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  • THE LOST GOD! Total War: Warhammer 3 – Full Prologue Campaign

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    Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20welcome to more warhammer 3 today we're taking a look at the prologue campaign the tutorial story driven mini campaign that introduces you to the world of warhammer 3. while as a new player it will teach you the basics of the game i recommend it to experienced players as well for some nice story elements especially relating to the origins of the demon prince so we're diving into it today streaming and recording the lost god your adventure begins here erson the bear god of kislev is silent without the great bears benevolence the motherland freezes and its people suffer become the kids of white prince sent north by the ice queen on the ultimate quest this prologue the realm of chaos campaign is a new total war experience perfect for brand new players and those requiring a refresher course on the mechanics of the game engage in a narrative experience that leads into the story of the realm of chaos campaign fight intense crafted battles against warhammer's fantastical enemies learn the basics and advance technologies of general ship in the tumult of battle travel across the chaos waste discovering how to conquer and manage settlements finally engage in diplomacy with enemies and allies let our prologue adventure begin kislov our motherland is dying the dark winter devours our fairer seasons it has been custom for our god orson the great bear to break each winter with his roar yet for seven long years he has fallen into silence and so the ice thickens our prayers go unanswered the people suffer the queen has sent me to investigate to lead an expedition in search of ursan i am to make contact with our northernmost outpost dervingar it was there on the edge of the chaos wastes our god's voice was last heard our journey has been long and perilous the dead outnumber the living we are lost we are alone your orders prince yuri fuel for the fires extra rations for the wounded sir this expedition has failed we must turn south head back to kislev but we've come so far we push north find dervingard it's madness we cannot survive wandering the chaos wastes like beggars yuri brother we must not abandon our duty the people of kislev depend on us you'll have my decision by dawn person each day i pray you do not answer this is our darkest night can you not see kislev suffering help us show me a sign answer me and kislev is lost guide me i can save you i am weak so you alone shall hear my voice i will lead you to daring god your first step to finding me follow my voice we move north [Music] [Music] yuri you have led your kin through the mountain pass the winds of the chaos wastes howl with unmatched fury journey north and seek respite done so our journey begins our first mission respite journey north and find shelter yuri what are your orders push north find shelter move north i'll show you how far you can go so yeah movement tutorial i won't spend much time on the tutorial elements just because i already know how to play more looking to share this from the story narrative perspective it is a solid way to introduce yourself to the warhammer series total war in general it teaches you the basics you'll learn more of the advanced mechanics playing through the main campaign with the advice level set to high [Music] they're on the next turn now we should be cautious darkness covers this land influence of chaos the further north we travel the stronger it becomes missions yep journey north find erson to win the campaign get a pin for the mission over on the right hit moving north the bear god shows us the way we found supplies in the snow from dervingard turvinggard how did they get here someone left in a hurry carried what they could we thank our son they will be needed treasury at the top shows you how much wealth you've got and in the turn again the soldiers are ready give the order we move north that's where we're going keep moving north follow me of course up ahead some kind of shelter same word garrick we rest there is love refuge in we go and occupy you have found respite together we can overcome the trials ahead our journey has just begun thousands go to a treasury now we can upgrade the refugees deep the shelter is not enough build a camp then we can rest the order has been given but the camp will take time basically in the turn please refuge complete we are on the edge the camp protects us but what of our supplies we keep them safe build a storehouse that's what we'll build yes now let's build a storehouse giving us some more income or treasury the storehouse is ready the supplies are safe you build increase the income uh of the settlement it generates yep little income is now shown and our total treasury ready your warriors our sons and daughters cry out and [Music] rescue the beacon settlement rescue our next mission a cartographer as a reward [Music] we found them traveling the hidden trails to avoid open ground some had left durvangard they said the stronghold had fallen and its commander the boyer slavin kearns had abandoned his post yet others fled from a smaller fort they called the beacon they spoke of a tribal chief who thirsted for bloodshed scolding the wolf of derving guard hey so we got our first kind of dilemma here to solve save the innocent yuri will gain or reinforce the trait or punish the wolf yuri will gain or reinforce a different trait they're hurry to punish tribal chief that threatens the beacon or save the innocent go to the beacon and save kids to fight lives above all else we will go and save the innocent i'll worry about the wolf later they've gained the savior trait for more leadership we fight at the beacon save who we can and then we end the turn to equip your armor before heading north okie dokie kiss levi armor those you had to equip ancillaries and armor pieces there we go and we've also got the orthodoxy pasta common now a little heads up because i have played through this before look at how yuri looks right now look at his character model you know he's fairly happy mild complexion come back to that in a little bit shall we rescue the beacon on to dervingguard i see the beacon the fort is under attack the enemy carry the flag of the wolf must be scolded claw battle draws near our soldiers are ready we see the enemy the wolf leads an army of northmen we're eager to fight bring us to battle thank you garrick we've got two units of zargard infantry that we brought them along they're some of our best uh our best units of kislev can muster and we've got prince yuri who we're playing as right now decent armor reasonable melee attacking defense decent weapon strength here we go the beacon is under attack kislovites loyal to the motherland or within our army is small but we can sway the battle if we are as wise as orson we approach from the south where scoldings north men assault the barricades their backs are to us we should take advantage [Music] once if you're asking about uh specs they're on the steam page for warhammer 3 but basically like 99 if you can run warhammer 2 you'll be able to run warhammer 3. uh no problems the journey has been long but we are ready fellow angles we are of kislev show these cowardly dogs what that means they hunger for blood let them taste cold steel the beacon is under attack see for yourself and learn camera controls play the battlefield [Applause] so a wolf reveals himself cannons fire upon the defenders when the barrage is over his warriors will attack act swiftly yuri the defenders need our help we must reach them what's that there in the trees an army those are kislev callers they're allies we must advance and combine our strength select your own unit in order to rejoin your forces to issue a move order towards your troops the soldiers are assembled and await your arrival seeking advantage come on yuri your place is amongst the warriors your presence grants them courage before the enemy good to have courage proceed into the valley select your entire army so any order is given to all my god order your units forward our allies have not gone far forward we go remember orders are issued only to selected units go go yuri we'll bring them down over here while they're assaulting the main force where was gondor when kisler fell one more three run a smoother story our allies fire down upon scalding's army his forces scatter good the allies are threatened from the rear up close their bows are no match for swords and spears let me go save them then they're under attack we must hurry to their aid there we go uh no doesn't this like early access build i have doesn't run as well as troy i'm assuming just because there's far more complicated um effects and you're dealing with non-humanoid creatures and units a fair chunk of the time uh but also i'm not putting too much into the current performance turn the tide of battle just because it's still early access right now it's not the final release build they'll be we need to wait for proper game ready drivers basically from nvidia amd as well as ca's final optimizations before we can truly see what the performance is like apparently it runs slightly under warhammer 2's performance although it doesn't kind of drop as low as warhammer 2 it has like a slightly higher minimum drop as it were minimum fps is higher than warhammer 2 but it's not quite as high it's still perfectly playable [Applause] he goes our guard gets stuck in [Applause] save our allies can you go yuri [Applause] [Applause] the enemy raise the white flag their troops flee there we go they're off is your replayable outside of this campaign yes and no you'll have to keep watching to find out why the wolves main pack advance on the beacon yeah they're going for it need to break them our forces have combined and assembled together they must be destroyed they got those skull cannons the allies join our forces we'll need the reach of their bows i am now bear heart x10 on those hellish cannons they must fall silent if we are to save the beacon moving behind them and harass them their main force charges the beacon