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    SearchThisVideo: The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 – Prologue and Three Chapters!

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    what's up guys axe got here playing Lego

    the Ninjago movie video game that is a

    mouthful but I played a lot of Lego

    games on my channel including Lego

    dimensions the lego movie video game

    Lego Star Wars The Force awakens you

    name it a lot of them I full disclosure

    I see the free copy of this game and but

    here's the thing I received it for the

    ps4 and by the time I got it I had

    already bought this on Steam so I'm

    playing this on the PC so I bought this

    game I'm playing on the PC I'm having

    fun I'm glad you guys could be here to

    watch me play so let's go ahead and jump

    right in and play Lego the Ninjago movie

    video game thanks for supporting this

    channel this series everything that you

    do thanks for every like favorite

    comment subscription all that stuff we

    recently hit 2.7 million subscribers

    right here on zackscottgames I cannot

    thank you enough for that we're gonna

    hit 2.8 very soon and then three

    millions around the corners so here we



    Master Wu are you okay

    good to see you Lloyd what's going on

    uncle we have an unwanted guest nephew

    of the worst kind

    I need your help but you will require

    training in the ancient parts in order

    to combat and then defeat this foe but

    who is it uncle be for yourself there's

    no one there

    they're right in front of you the

    chicken yes yes

    the master chickens rain must end light

    only together can we defeat him okay we

    gotta defeat this chicken at the Masters

    Tojo so this is a prologue the training

    dojo this is probably the quick training

    mode can use you master chicken there we

    go so let's do this what we got to do

    what we got to do all right

    complete master Wu's training absolutely

    the art of the striking rabbit let's see

    what we got

    I'll just okay triple tap oh I just did

    it once okay got it

    got it these guys man come on hit him

    hit him interesting I like that there

    are fighting mechanics in this game

    that's kind of cool the art of the

    rushing boar got it whoa okay so you

    just run at them okay got it

    run press X I was doing that I was

    already doing that kind of assumed I

    liked it

    with you're late for class yeah we're

    done here we're done here let's pick up

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    all the studs these guys drop man the

    art of the floating butterfly I bet I

    have to jump so you jump and move in you

    strike got it that's all I need to know

    right absolutely you got it dude

    pick up these studs geez what I got a

    whole bunch oh cool I could target like

    all of them at once that's really cool

    I'm just rying to make sure I pick up

    these studs here I like to at least for

    the earlier rounds I like to kind of

    complete you know there's a stud

    requirement here we go

    float like a ninja sting like a bee

    butterfly okay okay cool mastered that

    that was fun

    and collecting all these studs here the

    art of the swooping Hawk what do I do

    with this I jump and then I jump and

    then I strike it okay I got this the

    double jump ministry oh my god I'm just

    drawing your dojo I'm sorry oh geez

    sorry sorry about your dojo master Wu

    art of the stinging be okay

    hold on there we go

    got him nice oh yeah

    come on let's keep doing it I'm three

    for the studs wonderful is there one

    more left

    is he over here I'm times five for this

    time six six cuts let's get some more

    studs in here we go yes times six whoa

    what did I get wall and ingenuity nice

    it's like ingenuity but ninja nua tea oh

    I didn't read that okay select a symbol

    on the scrolls to some inane ingenuity

    power okay this is the only one I can

    select - what is it

    skyward dragon unlocks the powerful

    skyward dragon attack launcher enemies

    into the air to unleash a barrage of

    attacks by it yeah all right new

    abilities soon right we'll figure them

    out I don't have any more points to spin

    so I'll just take yeah I already got it

    got it I'm good thank you thank you I'm

    out I'm out peace out all right hello


    the art of the skyward dragon okay

    oh wow cool yeah nice yes and I break

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    more stuff we get more studs okay just

    real quick options dialog I'm gonna turn

    it up the dialogue was a little bit low

    so accept that resume the game alright

    nice I'm gonna destroy everything while

    I'm fighting you all right what's

    happening what's happening there we go

    great again I got to be sure to pick up

    these studs here right oh jeez


    now don't worry about hitting me please

    don't hit me yes amazing look at all

    these studs nice nice

    again I'm liking this time seven

    multiplayer era guys did it no you don't

    have to hit me you don't have to hit me

    nice I'm doing pretty good wave four

    nice oh my god yes

    times 10 combo master of the triple

    digits and like all these studs I'm

    getting this is great great work now I

    gotta fight the master chicken himself

    hold on I can't reach him Adam yes geez

    watch out I'm trying to dodge please

    there we go that was several hits Wow

    all right what are you doing to me

    I switch characters I told effort

    totally forgot that I okay there we go

    there we go master chicken

    nicely done defeated the master chicken

    oh he's no longer a chicken but he's

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    still the master though I'm the master I

