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SearchThisVideo: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening – Gameplay Part 4 – Angler's Tunnel! (Nintendo Switch)

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what is up guys axe Scott here playing
the legend of zelda links awakening and
now we are returning back to the town
from that tower let's actually talk to
the phone guy really quick see if he
gives us any Vice the owl told us that
where we need to go basically
under attack there we go hold on got him
there we go
and but the phone guy might have some
other clues as to what to do I know I
can go back to town and do that one a
dream area because now I have the boost
you guys let me know in the comments so
thank you so much and thank you for your
support on this series you guys left
over 5,000 likes on the first episode
causing you to have well over a hundred
thousand views thank you so much in the
yarn a desert which is located in the
southeast of the island you will find
something called the angler key hmmm how
much more obvious do I have to be by
click so that's good that's all good and
all but let's go back to town really
quick and do that because I was really
wanting to do that I couldn't quite I
almost had it by having that one power
thing but but no we're gonna have to go
back and do it with my Pegasus boots or
whatever cause I think they're called
Pegasus boots and that dream thing is up
here don't hit the chickens yeah it's
right here right this is the dream zone
it's the dream zone that's what it's
called dream zone got the name right now
dream shrine there we go
zone sounds kind of cool too let's do it
we're gonna have to rush through it
hopefully I can make it through without
dying and then it looks like an ocarina
right I mean it looks like we're gonna
pick up an ocarina once we're in here so
let's do it here we go you know he's
moving all weird
hey let's go oh that's an instant death
oh that's lucky lucky it's not really
like it's all skill baby oh wait I don't
know but wait there's two things here
what are the Guardian Corps nice
let's go
man just killing it oh yeah I can bust
through here now so I probably go yet oh
sorry I couldn't probably got here
before but I was looking but I didn't
and so I never got this chest but with
the yeah I'll get the ocarina what's in
this chest though nice rupees 100 you're
happy I like God tells me I'm happy I
don't get a choice in that yeah you're
happy you're happy
hey I'll decide how I feel about this
right let's go up here huh and this is
the ocarina right
yeah the ocarina you should learn to
play many songs okay I should shouldn't
I how do I learn to play many songs that
one that one lady I think on the front
knows a song excuse me
is running back don't mind me dumb I
all right wakie wakie dream shrine oh

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excuse me did i need to go to the place
what's up whoa what's happening okay hey
that's a nice ocarina you have there
will you accompany me as I sing she
gonna teach me that song well she did
nice so I've learned a song hope is
useful hey probably is useful I wonder
who else in this game knows songs and
make it beautiful couple
alright alright excellent so how do you
like it it's really touching isn't it
does it stick in your mind yes nice
you've learned the Ballad of the wind
fish oh that's perfect this song will
always remain in your heart great
please remember this song you should
play it every once in a while to keep it
fresh in your mind
awesome thank you let's go oh I can't
charge three multiples of those oh there
we go I did it just did was there
anything else in here that I wanted to
there's the fishing game - there's a
heart piece oh wow what is that alright
let's play let's play this I deal with
the art piece so play I do have some
rupees now alright here we go I'm ready
I don't think that's gonna grab it but
let's see what happens
nope miss entirely fun even knocked it
over alright I gotta keep trying to him
what is that thing over there I don't
even know challenge again yes well
that's perfect I'm gonna go for this
thing over here it looks more important
than the heart that's close it's not
gonna be perfect but it's close it's
gonna move it at least oh it's gonna be
actually grab it exciting don't fall out
don't fall out don't fall out
nice I got something new challenging it
now let's just we'll go come back to get
the rest later or whatever I want this I
don't even know what it's for but I want
it what is it you get the ciao ciao ciao
figure there must be somewhere you can
display it I don't know where that is
displayed I don't know what happens when
you do display it so let me go uh where
we going huh
no up here let's see if she wants it hi
buddy hi buddy
I thought you was gonna hurt me when I
first met him all right