forces here we come uh someone's asking are there sink kill animations there are some kind of select sync kill animations particularly between like lords and other single entity units but the whole warhammer series hasn't happened yep i know i can see him the whole series hasn't had matched combat animations because you don't have units that take only [Music] wouldn't really work with the way they've set out uh health pools in this just because otherwise you need to do massive damage to instantly take out units um so you don't have match combat it's it's very much a similar system to medieval two let yourself become surrounded [Applause] here we go here we go so yeah this is something that the game will tell you how to do in terms of rotating your formations and stuff i'll show you guys how to do that when we advance on these guys in a little bit once we've destroyed the artillery [Applause] but basically to move units forward like uh in formation press and hold down alt left alt left click and hold down and then while holding down left click you can then let go of alt and then you can just move your troops forward if you then want to rotate them as they move hold down control while still holding down left click and you can rotate your formation around [Applause] yeah you still have like single entry units like grabbing units and engaging with sync kills like that you just don't have match combat obviously the product campaign is balanced very differently from the main campaign like unit stats and things like that are all triggered slightly differently again because the premise of this campaign primarily is to teach new players how to play [Applause] so these skull cannons break way easier than they would do normally the cannons are destroyed yet scalded still attacks the beacon they're vulnerable from behind strike now we're now learning flanking so we're going to select our infantry here select them over like that we're going to pop them i can't put them into a group show you a group attack that's the thing that gets asked most in my videos like how do you do group attacks show that in a future battle when i've kind of unlocked that as such it won't let me do it right now you also can't press k throughout the whole of the prologue campaign to remove the ui because again you're meant to be learning this is prince yuri not boris this is the prologue campaign boris is not available in the parliament camp prologue campaign you can also press j that's a useful hotkey j will instantly turn your troops uh facing 180 degrees so they'll they'll move forward a little bit to turn around and press it again quite useful for unexpected rear flanking uh attacks so we're gonna charge on in save the defenders the beacon here we go let's send yuri off the norsken giant about just rain down death on the marauders these guys over here i'm most worried about with those norske nice trolls coming on in come on yuri get off that norsken giant yeah it's also because yeah if a player accidentally new players k and loses all the ui you'll probably panic and think crap what's going on yeah if you ever want to make things super cinematic press k in your game outside of the prologue [Music] we now learn that we have uh an active ability erson's raw plus 20 melee attack and plus 16 leadership see how their spirit is renewed attack going yuri nice one yuri finish him off the wolf [Applause] as the wolf the beacon is safe many lives have been spared the survivors look to me for leadership i will need them for the wolf still lurks in the shadows battle is won it's golden the wolf of dervin guard manages to escape we hold captives their fate is mine to decide i pray for erson's guidance bear says kill em all best says either enslave for replenishment or ransom them right now we'll take replenishment the beacon is under our control sanctuary in the cold harsh wastes but this is not derving god kislev's northern stronghold awaits you gain the cartographer plus five percent speed a great victory brother the survivors swear allegiance they will aid our search for orson those with the heart to fight let them he can recruit new units some armored kathars about recruitment cost and upkeep and how many we can recruit per turn through the consoles and it gives you a little tutorial like mini video on how to actually do that there we go and now we can end the turn the army grows new soldiers eager to fight they will see battle soon enough the spirit of man is frail so easily corrupted the northern tribes worship the dark gods the chief of the gahas scolden hungers for kiss levite blood while he lives he will hinder your search and prey on our people the wolf must be tamed aim the wolf when we do we get the star iron ring 10 ward save we seek the beak should we stay here and let the soldiers rest no we follow scold and trail he must not get away we march north we hunt scotland we've marched as far as we can yuri the soldiers need the rest and also just double check but yeah equip that cartographer in that goes fresh recruits not recruit anymore because maximum into the army right now nine of nine the purposes of the story so far a wolf charges towards us quick brother make ready for attack our only option is to fight wolf comes charging on in take him on the wolf is cunning he waited knowing we would come this way now he means to face us in open battle with renewed strength we deploy on the high ground and make him come to us that's kids live tactics that smart the way we deploy our army is often key to victory position them over here take heed of the surroundings brother the battlefield is a weapon we can use against the fall the enemy gave battle so the onus is on them to attack use this to our advantage our warriors can hide behind hills and amongst the trees see for yourself how the troops are concealed our unit bar experience and ammo even brave angles may waver out here in the chaos wastes we must keep an eye on the morale of our warriors and if it crumbles so will our battle lines leave these trees for they are exposed and the enemy will press us in great numbers the high ground here will serve well as a defensive position arrange our forces at the base of the hill claim the slopes for ourselves it will give us an advantage in the heat of battle and when if time runs out balance power bar our warriors are ready give the signal and the engagement shall begin i'll move those guys so stop battle maneuver and claim the high ground before they do that's the plan guard watch the flanks and the armored costars watch that get there spears up they go the enemy reveal their mounted troops they have the speed to run our forces down these are about unit stats so anti-large in this case the most important thing to take away from that position quickly what we'll do is turn two spears around over here have two zargard warm up over this way and have the remaining armored costars flank the tsar guard left and right just in case the camera want to come that way but we've now got spears watching our right also tell us briefly about battle time if you want to slow it down [Applause] getting our archers up onto this nice little platform here which will be perfect for shooting down onto the enemy enemy riders approach tackle them head on with our spears employ our archers to strike at range don't [Music] follow me [Music] [Music] [Applause] let the archers rain down death on the cavalry below the main body of the enemy force approaches divert some units to meet them it'll be all right activate erson's fury finish off the art uh the enemy cavalry had the cossa's move behind the main line is our guard ready yuri takeout [Applause] against the rest of them and have the spears flank on round to the right bring him down [Applause] yuri rights yes take him out they've broken him [Applause] archers looks on the javelins [Applause] it's running away face the rest of them fury of that once of down yuri victory is ours [Applause] the wolf routes from the battlefield he takes the remnants of his tattered force and flees north into the wilderness escapes once more he's man loot gained well his arch is shredded those who follow the wolf i decide their fate what yelping for his dark gods he fears your strength and returns to derving god in the star iron ring two victories yuri the more we fight the greater our skill as increases of the angles [Music] basically tells you how to go through your skill tree um or this campaign things open up in a little bit to let you kind of play a bit more freeform you have a few more objectives um i think we will go for yeah resilience is quite good to get let's go for that we'll also equip that star iron ring yeah these first few battles i'm pretty sure they're scripted so you can't lose them howl in the north something disturbs them they howl for scolding a wounded animal the time has come to march on derving guard and free our kin if you do not strike swiftly the wolf will recover and his reign of bloodshed hey so liberate fort derving guard will gain the frost shard armor person guides me derving guard is close then give the order we're ready to march thank you gary we are not done yet the final push there it is there i see it at last derving guard lay scolden a wolf of dervin god yes attack or derving dervangaard was built to defy the dark powers and prevent another great war against chaos but the stronghold has fallen into ruin blackened by those that defile its halls it has become the den of the wolf oh let's run this wolf out of its den prepare your forces carefully you can give them precise orders to move into better positions let us take derby guards on the left organize your army to succeed here ensure your forces are in formation before the battle thank you brother right so it's now giving us groups basically which is good because it means i can now show you guys how to um do group attack [Music] you can set formations i don't tend to use that much because i don't tend to have mixed groups i tend to prefer having each of my types of units [Music] so the biggest question i get asked in battles and let's plays for warhammer one two and three i will not give him a chance to lick his wounds draw your weapons we