whoa whoa
who is this who are you
very frightening open it up a chest for
me another King take an open a locked
door you bet it can
whoa what's this way oh no okay oh is
this magic dust oh my magic dust is full
of what what happens what happens a
chest you best believe I want that chest
what do we got here we got another king
okay this is good we're getting a lot of
keys okay perfect

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

whoa oh sure guys what the heck
no what can you push this for me
can i push this for me really I don't
know what to do about these shy guys
let's go next to him now we know we can
flip these guys over with their shields
did he hit me alright some of the magic
dusts no I don't know what I'm doing
what the heck there's a key up here
there's a lot of keys okay so let's go
up here now there's a rupee down here
hold on no no no wait for me wait for me
oh darn it that's okay
can i push this excuse me excuse me
ow this one too
wow I thought a time for a second host
like what all right cool let's go down
nice it's like a platformer now let's go
up is this just a path to another room
Oh what oh I can jump over him I totally
forgot and then I can use the magic
powder to light things up missed there's
one too it's lit up
don't oh my gosh out there you go look
at that got all three what is this oh
wow oh jeez hi oh no is this the boss is
it just able to excuse me nope nope let
go let go oh my gosh is through me you
throwing bombs he's throwing bombs let
go let go let me go please
he's tough um he gets the wall I can put
bag of meat got him got him you're sorry
now are you very I'll take that ferry I
think we're getting close to the yeah
we're getting really close to the boss
here I'm gonna I am going to travel back
because we're too close to the boss in
my opinion let's travel back I haven't
got anything yet all right so we needed
to keep her here what we have to keep

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

her there so let's go over now
oh gosh dang it okay now no one told me
about the magic dust thing so I had to
surprise myself into figuring it out
dang it oh man I keep messing up okay
stop hitting me all the time this is a
dead end right there we go we get the
stone beak to fit into the no into the
owl statue please leave me alone
great I'm almost dead I can't do I have
to have this lit up well happens if I
run out of powder oh I don't have a lit
up I got a knock this guy out
dang it's alright don't game over me all
right get out of here thank you
all right we're good no I forgot again I
forgot again okay it's okay I know it's
fine game over but we need to continue
to retry we need to just retry right
here now did I get the AL beak like do I
have the AL beat with me
how do you tell can you tell I don't
know if I do I'm gonna go back and see
if I can if I had to do that again no
this is open is the chest open dang it I
keep forgetting about that it has to be
this has to be complete yeah we have the
AL beak okay cool
oh we want these I want you guys on the
same page
thank you all right so well there's a
seed down here that we need to do no
hearts it's okay yeah this is so weird
what is this secret about this guy I
don't get it hey push these for me or
anything like what is this story I don't
understand the story behind this guy
like what is the point of this these shy
guys there we go
that's how it's done okay I got it I got
it guys this is puzzling
we got the compass now show me where
there were things in the nightmare are
we were Mayo I mean we have a lot to do

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

on this this is so much to do okay but
we got this we're gonna go I guess we're
gonna use the well actually let me
there's another shyguy room that I
probably could have gotten let's go
explore that idea really quick this is
the beak for the owl part of the floor
is raised tap the shining crystal great
Thank You owl such genius nah I've been
here I need to go around but there's
something going on in that room
so oh here's some more magic dust we've
already been this way come on dude how
okay here we go got you both what's
gonna do about it
Oh key now I gotta go away back there I
can't jump over this can i okay that's
okay we'll go back we'll go back to that
key I don't mind alright we solid we
solid gold baby and then we got the key
and then was there any other immediate
doors I don't think so so we get the
Alby we get the key living with the
compass we and we have we don't have the
map and I get really oh my gosh
there we go Wow alright I do take a lot
of damage in this game more than I
expect to so I'm gonna try to take the
teleporter back does it work
it works okay great then we have a path
over here
there we go sure grab that real quick
I don't know if I can get over there
because I don't have a way to go and
that's like a push something I'll take
I'll take that the bad that's the very
least the way I gained over here first
defeat the imprison pols voice last the
skeletal stalfos
ok what happened what happened what what
no what's the heck nope alright get the
map alright and so there's still that
area I didn't know how to get into from
last episodes let me know if you know
how to get into that
I'm imagine I'm going to backtrack some