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is there any way to just display it here
oh that's Bow Wow nice what about here
what is this ciao ciao
yes place to chat place it there we go
now it happens do I get a reward my bad
I was so proud of his fight okay I don't
even get a reward I just displayed it
for no reason okay fine let's now move
on to the next area again I don't know
what's gonna happen but I gotta somehow
go I know I know I'll see looking in the
map I got to go I said I've been here
but this is this where it is we said
southeast right oh there's even more
south east okay so yeah we got it we got
a long way to go probably let's figure
out how to get there
wish me luck cuz I don't know exactly
the path I'm gonna go south first
then I live in East you think or I mean
maybe I really don't know well we have a
couple different options here let's go
let's go this way the down that's what
I'll do
actually run this is faster than almost
anything in this game now you can run
basically so now we can go do I've
activated that so I still don't know how
to get over here and see all those like
holes I don't know how to get there past
all the holes
I don't know I guess I fit in there I
had been there but no well okay I don't
know let's go we'll try to find our way
around I might be going the wrong way
let's see
oops wrong button okay fine southeast
Raven four southeast yeah all right hey
oh we got each other that's okay let me
get this heart now I miss there's a
shell I don't know if I'm gonna find all
the shells but I hope I find many of the
shells AHA I got shet Punk
have I been over here I what the heck is
that some mermaid or something I don't
remember if I've been over here or not
oh god yeah Oh this place needs a bomb

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excuse me now back at me hold on let me
check this out really quick poof
I don't think I've been here no maybe I
that's a cool move right I honestly
don't remember I've been here let's see
and so what do we say about this over
here have I been here
I got him out of the way guy hmmm I talk
to you
around here secrets arnai what does that
mean secrets on I was thinking that
might need this to dig that is that the
secret oh there's a shell all right I
found a secret seashell again I don't
really know now okay night what is nigh
me I don't know if this is doing any
good here I do fight random gyms
hold on is that I don't know man have I
been why way up here all I did was find
that one thing all right let's go back I
don't know what I'm doing I can probably
take a shortcut over here and this is
where the bomb tip gets was a bomb took
me so there's also a path over here so I
need to beat these guys up you know I
mean like visit these movies aha how
about that how about that
no reward for that that's okay hold on I
got the power I don't know how to swim
yet I got the Guardian a horn I got the
power piece of power this is the perfect
type of fight just lets me Wow all right
what do I do this this is something here
what is this that's another teleporter
thing Martha's Bay okay
see I can't can I oh wait I could do a
long jump here right oh wow I totally

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

forgot about the long jump
alright what's over here so I might be
going to a new place now this is
I need powder let it up I lit it up I
lit it up well now what check the door
to the cabinet is hanging off its hinges
nobody's used this thing in a while so
what is this place oh I need to take a
nap dude I don't know I just lit it up I
don't know okay I don't know all right
I'm over here now though that's good
no I've been here I've been here I've
got this treasure chest before I'll take
that okay so okay but now I know I can
make those long jump so that's a good
thing right
all right so another shell there's a
hard down man or not I had to get that
heart yet I can't swim yet so okay like
I said now I know I can okay well that's
a start that's a start these shells or
anything all right this is a good start
let's go down here this is a terrible
start I can't walk in this can i I can
but I can't swim in that can I nope
all right how do I get southeast so this
seems like a dead end for us I need to
somehow go around and get southeast I
just don't know how yet maybe through
Taotao Heights and if so let's use a
teleporter I mean I don't know my fear
wouldn't recording these videos is that
I just I put myself you know just takes
me forever to do things and then I'll
have to like okay let's go this way
there we go warp we're gonna have to
check out here try to get there quick
but it's ticket sometime and you know I
the other thing is I kind of forget
where some things are
hey buddy here here's over here's the
path here's the path yeah I guess I
couldn't go here well I could have gone
here last time all right here's some Oh
hold on hold on what's this oh is it the