take derving guard back in orson's name the biggest thing i get asked is how do i do a group attack where because if you just select two units right now and give an attack they'll both go on the same unit i'll show you what i mean there's because there's an alternate way to do things where you can essentially get your units in a group to hold formation and attack forward into the enemy rather than just dog piling on one in fact i'll show you with the tsar guard right now so while they're grouped um press control g that will then lock the group you'll see the padlock go from open to locked and then give an attack order it won't quite work here because these guys are struggling to work out how to go through here but essentially rather than just jumping on one target even though we're targeting that one they'll go both go forward and through it's a bit derpy here probably do it when we're not in a battle i'll send this our guard forward anyway we'll bring these guys forward as well crossovers go forward [Applause] bring the moral horses down they might do it here there we go so now they're doing a group attack where they'll just attack forward rather than onto one unit it's better to do it in the land battle the wolves are coming how do you group units to begin with select whatever units you want and quite simply press g if you press ctrl g to start with it'll instantly put them into a lock group formation but you can just select them press g that will that will group them enemies [Applause] also by default when you first start up warhammer 3 most likely you will have selection outlines enabled and occlusion outlines enabled which means that everything will be a bit green if you don't want to see all those outlines around things occlusion outlines off and selection outlines off things like a lot more normal that way i stopped moving through the fortress what exactly is the difference between lock padlock and unlocked so when they're unlocked i'll show you right now actually so these guys they're currently unlocked i can drag their formation as much as i want if i give an attack order with both them selected onto a single unit they'll both jump onto it if we now lock that formation i now can't spread out their their formation they're now locked to their current formation of how they were spread out if i also then give them an attack order they will attack forward on that path they won't actually uh necessarily both dive onto that unit they will charge forward and engage with any enemies that come into their path so you want kind of lock group formation once you're set up once you spread out your army in your formation and when you want to attack multiple units across the line um you want unlocked when you want to be able to tweak your formation resize it and focus on single targets with multiple units [Music] you bring those arches up get these spheres into position [Music] yeah i don't i don't think any total war game has ever told you about like group attack in any tutorials or anything like that that's why a lot of people don't know about it when they see me do it that's like my are easily the most asked question that i get asked like how are you doing that [Applause] magic [Applause] i'm surprised when i see a lot of other people play the total war series in general i'm not surprised by the number of people that don't use groups and part of me one is whether do people know about groups or do they just not like having groups i personally find groups to be an absolute savior but especially when you're managing large armies and especially in the last few total wars where we've moved to supporting 40 units on each side [Applause] keep moving this way guys because i want to then march you up this slope and fire your missiles down onto the norsken warhounds that's going to power everyone up because that ability is pretty strong at its map wide effect range that's made everyone's attack absolutely bonkers there he is also another little tip so again in the tutorial you can't press case from oh you can press case remove the ui oh there we go it's gone you still have the objectives though up on screen but we can now press k here he goes full cinematic um or you can do alt k which does black bars i've never personally been a fan of this but if you want that cinematic look you can do that uh also my favorite thing to do press n i call this the end zoom because you zoom in with n you can then press k if you want to remove ui and get some pretty cool shots zoomed right in n also uses um well it tweaks how how like the field of view like rendering is done per unit so you get quite high quality details on units so if you've ever panicked and lost the ui you you press key [Applause] [Applause] person's war again [Applause] so those commands in general are pretty much applicable to every total war game from empire onwards i think the only thing that doesn't work from empire onwards to all games is the alt left click and drag they added in left click and drag for room two which was they quickly realized a terrible decision because just left clicking and dragging something that's far too easy to do that's why for attila total war and onwards they added in the requirement for pressing down left alt and then left click and drag to move move units around and formations around so yeah empire napoleon shogun two four of the camera and all that don't have that alt left click and drag or left click and drag room two has left click and drag and attila has alt left click and drag and every total onwards [Applause] so what that's 2015 onwards the spears here can deal with the rest of their spearman [Applause] let's do a chop get through that formation please there you go nice person's raw again power everyone up start shooting the wolf these guys have all just broken serving god shall be reclaimed they're gone wait no like his left oh we are shredding him very little armor come on yuri you take a little while you're pretty slow the general key bindings that we have now haven't changed since 2015. they've been the same long may it continue because pretty pretty straightforward and solid have no complaints i want you i want to get you here to finish him off pretty sure he's been made unbreakable yet he has archer's retreat down yuri engaged finish him archers that's cheating you're shooting him come on it was agreed that it was a 1v1 me bro i wish we could have more sink kills for one-on-one lord attacks that would be great or this if you had a lord versus the lord it would just lock them into kind of three kingdoms jewel style stuff that'd be pretty sick i imagine why we don't have it is because there's so many potential animation variations depending on if you're a humanoid ogre dwarf elf you know nurgling clinician call knights there we go there's the finish got on yuri have a pat good yuri oh no he's getting back he got back up again he wasn't down we thought it was all over it wasn't that's gotta finish him off surely and stay down holden is defeated his sword lays unclaimed on the snow what is that we're gonna get a new weapon again look how nice yuri looks right now nice and it's levien as the last enemy drew their final breath a single ray of sunlight broke through the grayest of clouds derving guard was free good number of kills there thanks for the loot occupied derving guard the stronghold we had searched for longed for was ours but i could not rejoice i felt only the loss of those who had given their lives at least the wolf was slain yet even in death his hand reached towards his tainted sword wolf spain verson compelled me to take it a man of faith can withstand its evil and harness its power here we go yuri believes himself worthy of the sword uh we have two options both of which have us take it it's whether it's a strong blade take it the sword will defend kislev or a sharp blade take it the sword will slay our enemies okay we had a quick vote on twitch and a strong blade take it the sword will defend kislev has won you will gain or reinforce a trait the wolf of derving guard is defeated we've reinforced savior the weapon is cursed the blade is too rare to be cast aside you hold sin in your hand i hold strength in my hand nothing more length in my hand garek do not trouble me with your concerns we now have items and wolf bane the sword we picked up gives us plus seven melee attack and the ability wolf's howl three uses of a bombardment ability which sunders armor and has a medium strike area look around you derving guard is infested with chaos we sanctify these grounds how brother how do we purge chaos from these walls we build a totem to worsen let our devotion banish corruption build a totem of erson beyond guard we've also got these stables in here as well build the totem there it is leadership plus three all armies eventually gives global recruiting capacity plus two i pray orson can absolve the stronghold you will help us derving guard will be restored lava garrick what do you think if i change name from yuri to tim i hear timmy's new up and coming trending name in kislev i think time for name changes oh dear yeah so there he is wielding both axe and wolf spain and he's looking not quite as shiny as he did before not quite as shiny i wonder what could be happening [Music] you were right the taint of chaos recedes and derving guard is truly liberated once more the light of kislev shines in the darkness of the chaos wastes living god is free from tyranny [Music] became the frost shard armor now as well beautiful so we now have our victory conditions for the prologue campaign this is when things open up a fair bit more we still have uh narrative elements and kind of not completely railroad railroaded missions but a lot of directions still to come but we've now campaign victory find ursan that is our goal we need to win the luton uh maze quest battle the brazen alterquest battle and the howling citadel quest battle world has reached those in hiding they return to us frost maiden we are fortunate to find a magic user frost maiden tutored by ice i've got a frost made in hero goes through telling us that she has um embedded uh effects obviously when we put her into our army she has local effects