    win all right the master is dojo so

    awesome what do we end up getting for

    this dojo completes got a gold brick

    baby-free plan locked return to Ninjago


    oh wow so this is for the movie I've

    seen this in the trailer I don't see the

    movie yet




    everyone is about to pass



    here chapter one good morning ninja go

    oh wow oh wow I'm shooting I'm shooting

    oh my goodness I like it how every Lego

    game is different in some fashion so

    what am I actually doing here

    yes I'm flying and shooting it's like

    all right come on now oh yeah clear your

    schedules please

    oh my goodness what would zip over the B

    button be use for I just blow everything

    up I feel like I'm playing an arcade

    shooter here this is awesome I don't

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    know if there's a way to lock onto these

    guys but I am flying all around this is

    awesome what am i doing all right got

    him got one there marked in green so

    they're not so hard to find

    like I'm playing a starfox type game



    nice chasing the dragon here


    what already hit am I going in the same

    direction like each time am I just kind

    of going like a loop ninjago one tastes

    its last attack kyon : binge on go yeah

    I'm gonna put a pin in the wrong place

    on the map wrong very wrong very wrong

    and in show and the screen we take a

    minute all right here they go

    they've been all like ninjas and stuff

    so and jogo city north this is chapter

    two so we've already done chapter 1 in

    the prologue

    all right Check Point please all right

    here we go

    now I'm basically I like I know there's

    a lot of studs around here I kind of

    like what they've done it's almost like

    for the studs they have they've made it

    I don't know for sure but it's almost

    like they've made the studs where it


    they just keep track of totals like

    overall I'm not like third chapter or

    whatever so that's kind of cool I like

    that because I always get freaked out

    about the chapter there we go break the

    plants okay so yeah I'm gonna be a

    little bit more yeah I'm not gonna worry

    too much about the studs all right where

    we headed over here hello everybody hey

    the bad guy you can tell they're back

    over there dressed like sharks all right

    hold on

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    your case I'll make an exception