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

owl the Owls here hey now
hoot the wind fish sleeps long and
dreamily in the egg above when you play
the eight instruments of the sirens in
front of the egg he will awaken this my
friend is the only way for you to leave
the island all right great
sounds good to me so yeah okay let's go
up north oh this is it this is the egg
let's just crack the egg open with the
shovel now okay that's not gonna work
what's over there how do I get there
all right doesn't matter what does it
say - every meeting weird stone you find
all right suddenly go see I'm done I
hold up staircase up here I can get up
here now what's up in here huh all right
Oh time to push these right all right
all right good start
how would I get that I only push it once
all right let me go down now
so wait okay wait
huh how do I get down there so if I push
out yeah wait wait a second wait a
second oh my got it nice I got a piece
of heart so at least this this isn't a
waste of time being here he's I'm
getting like power-ups and stuff you
know I probably could have dodged did
the dash across there I'm paranoid like
there's gonna be something amazing and
like just a random spot
I can't charge you that now nope wrong

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

all right perfect
how do I get over there Oh Jaime how do
I I can't just push it you know there's
got to be something that I haven't
learned yet as to how to get to that
section now there's a chest that's good
we have some more rupees 50 rupees very
nice let's crash through here again and
then okay buddy I can't talk to you yet
for this water okay
they said okay am I remembering
something someone said something behind
a waterfall I'll go there in a second
but first I'm gonna go up here I don't
know who said it
alright excuse me
alright good start right treasure what
you dork it was a monster never do that
again to me alright this guy's up here
what is your story
who are you Yap papaw got lost just like
he said now I'm so famished I can't move
can you give me some vittles
nope I can't hear one cold hombre I
don't have vittles I don't know what
they are but I will if I can you know if
I could have looked everything so here
we go nice all right all right I don't
know what vittles are
is it behind this waterfall
someone said something about behind a
waterfall and I don't remember if if you
guys said it or if a character said it's
I'm stuck though where do I go
okay the teletón mountain range has been
unveiled I got to get down lower somehow
this is the I know I'm not even supposed
to be here suppose to go southeast I
thought I could go up and around how do
we get over to the southeast
alright let's go back there's a white
hold on there's a heart hold on why is

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

there heart there okay well did we have
to figure that out later
oh don't hurt me we have more power that
will help me too much here but uh I got
it here huh now I'm on a be kiddin me
alright this was a just one okay so this
is okay
okay I've been over there that was a
nice little track that I don't know if I
should have gone down but it still it
was nice all right I keep thinking that
these little one-off pieces are gonna be
all right I'm over here now hey guys you
know what let's charge through wow that
was great
my regular sword is not as good as that
nice taking out the enemies oh there's
something there that might be behind a
waterfall or no there's another
teleporter let's activate it for later
all right great now here's something
that requires a key is this what we
asked for before huh a keyhole oh here
is this angular key so yeah we do need
to be here that's the angular keyhole
okay great we're on the right path I was
worried that we were not on the right
path at all that was gonna be very
upsetting to me so we know we need to go
southeast before we do that though you
know clearly there's something here that
I want to do which is uh take this guy
out yeah I got to know it which is uh
known this thing up here I can't swim
great I can't swim I can jump across
there most likely let's go over here
though what's inside of this place no I
can't deal with that I don't think
nope alright it's gonna be something for
that later I don't know stop it
what what was that what what are you
doing link you're not making the jump at

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

all okay he can't do a long jump across
with water doesn't make any sense it's
like he got stopped from doing a long
jump there
what the heck do I do now everything's
closed off by water
have I been I haven't I haven't been in
this area lately maybe there's a way to
get from there to there I really don't
know uh let's do a teleporter thankfully
I did find one here I'm super confused
right now oh my gosh
there aren't many great options are
watch this Bay all right I feel lost no
I can't go in here can i this is this
water that'll loose hurt me and over
here we've already determined that
that's a no-go as well as far as I can
and I have to go this way to get back
over there all right it's not too bad
traversing through this but I don't know
how to talk to her yet trying to know
everyone Oh what the heck
okay how would I've ever known I just
stumbled into this this is shallow now
there's a deep part over there so they
call it a deep heart okay Wow Wow you
got to be kidding me
if I I basically stumbled into this
somehow this is all surrounded by water
okay let's let's make a stop first oh
Jesus hold on there was something over
here what does it say welcome to animal
village great hey animal it's animal
village guys it's not animal crossing
it's animal village you got a lot of
vegetables you're in a desert there's a
way to get there to the south but you
might not be able to get through if that
lazy walrus is in the way that is a lazy
walrus okay cool sup