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

all right let's go oh hi more magic dust
another chest nice okay over here oh
geez you know what I don't like you guys
either it's too bright isn't it drove
him away and get a chest in the process
I like how they have all these Mario
items here you four enemies you found
the power place bracelet last you can
pick up pots and stones finally finally
I can pick them up race can I just can I
just destroy the no be nice no I
actually got to pick them up
all right open that another key and a
small key can open the door of course I
don't know imma have to go around like
it and then that means I can find the oh
no no see how come I can't jump up on
those does that make the game too easy
is that why maybe alright so I don't I
don't need to do that huh no I do cuz I
want to go over Oh
why they look so close it's not though
what the heck do i do what do I do
okay hold on this is uh this is barbaric
I don't know how to do this I truthfully
don't know what to do right now because
I mean if you look it's so wait let's go
down there was a path up
excuse me thank you for destroying my
enemies but excuse me I'm gonna go up
now goombas whoa Piranha Plants all

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

right we gotta go down hello I'm here
I'm here
Oh what ha ha now you'll get this guy
probably oh there's an order right there
was an order and the owl told me and I
don't remember but last was the stalfos
hold on let's see if we get the right
order let's get so weak hold on hold on
come here come here
what how did I get him
I don't know how to get this guy easily
it's so weird I had him once okay as
some sort of order here and I don't know
what it is how did I how do they end up
beating him before oh this is a little
bit easier oh okay hold on
let's see if then if not then the order
is a little bit wrong dang it
alright let's try again let's try first
the bat then this guy maybe I don't know
now hold on and then him the owl the owl
told me I just don't remember what the
owl said this is ridiculous okay so we
tried that let's try the stalfos then
the bats or well I know that sounds of
so it wasn't the rabbit then the bath in
the South post or whatever I don't know
what this thing is called move bat
you're gonna get hurt
this is the order I just did no that's
the right order there we go finally all
right got it got it got it now we're
happy here
we're happy campers here open that up
got the master key the Knightmare key is

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

what it's called it's the official name
nightmare key and then this is the way
over to this section here anybody and so
yeah this is uh this is kind of a
interesting place to be so I do have a
key to go over here so let's out didn't
see you let's go over
okay oh there you go consarnit you know
I don't need it right and there's a path
down now okay interesting
are there no secrets ever than this
let's see this is it okay so now I can
pick these up right is that great let's
see if anything's in these I don't know
all right
he looks mad why are you upset buddy
don't need to be carrying one of the
vases to go down maybe that's the secret
I really don't know let's give it a go
excuse me you're so slow can you just
use that he could just be that mad at me
he doesn't want to deal with me there
you go there you need it the extra
aha well I'll be back maybe let's see
what this leads us to Oh this leads us
here interesting okay I don't see a
secret room like there was before and
that makes me worried that like maybe
anyway let's go over here there's
anything in the corner here I don't know
anyway let's go fight let's see if I can
win this without dying but who knows
open up
oh you oh I had no idea what it was it's
a clown hoho I'm your bad guy this time
huh oh all right it's genie that's not a
lamp like oh he's got fire he's not
joking he's juggling fire what do I do
what is he gonna do
wow you can't block that you can't block
that help Wow gosh the kidney I can't
move but I'm still alright
your little sword won't break this
bottle even the walls here look tougher

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

than that dinky thing lift it up break
them against the wall got him okay great
no no you can't hurt me as long as I
have my bottle so I don't like how I
have to like dodge these things with the
I guess it's not so hard to dodge
alright pick it up and then throw it
there we go so yeah throw your fire at
me again if you dare
all right he's going back in oh I have
to hit it of course all right can he die
now is he dead
why you brought my bottle why you you
make me hopping mad oh gosh what the
heck what the heck help help
dang it no you burn me with fire real
quick I'm almost dead guys do I have any
way to heal alright maybe I should have
bought some potions or something is that
even a possibility I don't know got him
one more time maybe got him oh this oh
my gosh how many more times
there we go there we go
at least I didn't die while fighting it
this time all right there's a full heart
thank you you got a heart container did
it don't I know it here we go jump for
joy and what instrument do we have today
some sort of a tuba or shell or
looks very feminine you have the conch
horn all right awesome well that's cool
very interesting so two instruments down
and do they say seven or six I don't
remember a prairie prairie so we gotta
go to prairie next I bet does the I want
to talk to me the prairie is waiting I
bet it is so let's see if the owl wants
to talk to me cuz if he wants to talk to
me then we can talk what do we got I
don't know he's gonna be here okay I
lift this now Oh buddy guess what I can
lift it I don't know if the aisle wants
to talk to me but I might need to take
this guy back home how I been up here
there's something hold on there's