for whether she's out on her own or part of an army the local effects you'll have on that region and also tells of her various um skills and abilities using her as a campaign agent not part of an army to target enemy armies and settlements zorya the frost maiden recounted the fall of durvangard the commander slavin kearns fell into madness painted by the dark gods his iron will tempered into an endless want for power the boyar abandoned the stronghold taking all provisions he left for the far reaches of the chaos wastes any who opposed him were hung from the walls those that remained suffered at the hands of the savage northmen i found kearns's journal hidden in his quarters his words are evidence of heresy orson's judgment will be swift if i find him i will kill him dun dun dun keep it secret secret this book is for your eyes only or tell garrick another poll [Music] keep it secret or tell garrick do we tell him about this journal that we found the traces journal [Music] choices choices vote in the poll tell garrick or keep it a secret we tell our brother do we keep it to ourselves helen garrick will uh gain or reinforce a different trait keep it secret will gain or reinforce a current trait a lot of you being very honorable and wanting me to tell garrick right now someone was saying as well once they've kind of released warhammer 3 and done some dlc you wouldn't mind them coming back and doing some more narrative campaigns i'm actually with you like what they've done with this product campaign because i've already played through it i know what happens but it's really well put together uh and i just love that we have this little extra snippet of a story great okay we had a poll and the option between telling garrick or keep it a secret tells eric won comfortably 101 votes to 20. so show your brother the discovery we're honest i had nothing from my kin a book of lies burn it the testament of a traitor he will face justice reclaimed now we embark on a greater quest deep in the chaos wastes stands the citadel that howls within its halls lies a hidden portal that leads to my prison the citadel cannot be reached by mortal means the screaming chasm prevents it journey to the loosened maze find the secret rooms they hold the knowledge you seek nice and when we win the following battle uh we'll unlock a patriarch okay flying over to where we need to go for the quest battle maze ultra can feel it's narrative campaign voice by brian blessed 100 hell yeah that would be sick and i'll give my thoughts on the narrative campaign what this prologue campaign we leave derving guard at first light leave we gave our word to keep derving guards safe insane he fights in me we must journey to the chaos ways and find the lucent maze the next step to save orson i've already traveled so far she is of uh icelaw of ice i think art of winter's a nice spell um we need to go back to yuri and give him that fresh shot armor and then she can have the kislev armor ignore the eyes in an okay there uh yuri spread the influence we push forward i want to recruit my force a little bit we've got the runes mission we've got that one unlock a patriarch so yeah i'd rather go well we can have a full 20 sec now if we really want to probably wouldn't hurt to put up our force a little bit uh dervishes the very fast of anger deployment let's get a couple of them and let's get some more rather than just regular crossover consoles with spear so add a few more of them in in fact i'm going to go up to six of them and then we'll throw in more armored costars and we'll just blast for a few turns ben and i planning to play co-op kislev is that possible uh yeah you can do multiplayer as kislev because there are three legendary lords kislev catherine costelton and when you unlock him boris the reds are we are not done yet yeah it's gonna end turn a few times to unlock the changes or rather finish the recruitment there we go now we're going to mark the path splits which way left or right silent i must decide uh someone's asking am i taking this making the same choices that i did when i played through this on my on my own time uh i think so far you guys have actually mainly voted for different choices than i made which is cool uh when i first played this i went right so this time i'm going to go left onward into sinchian lands to zinchin person growls low in my ear he tells me knowledge forbidden by the great orthodoxy i now know the names of the dark gods and their demonic servants this land warps under the influence of zinch the changer of ways the chaos god of magic and the architect of faith the demons that serves inch are spell casters and creatures of arcane fire okay so embrace magic and we unlock a snow leopard or keep tradition let me get bare war sleds we had a vote and keep tradition conventional tactics and stout hearts will see us victorious unlock bear war sleds i mean no leopards are cool bear wall sleds are better purge them from your general's recruitment menu ready to pursue good thing we're not totally fill up with units uh get rid of one of these guys as long as they are loyal give me spread income is getting low oh my better manage our settlements then a little bit notifications region management the lord's not moved there we go light wall sleds just keep marching just keep marching up ahead an army beyond the tree line the three lines of the dark gods demons campfire light i read the journal why did kearns abandon his duty before he left dervingard he made forays into the chaos wastes he fought enemies and even gained the allegiance of called such fates the trials they allowed him to navigate these hostile lands if i am to survive here i must perform these trials the journal tells of great rewards if i do i thought we agreed we were going to burn the book curie the subjugator is take on the trial to defeat two armies of zinc or the conqueror is to take on the trial to capture zinc stronghold well there is a zinc stronghold just over there there's one army in front of us i'm gonna go for the conqueror take on the trial to capture zinc stronghold that'll give us ice guard with glaives proud of the conqueror there it is see that garrison i only serve the changer yes you do we're not going to release more demon prints on youtube i'll be releasing more demon prints on sunday most likely more kids live tomorrow cafes just gone out today attack these guys here they're gonna run away if we attack them now we'll actually draw these guys out from the settlement i reckon so let's push on it oh no we don't draw them in maybe that's just outside the scope of the tutorial we can't order resolve we can fight it or we can retreat from it i am going to order resolve this one and we'll fight at the settlement most likely again pathfinder campaign line of sight plus 5 and camp uh quartermaster minus 5 upkeep cost hey they were just outside the circle take the treasury changers right what have we gained ancillaries mainly isn't it they've already equipped good good i will find anything free for you no no extra armors or anything like that in we go slightly victory again what's the map look like i don't want to see the wall sleds in action cyclists that's kind of a cool settlement but we can just push on to the quest battle we don't spend forever here let's all resolve that one as well it's war we got some babushka can come from post battle loot plus five percent noise occupy night squire minus eight upkeep cost reduction bizarre guard units lovely and we've now got settlements that's telling us more about growth and things like that that my building browser and that's all the bits and pieces for that um the shrine gives us growth my construction cost um we'll want growth to get that upping and running actually more than anything else that's recruitment cost let's go for the shrine right now the mirror marches let's go to him pathfinder quartermaster babushka unlock griffin legion oh my upgrade a settlement to tier 5. do not define me i'd be sweet any enchanted items yeah prince yuri i think spare for her can i rename you yet obviously we can't do this campaign that's a shame spread or send the influence mansion of eyes off we go yes that'll help us with growth good good right we're nearly fully replenished but let's keep marching to our own territory replenishment will keep on coming through ooh fancy bridge fancy floating things leave me to my manipulations stuff we came upon ruins a village of hide tents dominated by a totem of a white crow they belong to northmen enemies of kislev who worshiped cinch on the ground smeared in blood was the emblem of the traitor slavin kearns his army had slaughtered the tribe no mercy was given but i felt no pity and these unforgiving lands with the north men have treated us any different so we can bury them which gives us leadership plus 10 5 turns or we can ransack 5k i'm gonna i'm going to choose to ransack here right never vote on this one leadership nice but 5k gold curse our enemies and ransack what's left of the ruins further north the markings on the bodies i've seen them before runes of chaos currents branded them with dark prayers how can you read them i took his journal from dervingard it deciphers the symbols [Music] keep on advancing start the quest battle yuri is near the lucent maze quest marker start the battle first select yuri then right click on the quest marker you may need to in the turn if you can't make it that far unlock ice guard uh with swords uh what was that other mission we had all of the conqueror oh it gives me glaives yeah capture some stronghold mansion of eyes proud of the atman is upgraded settlement to tier five will that give me swords okay charlie the magic wielder that can be done reckless strategy send her out here it disrupts my studies foolhardy i think i couldn't do that because you didn't have doesn't have walls frost fury upon them there we go rather fulfilled john the magic builder good and we've got some ice guard changers we can pop them in right now add them to the road do you still serve me get rid of those because we'll swap them out with uh we'll bring in our spellcaster i don't think i've got anywhere that got the tier five though i know derving