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

ah sigh oh such a nice day we need a
song from Marin well guess what I have a
song from Marin I have a song from Marin
on such a nice day do not worry
what's up Dino yeah hi I'm Jill Donovan
the mermaid statue by Z Bay is my
masterpiece to tell you the truth that
work is not complete the art is it's
difficult for you to grasp is it not it
is oh hey that's a model go away oh I'm
sorry it does it mean harass the models
here alright alright well hey buddy
what's up hey did you know animal
village and maybe village are sister
cities yes even though they aren't large
enough to be called cities anyway I
heard from a very good source if they
have a dream shrine and maybe and it has
something good inside is that true
so that I think they're really hinting
at the fact that I probably need that
ocarina to play a song for this area and
I'm glad that I did it before I even got
here so although I've been on the
journey that's got me lost a little bit
you don't know the proper etiquette when
dealing with a lady do you you should
have a you should have brought flowers
or something mid and then I might be
more inclined to talk to you oh yeah say
my case and hit hibiscus our best so
this is another part of the epic fetch
quest or whatever I guess I'm assuming I
don't know who what item do I have
I have I don't remember a stick who uses
the stick I don't even know what to do
with the stick what's going on over here
no yeah I'll just break stuff all right
there's a bomb door up here you could
tell I can't go to maybe village because
of all the monsters
I hope Maron is all right and she's fine
she taught me a cool song for you guys
oh wow
holy cow look at that bear Rick I'm
racking my ran out of ingredients if I
had honey I can make this fit for a king
so there is honey uh I've seen the honey
I forget totally where it is if I can
use this stick to knock the honey out of
the tree or something I don't know I
just do some gardening for you guys
don't mind me there's another save
another teleporter I don't remember
where the honey is what to say this is a
entrance to join a desert is over there
sub is asleep he's dreaming of Maron
how do I play it what yes that's the
here we go does this work what

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

I played the song what do I do
okay fYI guys I played the song what the
heck I didn't go find out hunting for
the bear or something oh wait there's
something over here right it's a heart
piece by the way could I have gotten
there through the grass no okay good
oh man I'm so confused
I've been traveling for so long
another bomb spot no not each other
all right glad about bombs I'm coming
for you Mac is this how what I don't
know how to deal with this great well
okay this is useless
probably yeah this leads me up here
where I can't do anything nope
what can I throw a bomb over that hold
on can I can I throw bombs in this game
I can I can maybe throw a bomb over that
maybe that's the secret is trying to
tell me let's see hold on hold on it is
all right I'm happy with this this is
good this is good
what no it was absolutely amazing
hold on all that come on come on there's
gotta be this has got to be it the
timing of this is crucial somehow what
is there like gonna be a hook shot or
something eventually that will help me
get through there I cannot make this
jump dude all right forget it forget it
I'll have to come back here later it's
gotta be teaching me something else like

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

I don't know so yeah I can't quite get
the desert as I
I'm gonna try that stick on that honey
and see if that helps how do you get
over there oh that's a teleporter hold
on wait what no that's not the totally
what where am i I not activate that I
did not
thank you for the hearts and then once I
have this teleporter I'm gonna go try to
look for the honey or something all
right there's a tree somewhere with
honey in it I think it's down over here
or over here I think it's over here
maybe I can go out maybe did this Maren
have multiple songs I'm just trying to
think like why would that be a thing
that like like it worked for the didn't
work you know I have the song but it
doesn't work for him I think the honey's
over here bears like honey
there's an L tweet no that's a pnina
there's got to be I remember the honey I
just don't remember which tree it's in
it must be up a little bit thanks I can
travel through this area pretty fast out
must be over here alright I don't know
where the honey is at all anymore
well sewed on over here I don't think
I've been over there I haven't been over
there where's the dang honey tree
the honey tree was it in town anybody
well where is the girl okay
are you in here great
she taught me her song as she laughed
and now I don't know what to do let's
talk to the guy with the phone let's see