    yeah be sure

    I bring up the heart the bad guy with a



    I thought it was bad as my team a lot

    easier to deal with it we were in Oh max

    alright okay let's build this part of

    every Lego game is building things

    now let's dismiss the mechs that could

    be cool be better you know let's smash

    the neck Oh boom

    and that opens up a path for me to go

    into the next area keeps a cake well I

    can just jump up here right this is a

    secret purple stud - purple studs it's

    actually really good I'm almost to do

    that I didn't hit the mixer Oh God so I

    got a bunch of new stuff I would like to

    go back down that's okay

    oh come on don't do this to me okay here

    we go

    my apologies alright let's fight did I

    break this stuff and built some stuff

    so is it so the vocals seem a little bit

    low to me still let me see if I can go

    ahead and go in the options I have the

    dialogue on I'm gonna turn the sound

    effects down a little bit I hope that's


    and then hopefully this this works in

    April here the voice is a little bit

    better hoping this is okay with you guys

    I just couldn't really hear the voices I

    was relying on the subtitles was it just

    me yeah that's true

    always get more exercise I'm gonna build

    something on this okay what am I gonna

    do with this oh nice oh just gonna cut a

    hole in the glass oh here we go drive

    that stake Oh wrong button be wrong nice

    can I do that to everybody hey I'm gonna

    destroy your office

    don't mind me your company will pay for

    it right I always like exploring a

    little bit in these games so gives me an

    excuse to vandalize all the citizens in

    the world

    alright I got 10 enemies to defeat

    there's a bird move bird

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    alright perfect

    Wow got him that's how many that's five


    that guy just evaporated in front of me

    true got him

    charged right into him where is he there

    we go nice oh my gosh oh my gosh that

    was so cool I love that move to those

    other guys I don't think you saw pretty

    blue up

    I gotta get five of these things nice

    times six multiplayer this is great

    one more one more let's see what the one

    more can do

    I can't do that type of site there we go

    get all of them I really like the

    artwork and all the buildings it's

    really cool such a cool look for this

    game and I guess for the Ninjago world

    in general hey what are you doing here

    just make sure to spice up your attacks

    and things should be ok who's shooting

    me now who's shooting me now get out of

    the sky what happened oh wow - the owl


    Steffan my favorite move I love that

    it's kind of like a classic arcade

    brawler mixed in with Lego it's really

    cool oh yeah you're my friend sorry

    where's the enemy then oh there's

    something over here hey gotcha

    I don't know that counts that did count

    great a hatch oh so what do I do

    excuse me trying to reach my max I'm

    trying to build it

    let's go ahead I'm trying here we go

    time for some fireworks wow this is you



    all right oh that's cool

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    oh we're gonna get our mechs soon aren't


    let's do it then let's oh whoa vertical

    wall run press a and you're good all

    right I got this I think nice I just

    want to run up every wall and along the

    wall look at this go this is awesome oh

    my gosh oh well sort of checkpoints okay

    oh I got an ingenuity token what I want

    to do let's see do I want to let's see

    the artist in two times two enemy studs

    longer stunts I'm attacked chained one

    longer shockwave extended - reigns

    increased studs


    increase studs for is striking rabbit

    let's do times to enemy studs is this

    only for the yeah enemies over time

    using the stinging bee attack without

    Christ sure anything new increased my

    stud output that's okay that's my friend

    alright okay we gotta go die light I

    like how they have these there we go

    there we go there we sell weapons


    there's no way you're getting across

    ninjas come on let me across please

    don't do this to me oh geez this guy

    looks big and bad

    stop tear right funny be funny if ed

    that defeated the freezer cure for me

    jeez okay I can't really do that throw

    them to the fire look at that oh my gosh

    does that get him that might get him

    that was an awesome move Oh baby

    I'll find a way I trust you buddy

    all right let's build something here I

    trust this guy and then press this in

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    such luck no problemo I guess he's still

    dealing with this

    hello indeed all right great

    so I guess I got to use me still hate it

    there we go

    easy there's another back

    okay laughing smug hey yeah look at

    everything here there's definitely a

    benefit to training to destroy

    everything is it get more stats clearly

    but which way do I go this way this way

    don't shoot me how do I take care of

    this mech I just gotta get past it

    like scuse no it's okay what do I do

    what does one in this situation do

    I can't get past that but I can destroy

    this yeah it something let me pass that

    that's okay

    okay yeah so I'm trying to figure out

    how to get over there I'm a little

    perplexed right now Oh rump the wall of

    course okay

    rump the wall I like these this

    wall-jumping capability what do I get

    mini build multi build okay yeah yeah so

    I this is just like the other Lego game

    you get the you get your choice how do

    you want to build it let's build

    something over here

    working not the other shot

    now the other side so then I break this

    rebuild okay I understand


    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    who got you there we go and I can move

    past it

    this is a big stage we're having a lot

    of fun with the stage

    I guess we'll have to find another room

    oh here we go

    Oh another ninja duty token again I'm

    gonna soon to focus on anything that

    gives me more studs there we go all

    right let's move onwards wow he's a

    friend who's in the barrel

    maybe another friend

    whoa that's my friend sorry I've done

    that liked white like more than twice

    like a million times now alright break

    this open it's a wall I can get up fun

    if you just break it

    you're almost there you've almost

    entirely broke it be good I think we're

    good here we go

    run up the wall nailed it nailed it

    right there that was great good job Zach

    Oh checkpoints

    oh my goodness

    oh my goodness Janos were on his side

    right I think he just got a bit carried

    away I'd like to get carried away in my

    neck but I can't because you parked them

    in the wrong place how do I do this okay

    excuse me I have to drive okay excuse me

    what am i doing driving around like this

    wellthank is this okay weird what am i

    okay I don't understand

    there we go nice got those guys out of

    the way whoa nice

    we got a grapple thing well let's build


    excuse me vehicle

    there's like a catapult almost so I

    stand here my dude over here slams it

    down I shoot into the wall what the heck

    what the heck was that oh oh you know

    what I probably put I probably put this

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    in here there we go there we go