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

something over here
I was curious what this was earlier but
I didn't know oh there's some strange
energy coming from here you should take
a closer look
oh great where am I going Oh know what I
don't even know okay so it's of all
wasteland so yeah you know I I do what
not wanna be here I don't know when they
Allison to talk to me that's typically
when I in the episode is when the AL
talks to me Amy may not even talk to me
let's see if I jump back this way maybe
if I go back to backwards or maybe not I
just want to see what's back here
because I want to see if I miss anything
in terms of thank you
all right I was curious if maybe there
are some like boulders over here that I
missed I don't because I don't remember
there's some boulders so let's just take
a look really quick boom yeah okay
and then it was the and then there's
that let's see can I deal with this now
over here let's see really quick before
before you move on
can I pick this up nice nice so I got
some rupees that's fine and then there
was another puzzle down here the same
thing oh actually in the in the you know
what in the very beginning you know
what's gonna dig there's I don't know
and the very beginning of this stage
before that okay is there a fast travel
I doubt there is but maybe bottle grotto
I cannot fast travel I just remembered
and I forgot before there was a there's
a chest like right at the beginning so
let's go get it
now hey stop it with your fins
all right over here again I need you to
open this up thank you
so yeah I totally forgot that now that I
have the ability this is gonna work for
me there we go and I really don't even
know if the owl was talking but I kind
of want to return I want to return him
if I have to I probably have to let me
funny be just with me the whole time so
let's go back really quick now all right
and we could go back oh we want to go
back through the forest because there's
another puzzle like that requires me to
lift stuff and I think to be wrong I'm

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

pretty sure go get it buddy
Wow Wow all right all right
I think we're all on the same page now
oh man I fell in I'll take this again
no sweat right whoever knows you never
know when I'll need this alright and
then we're going over here so yes this
is this is the the puzzle basically so
to go over here we got a heart piece I
think that's the fourth one nice okay
great so now I'm gonna go return him to
Emily in the episode yeah I think I need
to take a detour
no no what am i doing what am i doing go
around I have free free roam free reign
of this forest jungle woods now forest
it says there you go jump over here I
can live I can probably lift those
plants now - alright nice I mean he's
still useful I hope it ought to get rid
of him but I'm gonna I'm gonna return
I'm gonna try to return him cuz maybe it
wants me to get rid of him before we
move on I really don't know there's that
digging guy again holy cow he followed
me all the way here he was started
waiting for me back there let's see if
she wants it back yet
oho I really appreciate what you did for
my poor precious bow-wow you were such a
nice boy how can I ever repay you I know
not a kiss gross a smooch you got a
reward from Madame meow meow lucky
so lucky indeed well you guys are lucky
to be able to watch this video and I'm
actually really what I want to say is
I'm lucky to have you watching my video
thank you so much come back next time
for more thanks for every like and
comment be sure to subscribe if you
haven't yet and I'll see you next time
I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not
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this channel grow all you got to do is
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Thanks for watching my Link's Awakening Gameplay and Walkthrough! I am a huge fan of the Zelda franchise, and I'm excited to see how this remake plays on ...


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  1. I played the GameBoy version. You get bombs from the shop and you can get the Yoshi doll, etc from the other shop. The graphics look great on the Switch though.

  2. watching this channel made me realize one thing about zack’s personality is that hes so impatient! i love this channel though because he doesnt edit out everything when hes confused

  3. You have to stand on the orange side before you hit the blue crystal and don’t jump off the orange to the blue. When you stand on the orange side and you can walk over the other side


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