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

what happened ring bring this is all
reira in the yarn in desert which is
located in the south east of the island
you will find something yeah okay how
much do mori obvious I don't know how
much more obvious I don't remember what
the honey tree is I don't even know that
if the stick is what gets the honey all
right hold on oh there's another thing
no I don't think I can jump through that
I've already been in the dream area I've
already got the ocarina I already know
the tune this anything important
hey do you know where that girl went
Marin's not with you what happened to
her I don't know what what happened to
what happened to her yeah I work too
hard and now my broom is worn to the
handle oh my gosh this is a puzzle what
happened to Maron oh my bad was so proud
of him so we know this what you kids
know anything the giant egg on top yeah
we knew that I knew that part oh gosh
boom what is this the hidden power of
color do you want to read this book yes
there's a new world of color under the
five gravestones three four five two one
try with all your might and you might
open a new path are you worthy to
receive the power of color what's this
world of color about maybe you should
try it and see
yeah maybe maybe I'll do that later
maybe that's her merit is I don't know
they took merit away from me and now I
like literally don't know what to do I
don't know what honey is I don't know
where Marin is everything in the store
knew there's you maybe she's shopping
is this 980 don't have what it takes
China of his worth to under root bees
for that huh
does she maybe go in here would she like
I'm gonna talk to those babies
nope nothing I mean the graves the
gravesite is obviously something
important I guess you guys seen Merrin
my husband is lost in the mountains he
must be starving
what oh yeah I saw him I saw him but I

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

don't know what to get for him so sorry
about it alright
and I also don't know where the the
honey is
I don't know how to get over there
okay I'm super confused
as people here at the castle
now ow fine all right you guys are dorks
stop it ow
I've been over here I probably have I've
been here stop it
I know I'm hurting I'm hurting I'm
hurting these guys are hurting me I
don't think I can make that jump but
I'll try nope
okay here's the honey I found the honey
sup dude o link I see you have a nice
stick okay do
can I borrow for say yes yes okay but
where's Maron I mean that honey thank
you geez alright so I have enough to
return to the bear and then maybe okay I
got I got the honey excellent

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

so the Bears gonna want this I'm not
sure how it happened but take it I'll
take it I found the honey finally
alright so now where's like the nearest
Ella I wish it showed teleporters on
here we need to find like a teleporter
and get out of here probably oh here's a
bomb spot hold on hold on I didn't know
there's a bomb spot here there's a
teleporter though
hold on this could be exciting oh now I
can get through these Wow
stop it leave me alone
dang it leave me alone alright here's a
chest and probably push this what is
this rupees 50 rupees I can maybe afford
that bow soon oh wow gosh dang it I'm
just trying to see up there there's like
it anymore Bob oh there's a bomb spot
right here
Wow all right I can get that I can get
that right now nice my health has been
filled and increased excellent excellent
okay so not all is bad today's episode I
just is taking me forever to get to this
angler thing
all right let's go get out of here out
hit me in the back so let's go to the
bear let's go to the bear now and then
give him the honey here animal village I
bet we got to find Marin to to because
maybe he wants to see Marin up the song
maybes dreaming of Marin let's see
sup bear I got you I got you got honey
hi ho hey you is that possibly a
honeycomb you have I just ran out will
you swap it for a pineapple yeah I don't
know who needs the pineapple though
who needs the pineapple yeah I know that
type of goo is asleep right in the way
of urine and desert once he's asleep he
won't budge for a long time but hey take
little meirin and wake him up with her
singing that slob would wake up with a
jump if he heard her sing for sure well
I know her song why won't he just do it
for me