guard can so we'll want to get derving guard up to year five now let's get the griffin legion quite useful helping us out your bubblegum million and it'll shake it just arrived no way enjoy let me know how you find it i am kislev's daughter we are erson's claw that knock you back winter's call the ice cord shall provide we've now got some ice guard swords we need to take this to get the glaze so let's go in here it's going to draw them in [Music] how does this look in terms of siege battle or is that one again i'm wondering can i retreat yeah can i retreat attack them and draw them all out yes i can that'd be much easier than hitting a settlement right now in we go let's fight this one he's on your ice guard units unleash our spells they're bringing their reinforcements over here yeah we had that we had that settlement map in my in my demons of chaos campaign quite a bit yesterday ross maine has accessed powerful spells abilities sorry i interrupt you there garrick thank you we will use her spells to our advantage wherever you fancy ice guard so they are awesome now where's the wall base light sleds collision attacks anti-infantry i'm piercing armored let's have some fun with them them [Music] hang back in the center yuri go out there cavalry go sit in those trees please these two together these enemies are different from what we have faced before those reinforcements they're coming in one minute 45 so we're gonna break this first army and then turn on them i can't show you guys here how the group attack command works as well we're back not being able to press k to remove the ui that's great left [Music] so for instance here we've got this big group it's a magic user her spells may be overcast with channeling so much magic at once risks disaster thanks oh yeah so we've got this big old group of armored cocktails if we give them an attack order right now they'll all go on that one unit [Applause] however if we press control g to lock their group and then give an attack you'll see they attack forward which is really useful when you're coming up against a large enemy formation and you want to not just focus on one target not have to go down the line giving out lots of individual commands to attack specific units we've got the screamers there haven't they yet slow down their cavalry chaos knights of siege enemy reinforcements are approaching there reinforcements coming in [Applause] right now let's turn around to deal with those reinforcements it's a much larger army [Applause] bring these guys into formation in yuri's got his sword ability isn't he the uh the wolf's howl definitely give that a go 50 pound reskin couldn't be more wrong yes there's going to be similar features similar units because it's continuation of a of a trilogy of games but there's more than enough new content in here that warrant it being uh priced as a full title legendary take advantage while they are unable to lead no mercy when anyone published reviews reviews are embargo until the 14th i think yeah we can play i can say i'm enjoying the game which i am um just can't give out like reviews or scores and things like that nothing new it's how they've done their embargoes for years now just in case anyone's like oh they're hiding stuff for this one well how they've done stuff for years now there will be a mortal empire's campaign or immortal empires one of those sides call it but it won't be out until after release we don't know any more on that than that right now [Applause] oh gosh let's go that's beautiful i'm back in charge these guys yeah i mean i don't personally see anything wrong with it and that they hold off the review embargo until a few days before release that's kind of fairly fairly common um i mean it's a lot better than some uh devs or publishers that hold off review until the day of release i think a lot of it is that especially now they've been very generous with when they've been giving us early access we've been getting early access to content over the last couple of years far earlier and far sooner than ever before there have been some caveats in that we haven't been able to record the first build of the game that we get but we can use it to help form impressions and just get familiar with the with the with the game itself um so i think that's kind of part of it the fact that they're still working on the game up until release and obviously they're working on it past release as well so that's quite likely why there is a review embargo until quite close to it just in case they make any major tweaks and changes well not major but you know what i mean uh decisive victory there we go let's ransom thank you ice gold with swords he's gained a rank as has our i switch student plus 40 research rate that's bonkers i think we've unlocked research yet we will we do soon actually impossible uh we're now yeah we're trapped within something so i have to attack it next time we'll take that before we do the quest um we will i don't think it's much point going for these things we just want to power him up as much as possible power up yuri yuri barkov ancillaries yeah students gone to her that's fine good good good she's going to skill as well ice maidens kiss and then we'll go for uh we can upgrade i sheep i'm going to death frost that's really good against single entities nuking characters beacon can be upgraded yep we can upgrade palace you give me more growth there uh for this one strealty but i think we're not going to be kind of coming back to this point so we should just have more income there's no refuge uh can we not build derving guard yet oh we need one more turn of growth fair ffff great victory at least the interns are instant in this prologue as well didn't take up any time at all we attack order resolving will see us lose that unit but that's fine because we'll just be merging afterwards or recruiting new units anyway now we cover the snow red bye-bye occupy feel the power tier three spread in these hidden chambers a chest of scrolls knowledge to harness scrolls we have no need of dark magic we fight alone we use whatever we can they've now unlocked technology and have a little look through so minor tech tree for the prologue campaign uh field medicine hardy materials bartering spreading the word or bear whisperer um for the sake of this campaign we probably want that cash to replenishment and then going through surviving going through powering up our units a bit more i was phil you're the conqueror we are not done yet so we've now got some ice gold with glaives to pop in and we need to replenish up yes let's go for finish off blade shield and grabbing killing blow person makes me stronger crossblades serving guard can be upgraded now uh beacon you upgrade you know we're gonna come back for all these although we can just globally recruit so that's actually kind of okay here for more income there growth recruitment cost we will go for those warbear riders there um how much more how much growth you need for that one one turn we're in the growth building at the moment not that important once again prologue yeah 103 will be on game pass as well if you want to check it out there one more turn to replenish and then we'll go on in and do the quest battle ignore the eyes get winged lance from there bear riders which we need a bit more growth so we will go for uh cossa's tackle armies that's quite nice buffs there we will go for the growth building to get that done quicker because i want me some war bears who doesn't want war bears with kislev you're doing it god wrong okay do we have to fight these creatures there must be another way no garrick the lord we need is within that maze then we pray to orson for protection if he can even hear us i told you the bear talks to me he knows brother he knows don't don't carnal resolve this one we have to fight it get an older result quest battle in the prologue these special battles advance the story only a victory commander by yuri will do we got their spawn of zeach in we go knowledge to reach our son lies hidden in the lucent maze the servants of cinch defended but it's not them i fear mortals that enter the labyrinth rarely emerge with their minds intact i pray orson protects me federation is in the game yep will modding work on the game pass one uh don't honestly know how modding will work with game pass whether it will kind of just flip through to a kind of localized steam build on the the game pass side as such i i don't know how that'll work to be honest um obviously they are still working on a way to look to combine one one two and three if you have them across different stores i believe they'll do that through total war access but i don't know how long that's going to be until that's ready so your safest bet if you want full mod support if you want to have mortal empires or immortal empires or whatever they call it and it work you know as good as possible is to probably have the games on steam so one one two and three right let's continue our son is lost but there is a way to find him within the maze strike down the demons which guard its profane walls [Music] okay so we're going through the maze so this is an example of a wow a little bit of an example of like a i might say a settlement it's not really it's kind of the different set pieces of a quest battle ignore me i was thinking oh yeah it's like barricade stuff it's not really it's just a cool quest battle with uh different stages to it god this one isn't the survival battle those are the ones that you do in the realm of chaos love actually have you and you together those must break through the magical barriers to reach the maze should be over there oh look at that oh boy sending their forsaken which i'm not mistaken yet pretty well armored you guys ain't gonna do that much you're gonna want to go after the blue horrors send in the sleds move up the whole army come on sleds send in the bears [Music] yes bears mess them up keep advancing there go ghost let's go is kids left stronger than the empire um i mean chances are they will be stronger than the empire right now because typically when they release a new faction it's a fair bit stronger than existing ones power creep is usually pretty strong but