    that makes sense whoa nice yeah he's

    just in the restroom all right now what

    now what how I can just straight-up jump

    what I get what did I get a new

    character parts interesting classic guy

    looks good dude looks like my first new

    costume now I don't typically like a

    100% complete these games necessarily I

    haven't done it yet at least

    now there we go I see it now

    everything's blowing up - I'll destroy

    everything I can whoa oh no I just go

    down this way here we go slide down nice

    I'm playing uncharted now whoa

    new ancient scroll master of detection

    what is this I don't even know

    this is teamwork right here we both need

    to do this there's a there's a pig

    inside come on get out of here you piggy

    there we go though another checkpoint

    this chapter is like way longer than the

    other things I got another ninja duty

    token attack chain one let's do extended

    - strange that sounds cool all right

    new abilities there we go there we go

    then I can focus on studs again next

    time next time we'll see I've been

    getting these pretty quick these

    ingenuity abilities gotta build it

    whoa Dex what sex oh my gosh am I gonna

    make this most amazing attack I love it

    that was cool

    that was really cool

    that was very cool so it says I agree

    alright here we go here we go

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    got him four more who else is gonna

    fight me here he's just like how

    yeah oh this is another big guy right

    got him not a big deal nice one more

    left who's here shooting me with rockets

    I just died

    I almost got 30,000 stutz get out of

    here he's dead now

    oh there we go I did I did get 30,000

    stutz oh wow that mech looks cool when

    do we get our mechs oh geez oh geez oh


    all right let's build whatever this is

    he can't reach it

    it's like bait

    no I almost have 30,000 max studs

    I often use the word stud to describe

    myself there we go nice whoa there we go

    I did it

    true ninja leap what's leapfrog ding I

    thought it was building it okay here we


    it's a fishing pole I was right about it

    being like bait we gotta catch that fish

    and then lure him away right

    gotcha huh he pull up from the fall all

    right new objective


    all right now what happens

    then you you're gonna want to pull this

    - oh yeah yeah do you want to hammer

    this hammer time stop the hammering now

    I keep it going the others better have

    left us some bad guys to fight


    who put the burden let's go hi Kai hi

    Cole Mia and I are having loads of fun

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    you don't have to hey where have you two

    been he's been giving us quite to run

    around and stay safe you can shouting

    you think


    like dubstep ninja music



    no the bad guys here so that was awesome

    lock-on Garmadon chapter three let's see

    how this is this gonna what what type of

    mode is this

    no no this is cool

    this is really cool I'm sitting there we

    go I got him he's damaged

    something's climbing up the wall

    jeez take about quit

    hey please stop shielding gamma know

    who's comfortable

    here we go excuse me

    I will Garmadon

    nice so I kind of have missiles and

    stuff too but I think they're kind of

    limited Garmadon

    no it's that easy don't worry I'll

    figure it out

    I did I did it was not lucky I just

    aimed the arrows there we go here we go


    I like how they can I made this chapters

    seamless you know what I mean everyone's

    freaking out about this fight but I'm

    winning here we go go that's cool

    sorry Garmadon not sorry you will never

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    take over Ninjago so why don't you just

    give up and go away from Goody's




    already please and get out of my life I

    would get out of your life what no you

    got a lot of issues cream ninja I hope

    you get the chance to work them all out

    back when I return I'll have something

    really wicked in store for you

    Oh No please nuts so we got in Jungle

    City North complete so I guess we did

    the first three chapters in the prologue

    that's a pretty hefty episode so again

    thanks so much for watching

    Ninjago city north completes open up one

    of these we got a new costume we're

    these randomized Kai unlocked okay see

    what's next oh yeah we already saw that

    right oh no : locked

    kai and Cole of Ninjago listen that

    earlier care to create our new character

    parts unlocked alright nice continued

    store yes indeed we will continue the

    story we'll do it next episode I

    appreciate you guys being here come back

    next time for more I'll see you then

    good bye

    I'm Zack Scott subscribe if you have not

    if you liked this video and want to help

    this channel grow all you gotta do is

    click the like button below thanks so

    much for watching follow me on Facebook

    Twitter and Instagram this is Otto Egon

    and I'll see you next time for more



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    Name: The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame
    Developer: TT Games
    Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows PC, Nintendo Switch
    Release Date: September 22, 2017
    Website: https://lego.com/en-us/ninjago/games/legoninjagomoviegame


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