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

and meirin's gone I don't know God maybe
she's back in the village maybe she
disappeared just so I have to talk to
this bear I don't know let's find out
this is a long quest so this is the
closest I still haven't done the
cemetery thing but I will so let's see
what we got
how do I get over there sufficiently
quickly and efficiently this isn't it
this is not it this is it right here
here we go
I don't know who needs to pineapple I do
not remember who needs the pineapple let
me know the comments below if you know
no man's not here rates
I might go look at my older videos and
see if anyone has mentioned the
pineapple to me no they're not here was
there a letter hold on what is that is
that a letter on the desk is that like a
note like hey we left and went to do
this check at the beach Aaron's at the
beach okay she actually left a note Wow
I feel like I'm I'm only by luck finding
out a lot of us no don't hit the chicken
finding out a lot of this stuff I feel
like I've been completely lucky to do
all of this I've actually got a lot done
today it's just like I've read I've gone
across a lot of the lands here I've
actually explored quite alive Marin were
you at
oh hey you got some power
now this one requires you to push with
the fielders or you know you can attack
them in your store that's right mayor
near this Beach
I'm not seeing her at all but it says
she was here there she is oh my gosh I
need you I'll think I'm glad you found
this place will you stay and talk to me
for a while yes
great let's talk alright beautiful this
is a nice view you got I want to go back
to Hyrule but whatever we're not even
talking we're sitting in silence there
we go I wonder where these coconut trees
came from Tarin said there is nothing
beyond the sea it's not true that's
where I came from but I believe there
must be something over there
good talk good talk link when I
discovered you laying my heart skipped a
beat I thought this person has come to
give us a message nope nope I'm just
lost no message if I was a seagull I

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

would fly as far as I could I would fly
to faraway places to sing for many
people if I wish to the wind fish I
wonder if my dream will come true I'll
play all the songs
don't worry since I get all the
instruments but you gotta help me get
into some areas here hey are you
listening link are you listening to me
yeah I'm listening yeah I want to know
everything about you hahaha
all right you see flirting with me huh
the walrus wants me to go to him well
alright let's go The Walrus has nothing
to do with what's about me Marin is this
your big chance I picked her up it's my
big chance I got married let's go see
this walrus thing can I go this way this
way would be a way to let's go Marin the
teleporter that'll take us there
can you do this here we go
she can do it too
let's go walrus has something we need
all right here we go
he wouldn't he didn't want me to play
the song you wanted you to play the song
so that's where we're at right now wait
what that's where do I go this way this
way here we go Marin's back everybody so
yeah let me know in the comments below
if I've met the person that who wants
pineapple yet yes is that the lazy
walrus shall we give him a little
surprise yes let's do it
surprise walrus he wanted to do it maybe
nope just her voice no you want me to be
involved at all
he's so happy so happy all right jumping
with joy well there we go wow you
certainly woke with a start huh always
calling me it's the same as always haha
link I'm going to the animal village
please drop by okay all right but for
real man what the heck that was took
oh there's a pokey there we go
all right let me just explore there
somewhere somewheres a key here I still
know where yet
all right yes might be in here there's a
little path there's also this I gotta go

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

I guessed it seashell why I didn't say
it out loud but I thought like oh
there's probably a seashell down here
all right there's an owl step owl see
bears foam see bears dreams both into
the same way crash not helpful not
helpful ow okay see bears like is this
come on one more time guys there we go
oh that's not bad I almost fell in but
that's not bad
all right we got a bomb up here where is
the key
there's a heart piece okay I mean I'll
take the heart piece I decided something
something different I think we're
looking for the key somehow musubi along
episodes is just because I haven't even
gotten into the dungeon yet most of this
has been out world type of stuff and I
was wanting to do one dungeon per
episode but this particular one has been
difficult I mean let me dig I think
there's like a dig thing is that you
oh my gosh alright there's a secret
seashell I mean it there must always be
a secret seashell like near the owl's or
something you know what I mean like I
don't know if I'm gonna find them all
annoyance you were only getting in the
way what so just go in oh geez geez what
the heck Oh what the heck is this I
gotta find something probably
okay pack it space now this is that
it's over here that's one one way to do
it I guess what you should bite this
probably actually before we do what's
over here
I don't like not knowing I can't dig
there cuz there's stone what is this
area for though I don't know