i mean they've got a lot of versatility to them empire's artillery is still pretty darn tough i mean kiss that they've got bears and they're very good [Music] that's if we're focusing on them in game right now in terms of the law i'm assuming probably people would say the empire is stronger although don't want to miss with no ice witches [Music] [Applause] [Music] you i get i mean like i just game perspective what i think like kids love right now in the game would be empire in most matchups but empire do you have very powerful troops and artillery so not completely ruling them out i think it would be close but yeah in terms of law i guess yeah you guys are right there uh empire have got access to a lot of powerful magics through the first barrier on to the next one over here before we can get to the maze [Music] um when they do mortal empires for a new game do they have to rebalance everything to it so it works it works is that a player problem um they don't tend to like if you mean like fully rebalance the older factions what they'll likely do is tie those updates in as free updates alongside dlc in patches that's what they did with warhammer 2 when they started doing old old world updates [Music] but they're probably in a much stronger position to not need to do that all the time in warhammer 3 because they've been doing uh you know a lot of additional updates uh and improvements and overhauls to existing factions in warhammer 2. and i would imagine the kind of power creep difference between warhammer 2 and 3 is much less than it was in warhammer 1 to warhammer 2. there might still need to be some tweaking that needs to be done or some things that they want to revisit because i don't know they've got more time now or there's certain things they wanted to do for certain factions and didn't have a chance to in two and want to do it now in three but i think for the most part warhammer two well one or two factions including all warhammer one factions because they had overalls aside from nausea and warriors of chaos um i think they're in a much stronger position chaos and norske though would be the ones that i would expect to see overhauls first for basically uh yeah ogre kingdoms you'll get for free not just if you pre-order but also the first week the game is out the uh you still get them free as a kind of like a pre-order bonus essentially even though it's outside the pre-order time oh yuri remember what i said look he doesn't look as well as he used to what's happening what's happening to that eye there oh no i think yuri's not feeling so well someone get him a lem sip i think that sword's doing stuff to you mate really cool his model changes in relation to stuff that's happening [Music] oh it's that spell that i absolutely love in my demon print series the zinc eye thingy [Music] do i think they'll update whereas kelsey norske yeah i think they will both both get updates at some point i don't know if that will be straight away i i expect it to be but maybe they've got other plans i guess it kind of depends how things sync up with their with their schedule basically of post launch content noise nice one yuri big damage send in the wall sleds yuri in you go i'm just taking it easy with the rest of my troops [Music] luke evans isn't looking too well there you are yuri barkov so man if they don't add valkyr the bloody at some point who's valkyrie of the bloody my warhammer law is rusty at best [Music] take out this work weird bird creature boom nuke it go here we go he's dropped his book he's down [Music] the bride of corn oh he's close thing to corn hands to a wife he's a super cool demon princess of corn that sounds awesome i mean i assume we're gonna possibly get at least one more legendary lord for each of the chaos factions at some point i mean that would make sense [Music] as well as obviously new factions as well [Music] and obviously as you guys already pointed out there are plenty of um a little squishy eye there's plenty of other characters and lords they can easily bring in let's march on forward head to the maze the maze within the great eye [Music] [Music] let me give her a google why the army's moving forward [Music] i'll kill the bloody image oh damn yeah she's cool she looks great wouldn't want to mess with her [Music] oh my god that's really cool she's on a green she's on a green background but it's green screened out on my phone my phone looks transparent [Music] yeah she looks awesome [Music] arch everybody forward [Music] but everything but the cavalry that's already a bit wrecked and move forward that position there please yeah i mean in terms of faction warhammer two factions that maybe haven't been overhauled that maybe could be considered stuff like team kings because they've not been tweaked changed or oh my days they really went for my frost made in there and he took her out yeah pull her back they've not been tweaked or changed have they since they were initially released are there any other ones like that vampire coast i guess other than that every other race has had some kind of improvement or slight tweak right aside from north korea and chaos [Applause] let's have her use her spell to slow everybody down keep him locked in as the flamers of zeach there we go [Applause] oh there's the horror i'm gonna go take the out for the ice we go that horror is out of here bye-bye cinches forces scattered i can walk willingly into the lucent maze the knowledge within can lead us to the howling citadel that's complete exactly the guardians of the lucent maze are defeated enter the labyrinth and discover the forbidden knowledge i will guide you protect you from cinches tricks unlocked the paint chart how long did i wander hours days yet finally i reached the heart of the maze dark runes appeared before my eyes but the journal revealed their secrets a way for mortals to span the screaming chasm and reach the howling citadel i must go to the land of the blood god inscribed upon his brazen altar are the words to summon the bridgemaker the one who thirsts for more than blood when i emerged from the maze my army was waiting but they did not cheer offering just cold hard stairs and the stink of gratitude uh-oh rally them reward their continuous loyalty with extra rations expressions plus 15 cash replenishment for three turns or ignore them yuri will gain or reinforce a trait i suffered in the maze not them twitch have decided that we should ignore them i suffered in the maze not them uh egotist gameplay melee defense yes all bark right blood you were gone for some time where were you oh don't worry gary i'm worried it is done i know how to cross the chasm the fears of lesser men must not sway you from the righteous path you have shown courage now be as brazen as the altar you seek enter the lands of corn the blood god conquer them and raid his shrine discover the name of the bridge maker erson you're not sounding quite ursuly anymore what gives um we'll unlock an elemental bear there so that's the are we facing plus reinforcements and we've unlocked patreon uh trial of the fervent camera map successfully use your picture wound ability on enemy hero will get saint anushka's finger bone oh yes good old saint anushka wilson heroes there he is victorious respute him the bear enchanter there we go there's always a tim somewhere blessed yuri yuri deadly blade please gains have been made uh ice sheet upgrade and frost shield please we need to use him on the campaign map let's send him off over here here we go we can actually see where we're going eventually all the way over here making our way through we'll get to that quest battle upgrade that please other bits upgrade beacon yep more gold [Music] growth still medicine researched go for bear whispering next thanks press r to increase their movement speed yeah lovely um yuri is bringing you back in here uh we can also get armored cottage there that's almost across our spears let's trim some of these guys down these crosshairs are nice but i'm going to get rid of them because i'd rather have the spear variant merge you guys together that gives me room for some armored cossas dispute him off you go mate absolute devotion accept suffering there you go i am chosen extra income please the great orthodoxy sees [Music] is when the battle patriarch target enemy settlement with an army or hero with one of your ice maiden abilities great someone's tier five okay nearly fully replenished give it another turn we can stop moving now actually we haven't unlocked stances in this need to head up that way so let's go up via gore town i think off we go and get winged lancers soon as well in fact can we recruit them oh yeah it's not it's not going into the difference between global and normal recruitment uh we just need more money than before we can get them so you won't worry about that just yet [Music] expensive tutorial yeah you've got a good few hours out of it like we can just rush on through if you really want to um i don't know 40 minutes we might be able to finish off in one stream across the waist where it has spray tribes hear of my exploits the kislovite who subjugates demons and emerges from cinch's labyrinth where before they would have written how to crush us now they send an enemy and some piffling tribute to try and buy my allegiance get encourages caution as usual but i could turn this to my advantage dominate these lands not just with war but with words through such base diplomacy i can further my quest to find orson all i need is accept their gift yeah gain a powerful item or gain an average item and dramatic bonus it's all about the powerful items we're going straight for that no need to vote on that potion of healing lovely diplomacy unlocked we're going to learn how to talk to people they'll tell you all the bits and pieces that you need to know to do some base diplomacy ocean is pretty good to be fair i will listen i will listen i see power in you i see power in you yeah you trespass angle what toll will you pay to avoid punishment i love a bit of punishment so nope uh make a military alliance with end with a faction unlock heavy bear war sleds son of kislev and what if they don't submit to us we already know the answer garrick we go to war i mean gore town sounds lovely proud of the warmonger veteran warrior win three battles you are really not looking healthy mate oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear i decide [Music] faith eternal all but the orthodoxy yuri's definitely looked better this is true uh and you take out an enemy agent put some over here inconceivable [Music] there whisper unlocked all forging or die you trespass true i will listen i see power in you if this is some treaties with everybody else tribes you trespass all those that we can the tribute we've managed to uh treat with which i'm pretty sure are over here good taco town what did we have a mission to win three battles yeah so we fight ready weapons to attack attack them knock them away we all deserve to lash i won't they here in between them that's fine mr patriarch please take that guy out and give it a go he had a crack didn't work read that please derving guard back on up we go well the bits are there over here lovely zinc delights nothing nothing is wrong with yuri ignore the glowing eyes and the kind of pulsating demonic lightning corruption that's going on it's uh i didn't use enough sunblock that's what it was as someone was asking what key is it to move faster decisive victory a veteran to lead a new army want to help enforce your will bring forward those who wish to lead let me see who is worthy and now we learn about raising another army he's got a maimed leg uh well stupid go for sylvester my rule news exchange you can recruit some wing lancers and then kind of bring them up to the front for me i am chosen but not just yet where'd that other enemy agent go yeah there we go the zinc one called mercy keep yuri away from the younglings not the younglings yeah we can actually recruit those guys that's fine son of keyslive uh heroic cleaning bloof please and deadly blade power comes from skill go for evasion building upgrade galltown gives growth uh is this solarium territory nice and clear that it's very corny here isn't it looks like it's all our territory yep sweet we're still getting replenishment the ground is red with blood and more must be shed until we reach the brazen altar our comrades fear this land their doubt cannot stop us we fight those who worship blood and fire match their rage with our own eliminate a lord belong to the following faction the blood keepers get a blizzard brooch nice nice nice old town what's your defense is like not great and we've got these guys coming into attack your will do you offer tribute or work guild we'll be able to get a little ants with them soon northmen do you offer no i don't i don't offer tribute anyone i'm feeling more comfortable out here [Music] noise ooh not chance of wounding you really 31 go for that failure he's leveled up though prior to increasing specialists we're getting another student that's three of them we've now got um oh can it be equipped by frost made in the patriarch okay for 180 already that gives up yuri to your next quest please do not take us down this path it is too late we find orson no matter the cost only yuri had listened to garrick it could have all been avoided while corn cares not from whom the blood flows the demonic guardians of the brazen altar want it to be ours hungry for war they will come at us directly this knowledge must inform my strategy i need arson needs that alter but it is defended by one of the blood guards wretched pets you will fight and some may die for the blood god demands blood and we shall gladly give it all that matters is reaching the shrine done done down okay i like that we're fighting on a mark of corn here as well pretty cool map right there guard and the armored castles go there other ones go over here ice guard over here hussars yuri okay that away i am the school cross maintenance away cav let's have you guys over here sleds ah crap sled's over here have over here guard the altar they must be dealt with before yuri can approach it take them out principles of corn off we go oh look it's uh big old sarlacc of a fat you're in there mate [Music] noise then get position on each side shred this force bring them all down oh [Applause] [Music] hold on this side slow them all down any reinforcements have entered the battle they come from behind blood crushers [Applause] turn around swiftly slow everybody down wherever [Music] lost on through and slow everybody down again take down the blood crushers please ice guard [Music] [Music] back yuri get over here hold run away warbears run away taking positions [Applause] come on get back across oh nice good hit right in the center get away slow him down again they're going down the motherland's finest yeah let's keep slowing everything get a murid nice good finish the lead has been defeated shall soon follow those last few blood crushes [Music] should be going down now i'm back in for another charge any second [Applause] yep demonic instability kicking in and they are out of here like a flesh hands draw the demon beast out oh good god there's more rally [Music] play them [Music] the motherland's finest [Music] they got the blood shrine all the blood for the blood of god blood gourd blood god oh no it's the blood gourd oh he's unleashed here he comes here's the beastie they got the flesh hound [Music] [Applause] annihilate them [Applause] [Music] it yeah mom rumble these guys send our best troops in to finish them [Music] they'll break soon enough [Music] in [Music] make war defenders of geeseland jury of the bear find safety [Music] pull it back nice god go over here here we go there's the beastie of the bear enemies okay they're gone good good is get away take him out my god he's getting smacked around by the blood [Music] yeah there we go there's the crumble on them that one's going [Music] just the beastie now to take out [Music] all these chariots are pretty strong how's he looking now oh dear not well yuri not well uh there isn't a difficult setting for the prologue as far as i'm aware it certainly seems tougher than when i last bought it there actually everyone say it's the easiest battle out there make sure there's lots of troops coming from all over the place get up yuri you really don't look healthy mate oh yeah the beastly thing's dead at the forefront the altar is yours there we go who cares if my soldiers conspire and whisper doubts i descend and approach the brazen altar alone best complete only lost a unit of crossover spears actually everything else just manages and another unit of course ours not bad a lot of them came in there give us the loot spacious you have defiled corns altar the name of the bridgemaker is yours to claim summon him at the screaming chasm unlock elemental bear i approached the brazen altar and quenched my sword in the blood as i withdrew it dark runes glowed upon the blade it was a name a toll would be required and my faith tested whatever trial awaited i was ready my legend i am prince of the angles and the chaos wastes who will gain or reinforce trait or my god everything i've done is to find erson nothing more yuri will gain or reinforce a different trait which shall we do and pretty much overwhelming majority there for my god everything i've done is to find erson nothing more person's chosen magical item drop chance plus 10 and enables magical attacks for yuri how can orson condone such heresy those that haven't tasted power fear it not worry little brother orson guides us still beauty your scent grows strong saturated in the power offer no mercy only blood slay him and the howling citadel is yours we will roar to melt the snows together we free kislev of this winter make war yuri seek your true god okay right well that is the end of the prologue over there on that battle so that's what we'll push towards uh i get this finished today all in one stream one recording uh head to the howling cisdel complete the product so yes slavin curse he's the he was the commander at uh derving guard wasn't he that abandoned it dun dun dun so let's just replace your up and head straight to it we've unlocked stances now switch to raiding stance yeah we've got a head here and then we push through we don't need to worry about attacking the monolith or anything like that in fact can we can we get through there we can rush up and go around that way don't need to worry about fighting these guys uh there's an elemental bear we can get in here which i'm gonna whack straight in although that is expensive uh get some more wing lancers get rid of the dervishes um and what else i'm gonna go for another cross for now out of my way we'll do that for this turn i'll switch to raiding starts for more money we can get a war bear for him now yeah yuri on a war bear and then full plate armor i think skill let's go for that heart of winter i love that spell and magical reserves do you want that crystal sanctuary no you've got more troops in here that we could probably send over to you uh for the moment we'll wait here in case these guys attack get that building upgrade available go town yep go for it in the turn they're gonna come for us they are they teaching us yeah it's victory though camp cook veteran warrior there's a brooch i own these uh i'll change that out for the cook yep steal that thanks a blizzard bro instead of that one no don't unspot one you will give us possible to you instead i think better on that uh earthing as well switch to raiding stance wasn't it raid a region that count if we raid our own region probably not all we have done ordered by you in ursula's name are you still my brother the light at screaming chasm's thumb on the bridge maker oh yeah yuri looks healthy i think it's because we put him onto his mount i think that kind of resets his look which probably isn't intentional out of my way no higher authority much for you um yeah logistics one day you'll be successful mate but it's not this day uh beacon queen upgrade derving guard yet yeah we can maybe because i chose the gold trait maybe dominion probably easier to just actually recruit the these guys up and recruit fresh those are what these two will do as well as long as they are loyal good more grease not sure afford anything else right now um yeah one of you in there