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

all right let's fight whatever I'm gonna
I'm gonna avoid going in the middle
there by the way
alright come back come back
there's almost like a MIDI boss
that didn't work okay here now okay I
can't keep hitting him
as soon as he can't keep hitting him I'm
gonna die
got a
oh there it is there got it
I got the angular team nice now is there
anything in the middle here let's see
there is nice
oh this is where I was okay great hahaha
anymore oh jeez any more arts please any
more hearts for me there's one there's
two I'm running alone hearts there's
three so I got the angular key now I can
go all the way up north and deal with
all right I see defined a teleporter is
this something I blow up let's just see
oh it's it lifts now that was a bomb
that is not something I blow up okay
we're good we just need to go up north
now and actually enter the dungeon and
see how that phase goes okay hold on the
owl's here here we go
hoot the shape of the key shows a fish
swimming up a cascade of water go down
to the mountain waterfall a leap from
the top and you will reach your goal now
see okay so maybe maybe this wasn't a
waste because I went up north first but
guess what you guessed it maybe you
didn't guess it but but i-i've already
explored and found my way up north so I
don't have to do that part now now she's
singing for everybody that's beautiful
please don't ever forget this song or me
I long I'll never forget you Marin
this is alright anyway so yeah maybe I
actually saved some time by going up
there first
you know now I don't yeah anyway I just
take the teleporter straight there
that's all I have to do I don't do go
explores I've already discovered it this
is almost looks like it's lit up for me

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

until where to go next
and we'll see what kind of next ability
I get that helps me out overall now here
it is here it is maybe I learned to swim
after this I don't know there we go
and now that whole area might be
passable but how do I get over there now
oh yeah from the top of course great but
I have to go around okay
excuse me please honor me miss I missed
you I'm sorry oh gosh Oh doesn't land
okay that's fine
oh wait no we can't no we got to make
our way through here somehow so I mean
yeah there is a little bit of traveling
of different different directions and
whatnot excuse me
nope I'm missing jump there's a heart
over there that's okay all right we're
good we're good now we're back up yeah I
haven't quite figured out that part yet
how do I jump over I don't know all
right I can't help you yet I don't have
vittles or whatever that you want
but I do have this
all right that's the deeper water I can
so I'm jumping down so one thing there's
this which is different than the
entrance I didn't go back hold on
believe me I want to go there and do it
but oh this is okay okay that's the way
okay there's another pet as a way out
that's what we're here to learn there's
a way out all right we're going in this
is great right all right yeah level for
anglers tunnel
there you go that's how they do it
I remember now there's ten bombs up
there looks like I'm gonna need some
bombs whoa hey buddy
oh jeez okay I'm gonna have to learn how

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

to swim all right so this path is now
all right this is great it's a compass I
already start off with a compass that's
great and it'll tell me when there are
things here but this is huge it's done
just keep getting bigger
oh that's water all right it's okay
there's a key all right over here
I almost hit him but you okay okay
problem is I don't have another key here
so now I got to find a way around it's
up that heart still there by the time I
get back alright it is alright another
chest that's good it would be a key and
no it's the alb beat your ghost own beat
for those owl statues show up
this place is huge by the way okay
that's the line we'll figure it all out
the map perfect okay you sign as big as
I thought
there you go probably gonna use that as
a weapon is this something that can
break seems like it right
and I get the key
the pattern oh man whoa whoa whoa how do
I beat this guy I might have to wait at
least stop there you go I gotta wait
till they stop alts and the name of the

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

I do wonder if is I got reward okay I
don't know what you do with him got him
but I don't know what to do this thing
I didn't even get up there I got a key
let's keep checking my body and pushing
me over there may not be a second floor
okay that's fine no dang it okay hope I
do learn to swim with this Ana bomb
excuse me
yeah okay that's the way to go
and we'll figure that out soon probably
hopefully you have another key over here
so that'll work
like I don't know that I miss out gosh
alright I don't like getting hit so
often so let's open that up I just got a
heart back so I might be able to jump
over there maybe not know I can't get
over there yet
fine go this way
wow really
okay seriously whoa
oh my god okay that was annoying

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

all right there we go oh wait what I'm
guessing that water's gonna hurt me
until I have a way to actually navigate
this water so all right
I need that I don't have any other keys
right now
you think these statues are important
I'm gonna guess they are but couple
things to do put this in the glint of
the tile will be your guide
great pickle into the child
let's do anything the glint of the tile
will be your guide sure about that all
oh not me Oh monster all right
the glint of the tile will be your guide
we got a piece of power that I can feel
the power coursing through me all right
yeah no let's go up north day oh there's
a glint wrong there's one
so that's definitely the first one
really you've got to be kidding me

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

there's no way it's the other one
without some sort of swimming apparatus
and a small key help help
that doesn't help me fish again
nope alright stop following me stop it
stop it I don't know how to get past
that somehow from the other side okay
I do have a key so let's go to somewhere
where I need to use a key like such as
up top there yeah at the very top okay
Wow look I made a mistake I got confused
wait I'm also still confused where am I
this is shallow okay this is shallow
this is fine okay I get it
still shallow too
all right we can do this here we go
oh hi okay I hit him once
okay that time though
what's happening I got him in the back
all right hold on hold on
I mean it seems to be going well now
you're just like come on oh yeah
I lay there like a secret to this that I
don't know
all right now yeah guys it's a matter of
doing it multiple times got him and
there's a ferry I don't need the ferry
but I got the ferry and there's a
teleporter okay great
don't kill me don't kill me what the
heck I see I see
hold on I'll make it through don't worry
I'll make it through
I'm fine all right I don't like these

Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

statue shooting at me but it is what it
is let's go scope I got there we got got
on the flippers finally I get the
flippers all right now things are gonna
be as hard to deal with
there we go
I know how to do this there we go let's
do it then so they're nice what does
that do for us it just it opens things
up okay got it
so yeah I can now go this way though I
go this way I can dive all right that's
one way to go for sure
let's see what's over here there was a
puzzle over here right right yeah so it
was this one
we're getting a guiding light but I
can't attack in here then why this one
nope so this one then this one then this
one nope okay this one then that one
then this one and down where we go nice
was it the same pattern as before hey
this little path there might be a
basement then I don't know oh this might
just be the thing yeah don't look at me
you look like at swamp good do you feel
like a swamp ow
I need him no ow
darn what wait what oh I get it
maybe do I get it no I don't oh I do get
it hold on yeah I can get on the ladder
there you go I get it
there's a chest this is probably a good
chest yeah we got it a nightmare key so
with that said we need to continue
exploring because there's a lot to do
still includes going this way

Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

getting this going up here there's I
can't quite open that yet okay but we go
down this way
there's another chest here those are
rupees we might be able to buy that bow
and arrow soon all right okay this is
another path that we can go through oh
those were the key wins nice all right
because we know that a key went down
there now that we found it we got it so
there's an other the other keys over
there okay and there's still a chest to
get which is down south of here once I
get out
probably just rupees
there we go oh yeah then I go this way
I miss the jump whatever now there's a
chest here yeah because I couldn't get
this one before but now I can now what
yeah that's rupees very nice yeah okay
I'm comfortable with this we're about
done I got to go over to that watery
area again
it's the best way over here right you
some hearts awesome okay uh get down we
go down
all right
there's something over here oh wow
why can't me actually use my sword in

Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

the water which is very useful of course
I got a piece of power I would love to
get me one of these before the boss but
that's good enough alright and then I'm
up top yeah yeah what was this all about
oh this is the path we good yeah we're
good this was the way in wait I said
let's see if I can use the power thing
on this guy the boss is great but thank
is this mech is this what I do
oh great give me the power house is it a
boss fight in this sense oh my gosh
bloob bloob glub glub Oh food blue glub
okay angler fish do I still get to keep
my power
I hit him once that was good right
I'm out
I hit him a couple times already
no no I don't want another one you got
to be kidding me
it's a little a little guy
all right I'm Jin okay
it's down in the corner now I can swim
that was the easiest phosphite yet
alright that was honestly the easiest
bus fight yet it was a 2d bus fight now
let's go up and see what instrument we
get to be honest this wasn't longer than
the previous episodes really so I feel
alright and there we go we got a harp or
something beautiful sounds of surf harp
oh right well I feel pretty good it's
playing a fine tune we're gonna make the
wooden fish so happy with our amazing
tuned capabilities alright
the row your road goes into the bay okay

Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

I can do that and town Town Heights okay
well so so now yeah I would just go down
this way and then yeah we probably just
pushed this yeah okay well guys thank
you so much for watching thanks for
liking these videos the road goes into
the bay and I can swim now okay so yeah
we're gonna do a lot swimming next
episode I'll see you next time for that
goodbye and thank you for watching I'm
Zack Scott subscribe if you have not if
you like this video and want to help
this channel grow all you gotta do is
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