get rid of that one searching out blasphemers brutal training nice we learned what scholars cannot teach and we finally got it finger bone give you more cab and we will take and i just have that one actually i'm back here i only serve the world's father i only need like another turn to fully replenish pretty much another tenant only if it serves me some skill points for a sputum specialist you want my attention okay right we should be fully replenished now you can push on can you not hear it the howling the screaming is there no other way no don't be a fool garrick do i not hear urson's voice does he not guide me down i think no me person why so quiet speak to me um they're definitely gonna come and kill us here aren't they getting these guys killed let's just run them back over here in fact you guys run back and tell kislev of what happened here all the way back to derving guard flee this place it's not a safe place to be what oh hello yeah i mean if i didn't want to do the final mission i would fight this but let's just resolve you guys you want my i'm gonna take your settlement now and i'm apparently we're not gonna lose anything here that's good so just blast on through all that barely went down uh yeah i need to raid actually don't know and come across and raid somebody else we'll replenish up pretty quickly um what's this do attack yeah just throw that in there right now fletching all the skill points mate um yeah go through this power people up chosen of the bear king serving guard we can get increased attack again that's pretty nice don't need two turns to upgrade that might be able to get the griffin legion then we're literally right at the end now so let's get these last few bits done only if it serves me one more turn derving guard by blood i said let me bring these guys back i just like the idea that we're sending them back out of my way i'm turning replenish but we'll get that as we push back on through so let's head over here oh i can't read this turn okay stay in my own territory raid it next turn serving guard upgrade you take a single turn get the griffin legion if in legion unlocked oh a military alliance i can surely do that with these guys right now oh there we go i heard my soldiers sniping behind my back lord of garrett round up the seditious ones they were angles who came with me from kislev and supposedly my most loyal armor weapons even their boots and i will play the part okay got a vote up exile cast out the traitors who stand against you gain or reinforce straight or mercy eric persuades me to show mercy do we listen to garrick or we cast out the traitors you will show them mercy heavy bear sleds unlocked savior nice reinforce that one and now if i go raiding stance march fools foreign [Music] god send word back to kislev what has happened you are safe while we speak man hello join the war against tom no go away there we go so we finished all the missions now there's that one which is target enemy settlement army or hero with one of my ice maiden abilities oh i can do that yuri they will fear me frost maiden that know what if we do it wrong hey blizzard bridge right we can get in griffin legion now so we'll get rid of and we can also get the heavy wall sleds i want them in there um let's get rid of let's get rid of another one of these armored costars don't have enough money do i no that's fine i am fated frost maiden the frosts grant knowledge lizards embrace you don't want to kick through that one that's fine crystal sanctuary you want my attention still don't have enough of that because your insufficient funds next turn yeah there are still some that's fine don't worry about that it's just trying to get all of them done uh we're gonna get rid of one more thing i'm gonna get rid of one of the winged glances to replace it with the griffin legion right head on over our army's ready taking a few turns to get it perfect basically here we go i said its name skies rained with blood as a greater demon of core and emerged from the screaming chasm great wings carried it over the edge and the ground shook as the bloodthirster landed beside me skulls dropped from the sky each one screamed in agony as they fell into the chasm forming a bridge my brother plunged when others could not he feared the demon slay garrick is our only option the darkness has taken hold in yuri there is no turning back my brother's to the life the blood thirst the roared as he threw garrick's screaming skull onto the bridge i crossed the castle the demon beside me my army wavered yet followed fearing my wrath the battle [Music] only if it serves me your death was not wasted brother your blood has brought us the demon service so yeah bro derek sacrifice we have an exalted bloodthirster now on our side but we're up against the horde of kerns loving kearns the traitor of dersengrad many mammoths many chaos warriors of corn let us end his campaign we go once a boyar of derving guard now a warlord of chaos marshals and alliance of tribes dedicated to the dark powers they will stop at nothing to prevent me from taking the howling citadel the chaos forces surround us i must fight now it ends the traitor squanders his power he takes the role of petty warlord bartering with marauder scum i have a greater demon at my side i will show them all how to wield true or power to it bridge has him the garrick had to die to allow us to cross frontline arches every take a look at the griffin legion because they sound awesome oh wow look at you guys [Applause] louise heavy war sled have you on the right light wall sleds and then the heavy wall sleds noise and of course the big boy elemental bear why are things exploding there's the elemental bear let's do this then we must reach the portal within the citadel kill those that stand in our way hello you look happy [Music] slippery away we go burning rage bloodthirst and deathbringer new reinforcements he's made many packs with demons quickly form up here we go [Music] push on forward cavalry charge that looks huge on those guys they would stood it pretty well more enemy reinforcements over here [Music] right killing blow noise [Music] heart of winter should shred more things are happening more explosions there's heart of winter it does huge air effect damage whilst do that from behind the sleds smash into them then in the cavalry that beautiful okay let's reform our battle lines [Music] [Applause] here he comes smash slurm all down same thing with the cavalry elemental bear get stuck in charge infantry oh wow we're getting slapped about a bit yuri get you out of there if you can it's because you've got all the mammoths on you run yuri runs cavalry and you go bloodthirster where is he go take him out focus on those mammoths one at a time take them all out seniority back on in in charge of the cavalry more shock waves [Music] focus on the next mammoth bring down bring it down bring him down bring down defrost cast it and then slow everybody down person's raw there we go there's the break bear versus mammoth does have a elemental breath which we've not used yet if i can pull him back and get him to use his breath attack when he's not in close combat go there go go there go oh mr bet you getting charged by mammoth [Applause] mammoth won't let you escape mate will it come on bear finish that mammoth bring him down bring him down bring him down bring him down bring him down there we go [Music] he's out of here victory is ours the howling citadel was mine much had been sacrificed i feel no remorse only power through this portal lies my god i am ready you have traveled far my protege look how strong you have become who are you come out from the shadow i he led me here my voice led you here i spoke as erson answered what he would not what deception is this your fate has been guided by my your brother placed in your way by me stones to sharpen you why because gods are selfish they will betray you as they betrayed me i have freed you from that burden what i did i did for ursa you did it for yourself took what your heart desired look how you've reveled in your dark baptism where is he let me show you what you hold so dear tell me what do you see weakness the beast unworthy of my faith of the blood spilt in his name the reason jesus suffers yuri son of kislev bellacor uses you for his own gain end this misery free me you can be greater than us save his love take his power take his place [Music] do what you must son of chaos i renounce you so it begins [Music] [Music] you betray me i will not die here gods of chaos i lie here broken failed by my god cast out by bellacor i have tasted but a morsel of your power look at what i have achieved let me feast upon it this love will be mine and together we will serve you bestow me with your terrible grace um [Music] and that is how tim the demon prince was born so there we go that is the prologue campaign and as i think it's highly worth playing just for the story elements in itself um obviously if you are new to the warhammer series this is a great place to start when the game releases on the 17th of february i absolutely love that um i'd love to see creative assembly do more kind of bits like that it's taking us about three hours to play through that so it doesn't take particularly long we could have probably played through it quicker you probably you know if you just rush through it probably do it in about two hours um but i think as a story setting leading into that reveal that we had of the demon prince um that's that's pretty darn awesome so yeah if you're watching this on youtube i hope you've enjoyed this recording of the stream until the next one take care and ciao for nowWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40Watch at: 00:40 / 01:00Watch at: 01:00 / 01:20Watch at: 01:20 / 01:40Watch at: 01:40 / 02:00Watch at: 02:00 / 02:20Watch at: 02:20 / 02:40Watch at: 02:40 / 03:00Watch at: 03:00 / 03:20Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40Watch at: 03:40 / 04:00Watch at: 04:00 / 04:20Watch at: 04:20 / 04:40Watch at: 04:40 / 05:00Watch at: 05:00 / 05:20Watch at: 05:20 / 05:40Watch at: 05:40 / 06:00Watch at: 06:00 / 06:20Watch at: 06:20 / 06:40Watch 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